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TGIF: Down Goes Asuka, The GFW Network, and More

By Matt Dawgs Aug 25, 2017 - 2:23 PM print

T.G.I.F. with Matt Dawgs: #409

Good day to you all and welcome to We Want Insanity. I am your host for today, Matt Dawgs and this is my column. Today is the end of the work week and the time to look back at all the goings-on over the past seven days as I wrap it up with a bow and spout it out bit by bit. Buckle up. Enjoy the ride.

IMPORTANT MATT NOTE:: I don’t normally request much but as some of you who follow me on social media may know, I have a 7 year old cousin who is currently battling an aggressive form of cancer called neuroblastoma which effects 700 kids annually in the United States. He is a warrior who is fighting this with more strength than adults show. If possible, can you please take the time to donate to help him and his parents financially through this battle. If not, I understand. At least take a minute to copy the link from here and post it on your social media. Perhaps one of your friends or family members would be willing to donate. No set amount being asked for. Whatever you can afford. As little as $1 if that is all you can contribute. Everything helps. As of now, they are responsible for only 20% of his medical bills to date. That may not seem like a lot but when his year to date bills has already surpassed $1,000,000 and they owe 20% of that, well you get the picture. So please, if you can. Thanks.


BONUS MATT NOTE: #PrayersForFlair. Ric Flair is apparently doing better and while still in ICU, is awake and responsive and talking. He is still not 100% out of the woods but he is getting to where he needs to be. He is still on kidney dialysis and still battling an infection. He also will eventually need a pacemaker installed in his heart to regulate the beats per minute.

BONUS MATT NOTE PART 2: Also an R.I.P. to comedian Jerry Lewis. He was absolutely before most of your times, hell he was before my time too. But he was definitely a legend and comedic genius. He passed away at age 91 on Sunday.


- WWE presented their annual Summerslam weekend and essentially hit the reset button on a lot as almost ALL of the titles on RAW, Smackdown and NXT changed hands. We had some debuts and an excellent Summerslam Main event that should have cemented the fact that WWE should in fact save Brock Lesnar and Braun Strowman for Wrestlemania although I am 100% sure they will give it away before then. The crowd is DYING for them to confront each other and seeing that first German Suplex by Brock. Too bad that a few years back when Braun was part of the Wyatt Family, he and Brock went face to face in the Royal Rumble and Brock already German suplexed him a few times. But since Braun wasn’t a main event monster then, so no one remembers.

- Trying to find out the significance of this, if anything but the Undertaker was backstage at both Summerslam and RAW on Monday alongside his wife Michelle McCool.

- The weekend kicked off with Takeover: Brooklyn 3 which was a fantastic show from beginning to end with no weak match at all and that INCLUDES the Tag Team title match that saw SanITY defeat the Authors of Pain to capture the tag team titles. Asuka successfully defended her Women’s title defeating Amber Moon in a tremendous match on par with Sasha Banks vs. Bayley from the first Takeover Brooklyn. Alistair Black is f*cking AWESOME. His “Black Mask” KILLED Itami. Also, Drew McIntyre dethroned Bobby Roode for the NXT World Title and we saw the debut of Adam Cole as he attacked Drew following his title win. Cole reunited with longtime friends and stablemates Bobby Fish and Kyle O’Reilly so reDragon is once again a team, this time NOT in ROH but in NXT. That is GOLD.

- For the record, Fish and O’Reilly OWN the reDragon name. Not ROH.

- Isn’t it weird that out of the group 3MB, Heath Slater who is the weakest in-ring performer of the 3 is the longest tenured person of that group, Jinder Mahal is next on the weakest performer list and holds the 2nd most prestigious title in the company yet Drew McIntyre is the best in-ring performer and talker of the group and he is the one working in NXT?

- Zalina Vega is SOOOOO HOOOOOTTTTT. Ugh. I like her with Andrade Cien Almas too. It adds to his presentation and he is finally delivering as he should have when he debuted. It took time but it is finally paying off. And to imagine he was close to quitting a year ago. Good thing he didn’t.

- Johnny Gargano is such a great performer. It is a shame that Tommaso Ciampa is injured because their feud would have been something else.

- Asuka broke her collar bone at Takeover and will miss approximately 6 – 8 weeks of action. Yesterday at the television tapings, she surrendered her Women’s title and announced that she was leaving NXT to pursue opportunities on either Raw or Smackdown. The rumor mill is buzzing that she will be on RAW once her injury heals. No word on what they are doing with the title however I was hoping that they’d give the title to the winner of the Mae Young Classic. That makes the most sense and Ember Moon could be the first challenger to the title. Or the winner of the classic takes on Ember Moon for it.

- The next day at Summerslam, the RAW Tag Team Titles, Smackdown Tag Team Titles, The Cruiserweight Title, The Raw Women’s Title and The Smackdown Women’s Title all changed hands. Not sure why WWE decided to switch all of these belts but they did.

- The New Day losing the tag team titles was a way for WWE to assist in making them “the greatest” tag team in company history. Management is high on them as a group due to their popularity and their ability to do outside appearances therefore have decided that in addition to making them the longest reigning tag team champions in history, their goal is to give them the most title reigns in history. Right now they have 3 tag team title reigns. The goal is to beat 7 title reigns which is held by Edge and Christian as well as the Hardy Boys who are tied for 1st place.

- The show opened with an “EMPTY ARENA MATCH” between The Miztourage vs. The Hardys and Jason Jordan. It wasn’t an official “Empty Arena Match” but for some reason, WWE did NOT open the doors in time yet still kept on schedule so they had the match start as soon as the doors opened.


- Summerslam was also a night of BURIALS as Jason Jordan suffered his first loss since being announced as Kurt Angle’s son as he was pinned CLEAN in the six man above. Baron Corbin was confirmed to be a geek as John Cena made short work of him in a lackluster match if you go by Cena’s standards and Corbin was pinned CLEAN to an Attitude Adjustment. Enzo Amore continued on in his weekly quest to be embarrassed by Big Cass only this time he made a fool of himself by stripping down to his underwear, slathering himself in baby oil and slipping through the shark cage bars only to climb down and get immediately booted in the mouth AGAIN by Cass. For the 8th straight week now he has gotten kicked in the teeth by Cass. But not to be outdone by any of the above events, Rusev lost to Randy Orton in 9 seconds with an RKO. Rusev, who was on the cusp of being a main event level talent just a few short years ago and could have had a hell of a match against Orton if they let him, was squashed CLEAN. Amazing.

- The Rusev thing was done apparently more to rehab Orton than it was as a burial of Rusev. Rusev isn’t in the doghouse but Orton, after coming off of lackluster programs with Bray Wyatt and Jinder Mahal, needed a win. He and Rusev are not done yet. It wasn’t a one and done deal and Rusev will get his heat back.

- The same CANNOT be said about Corbin. According to sources, John Cena informed Vince that Corbin doesn’t have “it” and that was that. Corbin buried.

- The spot of the night goes to Cesaro as during the tag team title match, a beach ball was being hit throughout the crowd. That is until Cesaro stormed over the railed into the crowd, grabbed the beach ball and ripped it with his bare hands. It garnered a massive pop but it also set a precedent as on RAW on Monday there were as many as 10 beach balls being battered around the arena.

- I don’t know what else could be said about Braun Strowman. He is the real deal and the crowd is BEGGING for him to be “the guy”. WWE really should let him run with the title since he is so goddamn good in his persona and presentation. I am telling you, when he and Brock lock horns and have a singles match, the crowd is going to come unglued. They are DYING for this to happen. It is just too bad that Vince doesn’t see what we fans see because this match should 100% take place at Wrestlemania. Instead, as revealed on RAW, it will take place on September 24th at “No Mercy”.

- The crowd wants Samoa Joe. They should get him. Don’t emphasize Jose as a heel. Have him be a bad ass tweener. Let him embrace the cheers. And keep him a main eventer. He should always be in the title mix.

- Side note: isn’t it amazing that Joe is in the main event mix of WWE and feels like a HUGE star yet when he was the champion in TNA, he never felt as popular as he is now?

- The Four Way RAW title match was the match of the entire weekend. Perfectly booked to feature everyone in the right way. Kudos to whoever helped them put that match together.

- So Elias was just Elias at Summerslam. Not Elias Sampson. Maybe they are alternating shows? He was Elias Sampson then he was just Elias one week then back to Elias Sampson now back to Elias. Or maybe it is just a rib on the announce team? Either way, the crowd is reacting to him and treating him like a star. Good for him. I don’t think he is much to write home about as an in-ring performer or even as a gimmick but if he is connecting with the crowd, they need to stick with him. He is garnering a positive reaction. Something that CANNOT be said for Jason Jordan.

- RAW was a fairly solid show that continued down the “reset” path for storylines. John Cena returned and challenged Roman Reigns so that is apparently the path they are going down which removes the rumored Cena vs. Reigns match at Wrestlemania this year. We are also going straight to Brock Lesnar vs. Braun Strowman which is a crying shame because Strowman beating Lesnar and sending him off to UFC would have cemented him as “The Guy”.

- We were also supposed to see the END of the Big Cass vs. Enzo storyline as they were scheduled for a street fight with Cass winning. Instead, DOWN GOES CASS as he suffered a major knee injury that will sideline him 9 months and puts a brake on his singles push. He may even miss Wrestlemania depending on the healing process.

- Enzo “won” the match due to Cass not being able to continue and when we see Cass again, the feud will then continue or he will be a babyface upon his return. In the meantime, Enzo has officially moved to the cruiserweight division and will be on 205 Live moving forward. `

- I get that the Hardy Boys have been around for a long time but it really gets cemented that they are old when the WWE Raw Tag Team Champions Seth Rollins and Dean Ambrose tell them that they watched them as kids growing up. SMH.

- The Hardys need to transition into the Broken/Woken Hardys soon because they are becoming extremely stale and just a nostalgia act. That is NOT where the want to be.

- I have a feeling that Alexa Bliss is going to get another title reign soon; possibly as soon as next week.

- Smackdown is now GLORIOUS as Bobby Roode has joined the brand. He debuted as a babyface as he should have since his music is 100% supposed to illicit a babyface reaction from fans. If he is to turn heel, you’d have to change his theme. WWE knew what they were doing because music or not, there was zero percent chance he wasn’t going to be cheered in Brooklyn.

- Shelton Benjamin also made his WWE return and was immediately put in a tag team with Chad Gable. What a lot of people I have spoken to didn’t notice was that Benjamin made a face when Daniel Bryan announced it. It totally caught him off guard.

- Dolph Ziggler is back!!! He said so himself. Didn’t realize he was gone.

- I am not sure if it was a slip of the tongue (or multiple slips since he said it more than once) or a sign of something coming but on NXT this week, Mauro Ranallo called the WWE U.K. title the NXT U.K. Title. Is it possible that WWE is abandoning it and the title will now be recognized by NXT going forward?

- The Mae Young Classic is expected to continue/further the angle involving MMA’s Four Horsewomen vs. WWE’s Four Horsewomen.

- WWE officially announced that they signed Lio Rush to a contract and that he has already reported to the Performance Center.

- Topenga is a HUGE FAN of Lio Rush.

- Thoughts and prayers go out to Dana Brooke as her longtime boyfriend, bodybuilder Dallas McCarver passed away on Monday at age 26 after choking to death on his food. He was found in his home while Dana was traveling with the RAW crew. He passed away shortly after talking to Dana via phone during RAW. He was in preparation/training for the 2017 Mr. Olympia Contest. He placed 8th in last year’s competition and was considered this year as one of the favorites.

- The Orlando Police Department has dropped all charges against Paige for her domestic incident with Alberto El Patron in the Orlando International Airport a few months back. OPD noted that El Patron refused to press charges against her hence why they dropped the investigation.

- More to the Daniel Bryan to eventually wrestle again talk as he was a guest on the Edge and Christian podcast and was discussing his issues (along with Christian’s) and how they were both forced into retirement. Bryan noted that he was tested by 2 separate doctors that were recommended by WWE and they both cleared him to return. It was a doctor who did this experimental testing that found the lesion and when he went to the original doctors who cleared him as a follow up, he was told that it may not be a lesion and it could be something else. He also had some tests done on his reflex skills which he did in fact place BELOW NFL athletes on but still ahead of a large percentage of “normal” human beings. Essentially he feels fine physically and mentally and is going to return to wrestling in the future.

- With his contract being “unfrozen” since he is now working as Smackdown General Manager, the contract he is on expires in September 2018. So essentially he will become a free agent in one year. When that happens, unless Dr. Maroon clears him, he 100% will be going to Ring of Honor, New Japan and CMLL as well as whatever independent promotion can offer him a good payday or great opponent (I expect him to work PWG and possibly Progress in the U.K. as well)

- As an FYI…ROH Champion Cody Rhodes during his ROH title match on Saturday used the “LeBell” lock which is Bryan’s finisher, the “Yes Lock”. Bryan replied via Twitter with “Interesting”. Bryan also name dropped a virtual who’s who of people he follows that aren’t in WWE and he included Zack Sabre Jr. noting that Sabre does the same style he used on the indies but doesn’t use in WWE because he didn’t think the slower paced style would work in WWE and that Sabre does it now BETTER than Bryan ever did years ago. He name dropped Ricochet and Will Ospreay claiming that they do stuff he’d never even think of doing. He heaped a ton of praise for the Young Bucks and their marketing savviness. He also emphasized that it is a wonderful time to be a pro wrestling fan because there are just so many options to watch good independent wrestling nowadays and the independent product is the best it has ever been.

- For those wondering, the C.M. Punk lawsuit with Dr. Chris Amann is still ongoing with the latest being that Punk had filed a motion to review a ton of records that WWE needs to fork over in order to review any ties to WWE funding Amann’s lawsuit against him. The flip side however is that Punk would have to split the bill for this which is HALF of $240,000. Punk feels like he should only pay 1/3 of it.

- Matt Hardy Tweeted: “FUN FACT - Benjamin, Maxel & Scribe weren't paid & DID NOT sign releases from TNA/GFW to allow their images to be aired on ANY media, esp TV.”

- To show you that John Cena is getting “leading man” roles thrown at him, the latest is there is talk of a “Knight Rider” film based on the TV series by David Hasselhoff and the talking car K.I.T.T. He will be playing the role of Michael Knight and Kevin Hart is in talks to co-star as the voice of K.I.T.T.

- Speaking of Cena, as I have said a gazillion time before, despite what some people think of him as a wrestler, he is an INCREDIBLE HUMAN BEING

- Congrats to Nikki Bella as she is apparently joining the latest cast of ABC’s “Dancing with the Stars” this coming season.

- Congrats to actor Mark Wahlberg as he has surpassed Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson as the highest paid actor in the world for 2017. Wahlberg made $68 million to Johnson’s $65 million.

- There is a story making the rounds that performer Bruno Mars met his name sake, WWE Hall of Famer Bruno Sammartino backstage at earlier this week at one of his concerts which Sammartino was a guest at. Mars was named after Sammartino due to his parents being huge fans. Sammartino noted to the Associated Press that Mars was incredibly humble and respectful.

- Happy birthday to Vince McMahon as he celebrated his 72nd birthday earlier this week.


- GFW is set to launch a streaming service online called “The Global Wrestling Network” which will also air Impact in its entirety each week. I am not sure if this is their way or preparing for the future without a television network but if it is, it is NOT a good idea. A streaming service is good but successful revenue generating streaming service with their product is not going to do well.

- Former UFC star Stephan Bonnar will be debuting here and working a tag team match at Bound For Glory teaming with Eli Drake against Bobby Lashley and Bellator MMA star Mohammed “King Mo” Lawal.

- Dan Lambert, the hotel executive and financial backer of MMA’s “American Top Team” has also come into the promotion as the leader of a heel contingent that plans on buying out GFW and taking the company over. So despite new ownership, we once again have “corporate and managerial power struggles” as the main angle with Anthem bringing in Jim Cornette to feud with Bruce Prichard and Lambert coming in to take over control from Jeff Jarrett. The more things change…..

- Bobby Lashley is apparently wrapping up with GFW. It could be an angle but there are rumors that he will be returning to Bellator MMA soon. So it is possible he is just taking some time off to prep for his fight. The angle introducing ATT was them coming to GFW to get him to quit the promotion and concentrate full time on MMA.

- Pagano, El Texano Jr. and Taya Valkerie (Johnny Impact’s fiancé) all debuted at the GFW television tapings this week.

- Low- Ki is ONCE AGAIN gone from GFW. He was not pleased with the booking of his character when he arrived at the TV tapings. He worked all of the tapings despite his unhappiness but after discussing his situation with management, both sides decided to part ways. He’s done with them and LAX. Other than Sabu who a lot of his issues with bookings were due to his uncle the Sheik giving him bad advice, I cannot think of anyone that has gotten in their own way more than Low-Ki. He is so absolutely talented and gifted yet he managed to burn bridges which each and every promotion he works for and is blacklisted from many including New Japan, WWE, ROH, Evolve, PWG and now GWF/Impact….AGAIN. SMH. It is mind blowing.

- The Pope is no longer part of GFW and OFF the announce team. He was in the midst of negotiating a new contract and they could not come to a financial agreement. Amazing though that they built up weeks of television involving Josh Matthews and Jeremy Borash feuding with the loser leaving the promotion and now the announce team is Josh Matthews and Jeremy Borash. LOL.

- It doesn’t look like Alberto El Patron will be returning despite both himself and GFW putting on a display noting that it was a mutual decision to have him stripped of the title and take a “suspension”. It wasn’t. It was all GFW trying to distance themselves from Alberto and Paige. Despite the Orlando Airport incident being cleared up and all charges dropped against Paige, it has been noted in some circles that this was NOT the only incident involving the couple; it was only the one that became a public matter. There has allegedly been a ton just as bad or worse.

- Television has been taped through November so anyone not at the tapings will be gone until then at the earliest.

- The tag team of OVE being Dave and Jake Crist debuted and are now working here full time.

- The tapings also saw the return of PETEY WILLIAMS. Williams, once a mainstay in TNA and popularized the Canadian Destroyer, had retired from wrestling full time back in 2014 only occasionally working independent shows (few and far between) and only in Canada.

- Gail Kim will be champion before December when she retires full time. They need to end her career on a positive note and having her win the title at BFG and retiring champion (similar to how WWE did with Trish Stratus) would be the best route to go since she legit started the women’s revolution in wrestling long before WWE got around to it.

Ring of Honor / Lucha Underground / Independent / International News and Notes:

- Kenny Omega will make his 1st IWGP U.S. Title defense on September 24th in Kobe Japan against Juice Robinson. Robinson gets the shot due to beating Omega in the G-1 Tournament.

- Minoru Suzuki will be returning to wrestle in the United States for the first time in 25 years as he will work the Ring of Honor “Death Before Dishonor” PPV on September 22nd.

- The Bullet Club of The Young Bucks and Hangman Page captured the ROH 6-Man tag team titles last weekend in Scotland defeating Dalton Castle and The Boys.

- Despite leaving Global Force Wrestling due to wanting to focus on his career outside of wrestling, Davey Richards will be back working for EVOLVE starting on September 22nd.

- AAA’s Triple Mania will air for FREE tomorrow on Twitch. Psycho Clown vs. Dr. Wagner in a mask vs. mask match is the main event.

- Former longtime WCW Commentator Tony Schiavione will be returning for the first time since WCW closed its doors in 2001 to commentate the MLW: One Shot show on October 5th from Orlando.

MMA News and Notes:

- It is amazing that with the biggest or 2nd biggest fight in all of combat sports history taking place tomorrow night the lead story in the MMA world is NOT that. 6 years ago, if you would have asked who is going to be the best MMA fighter ever when it is all said and done, I think while most would have answered Anderson Silva or George St. Pierre, Jon Jones would have definitely been included in some conversations. 3 years ago if you asked that, the answer most certainly would have been Jon Jones by anyone who followed MMA closely. Today however, Jon Jones not only wouldn’t be considered by most, he will likely end up being named the biggest BUST/F*CK UP/WASTED POTENTIAL by a landslide. It was revealed earlier this week that Jones was once again flagged by USADA for an anti-doping violation following his win over Daniel Cormier for an anabolic steroid. The results of the test came back following the fight but the test was taken AFTER he weighed in for the fight meaning that without a shadow of a doubt, Jones was on steroids for the fight. Everything regarding the Light Heavyweight division is now up in the air as Jones is appealing with claims that it was once again a tainted supplement or he is being framed despite no evidence to the contrary. If it was a tainted supplement, Jones will still be suspended and his image is completely in shambles because he absolutely should have done a better job knowing what he was taking since his last failure was from a tainted supplement.

- UFC cannot act until his appeal has been completed therefore he is still light heavyweight champ. Once all is said and don’t though, he will be stripped of the title and it will revert back to Daniel Cormier and he will receive a 4 year suspension since it is his 2nd USADA violation which will put his MMA future in turmoil as he will be missing 4 years of the prime of his career.

- Jones big money fight with Brock Lesnar is also completely out the window as Lesnar will NOT be waiting 4 years for this fight and there are no other big money fights for Lesnar to come back to UFC for. Lesnar is NOT fighting Jon Jones in 4 years at age 44 with 6 years of time in between his last UFC fight and that fight. NO CHANCE.

- Daniel Cormier must be crushed as his only 2 MMA losses are both against Jones and Jones is now a 2 time PED user. Cormier has to feel that he could have beaten Jones had Jones not been getting extra help.

- One person who is absolutely NOT upset that Jon Jones failed a test would be Vince McMahon. Jones failure and subsequent suspension closes the door for a fight against Brock Lesnar.

- Dana White revealed that Jon Jones vs. Stipe Miocic was being planned for UFC 218 in December but that is now obviously out of the question.

- Junior Dos Santos was also flagged by USADA for an anti-doping violation during out-of-competition testing. He apparently tested positive for hydrochlorothiazide which is a diuretic used in weight cutting. He plans on appealing the test as well as having all of his supplements tested for the banned substance. This REMOVES him from UFC 215 on September 9th as he was scheduled to face off with Francis Ngannou.

- Cases can be made for lenient punishment if you are able to prove tainted supplements. USADA recently reached an agreement with fighter Guido Cannetti after he tested positive for Ostarine, Stanazolol, two different forms of Hydroxystanazolol, as well as hydrochlorothiazide. It was his first offense which should have carried a 2 year suspension but he was able to produce the tainted supplement in both the open container that he used as well as a sealed container. USADA tested both and found traces of ALL of the substances he tested positive for. Since he had listed the supplement on his forms for what he was taking, they negotiated a 10 month penalty and have added said substance to their database as supplements banned from competition.

- Lyoto Machida returns from his suspension for failing a USADA test on October 28th from Brazil. He will be taking on Derek Brunson.

- Floyd Mayweather vs. Conor McGregor takes place tomorrow night in Las Vegas. It is expected to either surpass Mayweather vs. Pacquiao for the biggest PPV buyrate in history or at least Mayweather vs. De La Hoya for 2nd place.

- I know I have mentioned this before but will note it again here, UFC will make more off this fight alone then they have made off of ANY UFC event in company history. That includes record events like UFC 100, UFC 200, McGregor/Diaz 2, any Ronda Rousey fight, etc.

- Brian Stann announced that he is departing UFC and will no longer be doing announcing for the promotion. He has landed a new job at a prestigious real estate firm and will also be going to go back to college to get his master’s degree. This is a BIG deal for UFC as Joe Rogan when re-signing with UFC, signed for significantly less dates and Stann had taken over most of those dates thus doing more than 50^ of the UFC shows throughout the year.

- Matt Hughes, who was on the cusp of dying a few months ago due to his truck being hit by a train, was grappling last week at a gym. That is HUGE step forward for his recovery if he is attempting to train. Props to him and glad to see he is on the road to recovery.

- Former UFC star Antonio “Bigfoot” Silva will be joining Glory Kickboxing and will be taking on Rico Verhoeven who happens to be the greatest kick boxer in the world. This is not a good idea for Silva.

UFC 215 is on Saturday, September 9th, 2017 from Edmonton Alberta Canada and the line-up is as follows:

  • UFC FLYWEIGHT TITLE: Demetrious Johnson © vs. Ray Borg
  • UFC WOMEN’S BANTAMWEIGHT TITLE: Amanda Nunes © vs. Valentina Shevchenko
  • Gilbert Melendez vs. Jeremy Stephens
  • Henry Cejudo vs. Wilson Reis
  • UFC 216 is on Saturday, October 7th, 2017 from Las Vegas Nevada and the line-up is as follows:

  • TBD UFC HEAVYWEIGHT TITLE Stipe Miocic © vs. Cain Velasquez
  • INTERIM UFC LIGHTWEIGHT TITLE: Tony Ferguson vs. Kevin Lee
  • Nik Lentz vs. Will Brooks
  • Paige VanZant vs. Jessica Eye
  • Stephen Thompson vs. Jorge Masvidal
  • Fabricio Werdum vs. Derrick Lewis
  • UFC 217 is on Saturday, November 4th, 2017 from New York, New York and the line-up is as follows:

  • UFC MIDDLEWEIGHT TITLE: Michael Bisping © vs. George St. Pierre
  • UFC BANTAMWEIGHT TITLE: Cody Garbrandt © vs. T.J. Dillashaw
  • Johnny Hendricks vs. Paulo Borrachinha
  • UFC 218 is on Saturday, December 2nd, 2017 from Detroit Michigan and the line-up is as follows:

  • TBD vs. TBD
  • UFC 219 is on Saturday, December 30th, 2017 from Las Vegas Nevada and the line-up is as follows:

  • TBD vs. TBD
  • Random Thoughts, Links, Pics, ETC.

    - BONUS Random VIDEO of the week: Official Trailer for “War Fighter”

    - BONUS Random VIDEO of the week: Official GAME Trailer for “Jurassic World: Evolution”

    - BONUS Random VIDEO of the week PART 2: Official Trailer for “Little Evil”

    - BONUS Random VIDEO of the week PART 3: “Here Comes My Arrow”

    - BONUS Random VIDEO of the week PART 4: Official Trailer for “Last Flag Flying”

    - BONUS Random VIDEO of the week PART 5: For those of you not engulfed in the Marvel/Netflix Universe yet, here is a clip of Luke Cage and Iron Fist teaming up from the Defenders.

    - BONUS Random VIDEO of the week PART 6: Official Trailer for “War Fighter”

    - BONUS Random VIDEO of the week PART 7: Sneak Peek at season 2 of NBC’s “This Is Us”.

    - THIS LINK is for LIFE. Thank you soldiers. WELCOME HOME BLOG

    - BONUS Random ARTICLE of the week: I want to know what happened here and what the outcome is. So if any of you reading this see the follow up and I somehow miss it, let me know. This sounds SICKENING and I’d like to see that justice was eventually found.

    - BONUS Random ARTICLE of the week PART 1: Thoughts and prayers for Texas as this could be a terrible weekend for them.

    - BONUS Random ARTICLE of the week PART 2: You kidding me with this? How can people oppose the death penalty with comments like these? He’s taunting the victim’s family.

    - BONUS Random ARTICLE of the week PART 3: Ugh. So wish it was me. Life changing money for sure.

    - BONUS Random ARTICLE of the week PART 4: No f*cks given by this pilot huh? LOL.

    - BONUS Random ARTICLE of the week PART 5: I definitely remember this story when it happened. Totally forgot about it until now. Crazy.

    - I am all up to date on House of Cards on Netflix. Such a fantastic show.

    - I also binged watch the Defenders. It is completely better than Iron Fist was and a great rebound by Marvel on this show. I also appreciate the fact that Iron Fist learned how to fight between Iron Fist and this because in Iron Fist he was a little shaky with his fighting skills choreography wise but here, he was what he should have been. It also 100% confirmed that when Daredevil returns we are going to get the “Born Again” storyline which is considered the best Daredevil comic book series EVER.

    - HOLY SH*T that episode of “Power” though. WOW. I did NOT see that coming. Ghost is going to go nuts. WOW.

    - Actress Katie Sackhoff is joining the cast of the Flash this season as the DC Villain Amunet Black a.k.a. Blacksmith. She will debut on Arrow however in the mid-season crossover. Sackhoff is best known from her stint on “Battlestar Galactica” however I best know her from her run on the final full season of “24”

    - Apparently WB is in talks to do an origin film on “The Joker” that is set to be produced by Martin Scorcese. It will NOT star Jared Leto as it will feature a new actor in the Joker role. I fully believe that WB is just tossing ideas out to get reactions from fans and have no intention of making half of the films they have in the pipe right now. Marvel does a few movies at a time and normally have a cast and director in play. WB just constantly announces projects with nothing alongside it.

    - There is also talk of a Joker and Harley Quinn standalone film starring Jared Leto and Margot Robbie reprising their roles.

    - Actor Michael K. Williams best known for playing the role of Omer on HBO’s “The Wire” has been completely cut out of the Han Solo standalone film currently in production. He noted to Variety that the vision of new director Ron Howard did not fit him into the film like the original vision had but he would like to work again with Disney/Lucas Films in the future should an opportunity come up.

    ~Matt Dawgs

    Feel free to discuss whatever you'd like on the “Board” where I can do my best to answer anything you’d like. Also drop a comment in the comment box below as I try my best to answer in a timely fashion. You can also tweet me on the tweeter. I reply there as well. Questions, Corrections, Comments, Feedback or Ideas: EMAIL ME .

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