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JG's Over The Limit Insanity: The Bad Big Show Ends With The Bad Big Show

By James Guttman May 21, 2012 - 1:07 AM print

Be An Insanity

- Brock Lesnar Bullying PSA… Action! -

Brock Lesnar: Hi. I'm Brock Lesnar from the Ultimate Fighting Championship and some, uh, other stuff. I'm here today to talk about a very important subject - bullying. Each year, thousands of children are bullied and, in many cases, even take their own…hahahahaha! I'm sorry. I'm sorry. Can we do that over? I laughed at the suicide part…

- Brock Lesnar Bullying PSA Take Two… Action! -

Brock Lesnar: Hi. I'm Brock Lesnar from the Ultimate Fighting Championship and whatever - shut up. I'm here today to talk about a very near and dear subject - bullying. Each year, thousands of children are bullied and, in many cases, even take their own (pause, slight grin) life. Here today to help me talk to you about bullying is Stefan. Stefan is a ten year old from Warren G. Harding elementary school. Come on in, Stefan. He likes to… Hey! I said get the f**k over here!

Stefan, shaking, walks in and stands next to Brock Lesnar.

Brock: It says here you like to play with dolls. Is that true, Stefan?

Stefan: Yes.

Brock: You know something, Stefan, when Brock Lesnar was your age, he liked to play with dolls too.

Stefan: Really?

Brock: Nah. I was lifting weights and banging substitute teachers. You're a fairy, Stefan. A smelly slimy little bitch-ass bitch ass.

Stefan: Oh.


Brock: See? Now that was bullying. What you just witnessed was someone being bullied. Did you feel bullied, Stefan?

Stefan: Yes.

Brock: Now what did we learn from this?

Stefan: Um, that it's not nice to bully.

Brock: (rolling his eyes) No! You learned you ain't supposed to play with dolls, you stupid bitch!

Brock pushes Stefan to the ground.

Brock: But if you are, you know, a pixie duster or whatever the f**k, that's fine. You can do that stuff. But remember, bullying is real. As I mentioned earlier, some people who are bullied could even take their own lives. Go on, Stefan. Take your own life.

Stefan: (still on the ground) What?!

Brock: Kill yourself.

Stefan: But I don't want to kill myself…

Brock: Why?! (kicking repeatedly) So you can play with your f**king dolls! (repeatedly slapping Stefan in the face with doll) Kiss the doll! Doll kisses you! Kiss the doll! Doll kisses you! Bitch! Bitch! Bitch!

Stefan: Please, mister! Stop!

Brock: So, as you can see, bullying takes its toll on everyone.  Whether you're the bullied or the bullier. You can…Wait. Did I say "bull ier"? It's bully, right? Crap. Can we do that one over?

Stefan: No! Please! I can't do this again! I can't!

Brock: SHUT UP!

- Brock Lesnar Bullying PSA Take Three… Action! -

Brock Lesnar: Hi. I'm Brock Lesnar from the Ultimate Fighting Championship and nothing else. I'm here today to talk about a very important subject - bullying. Each year, thousands of…where are you going?!

Stefan: (running) No! You can't keep me here! I'm escaping!

Brock: I told you that if you tried to escape, I'd kill your parents!

Stefan: I hate my parents and I hate you! Help!

Stefan escapes through a small window from - what we now see to be - the basement of a house.

Brock: Damnit! Do we have enough to make this PSA or not?

The basement is empty of people except for a single cameraman. He leans out from behind it.

Owes 50 bucks on the camera...

Paul Heyman: Yeah. We're good. I set the video tape to SP. So it only records for two hours but the quality is better.

Brock: Great. So I guess we have to kill his parents now, right?

Heyman: Haha! Oh Brock. That was just a threat. I already killed his parents right after I took him from his bedroom. They were still sleeping!

Brock: Ha! Oh Paul. You're a genius!

Heyman: That's what they all tell me.

Voice From Upstairs : Boys…dinner!

Heyman: Ooo! Come on. Grandma made us her extreme meatballs!


Welcome all you people with disposable income or access to illegal PPV streams. It's Vince McMahon's time of the month again and we all have to pay for it. In the first ever pay-per-view Insanity, there are many questions we have to answer. During CM Punk vs. Daniel Bryan, will someone throw a bucket of beer and bacon into the ring and clean house? Will The All American Showoff Americans wrest the tag team titles away from Kofi Killings? Can Sheamus retain his World Title and continue his mediocre title reign? Does Johnny Ace have a terminal illness and only gets TV time because everyone feels bad for him? Is his match with John Cena just another example of Cena's Make-a-Wish charity work? Hmmm. Didn't think of that one, did ya? What if? Yeah. Feel bad? Me neither. Raw is a day away and we have a view to pay per for. Buckle up, Busto. Because just like a drunken FCW guy in a rental car - we're Over The Limit!

On the pre-show, Kane defeated Zack Ryder. On the pre-pre show, Frank Gotch pinned Genghis Khan and Abe Lincoln wrestled a bear.

1. Christian won a Battle Royal for the right to challenge either US Champion Santino Marella or Intercontinental Champion Cody Rhodes later tonight

We jump right into this with a cold open. In fact, the action is already underway in a predictably laid out battle royal. This was like one those old-school battle royals with Andre The Giant, 18 jobbers, and a mid-level guy for him to toss out last. You knew from the moment it started that Christian was going to win. It didn't get much more cliché. From the group ganging up on the Giant Khali to eliminate him to rookie Darren Young not fully going over the top rope and resorting to shifting his body weight out. Yeah. That old gag. Dude's almost out. Dude doesn't have momentum. Dude teeters and blatantly throws himself onto the floor. Hate it. The timing of battle royals is important and all, but I'm sure the company would rather you allow yourself to fall back in and get hit with a proper looking elimination rather than having a mini seizure before flinging yourself onto the floor like an electrocuted fish. The layout here was fairly simple. With Alex Riley and Miz both in the bout, we get the obligatory face-off. Of course Riley is the one who's sent packing when they do. It's WWE's way of saying, "Yeah. We made Miz suck now. But he's still not as sucky as we made Alex Riley." After dumping the third runner up on paper, David Otunga, from the ring, Christian faces off with Mizerable Mike. Although the Most Must See Jobber To The Stars in WWE nearly eliminated the former Brood member, he fails. Much like 2012, things don't work out for Mike. He takes a tumble, we get a winner, and Edge's little brother friend has a decision to make. He appears to choose Santino. Then again, he never says it. Michael Cole assumes it. And, as we know, when you assume, you make an ass of Michael Cole.

Video Package looking at John Laurinaitis's "People Power". Any parent of a preschooler knows that "People Power" is just a lame rip off of Millie's "Pattern Power" from the Nick Jr. math show Team Umizoomi. I'm surprised that David Otunga doesn't have a belly screen.

What's the matter, Dolph? You worried about our title match?

No, Jack. It's just that you have the All American gimmick.

Yeah? So?

Well, ever since they teamed us up I've been living in fear of the day that they realize they could have me do a Spirit Squad cheer for you.

Oh crap. That's hilarious! I'm gonna go tell Vince!


2. WWE Tag Team Champions Kofi Kingston and R-Truth defeated Jack Swagger and Dolph Ziggler

I guess R-Truth got therapy or something because the days of talking to his pants and dressing like Ben Franklin are over. Sad to say because I loved the crazy R-Truth. Now he's just Kofi's partner of the month. Although I think Kingston has potential, being used as a rotating tag champ for a while doesn't hurt either. It shows the company has faith in him and he tends to deliver. It seems like ages since he jumped up and down on Randy Orton's custom car, but he's got nothing to complain about. If anything, he's having a big hand in keeping the plug on WWE's tag team life support in the wall. In fact, this match showed that the company can develop a good division if they wanted to. Wow. I feel as though I've said that sentence every six months since 2002. It's true, but it's also typical. The match was great and the crowd was really into it. Although you'll hear some groans from people pulling for a Zig Swag title win, matches like this never hurt in the long term for anyone involved. Both teams delivered and when Kingston hit the Trouble in Paradise to Ziggler's noggin, no one was crying but Vicki. Joyous with their win , the tag champs go into the back so R-Truth can try to convince Kofi to hug his Little Jimmy. Or whatever.

Tyler Reks and Curt Hawkins have been given an assignment by John Laurinaitis. Eve tells the cartoon stars that they will be tasked with going into the crowd to confiscate any anti-Johnny signs. The duo agrees because they're tired of flying from city to city and doing nothing more than playing Yahtzee in catering. Something's better than nothing. The duo rush off to do a job that's basically a slap in the face to building security.

Oh…and on a side note, after Over The Limit, it finally happened. Curt Hawkins is doing better than Zack Ryder.

3. WWE Divas Champion Layla pinned Beth Phoenix

Hey, uh…I hate this Layla thing. That's not to say I hate Layla. I like Layla. I even like the Eric Clapton song. Well, not so much, but I like the wrestler. She's cool. What I don't like is the generic Candice Michele babyface diva gimmick. It's so unimaginative. It's the same nonsense that Mickie James sleepwalked her way through for a while. No character needed. Just boobs, waves, and white teeth. When she was with Michele McCool, you couldn't deny that she had personality. The gimmick and execution was second to none. Now, as a babyface, she's a completely changed person. It makes you think that either this show isn't real…or she's a psychopath. How do you go from bitch to bambi in a year? Lobotomy? Is she still "flawless"? Not here. Beth played the Glamazon gimmick throughout the match and went right after Lay's knee the whole match until they hit the ending exchange. Phoenix tried the Glam Slam, was rolled up, reversed the roll up and got a two. It was a nice exchange but rather than end it there, they did an awkward neckbreaker that seemed to land out of nowhere. I don't mean "out of nowhere" in a surprising sense. I mean it in an "it didn't make any sense" sense. Glammy kicked the Champ in the knee. She sold it for a second and then hit the neckbreaker for an illogical victory. Surprise! I'm Hulk Hogan now!

The only wrestler that Titan Tower won't allow to take sick days without a doctor's note, Matt Striker, is standing by with Randy Orton. Orton speaks out on the upcoming Fatal Fourway before he's confronted by a creepily grinning Chris Jericho. Why too smiley, Y2J? Well, it's because he's been watching you and Sheamus destruct each other on Smackdown. That was great. Even better? Becoming the World Champion for the 7th time. It will prove that Chris is the "best in the world". To this, Randall gives us the segment closing line.

"You'll be the best in the world at getting RKO'd." - Randy Orton

"Awwww snap!" - Repo Man

"What are you doing here?" - Randy Orton

"I'm not. James is getting bored and thought Repo Man would spice this show up." - Repo Man

"Oh." - Randy Orton

"Let's just go to the match, guys." - Tito Santana

"When did you get here?!" - Repo Man

4. World Champion Sheamus defeated Chris Jericho, Randy Orton, and Alberto Del Rio in a Fatal Four Way Match

I've never been a fan of multi-person matches. Triple Threats, Fatal Four Ways, Five Man Scrambles, Six Pack Challenges, Seven Man S oirees , Eight Man Acorns, Nine Man Orgies or whatever the hell they all are. It kind of dates back to WrestleMania 2000 when WWE first main evented the big show with a non 1-on-1 match. To this day, it ranks up there as one of my least favorite Mania main events ever. For good reason too. The more guys you add to a match, the less it seems like a genuine issue that needs to be settled and more like a company trying to wedge as many big names into one match as they can. Also, you inevitably end up with side conflicts that aren't as strong as others because there are too many people to factor in. If it was just Orton vs. Del Rio and Sheamus vs. Jericho, you can do proper build on each match individually. But a set up like this requires a back story on not just those two conflicts but four others too. It gets to be too much and, although the match itself can offer some innovative spots, it isn't worth the trade off in storyline development. Also, given Sheamus's lackluster championship reign aura, big group matches like this do him no favors. If you really want him to be the World Title babyface, let him shine as the lone good guy in the PPV title match rather than letting Randy Orton potentially overshadow him in terms of fan reaction. That said, I have to point out that whatever hair product Sheamus uses is sick. I mean, his hair stays Bart Simpson'd for the entire match. Although it puffs out a bit, it looks like you could rest a cup of coffee on it from start to finish. Forget Aqua Net, this guy uses a net the size of the ocean. The heel strategy by Alberto and Jericho was stay out of the way for the start and allow the babyfaces to beat on each other. When the time was right, they struck. The two baddies ganged up and even Jerry Lawler pointed out that making an alliance in a Fatal Four Way is sort of ridiculous. I mean, come on.


At ringside, Alby went to town on the Celtic Warrior (which always makes me think of Larry Bird in Ultimate Warrior face paint). It wasn't until Del Rio tried to rush in to pin a prone Randy that the heels exploded. After Chris kicked him in the face, ADR pushed him and the two came to blows! The audience reacted by…falling asleep. I don't know. No reaction. Maybe everyone was playing Draw Something on their IPhones when it happened. Not sure. Just know that no one cared. It did, however, change the face of the match. It was now every man for himself and there can be only one. Each guy gets a shot at almost winning the title. But almost only counts in horseshoes, hand grenades, and well, lots of thing - but that's not the point. In the expected exchange of finishers, the Viper was set to RKO the Champion. But as he did the knuckle pushup wake-up taunt, Randy was caught in Alberto's arm bar. Jericho broke it up, but then was hit with a backbreaker by Orton. Brogue Kick! No! He missed! RKO! No! Ah! It's a gutter war! No holds barred in Moscow! Even Ricardo Finkelo tried to get involved but he ended up getting mid-rope DDTed along with his master care of the Ajax Predator. Then it was Jericho time. Chris locked his Walls on Albert and nailed the Great White with a great Codebreaker. But it was when he put the Ginger Brogue Man in his Canadian Crab that it appeared he had won it all. That's when Cowboy Bob's kid went RKO crazy.

You get an RKO.

You get an RKO.

You get an RKO.

You get an… OWWWW!

Brogue Kick knocks Randas to the canvas and stops the RKOfest. Chris tries for a roll-up but gets locked in the "White Noise", dropped, and pinned. Say goodnight, feller. Good match. Good finish. Good night.

Oh. I forgot. We have lots of World Titles now and Johnny Ace still has to try to ruin the show. Stay tuned, folks.

Commercial Break. Get the Wrestlemania DVD or Vince McMahon will do everything in his power to make sure your family suffers. Suffers greatly.

In the parking lot, Eve and her glasses are focusing in on Cody Rhodes. Grody Cody is thrilled that Christian won the earlier battle royal. Now, the villainous Christian Cage can be the man to bring prestige back to the US Title. Of course, that's the belt he had to go for. If Cage ever locked up with Codedust, he'd get beat silly. Almost on cue, that's when he shows up.

Yup. Richard Simmons.

No, I meant Christian. It's Christian that shows up. Having been caught talking trash, Rhodes tries to play off his comments as something other than what they were. He tells the intruding Peeper that he was saying nice things about him. That's when the Royal Battler reveals that he has two things to tell the Intercontinental Champion. First…

"You're completely full of crap." - Christian

Second, he's not challenging Santino tonight. He's now challenging the Intercontinental Champion…you! Ha! And third, he'll have Repo Man in his corner.

Meanwhile, back in the Real Ring World, someone's about to get paid to lose twice tonight.

"Really? Really? Really? You people get to see me twice tonight and that's the reception I get. You people should be on your feet praising my existence." - Miz

Mizanin then tells us that he's pinpointed what is wrong with WWE. The fans hold their breath, hoping for a 2012 CM Punk style shoot. Instead, he tells us the problem is Brodus Clay. Why? Because Miz dances better than him. Somebody call his momma, there will be no pipe bombing tonight, kids.

5. Brodus Clay pinned The Miz

Look. I don't care who he didn't catch on a top rope dive. I don't care who he pisses off. I don't care at all. Miz is better than this. His fall over the past year has been beyond unneeded. You don't want him main eventing - fine. But you can't tell me that the best way to use someone with his talent is like this. The guy went from being a third wheel in Rock-Cena to fighting PN News while the Fly Girls yell at him. The fans chant boring. Even the top rope fall away slam that no one in the entire building except for Michael Cole popped for couldn't spark interest. One Earthquake splash later and the depressed crowd grunts disapproval at the Mother Foning' F**kasaurus victory.

After the match, Brodus Clay brought children into the ring to dance alongside him. It's part of WWE's new initiative to make fans hate children.

Curt Hawkins and Tyler Reks arrive in the crowd to take away signs that say bad things about Johnny Ace. Why? Johnny doesn't want the signs on TV. So, they send two wrestlers out there to confiscate them…on live TV. In doing so, I get to see about ten different ones. With business decisions like this, it's no wonder half the viewing audience apparently hung themselves in 2001.

6. Christian pinned Cody Rhodes to win the WWE Intercontinental Title

Before the bout, Cody Rhodes told the world how, as a child, his father never let him come to North Carolina. Why? Because they're biased. That was the reason. OK. Guess that makes sense. Kinda makes more sense that Dusty Rhodes had a second secret family in North Carolina. But that's just stinking thinking. Although this match was good, the main problem I have is the Christian turn. Now he's good again. He got huge cheers last year when he won the World Title and the company practically tripped over itself turning the guy heel. So then he's heel and does that for a while. Now, he just ends up as a mid level good guy again. It's like R-Truth and Michael Cole. You sit there and ask, "How did we take such a long journey just for this character to end up almost exactly where he was when he started?" Speaking of Michael Cole, he was especially douchey tonight. Not sure what that was about. Maybe he was off his kayfabe medication and "selling" a mood disorder, as they say. Although Captain Charisma was knocked to and fro by his North Carolina hating foe, he seemed to have a plan. He held on through moonsaults and ringside brawling, all for the moment he could catch the Dashing One rebounding from the turnbuckle, peg him with the Unprettier Kill Switch, and score himself a three count. Vitamin C is the new champion and you're allowed to cheer for him this time. Happy Boxing Day, bitches!

Josh Matthews always looks like he's tripping on acid and scared to death that someone will notice. He's standing by with O'Dhouls himself, CM Punk. The Punker tells Josh that, although he was hurt on Smackdown, he's smiling tonight because after losing to John Cena later, John Laurinitis will be fired. Couple that with his title match against Daniel Bryan and it makes for a happy Chicago Cub. As Punky points out, if you had told Vince McMahon years ago that CM and DB would be 1-on-1 on PPV, he'd have LOL'd. But it's true. We're treated to the Straight Edger's Vince McMahon impression. We're also treated to some truth. Daniel has gotten on Christine Marie's bad side and tonight…oh. Hey. It's AJ. Not the one who might be doing Dixie Carter, the one who might be doing Daniel Bryan. She comes in, wishes CM Punk luck, and then the whole scene gets awkward. I have to ask the question that I've been wondering for 20 years. Who the hell is in charge of the security that keeps people from jumping into other people's interviews? Whoever it is sucks. No wonder Johnny Ace has to send jobbers from the Internet show to collect signs.


7. WWE Champion CM Punk pinned Daniel Bryan

This match was all about coming full circle. It left hardcore fans crying and the Internet imploding. Had WWE held off on this match until tonight, rather than giving it to us on past Raws, it would have and could have been huge. Forget that we're talking about Punk and Bryan. In many ways, their smarky following works against them when you argue for what they can do. They're both solid wrestlers - yes. But they also both play their gimmicks perfectly. Danielson and CM know exactly who they are and execute it well each time out. People can debate size and that's fine.  Maybe it's hard to sell D-Bryan against someone like Kane. But when he's in there against a guy he can work a great match with and who's roughly his size, Daniel can do amazing things. That's always been the secret. It's not about being unable to use someone because he's not "larger than life", it's about finding the best way to work him into what you have. WWE has done well with both of these guys, but there have been a lot of starts and stops (more for Punk) that tend to make fans gun-shy from getting too attached. We're all scared to death that if we cheer too much for this match, they'll send Kevin Nash out to join in. That would have been an awkward shame because these guys did a good job together. The Freakin' Vegan worked a ton of submissions from armlocks to surfboards. Using weardown holds to genuinely seem like they're wearing down rather than resting, Danny Boy definitely seemed to have a strategy. The intensity level just kept rising as the match went on. From figure fours to face slaps, these guys threw everything at each other. It left the Necktie Assassin winded and the Pipe Bomber holding his ribs in pain. This pain evokes a three word cheer from the challenger. He locks in his Yes Lock center ring and seems to have the win secure. Well, until Crystal Pepsi leaned back into it and pinned him. Yeah. Good job AmDrag - ya dope. You wouldn't have fallen for that if you ate ham. Just sayin'.

Backstage, Teddy Long is standing outside John Laurinaitis's door and smiling like a mental patient. Eve and David Otunga confront him. What up, Peanuthead? You think you're going to get your job back if Johnny gets fired? Nah. Long's smiling because if Laurinaitis gets canned…then you two might be on the chopping block too. Ha! Holla! Man. I'd hate to see Eve and David Otunga fired just because Johnny Ace was fired. No. I want to see them fired because they're terrible at what they do.

"Introducing first, being accompanied by Camacho…Hunico!" - Lillian Garcia

The problem?

8. Ryback pinned Camacho

Good job, Lilly. The prematch bilingual promo and walking Pee Wee Herman's bike to the ring by Camacho took more time than the match. Booker T says that we've "been wondering what Camacho is all about. We'll find out tonight." Know what I found out? He sucks. Ryback Mountain squashed him. Oh Skip Sheffield, I wish I could quit you.

WWE is releasing a "Best of WCW Clash of Champions" DVD. Just for nostalgia sake, they'll be giving it away for free and releasing it the same day as they sell the WrestleMania V DVD.

This is John Laurinaitis at WWE. Please leave a message after the beep.


Hey Johnny? It's Shane Douglas. Yeah. Been a long time. Listen, I hate to bother you, but do you still have any of our old skateboards? I really don't want to give these people refunds and I have to figure out some way to roll Sabu to the ring. Call me back. Thanks.

9. John Laurinaitis pinned John Cena

I can't believe they really made this the main event. I mean, come on. Let's be frank here. They have two world titles. TWO! And John Laurinaitis in a comedy beating gets main event status. Add to that how WWE has followed up Cena's feuds with Rock and Brock Lesnar…with this. They go from two guys who are the best of the best in certain aspects. You have Rock, arguably the best talker there is in wrestling. You have Brock, an amazing wrestler with credibility up the yin yang. You follow that up with Johnny Ace, whose whole character is that he's a terrible character. That's his gimmick. His gimmick is that he's not entertaining. Now he's the last match. If fans are insulted, they have a reason to be. This match started as comedy and played that way as it went on. Given its spot on the card, it was pretty annoying. Laurinaitis did the crazy legs fall from the ring. Cena rang the ring bell next to his ear. I swear, I kept waiting for Dr. Thuggy to spray him with seltzer water or throw a giant bucket of confetti at him. It was cheesy and went on forever. Having beaten the boss silly, J.C. locked him in the STF with the understanding that Ace will be fired if he taps out. That's right, bossman. Give up and you lose your job. But then... for some stupid reason that makes sense in the Word Lifer's head, he decides that if Ace can last ten seconds, he'll let go. Yeah. Figure that one out. He lasts the ten and Mr. Jean Shorts releases the hold. Now, with a mic in hand, the former Nexus Slave continues his promatch…

"This is a typical good news/bad news scenario for you. The good news is you made it. The bad news is I'm going to do it again." - John Cena

Crowd pops. Cena locks in again. Laurinaitis doesn't tap. Why? Because apparently Cena is a weakling. You'd think that being unable to make the retired office worker tap to one of his top moves would depress Pebbles, but no. He goes to ringside, drinks some water, and pours some on the Dynamic Dude's head. This just goes on like this for a while. The Marine 1 torments the Executive Vice President and chases him around the ring. We get a fire extinguisher spot. A garbage can spot. Oh…and then the VP suddenly springs to life.

Yeah. Although getting his proverbial ass kicked for ten minutes, Big John just went after the Doctor of Thugamonics. Having just taken his Layla vitamins, Animal's brother is suddenly an ass-kicker. He tears into the guy I can't see's arm and the crowd is pretty shocked because it makes Cena seem like, well, a bitch. Sadly, the former WWE Champion never regains control. After gaining the upperhand for a bit, Big John Dudd ran away through the crowd.

But was brought back…by The Big Show!

He's dragging Johnny by his collar!

He's wearing a yellow shirt!


Big Show shoves Mr. JL back into the ring, steps on his hand, and then, as you probably guessed by yesterday, turns heel.

Biggie Show grabs Biggie John by the throat, but sends him into the waiting arms of J.C.'s F-U Adjustment. Before he can hit him with it, Cena finds himself punched in the face by the Giant.

Laurinaitis makes the cover. Laurinaitis gets the win. The wrestling business dies just a little bit inside.

Big show ends with Big Show as a bad guy, Johnny Ace still in charge, and - worst of all - no Repo Man.

All in all …Not a great show by any stretch.

Let's lay it out. Tonight's pay-per-view was a fairly good Smackdown at best and a bad Raw at worst. Seeing the type of pay-per-views WWE puts on nowadays, you have to wonder if they need to rethink their approach to these things.

Look, there once was a time when Johnny Ace vs. John Cena was the match used to sell another match on PPV. It was a freakshow Raw main event that ends with the announcement that Cena fights Big Show on pay-per-view. Now, they've taken that comedy buildup match and charged you for that too. To put it plainly, it sucks.

No one should have had to pay for that. It wasn't a PPV worthy match and, by going on last, showed that WWE felt it was not only important - but most important.

The Four Way for the World Title was fun, but again, it felt like a match we could have seen on Smackdown. The only difference is that they'd try to sell me motor oil and crappy science fiction shows whenever someone was thrown to the outside. Good match, but nothing you can't see everywhere else all the time nowadays.

You had the Christian story play out, which will appease some people. But overall, there was far more lowpoints than highpoints. Even Big Show's turn, which I'm sure people will come down on, was ok. It just didn't feel like something that I wanted to see close the show. There's nothing about Big Show vs. John Cena part Google times Infinity to the tenth power that intrigues me. We played this game before.

If you got this show, hopefully you liked it. I hate to see anyone unhappy with a purchase. But chances are, you're wondering why you paid for an event worse than some episodes of free TV. Even if you watched this show for free, you're wondering why you missed the Celebrity Apprentice finale.

Sorry for you, but yay for me. Because I'm done here. Be Well! Thanks for sharing my Insanity.

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