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Where Your Dawgs At: Week of December 3, 2012

By Matt Dawgs Dec 6, 2012 - 12:40 PM print




The TITLE says it all. What the f*ck is this world coming to when stuff like this happens and there are people walking the Earth thinking that it is no big deal at all. Like how do these types of situations come about? What is going on in the mind of the participants? So many unanswered questions out there.  



It took me a while to gather my thoughts on this subject but I finally pieced all of my thoughts together. For those of you who read my weekly Friday column, you absolutely know by now that I am a HUGE fans of the hit FX television show Sons of Anarchy. Sons is one of, if not the best written show in all of television today. The characters are all compelling, everyone has a history and the acting is top notch. Last night on FX was the season 5 finale which managed to wrap up a few loose ends but all in all, leave us with a lot of questions leading into next season. If you have yet to watch SOA and plan on it, now is your time folks. Season 6 will not begin until September 2013. You have a hell of a lot of months to Netflix the first 4 seasons and burn through them. GO FOR IT!! You won't be disappointed. I promise you that.



This subject has been nothing sort of controversial since it was first reported last February and it will always be that way regardless of whatever the outcome will be when the case goes to trial. For those who live under a rock, Zimmerman is accused of killing 17 year old Trayvon Martin in Florida allegedly in cold blood and then hiding behind the Florida "Stand Your Ground" law which allows you to kill someone in self defense. The case is controversial based on a number of factors which you can read about BY CLICKING THIS LINK. Police Cheif's resigning over the controversy, protests, celebrity movements, biased and unbiased news coverage. You name it and this case has it. But last night at some time, the case took a drastic turn. Zimmerman's defense team finally received a photo of george Zimmerman from the police department taken immediately after the shooting. The original photo in black and white was released several months ago. Problem is, black and white does not depict a clear photo of Zimmerman's face. Color photo does and it puts a GIGANTIC damper on the prosecution as they try to claim Zimmerman killed Martin in cold blood rather than self defense. Picture below:


I know a lot of people blindly want Zimmerman's head on a spit because honestly, the guy seems like a douche and took a life of someone he thought was a criminal basically because he was African American and wearing a hooded sweater. But...per the law in Florida, it is quite possible that he was fearful of his life and defended himself. It isn't as black and white as plenty of people make it out to be. Was he wrong in following the teen when a police dispatcher told him not to? Yes. Was he wrong in confronting him? Sure. But to honestly say he was wrong in shooting him to protect himself, neither you and I can judge. He could have felt threatened. He obviously was being pummelled according to the picture. For all he knew, Martin had a gun or knife of his own and he had to stop him before he lost his own life. I just want people to look at both sides of the story and review the facts as they come to life. That's all.

PS - No one else finds it questionable as to why the police took forever and a day to provide Zimmerman's defense team with this color photo? Like, no one is the slightest suspicious? This picture seems like it is kind of a big deal to their whole defense no? You would think that rather than wait almost a year from the shooting, it would be one of their first priorities.


  • THE #6 TRAIN

I did not report this last week in my blog or in my FRIDAY COLUMN because it is definitely NOT SAFE FOR WORK and outside of the New York area, I honestly did not think it would become mainstream news. But... THIS VIDEO has since went viral and there is ANOTHER VIDEO now circulating on the interwebs of a fight between two women on the very same # 6 Train in NY where one woman is attempting to stab another woman with a pen. For you non-New Yorkers, this is the same #6 train that made actress/singer Jennifer Lopez famous. She named her debut ALBUM after it. Oh, and for the record, the girls in the first video originally WEREN'T BLURRED OUT.


She may be able to duck prison time over and over and over again but the IRS isn't the California legal system. They do not f*ck around and will not let people slide by. If you owe them money then the short answer is, you are royally f*cked because over the weekend, the IRS decided to SEIZE all of Lohan's bank accounts until they get the money that has been owed to them in back taxes. Lindsay owes about $200,000+ in unpaid taxes from 2009 and 2010 as well as an undisclosed amount for 2011. Lindsay was aware of this owed money and was given plenty of time to pay up but she hasn't. The IRS got tired of waiting so they froze her assets and are planning on taking it themselves.


It's a story we've heard before and will likely hear again one day in the future. 25 year old NFL Kansas City Chief linebacker Jovan Belcher shot and killed the mother of his 4 month old daughter and then drove himself to Arrowhead Stadium (where the Chief's play football) then shot and killed himself in front of some of his coaches in the parking lot. Not one person related to Belcher or his child's mother had previously seen any sign of something like this occuring and everyone says that the couple were happy together, especially due to the birth of their daughter in September. It is very reminicient of the murder/suicide of WWE's Chris Benoit and his wife and son several years ago. While at the moment there is no evidence to support this theory, it is 100% possible that Belcher has/had some sort of brain injuries due to football since suicides among former football players in the NFL seem to be rising yearly at an alarming rate and are all based in autopsies that show some sort of brain trauma. The NFL is already trying to curb concussions as is WWE and other sports but so long as there are concussions in sports both diagnosed and undiagnosed, there doesn't appear to be any solutions to stop this. Belcher's girlfriend was 22 and now their newborn daughter is left without parents. Such a sad story, especially when we will likely NEVER have any clues as to why this happened.


This is going in my T.G.I.F column on Friday but because I love you readers, I figured I'd post THIS HERE as well. Enjoy the week.  


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