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JG's 12/9/02 Raw Insanity: The Magic Confetti Dumpster Brings Shawn Michaels Back To Life
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My Son Lucas
(29 Mins) Honor Nation: Final Battle Brilliance

JG's 12/9/02 Raw Insanity: The Magic Confetti Dumpster Brings Shawn Michaels Back To Life

James Guttman -Dec 9, 2016

If we don't get this thing off the ground, "Armageddon" may be more than just a witty name.

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My Son Lucas

James Guttman -Dec 8, 2016

This month marks four years since I had a surprise quintuple bypass at the age of 35. While that sounds scary – and it was – it ended up being the best thing that has ever happened to me.

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JG's 12/5/05 Raw Insanity: Eric Bischoff Escapes From Shawshank

James Guttman -Dec 5, 2016

The Vince hated Rasslin', Despite Christmas season! Now, please don't ask why. Only Steph knows the reason...

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JG's 12/1/03 Raw Insanity: Mick Foley and Mr. Socko Ride Again

James Guttman -Dec 1, 2016

Yeah. Those were some wild times. We used to film promos in my basement and then my mom would make ravioli.

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JG's 11/29/04 Raw Insanity: Triple H Loses The World Heavyweight Title...Maybe

James Guttman -Nov 29, 2016

"Now, Vader, Now, Gayda, Now Savage and Stinger,
On, Maven! on Raven! On Hogan and Swinger!
To the top of card! To the end of the line!
Now run away, Sparky. Cause your ass is mine!"

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JG's 11/24/03 Raw Insanity: Are You There God? It's Me, Michaels.

James Guttman -Nov 24, 2016

Raw Roulette featuring the first ever Diva's Cage match.

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JG's 11/22/10 Raw Insanity: Your Awesome New WWE Champion

James Guttman -Nov 22, 2016


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JG's 11/19/07 Raw Insanity: Mr. Magician Vest Saves_Us.222

James Guttman -Nov 19, 2016

I like your eyeliner. You look pretty.

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JG's 11/18/02 Raw Insanity: Triple H Isn't Here But Still No One Can Stop Talking About Him

James Guttman -Nov 18, 2016

This entire opening segment revolved around Hunter...

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JG's 11/15/04 Raw Insanity: General Manager Maven Gets an Evolution Invitation

James Guttman -Nov 15, 2016

Well, John, nowadays the bookers give these characters some pretty crazy names, I tell ya. Who's the mother. What's the baby. I Don't Know's the father.

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JG's 11/14/05 Raw Report: In Memory of Eddie Guerrero

James Guttman -Nov 14, 2016

There are some days that just seem to last forever. Yesterday, November 13th, was one of those days.

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JG's 11/13/06 Raw Insanity: DX Beats Everyone Up In England

James Guttman -Nov 13, 2016

Hold on a second! You was hittin' my baby across the house?!

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JG's 11/11/02 Raw Insanity: Booker Loses The Game and Ain't Nobody Talkin' 'Bout Katie Vick

James Guttman -Nov 11, 2016

Jeff Hardy is preparing for his match. I can now cross "Watch a grown man paint himself" off of my 'Things to Do' List for the week.

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JG's 11/7/05 Raw Insanity: You Made Kurt Angle's Wife Leave!

James Guttman -Nov 7, 2016

You can totally tell that Triple H is related to the owner of WWE. Know why? Because he gets a big comfy leather chair when he sits on the entry way.

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JG's 11/6/06 Raw Insanity: Umaga Kills The Interviewer Girl

James Guttman -Nov 6, 2016

Why is Cryme Tyme not the US Champion. Please send me an autographed photo of Kevin Federline.

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JG's 11/4/02 Raw Insanity: Batista's Raw Debut

James Guttman -Nov 4, 2016

We are shown a video for Saliva's "King of the World" video for Chris Jericho or as fans in Canada call it: "What TSN will put on when censoring offensive parts of Raw"...

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JG's 11/3/03 Raw Insanity: Stone Cold Gets Buzzed With Goldberg

James Guttman -Nov 3, 2016

Pat Patterson's here? I didn't tell anyone to frisk you.

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JG's 11/1/04 Raw Insanity: The Arrival of Muhammad Hassan

James Guttman -Nov 1, 2016

Show your support for WWE's Bodyslam on Sexual Harassment. Together we can win this battle! Remember what the King says and shake them puppies when you fight Sexual Harassment!

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JG's 10/29/07 Raw Insanity: Shawn Michaels Admits To His Small Package

James Guttman -Oct 29, 2016

You like bananas? Huh? Are you a monkey? What? Are you Dr. Zaius? What? Are you Banana Man? What? Are you Banana Republic? What?!

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JG's 10/26/09 Raw Insanity: Kofi Kingston Can't Be Trusted With Other People's Property

James Guttman -Oct 26, 2016

That's where they live. They're floor candy. Shut up. Now let me ask you a question, supposed-Super Nanny. If you're so super, can you kick my ass?

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JG's 10/25/04 Raw Insanity: No Vince, No Bischoff...Raw is Anarchy!

James Guttman -Oct 25, 2016

After several complaints from rookie wrestlers and production assistants, there will no longer be hard salamis available in catering until John Layfield starts acting more professionally.

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JG's 10/24/08 Smackdown Insanity: The HunterTaker Party, Tizerrible Gizimmicks, and M.V.P.'s Name Becomes Ironic

James Guttman -Oct 24, 2016

I. Do. Love Me... Some Sour Patch Kids.

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JG's 10/21/02 Raw Insanity: Triple H Humps a Dead Body on Television

James Guttman -Oct 21, 2016

Following the deed, Triple H reaches into the corpse's head, pulls out a pile of "goo" and exclaims "I screwed her brains out."

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JG's 10/20/03 Raw Insanity: The Winner of The Triple H Lottery

James Guttman -Oct 20, 2016

Children, glad you're here. I want you to check out my new confectionaries. I think they're gonna sell right through the roof. I call them "Mark Henry's salty chocolate balls."

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JG's 10/18/04 Raw Insanity: WWE Sells Tuesday For $35

James Guttman -Oct 18, 2016

Eric Bischoff is in the ring and he looks like a middle-aged Daniel LaRusso with a bad hangover.

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JG's 10/16/06 Raw Insanity: John Cena Kills Kevin Federline and Triple H Kills Randy Orton For Old Time's Sake

James Guttman -Oct 16, 2016

Apparently during the break, Rob Conway cut a promo about how he's underappreciated. How perfect is that?

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JG's 10/14/02 Raw Insanity: Katie Vick Was a Friend of Mine...

James Guttman -Oct 14, 2016

Before I begin to review the following segment, I want to say that without a shadow of a doubt, this portion of Raw was one of the - if not the - worst segment in the history of Monday Night Wrestling...

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JG's 10/7/02 Raw Insanity: Her Name Was Katie Vick

James Guttman -Oct 7, 2016

Triple H has a big announcement. Kane shouldn't be happy. Hunter asks him how happy "Katie Vick" is.

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JG's 10/5/09 Raw Insanity: Orton Wishes Cena Into The Cornfield, Miz America, and Look Kids - Big Ben. Parliament.

James Guttman -Oct 5, 2016

Hey, Mrs. McMahon. Bill Turner - Greenwich Weekly News. Yo. Did the first Ultimate Warrior die in a car crash?

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JG's 10/4/04 Raw Insanity: Ric Flair's Infamous Virgins Promo

James Guttman -Oct 4, 2016

I swear, my hands are clean on this one. No one told me anything, honestly. I knew nothing about it. I also know nothing about the midget they hired to play your part tomorrow night.

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JG's 9/29/03 Raw Insanity: It's All About The Game...Still

James Guttman -Sep 29, 2016

Hurry up and bomb in Hollywood soon. Bill scares me. Seriously, why are his calves so small?

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JG's 9/23/02 Raw Insanity: The First One

James Guttman -Sep 23, 2016

Today marks 14 years since I began writing about wrestling or, well, anything

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JG's 9/20/04 Raw Insanity: Big Red Tears, Snitskymania, and The Divas Search is Finally Freakin' Over

James Guttman -Sep 20, 2016

Ha ha. You got sodomized on UPN.

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JG's 9/18/06 Raw Insanity: DX Teaches John Cena The Crotch Chop

James Guttman -Sep 18, 2016

Randy turned to me at one point and said, 'Yo. You see her? I'd hit that.' I was like, 'Go ahead then' - thinking he meant 'sex.' Nope. He decked her...

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JG's 9/13/04 Raw Insanity: Lita Does a Belly Flop, Benji Comes Home, and Orton's a Cakeboy

James Guttman -Sep 13, 2016

I'm thrilled to be sitting at this table. Before Mordecai got sent to OVW and a seat opened up, I had to eat in my car.

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JG's 9/12/05 Raw Insanity: Trish Stratus Returns To Save The Girl in the Hat

James Guttman -Sep 12, 2016

Please enjoy the enclosed coupon for a free dinner at WWF New York. It expired three years ago. Go f**k yourself.

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JG's 9/5/05 Raw Insanity: A Former World Champion Gets to Third Base With Carlito Cool

James Guttman -Sep 5, 2016

Angle wore a red, white, and blue mouthpiece. On paper, it sounds cool. In actuality, it looked like he had some sort of disease.

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JG's 9/3/07 Raw Insanity: Mister Kennedy... McMahon... Liar

James Guttman -Sep 3, 2016

They tried to make me Tofu Rehash, I said no, no, no...

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JG's Facebook Insanity: Let's Infuriate Your Friends

James Guttman -Aug 31, 2016

Hey...it’s their own fault for accepting your request. Suckers.

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JG's 8/30/04 Raw Insanity: Half Naked Women Saying The "C" Word

James Guttman -Aug 30, 2016

This was the most insane thing I've seen on wrestling in a long time.  I don't care who wins the contest at this point, I just want them to go on cursing sprees some more...

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