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JG's 10/5/15 Raw Insanity: Flashing The Brock Signal

By Oct 5, 2015 - 11:29 PM print

While celebrating the tenth anniversary of WeWantInsanity.com, I came across my old trusty time machine. Although it had been a while, I fired it up and journeyed one year into the future to grab this screenshot of WWE’s Network schedule. That’s right. In an EXCLUSIVE, I present to you WWE Network’s scheduled broadcasts for next year at this time. To be honest, I was worried people wouldn’t believe me, then I saw how many posted that stupid Facebook copyright thing and realized they’ll believe anything. So yeah. Time machine. Hop in, Marty. We’re going back to the future. Say hi to your mom for me.

WWE Network Schedule: One Year From Today

One Year From Now...

So you’ve heard right. It’s the ten year anniversary of our site and with it, I present the first new Raw Insanity in over three years. I bet some of you are thinking that ten years doesn’t seem that long ago. Well it is. Proof? This line appeared in an edition of JG’s Raw Insanity from April 2005:

“Chris Benoit's new gimmick is that he bleeds a lot. He's always bleeding. It's always from some freak accident too. He should bring buckets of his blood to the ring and throw it at people.”

Yeah. Maybe not. As I was saying – long time. Let’s get to the Raw.

WWE Then, Now, Forever Video Package starts our show. Then refers to the legends that paved the current stars. Now refers to the current generation of performers. Forever refers to how long these shows feel.

Last week on Raw, Kane was vindicated by WWE Human Resources. They said he’s professional, kind, and helpful. All this despite the fact that he’s obviously insane every week on their own television program. Should a company’s human resources department miss such an obvious red flag in such a public way? If I was an investor, I’d ask for some sort of investigation.

Raw Theme Plays. Chaquita Banana Osh Kosh B’Gosh

Michael Cole just got finished bench pressing yo’ moms at the behest of both JBL and Byron Saxton. Now the three are here to point, laugh at you, and upsell a Raw guaranteed to knock your socks on your ass. Guaranteed might be a strong word, but they’re confident. We’ve got Bray Wyatt and Roman Reigns doing whatever they can to keep their treadmill feud chugging along. How about Big Show and Seth Rollins vs. Those Damn Dudleys? What more do you want? Huh? Oh. The Beast, you say? Well that can be arranged.

Mr. Lesnar, you say you “Eat. Sleep, Conquer. Repeat.” Is that true? That’s all you do.


When do you go potty?

Paul Heyman is sweating from the walk to the ring but Brock Lesnar, by his side, is unfazed. Why would he be? Brock is da man. He wrecked Big Show last night at Madison Square Garden and is drowned by fan adulation wherever he goes. The crowd gives us a Suplex City chant and it’s hard to remember that Lesnar’s a heel in all of this. With both Paul and his client doing little to dissuade any cheers, they’ve been inching closer and closer to the center since the Seth Rollins match. Our egg-shaped ECW icon gives us his history lesson on the Undertaker. For those that don’t know, Taker has been taking souls since 1990 and collected debts from all his attackers as he did. But there’s one difference this time. The Beast isn’t a boring old soul with an easily collectible debt. No way. Let’s put all the Tarot Cards on the table, Dead Man.

“The Undertaker says Hell in a Cell is his match. Your match, my ass! Just like WrestleMania was the Undertaker’s event until he stepped into the ring with Brock Lesnar!”
– Paul Heyman

We shoot down to a video package on Undertaker’s WrestleMania loss to Brock Lesnar. It was a shameful night for the Phenom. Although that mostly was because of the dumb haircut.

After we all watch the big TV together, we return to the ring for more blah, blah, blah. It makes Lesnar smile, though, so all’s good. Heyman talks the money out of our pockets while Beastman paces the ring with an increasingly annoyed look on his face. That seems like a good time to go to another mini-movie.

Up to the Tron for another video package. This time it’s about the controversial SummerSlam encounter. Enough already. At least WCW managed to work a White Castle of Fear into these things.

Fifteen minutes in and we’ve gotten a lecture and two YouTube clips. Paul E. Dangerously drops a Stone Cold podcast mention, goes full steam ahead with a Hell in a Cell hard sell, and promises that this is the final showdown. At this point, who should arrive but the Madison Square Jabronie himself.

Big Show takes his baby steps to the ring and he looks like he’s constantly sucking his stomach in. After taking his baby breaths, he takes a regular sized mic, and takes his turn talking.

“Suplex City. I guess you took me to Suplex City at Madiscon Square Garden, didn’t you, Brock? Whoo. What a trip. What a match. What a fight!”
– Big Show

What a goober.

In typical cornball fashion, we get the bad acting and overly scripted promo from the Giant. He even offers his hand to the Beast in a show of respect. Lez smirks and walks away. Show doesn’t seem happy with the rejection. He puts a hex on Lesnar and hopes he loses at the Cell.

Well, that’s just too much for Ultimate Fighter to take. He returns to the ring and, well, kicks Big Show’s ass.

Suplex. F5. Basically all the stuff you thought you had to pay to see last night. You didn’t. It’s on Raw for free the next night. Ha! Gotcha!

Elsewhere in the arena, Stephanie McMahon is standing by with the first champion in WWE history to have his weenis Tweeted to the world in a fit of anger, Seth Rollins. The Greasiest Shield Member is unhappy with what just transpired. Since his tag partner for later tonight looks like he’s going to be a Big No-Show, what’s a Rollins to do? Fight the Dudley Boys on his own? That’s looney tunes, chica! Stephanie doesn’t seem to care and stares the WWE Champion down until he leaves because, well, she’s part owner of the company and helps write these segments.

Commercial Break. If the only way you can order pizza is by Tweeting an emoji to Dominos, you’re going to be too high to answer the door anyway. Just take a nap.

Oh my God! Bray Wyatt! I loved you in The Hangover!

1. Roman Reigns, Dean Ambrose, and Randy Orton defeated The Wyatt Family when Reigns pinned Luke Harper

I can’t get behind this Randy Orton babyface thing. He looks bizarre and almost insane with that big silly grin on his face. Snakes don’t grin like fifth graders looking at boobies. He’s just a natural heel. Also, Dean Ambrose has taken a lot of the Loose Cannon babyface gimmick that Orton played into a bit through the years. As for the feud itself with the Wyatts, it has really helped Roman Reigns advance past disappointing Royal Rumble winner to viable World Title contender. It’s also helped Braun Strowman, who is getting a monster push that could either end really good or end like Snitsky. The jury’s still out for now, but it wouldn’t take much for it to be a success. Matches like this only help as he really looked impressive against three top stars. After about 13 commercial breaks and a Bill Kazmaier reference from JBL, Ambrose finally managed a hot tag after Strowman missed running into the corner. The Apex Predator hit the ring like a house of fire and nailed Luke Harper with the roped DDT. But when the Eater of Worlds pulled Luke from the ring before Randy could hit the RKO, all hell broke loose. There was a wild brawl that sent the match into a series of spots, culminating with a Roman Spear on Harper. Three seconds later and Bradshaw yells out “Ball Game!” Because he doesn’t know what the hell a ball game is.

After the bout, Roman Rumble promises to end Bray Wyatt at Hell in a Cell. See him die only on the WWE Network!

Commercial Break. ClubWWI.com

Are you not entertained?!

Honestly? No. I’m distracted by the spitballs on your facial hair. Also, your skin is a little bit see-through.

Sheamus was the second to the ring and had a microphone in hand as he approached Neville, who was waiting patiently. The Stupid Looker had no patience for the little feller and made his opinion known. He thinks Nibble is a loser. Why? Because Mr. Money in the Bank is a winner and, just as he’s about to explain why, he gets kicked. The Irish Rooster hits the mat and the match begins.

2. Sheamus pinned Neville with a Brogue Kick

King Barrett was at ringside for this one but only stays at the announce table until we’re five seconds in. That’s when he runs to the ring, causes a distraction, and allows Sheamus to kick himself a win. The match was like 1/10th as long as the pre-match monologue.

Commercial Break. WWE Network now has giftcards. They’re available at Wal-Mart. Head over and pick one up. Make sure you wear something trashy so someone can take a photo of you and post it online.

Q: How many Kanes does it take to screw in a lightbulb?

A: Impossible. He never screws them in because he likes to Yankum.

Kane’s got weird hair and a microphone in his hand. The monster is in the midst of his best Joseph Parks impression as he waivers between demented demon and corporate pansy. All this insanity makes him a liability to the WWE Champion, but he seems oblivious to that fact. How so? Well, for starters, he makes himself the new partner for Seth Rollins against the Dudley Boys tonight! Uh oh.

Rollins is having none of that and he rushes out to tell the world. Using Tom Brady as a heat rod in New England, the WWE Champion tells Kane Corp that he’s out. No more mindgames. No more nonsense. You take your reindeer games and play them in hell, buddy. Kane tries to explain that he’s simply trying to bring the best out in the Champion. He knows that you’re not happy with yourself, Seth. That’s why the Suit Monster is attempting to help you face your demons. Things start to get heated and that’s when business starts to pick up.

Stephanie McMahon Test Helmsley shows up to steal the show and brings us through the storyline with the step-by-step explanations that she’s famous for. She sucks up to the New England crowd with an over-the-top Tom Brady shout-out and gets the biggest reaction of anyone in this segment. Then she announces Kane vs. Seth Rollin for Hell in a Cell and gets the second biggest reaction of anyone in this segment. Finally, she verifies Kane’s spot in the tag match against the Dudleys, gets the third biggest reaction that you were expecting, and adds one last stipulation for Hell in a Cell. If Demon Kane loses to Rollins, Corporate Kane is fired from his office job. Sound dumb? Yeah. Corporate Kane. Demon Kane. Wake me up when Exciting Kane shows up.

Commercial Break. Here. Post this one Wednesday. You’re welcome.


Backstage, Seth Rollins is pleading his case to Corporate Triple H. The Game gives Seth some sage advice. “Do unto others before they can do unto you.”

3. Natalya defeated Paige with a Sharpshooter Submission

I know I bring this up every time I cover one of her matches, but it still amazes me that Jim Neidhart has a pretty daughter. If you had asked me, as a kid, what the Anvil’s daughter, if he had one, would look like one day, I’d have drawn Yosemite Sam. What in tarnation?! She’s more than just a pretty face, though. One of the unsung heroes of WWE’s female division, Nattie is finally getting her due in the Revolution and reminding us all of her skills. Paige was able to hang with her and the two were given a fair amount of time to show what they could do. While the crowd reaction wasn’t humongous, it was light years above what the “Divas” used to get. Neidhart’s Sharpshooter brought the crowd to its feet both times she applied it and the second one got the tap out.

Maurice Cole, Byron Saxton, and JBL smile big and talk about Ryback’s feud with Kevin Owens at ringside. We’re treated to Big Guy promo mixed in with a Feed Me More video package and a reminder that three hours of wrestling doesn’t necessarily mean three hours of content.

Oh, but you’re wrong, Cynical Cecil. Back in the arena, Kevin Owens is here and he has the white Intercontinental Championship. Bastard. #BlackTitlesMatter

4. Kevin Owens pinned Sin Cara after the Pop Up Powerbomb

Apparently, the star of Scooby Doo’s WrestleMania Mystery, Sin Cara, challenged Kevin Owens after a misunderstanding earlier tonight. Cole doesn’t explain what it was all about, but no one cares anyway. We’re just glad that they got rid of that Sin Cara lighting and his matches no longer look like a strip club on Christmas. Strangely, the babyface Lucha Dragons were the ones who used underhanded tactics. Throwing logic to the wind, Kalisto distracted Owens and allowed Cara to attack for a while…but only for a while. You can’t escape Poppa Powerbomb. Mr. Belvedere’s favorite teenager pics up the win in typical K.O. style.

After the bell, Kevin started kicking everyone until Ryback ran to the ring to a lukewarm – at best – response. Owens had to leave through the audience and, amazing enough, no one jumped the barricade and started punching people.

Stephanie McSpotlight is on her phone backstage when the New Day rocks on over to her. She’s far from nice to the trio and threatens to punish them if the former ClubWWI.com guest so much as play the trombone. The three best talkers WWE has right now all quietly stand there while McMahon chastises them, announces their match against the Dudleys at Hell in a Cell, and walks away. Ugh. This chick’s a buzzkill.

Commercial Break. It’s not delivery, it’s DiGiorno. Uh oh! Then who the hell did I tweet a pizza emoji to?!

WWE is doing great charity work with Susan G. Komen’s fight against Breast Cancer. They do an in-ring segment honoring this and I’m not going to recap it. It doesn’t fit in with the rest of the Insanity. Here. Just see it yourself.

Commercial Break. The Walking Dead returns next week. Even more exciting, though, is that Fear The Walking Dead is over! Hooray!

5. The Dudleys vs. Kane and Seth Rollins was a double disqualification or something

When it comes time for the big tag match between The Dudleys and the Big Red Architects, Kane shows up in his suit. Resembling The Wall after Russo showed up with a little bit of IRS mixed in, the tied Monster appears to be on the same page as our Champion. Of course, that’s all just ruse. Rollins browbeat the giant in dress clothes and insisted he stay in the corner, for fear that the demon would show up in his place if he were to leave. He should have been more worried about Bully Ray and Reverend D-Von, though. The tag team legends worked Seth, who eventually crawled into the corner to bring in his partner. There was some conflict, but it all started to subside. The tepid relationship between the Corporate Duo seemed to warm up a bit as the match went on and, before long, they almost seemed to be a solid union. But when it seemed like Corporate Kane’s injured leg was in too much corporate pain, the doctor stepped in.

Insisting that the Director of Operations seek medical attention in the back, Doc gets no love from Rollins. Enraged, Seth pulls out a pair of handcuffs and fastens his partner to the corner. That lasts for less than a minute before the Big Red White Collar Worker gets knocked from the apron…and the cuffs break.

Seriously. So dumb. What was the point?

Michael Cole has to explain what happened because it doesn’t seem to make much sense. As the Architect can do nothing but watch, Kane is lead out of the arena. Team 3D takes full advantage of this latest turn and deliver total nonstop action to the abandoned champ. Then, for no reason at all, they go to get a table so they can lose by disqualification. Rollins regains his composure and baseball slides them both, while they’re holding it at ringside. The referee calls for the bell and, for the second time in a matter of minutes, Cole has to explain what’s going on. He stops short of saying, “They didn’t really write an end for the match. It’s all about Kane showing up after.”

That’s what happened next. The fire burned. The Demon arrived. The Dudleys smashed him. Yup. Surprise. Before Big Red could get his hands on his Hell in a Cell opponent, the Duds nailed him with a 3D. Michael Cole says it’s because of something that happened on Thursday. I wasn’t paying attention. I think he stole their Big League Chew or something.

With the Brothertaker down and out, Seth Rollins knows he has it all sewn up. He retrieves the table and takes too long gloating over his fallen monster. When Kane gets to his feet, Captain Crossfit can do little else than eat wood and like it. Broken table. Broken Champion. Cue the pyro.

Commercial Break. USA Network has reruns of Modern Family. If the episodes are old, are they still Modern? Is it post-modern family? My head hurts.

Earlier today, Team Bella arrived in a limo. For some reason, a camera showed up and followed them as they walked into the building. Stalk much, camera boy? Team BAD suddenly arrived too and they had some silly altercation with Nikki’s cap getting thrown. They all screech and have to be pulled apart. Michael Cole said it makes the following match “a little interesting”. Michael Cole is an f’n liar.

The argument could be made that Sasha Banks is the actual reason the match was interesting. Heading in to her Iron Man match at NXT, Banks is on a hot streak. The fact that she’s in her hometown only makes it more natural for her to bask in the spotlight. Her prematch promo was going really well but was cut short by Team Bella because that’s what they do.

The two teams exchange harsh words about baseball, promiscuity, and how no one cares about Naomi. I don’t know how good all of this sounds on paper, but it wasn’t. The crowd seemed into Sasha’s initial hometown speech, but that didn’t last and we were jerked back to crushing reality.

6. Team B.A.D. defeated Team Bella when Sasha defeated Alicia Fox

Can we just take a minute to point out how completely stupid the name “Team B.A.D.” is? Forget the fact that it makes me think of Michael Jackson. Forget the fact that most people have no idea what it stands for. How about the fact that, when referring to their bout on the card, you’d say, “Hey. Did you see the BAD match?” Yeah. That. I can’t wait until the day one of them says, “In WWE today – everything is BAD!” during a promo and the people in creative go, “Oh snap. We need to change that.” That day will come, but for now, that’s the way it is. The match itself was pretty boring and it appears that they’re planting seeds that Sasha is going to outshine her partners in the eyes of fans. Gearing up for her eventual babyface turn, the Boss is the one who initially gets the better of The Mean Girls in this outting. It leads to nearly everyone hitting high impact moves on one another in quick succession, but Alicia Fox doesn’t have eyes in the back of her head. If she did, she would have seen the Bank Statement coming. Foxy taps and Sasha Banks. Cha-ching.

Backstage, Renee Young interviews Charlotte and Becky Lynch. Becky doesn’t speak. Charlotte shouldn’t have either because she didn’t really say anything important. Honestly, it looked like they just wanted to fill 15 seconds. #GiveDivasaPointless15Seconds

Commercial Break. If I ever get mugged, I’m going to sing, “Just like a good neighbor, State Farm is there!” If an agent doesn’t magically appear and save me, I’m going to sue them.

I’m not a big Summer Rae fan, but she’s a big Rusev fan. She’s also dressed like a knockoff of Lana who dresses like a knockoff of Debra McMichael who dressed like a stripper doing a business woman gimmick. It’s all very déjà vu as she brings out the Bulgarian Fruit so she can drown him in praise.

Rusev arrives and endures the rude USA chants that greet him. Blusev’s brother insists that the crowd shut their pie holes and listen to Lana McMichael as she honors him. Once again, we all get to watch big TV.

Music Video celebrating the love between Summer Rae and Rusev. Poor Fandango.

Ru-Ru, as Summer calls him, seems taken aback by the showing of love and admits that he initially didn’t like Summer at all. But, over time, she’s grown on him. So what happens when a sweaty Bulgarian power lifter falls in love with a knockoff of a knockoff wrestling manager? Of course.

She proposes.

Yeah, you can insert your “WTF” here. The crowd didn’t pop much as she dropped to one knee and the whole thing went on a bit long with Rusev thinking his response over. Not much of this made sense. When he finally said yes, we all believed this bizarre segment had come to an end. But no. He had some words for his future wife.

“I say yes, but not yet. You think we have future? We must prove to each other that we are worthy. I need to have a WWE gold around my waist and then you will have gold around your finger.”Rusev

I totally get this because I actually gave my wife the same ultimatum. That’s how I became US Champion for a week. True story. Lame storyline.

Commercial Break. Hell in a Cell is presented by WWE 2K16. WWE says to “not try this at home”, but if you get WWE 2K16, you can! It’s fine. So pick one up today and smash your friend across the face with it.

When I hear them say “The John Cena U.S. Open Challenge”, it makes me think they’re going to play tennis. John has no racquet when he arrives though and lays it all on the line. Speculation is all over social media according to Michael Cole, so this ought to be good. Cole wonders if it could be Heath Slater. It better not be freaking Heath Slater. Don’t even joke about that, Maurice.

Cue Dolph Ziggler.


Nah. Just play his music for a minute.

Dolph Ziggler’s music hits but he doesn’t arrive. Instead we get…

Free WWE Marketing Idea: I would totally buy “New. Day Socks. New. Day Socks.”

With Dolph Ziggler laying lifeless in their arms, The New Day shows up with a more serious approach than before. While still coming off as jovial entertainers, all three men seem to be in a dangerous zone. They slowly stalk the ring and present their big challenger. Hell, the dude has big in his name. Big E, go get him!

7. US Champion John Cena pinned Big E after an AA

This was Big E’s bizarre coming out party. The New Day member held his own against WWE’s Golden Boy, but it was still hard to shake the idea that he’s a comedic tag team wrestler. If you thought he’d walk away with the gold, then you don’t know SuperCena, pal. The United States Champion can’t be held down and when he hit E with the AA, letters were all over the place. Add some numbers to that – like 1, 2, 3, and it’s all over but the shouting. Ah! Now it’s over.

Kofi Kingston and Xaviar Woods weren’t happy with this development and ran in to put the boots to Johnny Beef Stew That’s when Dolph Ziggler came back to life and rushed out to save his acquaintance. He wasn’t much help though as a mistimed boot ended up hitting Cena in the face. Nice going, Spaghettihead.

Up next to save the day – The Dudleys. However, they too feel the wrath of the New Day and the point of the segment becomes clear. New Day rocks and this Nexus-style beating may be the moment that makes these three guys who don’t seem to take themselves seriously a serious threat to the entire company.

We’re treated to trombone music as we fade to black.

All in all... Um. OK. Maybe a slight let down due to the main event feeling like it was going to have a bigger surprise attached.

The New Day finish was a bit odd and it’s going to be a few days before we see what it really means. At this point, they’re the hottest things going in WWE. Moving them up the ladder in such dramatic fashion could be the best thing that ever happened to them…or the worst. A spot at the top of the show as a dominant heel group isn’t always a blessing. We’ve followed the buzzards up and down the entire card for years now.

Stephanie McMahon has some serious ego issues. She brazenly puts herself over anyone who comes within a foot of her. Her appearances tonight were over the top – even for her.

The Kane storyline is stupid, but you know that. I started doing Raw Insanity in 2002 and Kane’s storylines were stupid then. From Katie to jumper cables to HR reviews, Glenn Jacobs has come out of every dumb story and lived to fight another day. Sadly, it’s starting to feel like that might not be the case anymore.

Summer Rae will now stop at nothing to get married. Big Show is going to do some soul searching. Sasha Banks is going to fly to the moon and leave her BAD buddies behind. That’s about it. It took three hours to learn those things. Three hours.

And that’s ten years and a Raw for ya, guys. Thanks so much for being a part of our Insanity for the past decade. It’s been a pleasure to write for you and a privilege I don’t take lightly. It’s been amazing. Be Well!

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