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WWE TLC PPV Real Time Report

By Aaron Wood Dec 16, 2012 - 7:30 PM print


This report is being written in real time. You will need to hit refresh in order to see the latest results as they happen.

You can interact with World Wrestling Insanity readers and staff during the event by going to the Insanity Message Boards.

Hey everyone and welcome to tonight's coverage of WWE's last PPV of 2012, in TLC.  The YouTube pre-show is coming up with a Divas Battle Royal to determine a contender for the Divas Title and apparently, the results of the "non-TV" Slammy Awards that people have been able to vote for on WWE.com, including things like "Best Social Media Ambassadors (Voted for The Muppets!), Insult of the year, tweet of the year and others.  But we shall see.  Anyway, keep checking back from now until the end ofthe night for the latest updates!

We open outside the Barclays Center as Scott Stanford is with Matt Striker at ringside.  They confirm the winner of the Divas Battle Royal that's upcoming will face Eve later on the PPV itself.  Immediately, we look at the end of Smackdown on Friday as Big Show got to Sheamus via William Regal, although the No Contact rule is out tonight.  Backstage, Booker was trying to explain why he had them sign the clause.  Sheamus said he got it.  Booker wished him luck, but Sheamus said all he could see was Big Show's smirk.  Booker had to cut him off saying bullshit, telling him to wipe the smirk off his face with a chair.

We then get a recap package of how it ended up as The Shield vs. Ryback & Hell No.

We went back to Monday as The Shield beat down John Cena that led to the show ending brawl on Monday night.

Backstage, Michael Cole & Josh mathews were at a podium to give out some non-TV Slammy Awards.  They explain how the voting works before bringing up the WWE.com awards.  They're doing six now and six on the PPV.

Dancer Of The Year: Brous Clay

Social Media Ambassador Of The Year: Charlie Sheen (THE MUPPETS WERE ROBBED!)

WWE.com Video Exclusive Of The Year:  Jerry Lawler on a plane, post heart attack.

Crowd Chant Of The Year: "FEED ME MORE!"

Upset Of The Year:  Daniel Bryan beating both Big Show & Mark Henry at the Royal Rumble to retain the World Title.

Diva Of The Year:  AJ Lee (quelle frickin' surprise!)

The proper Slammys get a plug for tomorrow, which send it to a plug for the WWE App.  In the section where you can interact was others in your srea, the app seems to think that my nearest place from Edinbugh, Scotland is BOSTON, MA!  This is an app that includes cities in England, Wales and Ireland as options...

Eve is on commentary for the Battle Royal.

"Santa's Little Helper" Battle Royal to become #1 Contender for the Divas Battle Royal
Your divas are, Rosa, Cameron, Naomi, Kaitlyn, Natalya, Alicia, Layla, Aksana and Tamina, so indeed, no AJ here.  So yeah, barring more accidents, Layla's winning.  Rosa is sent out first.  Natalya is wearing pink compared to everyone else in red.  The Funkadactyls do some double-teaming on Aksana.  And do it well.  Cameron is sent out by Tamina.  Aksana face-plants Layla then rests on the middle rope, so Layla dropkicks her out.  Stupid bint.

Tamina & Natalya team up to work over Layla.  But Layla takes them both down with her double jump crossbody.  Oh my!  Tamina kicks Layla off the apron to eliminate her!  Natalya ends up getting sent out via Kaitlyn and Naomi.  Naomi takes a Samoan Drop from Snuka.  Tamina tries to eliminate Tamina, but Kaitlyn hangs on, and Naomi levers Tamina out.  We're down to Kaitlyn and Naomi, as Striker awesomely points out they were the last 2 in NXT Season 3.

Kaitlyn misses a dropkick and is then sent to the apron.  She hotshots Naomi, but Eve slaps Kaitlyn before walking off, and Naomi, not knowing what happened, kicks Kaitlyn off the apron for the win and title shot!


WWE Week plug.  Or as it's known for the production crew and for me, the week from hell.  TLC, RAW & Smackdown all live.

We're back with Cole & Josh as we talk Slammys once again.  And I may have got that wrong, as we've got the other 6 WWE.com Slammys now.

Insult Of The Year:  Cena's non-burn on Vickie & Dolph from a couple of weeks ago on Smackdown.

Tweet Of The Year:  A Daniel Bryan tweet about how handsome he was.

YouTube Show Of The Year:  Zack Ryder's Garbage.

Facial Hair Of The Year:  Daniel Bryan (SWEEPING THE BOARDS!)

Feat Of Strength Of The Year:  Sheamus hitting White Noise on Big Show.

Betrayal Of The Year:  Big Show's heel turn to help Johnny Ace.

They send it to Striker & Stamford for some PPV plugging and related videos therein.

We start in a very sombre mood as they pay respects to the people of Sandy Hook Elementary School, tolling the bell TWENTY SIX times (not just the usual ten).  Very classy.

We go to the opening video, which curously revolves around three objects.  Chairs, Tables and Ladders...  We look at our three main matches, and it's actually a helluva cool piece.

Sleek and classy set tonight, with tables, ladders and chairs all over the shop.  You announcers are, of course, Cole, lawler & JBL.

Rhodes Scholars vs. Rey Mysterio & Sin Cara in a "Is this "Guy's with better facial hair wins" rules?" Tables match
Only one table need be broken to win here.  So it's not elimination rules or anything like that. 

This being New York, naturally, Cody & Sandow get a babyface reaction coming out, so they cut a promo to get the crowd to boo them.  Sandow said there was no form of life lower than the Brooklyn hipster.  The literal unwashed masses.  Cody said they weren't pseudo intellecuals primping ridiculous facial hair to look like you've just rolled out of bed.  Sandow said they would give the crowd somehting to talk about.  Their win and contendership for the titles.  Cody's hairy lip got it's now regular chant.  While i's only one table break, it is tornado rules.  The Mexicans send Cody out and then Sandow too on the otherside.  They pull out a table and look to set it up in the ring.  Cody comes in, so he gets hit with it.  Sandow ducks the same shot, but they drop him to his knees and ram the table into him.  Good thing it didn't break.  They'd have won there and then.

They set up Damien, but as Sin Cara goes up, Cody makes the save and the heels take over.  Sandow tosses Rey out and work over Sin Cara.  They go to put Sin Cara through it, but Sin Cara avoids it and sends Sandow out as Rey moved the table to free the middle of the ring for Sin Cara offence, although he then takes the Beautiful Disaster.  Rey goes out, but gets posted.  Cody, with Sin Cara on his shoulders, has a hard time moving the steel steps, but they trap his leg in the gap and then ram a table into the steps to injure him.  Rey is having a gay time being thrown into various bit of guardrail.  Rhodes Scholars set up a couple of tables side by side at ringside.  Rey gets put on one and Sin Cara on the other.  They talk about how they're doing to end it, but Rey trips Sandow to break it up and then takes out Cody too.  Seated senton off the apron to Cody by Rey while Sin Cara works over Sandow.  Corckscrew plancha onto Damien at ringside.

Rey sets up a table, but nearly gets Alabama Slammed through it.  He avoids it and hits the 619, setting Rhodes up on a table.  Mysterio goes up, but Sandow crotches him just in time.  They then hit an UNPROTECTED TABLE SHOT TO THE HEAD to put Rey down.  Sin Cara tries to hold his own, but as he springboards in, Rhodes slips in and shoves Sin Cara off the top rope through the ringside tables for the win.


Sin Cara as it goes, wasn't far off clearly both tables entirely.  His ass hit the furthest one to break it.

The announcers talk about how it'll be The Shield's debut.  This sends it another Shield video saying how Ryback robbed Punk of the honour of defending his title.  They then say that Kane & Bryan shouldn't be champions because they weren't together.  Unlike them.  Ambrose said they were an insult to tag teams.

Antonio Cesaro vs. R-Truth in a "Yeah, Cesaro's winning..." match for the US Title
After feeling each other out, Truth picked up a couple of quick pins.  However, Cesaro soon took control of the match.  He beats on Truth some before working the chinlock that traps Truth's arm as well that he used on Friday.  Truth gets out and begins to fire up when he gets his head rammed into the turnbuckles like he was Warrior.  Lie Detector connects.  He goes for the Axe Kick and it connects, but it only picks up a 2 count.  Jumping heel kick picks up another 2 count.

A suplex is blocked by Cesaro and as Truth stops himself running into the ref, Cesaro uppercuts the back of his head.  He then hits the Neutralizer for the win.


After the match, Matt Striker hits the ring for an interview.  He asks about the negative reaction from the crowd.  Cesaro says unlike America, he's a true International Superpower.  Greatest US Champion in history.  Booing him means booing their own country.  Appropriate since there's no respect for the country, citizens or selves.  In the Attiude Era, that would have been an explicit reference to a few days ago.

WWE Week plug leads to a "sneak preview" of Tribute To The Troops.  And by "Sneak preview" it's messages from the military to their families.

Josh Mathews was with Dolph Ziggler who said Vince endorsed thivery.  How was it fair that he had to put somehting he already earned on the line.  He goes off on a line of thinking about how if Cena were to lose, John would lose his mind as Ziggler hit the height.  He said that "Tonight, everything changes".

Cole takes a shot at the Brooklyn Dodgers to note that the WWE had shown up.

The Miz comes out, in a suit.  It's a MizTV segment.  He says that the show has been known as trainwreck TV.  And they don't come more "trainwreck" as his guests 3MB!!!  Best MizTV segment ever already.    Slater cut off Miz asking where he got off calling them a trainwreck.  Drew disses Jay-Z.  Slater said The Rolling Stones WISH they could rock out with them.  He says that 3MB will be performing tomorrow night on RAW.  They mock the Spanish announcers for not speaking English, but assuming that they were being negative to them.  Slaters says in the US they speak American.  The Indian and Scotsman agree.  drew shoves down Carlos Cabrera.  Ricardo rodriguez comes out of nowhere to protest, and they menace him until ALBERTO DEL RIO MAKES THE SAVE!  Del Rio has turned babyface!

However, the numbers game catches up to him.  they put Del Rio in the ring, but while Miz seems happy to stand back, Slater shoves him aside, so he joins in and helps Del Rio.

3MB escape, but Slater tells them to find a partner and they'd have a match tonight.  Miz said, they'd find a partner (Zack Ryder chant as Ricardo looks to get the spot) and the beating would be awesome.

Royal Rumble ad.  The Rock is showing up.

Hell No talk Ryback.  Bryan is perturbed by a guy who repeats something they say over and over.  Kane said what he says doesn't matter, it's what he does.  And if he's hungry, they would feed The Shield.  Bryan chants "Yes!" over and over, still not getting the irony.

Matt Striker is backstage with Wade Barrett, as that match is next.  Wade says he's beaten Kofi on numerous occasions.  And he's not so sure about this "Wildcat" thing.  And this cat's getting neutered.

Kofi Kingston vs. Wade Barrett in a "Hands up who remembered that Wade was even a viable challenger after the last couple of weeks???" match for the Intercontinental Title
Wade is on top early, but Kofi comes back.  But not for long as he's clotheslined out. Kofi is sent towards the ring, but he leaps through the ropes back in, turns round and hits Barrett with a suicide dive.  Wade ducks a springboard jump and gives Kofi a mule kick before getting a 2 count off a pumphandle slam.  Backbreaker off the ropes and then knee picks up another 2.  Wade continues to work the back.  Barrett hits an elbow drop off the ropes for a 2 count, before working a chinlock.  Kofi flipped out a back suplex and hit a Side Russian Legsweep.  Kingston starts his comeback, with chops and superman shot.  The Boom Drop connects, but as he called for the Trouble In Paradise, Wade ducked it.  Kofi ran into a Black Hole Slam attempt, but he turned it into a roll up before popping up and hitting the SOS for a 2 count.  Mounted punches in the corner by Kofi, but Wade comes back with a Full Nelson Slam for a 2 count.

Wade came in, but took the pendulum kick, but rolled through a crossbody for a very close 2 count.  Kofi cradled Wade for a 2 count, but ran into the Black Hole Slam for another near fall.  Barrett wants the Bull Hammer, but as he spun Kofi out, Kofi spun back in with Trouble In Paradise for the three count!


WWE App advert.

CM Punk is in his own Skybox, wearing a "Knee 2 Faces" shirt to mock The Rock.  Punk said it was hard waking up this mornign leaving Chicago to sit amoungst the animals.  He said Brooklyn was the slums of Staten Island.  They all cheers when Ryback injured him, and he understands.  They have a ton in common.  They, like Ryback have never won anything.  Just like Ryback, they're dumb.  Dumb and lucky.  Dumb because he injured Punk and took him out of the match.  And he's lucky that Punk can't compete.  He's the most dangerous man in the WWE, and you want to give him a weapon.  He'd have broken every chair, every table and then done laps as Ryback tried to clumsily climb a ladder.  The fiction was that Ryback was unstoppable.  He's beaten him twice and The Sheild would tonight.  He started 2012 as WWE Champion and he'd end it as such.  But he was just getting started.

Cole noted it was day 392.  The announcers talked about The Shield and Punk as the crowd chanted for Punk.

The Shield vs. Hell No & Ryback in a "CM Who?" Tables, Ladders & Chairs six-man tag match
Once again, this is pin and submission rules.  The babyfaces enter first before The Shield come out, with entrance music but through the crowd.  Right, this is going to be hell to recap.  The brawl starts right away, since again it's Tornado rules.  Bryan & Rollins, Reigns & Kane and Ryback & Ambrose to start with.  Ambrose and Ryback take the ring to start with.  Ambrose gets his shots in, but it doesn't go massively well for him.  Rollins & Reigns take out their foes long enough to help out.  Ryback goes to the apron and Amrbose hits a front dropkick to knock him down.  Kane brings out a ladder, but has it kicked into him by Ambrose.  The trio work over Daniel Bryan in the ring, sending him into the ladder.  But Ryback comes back in and kicks the ladder into Ambrose & Rollins, clubbing them with it until Reigns cuts him off with a chair.  Kane comes in and works over Reigns, before Bryan joins in with kicks to the chest like a maniac.  Kane sets up a ladder and whips Reigns into it, with Bryan following with the running dropkick.  It picks up a 2 count.

Bryan goes to help Ryback, but gets posted.  Rollins jumps into an uppercut for a 2 count.  Kane gets a chair, but uses the ladder to trap Rollins, before hitting a chairshot to the ladder.  Ambrose comes in with a chair and hits a DDT to Kane on it.  Ryback comes back and drives Ambrose into the corner.  Rollins is driven into another.  Ambrose & Rollins get control with the help of a ladder.  Ambrose sets the ladder up in the corner.  Ryback blocks them tossing him into it and body blocks the pair of them before whipping them both into the ladder and splashing him.

Ryback hits a double suplex of the pair into a ladder.  Ryback calls to finish and sets them up for a double-Shell Shock, but Roman Reigns finally came back in to make it 3 on 1.  Reigns drops a ladder on Ryback.  Reigns tells the Spanish guys that it's his table now, as he clears it.  They look for the Triple Powerbomb and hit it through the Spanish table.  they don't get time to celebrate much though as Daniel Bryan hits a suicide dive on them.  Kane soon joins in too, although it's still 3 on 2.  Bryan with a couple of chair shots to Rollins, but Ambrose saves.

Bodyslams using a chair by Ambrose while Reigns works on Kane outside.  They set up a table across the top turnbuckle as Ryback's beginnign to stir.  They send Bryan, face-first into the side of the table.  Rollins & Ambrose stand on the table to hit Bryan with a double superplex.  Kane manages to get in to break the pin at 2.  Reigns is low-bridged out, but Ambrose & Rollins work over Kane, sending him into the side of the like with Bryan.  They go up looking for the same trick, but Kane fights them off, sending Rollins to the floor and hitting the Flying Clothesline on Ambrose.

Reigns back in, but he takes the side slam for a 2 count.Ambrose sets up a chair and has an idea, but Kane counters whatever it was and chokeslams him on the chair.  But Reigns breaks the pin.  Kane goes out after Reigns, but is chop-blocked by Rollins.  And then, to promote the WWE 13 game, Reigns speared Kane through the timekeepers area.  They then buried Kane under a bunch of stuff.

Bryan suddenly has the LeBell Lock on Ambrose as Rollins & Reigns celebrate, but The Shield break it up.  Bryan gets it on each of them, but is eventually is overwhelmed.  Rollins and Ambrose try a double suplex onto a chair, but Bryan blocks and hits kicks.  They re-take control, and Rollins hits the Curbstomp onto the chair.

But here comes Ryback!  Powerslam on Rollins before he's pres slammed onto Ambrose on the outside.  His dinner is Reigns.  Ambrose cuts him off, but gets speared out of his boots.  The Meat Hook follows.  Ryback calls to finish, looking for Shell Shock on Amrbose.  He hits it, but Rollins & Reigns break the pin.  Rollins is sent out, as is Reigns.  The three head up the aisle, soon joined by Ambrose, crawling up slowly, helping when Ryback looked for a powerbomb on the floor.  The Shield take turns on hitting Ryback in the back with a chair.  They set Ryback ona table and Rollins spies the 20-foot ladder.  Rollins head up noting to make sure the others don't break it up.  And with their backs turned, Ryback wakes up and gets off the table.  Ryback chases Rollins up the ladder and yanks him off through a bunch of tables!!!

Back in the ring, Rollins & Reigns are working over Bryan, hitting a powerbomb through the table before Ryback can get back in time!


That was a brutal (in the best possible way) match!!!  Awesome stuff!  After the match, Ambrose & Reigns check on their comrade, who is half dead.  That was a quite nasty bump he took.  His head smacked off the side of a table.

It's a complete mess at ringside as we see the death of Seth Rollins once again. Hope Seth is OK.  That said, that was a great debut for them.

Eve Torres vs. Naomi in a "Come on, if Punk is injured and can skip, what's without not letting Eve jump one?" match for the Divas Title
Well, some match had to go on and die after that one.  Naomi has her own TitanTron and has changed out of her outfit from earlier, doing her own, much less showy entrance, although she did do the splits over the ropes to get in the ring.  Kinda awesome.  Eve mocks Naomi at the bell, and mauls Naomi in the corner as we see Brodus and Cameron watching.  Naomi is athletic ins sticking and moving, hitting a nice legdrop and then faking Eve out at ringside.  However, as Eve got on the apron, she dropped Naomi's arm on the top rope to take control.  Keylock.  Naomi escapes and hits a headscissors.  Wacky splash in the corner, but she misses a crossbody off the top rope.  Eve hits her neckbreaker for the win.


Eve did her thing of posing over her fallen opponent with a photographer in the ring.  Naomi was game.

Big Show is with Matt Striker and he says things.  I wasn't listening as I comprehended that MITB is on last, meaning that my predicted PPV ending of Ziggler cashing in won't happen.  But what if Ziggler cashes in after this match, thinks he's gotten away with not facing Cena in a ladder match, but then has to put the title on the line???

Big Show vs. Sheamus in a "And it's all (maybe) just a little bit of history repeating..." Chairs match
It's a brawl and it's all Sheamus early on as he'd intent on wiping off Big Show's smirk.  Constantly one step ahead of Show.  Sheamus grabs a chair, but Big Show kicks it out of this hand coming back in the ring.  Big Show takes a powder, but Sheamus gives chase with the chair.  Show kicks it in his face however, before hitting a chop to the chest at the guardrail to take control.  Big Show goes chair-hunting, but not only does he come up empty, he gets downed by a Sheamus jump off the apron.  Back in the ring, Big Show hits a short clothesline after reversing a whip to stay in control.  Sheamus has a busted lip.  Big Show heads out again, but takes a dropkick through the ropes.  Sheamus grabs a chair (after a bit of looking), and Big Show runs away.  But Sheamus cuts him off in the ring, and Sheamus wails away with the chair before hitting a scoop slam for a 2 count.  Sheamus came off the top rope with a chair-assisted Battering Ram.  However, a second kick at the can ended up seeing Big Show spearing Sheamus.

Big Show now had a chair in his hand, and that did not fare well for Sheamus at ringside.  Show actually gives up on the chair for some in-ring punishment, including a splash in the corner.  Again, Big Show heads out, and Sheamus buys himself time by making sure Big Show's little shows get a bit of rope burn.  Slugfest is won by Sheamus who hits some shoulders in the corner and a kneelift.  However, he runs into a chokeslam for a 2 count.

Big Show on the chair trail once again, and again has a helluva hard time finding on.  He pulls a bunch out eventually and tosses them in the ring.  He stops Sheamus from getting one and cracks him in the back.  He sets Sheamus up with a chair on his chest and hits the Vader Bomb for a 2 count.  Big Show set up the chair and wanted a chokeslam through them, but Sheamus countered and hit White Noise through them.  However, he only picked up a 2 count.

Sheamus wanted the Brogue Kick, but Big Show side stepped him and as Sheamus got caught on the top rope, he hit the KO Punch.  But Sheamus kicked out at 2!  Big Show goes under the ring and pulls out a SUPER CHAIR.  It's bloody MASSIVE!  He smacks Sheamus in the back with it and picks up the three count.


Big Show might be tried, but he's still standing.  Anyone who thinks Ziggler should be running down is a fool.  Indeed, after replays, we see Big Show leaving with the SUPER CHAIR in his hand.  And they note last year has been erased for Big Show.

John Cena is shadow-boxing as AJ comes up with a custom Cena shirt, with holes in it and stuff.  She wanted to apologise for last week, and thank him.  Cena said thank him later when he takes Ziggler MITB case.

3MB vs. The Miz, Alberto Del Rio & The Brooklyn Brawler in a "This was made earlier, don't you remember?" six-man tag match
THE BRAWLER!!!!  He's wearing the Nets vest and quickly tags in after Del Rio starts.  However, Slater hits a superkick so 3MB take control.  Drew tags in and hits a suplex for a 2 count.  Slater tags in, but misses a splash out of the cornewr.  Tags to Mahal and Miz.  Miz works over Jinder in the corner before hitting his clothesline.  Mahal comes in, but takes the short DDT for a 2 count.  Drew takes the Backcracker, before giving him a suicide dive.  Ricardo pulls Slater out.  Skull Crushing Finale to Mahal.  Brawler tags in and locks on a Boston Crab.


Rumble advert again.

Hype video for the main event.

Dolph Ziggler vs. John Cena in a "And the winner will HAVE TO CASH IN ON THE WORLD CHAMPION ONLY!" Money In The Bank Ladder match
Cena is not massively favoured here in Brooklyn, early, although his fans end up piping up in support.  As for the match, standard feeling out process.  They work a couple of holds (drawing a "You Can't Wrestle" chant before Cena hits a Fisherman's suplex and a monkey flip.  Cena has a cut by his eye.  Ziggler gets a chair and jabs Cena with it.  He wedges it in the corner, but turns around into a flapjack.  Cena gets a ladder, but Ziggler hits a baseball slide into it to down Cena.

Ziggler goes to set up the ladder, but Cena runs back in the ring and knocks Ziggler down with it.  Outside, Ziggler is downed, allowing Cena to get the top part of the steel steps and hit Dolph square in the head with it.  Cena pulls out a table, making it a TLC match in effect, but is hotshot off the top rope by Ziggler.  Ziggler goes up, but Cena cuts him off.  Slugfest entirely favours Dolph popularity-wise and then he locks in a sleeper.  Cena goes to a knee, but powers up and tries to climb the ladder.  He goes up and even reaches for the case, but soon passes out.  That causes both men to fall through the table that was set up.

Dolph is obviously the first one up, but he has to reset the ladder before climbing.  Cena shuts the ladder and then picks up the ladder with Dolph on it.  He looks for a Ladder-assisted AA, but Dolph slips off in time.  Cena starts a comeback, but is cut off with a Fameasser.

Ziggler gets out a second ladder, but Cena picks the leg and locks on the STF, Dolph taps, but he doesn't have to break the hold, as Cole points out that it would wear Ziggler out.  Cena goes for the ladder, as Dolph wakes up.  Cena goes for a shot, but Dolph avoids it.  He ends up in AA position though as he slingshot in, although he countered with the ZigZag.  Dolph was after a table and he set it up in the corner, but was caught weith the Protobomb and Five Knuckle Shuffle.  However, the AA was avoided and Ziggler hit a DDT.

Dolph went up the aisle to grab a bigger ladder (although not the biggest) and climb.  However, Cena woke up and climbed up the other side.  Slugfest up the top of the ladder.  Cena won that, knocking Ziggler to the floor.  However, he's out of position to grab the case.  Ziggler recovers and comes up behind Cena and brings him back down.

Cena gets his head rammed into the ladder, which knocks it over.  Ziggler waits for him to get up, but Cena does hit best Sin Cara impression and whips off something akin to a headscissors, putting Ziggler through the propped up table.  I've seen worse by actual luchadores.  Cena picks up the current ladder, but Dolph dropkicks him in the back, so Cena drops it out the ring.  Ziggler tries to ram Cena's head into the wedged chair, but Cena fires back and takes Dolph into the opposite corner.  They head up, but Ziggler knocks Cena down.

Crossbody attempt, but Cena rolls through.  The AA is countered as Ziggler grabbed the chair and got Cena in the back to get off his shoulders.  Ziggler cleared the ring of the broken table plunder.  Cena ducked a superkick and reeled off a AA, putting Dolph out the ring.

Vickie came to the ring and picked up a chair, standing over Cena.  AJ came out and took out Vickie, using Cena's offence (or it's closest approximation).

Cena got a ladder and set it up as AJ skipped around the ring, but then AJ tipped the ladder over!  CALLED IT WEEKS AGO!!!  Actually, as it goes, after giving Cena an immediate superkick, Ziggler seemed confused towards AJ as she just smiles and scoots off, leaving Ziggler to claim the case.


Ziggler left with his case as Cena was all "Should have seen that one coming..." and the show ended.  So AJ & Ziggler didn't make out or actually even seem "together"m, but they clearly telegraphed the turn and props to them for that.  Especially since I was right one way or another.  Anyway, Slammy Awards and follow up with muggins here again tomorrow.

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