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TGIF: Jersey Gets WrestleMania 35, Impact of Honor, and More

By Matt Dawgs Mar 16, 2018 - 5:00 PM print

T.G.I.F. with Matt Dawgs: #437

Good day to you all and welcome to We Want Insanity. I am your host for today, Matt Dawgs and this is my column. Today is the end of the work week and the time to look back at all the goings-on over the past seven days as I wrap it up with a bow and spout it out bit by bit. Buckle up. Enjoy the ride.

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BONUS MATT NOTE: R.I.P. to scientist Stephen Hawking as he passed away at 76 years old this week. If you don’t know who he is, you should really take the time to learn as he was an inspiration to many that you could succeed in life regardless of whatever disastrous situation life throws at you.

Also R.I.P. to rapper Craig Mack. Mack was likely before most of my reader’s time but he was best known for being the first artist signed to Diddy’s “Bad Boy” music label and while a one hit wonder with “Flava In Your Ear” (technically 2 hits since his remix of Flava In Your Ear was a hit as well), he helped launch the Bay Boy label as Diddy was genius enough to drop his single on side B of Da Notorious B.I.G.’s single and released them together as the “B.I.G. Mack” album.

- Also noteworthy is that it is a final wrap for Toys R Us as they have announced that they are going to liquidate all of their merchandise and close all 800 stores. They are done. This saddens me as I had some great times as a kid and as an adult with my kids at this place.



- WWE has officially confirmed that New Jersey’s “Met Life Stadium” will once again host Wrestlemania with next year’s outing, “Wrestlemania 35”. I plan on attending and if all goes well, it will be my son’s 1st Wrestlemania. I attended Mania 29 at Met Life which featured John Cena vs. The Rock in their “Twice In A Lifetime” match as well as CM Punk (In his last Mania appearance) vs. The Undertaker and Brock Lesnar vs. Triple H. It was a solid show.

- WWE LAST WEEK: “Ronda Rousey will be on all WWE RAW’s between now and Wrestlemania!!!”

- WWE THIS WEEK: “Ronda Rousey is NOT here tonight.”

- I hate that WWE continues to wait to last minute to try and get Roman Reigns over as a babyface. They did it when he fought Triple H two years ago by involving Vince and Stephanie in order to get them heat and are doing it now by trying to paint Brock Lesnar as someone who doesn’t give a sh*t about WWE. Don’t get me wrong, it makes for compelling television because the Roman promo and subsequent angle/suspension was fantastic television but I just feel like it is too little/too late.

- I did NOT like and have never liked the fact that WWE makes their roster look like paupers when they cut promos. Never in a million years should Roman Reigns claim that if he gets fired, he wouldn’t be able to feed his children. WTF?!?!?! He is a “WWE Superstar” therefore should have boat loads of money because “WWE Superstars” are “Larger Than Life”. If you make your guys seem like they NEED to work because they’d be homeless if they didn’t, they don’t look like Superstars.

- By the way, Vince looked REAL BAD physically on Monday. Old and frail. That is not a good thing people. Not by a longshot.

- Vince was fantastic in his role but that is to be expected. His promo on Brock and Roman following his suspension of Roman was fantastic.

- The best build leading into Mania is 100% the Alexa Bliss/Nia Jax angle. It isn’t even close either. Great f*cking stuff. I am also glad that they actually paid attention to details and explained away why Alexa and Mickie James were talking behind Nia’s back in the locker room and how Nia heard them. GOLD.

- My only minor gripe about it is that WWE did angle years ago about Mickie James being “fat”. And YES, at the time they did use the word which I guarantee they will NOT do now in 2018. Anyway, Mickie shouldn’t be on the same page as Alexa in all this based off what happened to her. But it is WWE so we know they don’t remember stuff that happened in the past.

- WWE came across some backlash this week which is NOT ideal during Wrestlemania season especially when they announced on Monday that Wrestlemania will feature the first ever “Fabulous Moolah Memorial Battle Royal”. They featured a video package on Moolah naming her “a trailblazer” for women’s wrestling and a pioneer. That was a complete 180 from when they had announced the Mae Young Classic last year because they positioned Mae as the trailblazer in the women’s wrestling movement instead of Moolah due to the fact that allegations had come out that Moolah was abusive to her women, stole money from ALL of them and even went so far as to pimp them out to promoters and wrestlers, sometimes against their will. After the announcement and video that aired on both RAW and Smackdown, WWE made an about face yesterday in a press release noting: “After further consideration, we believe it’s best to proceed with the name ‘WrestleMania Women’s Battle Royal.’ What remains most important is that this historic match is part of WWE’s unwavering commitment to the Women’s Division.” The about face was caused by backlash from Snickers, the official sponsor of Wrestlemania.

- Great continuity during the Roman Reigns segment on RAW. When Roman went backstage and Shane McMahon was sitting next to Vince, Kevin Owens tweeted the following: “Glad to see our #SDLive commissioner has his priorities in order. His crew is at a live event in Dayton, yet he’s sitting by daddy at #Raw in Detroit. Lovely!”

- John Cena’s promo was AMAZING. It would have been an all-time classic had it not been for the fact that the ENTIRE PREMISE OF HIM HAVING TO BUY A TICKET TO BE AT WRESTLEMANIA BECAUSE HE HAS NO OTHER WAY OF GETTING ON THE SHOW WASN’T SO GODDAMN STUPID!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

- With the Moolah Battle Royal, it doesn’t look like we are going to get a Banks vs. Bayley singles match at Mania. That is a disappointment because I guarantee they would have torn the house down if given the opportunity.

- Mark my words; Miz vs. Rollins vs. Balor is the sleeper match at Mania. It has potential to be incredibly good especially if Styles vs. Nakamura isn’t given the allotted time they need/want.

- Sheamus doing the “Wakanda Forever” arm cross while mouthing “Wakanda Forever” at Titus O’Neil was a tad bit racist. Just saying.

- We are getting another “Superstar Shakeup” shortly after Wrestlemania. I am not looking forward to this and I believe an end to brand extension would be more beneficial. I also think by doing so, you do not need to book everyone each week and therefore can give some people time off. No reason for the main event class to be one and every show because you would have star power.

- So in this week’s Jonathan Coachman errors, Coach called Charlotte, “Charles Flair” when talking about Asuka challenging her for the Smackdown Women’s title. Then in the tag team battle royal, when it was down to Bo Dallas and Braun Strowman, Coach asked “Is Rhyno going to Wrestlemania?” before he was corrected by both Cole and Graves that it was Bo Dallas and Rhyno was already eliminated.

- Tye Dillinger is better suited for NXT. He is being so misused on Smackdown.

- How come WWE doesn’t send any of their misused talent back to NXT? It worked amazing wonders for Tyson Kidd and his career going back there and working main events as well as having him helping talents develop as in ring performers. It also helped Zack Ryder. Send someone like Dillinger or Ziggler back there.

- Jeff Hardy was arrested last weekend from driving while under the influence as he blew a .25 in a breathalyzer which is THREE TIMES the legal limit in North Carolina. He was caught when he crashed into a guardrail. Now thankfully he didn’t injure anyone nor was it drugs which would have in fact been his 3rd strike of the Wellness Policy unless WWE removed one in his time off. This still isn’t a good thing for him as WWE has always been leery of him and his issues in the past. He is healed from his shoulder injury and ready to return. He did film material for the “Ultimate Deletion” match between Matt Hardy and Bray Wyatt at the Hardy Compound that airs next week. It is possible that it was scheduled to air this week instead and that WWE delayed it a week in order to edit him out.

- Speaking of “Ultimate Deletion”, the video package for it featured Queen Reby, King Maxel, Lord Wolfgang, Senior Benjamin and Vanguard 1. Yay!!!

- One step closer to Cedric Alexander vs. Drew Gulak for the Cruiserweight title at Mania. Alexander defeated Roderick Strong in the semi-finals on 205 Live this week.

- As announced in this column months ago, WWE announced that Kid Rock will be the 2018 celebrity induction into the WWE Hall of Fame. The reason they made the announcement this week was due to being in Michigan and Kid Rock is from Detroit. So it was a guaranteed pop. The only name not announced is Bam Bam Bigelow from my original list as well as any “Legacy Inductees” to be named which are people who were stars before WWE was even around or have never worked for WWE and aren’t celebrated via individual inductions.

- Kurt Angle has begun his training for Wrestlemania and posted a photo to his Instagram of him and Ronda Rousey in front of a WWE ring.

- Both NXT Takeover and Monday Night Raw over Mania weekend are close to being sold out and it is expected they will be sell outs when the shows arrive. Smackdown however is FAR from being sold out and will likely have to tarp off large sections of areas.

- Rey Mysterio’s partially torn biceps will require about one month of rest and rehab therefore anything involving his returning to WWE for Mania weekend are now in doubt as is his New Japan Pro Wrestling match in California coming up.

- WWE has reached out to Chris Jericho regarding the April 27th show in Saudi Arabia which features the 50 Man Royal Rumble match.

- WWE took a look at former OVW Star Flash Flannigan over the weekend. He worked on all three WWE live events as a favor to Randy Orton who is friends with Flannigan from their OVW days together over 17 years ago.

- Bobby Fish’s knee surgery was a success and he will be out of action for up to six months.

- The reason Tyler Bate and Trent Seven were replaced in the NXT Dusty Classic by Pete Dunne and Roderick Strong was because Bate suffered a minor knee injury heading into the tournament so NXT officials decided it would be best to have him rest up.

- Back in 2015, a disturbed fan by the name of Armando Montalvo was shot by police officers outside the WWE Performance Center in Orlando due to causing several disturbances and stalking WWE Hall of Famer Lita, who was in the building at the time of the shooting. He was arrested and charged with trespassing and resisting arrest as well as assaulting a police officer. Montalvo has since been released from care after being found “not mentally fit” to stand trial for his crimes. Anyway, he was removed from Full Sail University last week at the NXT Tapings after posing videos of himself outside the arena and bothering fans. WWE did NOT file a restraining order preventing him from attending WWE events or appearing at Full Sail. The order only applies to the WWE Performance Center.

- Best wishes to former WWE star Vader as he underwent heart surgery earlier this week.

- John Cena has been getting a ton of strong reviews for his role in the upcoming film “Blockers” which is a comedy about a group of parents working to prevent their children from losing their virginity on prom night. The movie is getting positive reviews but Cena is being praised heavily in his role.

- TBS’s “Drop the Mic” which is a freestyle rap battle show hosted by rapped Method Man will feature WWE vs. G.L.O.W. for season 2 which is set to start filming today in Los Angeles. WWE will be represented by The Bella Twins, Carmella and Alicia Fox. They will be taking on actresses from the Netflix series G.L.O.W. and not members of the original roster.

- WWE is doing a special to air on USA Network titled “The Greatest Moments of Wrestlemania” to air sometime before Mania this year.

- LATEST TRAILER for HBO’s documentary on Andre the Giant. The world premiere of the documentary film will be held in Los Angeles on March 29th with it set to air the following week on HBO.

WWE 2018 HALL OF FAME CEREMONY is on Friday, April 6th, 2018 from New Orleans Louisiana and the line-up is as follows:

  • Goldberg
  • The Dudley Boyz (Bubba Ray & Devon)
  • Ivory
  • “Double J” Jeff Jarrett
  • Hillbilly Jim
  • WARRIOR AWARD: Jarrius "JJ" Robertson
  • NXT TAKEOVER: NEW ORLEANS is on Saturday, April 7th, 2018 from New Orleans Louisiana and the line-up is as follows:

  • NXT HEAVYWEIGHT TITLE: Andrade “Cien” Almas © w/Zelina Vega vs. Aleister Black
  • NXT WOMEN’S TITLE: Ember Moon © vs. Shayna Baszler
  • UNSANCTIONED MATCH: Johnny Gargano vs. Tommaso Ciampa
  • NXT TAG TEAM TITLES: The Undisputed Era © (Bobby Fish & Kyle O’Reilly) vs. The Authors of Pain vs. Pete Dunne & Roderick Strong
  • NXT NORTH AMERICAN TITLE LADDER MATCH: EC III vs. Velveteen Dream vs. Lars Sullivan vs. Adam Cole vs. Ricochet vs. Killian Dain
  • WWE WRESTLEMANIA 34 is on Sunday, April 8th, 2018 from New Orleans Louisiana and the line-up is as follows:

  • WWE UNIVERSAL TITLE: Brock Lesnar © w/Paul Heyman vs. Roman Reigns
  • Triple H & Stephanie McMahon vs. Kurt Angle & Ronda Rousey
  • WWE TITLE: A.J. Styles © vs. Shinsuke Nakamura
  • WWE INTERCONTINENTAL TITLE: The Miz © w/The Miz-Tourage vs. Seth Rollins vs. Finn Balor
  • WWE SMACKDOWN WOMEN’S TITLE: Charlotte Flair © vs. Asuka
  • WWE RAW WOMEN’S TITLE: Alexa Bliss vs. TBD
  • WWE RAW TAG TEAM TITLES: The Bar (Sheamus & Cesaro) vs. Braun Strowman
  • Andre The Giant Memorial Battle Royal
  • Wrestlemania Women’s Battle Royal
  • WWE CRUISERWEIGHT TITLE: Cedric Alexander vs. TBD
  • Ring of Honor / New Japan / Lucha Underground / Independent / International News and Notes:

    - Dalton Castle will defend the ROH Title in the main event of “Supercard of Honor” against Marty Scurll. The show has passed the 5,000 tickets sold mark.

    - In a WTF moment that no one saw coming, Impact Champion Austin Aries made his return to Ring of Honor at the 16th Anniversary show last weekend with the Impact title. Neither he nor the commentators mentioned his affiliation with Impact on the show and he does NOT have an exclusive deal with Impact and can appear wherever he chooses. I don’t know if it is more amazing that I am surprised that Impact would make their World Champion a guy who doesn’t have an exclusive deal with them or more surprised at the fact that I am surprised about it. SMH.

    - Congrats to Brandi Rhodes who will be debuting at Stardom in Japan in April. She has been working hard on her training and is looking to improve her in ring work. Stardom is definitely a place to do that.

    - The Briscoes’ have once again captured the ROH Tag Team titles. I really hope they get a WWE run at some point in their careers.

    - This week’s episode of BEING THE ELITE. Fair warning; do NOT watch this in front of non-wrestling fans. Trust me.

    - “All In” tickets are expected to go on sale in May but Cody is now leaning towards earlier based on how quickly reservations for their hotel are selling.

    - Rey Mysterio revealed that his partially torn bicep will require about a month of rest and rehab making his New Japan match with Jushin “Thunder” Liger and any sort of WWE Wrestlemania weekend appearances in question. He wants to do it but as of last weekend, he isn’t confident he will be able to. He will not be appearing at or wrestling on the Crash Lucha Libre show in Mexico tonight where he was scheduled to defend the Crash Heavyweight Title against Bestia 666.

    - Speaking of New Japan, they are testing the waters following their Long Beach show next week as they have put down a deposit on the “Cow Palace” in San Francisco for a July 7th potential U.S. date. The building can hold up to 14,000 for wrestling which is a number New Japan can hit with the right line-up. It is noteworthy that Chris Jericho is not touring with Fozzy that week and it would be the perfect opportunity to headline that show with Jericho vs. Naito.

    - The semifinals of the New Japan Cup are set with Hiroshi Tanahashi taking on IWGP U.S. Champion Juice Robinson and Zack Sabre Jr. battling Toru Yano. The winners will then face off and the winner of the finals can get a title shot of his choosing between the IWGP World Title, I.C. title or NEVER title on a future show.

    - As of today, IWGP Champion Kazuchika Okada has now held the IWGP Championship for 633 consecutive days. He captured the title at the Dominion Show on June 19th, 2016. If you combine his 4 titles reigns, he is the longest holding IWGP Heavyweight Title holder in HISTORY with 1,429 days.

    - I guess Rich Swann feels like it is ok to hit women and attack them without any backlash because he is not too happy with all of the negative reactions he has been getting and therefore has pulled himself from ALL of his bookings including those over Wrestlemania weekend in New Orleans. His opinion on the subject is that he was “accused” but never charged with a crime or convicted therefore he is innocent not realizing that the only reason he walked is because his wife wouldn’t cooperate but there were multiple witnesses who saw him do it and called the cops on him.

    - Swann pulled out of his independent debut at the Combat Zone Wrestling show last weekend and notified the Crash promotion in Mexico that he will not be wrestling tonight.

    - Best wishes to Konnan as he underwent a hip replacement surgery last week which is his 3rd of his lifetime. Those are painful and brutal to recover from.

    - Taiji Ishimori announced that he is leaving Pro Wrestling NOAH in Japan and while he didn’t confirm his next steps in the professional wrestling business, many are under the impression that he is in fact WWE bound. He said as much without officially saying so as he noted he has been inspired by KENTA and Shinsuke Nakamura.

    - F*CK JAMES “RUDE BOY” RILEY. For those who do not remember him, he is an independent wrestler from Staten Island New York who was arrested for possession child pornography as he had video of girls under the age of 16 performing sexual acts on him. He had uploaded some of these videos online to Tumblr and other social media sites. Anyway, he plead guilty and in some sort of plea agreement, will only serve 5 days in jail and undergo counselling and community service as well as registering as a sex offender. 5 DAYS. WTF? I hope someone f*cks him up when he is seen around town and I also hope that he never wrestles again because any promoter who books him should be shot.

    - Thoughts and prayers go out to Akebono in Japan as it has been revealed that he had spent the past 10 months in a Japan hospital due to suffering from heart failure, many of that time being in a coma. He has lost over 130 lbs. and is down to 330 lbs. now and is moving around in a wheelchair.

    - Kenji “The Great” Muta wrestled what is likely his final career match on Wednesday for the Wrestle 1 promotion in Japan. It was an 8 man tag match won by Muta’s team when he pinned one of his opponents with a moonsault. Muta needs DOUBLE KNEE REPLACEMENT surgery and doctors told him it is unlikely he will ever wrestle again. He however notes that he plans at coming back. At age 55, with the wear and tear on his body and the year to 18 month recover period for knee replacement, it is probably over for him as far as an in ring career goes.

    - Brian Christopher, former WWE star and son of WWE Hall of Famer Jerry “The King” Lawler has spent several weeks hospitalized following a fight with fellow independent wrestler Chase Stevens. Apparently the two were staying at the same hotel in Indiana following an independent show they were both booked on. Christopher was under the influence and started an altercation with Stevens. Stevens pummeled him to the point where Christopher had to be rushed to a hospital with a fractured skull, broken orbital bone, broken nose and several teeth being knocked out. The incident was kept under wraps by all parties involved but police were called and Stevens was arrested for assault and battery causing serious injury. Word is that had people at the hotel not intervened, it could have been worse for Christopher.

    NEW JAPAN PRO WRESTLING “STRONG STYLE EVOLVED” is on Saturday, March 25th, 2018 from Long Beach California and the line-up is as follows:

  • The Golden Lovers (Kenny Omega & Kota Ibushi) vs. The Young Bucks (Nick & Matt Jackson)
  • IWGP U.S. Title: Jay White © vs. Hangman Page
  • Jushin “Thunder” Liger vs. Rey Mysterio
  • RING OF HONOR’S “SUPERCARD OF HONOR” is on Saturday, April 7th, 2018 from New Orleans Louisiana and the line-up is as follows:

  • Cody w/Brandi Rhodes vs. Kenny Omega
  • ROH TITLE: Dalton Castle © vs. Marty Scurll
  • ROH TV TITLE: Kenny King © vs. Silas Young in a LAST MAN STANDING MATCH
  • Tomihiro Ishii vs. Punishment Martinez
  • WOMEN OF HONOR SEMIFINALS: Kelly Klein vs. Mayu Iwatani
  • WOMEN OF HONOR SEMIFINALS: Tenille Dashwood vs. Sumie Sakai
  • ROH TRIOS TITLES: So Cal Unsensored © (Christopher Daniels/Frankie Kazarian/Scorpio Sky) vs. The Young Bucks (Matt & Nick Jackson) & Flip Gordon IN A LADDER WAR
  • Kota Ibushi vs. “Hangman” Adam Page

    - The first match for the “Impact vs. Lucha Underground” show has been announced for Wrestlemania weekend in New Orleans. It will be Andrew Everett/Dezmond Xavier/DJZ vs. King Cuerno/Aerostar/Drago in a six man tag.

    - Despite it being promotion vs. promotion, Impact also announced that Eddie Edwards will face off with Sami Callihan in an “I QUIT” match. It will mark their first time in a ring together since the bat incident that smashed Edwards face in.

    - If you skip the ROH/New Japan/Independent section above, Impact Heavyweight Champion Austin Aries made his return to ROH, with the Impact title as well as three other titles he currently holds and challenged ROH TV Champion Kenny King. Impact Champion Austin Aries is NOT under an exclusive contract with the promotion he holds the top title for. SMH.

    - Impact is switching the dates for their annual Slammiversary PPV. Originally scheduled for July 15th, WWE is now running a PPV that day therefore causing the change.

    - Despite having already debuted on NXT Television and set to have a major match at Takeover New Oreans, Ethan Carter III won a briefcase in the “Feast of Fired” match on Impact last night. For those wondering, he chose the “fired” briefcase and will open it next week to lose his job.

    MMA News and Notes:

    - I think Ronda Rousey put an end to any talk of her returning to UFC to fight again when she appeared on the Ellen DeGeneres show earlier this week. She was asked about her MMA career and if she was planning on going back to fighting in the future and she responded: “I think it’s just as likely as me going back to another Olympics for judo. No one demanded a written resignation from me for judo and I don’t really think the same thing is necessary for fighting. I’m just doing what I enjoy and WWE is what I enjoy right now.”

    - Floyd Mayweather has announced that he will begin training with Tyrone Woodley and plans on fighting in MMA. I will believe it when is see it. I do not think it is happening, EVER.

    - No announcement has been made official yet by UFC but CM Punk confirmed on his Twitter account that he will be fighting on the June 9th PPV from his hometown of Chicago Illinois.

    - Yoel Romero challenging for the UFC Middleweight Title against champion Robert Whitaker has been named the main event of UFC 225 in Chicago.

    - The Demetrious Johnson vs. T.J. Dillashaw fight is still being worked on however DJ has made it clear that he wants the fight to take place at Fly Weight because he has no interest in staying at Bantamweight if he moved up and won Dillashaw’s title.

    - Luke Rockhold wants Michael Bisping in Bisping’s retirement fight. Rockhold wants it so bad that he says if he loses to Bisping, he will ALSO retire.

    - He has also been talking about moving up to Light Heavyweight and fighting Alexander Gustafsson. I like Rockhold for being bold and wanting more challenges but Gustafsson will MURDER him.

    - Roger Huerta has signed with Bellator MMA and will debut on Bellator 196 against Benson Henderson on April 6th.

    UFC 223 is on Saturday, April 7th, 2018 from Brooklyn New York and the line-up is as follows:

  • UFC LIGHTWEIGHT TITLE: Tony Ferguson © vs. Khabib Nurmagomedov
  • UFC WOMEN’S STRAWWEIGHT TITLE: Rose Namajunas © vs. Joanna Jedrzejczyk
  • Anthony Pettis vs. Michael Chiesa
  • Brandon Moreno vs. Ray Borg
  • UFC 224 is on Saturday, May 12th, 2018 from Rio De Janerio Brazil and the line-up is as follows:

  • UFC WOMEN’S BANTAMWEIGHT TITLE: Amanda Nunes © vs. Raquel Pennington
  • Kelvin Gastelum vs. Ronaldo “Jacare” Souza
  • Vitor Belfort vs. Lyoto Machida
  • Glover Teixeira vs. Volkhan Oezdemir
  • UFC 225 is on Saturday, June 9th, 2018 from Chicago Illinois and the line-up is as follows:

  • UFC MIDDLEWEIGHT TITLE: Robert Whitaker © vs. Yoel Romero
  • C.M. Punk vs. TBD
  • Alistair Overeem vs. Curtis Blaydes
  • Claudia Gadelha vs. Carla Esparza
  • Joseph Benavidez vs. Sergio Pettis
  • UFC 226 is on Saturday, July 7th, 2018 from Las Vegas Nevada and the line-up is as follows:

  • Random Thoughts, Links, Pics, ETC.


    - BONUS Random VIDEO of the week: Honest Trailer for Netflix’s “Bright”

    - BONUS Random VIDEO of the week: Official Teaser for “Fantastic Beats 2: The Crimes of Grindelwald”

    - BONUS Random VIDEO of the week PART 2: Bad Lip Reading Presents: “It’s Not A Moon”

    - BONUS Random VIDEO of the week PART 3: Official Trailer for “Sorry to Bother You”

    - BONUS Random VIDEO of the week PART 4: Latest Trailer for “Cobra Kai”

    - BONUS Random VIDEO of the week Part 5: Official Trailer for “Hostile”

    - BONUS Random VIDEO of the week PART 6: Official Trailer for “Adrift”

    - BONUS Random VIDEO of the week PART 7: Final Trailer for “Ready Player One”

    - BONUS Random VIDEO of the week PART 8: Official Trailer for “An Ordinary Man”

    - BONUS Random VIDEO of the week PART 9: Official Trailer for “Wildling”

    - BONUS Random VIDEO of the week Part 10: Official Trailer for “Sun Dogs”

    - THIS LINK is for LIFE. Thank you soldiers. WELCOME HOME BLOG.

    - BONUS Random ARTICLE of the week: Stephen Hawking is Dead.

    - BONUS Random ARTICLE of the week PART 1: There is legit no excuse for this behavior by United Airlines as the policy is fairly simple. They need to pay a lot of f*cking money for this and not try and fight because I’d be PISSED.

    - BONUS Random ARTICLE of the week PART 2: He got a fine and took some classes? Wow, this justice system.

    - BONUS Random ARTICLE of the week PART 3: LAWSUIT CITY. No reason for this to have happened. No reason for the rush to build it. No reason for them to celebrate it on social media before it was tested. No reason for it to have been tested with REAL PEOPLE on or near it. No reason for a lot of things. A completely terrible and tragic accident that cost lives yet could have been completely avoided. SUE EVERYONE!!!

    - BONUS Random ARTICLE of the week PART 4: Bet the end up in solitary confinement where no one can harm them. Scumbags. I hope they get their anus’ torn in prison.

    - BONUS Random ARTICLE of the week PART 5: WOW. This is some craziness. Holy sh*t.

    - I am going to buy my IMAX tickets to “Avengers: Infinity War” today. I am stoked. The new trailer is above and it looks AMAZING. Actress Scarlett Johannsson revealed in an interview this week that Infinity War takes place roughly 3 years after the events of “Captain America: Civil War” therefore Captain America and his team have been on the run since then and still pulling off missions trying to save the world independently of the U.S. Government while being fugitives.

    - STARZ has announced that Season 5 of their hit show “Power” will return on July 2nd and that they have been preemptively renewed for a 6th season next year. Awesome news.

    - AMC Theater chain has announced that the season finale of The Walking Dead and the season premiere of Fear the Walking Dead will air back to back in select theaters across the country on Sunday, April 15th.

    - Actress Annabella Sciorra has joined the cast of season 2 of Luke Cage on Netflix as the villainous Rosalie Carbone who is in the Marvel Comics as a mafia buddy of Frank Castle’s “The Punisher”.

    - I am nowhere near finished with Jessica Jones yet as I have been binge watching “Sons of Anarchy” again and am currently on the final season. Damn was this a good show or what? I also didn’t remember how much of a body count this season had. Jax on a rampage was f*cking insane because a hell of a lot of people die this season between the Chinese massacre at Diosa to club members to rival gangs. Craziness.

    - WB has announced their finale dates with “Legends of Tomorrow” coming a lot sooner than I had thought on April 9th. Was this a full season? Are they only doing limited episodes? That certainly did not feel like 22 – 24 episodes. “The Black Lightning” finale airs on April 17th. I have yet to watch one episode of this show. I hear it is ok. Tell me fans, do I need to watch or can I binge watch over the summer? “Arrow” wraps up another abysmal season on May 17th with “The Flash” winding down on May 22nd. Finally, “Supergirl” returns from their long hiatus on April 16th and completes their season on June 18th.

    - Academy Award winning director Danny Boyle has confirmed that he has been hired to write and direct the 25th installment of the James Bond franchise and that Daniel Craig is signed on to reprise his role as the iconic character, “Agent 007” James Bond.

    - MTV’s “Jersey Shore: Family Vacation” debuts on April 5th. You absolutely know that you want to check it out.

    ~Matt Dawgs

    Feel free to discuss whatever you'd like on the “Board” where I can do my best to answer anything you’d like. Also drop a comment in the comment box below as I try my best to answer in a timely fashion. You can also tweet me on the tweeter. I reply there as well. Questions, Corrections, Comments, Feedback or Ideas: EAIL ME .

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