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The Never-Seen-It Review: The Lord of the Rings

Uncle Ralph -Aug 7, 2013

Based on nothing more than second hand information, vague memories, and complete nonsense, I will review something that I've never seen. Then you can go see it and tell me about it. Then you can go to hell....

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Uncle Ralph's TNA Slammiversary (and Parole Party) Report

Uncle Ralph -Jun 3, 2013

So here I am surrounded by criminals, sexual predators, and Tostino Pizza Rolls...

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Uncle Ralph's 2013 Hall of Fame TV Review

Uncle Ralph -Apr 10, 2013

Many people don’t know this, but I'm in the Hall of Fame. Your mother's Hall of Fame.

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Uncle Ralph's Night Before Christmas

Uncle Ralph -Dec 25, 2012

Twas the night before Christmas, and all in my pants
I was fumbling, jumbling, all-in with both hands...

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Go Kill Yourself, Elf On The Shelf!

Uncle Ralph -Dec 10, 2012

There's a war on Christmas. I know this because I killed three people this morning while I was wearing a Santa hat.

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Uncle Ralph's Soundtrack For a Drunken Angry Christmas

Uncle Ralph -Dec 6, 2012

My sister-in-law tells me I have a substance abuse problem. I tell her that there's no substance to me at all and I'm actually really shallow. I grab her ass to prove this point and then play this song. ..

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"Dear Mickey Nimage" Love, Uncle Ralph

Uncle Ralph -Nov 29, 2012

So I kept asking everyone at the table, "Who is Mickey Nimage?! Who the hell is Mickey Nimage?!" But all anyone said was, "Please, mister, don't hurt us." Long story short - I walked into the wrong house.

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Uncle Ralph's Main Event Real Time Report: The Greatest Day In The History Of The Internet

Uncle Ralph -Oct 3, 2012

8pm is when this hot fried garbage begins. Go pause your Worlds of Warcraft and smoke your hashtags. Ralph's gonna get lit and blow this mutha out.

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Uncle Ralph (Hearts) Impact: Avis and Eggs

Uncle Ralph -Aug 17, 2012

TNA Michael Cole tells me to follow Dixie Carter on Twitter because she breaks news. But don't follow her in real life, because she also breaks wind.

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Crazy Uncle Smackdown: Great Khali's Fine Head, Toilet Brush Face, and Randy Ortino

Uncle Ralph -Feb 17, 2012

Ever notice how Dusty Rhodes's kids are in good shape for the most part? Think that's because he ate all the food in the house and left nothing for them but vegetables and beans? His partner is slimy Wade Barrett. When Wade Barrett has to grease a cookiesheet, he headbutts the pan.

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"I Watch Impact Drunk" - A Poem By Uncle Ralph

Crazy Uncle Ralph -Jun 22, 2011

I watch Impact drunk. It's just what I do. I watch Impact drunk and think you should too....

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Uncle Ralph's Drunk Enough For Tough Enough: Episode Five

Uncle Ralph -May 3, 2011

I'm down now and drinking pretty heavily so let's cue up the VCR and watch the latest recording of Tough Enough. No one sells blank video tapes no more so I recorded over my second wedding.

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Crazy Uncle Ralph Previews...WrestleMania 27

Uncle Ralph -Mar 29, 2011

I like Sheamus. Know why? 'Cause that's what I say to drunken girls as they cry after having sex with me. I look at them and ask, "Shame, Miss?"

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Crazy Uncle Ralph Previews UFC 121: Barack vs. Kane Inside The Ominous Octagon Inferno Cage of Doom

Uncle Ralph -Oct 19, 2010

So UFC 121 - "The Match, The Movie" is on Saturday.   UFC does Saturday night PPVs because they like for people to get drunk, have fun, and watch them.   WWE and the other company do PPVs on Sundays because they like people to watch them when they're all pissed off about school or work the next day.  

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Five Years of Insanity: Sandow, Rickard, and Uncle Ralph Volume 1

World Wrestling Insanity -Oct 1, 2010

Over the past five years, you've been touched by our Crazy Uncle Ralph.  Sorry about that. The foul mouthed boozehound joined the Insanity right at the start...whether we liked it or not.  His original spot on the site involved the most mismatched wrestling roundtable ever assembled.  It was October 16, 2005 and the world was about to experience the first ever editon of Sandow, Rickard, and Uncle Ralph...

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Uncle Ralph's NXT Report: Ahhhh. Lowki Senshi Kaval! KAVAL!

Crazy Uncle Ralph -Jul 6, 2010

The best thing about being in jail with Lindsay Lohan is that Matt Dawgs ain't allowed to come here to bother me because she has that restraining order and everything.

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Uncle Ralph's NXT Report: Rookies, Old Wrestlers' Kids, and Low Ki Not Wearing His Pajamas

Crazy Uncle Ralph -Jun 29, 2010

 Pass the pipe.   I gotta get lit for this nonsense.

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Crazy Uncle Ralph's WWE SuperStars SuperReview: Primo Ain't So Good, Neither is Matt Hardy or The Guy Who Lost To Luke Gallows

Crazy Uncle Ralph -Mar 3, 2010

Hey, Eve.   Call me, baby.   No one meets lowered expectations like Ralphie.   I've got a red rider BB gun, baby, and I'll shoot your eye out!   Awwww yeah.

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Crazy Uncle Ralph's WWE SuperStars SuperReview: A Week Late Because I Was In Jail

Crazy Uncle Ralph -Feb 4, 2010



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Uncle Ralph's ECW Report: Christian Defends The Title Against An Adorable Widdle Guy Named Yoshi

Crazy Uncle Ralph -Oct 27, 2009

I don't know. Just saying. There's a shower and there's no cameras in there. None. Definitely no Micro Mini Spy CDC Color Board Camera. Come on. It'll be fun. You can use my soap.

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Crazy Uncle Ralph's WWE SuperStars SuperReview: Goldy Dusts The English Muffin, Primo and Chris Masters Are Still Around, and The Battle For Lita Ends With Nuts On a Rope

Crazy Uncle Ralph -Sep 25, 2009

At Breaking Point: Teddy Long screwed the Undertaker. He had to. Taker took him to dinner and Teddy ordered lobster. He knows the rules.

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Crazy Uncle Ralph on... Jessie "The Body" Dumbass, Samoa Joe's Bike Shop, Judging Jenna, Linda Hogan's Available, Muppet Balls, and More

Crazy Uncle Ralph -Jul 29, 2009

So Mallory Mahling's not here this week. She called me up and goes, "Ralph. Column. Do it. Now!" Me? I said yes. Know why? She's hot. There. I said it. Hot.

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Crazy Uncle Ralph's Top Five... Wrestling PPV Names That Sound Like Porn Movies, Times I Pee During Raw, Wrestlers Who Smart Fans Get Mad At You For Saying Bad Things About, Secrets About World Wrestling Insanity Writers, Places I Want To Go To With Mark Henry, and More

Crazy Uncle Ralph -Apr 27, 2009

OK, so everyone's got this Facebook thing.   I don't.   I don’t use Facebook, Myspace, Myface, Spacebook, or Titter.   I use nothing.   Partially because I don't like them.   Partially because I'm on probation.   

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T.G.I.F. With Crazy Uncle Ralph...What I Have In Common With Miz, The Mexican Bulldog, The Anvil Made a Hot Kid, The Dixie Division, Yellow Cake Uranium, The Differences Between Hulk Hogan and OJ Simpson, Anderson Cooper's Tea, Allison Iraheta's Awesome, Sexting, Coconuts, Ronco Electric Food Dehydrator, and More

Crazy Uncle Ralph -Apr 17, 2009

Yo!   Anyone have Michele McCool's cell number?   I wanna talk her into doing some of the "sexting" that 7th graders are all raving about.


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Crazy Uncle Ralph's Hall of Fame: The Class of 2009

Crazy Uncle Ralph -Mar 27, 2009

 Ev-i-dently, WWE's Hall of Fame isn't a real building.   It's just a ceremony.   People are inducted.   Everyone complains that it lasts too long.   Ric Flair cries.   That's the WWE Hall of Fame.

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Crazy Uncle Ralph Reviews... The Wrestler

Crazy Uncle Ralph -Feb 27, 2009

So Matt Dawgs calls me up, right?   He's had a bad week.   His owner ran away or something and he's all, "Ralph.   Ralph.   Can you do a column or something for me on Friday?   Oh, by the way, I wear pink panties."   So me?   I go yeah.   I'm good like that.

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Crazy Uncle Ralph on: The End of Hornswoggle McMahon, Pointless Points, and Other Characters Smudgy Can Play

Crazy Uncle Ralph -Mar 13, 2008

Let me tell you something right now. On WWE TV, paternity suits and DNA tests may be reversible, but in real life they ain't. I know this. I know this firsthand....

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Crazy Uncle Ralph's Real Time ECW Report: Kelly Kelly vs. Layla Layla, M and M vs. Festivus and Uncle Jesse, Big Daddy V vs. Big Daddy Kane

Crazy Uncle Ralph -Nov 27, 2007

Yo.  How are ya?  Good.  Good.  Rickard's not here tonight, but I am.  I'm here to get Extreme like ice cream on a tamborine.  You ready for a little real time ECDub?  Me too.  Stick witcha Uncle Ralph.  I'll give ya the ups, downs, ins, and outs of this crazy little thing called ECW on Sci-Fi Network.

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Crazy Uncle Ralph Reviews: TNA's Christian Cage - The Instant Classic DVD

Crazy Uncle Ralph -Nov 1, 2007

Yeah, so anyway, I had a big welcome home party the other day and James Guttman goes, "Yo. You down with a little TNA?" Like a putz, I figured he was offering to take his uncle to a strip club or whatnot. You know. Get a little sumpin, sumpin. Silly me. He meant TNA. Total Nonstop Action. The wrestling company.

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Crazy Uncle Ralph Reviews: See No Evil

Crazy Uncle Ralph -Jul 27, 2006

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Everything I Need To Know In Life I Learned From Watching Repo Man

Crazy Uncle Ralph -May 11, 2006

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Crazy Uncle Ralph's Backlash Predictions: Blasphemy, Beer, and UMAGA!

Crazy Uncle Ralph -Apr 30, 2006

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Crazy Uncle Ralph's WrestleMania 22 Predictions - The Winners, The Losers, The Liquor

Crazy Uncle Ralph -Mar 30, 2006

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Uncle Ralph's Drinking Column: Here's to you...Barry Windham, Ron Bass, and Zeus

Crazy Uncle Ralph -Mar 17, 2006

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Questions I Would Ask Linda McMahon During WWE's Conference Call

Crazy Uncle Ralph -Mar 2, 2006

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Crazy Uncle Ralph's OVW Funhouse: Vol 1 - Fear and Loathing in the Ohio Valley

Crazy Uncle Ralph -Feb 15, 2006

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Crazy Uncle Ralph Reviews: The Bret Hart DVD

Crazy Uncle Ralph -Jan 13, 2006

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Crazy Uncle Ralph's Smackdown Report: Boogeys, Smoke, and the NWO Kid

Crazy Uncle Ralph -Dec 16, 2005

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Uncle Ralph looks at: Joe vs. Kobashi

Crazy Uncle Ralph -Nov 30, 2005

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10/23 Sandow, Rickard, and Uncle Ralph

Sandow, Rickard, and Ralph -Oct 23, 2005

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