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TGIF: Cena's 619 Path, Create or Die 2, and More

By Matt Dawgs Mar 2, 2018 - 1:48 PM print

T.G.I.F. with Matt Dawgs: #435

Good day to you all and welcome to We Want Insanity. I am your host for today, Matt Dawgs and this is my column. Today is the end of the work week and the time to look back at all the goings-on over the past seven days as I wrap it up with a bow and spout it out bit by bit. Buckle up. Enjoy the ride.

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BONUS MATT NOTE: Due to the success of Marvel’s “Black Panther” as well as a way to avoid spoilers hitting the United States and in an effort to make more money with the impending releases of Deadpool 2 and Solo, Marvel has announced that they are bumping up the release date of Avengers: Infinity War from May 4th to APRIL 27TH!!!!!!! It will be a worldwide release as in the past, the U.K. would get Marvel films a week before the U.S.


- The firsts continued for WWE women this week as the first ever Women’s Elimination Chamber took place and was won by Alexa Bliss, who by the way cut an awesome heel promo following the win. That being said, the match was not above and beyond what women have been doing. It didn’t exceed the first Women’s Hell in the Cell or Royal Rumble but it was still a solid showing. I absolutely cannot imagine most of past women’s rosters doing what the women of today are doing so hats off to them as they are seizing the opportunities WWE is presenting them with.

- Oh, and that heel promo was absolutely needed because for some reason WWE chose to book her as a babyface overcoming the two on one advantage that Sasha and Bayley had only to beat the odds and pin them both CLEANLY to retain her title.

- The other first was the contract signing of Ronda Rousey. Rousey I must say is playing the role perfectly as she seems legit happy with a big Kool Aid smile on her face as she comes out, that is until she gets pissed off and gets the “Rousey Face” of UFC fame. She’s doing well so far. Her promo skills need obvious work but at least there is a foundation there. She is nowhere near as bad as Brock was.

- I like where they are going with Rousey and we got our answer as they appear to be going with Kurt Angle being her ally and not The Rock. Sucks that they couldn’t free him up or he isn’t allowed to work a match because he is WAY BIGGER star power but an Olympic Gold Medalist isn’t that bad.

- As an FYI, Rousey’s husband, UFC Star Travis Browne has also been training wrestling at the Performance Center. He is also part of Ronda Rousey’s training team at the PC which also includes Norman Smiley, Sara Amato (Sara Del Rey), Shayna Baszler, Jessamyn Duke and Wesley Blake.

- UFC was representing in full force at the PPV as UFC Light Heavyweight Champion Daniel Cormier, Cain Velasquez, Rousey’s husband Travis Browne, Michael Chiesa and Joseph Benavidez were all sitting front row and shown on camera multiple times although never identified.

- Make no mistake about it, regardless of what is booked or what happens on the rest of the PPV, the main event of Wrestlemania is going to be Ronda Rousey & Kurt Angle vs. McMahon & Triple H. That is going to get the most attention, the biggest push and be the most featured in ALL the promotion for the show.

- Roman Reigns is going to Wrestlemania to challenge Brock Lesnar for the WWE title and John Cena is going to miss Wrestlemania for the first time in 15 years because HE HAS NO CLEAR PATH TO MANIA!!! He’s now the Dennis Stamp of WWE because “He’s not booked!!” There is no chance of him wrestling at Mania now. He’s done!!!

- Just kidding. Cena appeared on Smackdown and got himself into the “Fastlane” main event for the WWE title against A.J. Styles/Baron Corbin/Sami Zayn/Dolph Ziggler and Kevin Owens. It is now a six-pack challenge. If Cena wins, he will become WWE champion and go onto face Shinsuke Nakamura at Wrestlemania. If he loses however, HE HAS NO CLEAR PATH TO WRESTLEMANIA AND THE BIGGEST DRAW IN THE WWE OVER THE PAST 15 YEARS WILL NOT BE BOOKED ON THE SHOW!!!!

- Cena did call out the Undertaker on RAW on Monday but then noted that he was told that here is zero chance of that happening. Of course my brain obviously went to Cena vs. Taker thinking it was some sort of start of the angle however according to Justin Barrasso of Sports Illustrated, Rey Mysterio was backstage at Smackdown this week negotiating his return and plans to wrestle against Cena at Wrestlemania. I can confirm with ABSOLUTE CERTAINTY however that Mysterio was NOT backstage at Smackdown on Tuesday. He did attend the Smackdown live event in San Diego on Monday visiting friends but no talks took place that day because no one of importance was in San Diego on Monday since all of the decision makers were in Anaheim for RAW including Vince McMahon, Triple H, Stephanie McMahon and Mark Carano.

- If Barrasso is telling the truth, it would be an interesting turn of events. Not because I’d like to see Cena vs. Mysterio because quite honestly, it is NOT the mega match up from a star power perspective that Cena vs. Taker would be but more so because I am surprised that Taker isn’t planning on making a comeback. It isn’t happening however as Taker is still scheduled to return and face Cena. No way does Vince allow Cena to name drop him, get a massive pop for it and then pull it out from them.

- WWE Universal Champion Brock Lesnar was in Las Vegas on Sunday. He did NOT attend the Elimination Chamber PPV though despite it being held in Vegas. Instead, he hung out with UFC President Dana White. LOL. He then skipped RAW on Monday in Anaheim California despite being booked. Oops. This is all negotiating tactics. My bet is that he re-signs with WWE but still gets to fight a UFC fight should he want to. He is scheduled for a live event in Chicago tomorrow evening.

- If Braun isn’t being added to the main event of Wrestlemania then the Elimination Chamber was a bit weird. I am all for keeping Braun strong and he eliminating EVERYONE was solid booking. But he should NOT have laid out Roman Reigns following Reigns winning. That should have been a strong Roman moment.

- Braun was moved away from Miz as the expected end game for him at Mania was for the I.C. title. WWE decided to shelve that in favor of Miz vs. Rollins vs. Balor as the Roman Reigns situation is becoming a bit tricky as WWE now feels like his main event match at Mania may be in jeopardy due to these steroid allegations hanging over his head are looking to become more serious and they may be painted into a corner and have to suspend him.

- Speaking of strong Roman moments, skipping ahead briefly to RAW, Roman’s promo on Brock may have been his best promo EVER. Damn good stuff because it was heartfelt and NOT scripted. Unscripted Roman can talk; WWE just needs to let him shine.

- I legit feel bad for Paige. Wrestling is her life and I am sure she is super bummed about missing all of these firsts for women. She should have been in the Rumble and this match. It must feel so awkward for her to accompany Sonia and Mandy to ringside only to not be able to physically participate. Ugh.

- Whoever booked that Asuka/Jax match needs to be fired. Having Jax destroy Asuka for 90% of the match following the angle leading up to it the week before where she destroyed Asuka is TERRIBLE BOOKING. That is only going to hurt Asuka’s aura in the long run.

- By the way, WWE is now running with the idea that if Asuka loses a tag team match then her winning streak is over with as she showed legit concern during the Mixed Match Challenge when Finn Balor kept trying to pin The Miz this week. For those who do not know, this is 100% revisionist history as Asuka has lost tag matches in NXT and on live events despite not taking the fall. So this is new and it also means that Miz and Asuka are winning the tournament because no way do they have her lose heading into Mania.

- I know there is a lot of women on the roster and all likely deserve a shot at competing at Mania but with the build-up that has been ongoing for a year now and the abilities of both ladies, Mania needs to have a one on one match with Bayley vs. Sasha Banks. They deserve it and are going to steal the show. No reason for anyone else to be added to the match and no reason for the match to not be allowed to take place. Let them go and give them ten to fifteen minutes.

- Miz is legit about to become the longest tenured Intercontinental Champion of all time. Pedro Morales is the holder of that record having had the belt for 619 days. Miz in all of his combined days has held that title for 556 days.

- Why did WWE show a limo show up backstage at RAW, yet not acknowledge the limo or tell us who was in it?

- Daniel Bryan is wrestling at Wrestlemania no? All angles are still pointing to that direction. I am so confused. Why are they building to a match that can’t happen?

- Unless Mania is going to be eight hours long this year, a lot of people who have played a big part of both RAW and Smackdown are going to be relegated to the Battle Royal or some other gimmick match instead of the PPV itself and that is a shame.

- WWE is still sorting things out with Neville about a return. The plan is for him to re-debut after Wrestlemania in April.

- Roderick Strong is getting a serious push as he advanced to the semi-finals of the Cruiserweight title tournament alongside Cedric Alexander. The other semi-finalists will be determined next week when Mustafa Ali vs. Buddy Murphy and Drew Gulak vs. Kalisto set to take place. I am standing by my Cedric vs. Drew final at Wrestlemania.

- WWE has reached out to both Keith Lee and Walter regarding signing with the company starting at the Performance Center in May. No official answer has been given as of yet however Keith Lee, who is SUPER IMPRESSIVE due to his athletic ability at his huge size, has told promoters that he is not taking any independent dates past April. 2 + 2 = 4. Lee is signed by WWN which is run by Gabe Sapolsky so he will absolutely be released from his deal if he accepts WWE’s offer.

- WWE announced on Monday that the 2018 recipient of the Warrior Award will be Jarrius "JJ" Robertson. Robertson is a 15 year old fan of WWE that has undergone 36 liver related surgeries since birth due to a rare liver disease called “Bilary Atresia”. He has also had two liver transplants to date including his first at age 1. He is known to sports fans as well as he was awarded with the ESPN ESPY Jimmy V award in 2017 presented to him by John Cena. He is from New Orleans.

- WWE has a MAJOR court win against attorney Konstantine Kryos, the attorney that is suing and has previously sued and lost several concussion lawsuits against WWE. U.S. Magistrate Robert Richardson ruled that he was issuing sanctions against Kryos due to violating protocol in his lawsuits and that Kryos would be responsible for paying the attorney fees for WWE. Those costs are going to set him back a lot of money as these lawsuits have been going on for YEARS now.

- At an NXT Live Event last weekend, fans were chanting “Happy Ending” and “Pearl Harbor” at Kari Sane before her matches. Fans can be d*cks sometimes.

- There has been ZERO news regarding the Enzo Amore story and by the looks of it, WWE is moving on and regardless of when or if this gets settled, he may not be brought back or ever mentioned again. It is unfortunate for him considering he is NEVER going to find the same fame he had when he was with the company because even if he is cleared, he would have been out of the spotlight for long enough that people will forget about him.

- Happy Belated Birthday goes out to 2-time WWE Hall of Famer Ric Flair as he turned 69 last weekend. LOL. 69.

- This week also would have been the 30th birthday of Reid Flair. Such a tragic story. Ugh.

- WWE Hall of Famer Sunny is in jail again. She has violated her probation in New Jersey. She can’t make bail. Rinse and repeat.

- NFL Star Tight End Rob Gronkowski is planning on returning to the New England Patriots next season. There was talk that he was considering retiring and joining the WWE following in the footsteps of best friend Mojo Rawley. Gronk has expressed interest in joining the WWE following the end of his football career and WWE is indeed interested.

- With WWE still looking for a home once their TV contract expires, several executives from Fox Sports including Fox Sports President Eric Shanks were sitting ringside on Tuesday during Smackdown. The talk of the town is that Fox is considering airing Monday Night Raw on Monday’s ON FOX itself and not a Fox Sports Channel which would be HUGE. The belief is that Fox would rather have WWE than UFC and is willing to let UFC go.

WWE FAST LANE PPV is on Sunday, March 11th, 2018 from Columbus Ohio and the line-up is as follows:

  • WWE SMACKDOWN TITLE: A.J. Styles © vs. Kevin Owens vs. Sami Zayn vs. Baron Corbin vs. Dolph Ziggler vs. John Cena
  • U.S. TITLE: Bobby Roode © vs. Randy Orton
  • SMACKDOWN WOMEN’S TITLE: Charlotte Flair © vs. Ruby Riott w/the Riott Squad
  • WWE SMACKDOWN TAG TEAM CHAMPIONS: The Usos © (Jimmy & Jey Uso) vs. The New Day (Kofi Kingston/Xavier Woods/Big E.)
  • WWE 2018 HALL OF FAME CEREMONY is on Friday, April 6th, 2018 from New Orleans Louisiana and the line-up is as follows:

  • Goldberg
  • The Dudley Boyz (Bubba Ray & Devon)
  • Ivory
  • “Double J” Jeff Jarrett
  • WARRIOR AWARD: Jarrius "JJ" Robertson
  • NXT TAKEOVER: NEW ORLEANS is on Saturday, April 7th, 2018 from New Orleans Louisiana and the line-up is as follows:

  • NXT HEAVYWEIGHT TITLE: Andrade “Cien” Almas © w/Zelina Vega vs. Aleister Black
  • NXT WOMEN’S TITLE: Ember Moon © vs. Shayna Baszler
  • NXT TAG TEAM TITLES: The Undisputed Era © (Bobby Fish & Kyle O’Reilly) vs. Winners of The Dusty Rhodes Classic
  • WWE WRESTLEMANIA 34 is on Sunday, April 8th, 2018 from New Orleans Louisiana and the line-up is as follows:

  • WWE UNIVERSAL TITLE: Brock Lesnar © w/Paul Heyman vs. Roman Reigns
  • WWE TITLE: A.J. Styles © vs. Shinsuke Nakamura
  • Andre The Giant Memorial Battle Royal
  • Ring of Honor / New Japan / Lucha Underground / Independent / International News and Notes:

    - New Japan Pro Wrestling is missing out on an incredible opportunity in my eyes as they officially announced that The Golden Lovers of Kenny Omega & Kota Ibushi vs. THE YOUNG BUCKS will be taking place at the Long Beach show in March. The reason I am surprised is because that match could have helped move tickets to a bigger show and Long Beach is already SOLD OUT before the match was even announced.

    - As of now, there are NO PLANS for Chris Jericho vs. Naito to take place in the United States as New Japan is apparently targeting the “Dominion” show in June which is NJPW’s version of Summerslam.

    - Latest Episode of BEING THE ELITE

    - The New Japan Cup tournament begins on March 9th and concludes on March 21st. The point of the tournament is to decide a new number one contender/challenger to either the IWGP title, IWGP Intercontinental title or NEVER Openweight title at the April “Sakura Genesis” show on April 1st.

    - Best wishes go out to Trent Barretta as he tore his triceps and pectoral muscle and will have to miss several months of action.

    - INDY MANIA WAS RUNNING WILD FOR ME!!! Last weekend was independent wrestling extravaganza for me as I attended two independent shows on Friday and Saturday evening.

    - Friday in the Bronx alongside the monster I created in my son who now wants all independent wrestling, all the time went to “Create or Die 2” which will now be known as “NYC” moving forward. “NYC” stands for “Now You Create” and the promotion will be a fan friendly type of promotion where suggestions on talent, ideas for matches, etc. will be welcomed. The show featured a hell of a main event where “Da Hit Squad” of Steve “Monsta” Mack & Dan “Mafia” Maff went to WAR with the Impact Wrestling tag team champions of Ortiz & Santana a.k.a. LAX. They had wild brawl that saw two referees laid out and all sorts of sick moves and unfortunately insane chair shots to the head before LAX picked up the win. It was The Hit Squad’s final tag team match in New York as they are no longer teaming in the state moving forward. The co-main saw E.C. Negro defeat Teddy Hart by disqualification due to outside interference by Sanchez. The match was solid and was on pace to be an exciting one until the middle rope broke while Teddy was performing a lionsault. He was visibly pissed and after speaking to him following the match, he noted it was upsetting because that is how Hayabusa broke his neck in Japan ending up paralyzed. Thankfully the rope snapped as soon as Hart jumped on it instead of when he was moving up to rotate. Another featured contest saw “Da Notorious 187” Homicide take on relative newcomer and monster of a man T.J. Marconi. The match was solid for the first half before it fell off the rails as Marconi, a 6’4, 350 lbs. man ran out of gas. For those who haven’t followed Homicide’s career as long as I have since I have known him from training at the Doghouse in Brooklyn, running out of gas in a Homicide match is NOT something you should do because Cide has an endless supply of oxygen and can run circles around almost everyone in wrestling. So while he was still going, Marconi was huffing and puffing and sh*t started falling apart. It was a shame because as noted, the kid is BIG and has a boatload of potential. Everything he did before blowing up looked crisp and he has a good big man move set. Wish I could have seen more out of him. All in all, it was a solid show with a good undercard as well and my son loved it. They return with their next show on Friday, April 20th.

    - Saturday saw my son and I take in a promotion that I have not seen/visited in over a decade, Jersey All Pro Wrestling in Rahway New Jersey. For those of you who honestly do not know and didn’t follow Indy wrestling in its infancy, JAPW is the grandfather of independent wrestling in the North East. They pre-date Ring of Honor and were an alternative to ECW after ECW went out of business. They groomed a “who’s who” of independent stars and their personal Hall of Fame features Homicide, Low-Ki and the Hit Squad that were all inducted last year. While the crowd was lighter than the heyday of JAPW as they only had about 200 people in attendance, the show was still solid and featured some good solid matches from top to bottom. I got to see LuFisto for the first time in my life in person and if she didn’t reveal that she was diagnosed with cancer earlier this month you would have never known it because not only did she look like a million bucks but she can go and is capable of taking a sh*t load of punishment. Despite her reputation as being able to take severe physical pain in matches, she seems like the nicest person in the world and had a huge smile on her face all-day long. The double main event also delivered in spades as the Hit Squad took on Team Tremendous of Dan Barry & Bill Carr. I’ve known Barry for decades now as we both started in wrestling at the same time and worked a lot of the same shows many years ago. It is fantastic to see him still going and see how far he has come from a small cruiserweight flippy guy to someone who can actually work. Sad to say he announced that this is his last year in wrestling and that he will be retiring at the end of the year. I will however try to make whenever his retirement show is because he deserves a great sendoff. Carr was a former WWE developmental talent. He is a fairly big guy and he can also go. Hopefully if it is still in the cards for him and something he is interested in, he can get back into WWE. As for the Hit Squad, well I realized over the two shows last weekend that it is an ABSOLUTE F*CJING SHAME that they aren’t in NXT or even ROH/New Japan since we are full of copy cats of their style/gimmick and work in 2018. I guarantee that without The Hit Squad, there are no “Authors of Pain”. There will be no War Machine. There wouldn’t be a team of Heavy Machinery. The Hit Squad is the blue print for all of them. Two 300 pound monsters that can wrestle throw people around and fly if they need to. The match was fantastic and as noted, I really wish Dan Maff and Steve Mack got the call as they deserve it. The main event saw JAPW Champion Black Jeez defend his title in a four way against Impact’s Desmond Xavier, Homicide and Teddy Hart. Homicide is 100% another example of someone that should have some sort of WWE job whether it is in NXT as a player/coach or in NXT as a trainer because he is one of the best and most underrated workers around today. As I have called him both to his face and in this very column, he is the modern day Terry Funk. He can brawl, he can fly, he can wrestle and he has an endless supply of oxygen. Another name that needs national recognition is Julius Smokes. Smokes is Homicide’s best friend in real life and usually manages him (As he did in the Bronx at COD). Here at JAPW he manages Black Jeez however and there was some play off his relationship with Homicide as at one point Jeez climbed to the top to perform a move on Homicide when Smokes stopped him. Jeez asked Smokes what was going on and Smokes replied, “Chill, that’s my homeboy”. Smokes can be a ton of fun to watch and gets a great amount of heat as a manager/spokesperson. I always question how wrestlers in his matches don’t break out into laughter when he is shouting. Anyways, a solid show and I am looking forward to attending the next JAPW show. No return date has been announced but if I am free when it is, I will be there. Good stuff and it was fun being a fan again.

    - The first live event to air on ROH’s “Honor Club” will be this Sunday from the Hammerstein Ballroom in New York.

    - ROH has also announced that they are returning to the U.K. for three shows in May; one show in Scotland on May 24th and then a show in London on May 26th and a show in Doncaster on the 27th.

    - Lucha Underground began taping their upcoming season over the weekend. The results have been tightly sealed but several shows are now in the can for air at a future date on El Rey Network. Most of the talent that was brought back to film season 4 were brought with the intention of writing out their characters/wrapping up any outstanding storylines to they can be released from their contracts following the season. When LU launched, everyone who joined signed SEVEN SEASON deals and LU was holding up a ton of talent from leaving elsewhere. Now, they are just going to let anyone who wants to leave go but not before “killing” off their characters, LITERALLY.

    - I am not going to post the line-up for WrestleCon this year taking place over Wrestlemania weekend. Not because I have anything against WrestleCon but because literally EVERYONE who has ever worked in wrestling that is still alive will be there. So much so that they even just announced that for the first time ever, WWE Hall of Famer “Stone Cold” Steve Austin will be appearing at any non WWE convention doing an autograph signing. That should tell you all you need to know about it and how big of an event it will be.

    - I am also not going to post the line-ups taking place Mania weekend with the exception of ROH/New Japan. There are a LOT of damn good shows taking place between WrestleCon, EVOLVE, CZW, Matt Riddle’s “Bloodsport”, Joey Janella’s Spring Break, The Crash Lucha Libre, Arolucha, etc. but probably the column on Mania weekend I will post show times and main events.

    - Flo Sports and WWN have come to a sealed agreement to their financial disputes and their lawsuits against each other have been voluntarily dismissed.

    - Arolucha is already changing their game plan and will cease running live events and instead focus on taping a bunch of episodes for television to shop around for a network. This is the plan that Jeff Jarrett had for Global Force Wrestling. Jarrett also had MORE connections in the television world than the folks behind Arolucha do.

    - Based on the success of the Australia tour, New Japan will air next year’s tour LIVE on New Japan World.

    - Speaking of New Japan Worlds, TV Asahi, parent company of New Japan noted that leading into Wrestle Kingdom in January, subscriptions to New Japan World increased by 40% in Japan compared to 2016 and 80% outside Japan with a 60% increase in the United States. That is proof that New Japan was red hot at the end of the year and that Jericho’s debut vs. Kenny Omega helped bring in a ton of new viewers.

    - Stardom had Momo Watanabe main event their show last weekend in a title match against Io Shirai. Watanabe is 17 years old and just graduated high school YESTERDAY. That is a clear cut explanation of how talented this girl is since Stardom is the leader in Women’s wrestling and was the home promotion of both Asuka and Kari Sane.

    - Due to a ticketing error, PWG announced that for the first time ever they are going to be holding a show OUTSIDE of their usual building in Reseda California. They have sold more tickets than their usual venue holds and are going to host their March 23rd show at The Globe Theater in Los Angeles.

    - Another first for PWG is that they are NOT holding their annual “Battle For Los Angeles” (BOLA) show over Labor Day Weekend in September due to not wanting to compete with the Cody/Young Bucks “All In” show.

    - Cody and The Bucks revealed that next week’s “Being The Elite” show will reveal the location/venue for “All In”.

    - Remember when I asked my U.K. readers/friends how is “5 Star Wrestling” making any money (and I didn’t get any replies by the way), well apparently a ton of American talent that is being flown in for these shows have complaints about their pay as of late. Just saying.

    RING OF HONOR’S “16th ANNIVERSARY SHOW” is on Saturday, March 9th, 2018 from Las Vegas Nevada and the line-up is as follows:

  • ROH TITLE: Dalton Castle © vs. Jay Lethal
  • ROH TAG TEAM TITLE: The Motor City Machine Guns © (Chris Sabin & Alex Shelly) vs. The Briscoes (Mark & Jay Briscoe)
  • ROH SIX MAN TAG TITLES: The HUNG Bucks (Matt Jackson/Nick Jackson/Hangman Page) vs. So Cal Uncensored (Christopher Daniels/Frankie Kazarian/Scorpio Sky) in a Vegas Streetfight
  • Cody w/Brandi Rhodes vs. Matt Taven
  • Marty Scurll vs. Punishment Martinez
  • Flip Gordon vs. Hiromu Takahashi
  • WOMEN OF HONOR TOURNAMENT: Sumie Sakai vs. Hana Kimura
  • NEW JAPAN PRO WRESTLING “STRONG STYLE EVOLVED” is on Saturday, March 25th, 2018 from Long Beach California and the line-up is as follows:

  • The Golden Lover (Kenny Omega & Kota Ibushi) vs. The Young Bucks (Nick & Matt Jackson)
  • IWGP U.S. Title: Jay White © vs. Hangman Page
  • Jushin “Thunder” Liger vs. Rey Mysterio

    - Impact aired the BRUTAL Eddie Edwards vs. Sami Callihan match this week where Edwards broke most of his face due to being hit with a baseball bat that ricocheted off a chair.

    - Speaking of Edwards, he is sticking around the Impact Zone as he just signed a new deal to remain with the company.

    - Sigh….that is all I can say anymore when I get news like this. Despite all of the efforts in righting of the ship that they try and despite bringing in “wrestling” people to run the wrestling and despite cutting payroll and bringing in younger and hungry talents, Impact is once again behind in payroll. Several talents have claimed that they did not get paid for the last set of tapings and some claiming that they have not been paid for the November PPV and December tapings. There legitimately is not an excuse for this. My mind is blown that this keeps happening to this company.

    - Why don’t they have direct deposit? Serious question.

    - Impact announced an Impact vs. Lucha Underground show for Wrestlemania weekend in New Orleans that will feature all Impact vs. LU matches.

    MMA News and Notes:

    - DOWN GOES JONES; possibly for a long while. The California State Athletic Commission has revoked Jones fight license and fined him $205,000 for his failed drug test against Daniel Cormier last July. The commission did not levy a suspension against Jones as instead they will rely on USADA to issue that at a later date. Jones offered up NO DEFENSE against the drug test failure other than denying that he has ever used steroids and that he is anti PED. He noted that he could not find any PED’s in the supplements he was taking and that he’d never knowingly ingest a PED. USADA, based on Jones previous failures could suspend him for up to four years which would be most of his athletic prime as he wouldn’t be eligible to fight against until 2021. Jones did not help his cause at all to get a shortened suspension based on his defense and actually noted that he has NOT taken one USADA Mandatory drug tutorial and instead had his trainers attend and forge his signature that he attended. He also listed 10 supplements that he had been taking and were tested for contamination that he did NOT disclose prior to his fight with Cormier.

    - At last weekend’s UFC show, Jeremy Stephens defeated Josh Emmett in the main event in controversial fashion. Stephens apparently landed an illegal knee that wasn’t called as well as two elbows to the back of the head that were also missed.

    - UFC President Dana White with the MASSIVE TROLL JOB on Sunday as during WWE’s Elimination Chamber on Sunday, he posted a photo of him and former UFC Heavyweight and current WWE Universal Champion Brock Lesnar who was wearing a UFC shirt. LOL.

    - White did reveal in an interview, and these are his exact words, “There is a very very very very good chance that Brock Lesnar fights in the UFC again.” so that tells you all you need to know about Brock’s plans post Mania. Will he stay with WWE and get permission to fight again? Probably because I cannot see Vince letting him bail on WWE that easily. Then again, Ronda Rousey is still under UFC contract and is working for WWE. So maybe that is the compromise.

    - White also noted that UFC will NOT play host and is not interested in a Tito Ortiz vs. Chuck Liddell fight under their banner because Liddell shouldn’t be medically cleared to ever fight again.

    - Amanda Nunes is looking to defend her UFC Women’s Bantamweight title on May 12th in Rio De Janeiro Brazil against Raquel Pennington.

    - Despite being knocked out decisively in his last middleweight fight by a bigger middleweight, Luke Rockhold reiterated that he plans to move up in weight to Light Heavyweight and is looking for his first fight to be against Alexander Gustafsson. That is DEFINITELY NOT a good first fight option for Rockhold at a new, heavier weight.

    - UFC and Amazon have struck a deal beginning with tomorrow’s UFC 222 PPV that will allow UFC events to be sold via Amazon Prime. It is a separate cost than a Prime subscription and the PPV’s will cost $64.99 per show ordering through Amazon Video.

    - The tentative return date that UFC is working with for Conor McGregor is September.

    - Sage Northcut, who turned 22 this week, revealed that he is moving back to Welterweight up from Lightweight due to having his last weight cut to 155 lbs. being difficult.

    - World Series Of Fighting Welterweight champion Jon Fitch has signed with Bellator for a multi-fight deal. He was on a WSOF 4 fight winning streak.

    UFC 222 is TOMORROW NIGHT from Las Vegas Nevada and the line-up is as follows:

  • UFC WOMEN’S FEATHERWEIGHT TITLE: Cris “Cyborg” Justino © vs. Yana Kunitskaya
  • Frankie Edgar vs. Brian Ortega
  • Stefan Struve vs. Andre Arlovski
  • C.B. Dolloway vs. Hector Lombard
  • Cat Zingano vs. Ketlen Viera
  • UFC 223 is on Saturday, April 7th, 2018 from Brooklyn New York and the line-up is as follows:

  • UFC LIGHTWEIGHT TITLE: Tony Ferguson © vs. Khabib Nurmagomedov
  • UFC WOMEN’S STRAWWEIGHT TITLE: Rose Namajunas © vs. Joanna Jedrzejczyk
  • Anthony Pettis vs. Michael Chiesa
  • Brandon Moreno vs. Ray Borg
  • UFC 224 is on Saturday, May 12th, 2018 from Rio De Janerio and the line-up is as follows:

  • UFC WOMEN’S BANTAMWEIGHT TITLE: Amanda Nunes © vs. Raquel Pennington
  • Kelvin Gastelum vs. Ronaldo “Jacare” Souza
  • Vitor Belfort vs. Lyoto Machida
  • Random Thoughts, Links, Pics, ETC.

    - BONUS Random VIDEO of the week: Official Trailer for “Loving Pablo”

    - BONUS Random VIDEO of the week: Latest Trailer for “The Week Of”

    - BONUS Random VIDEO of the week PART 2: Official Trailer for “Fahrenheit 451”

    - BONUS Random VIDEO of the week PART 3: Honest Trailers for “The 2018 Oscars”

    - BONUS Random VIDEO of the week PART 4: Official Trailer for “The Other Mother”

    - BONUS Random VIDEO of the week Part 5: Final Trailer for “Ready Player One”

    - BONUS Random VIDEO of the week PART 6: Official Trailer for “Wreck It Ralph 2: Ralph Breaks The Internet”

    - BONUS Random VIDEO of the week PART 7: Honest Game Trailer for “Fortnite”

    - BONUS Random VIDEO of the week PART 8: Latest Trailer for “Cobra Kai”

    - BONUS Random VIDEO of the week PART 9: Official Trailer for “Yellowstone”

    - BONUS Random VIDEO of the week Part 10: Official Trailer for “Mutant Year Zero”

    - THIS LINK is for LIFE. Thank you soldiers. WELCOME HOME BLOG.

    - BONUS Random ARTICLE of the week: Bro, it was your f*cking JOB to run into that building and risk your life. WTF?

    - BONUS Random ARTICLE of the week PART 1: Not even half a brain? How in the world did these kids think this was smart? Did they think this

    - BONUS Random ARTICLE of the week PART 2: Surefire way to catch a bullet. Respect to him for trying to do something about the drug problems in his community but the flip side is that drug dealers will kill you bro. Damn.

    - BONUS Random ARTICLE of the week PART 3: So cops are on a roll this week with MAJOR f*ck ups all around the country. This example from my home town is just mind-blowingly stupid. SMH.

    - BONUS Random ARTICLE of the week PART 4: So this story is confusing and has a Law & Order: SVU episode plot written all over it. Wowsers.

    - BONUS Random ARTICLE of the week PART 5: Stan Lee is OFF the list!!! It was all an extortion plot. Yay!!

    - BONUS Random ARTICLE of the week PART 6: This is an incredibly SUCKY way to go. Damn. Tragic.

    - Another week down and another week with Black Panther being a top the box office. They broke $100 million domestically ($111 million to be exact) for the 2nd straight weekend and has become the 3rd highest grossing Marvel film at the domestic box office only trailing the 1st Avengers film and Avengers: Age of Ultron. The film will absolutely break the $1 billion mark which is HUGE. With Black Panther being the success it has become, expect Marvel to shortly begin their media blitz of “Avengers: Infinity War” to start soon. I fully expect Infinity War to break all sorts of records as it is the beginning of the end of the franchise as we know it and the set up for the next phase of films as well as being a sort of sequel to the cultural phenomenon of Black Panther.

    - Speaking of Infinity War, in addition to Thanos’ children, The Black Order, he will also have his army of “The Outrider’s” with him for the attack on Earth. So there will be plenty of villains to go around.

    - Here is a refresher course on where the Infinity Stones are leading into Infinity War:

  • The Power Stone is the Nova Corps possession
  • The Time Stone is in Dr. Strange’s possession
  • The Reality Stone a.k.a. Aether is in the Collector’s possession
  • The Mind Stone in the Vision’s possession
  • The Space Stone a.k.a. The Tesseract is in Loki’s possession
  • The only missing stone is the Soul Stone which may or may not be in Wakanda
  • - Actor Mark Hamill, while just FINALLY receiving a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame, has shown interest in joining the Marvel Cinematic Universe for Guardians of the Galaxy 3 and director James Gunn is interested in him. That would be all sorts of awesome.

    - Gunn also confirmed via Twitter once and for all that Groot is DEAD. Baby Groot is Groot’s son. He has no memories of Groot or his sacrifice for the team, etc. He is an entirely new Groot.

    - 21st Century Fox is discussing a “Silver Surfer” film to be released. So long as the deal with Disney is NOT finalized yet, Fox is moving ahead with the assumption that they are still to be producing films and will continue to come up with ideas and move forward with production until told otherwise.

    - The Wonder Woman sequel is set to begin production in May and the main villain for the film will be longtime nemesis of WW, Cheetah. WB is looking at casting a “name” actress for the role.

    - With Joss Whedon announcing that he was stepping away from WB’s “Batgirl” project, the latest from the studio s that the project is now being shelved for the time being as they continue to get all of their ducks in a row since there is apparently so much still up in the air including finding a director for “Flashpoint” as well as settling in on a script for “The Batman” and deciding on whether or not Ben Affleck will be attached to it. (Matt Dawgs Spoiler: He won’t).

    - Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. producers have noted that the season finale of season 5 is being filmed as a SERIES finale just in case they are not renewed for a 6th season. So there will be closure at the end of this season.

    - Marvel/Netflix’s Jessica Jones returns next week and early reviews of the season 2 are NOT positive. Most reviews say it is far from the excellent 1st season with some even saying that if it was anyone other than Kristen Ritter in the lead role, this coming season would be a complete disaster. That isn’t a good thing for this franchise. Ouch.

    - Netflix has announced that Full House/Fuller House creator Jeff Franklin has been let go as showrunner of the show and FIRED from his exeucitve producer role by Warner Brothers due to alleged sexual misconduct.

    - Arrow sucks. That is the only way I can put it. After a fantastic rebound last year from the previous sucky season before it, this season has completely went off the rails. It is all over the place and if this week’s episode ending is what I think it is, I may just jump ship completely. I’d be done.

    - The Flash, while stumbling this season after some good seasons, is doing ok. It has not fallen as bad as Arrow has so that is a good thing. I still haven’t started “Black Lightning” yet and may just delete them from my DVR and start this summer via Netflix. Legends of Tomorrow however still manages to be the most fun

    ~Matt Dawgs

    Feel free to discuss whatever you'd like on the “Board” where I can do my best to answer anything you’d like. Also drop a comment in the comment box below as I try my best to answer in a timely fashion. You can also tweet me on the tweeter. I reply there as well. Questions, Corrections, Comments, Feedback or Ideas: EMAIL ME .

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