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(35 Mins) Jesse Ventura: "If Vince gave me (Linda McMahon's Senate) money, I'd be President."

By James Guttman Jun 5, 2013 - 1:59 PM print

He's not afraid to ask the tough questions.  But now, it's his turn to give some answers as WWE Hall of Famer, Hollywood star, and former Governor of Minnesota, Jesse Ventura joins James Guttman for his THIRD (and perhaps most explosive) ClubWWI.com shoot interview. 

With a career based on "telling it like it is", Jesse Ventura shoots straight from the hip and never apologizes for his comments.  Because of this, his discussions with JG have been some of ClubWWI.com's most talked about moments.  Mere days removed from speculation of a 2016 Presidential run, "The Body" speaks about his legendary career including the past, present, and (maybe presidential) future.

From his new book DemoCRIPS and ReBLOODlicans: No More Gangs in Government  to his upcoming release, They Killed Our President: 63 Facts That Prove a Conspiracy to Kill JFK , and everything in between, Jesse isn't afraid of the tough questions and James Guttman isn't afraid to ask them. An you - you can hear it all RIGHT NOW at ClubWWI.com!

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James Guttman and Jesse Ventura Talk About:

Unfair Audits
Jesse's Two Audits
Why, Despite Being Right, He Lost Money
Wrestling and Politics
Laughing About Change From Bush to Obama
Lobbyists at Both Conventions
General Electric Not Paying Taxes
Mitt Romney's 14% tax rate
Jesse's tax rate
If Jesse Runs For President, What His Main Issue Will Be.
Why Debates Changed In the 1990s
Ross Perot
Why Federal Debate Commission Exists
Red Herring Issues
Gay Marriage
Charles Manson
Why Gitmo Is Still Open
His Politically Affiliation
Why Gov Doesn't Need To Be Run Like Business
Linda McMahons Senate Run
How Much He Raised When Running For Governor
Which Wrestler Would Have Been The Best Politician
Memories of Vince McMahon Sr.
Vince McMahon Jr as a Politician
PT Barnum
Vince's 1980s Gamble
Death Threats For Joining WWF
Cable Television
Getting Guys Over
Selling The Product
Larry King
Wrestling Commentators
Conspiracy Theory Show
Giving Up FaceTime
Abhorring notoriety
Spending Winters in Mexico
Gray Whales Lagoon
Life Changing
Getting Old
Auditing Classes
Professor Ventura
Repeating History
Peace Activists Murdered
Plum Island
What He Learned From Conspiracy Theory
The Controversial JFK's Grave Shot
The Book About His Assassination
Kennedy Documents
Denial of Form Requests
Lee Harvey Oswald's Lover
Why Its The Official Story
Running for President
What He Finds Most Obscene About Elections
Tiger Woods Golf Course

and More

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Jesse's Past Club Interviews:

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(30 Minute Audio) Jesse "The Body" Ventura Discusses: Hulk Hogan Pimping His Daughter, The Official Story of 911, Vince McMahon's Fear, Why Hillary Clinton Shouldn't Be President, The War in Iraq, Why His Comments About Koko B. Ware Upset the NAACP, John McCain's Allegiance, Billy Graham, The News Media, Doing Commentary in WWF, Chico Santana, The Perception of Wrestling, and More   By ClubWWI.com
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