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Worth Your Money? Pro Wrestling Guerilla "Battle of Los Angeles 2011" Featuring Fit Finlay vs. Kevin Steen, Claudio Castagnoli vs. El Generico, Eddie Edwards vs. Roderick Strong, And More

By James Bullock Mar 31, 2012 - 8:45 AM print

(“Honor Nation” Note: For all you ClubWWI members, check out the latest and most certainly craziest “Honor Nation” featuring the Wrestlemania Weekend Award Show, plus a preview of “Showdown in the Sun”: )

Pro Wrestling Guerilla’s “Battle of Los Angeles” annual tournament is considered one of, if not the best Indy wrestling tourney anywhere. The tradition saw the tournament last two days so sixteen of the best wrestlers PWG had to offer could clash. But the 2011 version is a little different. For the first time in the tournament’s history, only eight men have the chance to win the BOLA trophy in the first ever one night BOLA tournament. And what a selection of names they are. From PWG champion Kevin Steen to former champions Claudio Castagnoli and El Generico to hardnosed vet Fit Finlay, the tourney is stacked with potential memorable encounters. Can Kevin Steen keep his hot streak alive in PWG with a BOLA win, or will Finlay put a stop to his hope in the first round? Can Claudio rebound from his PWG title loss with a tournament win, or will El Generico ole his way into the finals? What about PWG up and comer Willie Mack possibly trumping the king known as Hero, and possibly winning the entire thing? There’s always a chance. But no question is more important than if PWG “Battle of Los Angeles” is Worth Your Money.

“Battle of Los Angeles”
Reseda, CA

BOLA Quarterfinal match: Chris Hero vs. Willie Mack
Mack did a great job hanging with the much quicker and arguably better technician in Hero, but the grappling prowess of Hero allowed him to get free of several submissions and attain a couple of pinning combinations. When the pace quickened, Hero went for a leapfrog, but didn’t get high enough to sail over the somewhat vertical Mack, getting head-butted in the nuts. Hero immediately rolled to the floor, into the crowd to collect himself while asking, “What the f***?” WTF indeed.
Mack used the somewhat illegal action to his advantage, arm dragging Hero over and over again. Hero was sick of the wrestling, throwing knife-edge chops. Mack fired back with some chops of his own, sending Hero to the floor again. When Hero reentered, he met a World Star Hip Hop influenced elbow drop. Not one to have his hip-hop knowledge questioned, Hero flying clotheslined Willie. Hero measured Mack, using one of those flash kicks before unleashing a senton splash. The crowd was split down the middle as Mack turned this into a brawl against after being locked in the cravat. Rolling elbow by Hero! Hero was so busy mocking Mack that he forgot to go for the pin, allowing Mack to recover when Chris did use the lateral press.
Hero’s kicks and forearms had Mack hurt, but angered. The same thing happened for Hero when Willie started kicking him in the chest, using another sick forearm. Proving the old wrestling stereotype that James Guttman noted in his first book “World Wrestling Insanity” true that black people have hard heads, Mack no sold several right fists to the head. What did hurt was a poke to the eyes of Willie. Suddenly, Mack exploded with a flying kick after being whipped into the ropes, knocking Hero to the floor for a beautiful somersault plancha!
Mack and Hero reentered, with Hero taking a clothesline-back elbow-shoulder tackle combination. Samoan drop-standing moonsault combo couldn’t put Hero down. The fans were supportive of both competitors still as Hero missed the flying elbow in the corner. Stinger splash set up Mack’s MCX and a tribute to the Human Tornado with a little dancing and the patented Tornado split kick to the balls. Mack took too much time playing to the crowd, allowing Hero to unleash a big boot … for a two count!
Hero scaled the ropes, missing the moonsault. Hero landed on his feet, only to get turned inside out with a flying clothesline. Mack went to hoist Hero up, but got suplexed on his head. Flying forearm by Hero set up the Liger Bomb … and another near fall!
Hero couldn’t believe it when the Ripcord Elbow couldn’t get the job done either. Taking his elbow pads, Hero peppered Mack with elbow. Somehow, some way, Mack survived another Rolling Elbow, avoiding KTFO to splash Hero. Chris recovered in time to knee Mack in position for the Cyclone Kill. Rather than go for the pin, Hero hooked Mack for the Hero’s Welcome. Mack reversed the maneuver, jackknife backsliding Hero for the upset!

BOLA Quarterfinal match: PWG champion Kevin Steen vs. Fit Finlay
Finlay proved early that he isn’t one to be pushed around, elbowing Steen on the nose off a hammerlock. Finlay did it again by breaking down Steen’s base. Big shoulder tackle exchange ended with Steen slapping Fit, and Finlay drop toe holding Steen so he could stomp on the champ’s fingers. When they locked up again, Steen bit at Fit to keep him grounded in the side headlock. Unfortunately, Finlay got up, knocking Steen to the floor.
They were brawling around ringside, with Steen actually sending Fit in retreat. Finlay caught Steen coming into the ring, only for Steen to kick Fit rather low. Finlay paid Steen back seconds later, using the ref as a distraction to blindside Steen. Things like stomping Steen’s hands and poking his eyes weren’t below Fit as he dominated the champion. Finlay pitched Steen to the floor, feigning a dive. This proved detrimental for Fit as Steen tripped him on the apron, slamming Finlay’s left leg against the steel ring post. Steen wanted to work over both legs of his opponent. Somersault leg drop by Steen landed perfectly across Finlay’s left leg. Steen’s unorthodox offense of Fit’s leg included biting Finlay’s kneecap.
Fit manned up after taking several insults added to the injury of his leg, dropping the champ with several elbows. Big whoop by Finlay gained him a two count. The champ countered the incoming Finlay with the lung blower to set up his cannonball for a two count. Steen went for the Swanton, only for Finlay to get his knees up. Sadly, this took a lot out of Finlay. Fit lost his attempt at the Celtic Cross, climbing to the middle rope after kicking Steen backwards. The champ yanked Finlay to the mat, locking in the Sharpshooter. Finlay had no choice by to tap out.

BOLA Quarterfinal match: El Generico vs. Claudio Castagnoli
The winner of this one faces Willie Mack in the next round. Angered by Generico’s disrespectful shove, Claudio pushed the masked man so hard Generico didn’t know what happened. Generico regained his bearings, arm whipping and dragging Claudio. Castagnoli was angered again, trying to dislocate Generico’s fingers when he got a hold of him. Mongolian chop by the big man set up the neck wrench. The dreaded nerve hold didn’t make Generico tap out. Generico used Claudio’s knuckle lock against him, springing to the top rope before leaping off to arm drag Claudio in position for diez punches in the corner. Claudio powered Generico into the air around the seventh punch, dropping Generico face first against the turnbuckles.
Rather than stick with a head or face attack, Claudio wanted to bend Generico in half the wrong way. Even when it seemed Generico was on the verge of turning this match around by using his speed and agility to flip over Claudio and go for the head scissors, Claudio executed a backbreaker to stop Generico. Generico used Claudio’s Irish whip against him, running up the ropes before catching an incoming Castagnoli with a sloppy head scissors. With Generico not getting all of his attack, Claudio was able to get up first, Doctor Bombing Generico not once, but three times … for a near fall!
Generico ducked the bicycle kick, dumping Claudio to the floor for a somersault plancha. Generico rolled Claudio back in, going for the cross body. Castagnoli caught him in midair, backbreaking Generico in one swift motion. Generico somehow recovered, turning Castagnoli’s UFO into a head scissors that put Claudio in position for the yakuza kick. When Generico tried to follow up with the Brain Buster, Claudio turned it into the pop up European uppercut to a hug ovation. Everyone was on their feet when Generico turned Claudio’s pin attempt into a crucifix pin … for a two count!
The crowd was still standing as Generico questioned the ref. Claudio took this moment to recover, going for the Ricola Bomb when Generico turned around. Generico sunset flipped his way out of the move, but ended up being clotheslined when Castagnoli kicked out. Claudio scaled the ropes for some reason, only to get caught in position for the super Brain Buster. Claudio blocked the attack, but Generico had a counter in mind. Using the super hurricarana, Generico was able to jackknife cradle Claudio to pick up the three count.

BOLA Quarterfinal match: Eddie Edwards vs. Roderick Strong
The intense collar & elbow tie up ended with a disrespectful shove from Strong when they fell against the ropes. Eddie attempted to embarrass Roderick on the mat, countering Roderick’s attempts to roll out of Edwards’ grip. Strong accomplished his goal by dumping Eddie to the floor, leading to a chop exchange around ringside. Belly to back suplex by Strong across the ring apron rocked Eddie. Edwards blocked Strong’s attempt of a suplex on the apron seconds later, using an apron brain buster!
Strong somehow recovered, kicking the approaching Eddie in the throat. When Strong tried to whip Edwards into the apron, Eddie leapt to the middle rope, hitting an asai moonsault. When the action finally returned inside, Eddie missile dropkicked Strong for a two count. Edwards got ahead of himself, running into a knee to the face. Taking the catapult throat first across the bottom rope disabled Edwards for a few seconds, as did the dropkick moments later.
It would take another chop to pull Strong into an elbow slugfest. Roderick stopped the super kick, using a slew of elbows for the discus lariat. Eddie ducked the clothesline, German suplexing Roderick on his left shoulder. Both men rose in opposite corners, only for Roderick to run into a big boot when he rushed Eddie. Face buster set up the running kick by Eddie, but didn’t get him the three count. The crowd was split down the middle as Roderick used his enzuguri combo before scaling the ropes. Eddie stopped Roderick from jumping with a kick of his own to set up the backpack chin breaker … for a near fall!
Eddie used the failed pin to roll Strong into the Achilles Lock. Using his positioning, Strong was able to shove Edwards’ legs from underneath him before grabbing the ropes. Olympic slam from Roderick didn’t get him the pin, nor did double gut-buster-kneeling super kick combo. Strong hooked Eddie in the Stronghold. Thankfully for Edwards, he was close enough to the ropes to save himself. Roderick went for a slingshot maneuver after failing to execute the backbreaker on the apron, only to feel another face buster.
When Roderick kicked out of Eddie’s follow up pin, Edwards and Strong got into another chop exchange. Even though Eddie hit the lung blower after taking a flying knee strike, he couldn’t stop Strong’s Sick Kick … for another near fall!
Strong was looking for a super double knee gut-buster after downing Eddie with another enzuguri. Eddie kicked Roderick onto the apron, in position for a double stomp on the apron! Sick! Rather than go for the pin, Eddie double stomped him again when Roderick rolled into the ring … to get another two count!
Edwards’ Die Hard attempt led to a series of pinning combinations from both men. Eddie rolled a small package in his favor after blocking the Stronghold and failing to get the Achilles Lock to pin his old rival for a shot at Kevin Steen in the semis.

The Dynasty (Joey Ryan & Scorpio Sky) vs. The RockNES Monsters (Johnny Goodtime & Johnny Yuma)
The winning team will get a shot at The Young Bucks and the PWG Tag Team title at the next event. The actions started fast and furious with Goodtime asai moonsaulting his opponents before the match even started. The brawl around the ring was similar to what happened at “Eight” (http://www.worldwrestlinginsanity.com/am2/publish/ringofhonorlive/Worth_Your_Money_PWG8.shtml), ending when Goodtime rolled Ryan into the ring to officially start this one. A series of leg strikes rocked Ryan, and the double team combinations of The RockNES were proving too much for Sky. Goodtime got ahead of himself, palm striking Sky in position to be helped by Ryan. Ryan yanked Yuma off the apron when The Monsters went for a double team, slamming him into the third row!
Smartly, The Dynasty forced Yuma to become the legal man, wearing him out even further with a Stone Cold-like mudhole stomping from Sky. Using a little more finesse was Ryan by dropkicking Yuma into Sky’s backbreaker. Ryan became the legal, playing to the crowd while abusing Yuma. Yuma took the insults, using it to fuel his fire and avoid the incoming Ryan so Ryan and Sky bumped heads before tagging out.
Goodtime ran in, kicking Sky into Ryan to set up a double pin that was unsuccessful. Sky tried to help his partner after Goodtime laid him out, but got F5’ed on top of Ryan instead. Looking for Weapons Grade Bolognium didn’t help The Monsters, nor did Goodtime’s power bomb attempt on Sky that left him wide open for a spear from Ryan. Sky tagged out as the crowd got behind The Monsters. Ryan’s super kick into Sky’s roll up didn’t help his partner pick up the victory for his team. Yuma reentered, tornado DDT’ing Ryan prior to downing Sky. No one knew who was legal except for the referee as Ryan and Yuma collided in the ring’s middle forehead to forehead. Suddenly, Goodtime and Sky frog splashed their downed opponents. When Sky and Goodtime got up, Sky turned a flying attack against Goodtime, rolling him up for the victory.
After the match, The Young Bucks attacked both teams, pitching them out of the ring before mocking Booker T. Rather than stopping there, Matt Jackson grabbed a microphone to talk about their lack of shaking hands. Being the champions that they are, Matt and Nick demanded people shake their hands instead of it being the other way around. Not only that, but being the team that they are, The Bucks are bigger than TNA, WWE, and the BOLA tournament. But they aren’t bigger than this show, and want a match with anyone. And “anyone” included The Kings of Wrestling.
Hero grabbed the microphone to mock The Bucks speaking skills, their run as Generation Me, and their inability to beat Eric Young and Shark Boy. The Bucks decided to accept The KOW challenge by spitting in their faces before hightailing it out of the ring. This actually gave Claudio the chance to show his spinaroonie skills to a huge pop.

BOLA Semifinal match: El Generico vs. Willie Mack
The funky moves didn’t just stop with Claudio. After making Generico do the wave, Willie got served when Generico bumped his chest. Not one to be outdone, Mack did the worm into a handstand. Generico refused to be mocked, using his best La Parka into Michael Jackson imitation to shock everyone. Willie ended the dance off by kicking Generico in the stomach while he was still holding his crotch a la Jackson. Very Human Tornado-esque backhand angered Generico. Generico stopped the Tornado split kick to the balls, giving Willie a little taste of his own, or should I say, Tornado’s medicine … for a near fall!
Mack stopped Generico’s momentum with a fall away slam that actually sent Generico to the floor. Mack beat Generico from outside to inside, dropping a big knee after the action reentered the ring. Generico tried to fight back, but ended up being kneed on the head and big splashed. Mack’s focus was Generico’s torso, and that work allowed Mack to stop comeback maneuvers like the suplex. The crowd was starting to get behind Generico. Generico heard their cheers, powering Mack up with the blue thunder bomb … for a two count!
Yakuza kick in the corner connected on the first attempt, but the second try ended with Generico being Samoan dropped. Before Mack could nip into the standing moonsault, Generico cradled him for another two count. Generico bounced off the ropes, only to run into a pop up forearm-enzuguri combination to gain the near fall. Generico recovered, yakuza kicking Mack after Willie big splashed him in the corner. Brain Buster connected for Generico, allowing him to end the Cinderella tale of Willie Mack.

BOLA Semifinal match: PWG champion Kevin Steen vs. Eddie Edwards
The grappling battle turned into a shoulder block exchange quickly; actually getting a dueling chant going in favor of whoever hit a shoulder block. Steen changed the strategy, dropping Eddie in position for the somersault leg drop. Eddie moved at the last second, kicking the stunned champion in the chest. Steen forearmed his way off the mat, but fired up Eddie in the process. Taking a page out of Finlay’s book, Steen countered Eddie’s barrage of strikes by poking him in the eyes. Eddie paid Steen back seconds later, poking Kevin in the eyes not once, but twice. Steen turned the third attempt against Eddie, forcing Eddie to poke his own eyes. Even the ref almost got poked thanks to the stumbling Edwards.
When everyone got their sight back, Steen was kicked the floor, landing face first into a fan’s chair. Eddie feigned a baseball slide, poking a seated Steen’s eyes again. Eddie took too much time reentering the ring after pushing Steen back in, allowing the champ to catch Eddie in the ropes with an eye poke-stunner-somersault leg drop combo. The dreaded eye poke worked for the champ once again after faking a soccer kick to Edwards’ back. Steen took his illegal actions one step further by biting Eddie to the chant of, “Bite the wolf!”
Eddie took the fight to the crowd by avoiding an incoming Steen, dumping him to floor for a tope. Eddie and Steen met each other in the ring’s middle moments later, leading to a forearm-big boot-super kick exchange. Steen power bombing Eddie into the seated super kick … for a two count!
Eddie stopped Steen on the top rope, looking for the backpack chin breaker. Steen slipped free, but found himself hooked in the Achilles Lock. Steen kicked his way to freedom, only to take the northern lights bomb for another two count. Steen missed the moonsault after turning Eddie’s errant kick into the over the knee neck breaker. Lung blower by Eddie couldn’t help him hit that face buster, allowing Steen to sweep Eddie into the sharpshooter. Steen put all of his weight on Eddie to stop him from moving, forcing Edwards into submission to give us Kevin Steen vs. El Generico in the finals.

PWG Tag Team title: The Young Bucks (c) vs. The Kings of Wrestling
Originally this was a non-title match, but Hero’s ability to bust The Bucks’ balls got The KOW, possibly, their last PWG Tag title shot. Nick Jackson had some fun mocking the jacked up look of Claudio, only to get shoved to the floor. Matt gave his brother a kiss on his cheek to make him feel better. When Nick reentered, Nick got shoulder blocked into a side headlock when he bounced off the ropes upon impact. Hero tagged in, launching Claudio shoulder first into Nick’s abdomen before tagging out for another Claudio attack, and a two count. Castagnoli had fun wrenching Nick’s wrists with the knuckle lock. Bringing Nick to the mat by his hands, Claudio stomped Nick’s hands when Nick didn’t kiss Claudio’s boots. Hero returned as the legal man, big booting Nick in the face. The Kings were in complete control, making wishes on both Bucks’ groins. Double dropout slam by the challengers allowed Claudio to stretch Nick and the incoming Matt with some rowing techniques. Senton from the now legal Hero gained him a two count, and the chance to almost bend Nick’s left foot backwards.
Nick finally exploded, shoving the entering Claudio across the ring to tag out and get his brother to help him. Matt, sadly, didn’t do much better, becoming almost a human sex swing. Claudio got too concerned attacking the mocking Nick, leaving himself wide open for an attack from behind from Matt. The Bucks knocked both Kings to the floor, with Claudio getting the worse of the fall by taking a sliding dropkick through the ropes from Matt and the asai moonsault by Nick.
Claudio found himself isolated near the champs’ corner, being attacked by the Jacksons thanks to quick tags and even quicker attacks. But it was Claudio’s superior strength that almost turned this thing around in his favor by double suplexing The Bucks rather than being suplexed. The Bucks recovered with Nick being launched into Claudio for a hurricarana. Once again, the strength of Claudio helped him as he blocked an Irish whip double team by whipping The Bucks into each other to set up the double bulldog.
Hero tagged in, forearm and kicking both Bucks. Hero countered a double Irish whip with the caperana. KTFO connected for Hero on Nick and Matt, but didn’t end the battle. Hero didn’t notice the blind tag, taking the Sliced Bread #3 double team … for a near fall!
Using his size, Hero stopped More Bang For Your Buck by sliding off Matt’s shoulders, but took several super kicks for his trouble to set up the springboard 450 splash that ended with Nick’s knees obliterating Hero’s abdomen. Thankfully for Hero, Claudio was there to break up a sure pin. Castagnoli blind tagged himself in, bicycle kicking Matt before tossing Nick on top of his brother. Big swing on Matt ended with Claudio swinging Matt into Hero’s dropkick. Hero took Nick to the back as Claudio showed us the UFO … for a two count!
Shockingly, it was something as simple as a cradle with his feet on the ropes that helped Matt stop Claudio’s onslaught, and retain the PWG Tag Team title.
Hero caught Matt before he could leave, helping Claudio execute the KRS One to a huge ovation.

BOLA Final: PWG champion Kevin Steen vs. El Generico
And we don’t get an introduction as Steen rushed the ring, leading to a fistfight that ended with Steen pitching Generico to the floor for a somersault plancha. Turning the tides by running and catching, “Mr. Wrestling” power bombed Generico across the apron in front of a Generico mask-wearing child before mocking the kid. But Generico refused to let his fan down, knocking Steen down with the asai moonsault. Generico wanted to top himself, and did by hitting a somersault plancha off the top rope to the floor! The masked man was beating Steen from one end of the building to the other literally. Running up the wall, Generico sprung off, tornado DDT’ing Steen on the floor!
Steen rolled into the ring with Generico in hot pursuit. When Generico slung himself over the top rope, Steen dropped him with an ace crusher. To add further insult to that little kid, Steen flipped him off. Rather than whine, the young fan gave Steen a double bird in return. Shocked by the youth of America today, Steen walked into a Michinoku driver for a two count. Yakuza kick stopped by Steen’s super kick and an over the knee neck breaker. The crowd dubbed “Little Jimmy” was getting under the skin of Kevin Steen, forcing Steen to put the fan’s hero in the sharpshooter. The crowd demanded Generico fight for the children after he made it to the ropes, actually impressing Steen with their creativity. The champ scaled the ropes for something when Generico stopped him on the top. Eye gouge and mask biting by Steen allowed “Mr. Wrestling” to hit the Package Piledriver … for a two count!
Generico was locked in the sharpshooter after Steen turned his failed pin attempt into the submission. Somehow, Generico made it to the ropes to save himself. After taking a big clothesline in the corner, Generico caught Steen running with two suplexes and a Package Piledriver of his own … for a near fall!
Steen stumbled into the corner adjacent from the cheering masked kid, taking three yakuza kicks. Brain Buster by Generico … for another two count!
Steen rolled onto the apron with Generico right behind him. Generico yakuza kicked Steen on the apron before hitting an apron Brain Buster! Generico rolled Steen into the ring, pining the PWG champion to win the BOLA 2011 tournament.
To celebrate, Generico brought Little Generico into the ring to mock the fallen Steen. Not taking his loss well, Steen kicked and broke the trophy before retreating. To the demand of everyone, Generico gave a short speech that heard Generico say in his crappy English, “Thank you.”

Is It Worth Your Money: I really don’t have to go into great depths about how good this show turned out. While a few matches reached indyriffic territory (Strong vs. Edwards and Steen vs. Generico, I’m looking at you) and the show was definitely roll up heavy, every match delivered in one way or another. The opening round matches were some of the best I’ve seen in any BOLA tournament, and set the stage properly for the rest of the event. The hardest part is to pick a favorite out of the four when you have two completely different David vs. Goliath matches, a technical brawl featuring a champion fighting one of his heroes, and two guys killing each other for our entertainment.
The semis were interesting as the stories told were completely different from anything else seen thus far, and allowed Mack to get a huge rub from Generico while Edwards and Steen produced something completely different from what you’d expect from them. The finals was full of hate and laughs thanks to the little kid wearing the Generico mask, and Steen doing his best to make Little Generico a part of what was an incredible main event.
And that’s not even mentioning that good #1 Contender tag match and The KOW vs. The Bucks that was everything you’d expect - and maybe more. A lot of fans were worried about the 2011 BOLA’s format change negatively effecting the event. The men of PWG proved that the worry wasn’t needed as they turned out one of the best Indy tournaments seen from a U.S. company in the last five years.
PWG “Battle of Los Angeles 2011” Is Worth Your Money.

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Worth Your Money: SHIMMER Vol. 33 Featuring Madison Eagles vs. Cheerleader Melissa For SHIMMER Gold, Jessie McKay vs. Nicole Matthews, Daizee Haze vs. Ayumi Kurihara, And More
Oct 29, 2011
Worth Your Money? SHIMMER Vol. 31 Featuring MsChif vs. Madison Eagles For The SHIMMER Title, Sara Del Rey vs. Ayumi Kurihara, Daizee Haze vs. Hamada, And More
Oct 15, 2011
Something Completely Different: A Beginner's Guide To The Independents
Oct 11, 2011

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