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JG's 5/14/07 Raw Insanity: We Thought We Knew Him

James Guttman -May 14, 2017


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JG's 5/12/03 Raw Insanity: The Final Appearances of The Road Warriors and Freddie Blassie

James Guttman -May 12, 2017

Still to Come Goldberg v Christian Cage in a...uh, cage. Also, Kevin Nash meets Chris Jericho. I'm sorry...

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JG's 5/7/07 Raw Insanity: Edge Wins Back The Bank

James Guttman -May 7, 2017

He also has my balls. Wakka-wakka-wakka!  Whooo!

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JG's 5/1/06 Raw Insanity: Joey Styles Quits Raw Over Semen, Boogers, and Cheerleaders

James Guttman -May 1, 2017

Joey Styles asks Jerry Lawler if he’s going to "explode" during the Diva Cheerleader Match. Jerry responds that he hopes he doesn’t "prematurely." Yuck

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JG's 4/28/03 Raw Insanity: Trish vs. Bisch

James Guttman -Apr 28, 2017

How does Bill Goldberg hold up his Godzilla-sized upper body on those Webster-sized calves?

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JG's 4/21/03 Raw Insanity: Goldberg Hates Rock Concerts

James Guttman -Apr 21, 2017

I used to inhale the pyro and breathe it out my nose and then one day I woke up with seven fingers.

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JG's 4/14/03 Raw Insanity: The One Where Goldberg Wears The Wig

James Guttman -Apr 14, 2017

Nash is shown backstage.  He's just sitting on a box and thinking. He must have been put on "Time Out."

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JG's 4/5/04 Raw Insanity: Hunter-Benjamin 2 - This Time It's Meaningless

James Guttman -Apr 5, 2017

Don't thank me. Thank my new best friend…Tony Stewart!

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JG's 3/31/08 Raw Insanity: Everyone Joins In To Make Ric Flair Cry

James Guttman -Mar 31, 2017

Ha ha. Give me a break, Slapnuts. I'm not about to sign Double M. That rodent costs mad money. I did the next best thing. I signed Ricky Rat. Ha ha! Ain't he great?

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JG's 3/26/07 Raw Insanity: Vince McMahon Stops The Lashley Train

James Guttman -Mar 26, 2017

Sanjaya? No, Aretha. It's pronounced "Bobby."

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JG's 3/21/05 Raw Insanity: Randy Orton Kisses Stacy Kiebler...Then He Kills Her

James Guttman -Mar 21, 2017

Next! Come on in. Stand on the giant "H," state your name, your gimmick, and why you should be in Evolution.

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JG's 3/17/05 Smackdown Insanity: John Cena Wants To Touch JBL...But Teddy Long Won't Let Him

James Guttman -Mar 17, 2017

Oh wow. Will you look at that. I thought you were dead.

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JG's 3/16/12 Smackdown Insanity: The Ginger Brogue Man Hurts His Face

James Guttman -Mar 16, 2017

Cena's a baby, baby, stick his head in gravy. Tie it up in bubble gum. Send that sumbitch to the navy. Bam! "Head in Gravy" - Trending worldwide.

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JG's 3/10/03 Raw Insanity: Stone Cold Rocks Rocky With The Hurricane

James Guttman -Mar 10, 2017

Before anything, Ric - who has hair like that? Seriously, what are you doing? You look like a Simpsons Character.

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JG's 3/7/05 Raw Insanity: Batista Doesn't Respect Other People's Property

James Guttman -Mar 7, 2017

This is Phil Keoghan and get ready for a whole new exciting season of The Amazing Race - Wrestling Edition.

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JG's 3/4/08 ECW Insanity: The Delaney Kid Goes Nuts, Kane Is Stalked By The Palumbotaker, and Bravo For Chavo

James Guttman -Mar 4, 2017

That's what we do here on Extreme Makeover Tazz Edition.

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JG's 2/23/04 Raw Insanity: How Bischoff Got his Groove Back

James Guttman -Feb 23, 2017

Is that a wig? You're not Bret Hart. You're Teddy Hart!

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JG's 2/21/12 Smackdown Insanity: Daniel Bryan and CM Punk Share a Pin

James Guttman -Feb 21, 2017

It's what I believe in, Vince. Dwayne doesn't come here and stick his face in the maple syrup.

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JG's 2/19/07 Raw Insanity: Vince McMahon Friggin' Loves The Photoshop

James Guttman -Feb 19, 2017

We're not in this just to get some cheap attention. That's insulting. On a side note, I'd like to formerly announce my candidacy for President in 2008...

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JG's 2/16/04 Raw Insanity: Triple H Will Not Be Yokozuna!

James Guttman -Feb 16, 2017

In a bizarre turn of events, WWE wrestler Shawn Michaels became the new third baseman for the New York Yankees today...

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JG's 2/9/04 Raw Insanity: Shawn Michaels Gives Chris Benoit the Jannetty Treatment

James Guttman -Feb 9, 2017

I'm Ric Flair! When the man says to strip, you strip! Whooo!

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JG's 2/6/06 Raw Insanity: Foley, Duggan, and Big Momma's Heart

James Guttman -Feb 6, 2017

This was Big Show vs. Shelton Benjamin. Close your eyes. Picture Big Show vs. Shelton Benjamin. That's what it was...

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JG's 1/26/04 Raw Insanity: Jackie's Breasts and Foley's Nuts

James Guttman -Jan 26, 2017

Welcome to MTV's Punk'd.  A few years ago, Chris Benoit gave us a call...

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JG's 1/19/04 Raw Insanity: General Manager Coachman and Other Signs of The Apocalypse

James Guttman -Jan 19, 2017

Awww. That's so adorable. She thinks she's real people.

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JG's 1/17/05 Raw Insanity: Snitsky and Kane Share a Careless Whisper

James Guttman -Jan 17, 2017

Yeehaw! I tell u, man. You guys ever seen a goat?

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JG's 1/10/05 Raw Insanity: Shawn Michaels vs. Florida's Canadians

James Guttman -Jan 10, 2017

Oh my God! Did I say arsenic? I meant Non Dairy Creamer. Arsenic? Where did that come from?

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JG's 1/6/03 Raw Insanity: Scott Steiner and Triple H Pay Homage To The WBF

James Guttman -Jan 6, 2017

 As Theo Huxtable would say "Jammin’ on the one".

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JG's 1/3/05 Raw Insanity: William Regal Plays The Part of Lindsay Lohan

James Guttman -Jan 3, 2017

Anyone can beat up their enemy. It takes real imagination to hold him down and make him truly pay...

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JG's 12/27/04 Raw Insanity: Beating The Clock

James Guttman -Dec 27, 2016

Johnny Ace has made it mandatory that we all take skateboards to and from the
arenas. He said that's what professionals should do.

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JG's 12/19/02 Smackdown Insanity: Kurt Angle and The Big Show Rip Brock Lesnar's Clothes Off

James Guttman -Dec 19, 2016

Chuck Palumbo could have been replaced in this match by a laundrybag full of towels.

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JG's 12/18/06 Raw Insanity: George W. Bush, Kevin Federline, Sylvester Stallone, and Kenny Dykstra

James Guttman -Dec 18, 2016

I don't really make resolutions. I always say that as long as I have my wood and a ho for the year, I'm a happy man...

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JG's 12/16/02 Raw Insanity: Scott Steiner Gets The Game For Christmas

James Guttman -Dec 16, 2016

Well the end was here…last night. Armageddon is now etched into our memory banks...

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JG's 12/12/05 Raw Insanity: Kurt Angle Insults the Troops and John Cena Goes Blind

James Guttman -Dec 12, 2016

He knows if you've been naughty or nice.  Either way - he'll squash you!  Finally a Christmas Ornament worthy of Triple H's picture...

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JG's 12/10/07 Raw 15 Year Anniversary Insanity

James Guttman -Dec 10, 2016

This is a song, that uh, there's a lot of Christmas songs out there, but not too many about Monday Night Raw...

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JG's 12/9/02 Raw Insanity: The Magic Confetti Dumpster Brings Shawn Michaels Back To Life

James Guttman -Dec 9, 2016

If we don't get this thing off the ground, "Armageddon" may be more than just a witty name.

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My Son Lucas

James Guttman -Dec 8, 2016

This month marks four years since I had a surprise quintuple bypass at the age of 35. While that sounds scary – and it was – it ended up being the best thing that has ever happened to me.

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JG's 12/5/05 Raw Insanity: Eric Bischoff Escapes From Shawshank

James Guttman -Dec 5, 2016

The Vince hated Rasslin', Despite Christmas season! Now, please don't ask why. Only Steph knows the reason...

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JG's 12/1/03 Raw Insanity: Mick Foley and Mr. Socko Ride Again

James Guttman -Dec 1, 2016

Yeah. Those were some wild times. We used to film promos in my basement and then my mom would make ravioli.

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JG's 11/29/04 Raw Insanity: Triple H Loses The World Heavyweight Title...Maybe

James Guttman -Nov 29, 2016

"Now, Vader, Now, Gayda, Now Savage and Stinger,
On, Maven! on Raven! On Hogan and Swinger!
To the top of card! To the end of the line!
Now run away, Sparky. Cause your ass is mine!"

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JG's 11/24/03 Raw Insanity: Are You There God? It's Me, Michaels.

James Guttman -Nov 24, 2016

Raw Roulette featuring the first ever Diva's Cage match.

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