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This Week in TNA: Bound For Fallout

By Corey Letson Oct 22, 2012 - 7:42 AM print

Previously on TNA…


TNA News of the Week

TNA will tape episodes of Impact in the UK on their next tour

Jeff Hardy has designed a custom world title

TNA Impact in Review

Aces and Eights are in the building. They’re everywhere now. They’re also still in their clubhouse. These guys are everywhere. Thank you to Devon. He is the main guy who made all of this happen this week. The president of Aces and Eights loves him.
Devon is here and in the building. Big bad Devon hugs it out with his homies before talking to all of us pieces of crap. These are the guys who were there to pick Devon up when he was down and out. You remember, when Devon was the television champion and on a tear as a big fan favorite. Why? Want to know why? Because they can. If it wasn’t for A&E then he wouldn’t be here today. The man who runs this all; it was all him. Without him this is all possible.
Bubba doesn’t think that Devon forgot about everything did he? Payback just waits awhile sometimes.
Sting, Bully, and the rest of TNA just really don’t care. Congratulations getting back in the Impact Zone. It is time to do some formal introductions.

The TNA roster and Aces and Eights begin brawling anywhere and everywhere. Hulk Hogan starts to make his way down with a baseball bat in hand. TNA clears the ring of Aces and Eights. They then chase them toward the exits.
Hogan wants people to know it doesn’t work this way. Aces and Eights got full access to TNA after Bound for Glory. If that is the case then Sting wants to fight Devon tonight. Bully wants to fight him too. Want to be in? Either you get in the ring and fight or get out for good. (Note: What? They…what?)

Highlight package featuring the World Title match from Bound for Glory.

Austin Aries is in the back. What a surprise, huh? Jeff Hardy is having a party tonight. Why not have the Greatest Man That Ever Lived tonight?

Hogan is having Jeff Hardy defend his world title next week. Hogan will decide between four guys next week. James Storm has a shot because he won at Bound for Glory. There is a triple threat tonight to find another person. Ken Anderson gets a shot just because he is Ken Anderson. And he isn’t sure about participant number four.
Hogan is amazed at the strength of Joseph Park. He was so strong. Joe wants to talk to Hulk about something too. Attorney/Client privacy.

Robbie E w/ Robbie T vs. Samoa Joe for the Television Title

If you don’t watch Impact a lot I’ll try to make this as clear as possible. Imagine that the name Samoa Joe up there read ‘Ryback’. You can now see exactly how this match goes and ends. Is that a bad thing? No. It is just exactly how this goes down. Joe kills Robbie. No ifs, ands, or buts.

Winner: Samoa Joe

Tara is being bench pressed by her boyfriend. I don’t even remember his name. The guy is bigger than Honey Boo Boo. Yeah…I bet that comment makes him feel good. Joey from Big Brother or something. Ugh. Good for Tara I guess?

Tara w/ That one guy from Big Brother or whatever vs. ODB

I don’t even know. Tara was on a hot streak going into Bound for Glory. It was obvious she was winning the title because of her boyfriend. He didn’t help. We then found out he was a one-and-done reality television person. It killed it all for me, but who am I to judge? On the plus side they’ll never have to worry about Joey’s schedule. Not like he’ll ever be doing anything else.
ODB and Eric Young are still married. I forgot all about that. I wonder if TNA did too. She talks to her man all the way to the ring. Just…yep. I’m so confused by the whole overall TNA women situations.
These two women have a competitive contest. Tara loves showing off to her boyfriend all match long. ODB loves to remember when she use to have a boyfriend in attendance  Tara pays too much attention to her boyfriend that allows ODB to get drunk enough to win the contest.

Winner: ODB

AJ loves being in a tag team with Kurt. It’s not Kurt it’s AJ. He has to do this on his own. He’d love to do it WITH Kurt. Kurt just doesn’t fully understand AJ’s needs. Kurt use too. He use to snuggle up and listen to his problems and truly understand what he was going through. Times have changed. AJ just really wants a book instead of a man. Kurt, do you get that? It’s all about AJ’s growth not his love for you. He’ll always love you. For as long as his life will allow. You’ll always be in his heart.

Aces and Eights are in the back showing off each others bikes while hugging. Initiation by hugging.

Highlights of the world tag team title contest from Bound for Glory.

Kid Kash and Gunnar vs. Chavo Guerrero and Hernandez

Remember how when I asked you about your knowledge of Samoa Joe up there? Well, it is time to help you with the same thing. Just replace Chavo and Hernandez with the name ‘Ryback’. Yep. That is what you’re in for in this contest.
Chavo and Hernandez are now in a fun situation. They’ll be treading water. What? Yeah. The thing they were doing a month ago they’ll be doing again. Why? There are no tag teams in TNA. Until TNA finds some group or two random guys to throw together these two won’t be doing anything. It doesn’t mean that can’t do anything at some point. It just means that within the next few weeks they’ll probably just be squashing really low-card people.
Kash and Gunnar get in a lot more offense then one would imagine. That is until Hernandez comes in the ring. His power destroys the opponents. Chavo cleans the mess up with a Frog Splash Press.

Winners: Hernandez and Chavo Guerrero

When all the facts are boiled down Joseph was treated wrongly. Joseph Parks just wants one member of Aces and Eights to fight. Bully Ray wants to talk to Hogan alone. First, thanks for Sting letting him fight. Devon is Bully’s brother. He doesn’t understand why he did what he did. Sting needs to not be in this fight. Bully Ray needs too.
Sting will be fighting. Bully needs to get ready for a world title match next week. It could happen. Hogan needs to trust Bully Ray. He really does.

Another highlight video from the world title match at Bound for Glory.

Jeff Hardy has entered the ring to some confetti and enjoyment. This is incredible. Next week Jeff has to defend the title. Jeff Hardy even has his very special Jeff Hardy World Title.
Where’s the party? Austin Aries has brought song and cookies. He even has some balloons. The Greatest Man That Ever Lived wants to bring some gifts to the champ. It is only right and fair.
Nothing will be taken away from what Jeff did at Bound for Glory. Jeff did something that no one has been able to do. Hardy beat Austin Aries at a PPV. Jeff is the world champ. Austin brought some gifts for the occasion. Jeff doesn’t want the balloons or the cookies. Jerk.
Jeff won the title. Jeff now has all the pressure and the stress. Very few people can handle that pressure. Some people crumble under it. Where was this crowd in Phoenix? There is a rematch clause. He can invoke that whenever he wants. Don’t worry. It won’t be soon. Austin is going to wait until Jeff is crumbling under the pressure.
Jeff has a custom title. Austin can’t believe it. Jeff’s face is on it. What does Austin think of it? He thinks it represents everything that Jeff Hardy is. Austin spits on the belt and runs before any damage can be done.

Are Daniels and Kaz down and out? No. The appletini is always half full. He wants iron put into fire to make it stronger. Daniels will be number one contender by the end of tonight.

AJ Styles vs. Kurt Angle vs. Christopher Daniels

AJ Styles, Daniels, and Kurt Angle are all in the same situation. They’re tag team contests and such are all done. What do they all have to do now? Tread the water. Kurt and AJ Styles will do perfectly fine. They won’t have a problem adapting. Christopher Daniels always seems to have a problem finding something. In the end it might even come back to Styles and Daniels teaming up or facing off again.
Kurt, AJ, and Daniels are three of the best veterans TNA has. AJ and Daniels are considered TNA originals and Kurt is easily a TNA guy at this point in his career. They make this show worth it. I could watch any combination of these three men all day long. Kurt Angle throws Daniels into AJ Styles which allows him to successfully pin Daniels after an Angle Slam. AJ can’t believe he lost.

Winner: Kurt Angle

After the contest AJ Styles refuses to shake Kurt Angle’s hand.

Hulk Hogan has just run into Joey Ryan and Matt Morgan. Hulk Hogan is a big fan of Joey’s work. What is up with Matt Morgan? Why ruin the biggest show of the year? Why? Maybe it has something to do with promising to make Matt Morgan a star.
Hulk Hogan has been in every creative meeting. When they said he was a monster but then not; Hogan was there. When they said his promos were good and then bad; Hogan was there. Matt Morgan wants Hogan to know he can take all of that political BS and shove it. Morgan will definitely be doing that to him soon.

Highlight video package of Storm/Roode from Bound for Glory

James Storm was taught a saying at a very young age. What goes around comes around. It was been an entire year. Two men walked into Bound for Glory and beat the hell out of each other. James Storm bled buckets. (Note: he really did. It was pretty insane.) James Storm’s family was proud of his fight.

James Storm’s Bucket List

10) Kick the hell out of Bobby Roode.
9-2) Drink a bunch of beer.
1) Win back the world championship

Next Thursday, James Storm gets to compete for the world title. He….
Bobby Roode is here. Last Sunday, James Storm and Bobby made good on a promise. They promised they would give everything at Bound for Glory. They would leave everything in the ring. James Storm and Bobby Roode did that.
The IT Factor isn’t kissing ass. He doesn’t kiss anyone’s ass. If anyone should kiss ass it is James Storm. Storm has finally beaten Bobby Roode and been cemented as a big time player. James Storm has always needed Bobby Roode. He carries his ass. Last year, James Storm became world champion. It was all because of Bobby Roode.
Despite the loss at Bound for Glory, Bobby Roode is better. James knows it deep down. He can’t even deny it. There is no question.

James Storm super kicks Bobby Roode leaving him unconscious.

Highlights of the Sting induction ceremony from over the weekend.

Sting vs. Devon

The Devon swerve at Bound for Glory was actually unexpected. It was interesting. It didn’t make too much sense. Devon has gotten in great shape and is solid in the ring. That can lead to some good stuff. Him admitting to just being a henchman can make it work really well too. What kills this story is if the leader of A&E isn’t a wrestler. I’d be more disappointed if A&E is ran by a person like Bischoff instead of any wrestler at all.
Sting still has it. No one has been able to deny that. The guy just does things at a pace that works well. People still enjoy seeing him. I have, personally, never been a Sting person. The guy can still entertain with a good match. The problem right now is just the story. We’re all just waiting to see where they go with it.
Devon has a very solid control over most of this match-up. He has the entire thing in the bag until a very small mistake. Sting uses that to his advantage to get back in the contest. This match goes out the window as Sting locks in the Scorpion Death Lock. Aces and Eights hit the ring.

No Contest

TNA and Aces and Eights start fighting all over the ringside area. TNA goes off the air with Bully Ray chasing off A&E with a baseball bat.

Conclusions and Thoughts

This is where TNA looks to be for the next few weeks or months. Aces and Eights will just be doing the gang mentality thing until it gets too old. Should a gang do that? Yes. Will it get tiring? Yes. Does TNA know what they’re doing with A&E? I don’t know.
TNA is just using this episode as the cool down after Bound for Glory. It leads to a show that isn’t memorable and doesn’t have much going on for it. Lots of talk about ass though.

Highlight of the Night - Daniels/Styles/Angle

Seriously, I will take the match every week. Enjoy some wrestling and give it a view.

Lowlight of the Night - Hogan making no sense

I’m not saying it isn’t normal. But he is picking four guys to fight for the title next week. Next week, he’ll spend his entire time talking to these people, that he chose, why they don’t deserve it until one person fights. What?

Five Questions for TNA

1) Why pick four people when you could just give one guy the shot and not lie to the other 3, Hulk?
2) Will A&E ever evolve their tactics?
3) Will the TNA locker room ever understand that A&E does the same thing weekly?
4) Where was the new X-Division Champion?
5) Can I just hang with Daniels while he drinks an appletini?

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