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UFC 108 Predictions: Rashad Evans vs. Thiago Silva, Gilbert Yvel vs Junior Dos Santos, Sam Stout vs. Joe Lauzon, Dustin Hazelett vs. Paul Daley, and More

By Kevin Wallace Jan 1, 2010 - 6:00 PM print

UFC 108 is set for this Saturday with a main event of Shane Carwin vs Brock Lesnar, no wait, a main event of Anderson Silva vs Vitor Belfort, nope wrong again, Minotauro Noguiera vs Cain Velasquez?   How about all of these fights were originally booked for this card which would have been easily the biggest event since UFC 100, however,   the injury bug has hit Lesnar, Silva and Noguiera leaving us with a depleted but very strong card regardless to start off 2010.   Let’s have a look at the fights.


“Sugar” Rashad Evans vs Thiago Silva

Rashad is coming off a brutal knockout by Lyoto Machida, while Silva just knocked out Rashad’s friend and training partner Keith “The Dean of Mean” Jardine.   Both men are looking to get back into the title picture and a win here will certainly do it for them.   Rashad is quicker and a much better wrestler who never looks for a takedown while Thiago has some decent Jiu Jitsu and heavy hands.   This fights a tough one to call as I can really see it going either way but I think it will stay standing where, although Silva has better hands, his jaw is suspect.   With the exception of his fight with Jardine, Silva’s been rocked in each one of his UFC fights and once a guy like Rashad hits you and sees you’ve been rocked, he’ll jump on you like Kanye at an awards show.   There’s always that question when someone is handed their first loss as to if their original style before their loss is still used or if a more tentative, less risky fighter emerges.   In Rashad’s case I think he comes back better than ever.   My money’s on Rashad and I can see him waiting for his opportunity, sort of similar to his fight with Liddell, then pouncing.   I have never been overly impressed with Silva’s cardio and once those hands drop and that mouth opens it’s Rashad’s fight to win.

Prediction:   Evans by TKO


Gilbert Yvel vs Junior Dos Santos

This could be a war, depending on what strategy Dos Santos uses.    Yvel may be the dirtiest fighter in the history of MMA but has seemed to have turned a new leaf in his last several fght’s.   Yvel’s last fight was on the same card as Sapp/Lashley and he knocked out Pedro Rizzo, an experienced fighter, badly.   He’s also the only one to ever knockout Cheick Kongo, although Frank Mir was almost as successful.   Yvel loves his flying knees and is a menace on the feet.   As much as Dos Santos is a good striker, I think he may have to take this one to the ground to show off his ground skills for the first time since that’s where he holds a distinct advantage.   Another close one to call but I think Dos Santos is really just beginning what should be a very succesful career and Yvel is starting to slow his down.   I can see Dos Santos taking this to the gound and pounding out Yvel in top mount as Yvel has serious problems getting up once he’s on his back.   You can watch the Barnett/Yvel fight to see how accurate I am in this assessment.    If this one stays standing, which I really hope it does, then it could be the Fight of the Night, If not I’m sure it will still be good, I mean who doesn’t like seeing two big Heavyweights trying to knock one another out?

Prediction:   Dos Santos by TKO


Sam “Hands of Stone” Stout vs Joe”J-Lau” Lauzon

Lauzon takes this by submission.   I really have very little else to say, I mean I’m a big Stout fan but he is fairly one dimensional and would be hoping for this one to stay standing which I’m sure Lauzon will have nothing of.   Lauzon has improved his striking in his last few fights but his bread and butter really is takedown’s and submission’s which is Stout’s weakness.   Should be a good fight and I believe the opener which will set the tempo or the evening.   Another candidate for fight of the night.

Prediction:  Lauzon by Submission


Dustin “McLovin” Hazelett vs Paul “Semtex” Daley

What a debut in the UFC for Daley in his last outing against Martin Kampmann!   Daley was a HUGE underdog and beat Kampmann down until the referee stepped in during the first round.   As impressive o a debut as that was, this is a totally different fight and Hazelett a completely different fighter.   “McLovin” is one of the best Jui Jitsu practitioners in MMA today and hands down one of my favourite fighters to watch.   Daley knows enough about the ground game that he wants nothing to do with it but will find himself fighting off his back until Hazelett sinks in an armbar or triangle choke.   This should be another classic Striker vs Grappler match that’s sure to deliver.

Prediction: Hazelett by Submission


Cole Miller vs Dan Lauzon

Why not have the Lauzon brothers fight on the same card?   Dan is the weaker of the two or I should say, less experienced when it comes to high caliber opponents.   Miller is hit or miss and coming off a tko loss to Ultimate Fighter 8 winner Effrain.   This one also could go either way and I have to think Joe’s taught Dan a thing or two since he has already defeated Cole.   The way I see it going is Dan taking down Cole and Cole getting his lanky legs around his neck and choking him out with a triangle choke.   I could also see Dan getting a tko when on top after the referee steps in but I’m leaning more towards Cole.

Prediction:   Milller by Submission


Other Predictions:


Ryan Jensen vs Mark Munoz- Munoz by Decision

Jake Ellenberger vs Mike Pyle- Ellenberger by Decision

Duane “Bang” Ludwig vs Jim Miller- Miller by Submission

Raaelo Oliviera vs John Gunderson- Oliviera by Submission

Jacob “Christmas” Volkmann vs Martin “The Hitman” Kampmann- Kampmann by decision


Steve Cantwell was pulled from this card and his fight with Vladimir Matyushenko as of yesterday due to an undisclosed injury which should have been expected considering everyone else is injured.

There’s a lot more going on in the MMA world and will have much more to say about it in my next columns, featuring all the results from UFC 108 as well. Until then, take care and enjoy the show!

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