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This Week in TNA: Turning Point 2012

By Corey Letson Nov 16, 2012 - 7:49 AM print

I realize that these reviews for the PPV come days after the show. I also understand that people who check this out just want to see what is happening with TNA. They’re not looking for a minute by minute recap of a show that happened days ago. All of that being said, I’m going to be trying a new format for these TNA PPV recaps and it might revamp month to month. If you have any thoughts, positive or negative, on the format changes just let me know.

Card for tonight’s TNA: Turning Point

Jeff Hardy vs. Austin Aries in a Ladder Match for the TNA World Title
Bobby Roode vs. AJ Styles vs. James Storm for the #1 Contendership (loser gets no title shot for a year)
Kurt Angle vs. Devon
Chavo and Hernandez vs. Christopher Daniels and Kazarian for the TNA World Tag Team Championships
Samoa Joe vs. Magnus for the TNA TV Title in a No DQ Match
Eric Young and ODB vs. Tara and Big Brother Jesse
Joseph Park vs. DOC


Jeff Hardy vs. Austin Aries in a Ladder Match for the TNA World Title
- Jeff Hardy wins this. There is no way that Hardy wins for BFG and they go right back to Aries.

Bobby Roode vs. AJ Styles vs. James Storm for the #1 Contendership (loser gets no title shot for a year)
- The more interesting idea here is who gets pinned. Who loses a shot for a year? I’d easily guess AJ. AJ has to be the one pinned. That way they can work Roode and Storm into a world title program sometime next year. The winner is going to be Bobby Roode because Hardy is retaining the title.

Kurt Angle vs. Devon
- Devon should win. Aces and Eights actually shouldn’t lose at all. I think they’ll lose all night tonight. Angle wins.

Chavo and Hernandez vs. Christopher Daniels and Kazarian for the TNA World Tag Team Championships
- Required rematch and there is nothing else other than that. Chavo and Hernandez retain

Samoa Joe vs. Magnus for the TNA TV Title in a No DQ Match
- Joe has no reason to lose the title until there is a viable contender.

Eric Young and ODB vs. Tara and Big Brother Jesse
  - ODB and Eric Young will win. Tara is just ODB’s bitch.

Joseph Park vs. DOC
- Joseph Park wins with the return of Abyss.

Joey Ryan vs. Rob Van Dam for the TNA X-Division Championship
- Joey Ryan should totally win and everything. The guy should get the push to really be shown as a guy TNA should’ve chosen. The rebel that was right. That being said, RVD will take this.


Taz welcomes everyone to the show. Taz wants everyone to know that Hurricane Sandy victims will affecting people in the region for years to come. Bully Ray and Florida radio host “Buckethead” have something to present.
They want to set a world record tonight. They want to set a record for most text messages sent at the same time from a Pay-Per-View. Everyone is going to text 90999 with the message REDCROSS 1041 at the exact same time.

TNA has awesome opening video packages. We all know this fact. The only downside to the opening package is just how CM Punk-y it comes off. Austin Aries has turned into the CM Punk of TNA and has tried to put out the same promos. They’re working and aren’t bad, it’s just a weird thing to see be put out there so bluntly. In the same vein as WWE doing the Claire Lynch story with very minute changes.

Brutus Magnus vs. Samoa Joe for the Television Title


-Added stipulation from a previous encounter on Impact. It really builds on Samoa Joe wanting to fight the man for a disgraceful act.
-Samoa Joe is still being booked as the guy he was when he walked into TNA. Instead of destroying the X-Division, Samoa joe is going after anyone in the mid-card.
-It’s a pretty great idea to kick off a PPV with something that can get as wild as a street fight.
-Great use of the No DQ stipulation
-For as much back and forth as there was, this match was book ended by Samoa Joe’s pure domination of his opponent. You walked into the match watching Joe kill him and walked out watching Joe kill him. Magnus’ offense is barely remembered.


-The outcome is just far too obvious, although, sometimes it is just the journey.
-Magnus isn’t always the most solid wrestler. Joe happens to bring out a good side of the him, though.
-Kicking out of finishers as a false finish in the opening match? Really?

Random Thoughts:

-How often will ROH get a name drop in companies now? They’re all over the CM Punk Blu Ray. Samoa Joe’s 2-year reign has been mentioned. It’s just weird.
-The three man PPV booth is odd. They have the newer guy, who is far much more akin to Josh Matthews, along with a color commentator Taz and the dwindling Mike Tenay.
-This No DQ match has been wrestled exceedingly well. It’s done in the way matches like that should go. They don’t go right for weapons. Joe and Magnus just fought. The weapons didn’t come out until Magnus felt he was cornered. Then it all came out. Afterwards he goes right back to the wrestling match. It’s got a very old school flare to it.
-They’re letting Joe be Joe. That might sound odd, but for a long time TNA seemed to really be against Samoa Joe just being Samoa Joe. The guy is at his best when he brutalizes people.
--The false finish through the use of finishers isn’t entertaining. It can be. I need to stress that. It can be. The problem comes from non-main eventers doing it. I have a far much easier time believing Jeff Hardy can kick out of a finisher compared to open card wrestlers like Magnus.
-Joe looks like he got hurt on the dive outside.
-The announcer exclaim how this is the third time Magnus has fallen to Joe in less than a month. Yeah, that should basically end this for good.
-Muscle Buster and the Rear Naked Choke are both really great finishers

Winner: Samoa Joe

Corey’s Prediction Accuracy: 1 for 1 (100%)

We’re in the back with JB! ODB isn’t even sure she is going to have a match tonight. She hasn’t seen EY at all in months. Luckily, Eric makes his way running into the Impact Zone all sweaty and wet. Eric and the ODB get their make-out session on.

Tara and Jesse vs. ODB and Eric Young


-Tara and ODB are two of the better female wrestlers on the Impact roster.
-Jesse is accommodating himself well to his new environment. It doesn’t matter how much I hate to say that.
-Eric Young is good in small, small doses.
-The new announcer for the three man team kept Taz and Tenay from talking about how much they’d totally just love to screw the knockouts whom are wrestling.
-They might be the basics, but Jesse has more natural ability and charisma than Gunnar ever did. TNA got so far behind Gunnar that this kid could go FAAAAAAAAAR


-ODB’s character and Eric Young’s character can be a bit much. They’re even worse together.
-This Big Brother guy still kind of sucks.
-There is no point at all to actually having this contest instead of an ODB and Tara title match.

Random Thoughts:

-The new commentator tries to get Mike Tenay to talk about wrestling. It’s a unique idea for the guy. An intriguing take.
-If they’re doing this match for the tag knockout titles to come off ODB and EY’s waist…why? No one remembers them. They could just ignore it and everyone would forget.
-The comedy wrestling of main stream pro wrestling just isn’t up my alley. I tolerate far much more of it than I can believe sometimes.
-I feel like they misplaced this contest. A cool down / comedy thing wasn’t needed after just one match. I might not know what I’m talking about too. I just think they might have misplaced this one.
-Seriously, the offense of Jesse is pretty impressive. The guy has a chunk of natural ability.
-The guy isn’t too bad. I hate admitting that.
-Canadian Bulldog is going to get all over my ass for this comment. For just how new this guy is to the entire wrestling thing; his ability to sell is very impressive and promising.
-The nickname of “Mr. Pectacular” is pretty damn good.
-Why did they have two matches back-to-back where each match has people who use an elbow drop as a finisher? Let alone one where you see the elbow in both matches.
-Taz thinks there is nothing worse than losing to a guy in speedos. He lost tons of matches for it.

Winners: ODB and Eric Young

Corey’s Prediction Accuracy: 2 for 2 (100%)

They take a look back at the attack on Sting from Doc this past week on Impact. Sting is with an orthopedic surgeon and Hulk Hogan will let us know what is happening with him on Impact.

Jeremy Borash is in the back with James Storm. James Storm has been ready since Bound for Glory. He’ll do whatever it takes to win a match. James Storm won’t pass an IQ test. James Storm won’t even pass the eight grade. James Storm will beat someone’s ass. Whomever he pins, sorry about your damn luck.

Joey Ryan vs. Rob Van Dam for the X-Division Championship


-Joey Ryan quickly has achieved the ability to get an X-Division shot. It shows that they might actually want to put some weight into a guy they’ve put a chunk of time into with a previous story.
-Joey Ryan is a pretty solid wrestler.
-RVD’s trademark moves and falls make everyone look good. RVD can be held in the Jeff Hardy category as a guy whose ability to fall makes his opponent look amazing.
-They did a good job of giving both men equal action throughout this contest.
-They kept Joey’s finisher as The Moustache Ride.


-Joey Ryan quickly has achieved the ability to get an X-Division shot. Kenny King did the exact same thing. Anyone seen him lately?
-They never do anything with the X-Division anymore. One guy has a shot and there is one match a month. Where are the stories?
-I understand that Joey Ryan is a TNA unknown, but if you’re going to let him keep his finishing move RVD shouldn’t kick out of it the very first time he uses it.
-It just feels like there should’ve been more.

Random Thoughts:

-Joey Ryan is one of the few guys, like Austni Aries, who just comes off like a douche bag. That is the type of character that works in wrestling.
-Joey Ryan is one of the only guys on the entire Impact roster that seems like a wrestler. I’m not talking about the idea of a dude who wrestles, but a guy who has a character, granted his is undefined, that happens to wrestle. Joey Ryan is far much more a callback to the Attitude Era / early 90s / 80s more than anyone else around in TNA and WWE.
-RVD can always wrestle extremely well. I just think he chooses not to sometimes.
-The crowd never lets one thing slide. They’re very akin to Chicago Bears fans. (Note: Bulldog will hate me for analogies to sports). The one second things don’t go right they’ll turn until they’re entertained again.
-With a highflying style you can’t be perfect every time. The “You f’d up” chant just sucks. Hell, he barely slipped.
-The Mustache Ride
-One misplaced maneuver just throws anyone off. It can include major pros. Whenever you roll someone up you need to know where the ropes are at all times.
-How many people have kicked out of the Five Star Frogsplash? Joey Ryan isn’t one of them.
-There wasn’t enough to this contest

Winner: RVD

Corey’s Prediction Accuracy: 3 for 3 (100%)

The Blueprint knocks out RVD with a single Carbon Footprint.

Jeremy Borash is in the back with Joseph Park. The attorney for Park, Park, and Park is worried about Sting. Joey is, also, petrified of his current situation. He is about to go toe-to-toe with the man who injured Sting. Joseph is getting this shot after he suffered immeasurable trauma from Aces and Eights.

Joseph Park vs. “DoC” The Director of Chaos


-The Joseph Park character works. It really shouldn’t. It does. I can’t explain it.
-Luke Gallows aka DoC is a pretty damn good wrestler. He always looks intimidating.
-Although it’s been dragged out, they’ve done the Aces and Eights thing decently well.
-I love that Joseph Park has no theme music because he isn’t a wrestler
-The uniqueness of Joseph Park’s “wrestling”. Again, it just makes him come off as real.
-DoC’s unwillingness to listen to a referee so he can torment Joseph Park really fits with the idea of Aces and Eights.
-DoC’s fighting style is far much more of a pure brawler. It’s pretty nice to see a brawler not do much more than kick or punch.
-DoC’s domination is pretty darn good. He takes it to Joe without fail.
-Joseph Park’s facial and body expressions to change into Abyss and then to turn back into Joseph were done extremely well on his side of it all.
-They actually had much more of a fight instead of a wrestling match.


-Aces and Eights has been dragged out a bit
-Again, match placement just comes off as odd.
-Joseph Park’s facial expressions can sometimes be a bit too much. They’re easily gif-able.
-The referee trying to talk sense into DoC instead of calling the match when the weapon is grabbed seems odd.
-I really dislike the Joseph Park sees blood and turns into Abyss thing.
-Tenay and Taz were far too blunt about the entire Joseph Park altered mind state thing. It’s true you can beat someone over the head with something like that. Little bit too much guys.


-Joseph Park comes off as the most realistic character in TNA. I’m not sure why. I think it’s the delivery of his promos. He has this aura about him that seems earnestly fearful of the things happening around him and to him when he is in the ring. This will change when Abyss comes back
-This should have been a street fight too.
-I like the match stories that Joseph Park matches tell. He can’t wrestle so he just kind of goes for really simple things. The guy goes to just get his opponent on the ground. He throws wildly and has little self control.
-Joseph Park might be the one wrestler who feels realistic pain until he lands in that weird mental mind state.
-Mike and Taz are really namedropping Abyss a bit much tonight.
-What happens when Joseph Park gets a bloody nose?
-This was a fight. I didn’t expect that.

Winner: DoC

Corey’s Prediction Accuracy: 3 for 4 (75%)

DoC goes to take out Joseph Park with the hammer he used on Sting. Bully Ray runs in and chases of DoC to make sure that nothing bad happens to his mutual acquaintance. Bully Ray then helps Joseph Park to his feet. The Bully follows it up by raising Joseph’s hand in victory.

Jeremy Borash is in the back. He is with Bobby Roode. No one will hold Bobby Roode down tonight. Bobby Roode presses the reset button tonight. Bobby Roode will prove, tonight, why he is the IT Factor of pro wrestling. When James Storm is pinned by Bobby Roode tonight there will be no title shot for a year for him. Bobby’s world championship will come back to him very soon.

Chavo and Hernandez vs. Christopher Daniels and Kazarian


-These two teams have chemistry together
-It can easily be a solid tag match
-Kaz and Daniels have done a great job of being full on heels in a time where few people are just evil with no redemptive qualities.
-Solid tag team wrestling
-The back and forth is pretty good.
-The two teams do some really solid tag team maneuvers and combinations.
-Gangnam Style Kaz and Daniels
-Kaz and Daniels work with the heel tactics better than most teams that have been around over the past few years in any company.
-Hernandez has great fire offense
-Great back and forth between both teams towards the end.
-Hernandez and Chavo have a pretty cool finisher for their team. Doomsday Crossbody Splash. NICE!


-This match is a pointless endevour into the “wrestling rule book”.
-They never give Hernandez a chance to do anything else.
-Those distracted referee moments are just a bit too much sometimes.
-Gangnam Style Kaz and Daniels
-Another match, which makes almost every one I believe, where a wrestler has kicked out of a finisher

Random Thoughts:

-Do you think they’ll eventually try and pull Chavo’s great grandma into this story if it continues so they can fake a heart attack again?
-Has TNA given any thought, in years, to actually rebuilding their tag division?
-This has to be the most television time Chavo has had in years.
-The crowd seems to have already gotten annoyed by chavo. There is, at least, a very vocal minority.
-TNA has sold ad space on the ring apron. That’s a pretty smart tactic.
-Hernandez’s power is impressive.
-Chavo has basically taken all of Eddie’s move-set.
-Kazarian and Christopher Daniels have nowhere to go outside of the tag division.
-Quick tags are one of the few things that really add to a tag match. It’s a small thing, but it totally throws you into realizing you’re watching something a lot different than your normal singles match.
-That felt like a really long run-on sentence.
-Kaz and Daniels created a Gangnam Style gif.
-Hernandez is one of the few guys, built like he is, that can really pull off the baby face persona. He works either way, but few people his size can be accepted by the masses as a face.
-Kaz and Daniels tag combinations are some quality stuff.
-Hernandez and Chavo’s power/technical combinations are also impressive
-The Guerrero / Mexican heritage Frog Splash might be the only sacred finisher left in wrestling that people don’t kick out of.

Winners: Chavo and Hernandez

Corey’s Prediction Accuracy: 4 for 5 (80%)

Jeremy Borash is in the back. He is with AJ Styles. He has been distracted all year long. They’ve been ones he hasn’t deserved or needed. AJ Styles hasn’t been champion in almost three years. It is all the fuel he needs to win a match. The new chapter starts in AJ Style’s life with the world title.

Bobby Roode vs. James Storm vs. AJ Styles for the #1 Contendership


-The added stipulation of the loser can’t compete for a title for a year makes it seem like TNA has some long term planning for two of these three men.
-These are TNA’s three biggest homegrown talents squaring off.
-The crowd really loved this contest and everyone involved.
-Anyway you slice this contest you have a TNA main event.
-They’ve built up an instance that whenever Storm and Roode throw punches at each other it seems like a big deal.
-AJ Styles is a very solid technical wrestler
-This is a really good three way. There are very few thoughts I can give on this contest that aren’t: ‘this is pretty good’.
-Bobby Roode is still on the top of his game.
-What a fantastic ending five minutes.
-James Storm winning against AJ adds a possible story hump for those two to have future problems.
-James Storm and Bobby Roode can fight for the title at Lockdown. They might even have the situation reversed from last year.


-If TNA goes through an injury spell then they might have the go back on this stipulation and the internet will never let them hear the end of it.
-Very few triple threat matches are much more than miniaturized singles matches. Very few people work in the three man format.
-It just seems like all versions of this contest have happened throughout the entire summer and year.
-AJ seems to lose himself in moments every once in awhile and there is a noticeable pause in a few actions.
-It gets to a point, that is a very big indy wrestling problem, where too many big moves with kick-outs kill the crowd. It is happening a bit in this match.

Random Thoughts:

-This stipulation really makes this match interesting. Any of these three can win and any of them can be pinned.
-I just don’t see anyone but AJ failing. He could then work for a year to redeem himself.
-Why not just do a tag in format if you really want it to always be one-on-one inside the ring?
-AJ Styles is seriously going to break something badly with all the major dives he does.
-When will pro wrestling do concussion tests right after a big head hit?
-AJ Styles takes some of the worst bumps I’ve ever seen. The guy just landed on his forehead.
-AJ Styles has hit his head, seemingly extremely hard, multiple times in mere moments.
-Bobby Roode’s offense in this contest is on the methodical side. Everyone else is going for high power, but Bobby is picking his spots. He comes off completely different from his opponents.
-These guys took this contest home in a big way. You missed things if you looked away for a second.
-If you kick out of everything then nothing matters.
-Called half of it.

Winner: James Storm
Person Pinned: AJ Styles

Corey’s Prediction Accuracy: 4 for 6 (66%)

Devon talks about his new clubhouse. He tries to recruit us by telling us just how awesome everyone in the clubhouse are. Kurt Angle was just a random beat down. He shouldn’t take anything personal. This is just business.

Kurt Angle vs. Devon


The TNA audience seems to care about the Devon situation.
-This match started off as a plain out fight. There was no wrestling involved.
-They just kept up the fight
-Devon has been on his game this entire year.
-The Aces and Eights swarming still really works.


-This match just feels like it’s happening because Kurt Angle needed to wrestle on a PPV
-It just comes off as far much more pointless than most other matches on the card tonight.
-The crowd is really into Devon. TNA may not have wanted that.
-Kurt Angle doesn’t come off as a badass when he isn’t doing the technical wrestling thing.
-These two men just don’t seem to click all that well.
-They just kind of went from punching to finishers with no real proper build. It made it not feel like anything big.
-Crowd is sitting on their hands. They come alive here and there but, overall, they aren’t into the Devon/Angle play.
-The entire night is becoming “big move kickout”

Random Thoughts:

-They really could’ve just done this match on Impact.
-Aces and Eights can’t lose this contest. They actually shouldn’t lose any for quite awhile.
-Kurt Angle is a machine.
-This should be a fight just like Park and DoC
-This crowd really wants Devon to win
-There isn’t much to say about this match.
-Devon trashes talking once in awhile but staying silent the rest of the time just comes off abnormally.
-Taz is really obsessed with Devon’s crotch area. He loves his belt.
-Taz is a fashionista
-The wrestling might have finally begun.
-Devon almost broke his neck
-Angle slmost broke his neck slipping out of a power bomb
-Devon might have actually hurt his knee and they’re just steamrolling through to the ending.
-Devon tapped out of the Angle Lock super-super-super quick

Winner: Kurt Angle

Corey’s Prediction Accuracy: 5 for 7 (71%)

AJ Styles is asked about his future. The Phenomenal One just walks away in silence.

Austin Aries vs. Jeff Hardy


-If last month is any indication, Austin Aries and Jeff Hardy have good chemistry.
-The risks these guys are going to take will make this match one to remember
-Austin Aries shows intimidation from the Ladder Match veteran Hardy
-Jeff Hardy flying high
-Austin Aries’ methodical pace and plan
-Jeff Hardy’s plan to be Jeff Hardy and put caution to the wind
-Austin Aries is smart enough to realize that offense is needed between replacing a broken ladder and grabbing a new one. Some people really never learn that.
-The risks that are being taken. It’s cringe inducing and awe-inspiring.
-Unique false finish with Aries using the controls to raise the belts even higher into the air.
-Hell of a contest


-The build for this contest just seems really off and weak. They were coming off of a weak build at BFG too.
-The risks these guys are going to take will take months, if not years, off their careers.
-Austin Aries and Jeff Hardy miscommunication on a few cues.
-Pointless safety risks for moves (personal opinion)
-Taking time to set up ladders in pointless positions that seem like they’re being placed specifically for a  future move. All ladder matches do it. It’s always such a downer. They play to the spots far too much sometimes.

Random Thoughts:

-The risks these guys are going to take will make me cringe
-I really do love the championship match introductions.
-Austin Aries plays the confident coward really well.
-The crowd just seems restless thanks to the previous contests from earlier in the night.
-Jeff Hardy puts far too much of his body on the line in any specialty match.
-They’re doing an interesting dynamic in this match-up with Austin Aries not wanting the ladder in the ring at all.
-The advertising on the ring apron makes it look like scraps of tables are littering the ring.
-Austin Aries takes calculated risks on all his ladder maneuvers.
-Jeff Hardy landing a splash in-between an open ladder that closed on him was sickening.
-Austin Aries attempting to trap Hardy under rubble was a unique moment.
-Every single time Jeff Hardy falls from a ladder it is one of the most horrific scenes to see.
-A ladder was bent by Jeff Hardy’s shoulder colliding with it from the fall off it…wow.
-Austin Aries performed a suplex without ever landing on his back. He basically gave Hardy a phantom suplex. The guy has a hard time quickly recovering from his own mistakes. It’s Hardy’s one flaw.
-Jeff Hardy rode a ladder across the ring to splash onto Austin Aries, wow.
-Does TNA have the ladder budget WWE does? I think they might actually run out of them.
-Can Jeff Hardy ever land in a way that doesn’t make him look dead? I hate the consistent fear that I’ve just watched the guy die.
-Twist of Fate off the ladder, wow. Eat your heart out Matt Hardy. Granted, Matt’s is memorialized a bit better.
-Why not just bring out the giant, massive steel ladder first? Why go through the other seven?
-Holy crap! A Twist of Fate on a ladder on the top rope. Crazy!

Winner: Jeff Hardy

Corey’s Prediction Accuracy: 6 out of 8 (75%)

Match of the Night  - Toss-up: Roode/Styles/Storm or Hardy/Aries

It’s all about what you’re looking for in a match. If you like high-flying and risk taking you need to go and watch this ladder match. If you like a wrestling match done by three of TNA’s homegrown stars that leave it all in the ring, you need to sit and watch the triple threat match.

Surprise of the Night  - The off pacing to the entire show

Turning Point just never had a point where it was turned up to a steady level. They were trying to reach top speed in every single match tonight. They wanted them all to come off as epic. It caused a lot of matches to just come off as drawn out. Had they changed a few things around it could’ve come off differently. As it stands the show was just a clustered jumble.


Turning Point isn’t a show you need to go out and see. There are two really solid matches hidden towards the end of the night. In the end, those two matches help make Turning Point seem like a far better PPV than it actually was in reality.

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Dec 26, 2012
TNA: Paying Off A Bully
Dec 10, 2012
TNA: The Threeway Of The Heart
Dec 10, 2012
TNA: Open Fight Gut Check
Nov 26, 2012
This Week in TNA: Down, Out, and Depressed
Nov 21, 2012
This Week in TNA: Turning Point 2012
Nov 16, 2012
This Week in TNA: Turning Towards Chaos
Nov 13, 2012
This Week in TNA: Open Phony Night
Nov 5, 2012
This Week in TNA: Aces and Eights, Mexicans and Champions
Oct 30, 2012
This Week in TNA: Bound For Fallout
Oct 22, 2012
This Week in TNA: Bound For Glory 2012
Oct 17, 2012
This Week in TNA: Austin Aries Isn't A Puppet Anymore
Oct 15, 2012
This Week in TNA: The Land Where The Bully Is King
Oct 8, 2012
This Week in TNA: The Tournament That Wasn't
Oct 1, 2012

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