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ThIs Week in TNA: It's an Aces and Eights Bound For Glory Series Freakout

By Corey Letson Sep 4, 2012 - 7:00 PM print

Previously on TNA…

AJ Styles - Not the father

Christopher Daniels - Not going to jail for a few things that would probably be considered slander.

Aces and Eights - Taking things over like mad men who don’t care who they hurt

TNA Locker room - Went mad on everything Aces and Eights

Austin Aries - Taken out by Aces and Eights

Everyone Else - Probably involved in Aces and Eights somehow

TNA News of the Week

-Two men have been arrested for stealing the TNA World Heavyweight Championship from a house show August 18th.

TNA Impact in Review

Austin Aries has come down to the ring and seems like he has something to say. His arm is wrapped. I’d be impressed if he started rapping. He’ll probably just talk about last week and follow it with what he is going to do this week, next, and the PPV. Give me something new man. Tell me about your vacation or something.
Aries gives credit where credit is due. Austin got his arm smashed and that wouldn’t have happened any other way. Will the title be forfeited? Two miscalculations have been made. Austin Aries isn’t cleared to wrestle, but he doesn’t have to be cleared to fight. Number two, his right arm is hurt, but he is left handed. His right hand is hurt, but he punches with his left hand. Yeah, dummies. Don’t you understand right from left?
Austin Aries won’t leave the ring until someone answers his challenge. Impact ends with Austin Aries standing in the ring for two hours. That was fun.

Conclusions and Thoughts

That was one unique program. I’ve always wanted to see someone actually take the show over for the entire show. No one can say Impact has never tried anything new.

Highlight of the Night

Austin Aries standing in a ring for two hours while the crowd sometimes cheers but other times just sits on their hands.

Lowlight of the Night

Austin is left handed. We get it. Repeating it to us four times doesn’t make us feel good because we feel you think we’re stupid.

Five Questions for TNA
1) Who thought of that awesome program?
2) How long did you plan on letting Aries sit out there?
3) What if the crowd fully turned?
4) What was Aries’ paycheck for this event?
5) More of a comment, but Austin Aries does some mean shadow puppets.

In reality Hulk Hogan and Sting answer the call. They want the champ to calm the hell down. They come in peace. Hogan is the GM again. Hogan has all the control now and he will do what he wants. Aces and Eights will have a bloodbath with TNA sometime soon. Tonight, A Double can have anything he wants in the entire world.
Austin Aries wants lots of things: ponies, unicorns, lesbian he can turn straight, giant cookie, but he’ll just take a fight with Aces and Eights. Bane Co. have come to talk while they drink and play poker. Will they fight? They always do things on their time and their terms. Aces and Eights are up for a little “bullying” tonight. Get the hint? Don’t worry. They crashed it home about six times.

Bound For Glory Series Leaderboard
1) James Storm - 66 points
2) Samoa joe - 61 points
3) RVD, Bully Ray - 55 points
5) AJ Styles - 50 points
6) Kurt Angle - 48 points
7) Mr. Anderson - 47 points (first loser)
8) Jeff Hardy - 42 points
9) Christopher Daniels - 33 points
10) Magnus - 28 points
11) Robbie E - 12 points
12) The Pope - 7 points (injured)

TNA shows just how big this night is for the BFG as at Sacrifice the final 4 will battle to try and win the BFG Series

James Storm vs. Rob Van Dam - Bound For Glory Series

It won’t happen with every contest, but they’ve worked out tonight to actually seem like it matters. Every single match has a possibility to main event a TNA event. The bonus of that is that of these guys actually have something to fight for this week. Storm is fighting to try and choose his opponent at Sacrifice; while, Rob Van Dam is fighting to get himself locked into a spot at Sacrifice. Both men are up in arms and this matters a lot.
If TNA can have another week of this and a solid PPV they’ll be making great waves leading into Bound for Glory.
RVD and James Storm have a normal RVD match. It is something to watch and always a highlight, but it looks like a sloppy highlight. Sure you get the shot you want, but something about it just seems completely off. Storm has been riding a wave of momentum that, if not for Jeff Hardy, would be the shoe-in for “Babyface of the Year”. The guy has brought it this entire series and feels drastically different from the James Storm that was wrestling back in January,.
RVD and Storm go back and forth with the crowd split between the two. RVD takes the sick DDT he is always on the receiving end of. The match quickens the pace as it continues until there are some near falls at every turn. (a staple with a pretty good chunk of TNA). This match ends with James Storm using the Last Call Superkick as RVD goes for a rolling monkey flip.

Winner: James Storm (+7 points)

James has locked himself into the final four. He said he’d win and he’ll consider it a rite of passage before he wins the world heavyweight title.

Madison Rayne is here to talk to anyone who will listen. She wants to get her championship re-match. She also doesn’t want to be hindered by the blonde referee that screwed her out of her title.
ODB has some bad news for Madison. Brooke Hogan called her and said that Madison will be fighting the Ol’ Dirty something starting with a B.

Madison Rayne vs. ODB

Bell rings. BAM! Bell rings.

Winner: ODB

Eric Young has arrived back in town. He has brought beer and chicken with him. ODB is confused as to why Super Eric is dressed all fancy. He took months to get fried chicken and beer. Although he has been in Hollywood, he did get the beer and chicken. ODB appreciates everything, but she doesn’t know what EY has become. Where has O to the D to the B’s husband gone?
The crowd wants chicken.
Eric Young strips down to his underwear. The two make-out while eating fried chicken. Welcome to Impact Wrestling.

Last week it was revealed that Daniels and Kaz totally tried to screw AJ Styles over. Claire is gone forever?

AJ Styles wants to get his hands on Daniels and Kazarian again. That isn’t the big deal tonight. He needs to focus on Samoa Joe and that is what he’ll do.

Bruce Pritchard, Al Snow, and Taz are discussing last week’s Gut Check. They discuss him not looking like his photos and videos submitted. They also talk about how he failed in the ring. Is there potential? The back story is good.  Everyone should keep an open mind.

Hogan and Sting smell blood. They want to take of things. Slow build. People just need to be brought in and talked to. Kaz and Daniels arrive in the office, appletini in hand. Kazarian and Daniels have the tag titles and iron-clad contracts. Everyone is friends.
No. These four men aren’t friends. K&D are what is wrong with the business today. The champions will fight regardless of the Bound for Glory series. When and where is up to Hogan. They will get their brains beat out. TA-TA! What’cha gonna do?

Bound For Glory Series Leaderboard
1) James Storm - 73 points
2) Samoa joe - 61 points
3) RVD, Bully Ray - 55 points
5) AJ Styles - 50 points
6) Kurt Angle - 48 points
7) Mr. Anderson - 47 points (first loser)
8) Jeff Hardy - 42 points
9) Christopher Daniels - 33 points
10) Magnus - 28 points
11) Robbie E - 12 points
12) The Pope - 7 points (injured)

AJ Styles vs. Samoa Joe

AJ Styles final match is tonight. He’ll be done with the BFG after this match-up. Samoa Joe still has a few more matches to go. These two men always bring it with each other. TNA has made their BFG series matter in the end. How? They’ve led a field that gives a decent number of people a shot at getting into the final four. Really they could add anyone over the next few weeks. The only thing that makes it seem narrow is just how much they’ve built James Storm as the only possible winner. Someone like Joe or Styles can be thrown in easily though. These two being in the final four would keep people guessing the whole time.
These two men do what they’ve done their entire TNA careers. They have a good match that is different from their previous contests. Words won’t be able to make it mean anything big. Joe/Styles is always a contest that one just needs to see. Even at their worst they are better than lots of other wrestling matches happening these days.
AJ Styles loses the match by pinfall when Samoa Joe rolls him up out of an arm bar.

Winner: Samoa Joe (+7 points)

Kurt Angle muses about his main event match-up with Jeff Hardy this evening. He knows this match is all or nothing.


Does Chris feel he did his best? He did, but he gets better everyday.

Does Chris Louie make it?

Taz: Chris just isn’t right for Impact Wrestling right now. Sorry dude. Great story though.
Bruce Pritchard: This is GUT CHECK! Dig down deep in your guts. Dig up those guts. Prove yourself to everyone. Bruce appreciates that Chris has a great back story. This was Chris’ dream. Time to wake up from the dream. This business isn’t for Chris Louie.
Al Snow: Doesn’t even matter.

Al Snow is harassed by Joey Ryan. Take that you corporate stooge. Take water to the face. Gut Check is a farce. It is completely rigged by idiots.

Hulk Hogan and Sting are meeting with Joseph Park. Joe can help Sting and Hogan with Aces and Eights. There are a lot of violations happening that Joseph Park can put a case together and investigate these guys. Does that work? Yes. Kay fab.

Bound For Glory Series Leaderboard
1) James Storm - 73 points
2) Samoa joe - 68 points
3) RVD, Bully Ray - 55 points
5) AJ Styles - 50 points
6) Kurt Angle - 48 points
7) Mr. Anderson - 47 points (first loser)
8) Jeff Hardy - 42 points
9) Christopher Daniels - 33 points
10) Magnus - 28 points
11) Robbie E - 12 points
12) The Pope - 7 points (injured)

Jeff Hardy vs. Kurt Angle - Bound for Glory Series

I don’t know what else I can say about Jeff Hardy this year that I already haven’t. He has turned things around 180. The guy is the MVP of Impact Wrestling. He is really the best wrestler this year. I can’t say anything bad. He hasn’t even been sloppy over the past year. He has kept his hardcore, high-flying style, but has tightened up and really made it crisp. The guy is just in the groove right now.
Kurt Angle has never been out of the groove. Angle is, at his worst, better than half the guys on any wrestling company’s roster. Kurt Angle can out wrestle everyone and always brings his A-game. He will make every show better and can be placed into any spot on a card to steal the show. Kurt Angle is amazing. He is probably half of what he was years ago in WWE but is still just so damn amazing.

Jeremy Borash now has to do promo plugs during match intros of the main event. That is kinda tacky.

These two go at it for about 15 minutes. They had a MOTY candidate earlier this year. They followed that MOTY candidate up with another MOTY candidate. Sit and watch this match. No words needed. Hardy wins via Swanton.

Winner: Jeff Hardy (+7 points)

The final five are in the ring: Samoa Joe, James Storm, Bully Ray, Jeff Hardy, and Rob Van Dam.

Next Week: Jeff Hardy vs. Samoa Joe, Bully Ray vs. RVD.

Austin Aries has made his way back out to the ring. He wants Aces and Eights to meet him in the ring for a fight. Come on. This isn’t time to play around.
Hogan and Sting decide to join Austin Aries in the ring. They bring the other members of the TNA BFG series with them. Everyone is here to support the champion. Everyone is here for a bloodbath. This needs to happen tonight. Come on boys.

The Aces and Eights answer by showing up in the crowd. This will end tonight in blood. What are they made of? They should send the best guy they got into the ring to fight. Austin Aries stands in the ring with the best fighter of Aces and Eights who is a monster of a man.
The champ has control until the big man gets one good shot in at Aries’ arm. The second the champ gets in control he begins to be swarmed by the bullies. Impact goes toe-to-toe with Aces and Eights. The two groups brawl on the outside as Austin Aries beats the hell out of the supposed leader of Aces and Eights.
A random guy slides into the ring, puts a mask on, and knocks Austin Aries out with a flapjack. Impact goes off the air with Storm, Sting, Ray, and Hogan standing over Austin Aries keeping him safe.

Conclusions and Thoughts

Impact finally balanced the Aces and Eights overtaking with the BFG series without sacrificing any of their strengths. Congratulations to TNA for figuring that out a tad late, but still figuring it out. They’ve got one more week to go before the PPV and they are riding HIGH on that wave of solid momentum. They are going especially hard after that many solid matches on one show.

Hey, someone failed a Gut Check without a third judge. Who knew that could happen.

TNA fans really know how to just enjoy a story. Even if they’ve ruined it by trying to Google who A&E are, they’re not ruining it for anyone. They’re just enjoying the ride. Awesome experience.

Highlight of the Night Joe/Styles, Hardy/Angle, Storm/RVD

You can’t go wrong with watching any of these matches.

Lowlight of the Night - Gut Check

We get it. At the same time, we knew he wasn’t making it.

Five Questions for TNA
1) Can you guys find some people for Gut Check who are worth the shot?
2) Where was Brooke?
3) Did you ever consider letting Aries sit in the ring for hours?
4) Did Eric Young and ODB have to come back so soon?
5) Who wins the BFG series? You can tell me. I’ll stay quiet.

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