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The Question: What's Your Favorite Terrible Wrestling Gimmick?

By James Guttman, James Bullock, and Dan Crocker Aug 17, 2016 - 3:52 PM print

It's time for another edition of "The Question" - We Want Insanity's weekly answer to something we all have our own opinion on. See what we have to say and then share your own. That's what questions like this are for...

What’s Your Favorite Terrible Wrestling Gimmick?

James Guttman:

At this point, my affinity for Repo Man has become a long running joke on this site. I always call for him to be the one returning when a major surprise is booked. No matter the hype – be it for a new GM, announcer, or diva – my first hope is always that we’ll see Repo Man.

What made Repo Man so great was how openly stupid the entire thing was. There was no attempt at all to make it serious. Unlike the Red Rooster or other characters that someone thought was good on paper and eventually came off the rails, Repo was off the rails from the start. Even his name, “Repo Man”, was the most basic attempt at putting a title on this character. It’s as if they called the Big Boss Man “Police Man” or Triple H “Water Spit Guy”. There was no attempt to make it serious at all.

From the very first cheeseball vignette, you could tell that Barry Darsow was running wild with it. The cackle, hunched creeper walk, and lone ranger mask only made things more insane. All of these things should have come together to make Repo a one and done gimmick similar to Mantaur, but it didn’t. It was Darsow’s all-in approach to this insanity that made it a hit character for years to follow.

When I eventually got to interview Barry on ClubWWI.com, I knew the selling point would be to say that I had an interview with “Smash of Demolition”. In my head, though, it was Repo Man all the way. Long before Austin’s broken glass meant Vince’s ass, Repo’s broken glass meant your car was out of gas. After all, what’s his is his…and what’s yours is his too! Hee hee hee!

James Bullock:

I first became enamored with wrestling during the latter half of Hulkamania, but it was the “New Generation” era that really made me a lifelong wrestling fan. Though the “New Generation” is heralded for barrier-breaking moments like Bret Hart becoming the WWF champion and the Shawn Michaels-Razor Ramon Ladder match, the mid 1990s were full of terrible gimmicks such as Mantaur (the initial gimmick that popped in my mind as this week’s answer), Adam Bomb, TL Hopper, Flash Funk, and Man Mountain Rock. But most of those gimmicks sucked and weren’t in the least entertaining. On the opposite end of the spectrum was a sheer piece of racism that left me in stitches as a kid and made even more profound now that there are so many available videos to feed my twisted mind that could enjoy the ridiculousness of “Akeem the African Dream”.

For those who don’t know or remember, the man who wore a yellow Dashiki and sported the continent of Africa on the back of his wrestling attire wasn’t in way, shape or form from Africa, yet his manager – an African American named Slick – alerted the wrestling world that his client had discovered his true roots. The end result of what was meant to be a joke on “The American Dream” Dusty Rhodes and his penchant for attempting to sound like an African American turned into an event bigger laugh as Akeem “transformed” through an “African ritual” held in some random urban area featuring men wearing body paint and sneakers dancing around a burning trashcan. This moment of grand racism was only outmatched by the simple fact Akeem (don’t you ever refer to him as “One Man Gang”) was the whitest man alive. He had no rhythm, no “soul”, couldn’t dance, or even hit the ropes alongside The Big Boss Man without falling on his head. Every time Slick did a promo, Akeem’s arms would be flailing like he had some kind of nervous condition. Though Akeem should’ve been insulting to every African American in attendance, we the Black Delegation eventually accepted him for who and what he was; giving birth to a unity between the races in wrestling that would be broken by X-Pac wearing black face a decade later.

Dan Crocker:

Dear God, where to start? There have been so many bad wrestling gimmicks over the years that even thinking about it can be a little overwhelming. Luckily, this is about my favorite bad wrestling gimmick. I need to pick one I actually like. That excludes the many racist and homophobic gimmicks over the years as, let's face it, those were just painful. Unfortunately, I've never been a fan of gimmicks in general. Not even as a kid. I didn't like that clown or Glacier or when Jesse Ventura was a governor (he'll always be “The Body” to me!). I guess I liked some of the more realistic gimmicks—like Crusher Blackwell being able to drive nails into a board with his head. Let me tell ya, this guy had a harder head than anyone. Like if two guys were to hit their heads together in the middle of the ring, Crusher. eight times out of ten, got the best of the situation.


There was one gimmick I always liked—more of a combination of gimmicks, actually. I used to love this tag team called The Infernos. They weren't the gimmick themselves, except insofar as they were masks, but their entire act was pretty much just an amalgamation of gimmicks past. For example, since they wore identical masks they would often switch places in the ring without tagging each other in or out. This way they could always have a fresh man in the ring, you know. Their manager would send them secret messages via whistle (no shit) during their matches. I can't imagine what those message might have been, but somehow they gave his guys the upper hand more often than not.

Finally, one of the guys was said to have been born with one leg shorter than the other. This gave him a bit of a chip on his shoulder. Made him mean, you might say. Also made him strong. He was determined to live a normal life. Nay, not just a normal life, but the life of professional wrestler—a god among men. He was also a mad genius. He built this special boot with a heel about two inches taller than his other boot—because of the short leg and all. However, if it looked like The Infernos were going to lose, someone would distract the ref, and this guy would “load up his dangerous boot” by tapping his toe three times on the mat. I'm not sure of the science behind this, but we can all agree it was one of mankind's greatest feats of engineering. Then, he'd kick a guy in the head and there would be blood everywhere. He'd unload his boot by tapping his heel three times. When the ref, usually being spurred on by the crowd, would check the boot, it appeared normal. God, I loved those guys.

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