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This Week in TNA: Turning Towards Chaos

By Corey Letson Nov 13, 2012 - 9:22 AM print

Previously on TNA…

Magnus - Called Samoa Joe out for being a phony

Austin Aries - Decided to cash in his title match at the next PPV

Jeff Hardy - Decided to defend his title in a ladder match

Joseph Park - Stopped looking for his brother, you know, Abyss a long time ago

Sting - Still fighting the good fight

Bully Ray - Did everything for the fans

Devon - Did nothing for the fans

Luke Gallows - Turned out to be a member of Aces and Eights

TNA News of the Week

Turning Point is this Sunday from Orlando Florida

Eric Young will be at live events in Canada and Michigan

TNA Impact in Review

Luke Gallows is only a prospect. Now he has been revealed. The guy has one week to show off why he deserves a slot on the team. Apparently his club name is Doc. The Doc will make everything right tonight.

Bobby Roode vs. AJ Styles

These two men can basically be considered TNA’s two homegrown stars. There isn’t too much argument for anyone else in this company. Kurt Angle and Jeff Hardy are more TNA guys than WWE guys but they’ll never fully get away from those associations.
AJ Styles has been the guy since day one. When I say “the guy” I just mean TNA’s own person they want to highlight. They’ve ignored him a lot and they’ve treated him badly, but he is still ‘That Guy’ in the company. His position is never in question as he is always in the upper-main event.
Bobby Roode might be the only guy who could ever take that title away from AJ Styles. Bobby Roode came on the scene last year and became one of the main reasons to watch TNA. Bobby Roode naming himself “The IT Factor” isn’t a selfish moniker. Bobby Roode is a standout performer who will be big in TNA for the foreseeable future.
These two men go to town on each other. They have themselves a match. There isn’t too much of a story to the reason of the match. These two don’t need it too much. Bobby Roode makes his way outside, which begins to urk James Storm. AJ Styles is distracted by the Cowboy which allows Bobby Roode to blindside AJ and win the match.

Winner: Bobby Roode

Austin Aries isn’t the champion. Hogan wants the belt by the end of the show or Austin doesn’t get a title shot. Austin doesn’t want to climb a ladder. Hulk Hogan doesn’t care.

TNA has a cryptic hype video for an ancient evil awakening.

Sting wants Kurt Angle and Wes Briscoe to watch his back. They are going to destroy Aces and Eights. It is showtime! SHOWTIME! SHOWTIME! TIME! TIME! TIME! TIME! SHOWTIME!

It took Joseph Park an hour to get out of bed this morning. The human body isn’t meant to go through tables. The partners of Park, Park, and Park have requested that Joseph Park stop this whole façade. Joey just can’t do it. This is about being a man.
Mr. Park wants a match with Aces and Eights. The only person who can make that happen is Hulk Hogan. Make it happen Hulk. This is the only favor Joseph Park will ever ask. He just wants one match.

Hulk Hogan is proud of Joseph. His torture gave Hulk Hogan momentum and drive to continue the fight. Joe pulling the mask off was lucky. Mr. America would never want to put Mr. Abyss’ brother’s liability at stake.

Nope. Bully Ray doesn’t like to interrupt Hogan. Bully Ray needed to do it. The guy has heart. He has heart. He is a tough SOB. Joseph Park wants to get his hands on Aces and Eights just as much as anyone. Bully Ray believes in the guy. Bully Ray should be trusted for just this one time. Hulk’s fans are wanting this too. Bully Ray even tries a dating technique known as “talking the dumb blonde girl into giving you that BJ you’ve really wanted by using bad logic”.

The Big Brother guy was dominate last week. Tara is so damn impressed. The big moves he hit were putting him in the Hall of Fame. Wow. The Jesse guy made me laugh. That is the first step to falling in love. Oh no.

James Storm got in AJ’s way. He cost him the match. Whose fault was it? James Storm was at fault. James Storm also makes no qualms about beating AJ Styles this Sunday at Turning Point.

ODB vs. Tara and Jesse

They’re setting up a tag match for Sunday with this or a knockouts title match. Either way this match isn’t fully needed. They could just make one of those matches without making this event happen.
ODB takes out both Jesse and Tara by herself. It is really no problem at all. ODB pins the champion after a spear.

Winner: ODB

Jesse attempts to attack ODB from behind and fails. Tara comes from behind to knock ODB out with her own flask. Jesse pours the flask over ODB’s body.

ODB calls Eric Young and leaves a voice mail telling him they must fight those two dweebs at the PPV.

Thanksgiving night will feature Gut Check only members in an Open Fight Night.

Taz thinks Christian York’s Gut Check is a no brainer. Al Snow thinks the guy has always been a tag team guy. Bruce Pritchard wonders if Christian can be more than a tag team jobber and become a singles star. Taz doesn’t care about tag team wrestling. They then talk about fashion for a little bit.

Kurt Angle and Sting vs. Devon and “Doc” Luke Gallows

This match seems like it should be on PPV. Kurt Angle isn’t doing anything else. Sting isn’t really doing anything else. Kurt and Sting teaming up si a pretty decent deal. You also haven’t seen Luke Gallows officially wrestle in any capacity. Something about this just doesn’t feel like a match for Impact. Granted they’re saving Bully Ray and Joseph Park against these two for Sunday.
This is a pretty basic tag match. Unlike the last few Aces and Eights contests, this is in no way chaotic. It is kept to a normal level of action. Interesting being as Luke Gallows is the “Director of Chaos”. Sting almost has this match won until Devon brings the chaos with Sting’s bat.

Bully Ray runs into the ring and lays his brother out. Bully Ray quickly grabs a table. Devon quickly escapes the attack and Bully Ray chases after him. Sting tries to power bomb Doc to no avail. The Aces and Eights come from behind to attack Sting. Luke Gallows then puts Sting through the table with a choke slam. The Doc then beats Sting down over and over with a hammer.

No Contest

TNA staff and crew carefully take Sting out of the ring after the attacks.

TNA Gut Check: Christian York

Christian York put forth his best effort last week. The Impact Zone knows it too.

Taz: Chris has been doing this awhile. He looked great last week. Christian has the IT Factor. Yes.
Pritchard: Chris has been in wrestling for 16 years and hasn’t ever broken out. Why hasn’t Christian made it in those 16 years. Yes, Christian gets his shot.

Christian York gains a contract

Austin Aries is looking for a loophole in the contract. Bully Ray is talking with Brooke about something. They seem odd after being caught together.

Hulk Hogan just wants details about Sting. How bad is he hurt and when will he be back? Joey Ryan wants to be thanked by Hogan for his match last week. Hulk will deal with one issue tonight. Matt Morgan will not be at ringside during Joey Ryan’s match this Sunday.

Brutus Magnus, Christopher Daniels, and Kazarian vs. Chavo Guerrero, Hernandez, and Samoa Joe

This is a classic type of match nowadays. There are a few PPV matches on Sunday and they want to give you a feel for it by putting two matches together into one on television. We could look at everything one at a time but there isn’t too much need.
Christopher Daniels and Kazarian are getting the rematch that all pro wrestling companies give to old champions. It’s the only reason they’re having that match Sunday. Chavo and Hernandez are the champions. They are the ones who are taking the gold. Kaz and Chris are about to go their separate ways or find a new team to fight.
Samoa Joe is treading water until a legit challenger comes up. That isn’t Magnus. No offense to Magnus. He just isn’t going to be the guy who takes Samoa Joe down to the bottom. Joe will either be moved to the main event and lose the title for that, or someone else will get really hot and TNA will feel the need to give them the title. Look toward Matt Morgan for that role.
These six men have a darn good six man tag. The contest goes strong and in favor of the championship team. It unravels for them in the end. Kaz and Daniels go High-Low on Samoa Joe. Brutus Magnus finishes his opponent off with an elbow drop from the top rope.

Winners: Christopher Daniels, Kazarian, and Brutus Magnus

This is perfect. AJ Styles and Storm are at each other’s throats. Turning Point is where Bobby Roode gets one step closer to his world championship. It is all perfect.

TNA looks back at Sting’s beat down from earlier tonight.

Austin Aries has arrived in the Impact Zone. He wants Jeff Hardy. Jeffery has been calling himself the best wrestler on planet Earth. Whatever. Everyone wants to call themselves the best in the world. It doesn’t really matter. Austin Aries is the greatest man in the universe. Jeff Hardy can’t beat Austin Aries in a professional wrestling match.
That is why we have the ladder on Sunday. Jeff Hardy is defined by the ladder match. He has taken the greatest falls and climbed the highest highs of any man. Turning Point will be the fall that Hardy doesn’t get up from. Hardy won’t recover from the fall on Sunday physically or emotionally.
Jeff Hardy will be beaten at his own game. Austin Aries will take Jeff’s belt and melt it down to become his crotch piece. Yep. Austin Aries wants Jeff Hardy’s face right on his crotch all the time. Right now, he has to give the belt up. Austin doesn’t want to do that. Jeff Hardy will have to come down to the ring and get the title from him ‘like a man’.

Austin Aries and Jeff Hardy tussle for a bit. They both escape each others big moves before Austin Aries scurries from the ring. Jeff climbs the top of the ladder to celebrate.
Austin Aries shoves the ladder out from under Jeff Hardy. The Greatest Man That Ever Lived sets the ladder up over Jeff’s prone body as he grabs the titles from the hooks.

Conclusions and Thoughts

Paint by the numbers. TNA has a pretty formulaic situation they get into outside of Bound for Glory. Their pre-PPV Impact is almost always the exact same show. Is that bad? I’d just call it bland. You got to stick with what works sometimes.

Highlight of the Night - Opening and Closing contests

AJ and Roode headlined a PPV earlier this year for a reason. You also had six solid performers give it their all later in the night. You wouldn’t go wrong watching either of these contests.

Lowlight of the Night - ODB vs. Tara and Jesse

She beat them. They had to blindside her to get any offense in AFTER the match. Why does she need Eric on Sunday? She doesn’t. Tara and Jesse are scrubs compared to ODB. It was just not that great from a match or storytelling perspective.

Five Questions for TNA

1) Where has Abyss been?
2) What happens if two people get pinned on Sunday in the triple threat match?
3) Why are two belts being hung from the holder during Sunday’s ladder match?
4) What if Austin Aries and Jeff Hardy each pull down a different belt on Sunday? Who wins the title then? Are they co-champions?
5) Are they really going to go with a  Bully Ray / Brooke Hogan love storyline?

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