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Smackdown: Bryan & Reigns Pull Sextuple Duty

By Aaron Wood Feb 12, 2015 - 6:07 PM print

This was almost literally a one-match show. Or it was a six match show. Depends on how you count it. On September 18th in the year of our science, 2003, Brock Lesnar and Kurt Angle engaged in a match that went a full hour by design. Well, this week, Daniel Bryan and Roman Reigns went at it for a whole hour. Not against each other, mind you...

Before the credits, we joined Kane & Big Show backstage as they were pep-talking a bunch of tag teams, saying that the tag team turmoil match they would be in would be totally random, but the first team out would be Roman Reigns & Daniel Bryan. Show told them to seize greatness and grab the bull by the horns. Which fired up El Torito. And Kane & Show loved the little fella's attitude.

"How's it hangin', ma brothas?"

Kane told Miz & Mizdow they could find themselves back in the title hunt. Ascension could make a name for themselves. SlaterGator could reinvent themselves. And the Usos could prove they were tag team champions. For some reason, these pure babyfaces let Kane drape his arms around them. The bunch of teams left Kane & Big Show, who laughed at them buying into their bullshit in a ploy to beat Reigns & Bryan down.

And so at the start oif the final segment of the first hour, out came Roman Reigns and Daniel Bryan to await the first team they would have to face, which turned out to be The Miz & Damien Mizdow. The story of this (short) opening bout was that both Bryan and Reigns were all "If you wanna be "the man" you get in and do it, tagging themselves out. However, after Bryan avoided a corner charge by Miz and hit the running dropkick, Reigns tagged himself in and hit the Superman Punch. However, a la the end of RAW, as Reigns reared back for the glory, Bryan tagged himself in and hit the running knee to pick up the win.


The next team up was The Usos, who, of course, are Roman Reigns' family. So Roman acted rather impressed by Jimmy and Jey when they were on top, seemed to go rather easy on them when he was in the match and protective of them when he felt Bryan was over-egging it, especially when Bryan was kicking the crap out of Jimmy on the outside, which led to the Fast Lane rivals going face to face. And once again, there was no shortage of Bryan & Roman tagging themselves in and trying to one-up each other. While it wasn't a traditional "Heels work over babyface", there were stretched where Jimmy & Jey worse down Bryan.

There was a spot where Reigns and Bryan started to show some continuity right before Bryan avoided a Uso charge that led to him kicking Jimmy to hell and Roman having to pull him back, telling Bryan to get him in the ring, while Bryan told him to never get in his face again. So that rather went to shit.

"Damn it, Daniel! Just kiss me!"

After a break, Bryan was working over Jimmy's arm and wanted to tag in Reigns, but with Roman not wanting to continue the punishment on his family, didn't want to tag in. The Usos started to make a comeback and Jey hit a crossbody off the top, which saw Reigns come in and pull him off the pin. They might be family, but he still wants to win. Jimmy got in his cousin's face wondering what he was doing, leading to them having a brawl, which saw Roman avoiding a corner charge, Bryan hitting the corner dropkick and Roman the one onto the apron.

Jey dived out on Roman and Bryan dived out on Jey. Jimmy wanted some of that, but he was cut off with a Superman Punch. Jey hit him with a Superkick, before dealing one out to Bryan who was diving off the top. However, Jey missed the Superfly Splash and Bryan locked on the Yes Lock for the submission win. However, Bryan kept the hold on, leading to Reigns pulling him off and telling him to let him go as he was tapping. This portion of the match went about 25 minutes plus commercials.

Back from break, Los Matadores were next up and this match was all Bryan. Literally. Roman took no active part in this one, although he did call for the tag at one point. He wasn't particularly needed though as Bryan out-wrestled Diego before fairly quickly before hitting a Dragon-Superplex off the top and putting on the Yes Lock for the win.

The referee is not counting Bryan's shoulders as being down. I'd be good at Cinema Sins. *ding*

Next up were SlaterGator. The most notable thing here was that it was now obvious that Heath Slater's had his hair cut. Anyway, in this one, Bryan was about to go it alone again, but Reigns tagged himself in before the match began and disposed of Heath & Titus jus as, if not more easily than Bryan had beaten the bullfighters. The Spear did for Slater, but not before Titus took a Superman Punch.

Next out were The Ascension. And this didn't last long either. Bryan started this one, and qas quickly low-bridged out. This led to a brawl on the outside that saw The Ascension disqualified for beating on Roman after tossing Bryan into the timekeeper's position. And then they posted both of them. They gave Bryan the Fall Of Man in the ring before going to do it to Reigns. However, a whole bunch of referees had come down by this point to stop them.

So, that was all five teams backstage that had been jazzed up by Kane and Big Show. Five teams down, end of show, Bryan & Roman survive. Actually no, because there was a sixth team entered into the match. Kane & Big Show. And it was at this point where Daniel & Roman got their shit together and worked the most as a team for the entire last hour, as they cheered and willed each other on. No more stealing tags. No more force tagging. But it didn't stop Kane & Big Show from dominating right away.

That said, there was still team dissension. From Big Show & Kane. Big Show got pissed when Bryan shoved Bryan into Show by accident. They seemed to think they could one-up each other. Bryan hit a DDT and tried to tag Reigns, although Big Show was able to cut him off. Kane wanted Big Show to finish it, but Show said he was having fun. Big Show climbed up for the Vader Bomb, so Kane tagged in. But their arguing led to Kane being caught in the Yes Lock, although Big Show broke it up. Big Show tagged himself in but he was then caught in the Yes Lock, which led to Kane making the save, although it led to them arguing some more.

Big Show got so bored waiting for Bryan to get up and give him a high five, the narcolepsy kicked in again...

At which point, Big Show hit the KO Punch. On Kane. However, this didn't come off at all like turn 65148484, or whatever inflated number it's at at this point. This was one heel getting pissed at another heel as their plan to divide, conquer and destory Reigns and Bryan was backfiring and it was them who were imploding. Reigns gave Show a spear to get rid of him with the legal Bryan hitting the running knee to win the match.

While not the best of friends at the end of the show, they acknowledged that they did what they needed to do and that they had foiled The Authority. The show ended with the pair of them looking up at the Wrestlemania sign. Interesting that they had Bryan pick up four of the victories in the six. I refer you to last week's statement. Roman Reigns is a dead babyface push walking.

I'll say this for the idea. It was a fine idea, and they told the story pretty well. That said, they could have easily lost 10 minutes of the Usos segment and not lost a step, as good a match as it was. And a touch more Reigns & Bryan working together in the final match before the heels imploded.

"At last! A black guy in the front row who can show that I rap good!"

So that was the final hour and 20 of the show. The other 40? Ya could say it was "The Superstars Special". The show kicked off with Brya Wyatt coming out for a match. Against R-Truth. So guess who won. That said, if Wyatt is being set up for Undertaker, Taker must be sitting at home going "Well, if he has this much trouble with Truth...". It took a couple of minutes for Wyatt to get control of the match when he yanked truth down onto the apron.

And then after a couple of minutes of Wyatt wearing down Truth, Truth started a comeback until Bray hit a big clothesline akin to the one he used on Ziggler on RAW before doing the crab walk and hitting Sister Abigail for the win. Probably should have been more of a squash match, but it wasn't a bad match.

The Divas match was next up as Paige took on Summer Rae as a prep for her match against Nikki Bella at Fast Lane, with both Nikki & Brie Bella at ringside on commentary. Paige directed her offence early towards The Bellas, although this led to her distracting herself and led to Summer hitting a spinning kick before putting on an Indian Deathlock.

At that moment, a title card appeare don screen which said "For the rest of this match, please visit pornhub.com"...

Paige turned it into a pin to break it up before starting a comeback, leading to the PTO, which very quickly picked up the victory. Nikki & Paige had a staredown after the bell rang.

And then the other match on the show was a rematch from last week. Which also happened on Superstars. Yep, Adam rose once again took on Fandango. This week, Rose elected not to do the Trust Fall, wary of the Rosebuds dropping him once again, sending them to the ramp. What looked like Rose distracting himself actually led to him getting the drop on Fandango, snapping his neck off the top rope.

Fandango made a comeback after suplexing out of a chinlock, leading to a nice snap powerslam before he headed up top to hit the Last Dance for the three count. After the match, Rose attacked The male Rosebuds as they tried to check on him before he stormed off, leaving the rest at ringside.

Rose makes the smart call, because the weedy guy int he Minecraft bodysuit miles away from where he was going to fall to was not a lot of use...

Bray Wyatt def. R-Truth
Paige def. Summer Rae
Fandango def. Adam Rose
Daniel Bryan & Roman Reigns def. The Miz & Damien Mizdow in a Tag Team Turmoil Match
Daniel Bryan & Roman Reigns def. The Usos in a Tag Team Turmoil Match
Daniel Bryan & Roman Reigns def. Los Matadores in a Tag Team Turmoil Match
Daniel Bryan & Roman Reigns def. SlaterGator in a Tag Team Turmoil Match
Daniel Bryan & Roman Reigns def. The Ascension by DQ in a Tag Team Turmoil Match
Daniel Bryan & Roman Reigns def. Big Show & Kane in a Tag Team Turmoil Match

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