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By Tom Woods Sep 28, 2017 - 7:35 AM print

Given that their careers unfold in the same squared circle as their wrestler counterparts, boxers (at prime PPV events) have never gone forgotten when making an appearance. Big names such as Mike Tyson and Floyd Mayweather still figure most prominently in the minds of the millennial generation (a peak WWE demographic) and many would assert that it is high time for another boxer cameo in a pay-per-view event.

Floyd Mayweather Jr’s 2008 appearance at Wrestlemania is one of the most readily remembered events of the past decade.

Peak boxers represent difficult targets

Whether a boxer, an MMA fighter or even an invading wrestler from another franchise, the guest must leverage their own ‘fight persona’ to boost the event in question up the trending charts. In boxing, 2017 has thus far seen British Olympian Anthony Joshua thrive on social media. According to the latest boxing betting markets , he is priced at -4000 to beat Kubrat Pulev on October 28. After (presumably) beating Pulev, it will be a question of timing for the WWE if the British sensation is to have any WWE involvement in the near future.

David Haye and Tony Bellew have also proven to be sufficiently brash – on both sides of the ropes. Either would unquestionably prove a popular celebrity guest on the WWE. Firstly, they must get through a hotly-anticipated rematch on December 10, with Bellew a marginal outsider at +200 according to the latest boxing odds. The latter has the additional accolade of an appearance in the film Creed. A WWE appearance for Bellew within the next 12 months would also tie in very well with the upcoming sequel, although good fortune and timing will be of the essence in that respect.

No end in sight for McGregor-mania

Several other names have been linked to imminent WWE appearances. Conor McGregor, for instance, has unfinished business with the UFC after a brief flirtation with professional boxing boosted his profile to new highs. His inclusion would make a lot of sense, given that his promos (especially those leading up to his recent bout with Mayweather) have been very reminiscent of the old-style, aggressive WWE promos of yesteryear. Several current WWE stars have also expressed their utmost belief that the Dubliner will appear far sooner than many expect, so his name will feature prominently – for any PPV show from now onwards.

One of McGregor’s inimitable promos.

Like Joshua and McGregor, Pacquiao is set to remain a man in action for the foreseeable future. Retirement must come soon for the Filipino. Certainly, avenging his defeat to Jeff Horn will put Pacquiao in the clear to expand his horizons, although whether such an event would precipitate his retirement is uncertain. The man clearly lives to fight, as evidenced by his professional fight record, which spans all the way back to 1995.

The shrewd selection of a celebrity guest is crucial to the success of any PPV event. With a new decade quickly approaching, and fans waiting in anticipation for the next breakout stars, the way in which PPV events are handled will become more crucial than ever to the success of the WWE franchise. Ideally, celebrities will come from a combative background. Only by chasing such celebrities can there be any justified ‘interaction’ with the WWE roster’s leading lights.

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