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What Is Fantasy Slam Pro Wrestling Fantasy Camp?

By Sinn Bohdi Jun 27, 2017 - 4:47 PM print



YOU, the fan, get in the ring with the legends! Ages 18-81

FANTASY SLAM is the first ever pro wrestling fantasy camp! I first had the idea of doing a pro wrestling fantasy camp quite a few years back when such a thing would have gotten you black balled from the industry. As much of an out-of-the-box thinker as I have been told that I am I hid the idea deep down as I am an old school wrestler at heart and respect kayfabe. If I could wave a magic wand and bring pro wrestling back to the days of kayfabe I would, however, I do not seem to be in possession of any magic wands. Fantasy Slam is where the magician shows you how to pull the rabbit out of the hat. This magician just happens to wearing spandex. The landscape of pro wrestling has changed as it usually does over time. When new eras come rolling in some people are for and some are against. I say why not? The 80’s were too glitzy for the old old old school traditionalists. Bill Watts thought that the idea of a guy bringing a snake to the ring was outlandish and wouldn't work. The 80's die-hards turned their noses up at the ECW era and all of its jean shorts and steel chairs. The PG community hated the notion of an 'Attitude era' as there was no room in wrestling for mature content... I think it is safe to say that these time periods in wrestling are now all looked upon with reverence and nostalgia. So now we move forward into the next evolution of pro wrestling... Alternative shows like Freakshow Wrestling, Chikara, Hoodslam, Lucha Underground and so forth and even further yet into letting the fans peak behind the curtain and get a glimpse at the Wizard.


We would hear people say that wrestling is fake, but the smartest of naysayers could not begin to explain where fiction and reality picked up and left off. Let me tell you from person and professional experience that pro wrestling is as athletic and demanding as any sport, however, and there is a big however, there is a layer of good vs evil that no doubt fictionally ties it all together. Does the good guy and the bad guy crack jokes in the locker-room minutes before their epic feud on RAW or Smackdown or Impact or wherever that evening... Well depending on whom it is then, maybe? But won't you love to know how it is done? Gimme a 'Hell Yeah'! Since Vinnie Mac decided to throw kayfabe out the window years back; and since the audience can see sports entertainers at signings and conventions and Q & A's anyway... Why don't we take it a step further and do what pro wrestling has always done, adapt!


Speaking with several of my wrestling pals about this concept was quite enlightening. Hearing Jake 'The Snake' Roberts say, "It is gonna take people a minute to understand what we are doing. It has never been done before. But if we are gonna do it, let's give it to them in a playful way.” and not like how we were shown." When Jake isn't attacking Macho-man with a cobra or DDT-ing Dragons on the concrete, he's actually a really sweet, caring, sensitive guy. We did our test with Jake and not only did our guinea pigs have a blast but so did we.

I know fans might be a little scared or intimidated by getting into the squared circle with an actual pro wrestler even if they know it is a show but let me assure you we want you to have a great experience so you tell your friends about it! If we beat the crap out of you, you would sue us and more importantly you wouldn't tell a soul about it! I was careful in who I picked to be the coaches because this is not a pro wrestling school. We will save teaching actual aspiring wrestlers the demanding art of pro wrestling at the Snake Pit and save FANTASY SLAM for the fans!


We want our fantasy campers to feel like Superman or John Wayne. Scary looks aside, I am apretty damn patient guy and so is former WWE European Champion, D'lo Brown. Together D'lo and I share the first two days of the fantasy camp explaining, showing and preparing you for your big match with a guest legend on the third day of the fantasy camp.

Our first camp starred WWE Hall of Famer, Ricky 'The Dragon' Steamboat. I personally know Ricky from my Kizarny days at WWE where he is one of the backstage coaches. I know firsthand that he is kind and caring and would not arm-drag a fan out of his shoes for doing or asking something silly... Not to mention, it's Ricky 'The freakin' Dragon' Steamboat!!! How could you ask for a better legend to kick off Fantasy Slam? We also had guest appearances by Sam Houston and Jimmy 'Mouth of the South' Hart! Watching our fantasy camper's mouths drop as Jimmy walked through the door was priceless. Jimmy and Sam were total surprises to our fantasy campers so you never know what surprises we have up our sleeves!

The reason guys like myself or D'lo or Jake perform is to put smiles on the faces of the hard working people paying to watch. Now we can take it a step further and can actually share the ride with you. Many of my industry pals think FANTASY SLAM is a great idea and can't wait to be a part of it and can't wait to get into the ring with you.

Wrestling legend Kevin Sullivan commended me on what a great concept Fantasy Slam is and he is raring to go. Road Warrior Animal, Gangrel, Shane Douglas, Chavo Guerrero, Al Snow, Scott Hall, Hacksaw Jim Duggan and more are just a pro wrestling fantasy camp away! They are all ready to help you live your dreams! If you want your best man or your wife or boss to eat some worms, I have Boogeyman on speed dial! The sky is the limit at FANTASY SLAM!

And don't tell me that you can't, that's just your inner adult talking! Your inner child is screaming and cheering. If you are ages 18 to 81 and you are a wrestling fan, this is for you! We will keep you safe; we will only do what you can do, no more no less. The road stories alone are worth the price of admission.

You will experience what it is like to be a superstar and you will walk away with pictures and videos and memories! You will have the time of your life! As Jake 'The Snake' would whisper, "TRUST ME!"



Sinn Bodhi has wrestled for the WWE as Kizarny and for TNA as part of the New Church. He is also the creator of Freakshow Wrestling and the head coach and creator of Fantasy Slam.

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