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(34 Mins) Snuka: "Someday, I hope to beat Undertaker. I'm the real phenom!"

By James Guttman and Jimmy Snuka Jan 24, 2013 - 1:35 PM print

Some wrestlers become stars.  Some stars become champions.  And some champions become legends.  But very few go beyond that and serve as icons for a generation.  ClubWWI.com is proud to welcome one of those people as WWE Hall of Famer and wrestling royalty - Jimmy "Superfly" Snuka - joins James Guttman for an all new 34 minute uncut shoot interview unlike any you've heard before.

On the heels of his new tell-all book Superfly: The Jimmy Snuka Story , Jimmy leaves nothing off the table as he discusses a ton of topics with James Guttman for the first time ranging from his historic MSG cage dive to his role as a true ECW Original and more.  This is one shoot you don't want to miss.  He's super.  He's fly.  He's here.

In the all new 34 minute ClubWWI.com interview with Superfly Jimmy Snuka, James and Jimmy discuss:

His new book - Superfly: The Jimmy Snuka Story
Being open in it
Meeting Jon Chattman
His Childhood
The Fiji Islands
His Ankle Problems
Superfly Bionic Man
The Fans
Connecting With Fans
Fans Making Noise
His Facial Expressions
Talking With His Eyes
Becoming a Different Character
Turning The Crowd On
Working Barefoot
Whether He Stepped On Gross Things
Being a Heel in Charlotte
Wearing Boots
Vince McMahon Sr. Making The Decision To Go Barefoot
Born Barefoot
Having His Feet Stepped On
Inspiring Future Stars
Helping Young Talent
His Advice To Them
Being In The Rock-n-Wrestling Cartoon
WrestleMania 1
Being In The Corner for the Main Event
Why No Hulk Hogan vs Jimmy Snuka
Jimmy's Response To a Match Like This
His Match With His Son Deuce and Domino
Sgt. Slaughter
After The Match
Young Fans
Jimmy In Video Games
Whether He Was Approached To Join NWO
The Original Phenom
Undertaker The Phenom
Putting Taker Over On PPV
Being The ECW Original
Being Heel In ECW
Watching Tamina
The Rule He Had For His Kids Before Wrestling
How His Kids Woke Him Up
Training Them
Staying Positive While Others Are Negative
Working With Don Muraco
Starting Out Together
Similarities With Muraco
Difference Between Piper and Muraco
Working With Piper
The Coconut
Getting Headaches When People Mention It
Alternate Names
Cliff Diving
Who Introduced Him To Wrestling
What He Asked
Words To His Fans
and More!

Click here for instant access to this and hundreds of other uncut interviews!

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