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(32 Mins) Honor Nation: #GiveDivasAChance
By James Bullock
Mar 13, 2015 - 8:21 AM

James Bullock's "Honor Nation" 
  32 Minutes

        #GiveDivasAChance: It was the Twitter trend that went mainstream and made many question if WWE knows how valuable their women wrestlers are - #GiveDivasAChance. James Bullock talks about how the trend accidentally began, WWE's love-hate relationship with the Internet and its vocal community, the intergender wrestling revolution occurring on the independent wrestling scene, AJ Lee's tweet to Stephanie McMahon about women's rights, why the Twitter exchange between Stephanie and AJ didn't go further than it did, improvements in the Divas division since the trend, what WWE needs to do to make the Divas relevant, NXT's Women's division, how #GiveDivasAChance extends beyond a certain portion of the WWE roster and more in this latest edition of "Honor Nation". 

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