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TGIF: Roman Burial, Shooting Starr, and More

By Matt Dawgs Sep 1, 2017 - 11:00 AM print

T.G.I.F. with Matt Dawgs: #410

Good day to you all and welcome to We Want Insanity. I am your host for today, Matt Dawgs and this is my column. Today is the end of the work week and the time to look back at all the goings-on over the past seven days as I wrap it up with a bow and spout it out bit by bit. Buckle up. Enjoy the ride.

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BONUS MATT NOTE: #PrayersForFlair. WWE Hall of Famer “Nature Boy” Ric Flair has begun physical therapy earlier this week and is on his way to recovery. He is still not out of the woods but is improving daily and his situation is no longer considered “life threatening”. That is fantastic news.

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- “Go ahead, I’ll wait. See, it’s called a promo kid. If you’re gonna be the top guy around here, youre gonna need to learn how to do one.” - John Cena to Roman Reigns.

- What the f*ck did I watch on Monday? John Cena completely eviscerated Roman Reigns on live television. Like BADLY. I do not know what the purpose was. I do not know what the goal or end result WWE was hoping for was. All I know is that Cena walked all over Reigns and it was magical television. Maybe WWE officials felt that Reigns needed a fire lit under him for some reason and had John send the message. Maybe WWE just wanted to spice things up a little. Who knows? All I know is that John Cena BURIED the “chosen one” and did exactly what The Rock did to him several years ago. Cena showed why he’s the top guy and Roman isn’t. I mean, come on guys, he was a SAVAGE with this one: “I’m still here because you can’t do your job!!” That was a blatant f*ck you to Reigns if I have ever seen one.

- For the record though, Cena was NOT “shooting” on Reigns as the promos of both men were scripted by Vince McMahon personally and they knew it was coming. I have zero clue as to why WWE would want them to shine a big shining spotlight on the fact that Reigns is not on Cena’s level when it comes to promos though. Real weird decision.

- FYI…Cena’s promo line and Roman pausing to catch his train of thought was edited OFF of the Hulu version, the You Tube version and the Universal HD and Spanish versions of the show.

- They want Reigns to be “the guy” and they want him to be a babyface. I get it. But since they do, why do they have him reiterate that he retired the Undertaker? That is ALWAYS going to garner a heel reaction when he says it and they already boo him enough to begin with.

- The other big news/big burial came during the main event of the show when Alexa Bliss recaptured the WWE RAW Women’s Title defeating Sasha Banks CLEAN. Had Bliss used some nefarious tactic to win back the title then I would be all for it. But earlier in the show during a backstage segment, Bliss called attention to the fact that Banks has NEVER successfully defended the Women’s title despite winning it on 4 separate occasions. She has lost the title in the first title defense of each reign. So when she lost in the main event clean it made her look like the biggest jabronie in the history of time; a complete and utter geek who can’t defend the title. Why draw attention to that fact when they knew she was losing is beyond me.

- The rest of the show was typical paint by numbers by WWE with Jeff Hardy winning a battle royal to get a shot at the I.C. Title next week vs. The Miz. The Battle Royal was a mix of top and B-level talent. Matt Hardy showed more flashes of being “Broken/Awoken”, Finn Balor is going to continue his feud with Bray Wyatt who interfered and eliminated him. That just means that Wyatt will pick up a win in the rematch and we get more 50/50 booking. Plus it also defeats the purpose of Balor unleashing the “Demon”. And finally, Big Show shaved his beard and is clean shaven thus looking 10 years younger. Amazing how that works. I am currently in beard season and with my grey hair that is coming out in full force, I look older than I actually am. Shame because I enjoy having a full beard but there may come a time when I don’t grow it out.

- The Angle/Jordan thing sure seems dead to me. How long before they stop mentioning it completely and pretend it never happened at all? Does anyone think they will just end it without doing an angle to end it?

- Heyman is AWESOME. I really don’t think there is anyone in all of wrestling better than him at building an opponent. He convinces people that all of Lesnar’s opponents are “The real deal” and makes them bigger than they actually are. He puts them over and helps convince fans that they are on Brock’s level. He did it to perfection with Samoa Joe and is now doing the same with Strowman.

- No Braun Strowman which was a disappointment but I get it. They did not want another physical confrontation between he and Brock thus best to keep him off TV since Brock isn’t around next week and Strowman is.

- Seth Rollins lose to Cesaro and Dean Ambrose defeated Sheamus. 50/50. No one gets over. Sigh.

- I have no idea what that Mickie James/Emma angle was all about. They turned a legit match into a Twitter feud? What? And Emma’s new music blows. I miss the old intro.

- If you go back and watch Bayley vs. Banks at the Brooklyn Takeover show and then tell me at the end of that match that WWE was going to BURY both Bayley and Banks so badly that they wouldn’t be over with WWE fans I would have told you that you were a lunatic that knows nothing about wrestling. Just saying. Maybe I give WWE too much credit sometimes. I get when they bury someone after a push because they aren’t good enough or did something to deserve the burial (looking at you Enzo and Baron Corbin) but to bury them for absolutely no f*cking reason other than they don’t know how to book them is mind blowing. Both Bayley and Banks should be super-duper stars. Especially Bayley. SMH.

- Kevin Owens/Shane McMaon/A.J. Styles are carrying Smackdown. Their angle is excellent and Owens really solidified himself as a main event talent. Remember when Jim Cornette got rid of him in ROH for a year because he thought he would never be a star? WOW.

- Tye Dillinger is a solid worker. Great look. But he is done for which is a shame because he could be a decent mid card talent. Instead, JOBBER.

- So Mike and Maria Kanellis are back. A couple of weeks ago I noted that Mike revealed he had overcome addiction to pain killers? Well as it turns out, Maria recently posted that Mike is now 42 days sober. If my math serves me correctly, he completed rehab AFTER he was signed? Either way, not that it matters because this act is dead on arrival. Mike is enhancement talent and Maria was used as an afterthought. It is a crying shame because she can make the act into something special but it appears that they have given up on them completely.

- Bobby Roode’s entrance alone is going to make him a main event star.

- The Usos would 100% benefit by the tag team titles being dual branded. The roster in the tag team division is so limited as they would have more longevity if they could switch brands and defend the titles on both shows.

- I am convinced that WWE has absolutely ZERO CLUE as to what the end game is for the “Fashion Files” with Breezango. They don’t know where they are going with it and instead are just playing week to week.

- I have no clue where they are going with this Dolph Ziggler angle but I can guarantee two things. One, I am curious as to where they are going and am looking forward to the debut of his “new gimmick” of being all flash and no substance. Secondly, I am positive that they don’t have a clue where they are going with it longterm and it will NOT result in a solid push for Ziggler I the end.

- James Ellsworth doesn’t add anything to the Carmella presentation. I think he has worn out his welcome but when he was “suspended”, she was better off without him.

- Natalya to Carmella: “You are gonna be nothing more than the Baron Corbin of the women’s division.” If that wasn’t a kick in the balls for Corbin then nothing is.

- Why in the world does WWE refuse to put Lana back with Rusev? They have tremendous chemistry and are better off together than apart. Lana with a terrible in-ring performer like Tamina sucks.

- Is Orton the new Steve Austin? I don’t mean popularity wise because we all know he isn’t. But Nakamura is still popular despite the lack of solid booking but having Orton hit an RKO on Nakamura and not get booed and no one treating it on commentary like a heel turn makes it seem weird. If it was Cena who randomly hit Nakamura with an AA following their tag match, the announcers would have questioned what Cena was doing and the fans would have booed. Orton hits an RKO and it’s just “Randy being Randy” and no fuss was made.

- Charlotte was back on the road this week including working the dark match main event on Smackdown against Natalya.

- Dana Brooke was also on the road this week despite the terrible tragedy of her boyfriend Dallas McCarver passing away. She won a dark match against Alicia Fox before RAW.

- DOWN GOES JOE!!! Samoa Joe was scheduled to wrestle against John Cena Monday on RAW. Joe however was nowhere to be seen during RAW. This is because last Saturday while wrestling Cena at a live event, he injured his knee and is expected to miss up to 6 weeks of action. No storyline excuse was given for his absence nor will one be given. He will just be held off TV until his return.

- DOWN GOES WOODS!!! Xavier Woods was also injured over the weekend at a WWE Live Event during a tag team match with partner Big E vs. The Usos. Woods injured his left knee and was writhing in pain when the match was stopped and the dreaded “X” was put up by referee Charles Robinson. He was helped to the back by medical personnel however thankfully his injury is only an MCL sprain that will NOT require surgery and only keep him out of action for a few weeks. As noticed on Smackdown, he is still able to travel and can continue to accompany Big E. and Kofi Kingston for matches in the meantime.

- Best of luck to WWE Hall of Famer Booker T and his family as well as Shelton Benjamin and his as they live in Houston. As of now both are all right. Benjamin did manage to somehow get out of Houston and make it to Smackdown this week where he made his return/debut alongside Chad Gable to defeat the Ascension.

- Booker missing RAW was due to the hurricaine but it worked out well since they were in Memphis and Jerry Lawler taking over worked out well.

- Remember the Ascension when they debuted as bad asses? LOLOLOLOLZ.

- Other notable Houston wrestling personalities are Bruce Prichard, MVP and Brooke “Tessmacher” Adams. All are ok.

- Enzo Amore’s debut on 205 Live was watched over 1,000,000 times which is by far the most number of people to watch anything related to 205 live since the Cruiserweight Classic.

- Enzo is however still up the creek as he was apparently bragging about spending $10,000 on front row tickets for the Floyd Mayweather vs. Conor McGregor fight and posting all sorts of pics with celebrities which is one of the reasons he got kicked off the bus by Roman Reigns during a live event loop a few months ago.

- No one has any clue as to why the Undertaker was backstage at Summerslam and RAW last week in Brooklyn. He was there but it had nothing to do with returning to action nor did it have to do with anything involving the 2K game.

- Tommasso Ciampa’s injuries were apparently significantly worse than originally diagnosed as he has had 3 surgeries in the last 12 weeks. He got all of his injuries operated on rather than trying to heal them all. In addition to his knee, his arm is currently in a sling and he was having neck issues prior to his knee injury. So he likely fixed everything at the same time. No word on how long he is sidelined for but originally it was 6 – 8 months.

- WWE has signed Kacy Catanzaro of American Ninja Warrior fame as she was the first woman to ever complete the ANW course. They have also signed Shadia Bseiso who is a television personality from Dubai of Lebanese descent.

- WWE is still planning on holding their own U.K. show on the Network with the current plan for it to begin in December. A lot of the delay has to do with the U.K. Tournament despite being a success from an in-ring standpoint and viewers on the Network, was a financial loss as a draw/production aspect of it.

- I’ve watched the first 4 episodes of the Mae Young Classic and I must say that I am impressed. The woman are really solid and seeing a lot of girls who I have heard of for a while but never really got an opportunity to see is good. It was also a big disappointing to see people who have had a lot of buzz that did NOT look as good as the hype was. I am looking at you Marti Belle. Abby Laith, Dakota Kai, Mia Yim, Tessa Blanchard, Toni Storm and Jazzy Gabert all looked tremendous. So did Sara Logan a.k.a. Crazy Mary Dobson. Some of these women in the tournament are main roster ready right now.

- FUN FACT: Marti Belle was scheduled to win her match over Rachel Evers however apparently she looked so bad that the referee was given word during the match to change the finish and the ref informed them both that Evers was to go over clean with her finish. That match was also HEAVILY edited down from the original incarnation. OUCH.

- Good to see Serena Deeb back. I always liked her. She does look significantly different with hair now and having her implants completely removed. I mean, yes getting them did in fact get her signed originally but having them completely removed looks WAY different. She went from a DD cup to an A cup. It is noticeable.

- Shayna Baszler looked FANTASTIC. Solid booking of her as a bad ass bully. I am hoping and praying that Mercedes Martinez gets signed. No female with the exception of Sara Del Rey (Sara Amato) deserves it more.

- Former WWE Diva Eva Marie Torres-Gracie and her husband Rener Gracie were at the WWE Performance Center all this week teaching a jiu-jitsu class.

- E!’s “Total Bellas” returns next Wednesday.

- John Cena has signed to do voiceovers on a new animated series for You Tube Red called “Dallas and Robo”. He will co-star as Robo alongside Kat Dennings as the voice of Dallas. They are “space truckers”.

- Major props to Sami Zayn and his “Sami for Syria” fundraising campaign. His original goal of fundraising was $10,000 and he has now raised $70,000 to date. That is awesome. The goal is go help the Syrian American Medical Society to build a mobile clinic in Syria to assist those without healthcare.

- The headliner being thrown around for the 2018 WWE Hall of Fame for New Orleans is Batista. Nothing has been confirmed but that is who they are likely targeting. WWE has a standing invitation out to both The Undertaker and The Rock for whenever they want to go in. It is completely up to them on induction and they will be the headliner for whenever they choose.


- GFW has reached a deal with Pop TV to continue their television arrangement throughout 2018. While I am sure this is a good deal for Pop TV due to the fact that they pay GFW next to nothing for programming and a good deal for GFW since it means they will remain on television for another year, this is NOT going to help GFW grow an audience or grow financially. Status quo until 2019 now.

- Low- Ki leaving the promotion was 100% booking related and NOT financial. He was fine with his pay agreement. The difference of opinion came because he was booked to be in a World title program with Alberto El Patron and was looking forward to being in the main event angle of the promotion. When El Patron was stripped and gone from the promotion, he was going to be moved back into the X-Division and he was not interested in the demotion. He wanted to continue on in the main event but they felt differently. Not for nothing but he was 100% right. He should have been kept in the upper tier and in the title picture.

- El Patron IS expected back with the company for the November television tapings. He is their “big surprise” for that set of tapings.

- Despite NOT being at the last tapings and thus not on television until November at the earliest, Homicide is still with GFW. He was kept off the tapings because GFW had to cut some costs and not fly some talents in. He fell into that bracket. He is still with GFW and still a part of LAX and will return in November.

- While I am still fed up with authority figure angles in wrestling, I am at least ok with Jim Cornette being a babyface instead of a heel. He has also been booked to look competent instead of WWE booking that tries to undercut their babyface authority figures like Angle, Shane and Bryan. No one has been able to “one up” Cornette on TV since he debuted/returned.

- Despite “finding God” and leaving wrestling well over a year ago, I think Taryn Terrill “lost him” along the way because in no way does a person who found religion wear the outfit she wore in her return to GFW. Holy sh*t. I’m not complaining though. Just saying.

Ring of Honor / Lucha Underground / Independent / International News and Notes:

- Last week I noted that Minoru Suzuki will be making his first U.S. appearance in over 25 years for Ring of Honor on September 22nd. Well not only will it be his 1st appearance but it will be for the ROH World Title as he will challenge Cody for the belt in the main event of the “Death Before Dishonor” PPV. Originally the main event of this show was supposed to be Cody defending against Dalton Castle but Castle is now sidelined with a back injury.

- The Young Bucks will be working twice on the above mentioned show. They will defend the ROH Tag Team Titles against the Motor City Machine Guns of Chris Sabin and Alex Shelly then teaming with Hangman Page to defend the ROH Trios Titles against The Kingdom of Matt Taven, T.K. O’Reilly and Vinny Marseglia.

- IWGP World Champion Kazuchika Okada was named #1 on Pro Wrestling Illustrated’s “PWI 500” list. This marks the first time in history that a Japanese wrestler took the top spot on the list.

- Congrats to Eddie Edwards for becoming the 1st ever American to capture the Pro Wrestling NOAH GHC Heavyweight Championship last weekend. Edwards defeated Katsuhiko Nakajima to win the title.

- The legendary Dr. Wagner Jr. lost his mask at TripleMania to Psycho Clown. He was revealed as 52 year old Juan M anuel-Gonzalez. For losing his mask, Wagner received the HIGHEST pay day in Lucha Libre history earning $255,000 for losing his mask. WOW.

- Also noteworthy coming out of TripleMania was the actions of Sexy Starr. In a 4 way Women’s match, Starr picked up the victory over Rosemary of TNA/GFW fame by submitting her with an arm bar. Problem is, for some reason still not known, Starr LEGIT applied the arm bar and popped Rosemary’s elbow out of socket causing an injury. She also did not immediately let go of the hold at the finish and cranked it in tighter after the submission before finally letting go. She has taken a TON of heat for it from most of the wrestlers in the business once word of the story started getting around. This is a big negative on Starr as if you have a legitimate gripe with someone you are working with; you handle it outside or in the locker room. In the ring however is sacred and you are supposed to trust your opponents with your life. If you get stiffed in the ring, you can throw a stiff shot back as a receipt so long as you don’t try to break something. But if it is more than that, you settle it backstage by either talking it out or if it comes down to it, fighting; but NEVER in the ring. There are a ton of people including Road Dog in WWE who have effectively blackballed her noting that she will not work for many companies moving forward.

- Also, Sexy Starr isn’t helping her cause much with her statement translated into English: “These past days have been very difficult for me. On Saturday, I had a championship match and it was rough. I think everything just got out of hand. I don't know. It's a situation that right now, I'm still a bit confused about. I want to remain silent for the time being and when the time comes, I will touch upon this topic. Men and women want to end me, retire me from the sport. I'm here like I said from the beginning and I won't stop representing all the women that have been mistreated and abused physically and psychologically. I have to be stronger. At one time, I went through depression and I managed to get out of that predicament and I will get out of this one as well. I was doing what I felt needed to be done, what people deserve, and that is to fight tooth and nail to the end. That's what happened and I made her surrender. It seems that (Rosemary) is injured. I just don't know. That's the only thing I can say."

- Rosemary revealed that her injury was NOT as serious as first feared and she is only suffering from a strained and bruised triceps. There is no tearing; only swelling.

- PWG’s “Battle for Los Angeles” weekend begins tonight. This annual show usually puts on some of the best matches of the year.

- I’ve said this a million times before but please do not do backyard wrestling if you are untrained and if you are trained, please make sure it is by a reputable trainer/school. Also, if you have been trained and wrestling for some time, do not go into the ring with an untrained back yarder. William Ogletree, an independent wrestler in Oklahoma City died last weekend following a match where he landed incorrectly on a spinebuster due to a severe head injury. It was his FIRST EVER match. Just terrible.

- WhatCulture in the U.K. held the finals of their 64 man tournament with New Japan’s Kushida defeating Will Ospreay in the finals. The match of the tournament also took place over the weekend with Ospreay defeating Rey Mysterio to make the finals. It was an incredible match that you should go out of your way to see and featured an incredible post-match promo by both men with Ospreay crying due to Mysterio being his idol and reason for getting into wrestling to begin with.

- The Crash promotion have reached a deal with CMLL to allow Rush and Pierroth work for both promotions which is a big deal since this significantly hurts AAA who was hoping that Rush would jump to them.

- CMLL also made a big deal this week with a local Mexican insurance company called Segura Popular Insurance. Everyone in CMLL from announcers to workers to front office will be insured medically by Segura Popular.

- Props to a href="https://www.pwinsider.com target="_blank">MIKE JOHNSON for getting this exclusive comment from MGM which clears up everything that has been going on with Lucha Underground regarding their talent and taking bookings outside of LU. The quote he got says it all: “LU performers have, from the start, been allowed to work non-televised events. There are many performers who desire to work internationally on non-televised shows, and MGM would never improperly block a cast member who is honoring his or her obligations to Lucha Underground from earning that type of income during a long production hiatus.” So when Dorian Roldan pulls talents from shows, you now know that it is 100% him lying to promotions and talents and not official from Lucha Underground.

MMA News and Notes:

- And it is done, the biggest combat sports fight in history is over and Floyd Mayweather defeated Conor McGregor by TKO in the 10th round despite an incredible effort by McGregor as he actually won the first 4 rounds before tiring out. He at no point hurt Mayweather but did out point him in the early rounds before Mayweather just took charge and dominated the next 5 rounds with relative ease. Mayweather officially retired following the fight noting he is not coming back again and will retire with a 50 – 0 record.

- The fight was A LOT closer than the judges’ scorecards showed. No way should they have given Mayweather the first few rounds like they did.

- Dana White is claiming that the show did 6.5 million PPV buys. That number would be international however with a number that big internationally, odds are that it has surpassed the 4.8 million in the U.S. that Mayweather vs. Pacquiao did.

- Floyd Mayweather earned a base salary of $100,000,000 for his fight last weekend against Conor McGregor. Conor earned $30,000,000. Once all of the PPV buy rate numbers come in, both will earn significantly more with Floyd expected to take the lion’s share of over $300,000,000 and Conor making over $100,000,000. UFC’s cut will be about $50,000,000.00 which is more than they have EVER made on one UFC PPV.

- When it is all said and done, this fight made more money in one night than UFC and WWE makes in ONE YEAR.

- McGregor is also already thinking long term so he wouldn’t have to fight ever again even though he says he wants to. He announced that he is starting his own Irish whiskey brand as well as a McGregor clothing line.

- The start of the fight was delayed significantly due to many PPV distributors having issues broadcasting the fight due to a late influx of orders. That is a good sign for final PPV numbers despite some people getting refunds for not being able to successfully order or ordering and not being able to see the fight.

- There definitely was some frustration with boxing purists in my book regarding the coverage of this fight. For example, boxing interviewer Jim Gray did a backstage interview with Conor before the fight. He noted that a lot of people were surprised that Conor made weight. I am clueless as to who these people are considering that Conor has fought in MMA at 145 lbs. and this fight was at 154. Is it really that hard to get some facts in order before you make stupid comments like that as well as show some respect for MMA?

- When it was all said and done, McGregor confirmed in more than one interview that he is absolutely planning on fighting in UFC again. It is just a matter of the right opponent and the right time. But he will definitely be back. He is looking to fight Nate Diaz for the rubber match but noted that he wants it at 155 lbs. if they do. Diaz however is tossing around a $20,000,000 figure that he wants for that fight. No chance of that happening. UFC does want McGregor back and was hoping he could fight on the year-end show on December 30th, hopefully against Diaz.

- Follow the leader I guess. Jose Aldo noted that once his UFC contract is done, he would like to move into professional boxing.

- McGregor vs. Mayweather was not the only big event that took place last Saturday as Ronda Rousey and longtime boyfriend Travis Browne were married in Hawaii alongside few family and friends. UFC President Dana White noted that he was in fact invited but obviously could not go due to being in Las Vegas for the fight. She, Browne and her friends have all posted photos from Hawaii including of Ronda in her wedding dress. The wedding was scheduled since BEFORE the Mayweather vs. McGregor fight was announced.

- Michael Chiesa has signed a new 4 fight deal with UFC.

- In an interview on the MMA Hour, Daniel Cormier revealed that he would absolutely fight Jon Jones again and thinks he can beat Jones if Jones is clean. He also noted that realistically he doesn’t think that will ever come about however because if Jones is suspended, the fight would be years away and Cormier isn’t sure he would still be fighting by the time Jones is cleared to return. Cormier turns 40 in two years and Jones likely will be suspended for a minimum of 3. UFC cannot officially strip Jones however until his B-sample is tested and any appeals are filed and complete which could take months. So despite failing the test, Jones is still technically UFC Light Heavyweight Champion. So the entire Light Heavyweight division is up in the air until all of this is sorted. Realistically, the entire division is going to have a hard time being a draw for UFC for a long time as Jones failing again did significant damage since he is still considered by many the top name in the division and whomever becomes champion in his absence is going to be considered a “paper champion” since they never beat him for it.

UFC 215 is on Saturday, September 9th, 2017 from Edmonton Alberta Canada and the line-up is as follows:

  • UFC FLYWEIGHT TITLE: Demetrious Johnson © vs. Ray Borg
  • UFC WOMEN’S BANTAMWEIGHT TITLE: Amanda Nunes © vs. Valentina Shevchenko
  • Gilbert Melendez vs. Jeremy Stephens
  • Henry Cejudo vs. Wilson Reis
  • UFC 216 is on Saturday, October 7th, 2017 from Las Vegas Nevada and the line-up is as follows:

  • INTERIM UFC LIGHTWEIGHT TITLE: Tony Ferguson vs. Kevin Lee
  • Nik Lentz vs. Will Brooks
  • Paige VanZant vs. Jessica Eye
  • Stephen Thompson vs. Jorge Masvidal
  • Fabricio Werdum vs. Derrick Lewis
  • UFC 217 is on Saturday, November 4th, 2017 from New York, New York and the line-up is as follows:

  • UFC MIDDLEWEIGHT TITLE: Michael Bisping © vs. George St. Pierre
  • UFC BANTAMWEIGHT TITLE: Cody Garbrandt © vs. T.J. Dillashaw
  • Johnny Hendricks vs. Paulo Borrachinha
  • UFC 218 is on Saturday, December 2nd, 2017 from Detroit Michigan and the line-up is as follows:

  • TBD vs. TBD
  • UFC 219 is on Saturday, December 30th, 2017 from Las Vegas Nevada and the line-up is as follows:

  • TBD vs. TBD
  • Random Thoughts, Links, Pics, ETC.

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    - BONUS Random ARTICLE of the week PART 3: Hopefully this is the end of it and hopefully this little b*tch gets murdered for her role/part in all of it.

    - BONUS Random ARTICLE of the week PART 4: I truly believe the officer was being sarcastic with his comments. He absolutely didn’t mean what he said. That being said, I really can’t fault them over his firing. It was a terrible idea to say especially in this p*ssified America. Poor judgment and it is costing him his job.

    - BONUS Random ARTICLE of the week PART 5: F*ck these stores. I am 100% against looting, especially during times of crisis but I wouldn’t blame a single soul if they raided these stores and took them for everything they got. Assh*les.

    - Apple announced that they are hosting an “event” on Tuesday, September 12th. This will be the latest iPhone announcement for iPhone 8.

    - WB has confirmed that “Shazam” has officially started production despite no announcement of casting for the character SHAZAM!!!!!

    - Finished Netflix’s “Ozark”. A very solid show and I enjoyed the storyline and the acting was excellent but after all of the reviews I read on social media, I was expecting the second coming of “Breaking Bad” and that it was NOT. It is nowhere near the upper tier shows on television. Good, Yes. Great, No.

    - Season 3 of “Narcos” dropped today. I hope to have it finished by next Friday.

    - Congrats to actor Neal McDonough (Damien Darhk of Arrow/Flash/Legends of Tomorrow) as he revealed via his Instagram that he is one-year sober. That means he had his “demons” during his WB Arrow-verse stint. He will be once again reprising his role on this season of “Legends of Tomorrow”.

    ~Matt Dawgs

    Feel free to discuss whatever you'd like on the “Board” where I can do my best to answer anything you’d like. Also drop a comment in the comment box below as I try my best to answer in a timely fashion. You can also tweet me on the tweeter. I reply there as well. Questions, Corrections, Comments, Feedback or Ideas: EMAIL ME .

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