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TNA: Final Resolution 2012

By Corey Letson Dec 26, 2012 - 11:21 AM print

Card for tonight’s TNA: Lockdown
Jeff Hardy vs. Bobby Roode for the TNA Heavyweight Championship
Chavo Guerrero and Hernandez vs. Matt Morgan and Joey Ryan for the TNA Tag Team Championships
Tara w/ Jesse vs. Mickie James for the TNA Knockouts Championship
Rob Van Dam vs. Kenny King for the TNA X Division Championship
AJ Styles vs. Christopher Daniels
Austin Aries vs. Bully Ray
Kurt Angle, Samoa Joe, Wes Brisco, and Garett Bischoff vs. Aces and Eights


Jeff Hardy vs. Bobby Roode for the TNA Heavyweight Championship
- Jeff Hardy isn’t losing the title anytime soon. Although, if he did, I’d choose Bobby Roode. I guess he might. I’m still putting my chips into Hardy.

Chavo Guerrero and Hernandez vs. Matt Morgan and Joey Ryan for the TNA Tag Team Championships
- Matt Morgan is on a tear to the top. I doubt they take the title off Chavo though. Guerrero, Guerrero, Guerrero!

Tara w/ Jesse vs. Mickie James for the TNA Knockouts Championship
- They were building to ODB being the contender. Mickie James randomly won it. I guess she’ll win this one too.

Rob Van Dam vs. Kenny King for the TNA X Division Championship
- Kenny King, mainly because I just don’t want to see him walking out of ROH as pointless. It was pointless, though. Stupid too.

AJ Styles vs. Christopher Daniels
- I’m going for Daniels for two reasons. 1) This isn’t the last match. 2) This isn’t the last match.

Austin Aries vs. Bully Ray
- I don’t know. I guess I’m going to be Bully Ray.

Kurt Angle, Samoa Joe, Wes Brisco, and Garett Bischoff vs. Aces and Eights
- Aces and Eights shouldn’t lose anytime soon. They win again.


TNA’s opening video packages are always awesome. I think I say this every month. Jeff Hardy’s inner-monologue is always stupid. I think I say this every week. They’re now mixing the two and actually making it work. It is awesomely edited. Him explaining he can see into the future is stupid. What a crazy little mix this is.

James Storm is all up in the ring. He is dressed to wrestle, but feels like doing a little bit of talking. He isn’t scheduled to be here tonight. James just wants to have fun with the fans. Last Thursday, there was a problem with Aces and Eights. Bobby Roode paid them off to injure Jeff Hardy.
The crowd likes that James wants to see Bobby shove a thumb in his butt.
Mr. Storm wants to beat up Bobby Roode. Can Bobby Roode come to the ring and get a butt whooping before the main event of the night?

No. He can’t. Kazarian will. Jim needs to shut up. AJ Styles and James Storm are the biggest babies in this company. He has bitched and moaned and pissed and complained. The guy is a drunk. This guy is a proud alcoholic.
Lately, James has been sticking his nose in other people’s business. It’s time to cut the Toby Keith routine. Storm needs to walk out and shut the fuck up.

James Storm doesn’t like Kazarian’s promo. He mocks him for a terrible promo. Kaz has had all day to think up a promo and that was his promo. How sad was that? Kazarian deserves an ass whipping for that promo.

Daniels’ boyfriend won’t fight without a referee. He needs this to be sanctioned. James Storm doesn’t need a referee to beat someone up. Just as Kazarian tries to run a referee shows up to ring the bell.

James Storm vs. Kazarian


James Storm and Kaz can wrestle.
The crowd really was into this contest.
The match didn’t last very long


We all basically saw this fight on Impact.
These two don’t mesh all that well.

Random Thoughts:

Why couldn’t they have just been set up to fight without the promo? Remember when you’d watch PPVs that had one or two unadvertised matches? Not every fight has to have a story behind it. We can think money is the main motivation for a decent amount of fights.
They might have been having an off night.
That Jeff Hardy fan from TNA’s earlier days when Jeff first showed up is in the crowd. He’s there with his mom or girlfriend. I only mention this because they always just stick out to the point of it distracting the view.
Taz is mentioning Big Ben Roethlisburger a lot tonight. Creepy….(Note: lets go STEELERS!)
This is what a normal TV match you would assume it would look like.

James Storm wins with a Last Call Superkick

This past Thursday the challenger paid Aces and Eights to attack. Taz, Todd, and Mike take a look back on that vicious attack.

Rob Van Dam vs. Kenny King

Kenny King is awesome
RVD can still go
Kenny King is awesome. Did I mention that?
Both men really want to put on a good show tonight.
The newest commentator really helps the action as he knows, and talks about, the independent past of a lot of guys.
RVD’s trademark maneuvers are so much fun to watch.
Kenny King’s trademark maneuvers are so much fun to watch.


Kenny King is completely wasted in TNA
Kenny King won’t be on television for months after this match.
Two guys who wrestle like this do tend to slip up a bit more than most.

Random Thoughts:

Kenny King really f’d up earlier this year.
I never want to be kicked by Rob Van Dam
Why would Kenny King shake RVD’s hand?
Kenny King can kick hard too.
Hey, it’s the guy who was on Tough Enough going against a pro who wanted to compete on Tough Enough.
This crowd thinks almost anything is awesome.
RVD takes the absolute nastiest falls in all of wrestling. Dolph Ziggler is a close second.
I don’t think RVD cares how hard, or where, he kicks people.
Van Dam can pull out some unique maneuvers.

Rob Van Dam wins with a double leg roll-up

JB is in the back (Note: you know the rules by now, get drunk). Christopher Daniels is getting his Jon Dorian on. He has wrestled AJ Styles the most in his career. He has wrestled AJ Styles all over the world. This isn’t hyperbole. This is all fact. They have battled in every match TNA has. They have battled for every title TNA has. These were prologues to tonight.
History is written by the victors. Christopher Daniels is the better man. Christopher Daniels will be the victor.

Chavo Guerrero and Hernandez vs. Matt Morgan and Joey Ryan for the Tag Team Championships


Joey Ryan entertains me.
Matt Morgan isn’t a bad big man.
Hernandez isn’t a bad big man.
Chavo Guerrero is a solid wrestler.
Matt Morgan has great big man offense.
Hernandez is just as good at big man offense.
Those two men can trade clotheslines and shoulder blocks anytime. It really adds something to the contest.
Hernandez and Chavo have some decent chemistry and tag moves.
I like that Joey and Matt have matching gear. It’s very tag team-y.
Joey Ryan comes off like a star. He is, easily, 85% more unique than the rest of the roster.
Morgan still looks really strong and monstrous while still getting beaten up
Hernandez’s agility to fly over the ropes with ease is always impressive.


I get tired of seeing Hernandez always placed in the “LAX” team.
There is no point for Ryan and Morgan to tag.
Hernandez hasn’t been used in any other format other than “big guy with a small Mexican guy in a tag team”. I think he could be a decent success by himself.
Chavo and Hernandez are champions but they don’t even share a color scheme. I’m nit-picking, but man….really? Tights cost about 70 bucks.
Taz needing to get in his jokes.
Taz flip flopping like Michael Cole

Random Thoughts:

Why are Matt Morgan and Joey Ryan tagging?
Can we bring back Homicide?
Joey Ryan did porn? I’m just asking. Todd seems to have thought he does.
Since when has Chavo Guerrero had European Uppercuts as a staple of his arsenal?
Whenever anyone says “arsenal” or “ringside area” I can’t help but think of the WWE Raw Deal card game.
Didn’t Matt Morgan and Hernandez feud just last year?
Morgan has a great Sidewalk Slam. I really prefer Kane’s though.
Why do announcers try to sound “with it” by randomly using Spanish whenever Mexican wrestlers are in the ring?
Am I the only one who hears “Super-Mex” and thinks they could do 100x better with a nickname?
Hernandez is slowly acting like the Mexican Ryback.

Matt Morgan is disqualified after dragging the referee outside the ring during a pinfall attempt.

Jeremy Borash is tweeting in the back. He wants people to follow him, and others, on Twitter. Now he wants to bring you Austin Aries.
The Greatest Man That Ever Lived just wants Borash to shut up. Why is Austin mad at Bully Ray? Anything happening in TNA is his business. The squeaky wheel gets the oil. Austin Aries is the straw that stirs the drink. Buttons will be pushed until Austin gets his way. What’cha Gonna Do When Austin-Mania Runs Wild On You, Brother? (Note: Pre-match event)

Austin Aries vs. Bully Ra y


Bully Ray is wrestling.
Austin Aries is wrestling.
Austin Aries is a great bad guy.
These two guys understand how to tell a story.
These two guys can really work the crowd.
This new announcer they’ve added keeps Taz and Tenay in check.
The guy also knows his wrestling stuff.
Thanks to the role changes the match is almost 100% different in feel from previous contests.
Austin Aries’ Hulk Hogan imitation
Bully Ray’s, unaccredited, Ultimate Warrior imitation
Awesome boot to the face as Aries went for the Heat Seeking Missile
Ray and Aries work so well together.
Austin Aries really just wants him some Brooke Hogan


Bully Ray is the good guy.
Brooke Hogan is on television a lot now.
This is all about a slightly idiotic relationship.
Brooke Hogan is going to, possibly, become a bigger part of TNA’s on air product.
Brooke Hogan has come down to ringside to check on her bleeding man.
Good heel ending, bad match ending

Random Thoughts:

Brooke Hogan being on television is just not a good idea
I really like watching Aries and Ray go at it in action
Ray and Aries can promo really well too.
I can’t believe how much I enjoy Bully Ray this much in 2012.
I can’t believe I’m completely use to saying Bully Ray and not Bubba.
What does “Hardcore 5150” mean?
Bully Ray has just gotten so impressive with his strength.
Remember when matches could end with any giant move? Powerbomb, missile dropkick, superplex. Like, if it wasn’t a body slam or regular suplex it might actually end it. I just kind of miss it. Sometimes these things can look absurd after awhile. (See: Hardy, Jeff or Styles, AJ later tonight I presume)
Ray looks like he hurts you
HOLY SHIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Bully Ray just tossed Aries up in the air and landed an Ace Crusher out of a front face-lock position.
Remember when wrestlers had signature maneuvers and finishers but might not use every one every match?
Is Aries gonna try to screw Brooke?
So does dating a Hogan give you the ability to “Hulk Up”?

Austin Aries wins with a low blow behind the referee’s back

Highlight package for Velvet Sky’s return to Impact this past Thursday.

Tara and Jesse are with Jeremy Borash. Who cares about Velvet Sky? This should be about Tara. This should be about Jesse’s abs and his pecs. Trolls and A-Listers are hard to distinguish when there are this many of them. Tara doesn’t care about Mickie’s medical problems. She’ll be back in the hospital after this match.

Tara w/ Jesse vs. Mickie James for the TNA Knockout’s Championship


Tara and Mickie can wrestle really well.
Jesse is actually pretty great in his role
Jesse is an amazing cheerleader
Tara locked in the Gory Special. I’ve always liked seeing that move.
Jesse doing a Daniel Bryan impression to distract the referee.
Todd and Tenay are really trying to put some emphasis on the importance of this match.
Jesse reacts to moves better than tons of people. For any indy wrestler or any fan wondering why Jesse is even on television…he has better instincts on some of the intangibles that even bigger names on the indy wrestlers don’t.


Mickie James was just randomly inserted for almost no reason.
Velvet Sky will probably be involved with this outcome.
TNA doesn’t really care about the women’s division at all. (Insert giant Mike Johns rant here)
Todd can’t stop Taz from being Taz during a women’s match.
Taz’s wife doesn’t give him enough sex. If she did, he probably wouldn’t think of it every single time these women show up on TV.
This crowd just doesn’t care about this match.
Taz still just wants to fuck. He’ll probably settle for masturbating while just looking at them. I hope the crowd isn’t forced to be involved in that.

Random Thoughts:

I, almost, hate myself for enjoying Jesse. If this were 5 years ago I’d hate him even more just because I’d be trying to hide my enjoyment of his character.
Seriously, this guy is pretty awesome. Don’t hate just to hate people.
I feel like I’m watching the video version of a certain website with how much they’re talking about football during this match.
This crowd just doesn’t care about this match.
Jesse just randomly ripped his shirt off. He then threw it in Mickie’s face in disgust of her suckyness. So awesome.
When did Mickie stop dressing in wrestling gear and instead start walking out of a Rural King with her outfit?

Mickie James loses to Tara after Jesse distracts her leading to the Widow’s Peak

Jeremy Borash is in the back. You’re trashed. It’s a normal TNA PPV. What is Bobby Roode’s relationship with Aces and Eights? Bobby Roode was the most dominate champion of 2012. The IT Factor said he would do anything to regain his world championship back. It will all come true tonight. It pays to be Roode.
Bobby Roode loves business. He does what is right for business. This was all about business. Money talks; bullshit walks.

Aces and Eights highlight video

Aces and Eights vs. Samoa Joe, Wes Brisco, Garett Bischoff, and Samoa Joe


Samoa joe is in this match.
Kurt Angle is in this match.
Aces and Eights has been going really well so far
Devon has been on fire the past few months with his in ring action.
Wes looks like he can, kinda, go. Still unsure though.
Samoa Joe 2005 all over A&E’s ass.
DoC could actually be a big time player in TNA’s current system.
Kurt Angle can still go really well
Seriously, Luke Gallows is pretty damn great.


Garett Bischoff is in this match.
Aces and Eights can’t keep this kind of steam up for too long.
TNA has too many power heels and not enough good guys.
Multi-man matches just turn into cluster fucks far too fast.

Random Thoughts:

Why do they have their own special entrance area?
What part of Aces and Eights terrorist demands required theme music?
Samoa joe just made 4 men run away by himself. Why are these guys so powerful?
Joe does this multiple times. Really?
Samoa Joe vs. DoC (aka Luke Gallows) the closest you’re gonna get to seeing Joe in the ring with Punk anytime soon.
Garett is the bitch. Always a shitty position.
Although Garett’s position as the guy taking the beating is the most important part of the match.
Garett and Wes are doing some tag team maneuvers. I think that might be a tease for the future. Just a bit.
This match isn’t really all that engaging.
I think Devon just had his neck broken by the bottom rope.
Everyone is calling everybody else a bitch in this match.

Angle, Garett, Wes, and Joe win after Garett and Wes take DoC out of the ring allowing Angle to use the Angle slam for the pin.

Jeremy Borash wants to talk with AJ Styles in the back. You’re in the hospital for alcohol poisoning. AJ Styles has had a rough year. He has had doubters. Dixie Carter and Claire Lynch have doubted him. AJ Styles is the most consistent wrestler in TNA. AJ Styles works best with his back against the wall. History is written by the victor. Daniels name will only show up as an asterisk.

Christopher Daniels vs. AJ Styles


AJ Styles is about to fight Christopher Daniels
This won’t be their final match
They seem to be given a lot of time for this match. Everything is going at a slow, methodical pace.
If you’ve seen AJ vs. Daniels then this match won’t have many surprises.
The chemistry these guys have is off the charts.
These two men won’t shy away from giving it everything they’ve got.
You’re getting the “Best of” when it comes to Styles/Daniels matches.
All of their matches just seem so much more organic than most other matches you’ll ever see.
This match happened.
They limited the death moves as much as possible.
Daniels won clean.


This won’t be their final match
If you’ve seen AJ vs. Daniels then this match won’t have many surprises.
These two might kill each other for our entertainment.

Random Thoughts:

You know, this won’t be their final match.
Apparently, this is a no DQ match too.
If you’ve seen AJ vs. Daniels then this match won’t have many surprises.
I don’t think I could find 2 men who work so fluidly and better against each other.
AJ Styles just did a suplex onto the apron. OWWWWWWWW! Seriously, most painful part of the ring. I know from experience. OWWW!
Daniels just countered with a  Uranage to the ring apron. OWWWWW!
Why do these guys do this to each other?
Daniels has his hands taped up to flip people off. Clever.
Seriously, they might kill each other for this match.
They’ve slowed this down after trying to kill each other. These two guys understand the idea of the rollercoaster ride that pro wrestling should be.
AJ’s face is either bleeding or he just gets really shy whenever his ass is being kicked.
I’m starting to think this might just be the final one. Seriously…damn.
AJ’s blood is giving him some Gaga-like mascara.
These two can do some amazing counters to each other’s trademark finishers. They’ve wrestled that many times.
These matches are why these two aren’t on the indies anymore and TNA wants them. People who want to move up from the indies need to take notes from Styles and Daniels.
These guys even kept this match from getting ridiculous.

Christoper Daniels beat AJ Styles CLEAN with a STYLES CLASH


Highlight video for Jeff Hardy against Bobby Roode

Robert Roode vs. Jeff Hardy for the TNA World Championship


Jeff Hardy has been on fire this year.
Robert Roode has been on fire this year.
These two have really good chemistry
The crowd is all up and ready for this context.
Hardy is one of the only guys who can make this crowd do what he wants.
Slow, methodical, championship match pacing. It’s a tid different for Hardy
Bobby Roode is a fantastic heel.
Jeff Hardy is a fantastic face.


There is no one out there believing Jeff Hardy will lose this match
Bobby Roode isn’t wearing Christmas themed colors
Taz putting down his announcing partners for talking about the match and the characters
TNA has too many heels. (overall show complaint)
Jeff Hardy just tried to kill himself

Random Thoughts:

Is there a better wrestler this year than Jeff Hardy? Seriously. Can you name one? CM Punk isn’t even on Hardy’s level this year.
If Jeff wasn’t freaky enough before, he has added a Kane-esk mask to wear on his way down to the ring. Nightmares for months.
I love Jeff’s red and green Christmas colors.
Why does Jeff carry both titles?
Jeff Hardy is the face of TNA. He has these people in the palm of his hands.
Jeff and Bobby really understand the whole Heel/Face match-up.
Hardy is really on the attack in this match. It’s a different change of pace to their other matches. Jeff is getting the upper-hand early and really taking it to Bobby for that latest attack on Thursday.
Bobby doesn’t let it last overly long, as he wants to make sure he keeps the title forever, and ever, and ever, and ever.
I wonder if Hardy will try to kill himself tonight.
The amount of sympathy Hardy can get from the crowd is stunning. Why isn’t WWE knocking down his door?
Robert Roode wrestles the 80s style. Seriously, he would fit right into the late 80s/early 90s wrestling era.
You ever want to take a wrestling fan from the 80s, put him in a time machine to today, and just show him a Jeff Hardy match. His reaction would probably be amazing.
The end of a Jeff Hardy match, even if you presume the outcome, can put you on the edge of your seat. Amazing talent.
There are too many “Double R’s” or “A Double’s” and the like. Someone needs to go for the “Quad D” or something.
Jeff makes me feel his pain.
Jeff Hardy just tried to kill himself. He went for Poetry in Motion on the outside and landed on the guardrail, then on the ground.
Is Jeff Hardy attempting to commit suicide in front of a crowd every month?
Intense final minutes of this match.
Aces and Eights are here…but…attack after the match.

Jeff Hardy wins after a Twist of Fate

Aces and Eights begin dissecting Jeff Hardy. They spike a power bomb as Robert Roode sits in the corner. He then starts to argue with Aces and Eights. They were paid to make sure Roode won the title. A&E respond by beating the ever living hell out of Bobby Roode.

Match of the Night AJ Styles vs. Christopher Daniels

They did a great job of putting on a really solid match. It was just one of AJ and Chris’ classic encounters. This might actually be the final time they fight. There was no screw job or anything. I doubt TNA will be able to ignore going to this well again. They put it all on the line in this match. It was a greatest hits of all their previous encounters. If this was the final time, then they did it just right.

Surprise of the Night  - Chemistry

TNA has something going for them lots of people don’t in wrestling: chemistry. They have mutliple people in the upper-midcard to main event sections who work well together. They can all go at it with each other and put on good solid matches. It showed how well they are in that aspect with their 3 big matches tonight. If TNA can take this chemistry and just get better at the weekly storytelling it’d be hard to say anyone could stand up to the quality of the product.

Overall: Worth watching

TNA gave you three solid matches. There was only one that had a goofy ending. That is a pretty big plus. You’d be hard pressed not to enjoy yourself with Ray/Aries, Daniels/Styles, or Roode/Hardy. Heck, just go out of your way and check out those three contests. This event isn’t one you’ll remember, but it isn’t one you’d regret if you watched it either.

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