RDLee's ECW Report - Christian, Shelton Benjamin & Yoshi Tatsu take on The Ruthless Roundtable In 6 Man Tag Team Action
By RDLee
Dec 8, 2009 - 10:03 PM

Let me start by saying R.I.P. to Eddie "Umaga" Fatu which WWE has yet to acknowledge themselves due to doing damage control to the media I am guessing. He was a very memorable and talented big man that I thought's best days were still ahead of him. On another note, t his will be a quick run down as I am a little on the busy side tonight.

There was a ladder in the middle of the ring as the show started off. Kozlov comes out to challenge Ezekial Jackson for attacking him 2 weeks ago and leaving him last week to lose. William Regal stopped them before they got into it. Shelton Benjamin comes out and talks crap to them and Regal lets him know there is three of them and one of him. Christian and Yoshi Tatsu come out and even the odds. Tiffany makes a 6 man tag team match for the main event tonight.


Vance Archer v.s. Tommy Dreamer

Lance Hoyt... I mean Vance Archer continued his winning ways by stopping the ECW original with his Reverse DDT finisher.

Winner: Lance Archer


Backstage we had a masked man called the "The Ripper" which is obviously Paul Birchill talking to ECW GM Tiffany about his match next week against the Hurricane for a chance at an ECW contract. If he wins he is an ECW superstar if he loses it's back to the drawing board.


Trent Baretta & Caylen Croft v.s. 2 Random Jobbers

They have weird music... but Croft and Baretta formally the Dudebusters pick up the easy win by hitting their nice finisher which is a Hart Attack variation with a running facewash kick instead of a clothesline while the other guy is holding them in a seated bearhug type grip.

Winners: The Dudebusters


Christian, Shelton Benjamin & Yoshi Tatsu v.s. William Regal, Ezekiel Jackson & Vladimir Kozlov

The babyface team wins by countout after the Roundtable begins arguing ringside. Christian put a ladder in the ring to retrieve his belt which was hanging above the ring the entire show for some reason and when he went to retrieve it Shelton Benjamin springboard jumped onto the other side of the ladder and met Christian on the top while they both tried to grab the title and setting the tone for their championship match coming up at TLC.

Winners: Yoshi, Benjamin and Christian.

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