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TGIF: John Cena's Temporary Ric Flair Love and More

By Matt Dawgs Dec 21, 2012 - 12:36 PM print

T.G.I.F. with Matt Dawgs: #187

Good day to you all and welcome to We Want Insanity. I am your host for today, Matt Dawgs and this is my column. Today is the end of the work week and the time to look back at all the goings-on over the past seven days as I wrap it up with a bow and spout it out bit by bit. Buckle up. Let's go...


MATT NOTE: Wanted to wish everyone a safe and happy holiday season. There will be NO T.G.I.F. next week. I will try to blog my daily blog but definitely no column on Friday. Should be a slow news week anyway since there is no UFC show this weekend and WWE taped next weeks shows (which according to spoilers are un-newsworthy). So enjoy your holiday.



- Well that certainly was an eventful episode of Monday Night Raw which completely overshadowed the TLC PPV - which by the way had two excellent matches on it with the Shield’s in-ring debut (which was awesome) and the MITB Ladder match with John Cena vs. Dolph Ziggler. But as noted, RAW made most forget about the PPV as the 3-hour Slammy Award show was full of surprises from start to finish highlighted by the return of 2-time WWE Hall of Famer, “Nature Boy” Ric Flair to the company. Flair came out to introduce the “Superstar of the Year” which was won by John Cena. Cena put Flair over in a promo and gave him the award for being the biggest Superstar of all time. Once Cena left and Flair was about to speak, he was interrupted by WWE Champion CM Punk and Paul Heyman. After baiting him for several minutes, Flair challenged Punk to a fight and went to the ring. On crutches, Punk accepted. In the ring, Punk blindsided Flair with a crutch and was about to go to town on him. Flair, being the dirtiest player in the game, poked him in the eye and ran off Punk. He then locked Heyman in the Figure Four and made him tap. He then went to cut a promo and after a few minutes of talking, was interrupted by The Shield. He challenged them to a fight and they began beating him down. Daniel Bryan and Kane made the save and it was an all out brawl. But…the Shield once again gained advantage and was about to finish off Flair before Ryback came out and cleaned house with the tag champs and Flair ending the segment. Good overall return for Flair.

- Ric Flair RETURNS.


- The Shield BRAWLING with Team Hell No and Ric Flair.

- SIDE WTF NOTE: So John Cena gives his award to Flair as a tribute out of respect. Cena leaves and then lets CM Punk bash him, threaten him and almost beat him up and then the Shield comes out to try and end Flair for good. WHERE THE F*CK DID CENA GO?!?!?! Did he leave the building? Was he taking a sh*t? I don’t get it. Why honor Flair then leave without saving him?

- For the record, Flair's music playing BEFORE they went to commercial but after Michael Cole said they had a special surprise presenter was ON PURPOSE. It was done to give fans a chance to call friends and get them to watch when they came back from break to see Flair. It was presented as a mistake because when they came back from break, it wasn't acknowledged. But it was on purpose.

- CM Punk is AWESOME.

- That certainly wasn’t where the surprises stopped though. The New Age Outlaws (Road Dogg and Billy Gunn) introduced an award. Ricky Steamboat (in his first television appearance since suffering a brain bleed several years back), Mean Gene Okerlund & Jim Ross presented an award. We had an appearance by the Boogeyman. A backstage appearance by Ron Simmons. Tommy Dreamer made his WWE return (in Philadelphia so imagine the reaction he got) to team with Miz and Alberto Del Rio vs. 3MB. Dreamer picked up the win with a DDT. Triple H made his first television appearance since “retiring” at the hands of Brock Lesnar to accept Match of the Year vs. The Undertaker. It was also his first television appearance with his new haircut. He then promised that we haven’t seen the last of Taker yet. And finally, we witnessed the debut of NXT World Champion Big E. Langston who if you do not know, is a MONSTER of a man who is best known for bench pressing 700 lbs in the John Cena training video for his Mania match vs. The Rock. Langston was introduced by A.J. as he came out and laid Cena out to end the show. He is 5'11 and 290lbs.

- Langston is an interesting call up because while he is ok in the ring, he is not ready for a main event style. He is passable and much better than the other monsters they have called up like Ezekiel Jackson and Mason Ryan so that is a plus. He is also talented on the mic and has a ton of charisma. The other issue is, this shows that WWE has no planning as Langston was recently chosen to be NXT Champion in the wake of Seth Rollins being called up from developmental. So he has been NXT champ for 3 weeks now. If they are calling him up full time, that belt is now going to have to switch again. PS - on NXT, Big E. Langston is a babyface.

- Remember last week when I said I feel bad for the writing team for this week because of TLC, RAW and the Live commercial free Smackdown? Well I was mistaken. The writing team had a week from hell because not only did they have a 3 hour TLC PPV followed by a 3 hour RAW followed by a live commercial free 2 hour Smackdown but they also had to tape a 1 hour episode of the Main Event, 3 hours of RAW for next week, 1 hour of the main event for next week and 2 hours of Smackdown for next week. 15 hours of total television time were written this week. INSANITY.

- WWE discussed using the recent TMZ pictures of John Cena with Nikki Bella as part of the explanation for A.J.’s turn on Cena. I do believe they want Nikki to appear as part of the storyline however there is no word on whether Nikki wants to briefly return.

- Flair is NOT signed to a deal as of yet. According to sources within the WWE, Flair was brought in as a “guest” for the Slammy’s and he was paid for the appearance but not under any deal. WWE did a good job at keeping his return a secret from leaking. Flair spoke to WWE.com following RAW and said, “WWE is the best place and the ONLY place in the world to work.” LOL.

- Randy Orton’s injury is a separated shoulder. This could be serious for Orton as he has had a history of shoulder separations and them constantly happening could cause serious damage in the future. For those wondering what happened, Orton was inured at Tribute to the Troops during the tag team match. It separated when....he threw a punch at the Big Show. Yep, throwing a punch. He continued to work on it for a few before making a hot tag and rolling out the ring. Medics came to ringside and popped it back in. He then tagged back in and hit an RKO (using his injured shoulder) for the finish.

- Sin Cara was working through a knee injury and it showed in both his work and his appearance as he hasn’t been able to workout properly. WWE is extremely concerned because he was written off television on Smackdown in order to get surgery on a torn ACL and it may throw a kink into their Rey Mysterio vs. Sin Cara plans for Wrestlemania this year. WWE feels that Rey is on borrowed time health and age wise and if it doesn’t happen this year, it may never happen. If Sin Cara needs surgery, Mania plans might be scrapped.

- Rey Mysterio was also written off TV at Smackdown. Assuming it was because of Sin Cara being written out however he has been dealing with some “personal family issues” and was recently given time off to deal with them so his exit may be due to that as well. WWE officials are saying that he is NOT injured but who knows when it comes to Rey.

- Problem with taping things out of order is continuity. Randy Orton was "attacked" by the Shield last week on Smackdown to write him out due to his shoulder seperation. He actually got injured the weekend before at the Tribute to the Troops taping. Here is where it gets tricky. He got hurt at Tribute to the Troops which aired on television AFTER the Smackdown angle where het got hurt. Problem is, commentary for the Tribute show took place AFTER Smackdown. So Michael Cole made mention that Orton is working hurt due to the attack from Smackdown last week by the Shield. On the very same show though, Sin Cara was in action AFTER being injured by the Shield on the LIVE Smackdown the night before. But commentary was filmed BEFORE then so no mention was made to Sin Cara or his injury.

- 3MB said last week that they were going to perform on RAW this week. I saw all of RAW, did I accidently miss their performance?

- As witnessed by the Diva’s battle royal on the TLC pre-show on Sunday, WWE officials are high on Naomi and plan on her getting more of a push in the division in the upcoming months. She is said to be the best all around athlete in the division.

- Is Tensai done? RAW was a complete burial of him. From jobbing to Kofi to JBL burying him on commentary (JBL said maybe Tensai should go back to Japan) to falling on his way out to introduce a Slammy to being buried to his face by Santino to being called Fat Albert. What the hell was that about? It was especially surprising since they have been burying him and Brodus Clay simultaneously yet Clay actually won his first match in a long time on Monday. Not a good sign for Albert/Tensai. Then on Smackdown, clean job to Santino Marella. Remember when he was signed it was to originally be placed in a main event feud with John Cena? Boy do things change..

- I like a Dolph/A.J. pairing. I think she would make a good heel valet for him. Also, A.J. being nominated 4 times for best kiss is GOLD.

- Alberto Del Rio took to Twitter following the TLC PPV to state that he isn’t a “good guy”. He noted: “Don’t any of you get an ideas that I am a good guy. If you mess with my best friend, all rules go out the window!!” Originally I thought that this was Alberto’s attempt to maintain an edge as a babyface especially since he worked as one on RAW as well but...for next week's RAW taping, he worked as a heel vs. John Cena in the main event of the show. Weird. 

- With the Del Rio face turn, WWE has scrapped the Rosa Mendes being linked with him angle. Tough break for her.

- RAW solidified WWE’s feelings on Antonio Cesaro this past week as he got in a TON of offense on Ryback and managed to lose via count out after leaving the ring rather than losing cleanly like everyone else. He did lose clean to Ryback on Smackdown but was given a ton of offense and looked good. WWE officials are very high on Cesaro and he is expected to continue his push over the next few months into the main event. Vince McMahon is said to personally like his style of wrestling as it is unique in that he does a lot of different things that many wrestlers today do not do.

- They are also high on Cesaro due to his toughness as he has been working with torn tendons in his thimb for a few months as well as two broken bones in his fingers. Amazing.

- Miz is still f*cking awful. Hate him. Del Rio, 2 days into his babyface turn is already a gazillion times better as a face than Miz is. PS – someone took the time at RAW to make a sign that read “I just Mizzed in my pants.”

- All the bonus guests at RAW this week were part of the new initiative to bring back older talents to the programs in order to temporarily boost ratings. WWE was going to go ahead with this starting earlier this year with the 1,000th RAW but then backed away from it. They are now trying again.

- You may have noticed RAW did not open with a pyro display. That was by design. RAW is likely not going to use pyro to start the show. Normally it was specific US buildings that wouldn't allow it but now it is a WWE thing.

- WWE is advertising The Rock for both the January 7th RAW from Tampa and the January 8th Smackdown taping in his hometown of Miami.

- The Rock back IN 2006.

- The Rock IN 2012.

- The live Smackdown on Tuesday was in Pittsburgh and WWE COO Triple H met with Bruno Sammartino in person to try and push Bruno to accept a WWE Hall of Fame induction. No word on how the meeting went but Bruno has said in many interviews recently that he likes Triple H very much from the few times they have spoken on the phone. Finalizing a deal would be a major coup for Hunter.

- Speaking of the live Smackdown, it was similar to RAW in the angles that were shot but the show does feel different with new talents in the mix. Dolph Ziggler is finally a main event talent and adding A.J. to his act so they can make out every 5 minutes is funny. Big E Langston is great in his role as A.J.’s “friend” who doesn’t like that John Cena broke her heart. Translation: Big E has a crush on A.J. The Shield continuing to run roughshod on people is GOLD. Good stuff all around.

- Even though he didn’t wrestle in one of the gimmick matches at TLC, somehow R-Truth managed to get THIS .


- John Laurinaitis was backstage at both TLC and RAW this week so it is safe to say he is back on the road full time with the company. He is the lead agent at live events in that he books the shows and comes up with the finishes.

- Per Zack Ryder’s Twitter: “Last year at TLC I won the US title. This year I got an email saying that I wasn’t be needed.”  I wonder if there is anyone more miserable in WWE than Ryder right now? He still gets big reactions from the crowd, he was not used at TLC which was practically in his home town, he was booked on RAW to present the "Trending" award which he was nominated for and honestly if it was a legit vote, he would have won since he is the most internet/social media friendly person in WWE and had to present an award he should have won. That will teach talent not to get themselves over. LOL.

- What happened to "Fandango"?

- I am not sure of the details yet but as of right now, December 21st, there is talk that the Wrestlemania card has been COMPLETELY REVAMPED with the exception of Triple H vs. Brock Lesnar. That could possibly mean that CM Punk will retain the title at the Rumble and that John Cena vs. The Rock will NOT take place at Mania. No details yet but we should know more over the next few weeks.

- RAW for the New Year will be starting with a bang as CM Punk is scheduled to defend the WWE title vs. Ryback on the January 7th RAW in Tampa in a TLC match.This is a BOLD move by WWE because while they are looking to pop a rating to start off 2013, they are going up against College Football's BCS National Championship game.

- WWE has surprisingly began negotiating with one investment company to bring on as a partner for the WWE Network. This is a HUGE deal because it will mean that Vince McMahon will not have complete control of the Network when it launches and will have to share decision making abilities. And in case you are wondering why the WWE is so adamant about starting their own Network, even though they won't have the same amount of success as the NFL, the NFL released their network numbers and they are set to make $975 million in revenue from their network this year. Read that number again.

- In an in depth interview with New York Hot 97 DJ Peter Rosenberg, The Big Show noted that he chatted with Mark Henry at the Tribute to the Troops show and that Henry told him that he still isn't medically cleared to return and that he wasn't sure he would return anyway. He said that he was considering taking another role within the promotion if he does not come back to wrestle. He also said what everyone else in the company says in that he sees Dolph Ziggler as a top star in the company as a babyface and that Ziggler should begin using the Superkick as his finsher like Shawn Michaels did (which is interesting because that is what he beat John Cena with at TLC which happened AFTER the interview).

- WWE Divas Champion Eve Torres is becoming more and more involved in promotion for Gracie Jiu Jitsu and is expected to become the female face of the brand. It is also likley going to be her fallback plan once she decides to leave the company which is something many people within WWE expect to happen sooner rather than later due to her recent engagement to a Gracie and more facetime in Gracie Jiu Jitsu.

- TNA Star Bully Ray (formerly Bubba Ray Dudley) got into it with a fan via Twitter after Ray made the following comments about TLC: "Dudleys, Hardys, E&C...still the KINGS of TLC. Anybody doubt that? Of course not. #BULLYNATION." A fan replied: “Someone is feeling ireelevant” and Bully Ray responded: “Not really douche bag, just proud of what we did. #gotohell. Adios Jerky.”

- Even though he has publically denied it, former WWE Star Shelton Benjamin is negotiating with WWE. He was released from his Ring of Honor contract so he can talk to WWE. He will still work ROH until a deal is finalized however he may sign before ROH’s next show as with last weekend’s ROH Final Battle iPPV, ROH has no remaining shows in 2012.

- WWE officials have currently been working on getting former WWE talent Scott Hall back into WWE sponsored rehab. Hall was once again hospitalized recently due to a complication from the myriad of medications he is taking. I am honestly amazed that he is still breathing.

- Former WWE Star Justin Credible announced via his Facebook page that he had recently completed a 35 day stint at a WWE Sponsored rehab. Congrats to him.

- THQ, the video game company that develops the WWE 13 video game has filed for bankruptcy and WWE issued a press release noting that they are "following" the developments in the case. Many people seem to think they are following the case due to wanting to purchase the company but the reason they are in fact following the case is because THQ owes WWE approximately $45 MILLION DOLLARS.

- Since most of her settlement has been thrown out of court, WWE reached out to the widow of Owen Hart, Martha, in order ot reach a settlement. They were going to give her a cash settlement in exchange for Owen Hart being inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame but she has turned them down.

- Former longtime WWE referee Jimmy Korderas who worked for WWE as a referee from 1988 – 2008 is going to be releasing an autobiography on his time in the company. The book is titled “The Three Count: My Life in Stripes as a WWE Referee” and is titled to be released on April 1st.

- I bet not too many people have EVER SEEN THIS.

- I am definitely not sure what this means but a reader has found two instances on WWE On Demand where Jim Ross references “He Who Shall Not Be Named” during matches and the name was not censored. I am not sure if WWE is softening their stance in regards to him or if it was just a technical error by the production team.

- Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson says “ STEP UP YOUR SQUAT GAME !!!!”

- Episode 96 of " Z! True Long Island Story ".



- Last week, Buff Bagwell stated in an interview that he has had some conversations with Eric Bischoff about coming into TNA. Bischoff recently tweeted that he has had no communication with former WCW star Marcus “Buff” Bagwell about him coming into TNA. As a matter of fact, Bischoff claims he has not spoken to Bagwell in over 15 years. Someone isn’t telling the truth here.

- Magnus will be back starting with the UK tour in the new year. He was written out due to an Aces & Eights injury in order for him to play the Genie in a UK play of Aladdin.

- Is it just me or is Hulk Hogan over exposed? He seems to be involved in everything on the show and way too many segments.

- I feel bad for Bully Ray. I honestly do. He has completely reinvented his career and is a legitimate main event talent from speaking to workrate to gimmick. I am blown away that he decided to return to TNA a few months ago when his contract expired because he would be GOLDEN in WWE. But I am assuming that all of these people are staying with TNA due to the lawsuit they have against WWE. Either that or Stockholm Syndrome.

- 1/3/13 is Sting. TNA confirmed it last night for some reason. Had they kept the suspense, they may have added a few more viewers since that show is LIVE.

- Where is Mr. Anderson? Wasn't he a main event level player in WWE and then immediately when he was brought to TNA?

- Bischoff/Hervey Entertainment purchased a 50% stake in MX Digitial which is a game devloper of casino style betting games. This deal is said to be major as MX Digital distributes games to over 20 countries and sources say that their stock could triple over the next several years.

Independent / International News and Notes:

- Ring of Honor held their annual "Final Battle" iPPV last weekend and nothing major or noteworthy came out of it other than the fact that Kevin Steen and El Generico managed to almost kill themselves in what had to blow away any of the gimmick matches at the TLC PPV which followed it later in the day.

- Jerry Lynn has been doing a lot of interviews as he winds down his career and in a recent interview Lynn was asked who his least favorite opponent was. Surprisingly, the answer was ROB VAN DAM. Lynn said that when he went to ECW, he told Paul Heyman that he didn’t want to get hit in the head with frying pans or any of that garbage.

- Lynn also worked his final ROH match at the show mentioned above and cut a heartfelt and honest promo discussing ROH. He did make mention that ROH has been losing money since day one which absolutely means that the purchase by Sinclair Broadcasting has not turned the ship around and they are still operating at a loss.

- In a ridiculously dumb move, Nigel McGuiness has been removed as color commentator of television and iPPV due to his role as Commissioner/Authority Figure. McGuiness and Kevin Kelly were a hell of a team and having your authority figure in a position to get over angles would have been good business.

- I guess the damage in Pro Wresting NOAH was already done. When I reported that Japanese legend Kenta Kobashi was fired by Pro Wrestling NOAH, several top talents were going to leave at the end of the year over it. Kobashi then announced that he was not fired but in fact decided to retire on his own due to a history of injuries. Well apparently, this did not satisfy the top talents in the promotion as NOAH president Akira Taue announced that Jun Akiyama, Go Shiozaki, Yoshinobu Kanemaru, Kotaro Suzuki and Atsushi Aoki would be leaving the promotion at the end of the year following next week's NOAH shows. This is a pretty big blow to the already stuggling NOAH group.

- PRO WRESTLING SYNDICATE continues to bring the entertainment that no one else does. They, like everyone else in the New York/New Jersey area, are hosting shows on Wrestlemania weekend. The thing is, they bring all sorts of entertainment for everyone. Already confirmed for the show is....FOR THE FIRST TIME EVER....The Rock & Roll Express vs. Demolition as well as John Morrision vs. La Parka. Also scheduled to appear are Bret "Hitman" Hart and "Superstar" Billy Graham.

MMA News and Notes

- UFC President Dana White has not only confirmed the upcoming UFC Welterweight title bout between champion George St. Pierre and Nick Diaz but he has filled out the main entire line-up of that card. Carlos Condit will face off with Rory MacDonald (who is coming off the destruction of B.J. Penn) and Johny Hendricks will fight Jake Ellenberger. The reason Hendricks is put on the card is because should Nick Diaz end up doing something “Nick Diaz-like”, Hendricks will be in camp and ready to take his place since he is number one contender to GSP’s title. Problem is, should Ellenberger defeat Hendricks then Hendricks will lose his title shot. So it is a tough situation for him. The show will take place on March 16th in Montreal. This is a MAJOR show because the top 3 fights all involve # 1 - 6 of the Welterweight division all on one show.

- White reiterated that the reason for GSP/Diaz is because GSP asked for it and when a champion like GSP asks for a favor after NEVER asking for one, you have to grant it. He also noted that GSP vs. Silva WILL HAPPEN but GSP wants a few more fights at Welterweight first. he feels like he has to slowly gain weight to move up and that once he starts that process, he does not plan on dropping back to Welterweight. It will be permanent.

- UFC is planning on opening a Brazil office in 2013 and plans on having local versions fo The Ultimate Fighter in China, India and Canada in 2013 in addition to the already airing Brazil and UK vs. Austrailia versions.

- Roy Nelson HAMMERED Matt Mitrone in the TUF 16 finale last weekend. HOLD THAT .

- For the first time I can remember, only the two winners and two losers of the finals of their weight classes from TUF are being signed. UFC is cutting 12 of the 16 contestants which is not usual.

- B.J. Penn noted last week that he plans on taking an extended leave from MMA following his destruction at the hands of Rory MacDonald before deciding on what his future in MMA is. UFC president Dana White made it clear that he would like to see Penn retire from competition since there is nothing left for him to prove and he has been at it for 11 years now. I agree.

- It is expected that at sometime in 2013 that Fuel TV will be rebranded as Fox Sports 2. Fox Sports 1 will be the Speed Channel rebranded. Fox Sports 1 & 2 are Fox's attempts at launching a national sports network ala ESPN and ESPN 2. It is different than Fox Sports Net which is regional to their areas and host local sports to whatever area they are in.

- UFC Women's Champion Ronda Rousey's opponent for her UFC debut, Liz Carmouche recently came out of the closet and is now MMA's first openly gay fighter. Good for her.


- A direct quote from UFC Heavyweight Champion Junior Dos Santos: “I prefer to fight against clean athletes and real professionals. Cain (Velasquez) is one of those guys. He’s a real professional fighter and that’s a good challenge for me. I know he’s very tough and I know how hard I have to train to face him. The other guys, they just say things but there’s nothing behind the words. Guys like me and Cain , we are made at the gym. And guys like the other guy, they are made at the laboratory.” So basically, Alistair Overeem is a cheat. LOL.

- Sensing a pattern HERE. Do not give him your back. SMH.


UFC 155 is on Saturday, December 29th from Las Vegas Nevada and the line-up is as follows:

  • UFC HEAVTWEIGHT TITLE: Junior Dos Santos © vs. Cain Velasquez
  • Tim Boetsch vs. Constantinos Phillippou
  • Jim Miller vs. Joe Lauzon
  • Yushin Okami vs. Alan Belcher

STRIKEFORCE MELENDEZ VS. HEALY is on Saturday, January 12, 2013 from Oklahoma Ciry Oklahoma and the line-up is as follows:

  • STRIKEFORCE GRAND PRIX CHAMP: Daniel Cormier © vs. Dion Staring
  • STRIKEFORCE WELTERWEIGHT TITLE: Nate Marquart © vs. Tarec Saffiedine
  • Ronaldo "Jacare" Souza vs. Ed Herman  
  • Roger Gracie vs. Tony Smith
  • Josh Barnett vs. Nandor Guelmino
  • Tim Kennedy vs. Trevor Smith
  • K.J. Noons vs. Ryan Couture 

UFC on FX is on Saturday, January 19, 2013 from San Paulo Brazil and the line up is as follows:

  • Vitor Belfort vs. Michael Bisping
  • Gabriel Gonzaga vs. Ben Rothwell
  • Daniel Sarafian vs. C.B. Dollaway
  • Thiago Tavares vs. Khabib Nurmagomedov

UFC on FOX 6 is on January 26, 2013 from Chicago Illinois and the line-up is as follows:

  • UFC FLYWEIGHT TITLE: Demetrious Johnson (c) vs. John Dodson
  • Quinton “Rampage” Jackson vs. Glover Teixeira
  • Donald Cerrone vs. Anthony Pettis
  • Erik Koch vs. Ricardo Lamas

UFC 156 is on Saturday February 2, 2013 and the line-up is as follows:

  • UFC FEATHERWEIGHT TITLE: Jose Aldo © vs. Frankie Edgar
  • Rashad Evans vs. Antonio Rogerio Nogueira
  • Alistair Overeem vs. Antonio “Bigfoot” Silva
  • Jon Fitch vs. Demian Maia
  • Jay Hieron vs. Erick Silva

UFC on FUEL is on Saturday, February 16th from London England and the line-up is as follows:

  • UFC BANTAMWEIGHT TITLE: Renao Barao © vs. Michael McDonald.
  • Dennis Silver vs. Dustin Poirier
  • Matt Riddle vs. Che Mills
  • Josh Grispi vs. Andy Ogle

UFC 157 is on Saturday, February 23rd from Anaheim CA and the line-up is as follows:

  • UFC WOMEN’S TITLE: Ronda Rousey © vs. Liz Carmouche
  • Dan Henderson vs. Lyoto Machida
  • Urijah Faber vs. Ivan Menijivar
  • Robbie Lawler vs. Josh Koscheck

UFC on FUEL is on Saturday, March 3rd from Saitama Japan and the line-up is as follows:

  • Wanderlei Silva vs. Brian Stann
  • Stefan Struve vs. Mark Hunt
  • Takanori Gomi vs. Diego Sanchez
  • Dong Hyun Kim vs. Siyar Bahadurzada

UFC 158 is on Saturday, March 16th from Montreal Quebec Canada and the line-up is as follows:

  • UFC WELTERWEIGHT TITLE: George St. Pierre © vs. Nick Diaz
  • Carlos Condit vs. Rory MacDonald
  • Johny Hendricks vs. Jake Ellenberger

UFC ??? is on April 27th from Newark New Jersey and the line-up is as follows:

  • UFC LIGHT HEAVYWEIGHT TITLE: Jon “Bones” Jones © vs. Chael Sonnen

Random Thoughts, Links, Pics, ETC.

- Random VIDEO of the week: This cannot be real can it? I vote CGI.

- BONUS Random VIDEO of the week: I don't get why someone took the time to put this together but honestly, I cannot really complain either.

- BONUS Random VIDEO of the week PART 2: WOW!!! (excuse the poor video quality. Best I could find.) 

- BONUS Random VIDEO of the week PART 3: In the event that you have not seen this video or heard this story yet, two Texas women were pulled over by police and then received a cavity search on the side of the road. Yes, a female officer put on a latex glove and proceeded to put her finger in the girls ass and p*ssy on the side of the road all while her dashboard camera filmed it. .

- BONUS Random VIDEO of the week PART 4: She used to be a good singer once right?

- BONUS Random VIDEO of the week PART 5: WHAT? I repeat...WHAT?

- BONUS Random VIDEO of the week PART 6: I CANNOT STAND when this happens. Hate it. Stop being a p*ssy and let them fight it out.

- BONUS Random VIDEO of the week PART 7: This is all from the same game. 

- BONUS Random VIDEO of the week PART 8: Nighty night.

- BONUS Random VIDEO of the week PART 9: If your going to have a sucky  job, then try to make it fun.

- BONUS Random VIDEO of the week PART 10: Good advertising.

- Random PIC of the week:Ok Miley, do you!!!

- BONUS Random PIC of the week: 2012 Miss Universe.

- BONUS Random PIC of the week PART 2: HAPPY HOLIDAYS!!

- BONUS Random PIC of the week PART 3: The more things change, the more they stay the same.

- BONUS Random PIC of the week PART 4: On Sale now. Get yours today.

- BONUS Random PIC of the week PART 5: RKO on Pacquiao!!!

- FUN on FACEBOOK : Well played bro.

- BONUS FUN on FACEBOOK : Oops. Not a good idea.  

- BONUS FUN on FACEBOOK PART 2: Smart plan bro. Well done.


- BONUS FUN on FACEBOOK PART 4: Makes sense to me.

- BONUS FUN on FACEBOOK PART 5: Typos folks, please spellcheck.

- Random ARTICLE of the week: I’m not a smoker but you have to be kidding me with this communist sh*t!!!

- BONUS Random ARTICLE of the week: Mandatory life in prison. Someone make a law for this.

- BONUS Random ARTICLE of the week PART 2: I blogged this earlier this week but I had to report because honestly, what the f*ck is wrong with our society? Seriously.

- BONUS Random ARTICLE of the week PART 3: A+ effort guys. If you don’t get caught and have to spend the rest of your life in prison then believe me, you guys can play for my team any day of the week. PS – if they never get caught, this HAS to be made into a major motion picture doesn’t it?

- BONUS Random ARTICLE of the week PART 4: This HAS TO HAPPEN more than we know about right? Like everyone from Gold Medalists to actresses to musicians to Victoria Secret Models. I refuse to believe that certain celebrities are famous due to their "skills". No way has someone like Kristen Stewart not blow someone to get an acting role. I am not talking casting couch (looking at you Megan Fox). I am talking about full our prostitution. Supplemented income by being paid several thousand for sex. Halle Berry had to have done it at some point in her career.

- BONUS Random ARTICLE of the week PART 5: You kidding me with this sh*t bro?

- BONUS Random ARTICLE of the week PART 6: Special place in hell for people like this. Unf*ckingbelievable.

- BONUS Random ARTICLE of the week PART 7: What the sh*t....literally. WOW.

- BONUS Random ARTICLE of the week PART 8: I have admittedly contributed to this. True story.

- BONUS Random ARTICLE of the week PART 9: It's time for the Law & Order: SVU writers to get to work. LOL.

- BONUS Random ARTICLE of the week PART 10: Simon Cowell having his fun.

- Random LINK of the week: I am going to keep it here until EVERYONE looks at it and comments; simply heartwarming.

- Random GIF of the week: Hypnotizing.

- BONUS Random GIF of the week PART 2: Hypnotizing Part 2.

- BONUS Random GIF of the week PART 3: Hypnotizing Part 3.

- BONUS Random GIF of the week PART 4: Hypnotizing Part 4.

- BONUS Random GIF of the week PART 5: Hypnotizing Part 5.

- BONUS Random GIF of the week PART 6: Hypnotizing Part 6.

- BONUS Random GIF of the week PART 7: Hypnotizing Part 7.

- BONUS Random GIF of the week PART 8: Hypnotizing Part 8.

- BONUS Random GIF of the week PART 9: Hypnotizing Part 9.

- BONUS Random GIF of the week PART 10: Hypnotizing Part 10.


- My Future Wife Kim Kardashian-Aponte just WALKING AROUND.

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Feel free to discuss whatever you'd like on the “Board" where I can do my best to answer anything you’d like. Also drop a comment in the comment box below as I try my best to answer in a timely fashion.

~Matt Dawgs

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