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6/18 UFC: Recap of Episode 12 of "The Ultimate Fighter 7" - Who Gets Kicked Out of the UFC?

By Mallory Mahling Jun 18, 2008 - 11:36 PM print

This is it. The end of the season. Who will be the second finalist? And who will Dana White kick out of the UFC?

The show opened with Amir Sadollah and C.B. Dolloway preparing for their fight. Amir seemed to be the underdog, but there were some foreshadowing words about overconfidence, which C.B. had plenty of.

Second Semi-Final Match: Amir Sadollah vs. C.B. Dolloway.

C.B. picked up Amir and slammed him, then proceeded to spend the rest of the round in control. But there was no quit in Amir; he was the proverbial Energizer Bunny. By round 3, Amir the Underdog escaped a rear naked choke to win it with an arm bar.

Amir goes on to Jesse Taylor in the finals this Saturday night.

Rampage was disappointed that C.B. hadn't won; he'd figured C.B. could win the whole show.

Dana said that Jesse would have to go home and work on every aspect of his game, since Dana expected Amir would only get better.

* * *

Dana had taken the guys out on the town after the show was over. Since Las Vegas is home base for UFC, Dana said he cautioned them to act appropriately. Subsequently, five of the guys decided to spend an extra night in Vegas.  Contrary to the commercial, whatever you do in Vegas doesn't necessarily stay in Vegas.

Dana was shown looking at a surveillance tape of Jesse kicking out the window out of a limousine, then he headed into the bar at the Palace Station and started terrorizing some of the female guests, saying he was a UFC fighter. Not a bright thing to do. The Palace Station is owned by the Fertittas, who also own UFC.

Dana brought Jesse into his office and asked for his side of the story. Jesse said he had been a bit rowdy. But Dana had all Jesse's rowdiness on tape, so there wasn't much he could say to redeem himself. Dana told Jesse he was not mentally ready to be in the UFC. If he behaved this way before he was even a UFC fighter, once he was famous, he'd be a lunatic. Dana told him he was not ready and kicked him off the show.

A tearful Jesse said he wanted to disappear for a while, since he didn't know what to tell people. He had blown the opportunity of a lifetime. Dana told him to get his head together and call him in a few months.

Forrest said he'd done some bad stuff, too, so he wasn't in much of a position to judge.

As the show went to commercial, someone had arrived at the airport. But who?

Tim Credeur and C.B. Dolloway had been called back to Las Vegas. Dana explained the situation about Jesse, then told Tim and C.B. they'd be fighting each other for a second opportunity to make it into the finals. They didn't have to be asked twice if they were interested.

Rampage was happy that his team was getting another shot, and he and Forrest offered words of wisdom to their respective fighters.

Amir had been called back to the UFC Training Center, where Dana told him that Jesse had been kicked off the show. He was shocked, to say the least. Amir and Dana headed off to watch the fight.

Third Semi-Final Match: Tim Credeur vs. C.B. Dolloway.

Good back and forth action for three rounds. Each wanted the coveted spot in the finals. It went to the judges, and C.B. won by unanimous decision.

Tim recalled that he'd been Forrest's first pick and C.B. had been Rampage's first pick. This was the fight that was supposed to happen, he added.

Dana gave each of them $10,000, since it had been such a close fight.

It will be C.B. vs. Amir Saturday night from The Pearl at The Palms to decide who will become The Ultimate Fighter.

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