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TGIF: Cena's Reality Check, El Campeon, and More

By Matt Dawgs Mar 3, 2017 - 5:02 PM print

T.G.I.F. with Matt Dawgs: #387

Good day to you all and welcome to We Want Insanity. I am your host for today, Matt Dawgs and this is my column. Today is the end of the work week and the time to look back at all the goings-on over the past seven days as I wrap it up with a bow and spout it out bit by bit. Buckle up. Enjoy the ride.

MATT NOTE: R.I.P. to actor Bill Paxton as he passed away last weekend at age 61. This death came as a complete surprise to everyone in Hollywood and fans alike as he was apparently in good health and currently starring in CBS’ “Training Day” which was a “sequel” to Denzel Washington’s film of the same name. Training Day did wrap production in December so the show is set for the remainder of this season. CBS noted that the role will NOT be recast if it is renewed for a 2nd season. The show was set in the same world as the film only 14 years after the original events. Paxton went to have an undisclosed surgery and died from complications following the surgery.


- Goldberg and Kevin Owens promos were excellent on RAW on Monday. Amazing how so many years after his prime, WWE figured out how to correctly book and write Goldberg. Better late than never I guess?

- By the way, way to telegraph Goldberg winning the title. You NEVER have a babyface promise to do something without them doing it. With the way Goldberg is supposed to portray a superhero, having him promise to win the title if they didn’t plan on him winning is insane. So he is winning.

- That Oscar spoof....ouch. Terrible.

- Is Jinder Mahal exempt from Wellness testing? Legit question. Has to be no?

- You see it right? I am not crazy. They are going full speed ahead with the Enzo/Cass breakup which is a HUGE NEGATIVE for Enzo.

- 3:00 minute Cruiserweight matches, the staple of Raw. WWE FUN FACT: Did you know that it probably takes longer for the ring crew to change the ropes to purple than the actual cruiserweight matches last?

- Samoa Joe is awesome. So happy he has made it to the main roster. It is well-deserved and his interaction with the roster has been fantastic. I look forward to what they have in store for him and I hope he remains aligned with HHH for a while as his thug/bodyguard.

- They have to go with Joe vs. Balor at Mania right?

- Nia Jax is NOT ready for primetime. Honestly, if not for her family lineage, I don’t think she’d get the opportunity she is getting despite her size. She is just so uncoordinated in the ring. It is even worse since Jax is getting a push and is going to be featured in the match at Mania.

- Can anyone explain how Mick Foley made a Cesaro vs. Samoa Joe match after confronting Joe during RAW but then they showed a backstage segment that they made point to mention took place earlier in the day at catering involving Sheamus and Titus O’Neil which O’Neil said that he and Sheamus should team since his partner Cesaro was wrestling Samoa Joe tonight. Huh?

- Other than Neville, this cruiserweight division continues to be the drizzling sh*ts and I am thoroughly disappointed that no one in WWE management gives a sh*t. Honestly, their Raw segments continue to suck and not one fan live in the building cares about anything they are doing. I sincerely hope that Austin Aries isn’t buried when he debuts because he deserves infinitely better than the division is doing.

- Samoa Joe is done with the Muscle Buster apparently as the Uranage has been his finish since debuting on RAW.

- Braun Strowman is awesome. That is all.

- WWE has money to burn apparently as Brock Lesnar was once again backstage at RAW and was NOT used in a televised capacity. Even in an “on location” interview segment. He did come out for the live crowd to lay out Big Show with an F-5 after the show went off the air. SMH.

- Ric Flair was also backstage at Raw on Monday but was not used.

- P.S. Aries is GOLD on the mic when he they aired his video package and then cut back to him, Cole and Corey Graves at the announce desk. Aries, with a straight face looks at Cole and said, “So Cole, did you like my package? It was massive wasn’t it?”

- So Miz and John Cena were “shooting” on each other on Smackdown. That was different to say the least. Cena’s rebuttal to Miz claiming that Cena uses his stroke to get what he wants and hold people back was GOLD. He noted that if that was true and the case then he would be standing in the ring with the Undertaker instead of Miz. That is a subliminal as he wanted to work with Taker at Mania and instead if getting Miz. Anyway, Maryse slaps Cena and Nikki Bella runs out and Miz and Maryse bail? Wait, what? They are perfectly ok with being in the ring with Cena but when Nikki comes out they need to take a powder? Uh.....

- For the record, Cena completely BURIED Miz on the mic.

- So technically A.J. Styles is the number one contender to the WWE title and should get his shot at Wrestlemania but is going to be screwed out of the shot by Shane McMahon. Wouldn’t that make Shane a heel and A.J. a babyface?

- While I am ok with using Styles win as a point of contention to build to Shane vs. A.J., did they really have to have Styles pin Luke Harper TWICE in the same match? So I guess Harper is going to be shifted back to the mid-card now that his story with both A.J. and Bray is over?

- BTW, going back to the Cena/Miz thing, Miz claimed Cena had pull and could do what he wants. Cena denies this. 30 minutes later he and Nikki are confronted by Carmella and James Ellsworth. Nikki challenges them to a mixed tag match next week on Smackdown and....John Cena makes the match official. Um.....so Cena can just make matches huh? Yet he has no stroke huh?

- Remember when Apollo Crews was in NXT and everyone thought he was going to be a HUGE star when he got called up to the main roster? LOLZ.

- That was it? THAT was Orton’s turn? Just randomly deciding to want a title shot and burn Sister Abigail’s grave. WTF?!?!?! Totally out of left field with no build. Sure the crowd popped for him saying he wants the title shot at Mania but that was just so insanely forced and rushed. They absolutely could have done something better than that with 5 minutes of thought.

- With that being said, Orton doing his pose in front of the burning shack was SOLID GOLD. I legit LOL’d.

- Eric Rowan is medically cleared to return. I fully expect him and Luke Harper to be involved in the Bray Wyatt vs. Randy Orton match at Wrestlemania in some fashion.

- As of this writing, the tentative plan is for Mick Foley to lose his job as Raw General Manager either at WrestleMania or shortly before Mania (So he can go have his hip surgery). He will then be replaced on the Raw the day after Mania by Kurt Angle.

- Former WWE Diva “The Glamazon” Beth Phoenix has been named as a member of the 2017 WWE Hall of Fame class. Look, I like Beth. I think she was a solid worker and enjoyed having her around. But to think that she deserves a spot in the Hall of Fame before Ivory, Molly Holly, Victoria, Sable, Miss Elizabeth, Missy Hyatt and Chyna is just insane. I don’t know what else to say about that. She had a short career, retired relatively young and didn’t do much to revolutionize wrestling. Sure she was a better worker than Sable was but you are absolutely insane to think that Beth Phoenix meant more to the WWE than Sable did. Beth making it into the Hall of Fame in before Miss Elizabeth and Missy Hyatt? Really?

- All signs are pointing to The Big Show vs. Shaquille O’Neal being OFF at Wrestlemania. Both men said separately this week that they do not think the match is going to take place. Show noted, likely in character, that he is training and losing weight and busting his ass to get in shape while Shaq is out eating Krispy Kreme donuts and singing karaoke on TV. However, Shaq noted on his podcast that it does not appear the match is going to happen and made it a point to say that it is not his fault and it has nothing to do with him or his management team. Therefore it sounds like there are some behind the scenes disagreements going on and left the door open for it to one day happen but as Mania approaches, it will unlikely be at this show.

- In order to get into “Game” shape (see what I did there?), Triple H will be working some upcoming WWE Live events over the next few weeks in six man tag matches. He will be teaming with Samoa Joe and Kevin Owens to face off against Chris Jericho, Sami Zayn and Finn Balor. He is booked next weekend with Friday March 10th in Buffalo, Saturday March 11th in Toronto and Sunday, March 26th in While Plains New York.

- WWE ice cream bars aren’t coming back which is a major disappointment. Instead the New Day “ice cream” will be frozen pops hence their t-shirts on Raw on Monday. They were being sold in the arena during RAW at concession stands.

- Jack Swagger has been wished well on his future endeavors by WWE. He requested his release during negotiations for a new contract. Swagger has not been on WWE TV in forever and has not been used on live events since January 23rd.

- As noted last week, Asuka will be taking Naomi’s place on the Smackdown Live event in Madison Square Garden on March 12th. Now she is taking over most of Naomi’s Smackdown bookings until Wrestlemania weekend. Hopefully this is a sign that she will be called up to the main roster post Mania. The eventual goal was for Ember Moon to beat her for the title and with that match official for mania weekend, I can see Asuka being called up.

- Congrats to Sonjay Dutt as he was asked back this week to be a guest trainer at the WWE Performance Center. This is his 2nd stint as he was there a few weeks ago.

- WWE is releasing a Kevin Owens DVD titled “Fight Owens, Fight” which is set to debut in July. It will chronicle his life and career leading up to WWE.

- While Wrestlemania is expected to sell out as usual, there are currently still tickets left for the show but the Hall of Fame and the NXT show are still far from sold out. Apparently most events Mania weekend on the independent scene are also struggling to sell out. This is in stark contrast to years past and that is due to the amount of tickets available for Mania (55,000 down from 100,000 last year and 70,000 the year before) plus the fact that both Dallas and Santa Clara don’t have a thriving independent wrestling scene as opposed to Florida which is independent heavy.

WWE FASTLANE PPV is THIS SUNDAY from Milwaukee Wisconsin and the line-up is as follows:

  • WWE UNIVERSAL TITLE: Kevin Owens © vs. Goldberg
  • Roman Reigns vs. Braun Strowman
  • WWE RAW WOMEN’S TITLE: Bayley © vs. Charlotte
  • Samoa Joe vs. Sami Zayn
  • WWE TAG TEAM TITLES: The Club (Luke Gallows & Karl Anderson) © vs. Enzo Amore & Big Cass
  • WWE CRUISERWEIGHT TITLE: Neville © vs. Jack Gallagher
  • Sasha Banks vs. Nia Jax
  • 2017 WWE HALL OF FAME is on Friday, March 31st, 2017 from Orlando Florida and the line-up is as follows:

  • Kurt Angle
  • Diamond Dallas Page
  • Teddy Long
  • The Rock & Roll Express (Ricky Morton & Robert Gibson)
  • NXT TAKEOVER ORLANDO is Saturday, 1st 2017 from Orlando Florida and the line-up is as follows:

  • NXT TITLE: Bobby Roode © vs. Shinsuke Nakamura
  • NXT TAG TEAM TITLES: The Authors of Pain © w/Paul Ellering vs. D.I.Y. (Tommasso Ciampa & Johnny Gargano) vs. The Revival (Dawson & Wilder)
  • NXT WOMEN’S TITLE: Asuka © vs. Ember Moon
  • Tye Dillinger/No Way Jose/Roderick Strong/Ruby Riot vs. SAnitY (Eric Young/Alexander Wolfe/Killian Dain/Nikki Cross)
  • WWE WRESTLEMANIA 33 is on Sunday, April 2nd, 2017 from Orlando Florida and the line-up is as follows:

  • Goldberg vs. Brock Lesnar w/Paul Heyman
  • WWE TITLE: Bray Wyatt © vs. TBD
  • The New Day (Big E./Xavier Woods/Kofi Kingston) will be special guests hosts.

    - SPOILER ALERT: A new Impact Wrestling Champion was crowned at last night's tapings as Alberto El Patron defeated Bobby Lashley in a controversial finish to win the Impact World Championship. The match is expected to air next week.

    - Impact lost their top act as Matt and Jeff Hardy are officially done with the promotion. According to RYAN SATIN, Matt and Jeff had verbally agreed to a new 1-year deal back in December and were waiting for some minor caveats to be included in the deal including creative control of their gimmicks. Matt had been calling Impact weekly to try and finalize things but was given the run around. Impact finally got back to Matt’s lawyer over last weekend and told them that TNA balked at the creative control and their lawyer told Impact President Ed Nordholm that there was interest from other companies to which Nordhold replied: ‘Well tell them to go to WWE then.” Once Jeff Hardy heard that was the response he was livid and told Matt that he wasn’t planning on going back. Matt still tried to salvage the deal and Impact countered with a 2-Year deal however they also wanted 10% of all profits outside of Impact. Matt shot that down and said he was done and that they would not be returning however offered to come to the television tapings this week so that they could be written out of storylines and drop the tag team titles. Impact declined their offer. SMH.

    - Both Jeff Jarrett and Matt Hardy tweeted about the departure and both wished the other well in the future.

    - In last week’s column I also noted that Drew Galloway’s contract expired this week and that he had not spoken to Impact about a new deal yet. Well as it turns out, he announced on Sunday that he was departing TNA and moving on to other endeavors. Galloway made it public that Impact did NOT try to get him to stay until last week and that while they did make a great effort trying to sign him; he noted that his mind was already made up when it took so long for them to open negotiations. He said part of the decision was that he needed to make commitments to outside promotions and he couldn’t do so knowing that the Impact contract issue would eventually force him to cancel dates.

    - Joining the Hardys and Drew Galloway to the departed from TNA list is “Miracle” Mike Bennett and Maria Kanellis-Bennett. They have been working without a contract since the end of 2016 and doing per appearance deals. Many within TNA believe that they will be heading back to Ring of Honor.

    - Former TNA Knockout’s Champion Jade.....GONE.

    - John Gaburick is now officially a consultant for Impact and will be in charge of the “Gorilla” position at Impact events going forward. He has no say in creative and has been removed as the head of talent.

    - Also gone from the previous creative and management regime are Matt Conway who wrote most of the shows and Bill Banks.

    - Bruce Prichard, who currently has the best wrestling podcast around today alongside Conrad Thompson, is joining Impact as an on air television character but rumors are that he is expected to be a consultant on creative as well.

    - Konnan is being brought back as an on-air character too as the new regime is looking to bury the old regime run by Dixie Carter on air.

    - Jeff Jarrett and Ed Nordholm (President of Impact Wrestling) were at the Crash Promotion in Mexico’s weekend shows. They are negotiating a talent exchange with the company. The AAA door is now closed once Lucha Underground threatened legal action against them for using referee Marty Elias on their show. Dorian Roldan is who Jarrett was negotiating a possible AAA deal with is also the one who had legal action threatened on behalf of LU. Suffice to say, Anthem Sports didn’t like that move.

    - Congrats to longtime Northeast Independent wrestler Kevin Matthews who I have known for about 16 years now as he is now working for Impact as well as his fellow Wrestle Pro comrades Mario Bokara and Fallah Bahh.

    - Also joining them at Impact is a returning Matt Morgan. The amount of chances Morgan has received over the years, WOW. Morgan has been bodybuilding for the past several years competing in competitions so expect his physique to look different than it did in his last run. Amazing that Morgan has been in the business for 15 years now as he debuted in WWE’s 2nd season of Tough Enough back in 2002.

    - In another effort to cut budget, those who work for Impact on a “pay per day” basis, rather than being paid per appearance per show, they will now be paid a flat fee for how many days they tape. Example: if you worked there and your rate was $100 per “date” and you showed up for work today and did a match on Impact and a match for a One Night Only PPV, you would have been paid $200 total; a hundred for each show. Now, with the new regime, since you are working today, March 3rd, you will only get paid $100 despite the fact that you are technically working on different shows.

    - Disappointed that they got rid of the owl in the new logo.

    Ring of Honor / Lucha Underground / Independent / International News and Notes:

    - In what could be HUGE news for Ring of Honor and possibly elevate them to officially the #2 promotion in the world, Sinclair Broadcasting is looking to purchased Tribume Media Company regarding a merger which would see Sinclair take control of Tribune’s U.S. channels which includes WGN American in Chicago. Sinclair would end up having coverage in over 40% of the United States.

    - Sticking to my guns that Christopher Daniels is winning the ROH title from Adam Cole on the ROH PPV next weekend. Especially since all signs are pointing to Cole leaving ROH to join NXT and/or WWE.

    - Shayna Baszler lost an MMA fight last weekend in Japan. It was her first MMA fight in over two years as she had given up MMA to pursue wrestling full time. She was in Japan as she was working wrestling dates for the Stardom promotion.

    - Looks like Season 1 & 2 of Lucha Underground are set to debut on Netflix on March 15th.

    - AAA in Mexico is sending “cease and desist” letters to independent promotions who are booking Pentagon and Fenix. They have no ground to stand on since they are no longer under a AAA deal but still, AAA is insisting that they stop being booked. SMH.

    - Alberto El Patron confirmed that he will be working for the CRASH promotion in Mexico which is another shot in the fact for AAA. Rey Mysterio is also working for them. Apparently they are doing big business in Mexico as their show last weekend drew 4,500 fans.

    Zack Sabre Jr. captured the Evolve title ending the almost 2-year reign of champion Timothy Thatcher. Sabre will now defend the title over Wrestlemania weekend against ACH.

    - The Netflix show based on the 1990’s “Gorgeous Ladies of Wrestling a.k.a. G.L.O.W.” women’s wrestling promotion is set to debut on Friday, June 23rd. Chavo Guerrero Jr. was the wrestling coordinator on the show helping the actresses learn to wrestle as well as Kia Stevens a.k.a. Awesome Kong a.k.a. Kharma who is also in the cast. Guerrero teaching the women to wrestle is notable because his uncle Mando Guerrero was the wrestling coordinator on the original series in the 90’s.

    MMA News and Notes:

    - UFC President Dana White confirmed on ESPN’s Sportscenter that Michael Bisping’s next UFC Middleweight Title defense will be against the returning George St. Pierre sometime in 2017. The likely target date will be the annual July 4th weekend show which coincides with International Fight Week a.k.a. UFC’s “Wrestlemania” week.

    - A lot of people have asked me my thoughts on this and why GSP deserves a title shot. Honestly, GSP left the promotion as Welterweight Champion. So despite me personally thinking he should take a tune up first, he does deserve a title shot of his choosing. Whether it is middleweight or welterweight shouldn’t be an issue because if he wants to fight at middleweight, he can. The other issue I am hearing about is Yoel Romero. Romero is next in line for the middleweight title and was supposed to get the shot. Look, it is unfortunately that he is being bi-passed for the shot due to GSP coming back. But the flip side is that Michael Bisping has EARNED the right to get this opportunity and big payday. He has fought for UFC for years. He has fought on short notice. Most of his losses have come to men who have failed drug tests following fights. He doesn’t have many fights left in him and has NEVER had a huge payday like this. Let him earn as much money as he can while he can. He has certainly left it all out in the octagon for UFC. Yes it sucks for Romero but he will get the winner and that will be that.

    - I honestly want GSP to win because it will be beneficial to UFC as a whole if he does but honestly, I don’t care how good of a fighter you are, 3 and ½ years off is a LONG time to not fight. Especially on two surgically reconstructed knees. Bisping is a tough fight and if GSP wins, Romero is going to be incredibly tougher for him.

    - Despite all the hullabaloo about Conor McGregor and Floyd Mayweather, Dana White noted that he 100% believes that Conor’s next fight will be a title defense against the winner of tomorrow’s Khabib Nurmagomedov vs. Tony Ferguson...except that match isn't happening. Keep reading.

    - Khabib Nurmagomedov vs. Tony Ferguson is OFF due to weight cut issues. As of now the interim title fight has been cancelled.

    - Holly Holm’s appeal to have her loss to Germaine de Randamie was denied by the New York State Athletic Commission.

    - UFC has signed Alexander Gustafsson vs. Glover Teixeira as the main event of their UFC Fight Night show on May 28th in Stockholm Sweden.

    - Despite him fighting this weekend for UFC, UFC’s legal team has filed a motion to have Mark Hunt’s lawsuit vs. UFC, Brock Lesnar and Dana White dropped. At the end of the day, Hunt doesn’t have a case anyway so he should just drop it.

    UFC 209 is TOMORROW NIGHT from Paradise Nevada and the line-up is as follows:

  • UFC WELTERWEIGHT TITLE: Tyron Woodley © vs/ Stephen “Wonderboy” Thompson
  • Alistair Overeem vs. Mark Hunt
  • Rashad Evans vs. Daniel Kelly
  • David Teymur vs. Lando Vannata
  • UFC 210 is on Saturday, April 8th, 2017 from Buffalo New York and the line-up is as follows:

  • UFC LIGHT HEAVYWEIGHT TITLE: Daniel Cormier © vs. Anthony “Rumble” Johnson
  • Chris Weidman vs. Gegard Mousasi
  • Will Brooks vs. Charles Oliveira
  • UFC 211 is on Saturday, May 13th, 2017 from Dallas Texas and the line-up is as follows:

  • UFC HEAVYWEIGHT TITLE: Stipe Miocic © vs. Junior Dos Santos
  • UFC WOMEN’S STRAWWEIGHT TITLE: Joanna Jedrzejczyk © vs. Jessica Andrade
  • Ben Rothwell vs. Fabricio Werdum
  • Demian Maia vs. Jorge Masvidal
  • UFC 212 is on Saturday, June 3rd, 2017 from Rio De Janeiro Brazil and the line-up is as follows:

  • UNDISPUTED UFC FEATHERWEIGHT TITLE: Jose Aldo © vs. Max Holloway ©
  • Karolina Kowalkiewicz vs. Claudia Gadelha
  • Random Thoughts, Links, Pics, ETC.

    - Random VIDEO of the week: Latest Trailer for “Guardians of the Galaxy: Volume 2”

    - BONUS Random VIDEO of the week: Honest Trailer for “Doctor Strange”

    - BONUS Random VIDEO of the week PART 2: Latest Trailer for “Alien: Covenant”

    - BONUS Random VIDEO of the week PART 3: Trailer for Netflix’s “War Machine”

    - BONUS Random VIDEO of the week PART 4: Red Band Trailer for “CHIPS”

    - BONUS Random VIDEO of the week PART 5: How It Should Have Ended: “Rogue One”

    - BONUS Random VIDEO of the week PART 6: Official Trailer for “Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales”

    - BONUS Random VIDEO of the week PART 7: Official Trailer for “The Promise”

    - BONUS Random VIDEO of the week PART 8: Official Trailer for Netflix’s “Sand Castle”

    - BONUS Random VIDEO of the week PART 9: Teaser for Dave Chappelle’s Stand Up Special on Netflix.

    - BONUS Random VIDEO of the week PART 10: Official Trailer for Netflix’s “Ingobernable”

    - THIS LINK is for LIFE. Thank you soldiers. WELCOME HOME BLOG

    - BONUS Random ARTICLE of the week: I am totally confused by this article. Seriously. Takes testosterone which is illegal but takes it because she identifies as a boy, wants to become a boy yet was allowed to compete in a girls wrestling tournament?

    - BONUS Random ARTICLE of the week PART 1: They had to have been high on drugs no? I cannot fathom another reason why they could have possibly thought this was a good idea to do. WTF?

    - BONUS Random ARTICLE of the week PART 2: Completely intrigued with this story and how in the world they came to the conclusion that he was the culprit 11 years after the fact with no one considering him at the time of the crime.

    - BONUS Random ARTICLE of the week PART 3: So Uber’s CEO got into an argument with an Uber driver while riding in an Uber.

    - BONUS Random ARTICLE of the week PART 4: Damn. New York City is changing before my eyes. Sad to see this iconic monument close.

    - BONUS Random ARTICLE of the week PART 5: Say what you want about our commander in chief but when you read stories like this, you get troubled.

    - BONUS Random ARTICLE of the week PART 6: Um....are people really thinking they could get away with this?

    BONUS Random ARTICLE of the week PART 7: Bravo. We need more people like this guy in the world. How many of us would have kept driving?

    BONUS Random ARTICLE of the week PART 8: How in the hell does this happen? I get that some countries are third world but still....jesus.

    BONUS Random ARTICLE of the week PART 9: Awesome feel good story. That is loyalty from a boss. Props to him.

    BONUS Random ARTICLE of the week PART 10: Kids today, this should 100% be attempted murder. Lucky he is alive.

    - Sadly I won’t be able to see Logan this weekend as it is my son’s first dance competition of the season. I will try to check it out next weekend but please let me know your reviews below.

    - According to sources, the budget for Avengers: Infinity War is set at $1,000,000,000.00

    - Honestly, if you are one of the people still complaining about the Walking Dead then you need to stop watching. The show isn’t for you anymore. Except for the weird talking people on TWD which I didn’t get, every episode this season has been good including the Dwight/Eugene centric one this past week. Awesome character development and storyline development. I am fine with the pacing of the show.

    - NBC’s “This is Us” is a simply amazingly acted and written show. My wife and I binge watched the current season to get caught up and I couldn’t recommend this more if I wanted to. Talk about character development, WOW. You just get emotionally invested in all of the main characters immediately. This show has to sweep up Emmy Awards when the time comes.

    - Sir Patrick Stewart has confirmed while doing press work for Fox’s “Logan” that it will be his final time playing the role of Professor Charles Xavier.

    - Actor Anton Mount best known for his role in “Hell on Wheels” has been cast as Black Bolt in “The Inhumans” show for ABC. This followed the news that actor Iwan Rheon of Game of Thrones fame has been cast as his brother Maximus. They have also cast actor Ken Leung of “Lost” fame to play Karnak and Graceland alum and former “Zatanna from Smallville” actress Serinda Swan as Medusa.

    - Over on Fox, Gotham is introducing Ra’s Al Ghul next season. I cannot believe that they are going to blatantly copy Arrow and have Ra’s train Bruce Wayne to be his replacement. Geez. BTW, that is sarcasm. LOL.

    ~Matt Dawgs

    Feel free to discuss whatever you'd like on the “Board” where I can do my best to answer anything you’d like. Also drop a comment in the comment box below as I try my best to answer in a timely fashion. You can also tweet me on the tweeter. I reply there as well. Questions, Corrections, Comments, Feedback or Ideas: EMAIL ME .

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