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TGIF: Cleaning The Royal Rumble, Barnett's Impact, and More

By Matt Dawgs Jan 13, 2017 - 1:30 PM print

T.G.I.F. with Matt Dawgs: #380

Good day to you all and welcome to We Want Insanity. I am your host for today, Matt Dawgs and this is my column. Today is the end of the work week and the time to look back at all the goings-on over the past seven days as I wrap it up with a bow and spout it out bit by bit. Buckle up. Enjoy the ride.

MATT NOTE: If you are a fan of professional wrestling, you NEED to watch the Kazuchika Okada vs. Kenny Omega match from New Japan Pro Wrestling’s “Wrestle Kingdom 11”. I watched the match over last weekend with the English commentary from New Japan World featuring Kevin Kelly and Steve Corino and plan on watching it again tonight on AXS with Jim Ross and Josh Barnett’s take on it. Whether or not you are a fan of Japanese wrestling, this match is a must see for anyone who claims to be a fan of professional wrestling. It is by far the best in ring match/workrate match I have ever seen in my entire life. Wrestling journalist extraordinaire Dave Meltzer rated the match 6 STARS in the Wrestling Observer Newsletter. Yes, on his 5 Star rating scale that he made famous, he gave it 6. Only one other match has ever gotten the special “6 Star” rating and that was a Misawa vs. Kobashi match from All Japan Pro Wrestling in 1994. The Okada/Omega match had the perfect build slowing moving to the end and told a fantastic story. Go out of your way to see it.


- Congrats to Chris Jericho for capturing the WWE U.S. Title on Raw on Monday. WWE has been excellent in building up Kevin Owens vs. Chris Jericho and this only adds to the intrigue.

- Enzo Amore is legitimately hurt. He will be reevaluated in two weeks and if his knee has not improved through rest and rehab, he will likely have to undergo surgery.

- Brock Lesnar returns to RAW on Monday. Both he and Goldberg will be on the RAW following which is the “go home” show for the Rumble.

- I get that they have a cruiserweight show to feature the cruiserweights but if that is the case, pull them off of Raw. No one gets over in 3 minute matches where they can’t truly show their ability that makes them special in the first place. Either give them 10 minutes or more per show or don’t show them at all.

- If Monday didn’t cement the fact that Shawn Michaels is fully retired and is NEVER coming back to wrestle, nothing will. He had the opportunity to work with Daniel Bryan a few years back in what would have absolutely been an epic match and he had a storyline to do and he passed. He now has A.J. Styles which he can have an epic match with and he isn’t budging. So no, he is done.

- EMMALINA IS COMING. I cannot wait!!!

- Neville = Heel 101. He does little high flying, got rid of the Red Arrow finisher and changed his entrance music as well as got rid of the pyro. Solid gold.

- Stephanie McMahon completely sh*tted all over Sasha Banks and Bayley and it was embarrassing to watch unless it is leading to a match with one of them. For f*cks sake, why does she and the writing team continue to feel the need to castrate their roster? Glad that Taker emphasized his stance on the issue later when he came out and said that NO ONE tells him what to do and then got in Stephanie’s face when he said it. He probably saw this Sasha/Bayley/Stephanie segment which is what made him use that line. Jesus H. Christ is was a brutal burial.

- I know some people are going to argue that Baron Corbin was damaged by his clean loss to John Cena on Tuesday but I disagree. Cena, who has been gone for several months and has not been setting the world on fire as of late with his win/loss record, needed a big win heading into his Rumble match against A.J. Styles. Corbin on the other hand is still going to get his shot down the line and is in line for a fairly big push. I am ok with this booking.

- Alexa Bliss is defending the Smackdown Women’s title next week against Becky Lynch in a steel cage. I get the point of it but it somehow feels like a step backwards since Charlotte and Sasha did it in Hell in a Cell.

- More Wyatt Family dissension. I think it is dumb and I think it is too soon to break them up. They are heading towards Orton vs. Wyatt at Mania though which is “meh” to me.

- As of this week, John Cena vs. The Undertaker is OFF the table for Wrestlemania this year. Taker will likely be working someone from the RAW roster and it is NOT expected to be Braun Strowman. My assumption is that we get Taker vs. Roman Reigns and then maybe they hold off on Cena winning the title at the Rumble and have him win at Mania.

- There are surprises expected for the Royal Rumble match itself. Interestingly enough, Samoa Joe coming off of two consecutive television losses to Shinsuke Nakamura was NOT used at the latest set of NXT Television tapings. Just saying......

- Vince McMahon is currently on crutches due to recovering from surgery for a torn quadriceps muscle.

- WWE has changed the names of both Tommy End and Big Damo. End is now known as Aleister Black and Damo will be known as Killian Dain.

- The U.K. Title tournament is this weekend on the WWE Network. No word on if the champion will appear on RAW on Monday. WWE plans on continuing their path to Global Domination as they are plans in the work for similar tournaments to crown an Asian champion as well as a Latin American champion.

- TM61’s Shane Thorne (Shane Haste) will be undergoing knee surgery that will shelve him for several months. His knee went out last week at the NXT tapings thus they are likely to write his injury into the storyline involving TM61’s feud with the Revival to write him out.

- Steve Corino officially started at the WWE Performance Center this week as a coach.

- Mojo Rawley is undergoing a gimmick change with Zack Ryder out of action for the next several months.

- WWE is toying with the idea of adding downloadable content and offline viewing for the WWE Network in the future.

- In an effort to try and improve his health due to his grim diagnosis, Vader has begun a workout regimen with Diamond Dallas Page.

- Former WWE/WCW/ECW Star Perry Saturn is in a very bad place right now in his life. He is suffering from a ton of ailments and is on the verge of being homeless. Sad.

- R.I.P. to Timothy Smith best known for his WWE run as Timothy Well of the tag team “Well Dunn” as he passed away at age 55 earlier this week. His family had created a “Go Fund Me” to help pay for his funeral expenses and were looking to raise $2,500. WWE Superstar Chris Jericho then donated the entire goal of $2,500. Jericho knew Smith well from his run in Jim Cornette’s “Smokey Mountain Wrestling” as Well Dunn was the first tag team that feuded with Jericho and then partner Lance Storm.

- If anyone ever wondered what Ryback thinks about John Cena, he spoke about it on his podcast last week. He said: “He’s been a piece of sh*t to me since day one. When people hear what really happened with Alex Riley, they’re gonna lose their sh*t. I swear to God, his (Riley) career is over for no f*cking reason because of John and his personal issues.”

NXT TAKEOVER SAN ANTONIO is on Saturday, January 28th, 2017 from San Antonio Texas and the line-up is as follows:

  • NXT WORLD TITLE: Shinsuke Nakamura © vs. Bobby Roode
  • NXT TAG TEAM TITLES: D.I.Y. (Tommaso Ciampa & Johnny Gargano) vs. The Authors of Pain
  • NXT WOMEN’S TITLE: Asuka © vs. Nikki Cross vs. Billie Kay vs. Peyton Royce
  • WWE ROYAL RUMBLE PPV is on Sunday, January 29th, 2017 from San Antonio Texas and the line-up is as follows:

  • ROYAL RUMBLE MATCH: Brock Lesnar / Bill Goldberg / Braun Strowman / Chris Jericho / Kofi Kingston / Big E. / Xavier Woods / Baron Corbin / Seth Rollins / The Undertaker / Dean Ambrose / The Miz / Dolph Ziggler /
  • WWE UNIVERSAL TITLE: Kevin Owens © vs. Roman Reigns w/Chris Jericho in a shark cage above the ring
  • WWE TITLE: A.J. Styles © vs. John Cena
  • WE RAW WOMEN’S TITLE: Charlotte © vs. Bayley
  • WWE CRUISERWEIGHT TITLE: Rich Swann © vs. Neville

    - Lots of moving parts on TNA television in the coming weeks with several title changes being taped last weekend at the Impact tapings including the TNA title, The X-Division title and the Grand Championship. There were also a few returns as Davey Richards and his wife Angelina Love are back as I had noted last week along with Brooke Tessmacher and Gail Kim amongst others.

    - Cody, just Cody, also made his TNA return at this week’s television tapings. He has however turned heel which is interesting because his wife Eden is still a babyface.

    - UFC star Josh Barnett debuted last night at the last set of Impact Tapings in an angle with Bobby Lashley. This is interesting because Lashley is still contracted to Bellator and Barnett to UFC. Barnett actually defeated Lashley for the TNA title only for the decision to be reversed and the match restarted with Lashley defeating Barnett in the same fashion. Barnett also wrestled another match which he won handily. I am surprised that he wrestled at all since he is still under UFC contract despite being on suspension. Usually Dana White and UFC does not allow their roster members to wrestle with Ronda Rousey being the one exception and it wasn’t a match but instead was a physical angle.

    - The former Rachel (Gabi Castrovinci) is gone from TNA.

    - Jeff and Karen Jarrett and Dutch Mantell are officially with the company. They are official “consultants” and do have decision making ability.

    - Anthem is actually pushing to use Impact Wrestling as the name and trying to shy away from using TNA. Apparently last week’s show had ZERO mention of the TNA name minus the closing show credits.

    - After this week’s tapings, they will be taped through March. The next set of television tapings are currently scheduled for March 2nd through 9th. They are also FINALLY planning a live event in Orlando during Wrestlemania weekend. In the past, they have shied away from it which is ridiculous in my eyes since everyone runs shows that weekend and are successful in doing so.

    - Look, I like Swoggle. I am all for him having a steady job in a major league wrestling promotion but having him wrestle every week just doesn’t seem like a good idea, even if it is comedy vs. Rockstar Spud.

    - The new logo...with an owl on it....What?

    Ring of Honor / Lucha Underground / Independent / International News and Notes:

    - In an incredible form of news, Kenny Omega’s current New Japan Pro Wrestling contract expires on January 31st. He tweeted that he is leaving Japan following his loss to Okada at Wrestle Kingdom 11 to reassess his career. The tweet, originally meant as a work, has in fact turned into a shoot as WWE is interested in Omega and Omega, happy with his role in New Japan, is willing to listen to offers before deciding his future. This was made into an even bigger story when John Cena randomly posted a picture of Kenny Omega on his Instagram account similar to how he did last year with A.J. Styles following Wrestle Kingdom 10 and before Styles debut in WWE at the Royal Rumble. Omega was offered a 2-year contract by New Japan and some believe this is all an elaborate work that he has already signed it but that has not been confirmed.

    - Omega, in continuing to keep people guessing, played along with Cena’s Instagram post where he noted the following: “John Cena is one of the great WWE talents that I respect most,” he said. “If I were to end up there, working with someone of his caliber would certainly be a goal and jive with my mission of changing wrestling. I’m glad to be on his radar, but I haven’t made any decision regarding my future yet.”

    - Despite being offered a role in NXT as a trainer, B.J. Whitmer has in fact signed a new contract with Ring of Honor.

    - Kyle O’Reilly has officially been removed from the ROH website.

    - Bobby Fish’s new contract with ROH is actually a short term deal on a pay per appearance basis. So he essentially could still end up leaving to the WWE soon.

    MMA News and Notes:

    - If there were any doubts of how much Ronda Rousey means to the UFC overall, that should be quelled immediately. As of this writing, UFC 207 is trending towards SURPASSING Conor McGregor vs. Nate Diaz 2 for the all-time UFC PPV record buyrate. So far only Direct TV can confirm their buys and they have noted that they sold 500,000 buys

    - UFC 209 in March is shaping up to be a damn good card as they have signed Tyron Woodley up to defend the UFC Welterweight Title vs. Stephen “Wonderboy” Thompson as are close to signing Khabib Nurmagomedov vs. Tony Ferguson. Two damn good fights.

    - Amazingly enough, Woodley has opened up betting as the underdog despite beating Thompson in their first fight and being the reigning champion.

    - Despite signing on to fight Alistair Overeem in March, Mark Hunt filed a civil lawsuit in Nevada District Court earlier this week against UFC, Dana White and Brock Lesnar claiming that the defendants "affirmatively circumvented and obstructed fair competition for their own benefit."

    - New Bantamweight Champion Cody Garbrandt said he doesn’t want to grant T.J. Dillashaw a title shot citing that Dillashaw doesn’t sell PPV’s and he’d rather move up in weight and challenge Jose Aldo.

    - Speaking of moving up, Rafael dos Anjos is moving up to Welterweight as he says he has been having issues cutting down to 155 lbs.

    - The Nevada State Athletic Commission is meeting today in order to discuss removing marijuana from the banned substance list. No word is Nick Diaz will be at the meeting.

    - Floyd Mayweather once again fanned the fire this week when he noted that he is fully retired from boxing but will absolutely come out of retirement to fight Conor McGregor. He noted that Conor wouldn’t get $100 million to fight him but he is willing to give him $15 million plus PPV points which would likely end up earning McGregor somewhere in the neighborhood of $30 million - $50 million when it is all said and done.

    - UFC set a PPV record in 2016 with 5 shows topping 1 million PPV buys. The previous record was boxing which only had 3 PPV’s with 1 million during both the Mike Tyson era and one year where Floyd Mayweather fought twice and Manny Pacquiao fought once.

    - B.J. Penn returns to action this Sunday on Fox Sports 1 vs. Yair Rodriquez.

    - Bellator is crowning their 1st ever Women’s Champion on March 4th as Marloes Coenen will face Julia Budd for the new Women’s Featherweight Title. It does show you the lack of depth for the division as Coenen lost her last fight via submission and is getting a title shot.

    UFC on FOX 23 is on Saturday, January 28th, 2017 from Denver Colorado and the line-up is as follows:

  • Julianna Pena vs. Valentina Shevchenko
  • Donald Cerrone vs. Jorge Masvidal
  • Andres Arlovski vs. Francis Ngannou
  • UFC 208 is on Saturday, February 11th, 2017 from Brooklyn New York and the line-up is as follows:

  • VACANT UFC WOMEN’S FEATHERWEIGHT TITLE: Holly Holm vs. Germaine de Randamie
  • Ronaldo “Jacare” Souza vs. Tim Boetsch
  • Travis Browne vs. Derrick Lewis
  • Dustin Poirier vs. Jim Miller
  • UFC 209 is on Saturday, March 4th, 2017 from Paradise Nevada and the line-up is as follows:

  • UFC WELTERWEIGHT TITLE: Tyron Woodley © vs/ Stephen “Wonderboy” Thompson
  • TBD Khabib Nurmagomedov vs. Tony Ferguson
  • Alistair Overeem vs. Mark Hunt
  • Random Thoughts, Links, Pics, ETC.

    - Random VIDEO of the week: Honest Trailer for “The Princess Bride”

    - BONUS Random VIDEO of the week: Latest Trailer for “Baywatch”

    - BONUS Random VIDEO of the week PART 2: Official Trailer for “The Monkey King”

    - BONUS Random VIDEO of the week PART 3: Latest Official Teaser for “Cars 3”

    - BONUS Random VIDEO of the week PART 4: Official Trailer for “CHIPS”

    - BONUS Random VIDEO of the week PART 5: YES!!! The end of this commercial, WHHHOOOOO!!!!!

    - BONUS Random VIDEO of the week PART 6: To end any doubt, here is the newest promo for the upcoming season of AMC’s “Better Call Saul”

    - BONUS Random VIDEO of the week PART 7: Red Band Trailer for “Sleepless”

    - BONUS Random VIDEO of the week PART 8: Oh snap, they brought Ice Cube back too for the new XXX movie!!!!

    - BONUS Random VIDEO of the week PART 9: Here is the Oscar reel submitted by “Deadpool” for Oscar consideration.

    - BONUS Random VIDEO of the week PART 10: Official Trailer for “Prison Break”

    - THIS LINK is for LIFE. Thank you soldiers. WELCOME HOME BLOG

    - BONUS Random ARTICLE of the week: So this could have been a pretty big deal. Amazingly enough, it doesn’t appear to be terrorism related.

    - BONUS Random ARTICLE of the week PART 1: Wow, this is a crazy and heartwarming story.

    - BONUS Random ARTICLE of the week PART 2: As an adult, I have always felt that suicide is NEVER the answer. But when you are a kid/teen, depression is always more difficult. This story is terrible. I have seen the video and it isn’t pleasant to watch. It is so sad that kids today are doing this now more than ever. There is always a way out.

    - BONUS Random ARTICLE of the week PART 3: Nope. Should not happen.

    - Random ARTICLE of the week PART 4: Still no. I don’t care how many people come forward offering deals. Chelsea Manning is a traitor to this country.

    - BONUS Random ARTICLE of the week PART 5: CTE. It isn’t just for football players or pro wrestlers. A head injury is a head injury.

    - BONUS Random ARTICLE of the week PART 6: Just a few laughs on this Friday afternoon.

    - BONUS Random ARTICLE of the week PART 7: Damn, poor fox.

    - Marvel is close to signing actor Peter Dinklage to join the cast of Avengers: Infinity War. He will likely be playing the role of Pip who is the sidekick to Marvel’s Adam Warlock. Warlock, who’s cocoon was an Easter egg in the after credits of Thor 2: The Dark World and Guardians of the Galaxy, is best known for being the person who can defeat Thanos.

    - The WB has renewed their “super” block for an addition season. Arrow has been picked up for season 6, Flash for season 4 with both Legends of Tomorrow and Supergirl for Season 3.

    - Actor Robbie Amell is returning to the Flash this season reprising his role as Ronnie Raymond.

    - Actor/Director Ben Affleck confirmed that despite the controversy he caused a few weeks back, he is in fact directing “The Batman”.

    - Script writer David Goyer alongside Justin Rhodes have been hired to begin writing a script for Green Lantern for WB Films. The film is set to feature both John Stewart and Hal Jordan as Green Lantern.

    - Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson met with WB/DC officials earlier this week and says he is optimistic about the DC films universe. The assumption going around is that his “Black Adam” character will be cast in the WB Justice League universe instead of the Shazam franchise thus having him come to blows with the main JL characters.

    - It has been leaked that the character Ares, the God of War, will be the main villain in the Wonder Woman film.

    - Although not officially confirmed yet, ABC President Channing Dungey noted earlier this week that he is extremely confident that Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. will be renewed for a 5th season.

    - Speaking of S.H.I.E.L.D., the show returned this past week and I am 100% convinced that this is the best season of the show and it isn’t even close. It has been so fantastic all around; kudos to the writers for such excellent writing/storytelling.

    - In anticipation of the “reboot” of 24 in February, I have been binge watching the original series. I have completed the first three seasons so far and I must say, it was such a fantastic show. Watching the progression of Jack Bauer has been incredible and the writing was also excellent stuff. Season 3’s finale was probably one of the best season finale episodes I have seen from Jack doing what he needed to do to neutralize that final virus vile to then him breaking down in the car only to get a call that he is needed back at CTU and him wiping his tears, putting on his game face and driving back to work after being up more than 24 hours was tremendous television. Also watching back the series, there are a bunch of things I did not have remember had I not seen it with my own eyes including season 3 main bad guy, Stephen Saunders being played by actor Paul Blackthorne better known as Detective/Captain Lance from Arrow. Wow.

    - Actor Woody Harrelson has been cast as a criminal in the upcoming Star Wars standalone Han Solo film.

    - Colossus and Negasonic Teenage Warhead are both confirmed to be returning for Deadpool 2.

    ~Matt Dawgs

    Feel free to discuss whatever you'd like on the “Board" where I can do my best to answer anything you’d like. Also drop a comment in the comment box below as I try my best to answer in a timely fashion. You can also tweet me on the tweeter. I reply there as well. Questions, Corrections, Comments, Feedback or Ideas: EMAIL ME .

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