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Where Your Dawgs At: Week of December 10, 2012

By Matt Dawgs Dec 13, 2012 - 5:39 PM print


  • T.G.I.F.

T.G.I.F. with Matt Dawgs.



says all there needs to be said in regards to tonight's X-Factor results.



I am posting THIS in tomorrow column but it is WAY to funny to wait another day. So here are some outtakes of Bane from the Dark Knight Rises.


No. He isn't dead but a lot of your dreams came close to being answered as police uncovered a carefully concocted MURDER PLOT involving Bieber that was being planned by a convicted criminal who wanted to kidnap him, kill his bodyguard,. castrate him and then strangle him to death. Very detailed. Honestly, don't know why anyone would want to kill Bieber since this kid is the next Michael Jackson but hey, to each his own. I just hope he gets the death penalty for even thinking about Bieber being dead because that in itself is a sin. Bieber is the greatest thing to ever come out of Canada and deserves to be treasured for all the good he has provided the world. As I noted yesterday on my Facebook, now would be a perfect time for Beiber to star in a remake of the classic cult hit "The Bodyguard" only with the roles reversed. Beiber could star as the singer who is being targeted and the Bodyguard role can be played be a woman. Preferably Gina Carano. Strike while the iron is hot Scooter!!


  • 12/12/12

Seriously, if you are one of those people obsessed with 12/12/12 being today's date then F*CK OFF. Jump off a bridge or something. We have more important things to care about like the world ending in a week and a half than to care about some stupid date. Some people were actually posting Facebook statuses at 12:12 pm ET saying "Awesome, it is 12:12 12/12/12. I hope you get hit by a bus. Not fatally, just maybe break a collar bone or something.


I've felt this way for a long, long time now but today I couldn't feel stronger about it then I do. Nick Cannon is a celebrity. Do not ask me how because he isn't remotely talented. He isn't funny, he isn't a good actor, he has no people skills and he'd be the guy that if we saw in a bar and was a normal person, he'd get punched right in the face before the end of the night for being a douche. That was emphasized today on the Howard Stern show when he said... THIS. Yes, Nick Cannon jerks off to his wife's music when she is not home. That absolutely has to be one of the stupidest things I have ever heard in my life. Don't know how he even landed her in the first place let alone how he is famous. F*CK HIM and I hope the same bus from above hits him too.


New iPhone setting released today. Check it out.




I am torn on this one. Visually, it should be the most stunning, cinamagraphic (is that a word) Superman film ever made. Content wise, it is going to completely crush the last Superman film that hit theaters, the craptastic "Superman Returns" starring Brandon Routh and Kevin Spacey. But the new TRAILER for the "Man of Steel" has hit the 'net and it has me interested. Sure it is an origin story thus a complete re-boot of the franchise. I get why that is done since most studios/directors want a fresh take on the character and take little liberties here and there but...I honestly do not think there is a single person over the age of 10 who does not know who Superman is. An origin story isn't realy necessary. They can jump right into Superman being "super" and fans will get it. Seems like excess to me. That being said, as I mentioned earlier, LIGHT YEARS better than "Superman Returns" including more Superman special effects which is always a great thing.



What in the world is going on with the bus/Subway system in the world? Bus Drivers "tiger uppercutting" women, young jabroni's getting blow jobs by skanks, Mexican strippers getting naked and giving lapdances and now...domestic violence indicdents. A couple was involved in a dispute recently where the man spit on his female companion. She proceeded to whip out some pepper spray and spray him in the face. He apparently did not like her response because after walking away for a second, he went back and "Chris Brown'd" her in the back of the bus. VIDEO HERE.


Ok, he isn't dead but JESUS H. CHRIST, did any of you not see the fight or highlights of the fight or have access to Facebook, Twitter or Instagram then you..... MISSED THIS. Manny Pacquiao in his 4th fight with Juan Manuel Marquez was knocked into unconciousness after winning the first 3 fights between them. Pacquiao was unconcious for a few minutes and his wife was in hysterics at ringside. Thankfully he came through and seems to be ok but it was absolutely a scary scene nonetheless. A friend of mind actually told me that when he saw it live, his first thought was when Drago killed Apollo Creed in Rocky IV. His knockout has caused a ton of people to go "Meme Crazy" and have posted several memes around the web with the below being my favorite:


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