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By Corey Letson Mar 14, 2013 - 3:52 PM print

TNA Impact Results 2-7-13:  
RVD def. Kenny King and Christian York

James Storm def. Jesse

Bobby Roode and Austin Aries def. Chavo and Hernandez to become the NEW Tag Team Champions

Miss Tessmacher def. Tara

Sting and Bully Ray def. DOC and Devon in a Tables Match

Things of Note This Week:

-Aces and Eights is ready to take over TNA. They’re done waiting.

-Wes Brisco and Garett Bischoff are really upset Hogan wanted them to work their way up from the bottom. Wes Brisco was uber-pissed just because of his pedigree in this business. How could he start from the bottom? He’s a Brisco.

-Tara and Jesse had to fly couch. Not only that, when Tara faces Miss Tessmacher, Jesse is banned from ringside.

-Bobby Roode and Austin Aries are ready to win the tag titles. They still can’t get along too well though. HIJINKS!!

-Jesse hates he can’t be out in the ring for his “boo”. It’s all okay though. He’ll still give people Mr. Pec-tacular.

-Sting and Hogan are hyping up Bully Ray backstage for his match later in the night.

-Robbie E and T aren’t getting along that much at all.

-Bully Ray goes for the war paint

Big Developments this week:
-Hogan is all up on Bully’s side now.

-Spud, winner of TNA’s British Bootcamp, makes him Impact debut on television. He got the upper-hand of Robbie E

-Bully Ray might be able to “hulk up” nowadays

Highlight of the Night: Bobby Roode and Austin Aries vs. Chavo Guerrero and Hernandez

Seriously, it’s just a really nice tag match. Hernandez is good at tag matches. He knows how to wrestle on a team. Chavo is also pretty well versed in wrestling on a team. Aries and Roode have the same tag team ability from earlier in their careers. It’s impressive to bring these four together. They brought a classic style tag match to the UK and it went over really, really well. Team Hell No now holds championships in two companies at the same time.   

Lowlight of the Night: The Good Bully Ray

This could just be me and that’s fine. I just don’t like the good Bully Ray. It doesn’t work. The word “bully” kind of implies the guy is bad and an asshole. The fact that he is now their 2 nd  babyface just says something I don’t like. If he really starts the whole “Hogan” thing soon…yeah. I just…yeah. Can I have the asshole back?

Five Questions for TNA:

1)      Can I get the asshole Bully Ray back?

2)      What was up with such a straight forward, little BS, not huge developments Impact?

3)      Is this what Impact is going to be like since there aren’t that many PPVs?

4)      Wasn’t Hogan supposed to wrestle too?

5)      What’s up with the #1 contendership to Hardy’s title?


-More seats have been added for TNA’s first live Impact on tour in Chicago on March 14 th

-Bully Ray has hurt his quadricep. It might be a slight sprain or a tear.

-Rumor has it that not every match at Lockdown will be a steel cage match. It may be changing formats to only the main events being held inside the steel cage.

TNA Impact Results 2-14-13:  
Brutus Magnus def. Christopher Daniels

Kurt Angle and Samoa double disqualification as Wes Brisco and Garett Bischoff interfere

Gail Kim, Tara, and Jesse def. Marty and the Blossom Twins

Rob Van Dam def. James Storm

Austin Aries and Bobby Roode lose to a double count out

Things of Note This Week:

-The tournament isn’t really a tournament. Hulk Hogan is just watching these matches and is keeping an eye on them. Whoever impresses him most will get the title shot.

-Bully Ray has always wanted two things in life: Marry Brooke and win the TNA title. He is disappointed he won’t be doing the latter anytime soon.

-Ray seems to have left his wedding ring on the bathroom sink in their locker room. Simple mistake? Maybe.

-Marty did a dive to the outside and Jesse kind of caught him, kind of. It looked pretty disgusting.

-Brooke asked Hulk if he would make Bully number one contender because she knows it would mean so much to him.

-Hulk Hogan has always wanted a son who is the world champion.

-Bobby Roode and Austin Aries plan on winning every title in TNA.

-Both men try to get a cheap victory before going all “bad guy” on each other over and over.

Big Developments this week:
-There will be a number one contender tournament tonight with 4 singles matches:

Kurt Angle vs. Samoa Joe

Rob Van Dam vs. James Storm

Christopher Daniels vs. Magnus

Bobby Roode vs. Austin Aries

-Hogan announces that Sting will take a team into the cage at Lockdown for a Lethal Lockdown match against Aces and Eights

-Brooke Hogan sets up a 4 woman elimination match between Velvet Sky, Gail Kim, Miss Tessmacher, and Tara for the Knockouts Championship. Brooke will be sitting ringside to ensure things go fine.

-Aces and Eights attempts to attack Hogan but Bully Ray and Sting stop the attempt.

-Hogan doesn’t get a chance to make the announcement.

Highlight of the Night: Bobby Roode vs. Austin Aries and RVD vs. James Storm

You have two matches that were different, but entertaining in their own right. RVD and James Storm had a solid match that was worth watching. Roode and Aries attempted to out due each other in underhanded tactics and it was decently funny. Some of it wasn’t, but not everything in wrestling today is gold or crap.

Lowlight of the Night: The end

This is nothing against anyone in particular. They tease the announcement. That is whatever. I’m not hating on that. People do those kind of things all the time. The problem is with how Aces and Eights ran off. Bully Ray has a partially torn quad. He can’t really walk. He can limp. He can’t really walk. Hogan is standing in the ring, nine people surround him, and they run off when Bully Ray starts to basically limp down with a chain. It just didn’t look good at all. I felt bad for Bully. Small complaint, I know. It just killed    a little bit of the disbelief.

Five Questions for TNA:

1)         Bully Ray is so totally screwing with Hulk isn’t he?

2)         Bully Ray is still the leader of Aces and Eights isn’t he?

3)         Are we going to get the Dudleys back when this is all over?

4)         I like it, but who thought that Aries and Roode doing the Odd Couple routine was a good choice at this point in time?

5)         Why didn’t we get our multi-segment Christopher Daniels stuff this week?

TNA Impact Results 2-21-13:  
Joseph Park, James Storm, Chavo and Hernandez def. Bad Influence, Austin Aries, and Robert Roode

Rockstar Spud def. Robbie E

Velvet Sky def. Tara, Gail Kim, Miss Tessmacher to win the Knockouts Championship

Samoa Joe vs. Garett Bischoff goes to a no contest

Rob Van Dam def. Kenny King

Aces and Eights (DOC, Devon, Anderson) def. Sting, Bully Ray, and Hulk Hogan

Things of Note This Week:

-Hogan had the number one contender in his mind before he was attacked last week.

-Bully Ray is happy to have the opportunity and knows so many others rightfully deserve it. He is happy to be a Hogan and can’t wait to bring the title home.

-Austin Aries and Bobby Roode can’t get along with each other. They also bicker with other teams as well.

-Spud can flop around a bit and is a quick guy.

-Robbie E and Robbie T are having BIG problems.

-Order of elimination for the Knockouts four-way: Tara is eliminated by Gail Kim, Tessmacher is eliminated by Gail Kim, Gail Kim eliminated by Velvet Sky

-Wes Brisco and Kurt Angle interrupted the joe/Bischoff match

-Kenny King has been on television a lot lately.

-Brooke is worried for her dad and Bully.

-Hogan never showed up for the match

-Sting was left at the mercy of Aces and Eights as Bully left to save his family

Big Developments this week:

-The number one contender is Bully Ray

-Sting, Bully Ray, and Hulk Hogan will face 3 members of Aces and Eights tonight

-Robbie E slaps T across the face. He runs like a scalded dog as Robbie T hunts him down.

 -Tara is the first person eliminated

-Velvet Sky is the new Knockouts Champion

-There will be an update on AJ Styles next week

-Kurt Angle and Wes Brisco will be facing at Lockdown in a Steel Cage

-Bully Ray left the match to save Brooke and Hulk who were dragged out by other members of Aces and Eights during his match with Sting.

Highlight of the Night: Rob Van Dam vs. Kenny King

I like Kenny. I really do. I voted for him have the Moment of Insanity this past year. I felt he did. I figured I wouldn’t see him on television for months and then he’d show up for a month and leave. He’s been on television pretty steadily. What can I say, I’m glad I was wrong.

Van Dam can wrestle. Kenny King can wrestle. They have chemistry. It’s a match that is pretty good and worth watching.

Lowlight of the Night: It all depends

I understand the Bully Ray and Hulk Hogan angle. I get it. I hope I know where it is leading. If it goes the route it is driving on right now then this doesn’t matter. Some people might be pretty pissed at Ray just being given it and how the show is all about him and Brooke lately. I see it as a path to full completion of an angle they’ve been doing for a while.

Five Questions for TNA:

1)         Will Kurt be telling Wes Brisco he is going to “make him humble”?

2)         So AJ Styles didn’t quit or anything? They’ve been so quiet about the whole situation I forgot what AJ’s stance was when he went and left.

3)         You guys do have a plan for Tara now right? I, sadly, still really enjoy Jesse and don’t want to see them both ignored for months.

4)         Is all of Lockdown still in a cage or not?

5)         Is it possible to see Bad Influence vs. Team Heck Maybe?

TNA Impact Results 2-28-13:  
Velvet Sky def. Tara to retain the Knockouts Championship

Austin Aries def. Hernandez

Kenny King def. Rob Van Dam to become New X-Division Champion

Ivelisse Velez def. Lei’d Tapa during the Gut Check Challenge

Jeff Hardy and Bully Ray def. Bad Influence

Things of Note This Week:

-Bully Ray vows revenge on every member of Aces and Eights for their actions last week

Bully wants Hardy to know he doesn’t think he deserves this title shot and there are many other guys who deserve it before him.

-Jeff is happy their fighting. They’ve fought with ladders, tables, and chairs. It’s about time they throw in a Steel Cage.

-Christopher Daniels and Kaz wonder if Bully will be the one rubbing lotion on Brooke’s back and posting pictures on Twitter.

-Roode is late for his photo shoot with Austin Aries

-It takes a steel chain to the head for Aries to defeat Hernandez

-Angle isn’t a fan of Sting’s choice. He is, at least, surprised by it.

-Angle stalks Aces and Eights in the parking lot

-Gut Check will be between Ivelisse Velez and Lei’d Tapa. Tapa is Barbarians niece.

-Austin Aries wants Hardy to know he is rooting for him. Bully has Hulk in his corner and Austin just wants Jeff to know he knows how it feels to have the odds stacked against him.

-Austin Aries wants Bully Ray to know he is rooting for him. Bully doesn’t want to hear it at all. Aries just reinsists on wanting to see him win and leaves.

Big Developments this week:

-Bully Ray and Jeff Hardy will face Bad Influence tonight

-Magnus wants to face Aces and Eights at Lockdown. Sting has always been there for Magnus. Now he wants Magnus there for him.

-Kenny King gets one last shot. If he wins, he gets the title. If he loses, he is out of the X-Division forever.

-Joseph Park wants to be on Team TNA at Lockdown

-Sting wants Matt Morgan on Team TNA

-Kenny King is the new X-Division Champion

-Aces and Eights at Lockdown will be:

DOC, Knox, Anderson, Bischoff, and Devon

-Team TNA at Lockdown will be:

Samoa Joe, James Storm, Sting, Magnus, Eric Young

-AJ’s wife and friends have questioned who he has been as a person this past year. They just weren’t sure what to think with everything that happened last year. AJ has been distant lately. He hasn’t been himself.

-Robbie E attempts to make amends with Robbie T. It fails when Robbie E smacks Robbie T over the head with a photo frame.

-Kurt Angle has found the Aces and Eights hideout. He attacks all of them with a pipe and rips the mask off a big shot member. We cannot see who it is as the camera fades to black.

Highlight of the Night: Rob Van Dam vs. Kenny King / Jeff Hardy and Bully Ray vs. Bad Influence

Take everything I said about last weeks RVD/Kenny King match and insert it here.

Daniels, Kaz, and Jeff are great at what they do. Bully is still    a bit banged up from that injury. Personally, I don’t know why he is wrestling. Whatever, he is. That is the thing that matters. He held up good in the contest. Bully is still one of TNA’s best kept assets over the past year. These guys went out and had themselves a contest. TNA continues to give you some great wrestling on free television week after week.

Lowlight of the Night: nothing really

This Impact was pretty concise and wasn’t that contrived at all. They kept lots of things to a minimum and it was really all about making Lockdown a bit better.

Five Questions for TNA:

1.          Who is facing Aries and Roode at Lockdown?

2.          Will ODB be back next week for her husband?

3.          Were there any other names considered besides “Knox”?

4.          How far away is the A&E hideout compared to the Impact Zone?

5.          Who will Kenny King fight now?

TNA Impact Results 3-7-13:  

Jeff Hardy vs. Austin Aries ends in no contest

-Devon def. Sting

Gail Kim and Bad Influence def. Velvet Sky, Chavo Guerrero, and Hernandez

Magnus and Joe def. DoC and Bischoff

-Mr. Anderson def. James Storm

Things of Note This Week:

-Kurt Angle refuses to tell everyone who he revealed in Aces and Eights last week.

-Bobby Roode is all sorts of missing.

-Nobody listens to Austin Aries when he tries to encourage them.

-Bully Ray saves Hardy from Matt Morgan punishment

-Wes Brisco wanted to be Kurt Angle, but now he wants to beat Kurt Angle.

-Wes plans to use Kurt as a stepping stone.

-Kurt figures if you don't respect him you don't respect wrestling.

-Gail Kim puts Velvet Sky on notice and takes a slap to the face for her trouble

-Sting questions his entire team about trust. Then accuses Magnus of possibly not being trustworthy.

-Eric Young doesn't care to be funny when it comes to A&E and wants to fight tonight for TNA.

-Sting chooses James Storm instead

Big Developments this week:   

-Matt Morgan knocks out Jeff Hardy with a Carbon Footprint

-Matt Morgan warns that he is just getting started

-D'Lo Brown is revealed as the VP of Aces and Eights

-Tappa won a contract. Velez did not.

-The search for AJ continues as AJ keeps himself away from the cameras

-TNA and A&E are wrestling tonight for advantage in the cage on Sunday.

-Bully Ray and Jeff Hardy stand in the ring to tell each other that they respect their opponent and cannot wait to main event the biggest TNA show ever.

Highlight of the Night: Austin Aries vs. Jeff Hardy / Ray and Hardy

It's Austin Aries. It's Jeff Hardy. You really can't go wrong with just watching these two guys inside the ring going at it. 

On the other side, Ray and Hardy just talking to each other about how they have mutual respect was nice. It all felt earnest. The match on Sunday should be a good one.

Lowlight of the Night: Running on in, running on in

Aces and Eights really made their whole presence known throughout the night. They mobbed Kurt Angle, they mobbed James Storm, and then they mobbed at the end of the night. Guys need a new tactic fast.

Five Questions for TNA:

1) Don't you think Bully Ray is being a little too goody-goody?
2) How high does the chain of command go in Aces and Eights?
3) Eric Young not comedic?
4) Weren't Brutus and Joe just at each others throats?
5) Why does Lockdown have like four matches?

Card for tonight’s TNA: Lockdown

Jeff Hardy vs. Bully Ray for the TNA World Championship
Team TNA vs. Aces and Eights - Lethal Lockdown Match
Bad Influence vs. Bobby Roode and Austin Aries vs. Chavo and Hernandez for the TNA World Tag Team Championships
Robbie T vs. Robbie E
Wes Brisco vs. Kurt Angle in a cage
Gail Kim vs. Velvet Sky for the TNA Knockout Championship


TNA does another fantastic video package showing the evolution of Aces and Eights. It also brings us to the culmination of Bully Ray and Jeff Hardy that will happen tonight.

TNA’s largest live crowd is here near the Alamo at Lockdown. Taz, Todd, and Mike are at the commentary booth. Taz is all sorts of “I <3 A&E”. Bully Ray gets a title shot tonight. No one can wait for this contest at all.

Kenny King vs. Zema Ion vs. Christian York for the X-Division Championship


-Kenny King is on PPV. I was wrong about him never being on television again.
-These three guys can go.
-They’ve gone a few months without mentioning Jesse Soronsen.
-Christian and King just did the ANX finisher.
-This crowd is all about watching some TNA wrestling.
-These three men are pulling out every single stop possible.
-The triple man maneuvers are pretty damn good.
-That was a good final sequence.


-These guys take too many risks sometimes.
-It’s still, usually, just three singles matches
-Christian York, yeah, I just am not that big of a fan. I dunno, maybe it’s the dreads or something?
-Taz commentating. Even in regular matches.
-I really dislike the obvious set up of the “tower of doom”. It’s cool and all, just…yeah.
-When moves get sloppy in an X-Division match they usually get REALLY sloppy. It’s kind of like a lucha libre match. The second one thing throws it off you can tell it is thrown REALLY off.

Random Thoughts:

-I still always thought there were more people in the X-Division than these three guys.
-I know Kenny King works at Chippendale’s, but could he have less generic stripper music? Kevin Nash is jealous.
-Kenny King is so damn cocky. It really is impressive. What’s better is how genuine it comes off. You’d think he really was.
-I think Kenny King just died with his head hitting the barricade.
-I don’t get how Kenny King isn’t picking his brains up off the ground still. Seriously, ouch.
-Hell of a Hurricanrana/moonsault pin combo from Ion.
-Zema Ion goes Tyler Black on everyone with a quick jumping curb stomp out of nowhere.
-That was a unique “Tower of Doom” power bomb one guy while he fall-away slams the other.
-I’m really surprised Christian York is getting as much offense as he is.
-Kenny King could be a close second coming of “The Pope” if TNA wanted to give him a shot. Although they should just bring back The Pope.

Winner: Kenny King

Jeremy Borash is in the back checking out Twitter. He has a hash tag he wants you to use. It doesn’t matter. Joseph Park is here to face Joey Ryan in the Alamo Dome. Joe is ready for this whole thing and he has to say the boys are mean. They’ve been “ribbing” him something fierce.
Bad Influence tells him Dixie is looking for him. It isn’t about A Double or B Roode. It isn’t about Chavo or Hernandez. Tonight is about Bad Influence. It is about them becoming the World Tag Team Champions of the World again, again, again. Disrespect happens too much. These belts are the most important things in their existence. They’ll drop you all just like Verizon Wireless.

Joey Ryan vs. Joseph Park

Joseph, they save everything is bigger in Texas. Judging by your gut, and these fatties watching tonight, I’m going to go ahead and say that is true. That is called evidence. You know what else is big about you? Just like everybody here, Joe, you are a big “mark”. You should be sitting in the audience. It doesn’t matter, Joey Ryan has the size advantage where it counts. You’ll find out that size matters.

Joe just wants to say something real quick. San Antonio rocks! Joseph went ot Riverwalk and sang karaoke. It was so cool.


-Joseph Park is, somehow, entertaining.
-Joey Ryan is, predictably, entertaining.
-Joey Ryan can make some things look painful.
-Being sleazy is something that is just entertaining.
-This crowd is entertained tonight.
-Joseph Park does a great job of being 100% different from Abyss.
-Unique ending to a wrestling match today that just ends with a maneuver that isn’t “the finisher”


-These two might not mix too well.
-Mike Tenay doesn’t understand sexual innuendo.
-Sometimes I just don’t know about the Joseph Park thing.

Random Thoughts:

-I don’t even know for this one.
-They really love to focus in on Joey Ryan oiling his body all over.
-It’s nice to see them make him, basically, gradually use more advanced moves.
-Joey Ryan wouldn’t have wrestled anywhere big in the 80s or anything, but the character would’ve been great. It’s a little Jesse the Body, but so much more porn and sex.
-I’ve never seen Baby Oil used as a blinding foreign object.
-Or someone’s crotch in the face of another man.
-A match without the Abyss turning blood would be interesting.

Winner: Joseph Park

Jess Hardy arrived earlier today. He had both world titles with him.

Brooke Hogan is talking to Bully in the locker room. She is praising him for everything tonight. Bully needs her to just calm down. He wants to make her proud. He wants to make her dad proud. He is nervous.
Hulk walks in and wants a heart to heart with Bully. This company has a chance to go to greatness starting tonight. Jeff is great, but it will take Bully Ray to get TNA to the next level. Hulk is betting on Bully tonight. Hulk wants a son to be World Champion.
Bully has brought Hulk his daughter back. Hulk put her through hell. Bully is his son. Bully needs to win the title. Hulk wants to live vicariously through Ray tonight. Hulk wishes it could be him. Andre pulled Hulk aside when he fought for the title. Hulk wants Bully to know, win or lose, that they’ll need to remember Bully Ray as long as he lives.
Bully promises that everyone will remember.

Velvet Sky vs. Gail Kim for the Knockout Championship


-Taz isn’t talking too much about being horny tonight.
-Gail Kim is a great wrestler.
-Velvet Sky has really improved in the ring over the last extended timeframe I saw her.
-Gail Kim is about to get all physical with the knockout referee. She pimp slapped her right across the face.


-They’ve done this contest a lot lately.
-That female referee is too noticeable. It’s one of those weird things.
-Taz starts to talk about women’s periods.
-Now here comes the sexual innuendo.

Random Thoughts:

-Taz really dislike motivational speaking.
-Taz doesn’t really care about pigeons as much anymore. I kind of like this change.
-What is wrong with Taz? He doesn’t seem to be wanting to fuck at all tonight.
-have they ever considered a second female referee?
-I wonder if anyone talked to Velvet Sky about using Sting’s Scorpion Death Drop against someone else. Usually, that is a cardinal sin.
-Why does every PPV match have everyone kicking out of finishers?
-Tarrell should not be spearing Gail Kim and then punching her.
-What ever happened to unbiased refereeing? She should lose her license.

Winner: Velvet Sky

Jeremy Borash is in the back (and you’re drunk) with Robbie E. He’ll be facing Rob Terry. Robbie E will be teaching which Rob was better. He got T everything he wanted, girls, the VIP, the drinks. Robbie T, his former bro, will be made his ho! OOOOOOOH!

I give props for the video package. It’s done in the romantic movie beginning, until the breakup. Welcome to the action movie.

Robbie E vs. Robbie T


-I really liked that video package.
-They knew exactly what this match was.


-Taz has decided to get chummy on commentary.
-The crowd cares very, very little for this match.

Random Thoughts

-They’ve really tried to make this mean something. I’m surprised.
-I’m impressed they’re having the match that should be happening. It’s all Robbie E being a weakling and not being able to hurt Robbie T.
-There goes the cheap shot on the arm followed by taking out the knee.

Winner: Robbie T

Guess who is in the back. There is a three tag team match-up coming up next. Austin Aries has arrived. Where is his partner? Everyone has been asking that for weeks. Where’s Bobby Roode at? What happens if Bobby Roode isn’t at Lockdown?
Austin Aries is the common denominator of greatness. Aries can win this match by himself. Luckily, that isn’t going to be necessary.
Miss me?

Bad Influence vs. Chavo and Hernandez vs. Austin Aries and Bobby Roode for the TNA Tag Team Championship


-All three of these teams can really perform as tag teams.
-Christopher Daniels is just soooo good.
-Austin Aries is just soooo good.
-Hernandez and Chavo are pretty darn good wrestlers.
-Solid tag wrestling.
-This crowd loves them some Eddie tributes.
-Ten Amigos
-Daniels and Kaz being dicks to Aries and Roode.
-Double Canadian Backbreaker by Hernandez. H-O-L-Y S-H-I-T
-Seriously Hernandez…daaaaaaaamn
-Roode and his sneaky ways


-Taz’s commentary has gotten a bit worse nowadays.
-Taz needs to shut the fuck up.
-These guys take some crazy risks in the end.

Random Thoughts:

-Man, I really miss LAX.
-I enjoy that Bad Influence are very comic book villain-y. They’ll get beat up a bit, but they’ll escape, kick ass, and really take control throughout the middle.
There is very little to say about this contest because it’s just three teams doing some solid wrestling.
-Hernandez is damn strong.
-Aries and Roode are smart to not get into this match at all.
-Daniels and Kazarian have really turned in some impressive tag combinations.
-Aries and Roode have really turned in some impressive tag combinations.
-I know Chavo will never be huge in wrestling, but the guy can get people behind him pretty easily. Granted, I guess it’s harder to make people hate you if you’re a Guerrero nowadays.
-Here comes the bad guy teaming breakdown.
-Aries and kazarian hit hard in the middle of the ring.
-Hernandez is impressive. I just don’t enjoy the good guy Hernandez. Give me an evil Hernandez and you have a world champion.
-Hernandez, to his credit, can do the good guy thing really, really well. He could get the world title like that too.
-The big finisher or “move storm” that happens towards the end of multi-man matches is always insane.
-Kazarian might have died after being shoved off the top of the turn buckle.
-Hernandez might have busted his skull.
-Good tag contest.

Winners: Bobby Roode and Austin Aries

Jeremy is in the back with Taryn Terrell. Taryn needed to stand up for herself. She has been pushed for months and months. Gail doesn’t care. She attacks and starts stomping in Taryn’s face. Agents run in to bust it up.

Aces and Eights go through their pre-game preparations. D’Lo Brown goes through each man’s achievements. He then pumps up his team for their contests tonight. Tonight, it is time for Aces and Eights to reign supreme.

Jeremy Borash is now with Kurt Angle. Kurt Angle is going to make Wes Brisco famous. Wes will be one-on-one in the ring with the greatest wrestler of all time. D’Lo is next. Wes isn’t like his father or uncle. You’re just a kid who is going to get his ass kicked.

Kurt Angle vs. Wes Brisco


-Taz is making good points on commentary about Angle being a bit too into Kurt Angle
-I love the cage TNA has.
-Kurt Angle’s ability to risk bodily harm for entertainment.


-Taz is talking about what A&E believe without actually talking about what they believe. It’s weird. What does A&E believe? They haven’t really said it in the 6 months they’ve been around.
-Taz as went back to the old Taz with a hint of entitlement. It might be worse.
-Taz talks a lot more during A&E matches.
-Kurt Angle’s ability to risk bodily harm for entertainment.
-Ref bump in the cage. OH YEAH!
-The ending was a little off.

Random Thoughts:

-This could be a hidden gem. Kurt Angle is always solid in the ring and Wes could happen to be a huge up-and-comer.
-Angle just hit that cage HARD
-This is more of a fight than I figured it would be.
-Wes Brisco looks like Van Hammer. I can’t get this out of my head.
-It sucks to wrestle in jeans.-
-Wes Brisco can take an ass-kicking
-When has Kurt Angle ever tried a Frog Splash before? That was just…yeah.
-This match really seems to be moving along at a rather fast pace.
-Does anybody watch tape? Anytime anyone crawls for the door against Angle he always locks in the Angle Lock.
-Holy shit, I think Wes Brisco’s shoulder has just been broken. German Suplex off the top rope near a cage. Owww.
-Wes Brisco tapped but didn’t get caught by the referee.
-Kurt Angle just told Wes Brisco to Fuck himself.
-D’Lo just threw Angle back into the cage after he escaped all behind the referee’s back. That jerk.

Winner: Wes Brisco

Aces and Eights (Devon, Ken Anderson, Garett Bischoff, DoC, and Knox) vs. Team TNA (James Storm, Eric Young, Brutus Magnus, Sting, and Samoa Joe)


-This match usually has some big, big moments in it.
-Aces and Eights has the advantage
-Joe is going all 2005 on A&E’s ass
-Taz’s commentary is better this match than last.
-Magnus and Joe are still a decent tag team combination.
-TNA has spread their team out in a really smart way.
-The crowd is very pro-TNA
-Todd Kennely got himself a really nice Batman reference in very subtlety.
-TNA might have just tried to make Eric Young a serious hero.


-TNA’s team just comes off as a bit weak with Magnus and Eric Young on it.
-Not even the crowd thinks Garett Bischoff is worth watching
-I just don’t see Eric Young beating up Knox, Garett Bischoff, and Ken Anderson by himself.
-When a cage gets this crowded there isn’t much people can do.
-The trope of having a team lose control and then gain it when the numbers even up again isn’t played out, it’s just a trope.
-Taz is surprised at every single entrant on team TNA. How? We knew the teams weeks in advance.
-There is no more lowering roof.
-Taz has now went into the annoying bad-guy Michael Cole realm.

Random Thoughts:

-They’re starting off with Magnus and Anderson. It is an interesting pairing. Magnus is really being thrust into a brighter spot into TNA.
-Magnus throws pretty punches.
-Anderson comes off better in a group setting. I dunno, it just seems like he fits in a group more than on his own.
-Knox is the second man out
-Samoa Joe is TNA’s second man out
-This crowd loves their Samoa Joe
-Didn’t Magnus and Joe just stop trying to kill each other about a month ago?
-Garett Bischoff is A&E’s third man
-It really seems like Magnus is going to fuck Joe and them over.
-Nevermind, Anderson and Knox just took some time to get into the match.
-Turns out Knox’s name isn’t Knox it’s Knux. Like some brass knucks. Huh.
-Eric Young is the third man out.
-Eric Young strips before even getting into the ring.
-Devon is the 4th entrant for A&E
-Devon should’ve taken the belt into the ring and just knocked everybody out with it.
-Knux really comes off pretty damn strong in this contest so far. He is always there to make sure they keep the power.
-James Storm is the 4th entrant for TNA
-James Storm just gave someone a boot right to their face.
-This action is hard to follow with all of these guys in the ring.
-DoC is the final entrant for A&E
-Standing in the ring he is in right now, you can just see how big DoC really is.
-Sting is going to have a field day when he enters the ring.
-Sting is the final entrant for TNA.
-Sting takes out all five men with a single bat.
-Sting brought weapons to fight with.
-TNA takes out every single member with whatever weapon they’ve decided to grab.
-There hasn’t been a single moment of A&E offense since Sting came into the ring. Everyone is laid out around the ring.
-Foreign objects don’t hurt Sting.
-Every single man just took a low blow at the same time. If not, then a hit was pretty well hid. Man, once one guy’s balls got hit I’d start guarding.
-That “Tower of Doom” was crazy. Garett Bischoff might be pretty damn well dead.
-Eric Young was the savoir. Who would have seen that coming?

Winners: Team TNA (Sting, Eric Young, Samoa Joe, Magnus, James Storm)

Bully Ray vs. Jeff Hardy for the TNA World Championship


Jeff Hardy was the best wrestler around last year.
Bully Ray was easily one of the top 5 wrestlers last year.
-This fast paced style is a bit different from a few of their other encounters.
-These two are just going for the win and not trying to cheap shot each other or anything. It’s a bit different.
-This is just a good hard wrestling match.
-Taz is still annoying, but he keeps interrupting with insight into wrestling these two.
-That was a nice break of the action giving Ray time to get back to his feet. Obviously, something is up in this contest. They came to prevent a Hardy win.
-The sit-out power bomb from the top rope was crazy. What is Hardy’s problem?
-This is the good sort of crazy
-Bully Ray has become world champion
-Aces and Eights have their rightful president.
-The Dudley Boyz are back together.
-”You are nothing to me. You are worthless to me. What are you going to do to me you old man? Brooke, shut your mouth.”


Taz has started to get more cranky and irritable due to the loss from A&E. It could really break this match-up.

Random Thoughts:

Couldn’t they make this match a pin and submission only cage match? I’m just not sure why you always have to escape. It’s whatever in the end.
-This should be pretty awesome.
-This is Bully Ray’s first one-on-one shot for the World Championship? Is it? I thought he got at least one with Aries. Crazy.
-Jeff and Bully are just going right at it. They aren’t playing this match slow and steady at all. Both men are in this match to win it right from the get go.
-Hardy keeps trying to climb out of the cage. You’d figure he’d go straight for a pin.
-Ray has finally slowed this match to a speed that gives him a better shot at winning.
-This crowd is split in half about who they want to win.
-Jeff Hardy just hit a Twist of Fate out of nowhere.
-Wes and Garett have just entered the cage to beat up Jeff.
-Bully and Jeff have teamed up and destroyed Aces and Eights. They take out both men, throw them out of the cage, and continue their contest.
-Jeff goes for a Twist of Fate and Bully doesn’t go down. That was unique.
-How did that not end this match?
-Hulk and Brooke are making their way down to the ring. Really? Things were just going at a crazy rate before hand.
-Aces and Eights have entered the cage again with DoC, Knux, Anderson, and all of them.
-Wow. Devon tosses a hammer to Bully and he knocks Jeff Hardy out.


“Hey Devon, let the stupid bitch cry. Hey Hulk, Hulk, I used you. Brooke, I screwed you. But most of all, I fooled every single one of you. I’m Bully Ray. I’m the president of Aces and Eights. I am the TNA World Heavyweight Champion.“ -Bully Ray

The crowd has littered the ring with trash. Wow.

Match of the Night  - Toss-up: Aries&Roode/Chavo&Hernandez/Bad Influence or Bully Ray/Jeff Hardy

Either way you go you have a good match. Some of them are for different reasons. The tag match was a solid match that was really worth watching. The main even match just really hit the peak of a storyline they’ve been doing for a long time. The match that was being had before hand was really good, and then it went into the other direction with the reveal of a president, and new champion, Bully Ray.

Surprise of the Night  - Taz’s back and forth

I usually mention Taz as being a lowlight. I’m not saying he wasn’t one here. There were times where his commentary was helpful and not intrusive at all. He then decided to mix that with commentary that was overly intrusive and very annoying. It was a really weird, weird mix. I was surprised it wasn’t one or the other. I was more surprised that it happened both ways throughout the night.

Bully Ray gets a nod. I still always assumed he was the president, but I just figured he would be done in some other way. That was a glorious fashion to do it in.


The show was ok. You’re not missing out on anything amazing by never seeing it. Really, this show hinged on the final moments. The problem is we’ll have to wait to see what TNA does to see if those final moments were even worth sticking around for.

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