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This Week in TNA: Austin Aries Isn't A Puppet Anymore

By Corey Letson Oct 15, 2012 - 7:37 AM print

Previously on TNA…

Aces and Eights - Have made demands that they’ll try to get at Bound for Glory

Tara - Has gotten herself a new boyfriend who is super amazing.

Samoa Joe - Finally got another title.

AJ Styles - Kind of still fighting with Daniels and Kazarian but kind of not? It’s still confusing. Either way he is looking for tag gold.

Chavo Guerrero - Hunting that prestigious tag gold too.

Hulk Hogan - Bullied into picking Bully Ray as Sting’s partner.

Bully Ray - Bullied Sting and Hogan into getting a tag match at Bound for Glory

Austin Aries - Totally cool with Jeff Hardy.

Jeff Hardy - Totally cool with Austin Aries.

TNA News of the Week

-Bound for Glory is this Sunday

-Christian will not be attending Bound for Glory

--Carmike Cinemas will be showing Bound for Glory live in theaters on 10-14-12

TNA Impact in Review

James Storm vs. Austin Aries

This is a pretty fresh beginning to Impact. Austin Aries and James Storm will be wrestling. We’re ignoring the twenty minute talking segment on a week you’d almost guarantee a twenty minute talking segment. Normally, I’d question putting Aries and Storm against each other unless you’d want to do that at a future PPV, especially when your Bound for Glory series looked like it was building up to Storm/Aries, but I think they’ve done the match before that anyways.
This match has two of the bigger TNA stories colliding on the small scale. Austin Aries is trying to beat James Storm to prove he is better than Jeff Hardy. James Storm is facing Austin Aries to prove that after he destroys Bobby Roode at Bound for Glory he is worthy of the World Title Shot. Both men are risking a lot competing in this contest so heavily just days before their PPV contests. Roode and Hardy will be going at it later tonight as well.. TNA seems to be going action heavy only three days out from their biggest show of the year.
The Cowboy and The Greatest Man That Ever Lived have themselves a pretty darn good competitive match. These are two of TNA’s top guys going one-on-one. Aries and Storm collide heads in the middle of the ring. Bobby Roode uses this opportunity to run down to the ring and throw Storm into the ringpost. The World Champion decides he doesn’t mind the assis too much. The champ uses this happenstance to connect with the brain buster on Storm for the win.

Winner: Austin Aries

Kurt Angle has his favorite young Brisco friend begging him for a ride to the PPV on Sunday. Angle is totally fine with this, but AJ Styles has some problems. What is Kurt’s priority list? Does he want to tag with Sting or does he want to tag with AJ? You can’t have multiple tag team partners, man. How could you do that? They thought they had something special.

Sting and Hogan are here at the Impact Zone. Hogan himself isn’t a very good card player. He admits it himself. The Hullkster isn’t sure what type of hand he has. The one thing he does know is that Sting gives him a pretty decent hand in all this.
Sting doesn’t care about the hand or anything. The Stinger is truly upset. They took out the first choice last week. Hogan has to sit on the sidelines in this contest. Sting was forced to choose Bully Ray to be his partner.
Hogan doesn’t like it. He just accepts it. In his eyes, there is no other choice left available. The Immortal Hogan sees this as making a deal with the devil.
The Devil? Why not let two angels save the day? Christopher Daniels wants to tell Hogan something big. There are only days until Bound for Glory and you can still right the ship. Hogan chose the most untrustworthy man in the locker room. Why didn’t Hogan pick the world tag team champions of the world? It’s disrespectful.
That’s fine. Frankie understands. How to right this is simple: 1) Cancel the tag match this Sunday. 2) Say you’re sorry to Bully. 3) Call Kurt Angle and let him help out everyone the only way Kurt can.
Bully Ray will not allow the tag champions to talk down to him or his family again. Kurt Angle would’ve been a great choice, Bully agrees. This will only be a fight. Kurt Angle isn’t chosen for a fight. Bully Ray is the best fighter in the world here. This isn’t a friend. This is a business. The business everyone shares is getting rid of Aces and Eights.
Need trust earned? Don’t feel like Bully Ray can be loyal? Why don’t we find out tonight? The world tag team champions of the world of the champions of the world of the champion world of the champions against Sting and Bully Ray.

Hernandez w/ Chavo Guerrero vs. AJ Styles

Two completely separate athletes sharing a pretty common story when it comes to their TNA story. Hernandez is a man that has the look of a pretty big star. The guy can even wrestle a pretty decent match. He’s never really given an opportunity. Whenever he is they pull the run from underneath him before anything actually happens. Luckily, TNA has a fallback for him. The big man is thrown into a tag team and forgotten about until they want to attempt the same thing they’ve tried before.
AJ Styles is the only TNA original people could say made it to being a star for almost the companies entire life. TNA has changed this over the past year or two; because, that use to be a big problem. AJ Styles is still focused on heavily. Like Hernandez, whenever they have nothing big for him, AJ Styles is just thrown off to the side in a tag team to just sit. Unlike Hernandez, he has the ability to come out of it into any roll they need him to play.
The two have a pretty decent contest. AJ’s decision to not let Kurt come to the ring with him proves the difference. Chavo keeps AJ distracted long enough for Hernandez to regain his composure. We see a POOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOUNCE that puts the Phenomenal One down for the count of three.

Winner: Hernandez w/ Chavo Guerrero

Aces and Eights are impressed with Hogan’s sex tape and chess playing ability. The game isn’t over yet. Joseph Parks is just fine. Look at him suffer. Isn’t that just adorable? A common cause can bring former enemies together. Bully Ray might have been a surprise, but Aces and Eights can overcome it. Tonight, Aces and Eights answers their own riddle from weeks ago. Don’t worry about a thing boys.

Zema Ion is here. Why? He is living proof being humble gets you nowhere in life. Ion breaks necks. Ion breaks arms. Ion is the X-Division Champion. This is bitter sweet. There is no X-Division. That means there is no X-Division Championship match at Bound for Glory.
Nothing is more dangerous than talking trash within earshot of Rob Van Dam. The Whole F’n Show was just offered the ability to wrestle anyone he wants at Bound for Glory. He has made his mind up pretty quickly. Zema Ion takes a Van-Daminator to the face.

Hogan can’t cut a pie where Bully Ray fits in. Sting knows it’ll be fine. Hogan just doesn’t trust Bully Ray. Ray doesn’t get it at all. What has Bully Ray done to make Hogan not trust him? Does Hulk know who Bully Ray is? NO! STOP! This all ends right here. There is no other choice. Sting needs everyone’s endorsement of his choice.

Brooke Hogan wants to make sure her female referee is ready for Sunday. Tara wants to give Brooke a list of things that need to be done after Tara wins the title. Brooke doesn’t want to read a list that doesn’t matter. Win the title first.

The World Tag Team Champions of the World vs. Sting and Bully Ray

Christopher Daniels and Kazarian have went to being a tossed together throwaway team to being the only legitimate tag team in TNA. They’ve even taken the time to turn the worst storyline of the year, Claire Lynch, into something that was, at times, completely watchable. If they lose on Sunday there really might not be much for them to do. They are a tag team now, and the Daniels/Styles story has ran it’s course for a little bit. They’re in an interesting position this Sunday considering it looks like they’re on the path to losing their titles at Bound for Glory.
Sting and Bully Ray are using this as a warm-up match. The downfall of that is they need to look really strong. They need to counter the strength Aces and Eights have shown for months. This makes the tag team champions have to play the roll of jobbing no-name tag team of the week. The two men work well togther and have little to no miscommunication.
Sting and Bully Ray have complete control of a majority of this contest. Sting is finally cut back at a certain point. The referee has problems keeping control of all the action at times. Bully Ray and Sting prove they have each other’s backs throughout the contest. Ray grabs the tables. Sting and Bully Ray drive Christopher Daniels through a table.

Winners: The World Tag Team Champions of the World

Joey Ryan was tricked, but that is fine. Whatever. Joey overcame a no on gut check, overcame getting kicked out of the building, but Joey Ryan has home field advantage in the West Coast. Joey will defeat him very easily.

Joe will retain his championship at Bound for Glory. Magnus will go down at BFG. Magnus isn’t too jealous. Joe needs to take care of that title. Sunday, the belt will belong to Magnus. Magnus isn’t afraid of Samoa Joe.

Brooke Tessmacher vs. Gail Kim

Gail Kim is hands-down the only featured knockout, tag team, or X-division wrestler who isn’t the champion or the number one contender. What? Yes. Gail Kim is the only person in any of these divisions who still gets television time on a weekly basis and has some sort of story with almost all of her matches. I’ll need that explained to me at some point. Gail is totally worth that, but it just boggles my mind how she is the only one.
Taz’s birthday is today. Mike and Taz find this to be a tad more important than the match. They also want to talk of Gail and Brooke’s outfits and all that. You know how TNA be. If you don’t, you haven’t been watching or reading this for too long. There is a small amount of talking about the match and Sunday’s match-up, but there is an equal, if not more, portion of commentating that deal with just how great these Knockouts look.
Gail and Brooke have a good match. They actually do. The crowd gets into it too. Tessmacher moves away from a splash attempt from Gail which allows her to pick up the win.

Winner: Ms. Tessmacher

Tara runs in to take out her opponent days early. Brooke gets the upper hand leaving her challenger laying flat in the middle of the ring.

Bobby Roode knows what Jeff Hardy is going through. Last year, Bobby Roode was in Jeff Hardy’s shoes. STOP IT! James Storm knows that Bobby Roode attacked him earlier tonight. The two men start going at it in the locker room until King Mo breaks them up.

TNA shows a small highlight video for Sting’s Hall of Fame career.

Bobby Roode vs. Jeff Hardy

You could possibly say this was a feud that could be considered into a Feud of the Year. Jeff and Bobby went at it for a few months pretty hard this year. They’ve went their separate ways, but have always sat at the ledge with each other. They both are sharing the co-main event spot at TNA’s biggest show of the year.
Why the contest tonight? I’m not really even sure. It isn’t needed. TNA has been mighty high on action all night long. That’s a pretty impressive feat from a company that doesn’t need it to happen this early. Equal challenges for all four participants that wrestle Sunday work for the audience, though.
These two go toe-to-toe for almost twenty minutes. They get themselves a true main event spot on Impact wrestling. Have you liked Jeff Hardy’s wrestler of the year performances all year long? Have you enjoyed Bobby Roode’s heel of the year performances all year long? Well you wouldn’t believe just how good they work together. The same way they did months ago when they were fighting over the world title.
Jeff misses the Swanton. Roode can’t get it done with the spear. Jeff Hardy goes for the Twist of Fate and takes a low blow for his troubles.

Winner: Jeff Hardy

Austin Aries isn’t letting this night end with Jeff Hardy sitting in the ring. Austin isn’t going to say things that are written down for him. Since the moment Austin Aries became world champion people have been telling Austin Aries what to do at all times. That stuff ends right now.
The picture has been painted that Austin Aries is jealous of everything Jeff Hardy has. Austin isn’t jealous of his record or the fact that Hardy can’t play with his kid. The champ has asked for new music and an entrance worthy of the champion for months. Austin is tired of people catering to Jeff Hardy.
Austin Aries won’t fail with his back against the wall. He has been set up to fail for months. It won’t happen. Austin Aries wants to sit here and let everyone know just what the champ thinks. Austin Aries will not lose. The champion will take down every single person in his way.

Austin Aries knocks Jeff Hardy out with a brain buster as Impact goes off the air.

Conclusions and Thoughts

 Impact was really action heavy. I figured out why about half way through. They decided to go with action instead of rehashing the stories they’ve already established over the past few months. When you’re almost fully prepared for a PPV weeks out the final week of TV has nothing to add. They remedied that with giving everyone some matches to entertain themselves.

Highlight of the Night - Action and Bully Ray Belief

You like wrestling? Tonight you got a pretty damn big chunk of wrestling.

Belief in Bully Ray was worth it. The crowd was fully behind wanting to believe Bully Ray could be Sting, and TNAs, savoir. Why? Simple story telling. The guy you hate the most is also the guy you’ve been waiting to cheer the most too. There is a reason he’ll blow the roof off come Sunday. Depending on who let the A&E out he might do it twice in one night.

Lowlight of the Night - No match? Whatever

Zema Ion didn’t have an opponent because there is no X-Division. They even admitted it. TNA forgot they had RVD. Problem solved. Not exciting at all.

Five Questions for TNA
1) Did you guys realize the X-Division belt was forgotten about for the past month or so?
2) Do you realize not every PPV needs 8 matches? There can just be some really long, well-fought matches on the card.
3) Why would Austin Aries even let Jeff Hardy attempt to speak during his talking time?
4) Has Austin Aries been a puppet this whole time?
5) Is he related to Puppet the Psycho-Dwarf from back in TNA’s early days?

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