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Smackdown: Two For The Price Of Yes

By Aaron Wood Jan 15, 2015 - 7:34 PM print

So, there was a new set of opening credits. A brand new theme song (which given the line "I go on and on and on and on" may be a trolling attempt on WWE's part given some people's opinions of the show) and new graphics in general. And as it goes, the first Thursday Night Smackdown since the last one (September 1st 2005) also unofficially gained the new title of "The Daniel Bryan Show".

We opened with new announcer Byron Saxton (#TomPhillipsIsTheRealScrewjobVictim) in the ring to introduce Danny Bry for an interview. A nice little twist on the standard opening monologue. Bryan said he was happy to be back where he belonged and not at home in jeans and a flannel. They brought up how Kane put Bryan out of action, showing clips of him doing just that. Bryan said that he and Kane had a rivalry, but then they became a team and he considered Kane a Brother. So did Undertaker. But he stabbed Bryan in the back and traded his mask for a suit.


And all the doctors told him he'd never wrestle again. But there he was, and no matters what the doctor's said, he was ready. Bryan didn't know what would happen with his neck, but he would prove he's ready. And do it by beating Kane now, winning the Rumble and then winning at Wrestlemania. To some, that might be a pipe dream. But does Bryan think he can do it? Do the people? You can tell how that one ends. Yes, indeed you can.

The Authority, en masse, came out, namely HHH, Kane, Big Show, Rollins, Noble AND Mercury for the match. And so, as you would entirely expect from Bryan's first match back, after Bryan's initial flurry of offence, taking aim at Kane's leg, when Kane did cut Bryan off and take control, it was all about that bass, no treble his neck, wearing it down and seeing how much it could take, hitting neckbreakers, DDTs and neck holds.

Bryan made a comeback and blocked a superplex, hitting a crossbody for a 2 count. Bryan started running through his usual comeback, with the running clothesline and a bunch of kicks. Kane tried a chokeslam, but Bryan set him up for the Yes Lock, eventually getting it on, but before Kane could tap, Noble & Mercury ran in and attacked Bryan for the DQ.

Big Show & HHH wonder how JBL got so tanned. And why he shaved his head...

Bryan dealt with them quickly before escaping out the ring before the heels to lay him a beating. HHH sent them up the ramp after Bryan, but Bryan found himself soon joined by Dean Ambrose & Roman Reigns. So, HHH was all "If you wanna get involved, the main event is a six man tag match". And so there was that.

During the show, we got a whole bunch of interviews with participants in the main event. First up was Roman Reigns. Renee Young (now with severely cut hair) asked about the Rumble. Reigns said that Dean and Bryan would be in his way at the Rumble, but this was something entirely different. And he relished them screwing over the Authority. That said, at The Royal Rumble, it would be One vs, All, and they were the all, and he was The One.

Later, Big Show was Renee, and he was full of piss and vinegar about how he was being overlooked regarding what he did on RAW, saying he was in the Rumble, promising to win and asking who could possibly get him over the top rope. Dunno about Big Show, but there's this service in the UK now called "WWE Network". Dunno if any of you heard of it. Launched here this week. Anyway, I'd suggest Mr. Show watch some of the videos on there if he can, because I think he would find a number of answers to that question. Anyway, Kane then walked in and said he was in the Royal Rumble match as well.

Dean Ambrose didn't get to talk to Renee for his promo. Possibly because they're just end up banging and WWE would lose it's TV-PG rating. Anyway, he said he was the kid you avoided in school and was considered disruptive in class. This was (somehow) gonna help him in the Rumble, as he didn't play well with others and the person who would win was the one who could make the ends justify the means.

So this led to the main event. Ambrose & Rollins started things off with Dean on top until he tagged in Roman Reigns to give his boy a go on their former brother. Rollins managed to escape and tag in Kane, and despite having some troubles, recovered and tagged in Daniel Bryan to get him some more of the Big Red Suit. Bryan got tossed out, leading to the heels surrounding Bryan until Reigns & Ambrose came round, leading to a brawl prior to the commercial break.

Things ended up after the break with Ambrose going up top, but getting cut off and left hanging upside down in the corner as The Authority took control. Whenever Ambrose looked to make a comeback against Big Show, Big Show targeted the knee injured in the Ambulance match to put Dean down again.

Somewhere in Canada, Lance Storm is crying salty tears...

The tide begun to turn when Ambrose hit the rebound clothesline on Kane. He then tossed Seth Rollins out of the ring, allowing him to possibly make a tag, although Noble & Mercury distracted the referee so Show could clip the leg again. However, Show then took a Superman Punch. However, as Reigns turned back around, Rollins dropkicked him. But this meant, he was unable to stop Ambrose from tagging in Bryan.

Bryan flew around, working over Rollins (and diving out onto Kane), picking up a nearfall off a Frankensteiner. Rollins hit a kick to the head and tagged Kane in, who hit a chokeslam. However, Roman Reigns broke up the pin. He as kicked by Big Show outside, but Roman recovered and took them over the announce desk. bryan looked for the Yes Lock again, but Rollins broke that up. Ambrose came in and sent Rollins out before diving out on Rolling & J & J Security. This left Kane & Bryan as the show had started. Kane teased a Tombstone, but Bryan slipped out and hit the Running Knee for the pinfall.

That said, the night wouldn't necessarily end on an up-note for Bryan, as HHH made his way out and said that Daniel got lucky, but it would run out on next Thursday's Smackdown. And when Kane won that match, Bryan would lose his spot in the Rumble match. HHH then motioned for the crowd to chant Yes, the show ending with Bryan concerned and the guy he just beat grinning.

Anyway, Authority business was not all party-pooping Bryan's big return, as on RAW, Seth Rollins curbstomped Brock Lesnar (and John Cena) to stamp his name into the mix for the WWE Title match at the PPV. An irate Heyman and said he was, for the first time, afraid. He was scared. Because Lesnar conquered Undertaker & Cena for the shits and giggles, but Lesnar was not pissed off and actively wanted to punish Seth Rollins for Monday night.

Rollins came out with a purpose, saying he was sick and tired of people being afraid of Lesnar. He was sick of people saying he hid behind people. He wasn't afraid of Lesnar. And indeed, he wanted Lesnar right there and then. He was cashing in his MITB case. However, this being Smackdown, Thursday night or not, Lesnar wasn't there. So Seth threatened to Curbstomp Heyman. Heyman was all "cliché!", as that was someone everyone threatened to do. But Seth said it was the smart thing to do, not the tough thing. He would take away Brock's greatest asset. And at the Rumble, Lesnar would be all brawn and no brains. And seth could run circles around that. He's curbstomped Lesnar twice, and would make it count the third time. So why shouldn't Seth curbstomp Heyman right now?

Dude... Breath mint...

Heyman suggested that while The Authority has Seth's back now, they could be gone. Hell, they already have been once. Could easily happen again. And being the future of the WWE is a long term thing. And Heyman has gained power every day. When Lesnar broke the streak and Lesnar won the title, Heyman gained power. And Lesnar, with his deathgrip on the title, could control it by defending the title or by protecting the new champion when Paul decided that the future was now. This left Rollins with s lot to ponder.

Do you like The Usos vs. Miz & Mizdow? Been enjoying their myriad of matches? Well, you were in luck as not only was it announced that The Usos would defend the titles against the former champions at the Royal Rumble, but also, they were both part of a six-person mixed tag match, with Alicia Fox joining the film stars and Naomi joining her husband and brother-in-law.

Well, I guess Alicia's getting the hot tag here...

You can pretty much read any of the millions of bits I've written about his match in the past. Interesting note about this was I noticed Jey Usos had frayed the bottom of his shirt while Jimmy's was relatively uncut. Nice little touch to help tell them apart for me. Also, Miz elected to tag in Mizdow early on, but it was a bit that led to Alicia immediately blind-tagging herself in before Mizdow could do anything. The fnish would see Mizdow come in as Miz kicked out of a pin by Jimmy. Jimmy ducked Mizdow's clothesline and Miz shoved his stunt double into an Uso superkick, getting Jimmy from behind with the Skull Crushing Finale for the win.

Now, Naomi & Alicia have beef because of Total Divas, and indeed, this wasn't the only match stemming from there on Smackdown as Natalya took on Nikki Bella in a non-title match. This match had HOLDS. Nikki worked the arm of Natalya while Nattie worked over Nikki's leg. Natalya used her strength to get out of an armbar, picking Nikki up and dumping her down. Brie tried to distract everyone and help her sister. However, this just allowed Paige to give Nikki a cheapshot and let Natalya lock in the sharpshooter for the submission win.

Worst. Scissor Sistering. Ever.

That match saw a likely challenger beating the champion, but last week, a champion was beaten when Bad News Barrett was beaten unexpectedly by Sin Cara, so the Lucha Dragon was due a title shot at Barrett this week. Sin Cara tried using his speed to outwit Barrett, although Wade was able to catch him fairly quickly and take control. Barrett his Winds Of Change, but the Bull Hammer was avoided, with Sin Cara hitting the powerbomb out of the schoolboy. However, the Swanton Bomb was missed and while Sin Cara rolled through, he came off the ropes into a Bull Hammer for Barrett to retain.

The referee didn't seem too pleased to have won the IC Title...

Daniel Bryan def. Kane by DQ
The Miz, Damien Mizdow & Alicia Fox def. The Usos & Naomi in a six-person mixed tag match
Natalya def. Nikki Bella in a non-title match
Bad News Barrett def. Sin Cara to retain the IC Title
Roman Reigns, Daniel Bryan & Dean Ambrose def. Seth Rollins, Kane & Big Show

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