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The Ultimate Fighter Season 11: Liddell vs. Ortiz - Moving In

By Kevin Wallace Apr 8, 2010 - 3:05 PM print

The show opens with all the fighters arriving at the house.   Chris Camozzi is shown who seems to have a sore mouth as he puts it, following his fight that won him a chance in the show.   All of the fighters go the the gym the next day where this season's coaches Chuck Liddell and Tito Ortiz are shown. UFC President Dana White flips a coin to see who will get to choose between picking the first fight or the first fighter.   Tito wins the coin toss and chooses the first fighter.  The following are the current teams in order of their picks.


Tito's Team


Nick Ring

Kyacey Uscola

Kris McCray

Jamie Yager

Chris Camozzi

Clayton McKinnley

James Hamortree


Chuck's Team


Kyle Noke

Rich Attonito

Charles Blanchard

Josh Bryant

Brad Tavares

Court McGee

Joseph Henle


Tito says he's happy with his picks and that Chuck's team are filled with the shorter guys.   Dana questions this decision as well and says that Chuck is a strategy guy... but maybe not today.   Dana asks Liddell what his strategy was as some of the fighters he chose were not the most impressive in their first fights.   Chuck basically says that he checked their level of competition online and feels that their records are more to judge by than their earlier fight.   I dont know if that's the smartest idea but I'm not a coach.  


Chuck introduces us to his coaches on the team which include John Hackleman.   Tito then introduces Saul Soliz from season three, which Tito Ortiz also coached.   Both coaches are shown training there teams.   Tito is aware of an injury Clayton has to his shoulder and begins picking on him to see what he has and if he can handle it.   Clayton says he's going to go see the doctor tomorrow.   Chris Camozzi believes that he will most likely be fighting first for his team since he was the most beat up of anyone in his previous fight and with cuts and scrapes on the face would be an easier fight.   Since Ortiz chose to pick the first fighter it is now Chuck's choice for the first fight and he chooses Kyle Noke to represent his team and Clayton McKinney to fight for Tito's.


Yager, McCray and Tavares form a little gang despite the fact that Tavares is on the other team.   The three wake up Hammoretree with a horn, who as a firefighter, believes   that he was being awoken to a fire alaram.   Kyacey Uscola wakes up and does not seem all that happy with the noise, trying to find out who caused it.   The next morning Hammortree forgives Yager, who admits to making the noise when questioned, for blowing the horns but Kyacey is still angry as is Clayton.  The two exchange words.   The teams go to training and Clayton has had an MRI that shows that he is doing okay but does have a bruised shoulder bone.   Tito refuses to give up on Clayton and tries to make him feel bad for complaining.   Between commercial breaks, Hammortree is shown commenting about some money he got from a pinata Tito introduced in the likeness of Chuck Liddell.  Various shots are shown of teamates counting their money.   Only problem is that they show the money counting...before they show us the pinata.  That comes later in the show.


Noke is in training and says he is looking to keep opening the doors for Australian fighters in the UFC.   Liddell is at practice with his team and Tavares asks why Chuck and Tito are even fighting again since the first two were so one-sided.   Chuck says he didnt want the fight but Tito had called Chuck and alcoholic and run his mouth once too many.   Meanwhile Tito is shown with his team as its his birthday.   Tito says that every Mexican needs a good pinata and a Chuck Liddel look a like pinata is brought out filled with money which gives me the answer to the question I asked in the previous paragraph.   Following the pinata, Yager and Clayton are shown having words again as Clayton is moody because he's weight cutting and Yager apparently is talking to much for his liking.   Clayton tells the cameras that he doesnt get along with the people on his team.


Both fighters make weigh with McKinney at 185.5lbs and Noke 186lbs.   Jamie Yager continues to be the most vocal of the season as following weigh ins he talks a little smack with Attonito.  


Season 11 Quarterfinal Fight

Kyle Noke vs Clayton McKinney


Not much happening in the first minute of the fight as Noke lands a couple kicks but nothing to cause much problems.   Clayton attempts a slam of sorts in the clinch but is soon taken to the ground where Noke attempts a kneebar, omoplata and finally a triangle choke to tapout McKinney all within about one minute of getting   this one to the ground.    After the fight McKinney is disappointed with his performance but Tito wants Clayton to learn from his mistake so Tito shows Clayton how to get out of the hold should it ever happen again then aks him get out twice.   After two half assed escapes Clayton is reminded about the wildcard spot that is still available.


A clip for next week's episode is shown with a big announcement that was, according to one fighter "a collective shot to the groin".   It seems as if Jamie Yager is at the center of next weeks drama between housemates.


All in all I thought this was a good start to the season and next weeks episode looks to be a must see.   Until then.

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