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By Matt Dawgs Apr 13, 2018 - 5:15 PM print

T.G.I.F. with Matt Dawgs: #441

Good day to you all and welcome to We Want Insanity. I am your host for today, Matt Dawgs and this is my column. Today is the end of the work week and the time to look back at all the goings-on over the past seven days as I wrap it up with a bow and spout it out bit by bit. Buckle up. Enjoy the ride.

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BONUS MATT NOTE: Wrestlemania 34 has come and gone. So much news coming out of WWE this week from Mania, Raw and Smackdown not to mention all of the other promotions that ran shows in New Orleans last weekend so this should be an action packed column and it is traditionally this is my biggest column of the year. So enjoy it because next week will be a shortened edition to my column as on Friday, April 20th I will be involved in some drunken debauchery in Las Vegas!!! Hell, I may not even do a column and we may bring my resident understudy, the skilled James Bullock in to pinch hit for me. Who knows? Or maybe even the Infamous James Guttman will give it a crack so he can appreciate all the goddam hard work I do for him. LOL.


- 8 hours. WWE legitimately put on an 8 hour show on Sunday. The pre-show began at 5:00 pm ET with the first match going on at 5:30 pm ET and the show ended at midnight. WHAT THE ACTUALY F*CK?!?!?! How WWE expects fans to sit through that without dying out is mind blowing. I was and still am strongly considering taking my son to Mania next year at Met Life Stadium in New Jersey but can I honestly expect an 11 year old (who will almost be 12) sit through an entire day of wrestling? Literally we would have to get to the arena by 3:00 pm ET and he has school the next day. Can I subject him to that? He’s going to be physically exhausted.

- Let me not get ahead of myself because before Mania, WWE set the tone for the weekend with the Hall of Fame on Friday evening. The only thing I can say about that is SNOOZE. This was really a lackluster class this year as usually the HOF is one of my most looked forward to events. Seeing the legends beam with pride as they tell their stories and get cheered by their peers was always great. This year however, only the Dudley Boyz and Mark Henry had that feeling on me.

- I also confirmed as I noted last week that Mark Henry was a replacement inductee for Bam Bam Bigelow. Bigelow was on the original list but when WWE nailed down New Jersey for next year’s Mania, they decided to hold him off since he is from NJ and went with Henry instead. Henry was NOT scheduled to go in this year and it was a last minute change.

- Jeff Jarrett could have been so great and with the exception of his duet of “With my baby tonight”, his speech under delivered. Also he apparently retired from professional wrestling at the death of WCW in 2001 because he had no career to talk about from 2001 to today. SMH. Jarrett was presented with his Hall of Fame ring backstage by Vince McMahon and it was the first time that he spoke to Vince in 20 years as Triple H was the one who negotiated for Jarrett’s return.

- Ivory, well I have no f*cking clue what she was talking about. Weddings and bridesmaids and G.L.O.W. and grooms. WTF?

- Hillbilly Jim really should have had stories for days. Instead, he made $87,000 for a doll back in the 80’s. Whoopdie f*cking do.

- And Goldberg, UGH. I give him credit for his honesty and knowing that his first WWE run underwhelmed mainly due to him and his attitude was a breath of fresh air. But considering he had arguably the most successful WCW career of anyone, you would think he would have shared more stories about that run. Instead, he kept it short, like his matches as he noted. That was the biggest disappointment.

- I am going to pretend that Jarrius “J.J.” Robertson wropte his own speech because it was incredible. He is definitely an inspiration and I hope and pray that he lives a long and painless life moving forward.

- Kid Rock was TERRIBLE. BRUTAL. And he no showed Mania. What?

- Absolutely OK with the Legacy Wing inductions. They added some names that I did not have in my column last Friday and they were for the better as well including Hiro Matsuda which was well deserved. Whoever though of adding the legacy wing was a genius because there are a ton of names that should be in any wrestling hall of fame that never worked for the WWE so this is a clever way to legitimize the Hall.

- Then Saturday came along and NXT was F*CKING AMAZING. So many subtle things that the talent with experience end up doing on these Takeover shows that veterans with YEARS of experience don’t do. A perfect example of this was a masterclass in HEEL 101 in the main event when Tommaso Ciampa came out to the ring with NO MUSIC. BRILLIANT.

- But I don’t want to skip to that just yet because the opening 6 person ladder match may have been the best multi-person ladder match I have ever seen. Everyone was on point and everyone delivered in a big way. Ricochet is the FUTURE of the WWE barring injury which sadly could be a strong possibility because he cannot do that style his entire career and be injury free. Adam Cole “BAYBAY!!!!” is so incredible in his role and that is coming from me is big praise because while I was ok with him in Ring of Honor, I never gushed over him and didn’t really see the potential. But for now, potential galore. Future main event talent on the main roster is written all over him.

- Shayna Baszler is AMAZING. She is so talented for someone with so little experience in the business and the small things she does makes her all the more better. I am uber impressed with her growth from when she started on the Indies to now. She has all of the tools and it is going to be scary when she is working alongside Ronda on the main roster. As a matter of fact, WWE needs to institute women’s tag team titles because they have more than enough talent to justify it and it would give the women’s roster more things to do and more opportunities to shine. Like I said there were subtle little things that a lot of independent wrestlers today wouldn’t know to do. Selling the shoulder and then popping it back into place using the ring post only to have to hold onto her hair when she locked in her submission because she couldn’t grab her other arm to do it since it was too injured. That was sheer and utter GENIUS.

- I was disappointed in the tag team match as the Authors of Pain don’t have “IT”. They are big and that is impressive but as I have said, and I’m not saying it because I am friends with them but the Hit Squad would have been a gazillion times better in that position. Sure Steve Mack and Dan Maff aren’t as tall but they can work circle around the AOP. The AOP took the match down a notch in my eyes. I felt like they couldn’t keep up.

- The Roderick Strong heel turn was fantastic and amazingly enough fit the long-term storyline that they have been telling since the Undisputed Era debuted. Like I have been saying, small and subtle things. Good stuff.

- I like Aleister Black. I like Andrade “Cien” Almas. Black absolutely should be NXT champion and is going to be a big star in WWE. That being said, I feel like it was too early for Almas to drop the title as he and Zelina Vega are an awesome team together and I really hope that he wins the title back, especially if he isn’t going to the main roster. It was too soon for him to lose it. There are still legs there. As for the match, it was excellent and so was the storyline Zelina constantly interfering was GOLD.

- Anyone that is involved in professional wrestling and wants to be taken seriously on the independent level needs to watch Johnny Gargano vs. Tommaso Ciampa. They delivered a different type of match not seen on WWE programming. They have a “blood” feud going on where they hate each other and it showed. They didn’t start with a “lock up/collar & elbow tie up” like Triple H and Randy Orton did at Mania so many years back. No. The started off beating the piss out of each other and continued to do that and inflict as much punishment as they could from beginning to end. It was amazing and they continued their storyline dating back to the Cruiserweight Classic even instituting their “friend vs. friend” match where Ciampa hesitated and it cost him. Kudos to Mauro Ranallo for calling that when Gargano froze for a second at the finish before snapping out of it and catching Ciampa before he could capitalize. Easily the best match WWE put on all weekend including Mania.

- Triple H revealed that Takeover: New Orleans was the most watched Takeover event in WWE Network history.

- So as I always say in this column, I am always ready to admit when I was wrong about something and am always ok eating my words. At WrestleMania on Sunday, not only did Ronda Rousey deliver, she had the best match on the whole show. She more than stepped up in the ring from both a selling standpoint and the match held up as everyone from HHH to Angle to Stephanie to Ronda all held their own. Well booked from opening bell to the final bell. My only gripe was that I think they should have had Ronda tap out HHH as that would have not only been a bigger “Sports Center Moment” but it would also have extended Ronda vs. Stephanie further because people would still want her to tap out Steph.

- The show had a bunch of ups and downs. The major downer was mentioned above. An 8 hour show just doesn’t cut it anymore. It is significantly too long. You want to see how to deliver a quality show, wrap up major storylines and angles and deliver in spades, just watch NXT. You have a smaller “promotion” under the same banner that successfully delivered a top tier quality show from beginning to end; opening match to main event. There is no reason Mania cannot do the same. I understand wanting to get everyone on the show, I really do. Those guys absolutely deserve it. They work their asses off all year long. But there is honestly no need for MULTIPLE video packages during Mania and there is 1,000,000,000% ZERO NEED FOR COMMERCIALS TO BUY THE F*CKING NETWORK!!!! I am already on the network. You don’t have to sell it to me.

- The gate for Mania was $14.1 million making it the 3rd highest grossing Mania ever trailing only Dallas which did $17 million and had over 100,000 people LEGIT and last year’s Mania which only did a fraction more at $14.5 million.

- Matt Hardy won the Andre Battle Royal due to assistance from Bray Wyatt who is now “Woken” as well as Sister Abigail has been rendered obsolete in Bray. Translation: Bray is now a babyface and aligned with Hardy.

-If you blinked, you missed it but Aiden English had some hair in this match yet was complexly bald when he introduced Rusev later in the show. LOL. So he shaved his head after this match.

- Cedric Alexander vs. Mustafa Ali was a solid crowd warming match up. I just really wish WWE gave us a reason to give a sh*t about them. As much as I’d hate to say it, 205 Live really needs Enzo Amore. None of the roster outside of Drake Maverick has any personality. They are all just a bunch of guys who do flips and cool moves.

- The Women’s Battle Royal was NOT on par with the Women’s Royal Rumble. Don’t get me wrong, it was ok and featured appearances of six women from NXT/The Mae Young Classic as Mae Young Classic winner Kari Sane, Peyton Royce, Kavita Devi, Bianca Belair, Dakota Kai and Taynara Conti all showed up.

- By the way, this was the 1st EVER Women’s Battle Royal in Wrestlemania HISTORY. Of course that is only true if you completely pretend like the one that they had in 2009 that was won by Santino Marella never happened.

- NOTE TO NXT COMMENTATORS: Noting on the air that Kavita Devi was trained by The Great Khali should NOT be used as a compliment. Just saying.

- As good as she is, I do not think WWE sees Kari Sane in the same light they see Asuka despite the fact that she is just as good, if not better than Asuka is in the ring.

- How they could debut Peyton Royce WITHOUT Billy Kay is mind blowing as they are such a great duo. So imagine my surprise when I put on Smackdown on Tuesday and BOOM, Peyton Royce and Billy Kay make their main roster debuts. WTF? Why in the world did they throw Peyton in the Battle Royal then? They could have used that slot for someone else and just had Team Iconic debut on Smackdown?!?!?!?!

- The I.C. title match opening the show was a smart move. It brought out stars that could work and get the crowd hot and they succeeded at their job. Rollins winning also set the tone for the match because he was way over with the crowd, or should I say “over with the WWE Universe”. Miz held his own just like I knew he would. I know I have said it before but I will say it here again, I really cannot think of anyone in wrestling who has come as far as he has. From a guy who couldn’t work at all to someone who is a quality hand in the ring and super over as a heel. Say what you want about him but after John Cena, he is probably the hardest working man in the company due to all of his promotional work and his schedule. Balor is Balor, he is awesome. I really wish we could have had the Demon here and have him win but I guess WWE doesn’t like to sell merchandise or something since they can make a killing off of Demon stuff yet they use it so sporadically.

- With the win, all of the Shield members are officially “Grand Slam Champions”. That will be a pretty good footnote in WWE history.

- Speaking of Cena, it was SHEER GENIUS to actually show him in the crowd periodically with a beer in his hand. Amazing. I really wish that they would have had him stay there the whole show and not have Taker show up at all. Just have Cena in the audience and then showing him leave after the Brock/Roman match with the rest of the fans. That would have been AMAZING.

DISCLAIMER: I wrote the next/below bullet point BEFORE Smackdown aired. I just wanted to put that out there because as you read in the Smackdown review section, I was BLINDSIDED.

- Asuka and Charlotte Flair was the 2nd best match of the entire evening and if the road they are talking about is the plan for Mania next year than I am absolutely fine with the finish. Asuka’s streak needed to end at some point or else you end up handcuffed when it comes to building angles and feuds. As of this writing, the plan is for Charlotte to defend her title at next year’s Mania against Ronda Rousey in the MAIN EVENT i.e. last match on the show. Here is where it gets tricky though. You cannot have Charlotte losing nothing matches for the year like she did a few weeks ago when she was pinned by Natalya for no f*cking reason at all. Secondly, you have to hope and pray that Mania is NOT eight hours long because regardless of how hot you get Rousey and how good the angle is booked, the crowd is going to be DEAD in New Jersey at 11:30 pm ET and it is likely to be freezing cold outside for them to go on. They are going to sh*t all over the match. So they need to think this through. I am fine with them closing out Mania though. Anyway, this match was excellent and props to the agent/producer who helped with it. Well done.

- Why does WWE hate Rusev? Is it because he got over on his own? Jinder is still getting the push despite the fact that Rusev comes across like a mega star. The match itself was fine and nice and short. So there’s that.

- As noted above, the mixed tag was the match of the night and Rousey delivered. I was worried for a few weeks now that she was going to go out there and embarrass herself because she wasn’t ready. She was. Thank god.

- For those of you who think Rousey may not be fully committed or working “The Brock” schedule, WWE announced this morning that she will be wrestling on the annual post Wrestlemania European tour. While she is only working 4 dates out of the 13, she is still traveling and working dates. No opponents were named.

- WWE FUN FACT: This was Stephanie McMahon’s 1st WrestleMania match. I totally thought her match with Brie Bella was at mania but in fact, it was at a SummerSlam. WOW. You would have thought she would have worked a Mania match before this.

- 10 years. 10 years on the WWE roster and this was the FIRST TIME that the Usos were on the main show. At least they got on this year as they more than deserved it. It sucks that this was a “buffer spot” meaning it was just used to unwind the crowd after the Rousey debut as all involved deserved better. But they kept it short which kept is exciting since they didn’t have to slow it down a notch and could just go through all of their highspots.

- The Undertaker squashed John Cena on the annual biggest PPV of the year in two minutes and forty five seconds. I will let you read that sentence again, real slowly this time so it can sink in and you can comprehend it. The Undertaker squashed John Cena on the annual biggest PPV of the year in two minutes and forty five seconds. Got it? Good.

- Now I don’t know what else to say about that other than Cena gets my respect for letting them book him like this and always being a good little soldier and allowing WWE to do what they want with him. Honestly, I am sure he could have flexed his muscles and used his juice to make this longer or more competitive. It wasn’t really necessary for Taker to even be on this show. The only thing I can think of is that they wanted Taker to go out on top and this was finally his last appearance. Taker obviously cannot go because if he could, they wouldn’t have squashed Cena. They would have had a match that was competitive before Taker won. So this was a “thank you” moment and he is done. If he comes back next year than my mind will be blown.

- I don’t get why WWE would hold off Daniel Bryan for the bulk of his return match. The “injury” angle was dumb and a Shane McMahon working at less than 100% yet having to sell for a whole match was dumb. Props to all four men for making it work and delivering as the match was still good. I just feel like it could have been so much better.

- By the way, Daniel Bryan is the best worker on the entire roster, including NXT. His spot where he did the dropkick and then sold his head like he was concussed only to do a kip up was INCREDIBLE. Subtle little things that pop me and get over.

- With Owens and Zayn being “FIRED”, Kevin Owens has had his Kevin Steen Pro Wrestling Tees store reopened. You know, since he is “gone” from the WWE, he still needs to earn a living.

- Nia Jax vs. Alexa Bliss was fine but based on the buildup alone should have been a complete squash. No one would have looked at Bliss differently and it wouldn’t have hurt her one iota. A 10 minutes match wasn’t something this should have been. Nia should have gotten her recompense and gotten it immediately. Smart booking to have her totally destroy Mickie James before the match though. Whoever thought of that idea needs a raise.

- The “I LOVED YOU” by Jax before KILLING Alexa was a nice touch.

- The Dream Match!!! Didn’t deliver. I am not saying the match sucked because it didn’t and anyone who tells you otherwise doesn’t know a lick about wrestling. The match was very good. It was just underwhelming based on the hype of it being a “dream match” and especially because I saw their Wrestle Kingdom match and it was night and day. Their Wrestle Kingdom match was 5 stars easily. This was a damn good match but didn’t have the intensity or pace of their previous.

- I am all on board with Nakamura as a heel. He needed a fresh coat of paint and with both A.J. and Bryan on the roster; you need a solid working heel. Nakamura can be that person. I also think that they are going to move Kevin Owens and Sami Zayn back to RAW so they will be void of top level heels.

- PS – Nita Strauss doing Nakamura’s entrance was AWESOME. It is just too bad that he has to dump that music now. It is made for him. If WWE keeps it for HEEL Nakamura then they have lost their minds because as a heel, fans are going to pop for the music and sing along to it. That is something they absolutely do not want.

- I don’t even know what to say about Nicholas. What the f*ck? It was so stupid and such a waste of time. Seven hours into the marathon PPV and they waste time by having Braun walk through the crowd looking for a partner. Then the partner is a plant as Nicholas is the son of WWE referee John Cone. Ugh. The match was also a waste.

- By the way, New Japan’s Hiroshi Tanahashi was in the audience incognito and Braun walked passed his section while he had his hand raised and half the crowd was pointing at him. The internet would have EXPLODED if Braun had picked him. LOL.

- Also in the audience with Tanahashi was an entire contingent from New Japan including I.W.G.P. Champion Kazuchika Okada, senior referee and management member Tiger Hatori, referee Red Shoes Unno, Minoru Suzuki and Tomohiro Ishii. All of them were guests of Shinsuke Nakamura and were there to watch the match with Nak vs. A.J.

He was there to watch best friend Shinsuke Nakamura vs. A.J. Styles. He was backstage last year as well.

- Nicholas is officially the YOUNGEST WWE title holder in history knocking Renee Dupree from the number one slot as Dupree was 19 when he became one half of the WWE tag team champions.

- I was fine with the main event. The whole point was to get Roman over as a tough son of a bitch and they did that. Having him kick out of FIVE F-5’s while bleeding hardway like a stuck pig was a great visual. The finish was absolutely surprising because in a similar case as the Brock/Taker streak ending match, not many people knew Brock was winning. Most of people in both management and production were under the impression that Roman was going over. Even the referee was told DURING THE MATCH over his ear piece to count the pin after the last F-5.

- The reason for the switch was because Brock Lesnar had signed a short term extension to his contract on Sunday before Mania but he had agreed to the deal with Vince McMahon the week before at the “go home” RAW for Mania and was staying with the WWE. It is written into his contract that he is allowed to fight at least ONCE for UFC in 2018. He is also scheduled to main event the “Greatest Royal Rumble Ever” show from Saudi Arabia as he will defend his Universal title against Roman Reigns in a STEEL CAGE.

- Brock has been promised by UFC that his return bout to the promotion will be against the winner of UFC Heavyweight Champion Stipe Miocic vs. UFC Light Heavyweight Champion Daniel Cormier.

- The contract is a NEW contract and he did in fact get a raise from his previous deal. When the deal was signed is when it was decided that he would keep the title. Roman however was NOT informed until he arrived at the building for Mania and very few else were informed as most of the roster and agents/producers and management believed Roman was going over. The referee wasn’t informed until right before the match begun.

- As for the blood, that was 100% planned. Brock didn’t “shoot” on Roman or they didn’t go into business for themselves. Vince was aware of it beforehand.

- Paul Heyman has also signed an extension and will be sticking around. His contract was up as well but he was in talks with WWE to stick around if Brock left.

- Following the match, Brock allegedly walked through the gorilla position and threw the WWE Universal Title at Vince McMahon and it missed Vince but hit the wall next to him. Brock and Heyman then stormed off into a waiting SUV and went back to the hotel as their bags were already waiting. No details on what set off Brock but there are many that are speculating that it was done to “work” the locker room. Whatever the real story is, Shane McMahon was NOT clued in as he chased after Lesnar (With Lesnar unaware of it) as he felt that Lesnar was disrespectful to Vince. It is a good thing however that Shane did not catch him or else Lesnar, work or not, would have murdered him.

- RAW Monday was once again the most entertaining and fun RAW of the year as it always is the day after Mania. This year was not a top 5 RAW but it was still very good with a ton of notable moments.

- I swear, Stephanie’s “chat” with Ronda to start RAW was almost verbatim the same chat Vince McMahon had with Steve Austin the day after Austin won the title from Shawn Michaels. It was a great segment and Ronda got a MONSTER POP. The armbar spot was also fantastic.

- Quick question though. Why is Kurt Angle still the General Manager after Mania?

- Also, where was HHH? You’d think he would be there especially since his “injured” wife was.

- Ronda shared her feelings on Mania and RAW this week with ESPN and provided an apology to the WWE Universe. She said: "I owe the WWE universe an apology, because I thought they were going to boo me out of the building from day one. They really accepted me from day one. Hopefully, I satisfied a lot of skeptics tonight. I underestimated how kind the WWE universe would be. I thought any outsiders would be shunned. I was expecting to get shunned and to have to battle to be accepted. I worked my ass off to pay respect to what's so important to them, and hopefully they saw that tonight. I'm just so grateful, man. I'm trying my best to deserve it."

- The Superstar Shake Up is next week. I am more looking forward to the “End of the Brand Split” episode of Raw myself.

- Look, I like Nia Jax and I am happy she has the title. She has improved a lot since she was rushed onto the main roster and now actually looks comfortable in her role as “monster”. But a “You deserve it” chant? Really? Why does she deserve it? Because she is the Rock’s cousin? Because she debuted on the main roster WAY too early and was green as grass? Because she worked an angle based on her being overweight? I don’t get what she did to deserve it.

- Ember Moon!!! Yay. More talented women being called up. Pretty soon we can get rid of the Alicia Fox’s of the roster.

-Speaking of, Fox was told to stay at the hotel for Mania due to her getting into an altercation that was caught on VIDEO with Ronda Rousey’s husband Travis Browne at a bar. Apparently Fox got into a shouting match with one of Browne’s friends earlier in the evening. She the saw Browne elsewhere and he wasn’t aware of the earlier incident but she confronted him and shoved her finger in Browne’s face calling him rude. Browne was completely oblivious to what Fox was talking about. It seems like Fox is a nice person and all but picking a fight in public with the husband of the women who WWE is legit grooming to be the company’s face and top star doesn’t seem like a smart career move in my book. Alicia is WAY MORE expendable than Ronda Rousey is and I can totally see WWE cutting her if Ronda asked.

- No Way Jose = Adam Rose 2.0 and that isn’t a compliment. I like the “fun” of the gimmick but that is about the extent of it. He isn’t that good in the ring and the gimmick has NO forward momentum to it. It is a serious dead end gimmick.

- I admit, I LOL’d when Braun said that Nicholas had to vacate the tag titles due to scheduling commitments. It was fun while it lasted but I am at a loss as to why Braun challenged for the titles at Mania knowing he would win by himself only for him to vacate. And that is what he gets for choosing a kid. I get the real life purpose of it which was to be a cute and family friendly visual at Mania but it lacked logic. Braun could still be tag champ had he selected someone from the roster and had them do the same, just stand there while he did all the work.

- Quick, who has lost more steam/momentum? The Revival or The Club?

- Miz is finally back to being a heel. Fun while it lasted.

- I was hoping that Jeff Hardy would come back as Brother Nero and join Matt but after watching RAW, the pop he got and reflecting following the angle involving Matt later on in the show, I am ok with a small build into the transformation into Brother Nero. I think it has potential if they are going that route.

- Forward thinking. I am happy that WWE made her wait until New Orleans to make her official retirement announcement since it was the same building in which she made her main roster debut only 4 short years ago. I am honestly real sad to see Paige have to call it a career especially since she is only 25 years old. But her health comes first and I hope she doesn’t really try to attempt any sort of comeback. She keeps citing Daniel Bryan but his injury is quite different than her injury.

- I think Mandy Rose is super-hot and has a ton of potential. And the same goes for Sonia Deville. With that being said, they are going to have to learn to swim REAL FAST because they don’t have any personality or mic skills as far as I know and without Paige, they are going to flounder.

- Bobby “F’N” Lashley is back or as he is better known in the WWE Universe, “President Trump’s Guy”. He got a ginormous pop and it was perfectly fine having him lay out Elias because it was a “moment”. It also gives him a credible opponent to squash for a while until he moves into the main event picture.

- “I hear TNA is hiring.” This was said by Kurt Angle on RAW to Kevin Owens and Sami Zayn. “I HEAR TNA IS HIRING.” First off, there is no TNA. They’ve been dead for months now. It is Impact Wrestling. But that is neither here nor there and that isn’t my gripe. You legit two days before RAW had Jeff Jarrett, the f*cking CREATOR of TNA on your television pretending like he retired with the death of WCW in 2001 because you didn’t want him talking about TNA and then a few days later say that “TNA is hiring” on television? Legit the day after you have a f*cking 10 year old win one-half of the tag team championships with no contact?

- For those wondering, the answer is YES. That was the first time that TNA was said on WWE Raw or Smackdown.

- By the way, since when has there been a cap on the roster? I didn’t know Angle was limited to only having x-amount of people on the roster. I thought he could have as many as he wants? I am confused.

- The Authors of Pain are here and they don’t want a WWE Hall of Famer managing them on the main roster so they let Paul Ellering walk. I am excited for this. No really, I am. Hear me out. By having the Authors of Pain on the main roster means that the tag team division in NXT won’t now be muddied up by guys who can’t go like the rest of the roster. That means we won’t have them bogging down teams like The Undisputed Era or TM61. It also means I won’t have to watch them or worry about them in major programs because WWE is honestly void of a real tag team division. So this is a win/win for me.

- Can someone, anyone please explain the Roman Reigns promo which was some sort of subliminal shoot promo. He said that Vince couldn’t look him in the eye and smarten him up. So is he trying to hint that he was booked to win the title but they changed it on him and he was beaten by being screwed out of the planned finish? The only reason he lost was because Lesnar re-signed with WWE? What kind of bizzaro world is this where we the roster actually talks about wins and losses being scripted? What the f*ck?

- By the way, having Roman go on TV and whine like a little b*tch about not being “smartened up” by Vince and complaining about how poorly he is being booked is NOT going to garner the crowd sympathy they are looking for. All it does is make him look like a whiny little b*tch.

- Why isn’t Samoa Joe the top babyface on RAW? That pop from the crowd wasn’t exclusive to him returning. He is SUPER OVER and the fact that he portrays himself as badass both in the ring and on the mic means he is SOLID GOLD. Just push him or at least move him to Smackdown where he can be with Bryan, A.J. and Nakamura.

- The backstage segment with Matt introducing Brother Wyatt to Brother Nero was tremendous. I just hope they are sticking to this story. It feels like “Woken” Matt is finally hitting his stride.

- The main event was solid but what the hell was that beatdown to close RAW about? It felt like Miz, Dallas and Axel were being written out. I don’t want Miz to leave RAW. I get that they need heels on Smackdown and it will be a freshening up but I also want him to break the I.C. title record. Unless he wins the I.C. title at Backlash after he makes the jump to the Blue brand.

- Smackdown, while not as good as RAW did have some major surprises including Shane McMahon’s opening announcement that Paige will be the new General Manager of Smackdown replacing Daniel Bryan as Bryan submitted his resignation so that he can return to full time active duty on the roster. That is a good choice in my book since she is a fresh face and can talk. It also fits in with the Women’s Revolution theme as she becomes only the 3rd female in WWE history to be a GM following in the footsteps of Stephanie McMahon and Vickie Guerrero. That isn’t bad company to be in.

- Her first order of business to make Smackdown memorable was to announce Daniel Bryan vs. WWE Champion A.J. Styles in the main event on FREE TV!!! Usually I would have blown a gasket at a decision like this but I didn’t this week for a few reasons. One, because I get it. WWE can’t build every Daniel Bryan match because the risks are too great. They are still on new ground with him and will likely run through all of the “dream matches” he has on Smackdown due to fear that he may get another concussion which most certainly would mark the end of his WWE career. So while I HATE big time/first time matches in WWE being given away for free with no build, this is a unique situation. Secondly, the match while technically good from an in ring standpoint, was NOT what the two of them would deliver with a lot of time in a PPV main event. They only had 10 minutes and they kept it simple. Believe me, if they ever headline a PPV, they are going to go all out. Finally, this match was used to build a story involving Shinsuke Nakamura and his heel turn. That was the entire point of it. So I am ok with that as well as I didn’t expect a finish to it.

- Randy Orton vs. Jinder, AGAIN. They hate Rusev. That is the ONLY explanation I can give.

- Heel Shinsuke is GOLD!! “Sorry, no speak Engrish.” TREMENDOUS!!

- F*cking EXCELLENT debut for Peyton Royce and Billie Kay and tying it in to Carmella’s successful cash in was solid booking since it made their debut impactful. The will be called “The IIconics. Yes with two I’s despite being pronounced Iconics. SMH. Anyway, with that being said…..

- WHY THE F*CK WOULD THEY TAKE THE TITLE OFF OF CHARLOTTE THE DAY AFTER SHE ENDED ASUKA’S STREAK WHEN THE PLAN IS TO BUILD TO HER AND RONDA? If they had to take the title off of Charlotte, at least give her a week to bask in her ending Asuka’s streak. I mean look, I get it. They needed to put heat on them and it worked. I just felt like it undercut her immediately. It isn’t like it really matters since most people will forget by January 2019 when they start the push to her and Ronda. Plus she will win the title back before then. So either way, it is all good. But it is almost as if they wanted us to not give a sh*t about Asuka’s streak or Charlotte being the one who ended it. Mind blowing.

- Oh and what was the idea with that f*cking referee? Did he not speak “engrish” either? Carmella must have said she was cashing in her briefcase over 50 times. Not even exaggerating. She said it over and over and over and over again and the referee looked dumbfounded like “So you’re cashing it in? That was so goddamn stupid.

- Bayley tweeted the following after the IIconics debuted: “When these two got signed and moved to America, they were sleeping on my apartment floor in Orlando for a few weeks until they could get their feet on the ground. So proud to see how far they’ve come, they sacrificed so much to have their moment tonight. #IIconics”

- DREAM MATCHES COMING!!! Smackdown Live events in June have scheduled A.J. Styles defending the WWE Title in Three Way matches against Shinsuke Nakamura and…..Baron Corbin. Wait, what?

- Crazy few weeks for WWE Hall of Famer Jerry “The King” Lawler as he revealed on his weekly podcast titled “Dinner with the King” that he had suffered a stroke on March 21st. What sucks for Lawler is that the stroke was suffered following a “session” with his 29 year old girlfriend Lauryn McBride. McBride noticed that Lawler’s left side of his face was paralyzed and he was having issues speaking. After rushing him to a local medical facility (Like that WWE?) where he had extremely high blood pressure and couldn’t communicate with doctors. He was treated and released from the hospital on March 24th. He had reached out only to Kevin Dunn, Vince McMahon and Triple H and no one else was aware of his ailment. He was in intensive care in the hospital for three days before he just woke up and magically felt completely better. He made his Mania week bookings as scheduled including doing the fireball angle with Joey Ryan at WrestleCon and commentating the Andre Battle Royal with fellow Hall of Famer Jim Ross.

- Glad to hear that Brian Kendrick was on 205 Live this week making his first appearance in months after getting his orbital bone shattered by Hideo Itami.

- Hanson & Ray Rowe a.k.a. War Machine made their official NXT Television debut this week and they are now known as THE WAR RAIDERS. While “War Machine” is a better name, I am ok with The War Raiders.

- NXT is having another U.K. tournament this summer. It will be a two night event at Royal Albert Hall in London on June 18th and 19th. The tournament will crown a new number one contender to the U.K. title on night one and then on night two, the winner of the tourney will wrestle against Pete Dunne for the title.

- In addition to the U.K. “King of the Ring” tournament to crown a new number one contender to the U.K. title, WWE has also announced that they are holding a 2nd Annual Mae Young Classic this year. No official date was given nor were any participants.

- In an amazing booking decision, Lio Rush is now being seconded by Babatunde Aiyegbusi now to his matches. For those who do not know, Aiyegbusi is a 6’9, 355 lb. Polish power lifter fron the Developmental system. That is a fantastic “heater” to have. He accompanied Lio in a dark match at the latest set of TV tapings this week.

- WWE is interested in Mexico’s Angelico now that he is free from his Lucha Underground contract.

- WWE is also showing interest in Tessa Blanchard again as they originally wanted her following the first Mae Young Classic but didn’t sign her due to “attitude problems”. She and Mercedes Martinez are both wanted and are being looked at. They are actually probably the best two independent females out there today in the U.S.

- Former TNA/Impact star “Cowboy” James Storm, who was at last week’s Smackdown tapings, was staying at the WWE hotel this past week in New Orleans. That is interesting indeed.

- Chris Jericho and Kurt Angle have officially been added by WWE to the “Greatest Royal Rumble Ever” on April 27th.

- WWE has also announced on Wednesday that The Undertaker will take on Rusev in a CASKET MATCH. All joking aside, this show is being treated like Wrestlemania. All hands on deck.

- Then for some unknown reason they announced on Thursday that Rusev will be replaced by Chris Jericho. My theory is that it was either a Jericho or Taker request. As hard as this may be to believe, this will be only the 3rd career match between The Undertaker and Chris Jericho. WOW.

- Rusev Day may be over as on Thursday, he removed all mentions of WWE from his social media accounts and unfollowed the main WWE site. He tweeted out a subliminal noting that “Life is life..... it will be #RusevDay somewhere”

- Rey Mysterio is ALSO confirmed for the “Greatest Royal Rumble Ever” on April 27th. He has NOT signed a full time deal yet as the sides are still negotiating but he did agree to a one off on the show.

- I guarantee you that Finn Balor does NOT wear his LGBTQ gear at the Greatest Royal Rumble show on April 27th. Anyone want to take that bet with me?

- WWE has struck a deal with Impact and will be using TNA footage in the upcoming Hardy’s DVD that is being worked on. Amazing that they are going to use TNA footage on a WWE production yet Jeff Jarrett retired from wrestling when WCW died in 2001. SMH.

- WWE is also planning on debuting a 13 episode season of “Something Else To Wrestle With Bruce Prichard”. It will be absolute the same as their weekly podcast over on Podcast One with the exact same format and jokes. Foul language will be included as will host Conrad Thompson. The debut episode will be an entirely new subject but they will also re-visit subjects they have covered on their previous podcasts.

- WWE announced their network subscription numbers for Wrestlemania and the total number of worldwide subs, both paid and free is 2.12 MILLION. That is a solid number. The paid count is 1.8 million which is also awesome and right where they should be so long as the subscriber count keeps rising. The eventual plan is to move into a tiered subscriber plan with different levels. No timetable has been given for the change however it is expected to come sooner rather than later.

- Despite hosting Mania in both 2008 and again last year in 2017, Orlando is pushing to host Wrestlemania again with 2023 and 2025 dates in mind.

- I watched the Andre The Giant documentary on HBO on Tuesday and not only was it excellent but I feel like it was better than the ESPN 30 for 30 documentary on Ric Flair. Go out of you way to see it. It was very well put together.

- There was a ton of footage being filmed by E! over Mania weekend for the next season of Total Divas!. Sonya Deville, Mandy Rose, Paige, Lana and Liv Morgan were all being followed most of the weekend so that tells you they are filling out the cast with “new blood” although Mandy was there a few seasons back. One would assume that both Nikki and Brie Bella were being filmed as well along with their significant others.

- While obviously no longer following wrestling full time, former WWE Superstar A.J. Lee posted her support for Paige following her retirement announced by posting the following quote: “The flame that burns twice as bright burns half as long. #ThankYouSaraya”

- John Cena’s “Blockers” came in 3rd place at the Box Office this weekend with a $20 million opening which is excellent since it had a $21 million budget. It trailed both “A Quiet Place” and “Ready Player One”.

- Fantastic VIDEO of Mauro Ranallo calling NXT Takeover. It is really great to see such passion in an announcer.

WWE GREATEST ROYAL RUMBLE PPV is on Friday, April 27th, 2018 from Jeddah Saudi Arabia and the line-up is as follows:

  • GREATEST ROYAL RUMBLE MATCH featuring Roman Reigns/John Cena/Triple H/A.J. Styles/Braun Strowman/Kofi Kingston/Big E/Xavier Woods/Randy Orton/Bray Wyatt/Shinsuke Nakamura/Daniel Bryan/The Big Show/Baron Corbin/Apollo/Sin Cara/Goldust/Titus O’Neil/Mojo Rawley/Dolph Ziggler/Elias/Shelton Benjamin/Chad Gable/Elias/Chris Jericho/Kurt Angle and More
  • WWE UNIVERSAL TITLE IN A STEEL CAGE: Brock Lesnar © w/Paul Heyman vs. Roman Reigns
  • Triple H vs. John Cena
  • CASKET MATCH: The Undertaker vs. Rusev
  • INTERCONTINENTAL TITLE LADDER MATCH: Seth Rollins © vs. the Miz vs. Finn Balor vs. Samoa Joe
  • WWE RAW TAG TEAM TITLES: The Bar (Sheamus & Cesaro) vs. the winners of The Revival vs. Matt & Bray Wyatt
  • SMACKDOWN TAG TEAM TITLES: The Bludgeon Brothers (Rowan & Harper) © vs. The Usos (Jimmy & Jey)
  • WWE BACKLASH PPV is on Sunday, May 6th, 2018 from Newark New Jersey and the line-up is as follows:

  • WWE INTERCONTINENTAL TITLE: Seth Rollins © vs. The Miz w/The Miz-Tourage
  • Roman Reigns vs. Samoa Joe
  • WWE UNITED STATES TITLE: Jinder Mahal © vs. Randy Orton
  • Ring of Honor / New Japan / Lucha Underground / Independent / International News and Notes:

    - Ring of Honor held their BIGGEST SHOW TO DATE last weekend with a sold out crowd of 6,000 people in New Orleans built around Cody defeating Kenny Omega.

    - This is NOT a good thing as ROH revealed that THOUSANDS of users couldn’t watch Supercard of Honor due to streaming issues on the “Honor Nation” app with them quadrupling their server capacity. That is a terrible business decision to make as ROH should have anticipated so many people buying the show in advance based on their in person attendance alone.

    - In the match that the show was built on, Cody defeated Kenny Omega due to accidental interference by the Young Bucks when they went to double superkick Cody but he moved and they nailed Kenny. All of the aftermath both building up to and following the match can be seen on the 100th episode of “Being the Elite” down below which is apparently the FINAL episode of the show as well.

    - Los Ingonernables de Japon have officially been added to all four stops of the “War of the Worlds” tour in May. The entire group of Tetsuya Naito, EVIL, Sanada, Bushi and Hiromu Takahashi are all confirmed for the tour.

    - F*CKING YES!!! Chris Dickerson and Jaka wrestled on Wrestlemania Axxess show defending the EVOLVE Tag Team Titles against Oney Lorcan and Danny Burch.

    - I.W.G.P. Champion Kazuchika Okada is “ALL IN”. He has confirmed for Cody and the Young Buck’s show on September 1st. You want to sell out 10,000? Book him against Kenny Omega in the U.S. and you are guaranteed. Either way though, with ROH drawing 6,000 on Saturday, I think it is a foregone conclusion that “All In” is getting 10,000. I will never stop giving props to Cody Rhodes for having the balls to leave WWE on his own volition, going on the independents and reinventing himself into a major star and then promoting a show with the goal of drawing 10,000 people in the U.S. Cody has proven that you can be a successful professional wrestler outside of the WWE bubble.

    - Also “All In” is Deonna Purrazzo. I saw her in person at the Jersey All Pro Wrestling show that I attended a few weeks ago and she is exceptionally good. WWE needs to scoop her up ASAP.

    - Tessa Blanchard is “All In” as well. Not for nothing, but if I lived in Chicago, I’d be there.

    - EPISODE #100 of “Being the Elite” and it may be the best episode they have ever done if you have been keeping track. It is a special 25 minute episode and it may be the last one that they do. Amazing stuff. This really needs to be on cable or something.

    - Zach Sabre Jr. has signed a new contract with New Japan Pro Wrestling. With the new deal, he is going to limit his dates outside New Japan hence why he lost several matches over Mania weekend including dropping the EVOLVE title to Matt Riddle and his Rev Pro title to Tomohiro Ishii.

    - Riddle, now as EVOLVE champion announced that all his title defenses are “no rope break” matches.

    - New Japan’s Katsuya Kitamuru has announced that he was retiring from professional wrestling due to a head injury. This is kind of disappointing due to him only being in the business for a year and he was improving a lot. It is also troubling that he is retiring yet Shibata continues to claim that he will wrestle again soon. There are rumors that the concussion issue is NOT the real reason he is not coming back and it is in fact a different reason and this is just a cover story. He has an incredible look as if he is the Japanese version of Brock Lesnar.

    - Keith Lee lost the WWN title on Saturday night to Austin Theory at EVOLVE 103 in New Orleans. This is an interesting development as there have been rumblings that Lee has signed with WWE.

    - The Jerry Lawler fire-balling Joey Ryan’s d*ck spot last week that I posted was EXACTLY 35 years to the day of the Lawler/Andy Kaufman match where Lawler hit Kaufman with a pile driver sending him to the hospital.

    - In addition to being granted his release from The Crash promotion and CMLL in Mexico, Jack Evans has revealed that he is a free agent as he has secured his release from Lucha Underground too.

    - Evans partner Angelico is also gone from LU and moving onto other endeavors.

    - I am happy to admit that I was 100% wrong about Low-Ki and he did not pull out of Matt Riddle’s “Bloodsport” show last weekend due to creative differences. Sorry to say though that he is legit injured and I wish him a speedy recovery. He was also forced to pull out of the MLW television tapings last night in Florida. He has a neck injury that I hope DOES NOT require surgery.

    - Speaking of MLW, the former Jack Swagger will be joining the promotion soon.

    - Shane Strickland won the MLW title at the television tapings by defeating Matt Riddle in the finals.

    - With the sale of OVW by Danny Davis to Al Snow last week, Davis is planning on retiring from professional wrestling and moving to Florida.

    - There was a major altercation at WrestleCon when Harry Smith a.k.a. Davey Boy Smith Jr. confronted both Scott Hall and Jake “The Snake” Roberts over comments that both men made about his father “The British Bulldog” Davey Boy Smith being a failed singles wrestler on twitter. When confronted, Hall apologized for his comments and squashed his beef with Smith as the two shook hands and that was that. As for Jake however, Jake refused to apologize noting that everything he said about his father was true. Smith then invited Roberts to step outside of the convention to “discuss” this further and not cause a scene in front of fans but Jake proceeded to curse him out so Smith threw his coffee all over Roberts. Roberts and his daughter who was there both flipped out but Smith left before it got worse as he would have destroyed Robertys had it gotten physical.


    - Impact Wrestling has FIRED Alberto El Patron last weekend as he was in New Orleans and even attended the Impact Press conference to hype the main event of the next PPV on April 22nd against Austin Aries however no-showed the Impact vs. Lucha Underground main event where he was scheduled to take on Austin Aries, Fenix and Pentagon a tag match as he was teaming with Pentagon. He was also officially removed from the main event of the next Impact PPV which was already built up for on television including the remaining TV tapings as he was booked to face off with Austin Aries for the Impact Title. Aries will now defend in a three way against Fenix and Pentagon. No reason was given for Alberto’s non-appearance but he was in New Orleans for Mania weekend and did make his scheduled appearance at WaleMania and Wrestle Con.

    - El Patron is claiming that he had a family emergency which is why he no-showed the Impact vs. LU show. That is all well and good but wouldn’t you want to inform the company you work for that you can’t make it? Maybe make that announcement the next day even instead of waiting a week? SMH.

    - Impact has allowed WWE to use some of their licensed footage of Matt and Jeff Hardy for the upcoming WWE Hardy’s DVD that is being released. Scott D’Amore wrote: “We keep saying it over and over, when companies work together the fans win! Congrats to @wwe, @IMPACTWRESTLING, and @MATTHARDYBRAND for putting the fans 1st.”

    IMPACT REDEMTION PPV is on Sunday, April 22nd, 2018 from Orlando Florida and the line-up is as follows:

  • IMPACT HEAVYWEIGHT TITLE: Austin Aries © vs. Pentagon vs. Fenix
  • X-DIVISION TITLE: Matt Sydal © vs. Petey Williams
  • IMPACT TAG TEAM TITLES: LAX © (Santana & Ortiz) vs. Eli Drake & Scott Steiner
  • KNOCKOUTS TITLE: Allie © vs. Su Yung
  • HOUSE OF HARDCORE MATCH: OVE (Dave Crist/Jake Crist/Sami Callihan) vs. Tommy Dreamer/Moose/Eddie Edwards
  • MMA News and Notes:

    - So after all of the drama and hullabaloo surrounding UFC 223, the show came and went with a whimper. Khabib Nurmagomedov successfully captured the lightweight title over Al Iaquinta in a 5 round decision. Iaquinta worked hard but Khabib is Khabib and did what he does better than anyone at his weight, wrestle.

    - In regards to Anthony Pettis not being able to fight Khabib last week due to not making weight, the reality is, he probably could have cut the .2 lbs. with no problem but wasn’t really interested in the fight nor interested in the proposed pay he was going to cut so he didn’t bother to try and make weight and skipped his scheduled 2nd weigh in.

    - In the co-main, Rose Namajunas proved that she is the real deal and didn’t win the women’s Strawweight Title in a fluke as she once again defeated Joanna Jedrzejczyk in a 5 round decision thus knocking Joanna out of the title picture since it is her 2nd straight win over her.

    - Conor McGregor and teammate Cian Cowley were released on $50,000 and $25,000 bail respectively and will be coming back to a Brooklyn courtroom on June 18th stemming from the incident at the UFC 223 press conference.

    - Despite signing with WWE, Dana White revealed that when he is ready to return, Brock Lesnar has a date with the winner of Stipe Miocic vs. Daniel Cormier for the UFC Heavyweight Title.

    - For some reason, UFC has MOVED their interim Welterweight title fight of Rafael dos Anjos vs. Colby Covington from UFC 224 in Rio de Janeiro to UFC 225 in Chicago.

    - In order to try and get back into the title hunt, Max Holloway is looking to face off with Brian Ortega on the International Fight Week show on July 7th.

    - Ray Borg vs. Brandon Moreno, which was scheduled for last Saturday’s show however was cancelled due to Borg getting injured in the McGregor incident has been rebooked for May 17th’s UFC Fight Night in Chile.

    - So this is an AWFUL STORY about UFC star Paige VanZant. Damn. Apparently in her book, she reveals that her last name actually isn’t VanZant and that she changed it following the rape due to the ridicule and shaming she was receiving from classmates.

    - Despite being in discussions for months now, UFC has confirmed that C.M. Punk will be making his octagon return on UFC 225 from Chicago on June 9th against Mike Jackson. In all honesty, unless Punk somehow became Anderson Silva or George St. Pierre in between his last fight and this one, I don’t see him sticking around UFC past this fight, win or lose. The novelty is over and unless he miraculously improved to an elite MMA skill level, he isn’t going to draw again after this.

    - Also booked for the show is Holly Holm vs. Megan Anderson.

    - A deal is close to being finalized for T.J. Dillashaw vs. Cody Garbrant to main event the August 4th UFC PPV from the Staples Center in Los Angeles.

    - The Josh Barnett lawsuits have begun as he has filed a suit in Los Angeles against the supplement maker Genkor as they produced the supplement that he failed his USADA test for. He is claiming lost income due to them not detailing the ingredients of the supplement and it caused him to fail a drug test.

    - Ben Rothwell has been given a two year suspension for failing unannounced drug tests in February. He is eligible to return in February of 2020.

    - Matt Brown underwent ACL surgery this week to repair his tear and may be done with fighting. He has retired in the past citing he didn’t want long term damage to his brain and his ACL tear and recover will keep him out of action for about a year.

    - Nothing has been confirmed yet but there are strong rumors that UFC is close to finalizing a new television deal which will be split between NBC and ESPN with them getting $320 million per year which is an incredibly significant increase from their previous deal with FOX of $100 million per year. There would be A LOT of significant changes to the product if the deal is finalized including the number of annual PPV events being cut down to six per year. NBC and ESPN would also split the production costs of the shows and all UFC Fight Pass prelims would be moved off of Fight Pass and onto the NBC and ESPN streaming services. There are lots more changes but I will not go further in depth at the moment because this is not a certified deal as of yet as is only a rumor.

    UFC 224 is on Saturday, May 12th, 2018 from Rio de Janeiro Brazil and the line-up is as follows:

  • UFC WOMEN’S BANTAMWEIGHT TITLE: Amanda Nunes © vs. Raquel Pennington
  • Kelvin Gastelum vs. Ronaldo “Jacare” Souza
  • Vitor Belfort vs. Lyoto Machida
  • Glover Teixeira vs. Volkhan Oezdemir
  • UFC 225 is on Saturday, June 9th, 2018 from Chicago Illinois and the line-up is as follows:

  • UFC MIDDLEWEIGHT TITLE: Robert Whitaker © vs. Yoel RomeroUFC INTERIM WELTERWEIGHT TITLE: Rafael dos Anjos vs. Colby Covington
  • C.M. Punk vs. Mike Jackson
  • Alistair Overeem vs. Curtis Blaydes
  • Holly Holm vs. Megan Anderson
  • Claudia Gadelha vs. Carla Esparza
  • Joseph Benavidez vs. Sergio Pettis
  • UFC 226 is on Saturday, July 7th, 2018 from Las Vegas Nevada and the line-up is as follows:

  • Random Thoughts, Links, Pics, ETC.


    - BONUS Random VIDEO of the week: Official Trailer for “Fahrenheit 451”

    - BONUS Random VIDEO of the week: Official Trailer for “Con Man”

    - BONUS Random VIDEO of the week PART 2: Official Trailer for “Future World”

    - BONUS Random VIDEO of the week PART 3: Official Trailer for “Boss Baby 2: Back in Business”

    - BONUS Random VIDEO of the week PART 4: Honest Trailer for “The Greatest Showman”

    - BONUS Random VIDEO of the week Part 5: Latest Trailer for “Solo: A Star Wars Story”

    - BONUS Random VIDEO of the week PART 6: Official Trailer for “The Meg”

    - BONUS Random VIDEO of the week PART 7: Official Trailer for “Dark Crimes”

    - BONUS Random VIDEO of the week PART 8: Official Trailer for “Dude”

    - BONUS Random VIDEO of the week PART 9: Latest Trailer for “Ocean’s 8”

    - BONUS Random VIDEO of the week Part 10: Latest Trailer for “The Incredibles 2”

    - THIS LINK is for LIFE. Thank you soldiers. WELCOME HOME BLOG.

    - BONUS Random ARTICLE of the week: Sh*t meet fan. Who would have thought of a porn star bringing down the President and fixing the dreadful situation that the U.S. is in?

    - BONUS Random ARTICLE of the week PART 1: What? A banned in the United States surgery so she had to go to Columbia to get it done went wrong and left her with permanent damage? How could that be?

    - BONUS Random ARTICLE of the week PART 2: So many errors here. How the hell did he get stuck in the seat? How come no one could find him? How come no one contacted his parents? How come he didn’t try to call someone else? How hard is it to find a GOLD HONDA VAN in a parking lot? I am sure there aren’t more than a handful? This is tragic.

    - BONUS Random ARTICLE of the week PART 3: This story just keeps getting crazier and crazier since I watched the first few seasons of Smallville when it aired. I don’t think there have been many Hollywood stories as zany as this one. WOW.

    - Not only has “Avengers: Infinity War” has surpassed “Black Panther” as the highest pre-sold comic book film ever but it has also passed “Thor: Ragnarok”, “Spider-Man: Homecoming”, “Guardians of the Galaxy 2”, “Dr. Strange”, “Ant-Man”, “Captain America: Civil War”, and “Black Panther” COMBINED. Nope, not a typo. The film is trending towards a $200+ million opening weekend.

    - The latest on the Disney/Fox merger is that the deal will NOT be finalized until mid to late 2019. So everyone craving for the Fantastic Four and X-Men joining the MCU will have to sit patiently as it is not coming anytime soon.

    - Congrats to Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson as well as everyone involved in “Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle” as it has surpassed Spider-Man to become the highest grossing U.S. Sony film EVER. It is about $60 million or so before becoming the world’s highest grossing Sony film ever. It will need to beat “Skyfall” to do so. Johnson has confirmed that Jumanji 3 is in the works and the whole main cast is expected to return.

    - Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.’s season finale date has been set for Friday, May 18th at 9:00 pm. This has been an exceptional season for the show so far. There are so many layers and so many changes. Fantastic stuff.

    - Marvel and Netflix has renewed Jessica Jones for a 3rd season. No discussion on production start or release date yet.

    - The CW has revealed that despite being used as the arch for Willa Holland’s (Thea Queen/Speedy)’s departure from “Arrow”, actor Colton Haynes is being brought back next year as a series regular reprising his role of Roy Harper/Arsenal next year.

    - The Joker has debuted on Fox’s “Gotham” and it is Jerome’s twin brother Jerimiah. I mean, lame storyline in my book but the actor who plays both Jerome and now the Joker is fantastic. So good for him and those who watch the show I guess.

    - Khloe Kardasian has had her baby girl with Cleveland Cavaliers Tristan Thompson as it has been revealed that Thompson has been a serial cheater. It has since come out that she has forgiven him and blames the groupies that follow basketball players around. Never mind the fact that Khloe was sleeping with Thompson when his then girlfriend was pregnant with his first child. LOL.

    - By the way, it is not only hard to feel sympathy for Khloe under the circumstances which she began dating Tristan but the entire ordeal of her finding out about him cheating as well as her labor and stuff was taped for and will air on “Keeping up with the Kardashians”. Seriously, these people are attention whores. F*ck them.

    ~Matt Dawgs

    Feel free to discuss whatever you'd like on the “Board” where I can do my best to answer anything you’d like. Also drop a comment in the comment box below as I try my best to answer in a timely fashion. You can also tweet me on the tweeter. I reply there as well. Questions, Corrections, Comments, Feedback or Ideas: EMAIL ME .

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