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TNA: Genesis, Impact, and The New Pay-Per-Views

By Corey Letson Jan 17, 2013 - 4:00 PM print

This Week in TNA…


-TNA has revamped their entire PPV schedule. They will have 4 PPVs each year and 11 pre-taped PPV events entitled “One Night Only”. All PPVs will be 34.95 this year except for Bound for Glory which will be 44.95 and next year all PPVs except for BFG will be 39.95. The “One Night Only” ppvs will be themed, cost 14.95 and air on the first Friday every month.

-Wrestlers were unhappy this weekend as they had to do Impact, tape 2 PPV specials on Saturday and then wrestle on Genesis on Sunday as well. That’s 11 hours of television in 4 days.

-The PPV specials are as follows:
X-Travaganza - X-Division focused event
Joker’s Wild Tag Team Tourney - Enemies team together in a tournament with a gauntlet match to end the night
Hardcore Justice - ECW reunion style “hardcore” show
10 Reunion - Early stars of TNA in the 6-sided ring
Knockouts Knockdown - One night Knockout tournament
International Incident - One night tournament featuring worldwide talent
X-Division World Cup Tournament - four x-division teams from around the globe
World Cup of Wrestling - 4 teams featuring a tag team, heavyweight wrestler, and x-division wrestler competing in a series of competitions to find the winning team

-Gut Check will now feature two independent wrestlers facing each other for a chance to earn a contract with TNA. Both talents have a chance to earn a contract.

-”The Pope” D’Angelo Dinero is no longer with TNA Wrestling

Preview of this week’s Impact:

-Brooke and Bully get married
-TNA Gut Check contestants will face the judges
-Jeff Hardy, Bobby Roode, Austin Aries, Christopher Daniels, and more will also be in attendance.

TNA Impact Results:

Kenny King def. Zema Ion
Robbie T and Ms. Tessmacher def. Tara and Jessie
James Storm and Jeff Hardy def. Bobby Roode and Austin Aries by DQ
Sting def. Mike Knox

Big Developments this week:

-Kurt Angle is taken out by Aces and Eights
-Ken Anderson is still being sought after by Aces and Eights
-Bully Ray asks Brooke Hogan to marry him and she says yes.
-Joseph Park is finished with wrestling school and ready to fight Aces and Eights
-Austin Aries and Bobby Roode vow to make sure Aries doesn’t leave Genesis as champion
-Robbie T is having some issues with how Robbie E acts all the time
-Brooke wants the knockouts to decide who the next contender is at Genesis
-Hulk Hogan seems to disapprove of Brooke and Bully’s relationship

TNA PPV Results:

Card for tonight’s TNA: Genesis

Jeff Hardy vs. Austin Aries vs. Bobby Roode - Elimination Match for the TNA World Championship
Christian York vs. Kenny King
RVD vs. TBD (King / York) for the TNA X-Division Championship
Chavo Guerrero and Hernandez vs. Matt Morgan and Joey Ryan for the TNA Tag Team Championships
Devon vs. Joseph Park
James Storm vs. Christopher Daniels
Gail Kim vs. ODB vs. Tessmacher vs. Mickie James vs. Velvet Sky for #1 Contendership to Knockouts Title


Jeff Hardy vs. Austin Aries vs. Bobby Roode - Elimination Match for the TNA World Championship
- I see no way Jeff Hardy loses it yet. Austin Aries goes out first followed by Bobby Roode going bye-bye.

Christian York vs. Kenny King
- King

RVD vs. TBD (King / York) for the TNA X-Division Championship - I just can’t figure how King up and left a steady job to do TNA once every four months. King finally wins the gold and starts showing up on television.

Chavo Guerrero and Hernandez vs. Matt Morgan and Joey Ryan for the TNA Tag Team Championships
- Matt Morgan wants to kill Hogan. He’s with Joey Ryan because…? Chavo and Hernandez retain again.

Devon vs. Joseph Park - Joseph Park wins when his alter-ego Abyss shows up mid-match.

James Storm vs. Christopher Daniels
- Christopher Daniels is the evil villain and James Storm is the super hero in this month comic book installment. James wins and both men move onto something else that is different, yet similar, to this.

Sting vs. Doc
- Doc loses.

Gail Kim vs. ODB vs. Tessmacher vs. Mickie James vs. Velvet Sky for #1 Contendership to Knockouts Title
- TNA really loves Ms. Tessmacher. I’m going Tessmacher


TNA starts off with a highlight video showing off Jeff Hardy having the year of his career. They also show how Bobby Roode and Austin Aries are on equal footing with Jeff Hardy.

Chavo Guerrero and Hernandez vs. Joey Ryan and Matt Morgan for the TNA Tag Team Championships


Chavo Guerrero is a solid wrestler
Joey Ryan is a solid wrestler
Hernandez and Morgan have good chemistry
This crowd is really excited
This match is moving at a really quick pace
They really play Matt Morgan up as a giant monster


I swear they’ve done this contest every week for the past two months.
Joey Ryan can take down Hernandez really easily
Matt Morgan has random offense that just looks weak.
It’s probably a size issue, but Hernandez and Joey Ryan don’t mesh well together at all.
Hernandez is the same size as Morgan but is played as a normal sized guy

Random Thoughts:

Taz has an obsession with the 3rd announcer Todd and Todd’s positive outlook on Joey Ryan. It’s creepy.
Chavo and Hernandez have really added in some good tag moves to their repertoire.
Matt Morgan randomly seems to hate Joey Ryan
These two guys just don’t get along at all
Why did Matt Morgan call Hernandez an “old man”? How old is Hernandez?
This crowd is really excited to watch some wrestling tonight.
Bryan Hebner randomly turns into the only logical referee. He won’t allow a tag from either team unless he sees it with his eyes.
I think Hernandez just murdered Joey Ryan with a horrifying power bomb.

Winners: Hernandez and Chavo Guerrero via a horrifying power bomb from Hernandez

Joey Ryan is moving his arms willingly. That’s a pretty good sign.

Jeremy Borash is in the back. You’re already drunk. Mr. Anderson is facing Samoa Joe tonight. What’s up with Anderson and A&8? Who cares? Kenny is just having himself a good time. He was called out by Kurt Angle and instead went to have a steak. Samoa Joe thinks it’s Anderson’s fault? Whatever. Anderson doesn’t care.

Samoa Joe vs. Ken Anderson


Samoa Joe is on television a lot more nowadays.
Joe is gonna kill you
Joe has started to kill Anderson
Samoa Joe has really tried to bring back up his intensity these past few months


Ken Anderson is switching, or faking switching, allegainces again. This is like the fifth time in a year.
This crowd could almost care less about this match…almost. It’s weird.

Random Thoughts:

Ken Anderson is apparently a big deal again?
Has anyone cared about Mr. Anderson in a long time?
Taz and Mike Tenay care more about the NFL playoffs than the beginning of this match.
I highly doubt Taz is perfect in his NFL playoff picks this year.
Joe flicked off Anderson’s hat. Shit be serious, yo.
Anderson is getting his ass kicked by 2005 Samoa Joe
There is a lot of screaming at each other in this contest
Mike Tenay has slowly been going back to teaching like “the professor”
The action in this match is slightly slow, but not all that methodical.
Joe hurt his leg on some steel steps earlier. His knee is no longer hurting at all. Weird.
Samoa Joe does the power slam off the ropes better than anyone. Sorry, Orton.
When did Mr. Anderson develop the ability to dropkick?
Mike Knox has shown up. UH-OH!
Joe should really not be so distracted by Mike Knox

Winner: Ken Anderson via Mic Check

Why can’t Jeremy Borash interview people in other places than “the back”? It’s complete murder. Kenny King is going to face Christian York and maybe RVD. Kenny King is a freight train. Superman can stop a freight train, but Christian York isn’t Jamaican. This is about RVD and Kenny King. Was it true what King found out? It is. RVD has gone soft. Kenny King is going to take care of York and RVD with some natural selection.

Christian York vs. Kenny King


They’re really paying attention to the X-Division so far these past few weeks.
York and King seem to have pretty good chemistry
Kenny King has a fantastic attitude about him
All of King’s kicks look like they hurt bad


It probably won’t last
Kenny King can really be seen as a Aries clone
King’s kicks look terrible when he misses by a mile and they all ignore it
This crowd seems to be slowly dying with each and every match
Mike, Taz, and Todd kind of suck at their job. Sorry, I’m just saying.
York and King are speeding into the finish line and that is leading to some gaffs here and there
King lost

Random Thoughts:

Kenny King should’ve just been on Gut Check. That gets you on television a lot more than what he did.
Mike Tenay, Taz, and Todd really love their NFL discussions tonight.
Kenny King is so damn crisp in so many of his actions
Kenny King just did a corckscrew dive over the top rope and landed on his feet. That really should’ve screwed him up.
King and York can trade some big strikes here and there.
It’s hard to hear people chant “Christian” and not expect to see Christian. Ya know?
King lost
What the hell?

Winner: Christian York via Roll-Up

Kenny King drops Christian York on his head with a Burning Hammer

Rob Van Dam vs. Christian York for the X-Division Championship


Nice, calm, easy night for RVD
Christian York gets to show some heart


I really expected King to win this whole thing
This kind of a thing really does murder a crowds momentum

Random Thoughts:

I don’t think this is going to last long
We’re going to get the Van Dam highlight reel here tonight.
Who knew RVD could do a surfboard?
York is looking like a beat down Hogan. The guy doesn’t lose.
Was there any other outcome?

Winner: Rob Van Dam via 5-Star Frogsplash

Jeremy Borash is with Joseph Park. This is his pro wrestling debut tonight. Granted, he has wrestled twice before. This match reminds Joseph of his first case in court. Joseph is going to fight tonight. His strategy? Use what he learned in OVW. They provided a solid foundation for Joseph to grow off of. Tonight, Joseph isn’t a lawyer. He is a trained wrestler ready to do battle.

Joseph Park vs. Devon


The crowd is behind Joseph Park as if he was Santino Marella
If you ever wanted to see what the first few weeks at a pro wrestling school covered were, here is your answer.
They just did a little “blood” from the nose. No required blading. YAY!


This is such a bad story
Seriously, this story is terrible
Such a bad, bad story
They’re going to be having the most basic wrestling match ever until the blood gets drawn.
Required blood

Random Thoughts:

I don’t think this should be a story on television at all
Any one else think it’s sick that this storyline basically requires Joseph Park to bleed every single match?
Devon can still act like a heel properly. Is it something that newer wrestlers just aren’t learning?
This contest just doesn’t feel like ending.
They’re finally on the outside and Joe’s head is being hit. I think blood is coming.
It’s weird to say “hey he went to school and can do basic stuff plus take an ass-beating now. He wouldn’t be able to do this without OVW”.
I feel this is just one big storyline to promote their wrestling school.
Joseph Park’s insanity only lasts a few short moments? What kind of Hulk is this guy?

Winner via roll-up: Devon

Jeremy Borash is with Austin Aries. He thinks it’s funny that Joseph Park is unsuccessful in his first pro wrestling match. Jeff Hardy will be unsuccessful in his LAST professional wrestling match. Bobby Roode and Austin Aries will take Jeff Hardy out. They’ll focus on their common problem and then they’ll take care of each other. Austin Aries is the common denominator of greatness.

Gail Kim vs. ODB vs. Tessmacher vs. Mickie James vs. Velvet Sky for #1 Contendership to Knockouts Title


More focus on the Knockouts division this year
Elimination gauntlet
Gail Kim keeps on trucking
Each of these matches will be very, very short
Gail Kim and Mickie James get to compete against each other in the ring.
Gail Kim running the gauntlet
Gail Kim deserves this kind of attention


That referee is going to do some sort of evil referee storyline and become Knockouts Champion
Tessmacher still isn’t the best wrestler
Taz is on commentary for a women’s match
The announcers will be far much more focused on sex rather than wrestling
These two won’t be competing for too long.
There is no Jesse tonight. Yes, Jesse is that damn entertaining.
Velvet Sky is probably going to win
Gail Kim got eliminated

Random Thoughts:

Didn’t expect a one-on-one elimination gauntlet match
Gail Kim sure can wrestle
Mike Tenay is trying to come off as knowledgeable
Taz is trying to cum
ODB is still the tag knockout champion?
Can Taz stop trying to get laid by every woman around?
How much sexual innuendo can one match have?
ODB can wrestle sometimes, but the whole dirty thing kills it.
Why does it take ten minutes in a normal match for both women to be tired during a one-on-one match, but a gauntlet makes the newest girl tired in two minutes and one move?
Mickie James likes to kip-up a lot
When did TNA start trying with the knockouts?
Do people really care about Knockouts that aren’t Mickie James, Tara, or Gail Kim?
Velvet Sky is attempting to impersonate Catwoman I think. Rey Mysterio at Wrestlemania she is not.
Taz loves his sex jokes.
The referee finally caught Gail Kim
The referee didn’t see Gail Kim’s foot under the rope

Gail Kim eliminates Ms. Tessmacher via Eat DeFeet
Gail Kim eliminates ODB via Roll-up w/ tights
Gail Kim eliminates Mickie James via Roll-up w/ tights
Velvet Sky eliminates Gail Kim via modified Pedigree

Jeremy Borash is with Daniels and Kaz. Daniels knows just how redneck a James Storm interview would be. Frankie and Daniels aren’t part of that demographic. They are world travelers and inspirations to children everywhere. The winner of this match gets a World Title Shot. Daniels is going to drink an appletini, shake his ass, and then win a world heavyweight championship. Take heart young man, you can worship Daniels………


James Storm vs. Christopher Daniels w/ Kazarian for the #1 Contendership


James Storm is on top of his in-ring game
Christopher Daniels
These two are some of TNA’s top talents
Daniels just flipped us all off.
Really good old school back and forth contest
James Storm just nailed an awesome Lung Blower / Back Breaker combination
DANIELS WON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Chances of Daniels fighting for the world championship are slim
More than likely a pre-determined outcome
I mean, I know it IS pre-determined, I’m just saying I doubt Daniels wins now.
Daniels has become the victim of a definitive loss

Random Thoughts:

Kazarian got himself an official Manager’s license for tonight. Why not just get a permanent one?
These two are going to go.
James Storm isn’t ignorant unless it involves Bobby Roode.
Christopher Daniels pulls off some unique offense that is really basic sometimes. Normally, he just does things most people wouldn’t think of that look really natural.
I don’t like the tag team name “Bad Influence”
They should come out to the Eminem song though.
Christopher Daniels is probably the best hybrid wrestler out there today. He can be technical, high flying, submission. He would easily be up in the conversation with Bryan Danielson and CM Punk.
Kazarian hasn’t been a factor in this contest at all
James Storm is now a ball of fire after those two just got into a back and forth exchange.
Daniels is one of the few guys still doing a natural heel. He isn’t cool, he is just a heel.
Wow, it didn’t win.
They’ve got me hooked thinking this match could actually go to Daniels.

Christopher Daniels wins via STO and foot on ropes after Kazarian distraction

Bully Ray and Brooke Hogan are making their way down to the ring. First, Bully wants Brooke to know she looks hot. Do we know who they are? He’s Bully Ray. This is his fiancé Brooke Hogan. I want to throw up. Who should be invited to the wedding? The Rolling Stones, Lady Gaga. Who else got invited? Everyone is invited, including the Impact Zone.
Bully Ray pulls out his fire breathing Twitter machine. If you’re coming to the wedding he wants to put everyone on video and send it to Twitter. Seriously, Bully Ray would kick Bully Ray’s ass if he saw this dude acting like this. Ray doesn’t like feelings and crap. He is happy to be getting married and happy for having the Impact Zone’s back.

(Random Question: how the hell is this PPV still going on?)

Sting vs. DoC


This match looks to be a fight
DoC has moves that really compliment him. He doesn’t do any holds or anything. He is very much a punchy/kicky/throwy guy.


This match just kind of came after a bad build
We’ve kind of already watched the “guy gets beat down right before his contest” match earlier in the night.
I’m not saying it’s terrible or anything, but Sting just seems out of in-ring shape. He seems actually tired already.
Taz is so damn bad at commentary
This crowd seems to very much be in the “react because it’s Sting but still meh” category

Random Thoughts:

These guys should fight and not wrestle.
Aces and Eights came and beat down Sting before the bell.
Sting hit those steel steps HARD
These two are just going to fight outside this entire contest. That’s how this should be
DoC kicked out of the Scorpion Death Drop? Wow. I didn’t think people could do that.
The match wasn’t much, but they also didn’t drag it out.

Sting wins via Scorpion Death Drop

Aces and Eights surrounds the ring. Bully Ray runs down with his steel chain to run the men off.

Jeremy Borash wants to talk to Bobby Roode about collusion. Are Austin and Bobby going to work together to eliminate Jeff Hardy? Yes. Yes they are. They might not see eye to eye, but they both understand that Jeff Hardy doesn’t deserve to be the world heavyweight champion. When you hear ‘world heavyweight champion’ you think of Austin Aries, but most importantly you think of Bobby Roode.
Two of the greatest wrestlers will be the focus of tonight’s match. They will do that once they get rid of the trash. Tonight, the IT Factor takes home the World Heavyweight Championship.

Jeff Hardy explains his reasoning for this match and others explain the risks of a triple threat match.

Jeff Hardy vs. Austin Aries vs. Bobby Roode in an Elimination Match for the World Heavyweight Championship


This should be a damn good match.
Jeff Hardy was the best wrestler last year.
Bobby Roode was in the running for best wrestler last year.
Austin Aries was in the running for best wrestler last year.
All three of these guys have chemistry with each other.
Jeff Hardy will always put you on the edge of your seat
Austin Aries has a really methodical offense that looks good on television
Even though this is kind of a handicap match right now, this is the first time in years I’ve seen a triple threat match that involves all three men at the same time for a majority of the time.
Jeff Hardy is working those near falls. You’re on the edge.
The two challengers keep staying on the same page…like realistic partners would


Hardy is going to kill himself some day.
Here comes the predictable arguing from teammates that leads to in-fighting…never mind
Bobby Roode just screwed over Aries…damn

Random Thoughts:

This is an interesting dynamic to the triple threat match. Two men who admit they’ll work together the entire time to eliminate one man.
Jeff Hardy is having to do some double time work tonight.
It’s interesting to see a basic handicap match that seems like it won’t fall apart at all.
Hardy takes more horrific falls than any other wrestler.
He went to the mat normally and it looked like he killed him.
Hardy then just flew across the air and almost went headfirst into the guardrail. WOW.
This match has some heavy intensity.
Taz is terrible at his job.
This match is going exactly like Aries and Roode said. It’s enjoyable.
Really cool Whisper in the Wind spot
Jeff Hardy is taking an ass kicking today
Jeffery has just separated the two opponents. Things are now going to get bad.
Jeff Hardy still shouldn’t be able to defeat two men at once.
Fantastic play on an old Hardy Boys move via a Poetry in Motion Spear from Bobby Roode
Jeff Hardy is taking an ass-beating tonight. Seriously, this match is just getting insane.
It works that they’d be unable to trust each other forever, but damn man…just damn.
Hell of an awesome counter to the spear by Aries with the Horns of Aries
There is a lot of stuff happening in this contest
Hell of a pinning combination by Austin Aries and Jeff Hardy
Twist of Fate through the middle rope.

Bobby Roode is eliminated by Jeff Hardy and Austin Aries
Austin Aries eliminated by Jeff Hardy

Jeff Hardy wins via Swanton Bomb to retain the World Heavyweight Championship

Match of the Night Jeff Hardy vs. Bobby Roode vs. Austni Aries

These three men put on a contest that was worth watching. You got the story of two egomaniacs who couldn’t put their own greed to the side for a single match to stop a man they hate from continuing his reign. Jeff Hardy took a pounding from both men for about fifteen minutes straight. The thing that brought him the win was two men’s inability to put their own wants aside.

Surprise of the Night  - Announcing Team

They’ve been doing better with Todd as a third man. Tonight has been pure shit. Sorry. There is no other way to say it. Taz sucks at commentary. Mike Tenay has stopped trying a long time ago. Todd can’t carry a broadcast. It was bad.


Honestly, this PPV felt like an extended Impact. It was just there and kind of going. That isn’t a great sign for a show that is their only PPV until April. Who knows though. Maybe their monthly events will be done better. The show had a great main event in it though.

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