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Worth Your Money?: CHIKARA "How To Hatch A Dinosaur" iPPV Featuring A Ten Man Tag War, The 2nd Ladder Match in CHIKARA History, An Intergender Handicap Tag Match, And More

By James Bullock Jun 9, 2012 - 8:23 AM print

(“Honor Nation” Note: For all you ClubWWI members, check out the latest “Honor Nation” where I look at   how much has changed in ROH since being bought by Sinclair Broadcasting Group:)

After CHIKARA knocked it out of the park with their first venture into iPPV with “ High Noon” that saw Eddie Kingston become the first singles champion in CHIKARA history. Fast-forward seven months later, Kingston isn’t fighting honorably to showcase the greatness of the company he helped build. Instead, Kingston returns to Philadelphia alongside The Colony and Jigsaw to take on five opponents who will do anything to take the spots of CHIKARA’s established stars after feeling disregarded by the wrestling community. Sadly for CHIKARA, the invading GEKIDO group’s identities aren’t truly known, but their intentions are enough to raise the ire of the CHIKARA faithful.

Speaking of people faithful to CHIKARA - Gran Akuma will enter a CHIKARA ring for possibly the last time after putting his job/contract on the line against former friend and teammate Icarus in a Ladder match. Icarus’ fellow Team F.I.S.T. partners Johnny Gargano and Chuck Taylor have the task of defending one of the most prestigious Tag Team title on the Indy scene against The Young Bucks. Not only that, but Hallowicked will put his mask on the line as Tim Donst does the same with his hair to prove who is the greatest Young Lions Cup Trophy winner ever.

So much can and will happen during CHIKARA’s second iPPV. Will Team Kingston stop the GEKIDO? Can Gran Akuma keep his job? Who will walk away as the Campeonatos de Parejas champions? But most importantly, will CHIKARA “How to Hatch A Dinosaur” will be Worth Your Money?

“How to Hatch A Dinosaur”


Philadelphia, PA


Before the show, Fire Ant was attacked by the GEKIDO group, putting him out of the huge ten-man tag main event tonight.

Most Devious Entity in CHIKARA: Ultramantis Black vs. Ophidian

At CHIKARA inaugural iPPV “High Noon”, Ophidian showed his true colors by turning on his retiring partner Amasis, ending The Osirian Portal. A couple of months ago, Ophidian attacked Black, stealing his infamous staff as former Black follower Delirious - who is seemingly looking to follow in Black’s tracks by attaining his own lackeys - distracted Ultramantis. A few weeks later, Ophidian defeated Black due to spewing black mist in Black’s mask’s eyeholes.

Ophidian was wearing a new mask similar to a snake tongue coming out of the top of its head and wrapping back. Huge ovation for Black. Ophidian wasn’t phased, attacking Black at the bell. Ultramantis fought through Ophidian’s chops with some of his own before using a sick DDT for a two count. Full nelson slam also gained Black a near fall. Black was in complete control, sending Ophidian to the floor. Black following proved detrimental as Ophidian turned the tides prior to using a unique version of the Macho Man hotshot by sliding through the ropes rather than jumping over the top.

A huge chant in favor of Black as Ophidian choked Black with his belt. Enzuguri by Ophidian stopped Black from trying to claw his way through Ophidian’s eyeholes. Ophidian took too much time posing after scaling the ropes, allowing Black to recover and crotch his fellow masked man on the top turnbuckle for a double underhook superplex. Black got up firing off chops to set up the ocean cyclone … for a two count!

Ophidian blocked the Praying Mantis Bomb, but not Cosmic Doom … to gain another near fall! Ophidian stopped Black’s assault by dropping him throat first across the top rope before executing two double knee presses from the top rope to put Black down for another near fall. Ophidian’s shotgun knees had Black rattled, but not out. Ophidian hoped to change that with a float-over cobra clutch. Black freed himself from the submission, sending Ophidian to the floor to he could grab Black’s infamous staff. The referee taking it away was actually a distraction for Ophidian’s red mist. Thankfully for Black, the mask blocked most of the deadly mist, allowing him to counter Ophidian’s small package with the Praying Mantis Bomb to keep his position as CHIKARA’s Most Devious Entity.

Loser Leaves Town: Colt Cabana & Mixed Martial Archie vs. The Throwbacks (Dasher Hatfield & Mr. Touchdown Mark Angelosetti)

Following his “High Noon” defeat to Colt Cabana, Archibald Peck continued his losing streak into 2012, causing his cheerleader Veronica to leave him. Due to those losses, Veronica leaving him, and the mockery from Angelosetti caused Peck to transform his style and himself to become Mixed Martial Archie - a martial arts inspired character if the name didn’t give it away. Colt Cabana’s return to CHIKARA was spoiled by Touchdown and some timely interference from Veronica, giving Colt and Archie a common enemy for this show.

The person who takes the fall in this match must leave town. Archie chased Touchdown out of the ring as Throwbacks member Sugar Dunkerton joined the announce table. Archie’s MMA attacks didn’t work well until Hatfield knocked him to the mat. When Hatfield went to grab him, Archie almost submitted him with the triangle choke. Hatfield kept working his way to freedom until Colt tagged himself in so he could stop Hatfield from slamming his way out of the choke. The crowd was all into Archie when he feigned a dive for some ground & pound after he and Colt regained control. Archie ran across the ring, going HAM (as noted by Dunkerton in a not-so-Throwback reference) all over Touchdown until they were on the entrance ramp. Archie got a running start for something, only to take a spine buster on the hardwood stage!

Cabana was all alone, but doing well with his Dusty special following the caperana. Flying Apple missed for Colt, allowing The Throwbacks to go high and low to clothesline and leg sweep Colt. Touchdown was wrestling dirty as he tried to pin Colt off a cradle highlighted by a handful of tights. Thankfully for Colt, he was able to kick out, but took a double team moments later for his trouble. Colt refused to say die as the crowd demanded Archie to get up and save his partner. Mr. Touchdown got a little too flashy, going for the RVD shoulder ram combo in the corner, only to get clotheslined after the back flip into the clothesline. Sadly for Cabana, Archie hadn’t recovered, and Colt’s momentum was halted by a double team wheelbarrow suplex into the stunner … for a two count!

Cabana rallied his way off the mat, looking for a superplex after kicking Touchdown away. To stop the attack, Touchdown shoved Colt and Dasher to the floor! Touchdown having no regard for his own partner shocked and angered Dunkerton. Suddenly, the old music of Archibald Peck hit, bringing out the one-man marching band in full attire. Cabana slipped behind Touchdown, tagging out to a red-hot Peck.

Big windup into the right hand from Peck had the crowd going crazy. Peck exploded with the European uppercut before executing an Island Driver to set up the Cranial Crescendo. Before Peck could sail, Archibald locked eyes with Veronica walking down the aisle. Peck shook away his distraught, leaping toward Touchdown. Unbeknownst to Peck, Touchdown was waiting, and yanked Peck out of midair with the ace crusher … to gain a near fall!

The fans were going wild as Touchdown set up the Three Point Stance. Touchdown ended up running into Colt’s butt-butt and the Billy Goat’s Curse. Hatfield saved his partner, kicking Cabana into the front row. Veronica entered the ring, dropping her baton between Peck and Touchdown. Touchdown and Peck rose, beginning a tug of war over the baton until Hatfield took it and handed it to the ref. With Hatfield and the referee’s backs to Peck and Touchdown, Touchdown grabbed the football helmet that’s a part of his entrance attire, clobbering Peck. Touchdown pushed Hatfield on top of the motionless Peck so he could get the pin and help his team become next in line for a Campeonatos de Parejas Tag title shot while sending Peck packing.

Veronica reentered the ring, standing between Peck and Touchdown. Rather than console her old beau, Veronica embraced and kissed Mr. Touchdown. Peck was crushed; slinking away like George Michael after Anne dumped him (her?).

Ladder Match (Special Guest Referee: Gregory Iron): Icarus vs. Gran Akuma

This is only the second Ladder match in CHIKARA history. Following sixteen months away from CHIKARA, Gran Akuma returned with his aim on Team F.I.S.T. due to Icarus kicking him out in favor Johnny Gargano. Hanging above the ring will be Akuma’s new contract. If Icarus pulls the contract down, it’s over for Akuma in CHIKARA. Iron has been stuck in the middle of this rivalry as Icarus picked a fight with Iron, only for situations to arise and Gregory to be hit or attacked by Akuma and Icarus respectively.

Akuma brought the fight to Icarus before Icarus could take off his ring jacket. Akuma used that snap mare into the rolling kick so he could gain some distance and grab the ladder. With Icarus in the corner, Akuma tried to crush Icarus between the turnbuckles and the steel so he could get a running start for an attack. Icarus hoisted the ladder up, causing a charging Akuma to run face first into the ladder’s top. For some reason after a soccer kick, Icarus went for a pin. Seemingly this was to mock Iron who actually counted. Icarus dropped the ladder across Akuma back first to set up a somersault senton splash that hurt him as much as it did Akuma. The same thing happened with the leg drop on Akuma after Gran was slammed on the ladder. Once again, the ladder was dropped across Akuma’s back to a huge chorus of boos. Placing Akuma on the top rope, Icarus dropkicked the ladder against a prone Akuma, only for the weapon to fall on top of Icarus upon impact.

Akuma rallied to his feet, stopping Icarus’ Shiranui off the ladder to execute the Tenchi Crash. Hoisting Icarus up, Akuma unleashed a ladder turnbuckle power bomb. Icarus recovered, German suplexing a ladder-scaling Akuma before taking Akuma’s spot on the ladder. When Akuma tried to stop him with a power bomb, Icarus hurricarana’d him in position for the spear. Rather than climb again, Icarus put the ladder in the corner for an attempted dropkick that would send Akuma back first against the ladder. Instead, Akuma caught Icarus’ incoming legs, shooting Icarus into the ladder to set up a German suplex of his own. For some reason, Akuma left the ring. Akuma went backstage to grab a much larger ladder. As Akuma slid the ladder through the middle and top ropes, Icarus leapt off the middle rope, leg dropping the ladder’s bottom that was in the ring to seesaw the ladder’s top half into Akuma’s face!

Icarus brought Akuma back in, rushing Akuma into the cornered ladder with a Finlay roll, only for the ladder to fall on top of Icarus again. After taking some time to recover, Icarus placed the fallen ladder under the contract. Akuma kicked the ladder from underneath Icarus, sending him to the floor. Akuma grabbed Icarus after failing to imitate Terry Funk with the ladder on his shoulders, using a Death Valley Driver on the ladder that Icarus was climbing moments ago! Grabbing the large ladder he brought out earlier, Akuma placed it in the corner before climbing it. Akuma turned to the crowd, looking down on a prone Icarus. Showing no fear, Akuma frog splashed Icarus from some twelve feet in the air. Before Akuma could take advantage of his attack, Team F.I.S.T. members Johnny Gargano and Chuck Taylor entered the ring, stomping on Akuma prior to pitching Iron to the floor.

Taylor and Gargano grabbed a table from the entrance area, placing Akuma on it before setting up a ladder in front of it. Thankfully for Akuma, Iron reentered the ring, swinging a chain Icarus brought with him during his entrance. Akuma recovered as Icarus scaled the ladder with his back to Akuma. Akuma slid off the table, grabbing Icarus from behind so he could power bomb him through the table!

Akuma immediately took advantage of the situation, climbing the ladder, attaining the contract and his job back.

Sara Del Rey & Saturyne vs. The Batiri (Kobald, Kodama and Obariyon)

The Batiri took it upon themselves to threaten both women during the course of 2012, causing them to take on members of The Batiri in singles matches. Those matches ended with Batiri member’s hands raised in victory due to interference. One night, The Batiri took the situation one step further by attacking Del Rey after a match, bringing out Saturnye to make the save. Now the ladies of CHIKARA try to take down the evil Batiri.

Oh, and just to reiterate previous statements about the same subject, I think I’m in love with Saturyne. At the sound of the bell, Del Rey exploded with a running big boot to Kobald before Saturyne missile dropkicked Kodama and Obariyon. After taking out Kobald with a pair of kicks, the women almost double pinned Kodama and Obariyon. Kobald found himself alone, being beaten until Kodama yanked a running Saturyne to the floor so The Batiri could whip Del Rey into Kobald’s spear. The crowd got behind Del Rey, but “The Queen of Wrestling” was in horrible shape thanks to some illegal biting and chokes as the non-attacking Batiri members distracted the referee. After several minutes of this, Del Rey used The Batiri’s tactics against them, sidestepping a running Kobald to send all three men to the floor. Del Rey followed, somersaulting off the apron to take all of her opponents down.

As noted by announcer Chikarason, Del Rey going to the floor was actually a tag, allowing Saturyne to position herself on the top rope. When The Batiri rose, Saturyne leapt off the top, taking them down just like Sara but with a plancha. On the other side of the ring came a distraught Delirious. Delirious watched from the entrance ramp as Del Rey lit Kodama’s chest up with kicks to resounding “Yes!” chants. Del Rey bounced off the ropes for a running kick when Kodama tripped her into Obariyon’s knee strike that caught Del Rey right in the chest.

As Kodama and Obariyon got up, they came eye to eye with Delirious. Suddenly, they left with Delirious. Unbeknownst to Kobald, he was all alone for a few seconds, taking a Saturyne bulldog. Thankfully for Kobald, Kodama and Obariyon returned, dropkicking Saturyne over and over again in an impressive fashion. Before Kodama could complete a double team alongside Obariyon from the top rope, Del Rey German suplexed him. Obariyon jumped off the top rope anyway, getting kicked in position for four of Del Rey’s axe kicks to the back of his head … for a two count!

Saturyne was standing guard for Del Rey’s Royal Butterfly when Delirious entered. Delirious used the choke slam bomb on Saturyne! The fans started booing as Delirious knocked Sara into the corner for his Panic Attack. The referee called for the bell, giving Del Rey and Saturyne the victory via disqualification. Delirious - who had no shoes on - kissed The Batiri’s foreheads, causing them to follow him out of the ring.

Mask vs. Hair match: Hallowicked vs. Tim Donst

Over the course of 2011, Hallowicked foiled Donst’s attempts at proving he’s the greatest Young Lions Cup Trophy winner of all time. The biggest blow to Donst’s campaign was at “High Noon” when Hallowicked took Donst’s trophy. Donst went on a rampage until Hallowicked accepted his challenge to put his mask on the line against Donst’s hair he’s grown just to represent his greatest feat as the Young Lions Cup Trophy’s most fabulous winner.

Hallowicked didn’t give Donst a chance to get out of the gate, sending him to the floor for a plancha. When Donst reentered the ring, he got dirty, spinning Hallowicked’s mask to use an STO to turn the tides. A series of head-based attacks by Donst staggered Hallowicked and allowed Donst to knock Hallowicked outside to execute his own dive. With Hallowicked tied in the ropes, Donst executed the dread purple nurple. Donst’s attacks got a little too lax, allowing Hallowicked to recover and catch a running Donst with the Rydeen Bomb.

Both men got up swinging, with Hallowicked connecting with several strikes to set up the iconoclasm. Go To Sleepy Hallow didn’t put Donst away. In actuality, it allowed Donst to lock in a modified crossface off the failed pin. Hallowicked rolled onto the apron after getting to ropes, knocking Donst to floor when Donst tried to German suplex the masked man off the apron. Donst sidestepped the incoming Hallowicked from the ring, causing Hallowicked to tope the guardrails.

Donst found Hallowicked on the entrance ramp moments after posing with both Young Lions Cup trophies both he and his opponent brought out, rushing Hallowicked. Hallowicked hoisted Donst up, flap jacking him on the steps that made the entrance ramp. Hallowicked waited for Donst to reenter before going after, allowing Donst to recover and power bomb him in position for a cradle with his feet on the ropes. Thankfully for Hallowicked, the referee saw Donst’s illegal positioning and refused to count. But Donst wasn’t phased, exploder suplexing Hallowicked into the turnbuckles. Hallowicked realized he was in a bad way when Donst put him on the top rope, fighting through whatever Donst had in mind to hit a super Rydeen Bomb … for a two count!

The crowd was actually split down the middle until Donst pulled the referee in front of him so a running Hallowicked kneed him instead of Donst. Hallowicked quickly yanked Donst into the Chikara Special, and Donst tapped. Unfortunately for Hallowicked, the referee didn’t see it. Donst exited the ring as Hallowicked attempted to revive the ref. When Hallowicked turned to the reentering Donst, he found his opponent wielding a chair. Looking behind him, Hallowicked discovered he was beside Donst’s old Young Lions Cup Trophy. Hallowicked threatening to destroy it forced Donst to drop the chair and get big booted on the jaw … for another near fall!

Once again, Hallowicked’s attention went to the ref, getting low blowed seconds later. Using his shoelace, Donst started choking Hallowicked out in the sleeper without the ref’s knowledge. The referee checked Hallowicked’s arms, with it dropping three times! Hallowicked must unmask.

As Hallowicked untied his mask, Donst threw his arms up in victory, unknowingly dropping the shoelace before the referee. The ref immediately restarted the match, allowing Hallowicked to catch an angry Donst with a yakuza kick. Donst was down, in position for the Rings of Saturn. Pulling back as hard as he could, Hallowicked forced Donst to submit to a huge ovation.

The referee set up a chair in the ring’s middle, allowing Hallowicked to cut the hair of Tim Donst. Rather than completely shave him, Hallowicked just mowed a trench right in the middle of Donst’ head, making him look like he was trying out for the Three Stooges. As Donst exited the ring, he threw his precious trophy down, breaking it before spitting on it.

Grand champion Eddie Kingston, Jigsaw, Soldier Ant, Green Ant vs. GEKIDO (17, assailANT, combatANT, deviANT, The Shard) w/Derek Sabato

Early in 2012, five unknown men attacked the team Mike Quackenbush, Jigsaw, and The Colony. These men left Quackenbush hurt and the CHIKARMY confused. The later named assailANT, combatANT, deviANT, and The Shard revealed they were trained under Quackenbush, alongside Jigsaw, but never got the recognition or notoriety they deserved. 17, on the other hand, hadn’t met or wrestled Quackenbush, but felt he was better than him. The main thing that caused 17 to debut was him being kicked out of another independent company thanks to Grand champion Eddie Kingston and Jigsaw. With the help of Derek Sabato by being the liaison between CHIKARA management and the GEKIDO group, GEKIDO was made official members of the CHIKARA roster.

The Kingston-led quartet rushed the ring, sending their opponents to the floor for a huge brawl. Somehow, the numbers disadvantage didn’t hurt Team Kingston as they had a hold of all five men when the action returned inside until 17 took down Jigsaw. Suddenly, the fans rose to their feet as someone ran down the aisle. That someone was none other than Mike Quackenbush. Quack made his presence known immediately by springboard dropkicking 17 before unleashing a palm strike for Sabato. Somersault plancha by the injured Quackenbush took everyone down to a huge ovation.

Things finally settled as Soldier Ant worked over combatANT until The Shard tripped him and used slingshot splash to almost gain the three count. Soldier Ant was on the wrong part of town, with the GEKIDO Ants being the main ones keeping Soldier grounded. It seemed Soldier was going to make it to his corner, but ran into a high kick to the head by deviANT. Rather than keep things honorable, Soldier went after deviANT’s mask, bringing in everyone to start another brawl that the referee did a great job halting and restoring order.

The illegal attacks helped Soldier as he was able to duck a clothesline from combatANT, using a tope to take down 17 on floor after he kept running. This allowed Eddie Kingston to run in and wear out The Shard as the new legal man. The Ants from both sides were colliding and the only person able to turn the tides in a team’s favor was Quack. After a sick palm strike from “Lightning”, Quack employed his greatest student Jigsaw’s kicks to keep 17 reeling. Sadly, Quackenbush was yanked to floor before they could finish off 17. Kingston reentered after Shard used the Gory special on Jigsaw. German suplex by the champion, but his opposing Ants almost put his lights out with a double team Death Valley Driver. Super kick by Jigsaw to combatANT. Jigsaw abruptly stopped his attacks after he noticed something in the balcony. It was Fire Ant. Some twenty feet above the brawling opponents on the floor, Five Ant dove from his perch to take everyone down!

Everyone entered the ring after the huge dive, with Team Kingston almost dropping all over their opponents on their heads. 17 planned to stop the attacks by pulling Soldier’s mask off, but his hideous action was halted by a double team superplex by Quack and Green Ant. With 17 down following the attack, Team Kingston set up an ultra super mega Ant Hill in the corner that connected and crushed 17. Rather than stop there, Soldier Ant grabbed the prone 17, forcing him to submit in the CHIKARA special.

To add further injury to 17, Quackenbush paid 17 back for breaking Mike’s wrist by doing the same to him.

Campeonatos de Parejas Tag title: Team F.I.S.T. (Johnny Gargano & Chuck Taylor) vs. The Young Bucks

Almost three months ago, Team F.I.S.T. of Gargano and Taylor defeated 3.0 to regain the title. A little over a month later, The Bucks returned to CHIKARA and went on a hot streak, ending with them gaining the necessary three points to get their title shot. The Bucks raised the stacks by saying they’ll win the title and take the gold to Ring of Honor (good luck with that). Like all Campeonatos de Parejas title matches, this match is contested under Two Out of Three Falls rules.

1st Fall: The action started off hot as Matt Jackson took Gargano to the floor so Nick and Taylor could collide. Nick actually flipped his way into an overhead belly-to-belly suplex. Thanks to his brother, Nick was able to turn the tides with that Jackson handstand double team dropkick. The Bucks’ focus was on the left arm of Taylor, with quick tags allowing them to unleash even quicker attacks. Taylor was desperate, working his way to Gargano before tagging out. Sadly, Johnny didn’t do too well either, taking a swinging neck breaker from Matt that saw Gargano’s head be slammed against Nick’s knee on the way down.

Matt and Nick were looking for the same suplex-hilo double team they used on Taylor moments earlier, only for Gargano to get his knees up after the suplex to knock the wind out of Nick. Gargano followed up with a knee to Matt’s head before tagging out so he and Taylor could double suplex Matt in position for some stomps after having a dance party. The crowd was split as Matt ducked a double team clothesline, shocking Taylor with the O’Connor roll up to gain the surprising three count and the fall first.

2nd Fall: The champs attacked Matt quickly, but an errant Irish whip allowed Matt to slip out of the ring and bring in Nick Jackson as the legal man. Series of kicks from Nick set up some choking on Gargano with a towel behind the ref’s back. Gargano was fighting from the mat as Nick and Matt used the ref’s lack of concentration against him so they could illegally choke one half of the champs without worry. The fans started to get behind Gargano, and he was using that energy to fight back until Nick tripped him in position for a kick to the side of his head. Once again, it was a double team attempt that hurt The Bucks as Gargano avoided the double team enzuguri in the corner, causing The Bucks to collide instead. DDT-downward spiral combination from Johnny put both Bucks down and allowed Taylor to tag out.

Taylor knocked his challengers to the floor for a somersault plancha topped off by a kiss to the forehead of a small, scared boy. But I thought Taylor hated kids. Rolling Matt back in, Taylor was grabbed by Nick to set up his brother’s clothesline. Taylor broke free at the last second, ducking the wild attack before using his own O’Connor roll up to even the score.

3rd Fall: Slingshot spear by Gargano on Matt set up Taylor’s slingshot splash as Gargano kept running, diving through the ropes to take down Nick. The champs’ own double team kick in the corner didn’t help them much until The Bucks started going for that assisted double team Sliced Bread. Nick accidentally tossed Matt into the air, causing him to land in Taylor’s clutches. Double team ace crusher by the champs … gained them a near fall!

Taylor hastily scaled the ropes, only to get his legs caught and his body power bombed into Gargano. After Nick helped his brother drive Gargano face first against the mat, Nick moonsaulted off the apron to take down Taylor at ringside. Matt and Gargano were in the ring by themselves until Nick reentered to help his brother super kick Johnny. Unfortunately for the challengers, Taylor was back up, looking for a big boot. Nick exploded with a clothesline that turned Chuck inside out. Nick, Gargano, and Taylor were on the apron. Gargano knocked Nick into Taylor’s Sole-Food on the apron! Before Gargano could realize what happened, Matt sailed over the top rope, DDT’ing him on the apron!

Matt and Taylor entered the ring, going forearm for forearm until Matt raked Taylor’s eyes for an Irish whip. Taylor used Matt’s clothesline attempt to sweep him into the half Boston crab. Thankfully for Matt, before he could tap out, Nick kicked him in the head. The Jackson’s finish - More Bang For Your Buck - was stopped thanks to the lawn dart attack by Gargano that saw Nick land headfirst into his brother’s abdomen. Taylor DDT’d Matt into Gargano’s Hurts Donut … for a two count!

Once again, Nick and Gargano ended up on the apron. This time they made their way onto the stage. Matt kicked Gargano into the ring, only for Gargano to sail through the ropes for another spear … that missed! Gargano landed face first on the wooden ramp. As the ref checked on Johnny, Matt grabbed one of the title belts to clobber Taylor … for another near fall!

The crowd exploded upon Taylor’s kick out and Gargano saving his partner from being pinned after the spike tombstone piledriver. The red-hot Gargano ended up running into stereo super kicks from his opponents. With Gargano out on his feet, The Bucks executed him with More Bang For Your Buck … to become the new champions!

Outside, Archibald Peck sulked past the Rocky statue as scared children looked on.

Following the King of Trios 2012 promo, Tommy Dreamer’s face graced the screen to announce he’ll be in annual King of Trios tournament alongside fellow ECW legends Jerry Lynn and 2 Cold Scorpio.

Is It Worth Your Money: I must note that this is a review of the actual iPPV, not the DVD already released (yes, CHIKARA had a two day turn around in releasing the show). Honestly, there’s not much to say here. CHIKARA’s second outing on iPPV was absolutely fantastic. Not a single match disappointed and all of them felt important. Seriously, the matches were either good (the first two matches and the intergender tag match), great (Hair vs. Mask and the Ten Man Tag), or absolutely wonderful (the Ladder match and the main event).

One of the key things that also helped this event was the production. The feed was smooth. The only errors noticed was a hype video for the Donst-Hallowicked match playing for a second before the first tag match and the audio from the arena coming through during the ten man tag hype video at the very end. Another positive from this event was the crowd. They were white hot from the start of the show to the very end - adding to the wonderful experience of this show. When you have a show this fantastic and consistent, you can’t help but recommend it.

CHIKARA “How to Hatch A Dinosaur” Is Worth Your Money.

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The Brendon Burns Show - Coming To The Edinburgh Fringe Festival 2014
Jun 12, 2014
A Jackpot for the Fans
Mar 18, 2014
Worth Your Money? PWG 2012 Battle Of Los Angeles
Dec 8, 2012
Worth Your Money? Pro Wrestling Guerilla "2012 Battle Of Los Angeles: Night One
Dec 1, 2012
Worth Your Money? SHIMMER Volume 39 Featuring Madison Eagles & Sara Del Rey vs. Cheerleader Melissa & Ayako Hamada, Two Out of Three Falls, Serena Deeb vs. Portia Perez, And More
Sep 1, 2012
Worth Your Money?: CHIKARA "How To Hatch A Dinosaur" iPPV Featuring A Ten Man Tag War, The 2nd Ladder Match in CHIKARA History, An Intergender Handicap Tag Match, And More
Jun 9, 2012
Worth Your Money? Resistance Pro "Rise" Featuring The Crowning Of The First Heavyweight Champion, Davey Richards vs. Colt Cabana, High Flying Dream Match, And More
Jun 2, 2012
Worth Your Money? SHIMMER Vol. 38 Featuring A Joshi Dream Match Between Ayako Hamada And Ayumi Kurihara, 3S vs. The Knight Dynasty, Serena Deeb Challenges The Canadian Ninjas, And More
Apr 21, 2012
Worth Your Money? Pro Wrestling Guerilla "Battle of Los Angeles 2011" Featuring Fit Finlay vs. Kevin Steen, Claudio Castagnoli vs. El Generico, Eddie Edwards vs. Roderick Strong, And More
Mar 31, 2012
Worth Your Money? SHIMMER Volume 37 Featuring Madison Eagles vs. Mercedes Martinez For The SHIMMER Title, Serena Deeb vs. Daizee Haze, The Knight Dynasty Debuts, And More
Mar 24, 2012
SHIMMERingWarlock Presents EVOLVE 9: Gargano vs. Taylor
Feb 1, 2012
Something Completely Different: A Preview of Dragon Gate USA's Open the Golden Gate iPPV, featuring Low-Ki vs. BxB Hulk, Ronin vs. The Young Bucks, & Sami Callihan vs. AR Fox
Jan 25, 2012
Worth Your Money? SHIMMER Volume 35 Featuring Madison Eagles vs. Jessie McKay For The SHIMMER Title, Cheerleader Melissa vs. Ayumi Kurihara, Serena Deeb vs. Portia Perez, And More
Jan 21, 2012
Something Completely Different: Daizee Haze
Jan 19, 2012
Worth Your Money? SHIMMER Volume 34 Featuring Madison Eagles vs. Ayumi Kurihara For The SHIMMER Title, Sara Del Rey vs. Ayako Hamada vs. Jessie McKay, A Ninja Confronts Serena Deeb, And More
Jan 7, 2012
Worth Your Money? CHIKARA's First PPV "High Noon" Featuring Mike Quackenbush vs. Eddie Kingston To Crown The First Grand Champion, A Lucha De Apuesta Match, Green Ant vs. Tursas, And More
Dec 17, 2011
Worth Your Money? Pro Wrestling Guerilla "Eight" Featuring Claudio Castagnoli vs. Chris Hero For The PWG Title, Kevin Steen Pulls Triple Duty, Generation Next Reunites, And More
Nov 5, 2011
Worth Your Money: SHIMMER Vol. 33 Featuring Madison Eagles vs. Cheerleader Melissa For SHIMMER Gold, Jessie McKay vs. Nicole Matthews, Daizee Haze vs. Ayumi Kurihara, And More
Oct 29, 2011
Worth Your Money? SHIMMER Vol. 31 Featuring MsChif vs. Madison Eagles For The SHIMMER Title, Sara Del Rey vs. Ayumi Kurihara, Daizee Haze vs. Hamada, And More
Oct 15, 2011
Something Completely Different: A Beginner's Guide To The Independents
Oct 11, 2011

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