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Bad Girls All-Star Battle 2 - Episode 10: Winner Take All

By James Bullock Mar 20, 2014 - 8:48 AM print

Previously on Bad Girls All-Star Battle: After being tested physically, mentally, emotionally and strategically, the final four were left standing (Mehgan, “Rocky” Raquel, Sarah and Tiana) to determine who will be $100,000 richer when this season is over.



Episode 10 - Winner Take All

Though all four girls are on the precipice of winning this contest, the competitors seem relatively peaceful and calm heading into the final Battle Challenge.


To make it to the next phase of this finale, the girls will have to build a bridge over a pool of mud. The planks needed, all featuring different shapes to lock into the beams, are scattered throughout the area. The first set of planks is simply behind them, while the second set needs to be pulled up a hill while the last bag hangs high above the field. After retrieving the first bag of planks, Mehgan has the hardest time putting the shapes together, leaving her far behind alongside Tiana as Sarah and Rocky (in that order) pull ahead. Tiana eventually catches up to the leaders, having to pull the heavy bag of planks up a steep hill.


Once again, it’s Sarah and Rocky who lead the pack. Raquel quickly assembles phase two of the bridge. Raquel eventually finds herself fighting from behind when she can’t figure out how to untie a knot to release the planks.


With Tiana on her heels and Sarah far ahead, Rocky has to refocus to eventually figure out the complication. Though Rocky and Tiana are right behind her, Sarah created a big enough lead to easily win this Battle Challenge, leaving Mehgan, Rocky, and Tiana prone to elimination to create the final three. Mehgan, arguably the smartest of the final four, can’t believe how hard it was to match simple shapes.


To give the girls a chance to relax, Ray J. announces the girls will get to party by the pool. This news doesn’t take Mehgan’s focus off politicking to Sarah in hopes of getting rid of Rocky to make the competition that much easier. It also can’t stop Tiana from feeling like a failure and having no chance of winning.


But forget that competitive stuff, lets party.



It becomes painfully obvious to Rocky something’s up when she sees Mehgan and Sarah (rivals) giggling with each other. Rocky storms off upon seeing this budding relationship, with Sarah following soon after. Sarah admits that she’s thinking about sending Raquel home, angering her toughest competition. Elimination time comes and with only four voters, there’s a good chance we could see a tie featuring Rocky, Mehgan or Tiana. To the shock of Raquel, she attains two votes, meaning Sarah and/or Tiana had to vote for her. Did Sarah have to break the tie?


All three other girls voted Raquel out of the competition, meaning the two ladies Raquel stuck up for and helped get this far have caused her demise! That’s some shady ish right there. With Rocky gone, it’s pretty much an even playing field heading into the final challenge. The first two stages are colored puzzles, featuring an elimination after the second stage depending on who finishes the puzzles first and second. The last stage will see the remaining two girls breaking through tiles with a sledgehammer to find matching numbers to a code that can unlock the appointed box holding the Season 2 All-Star Battle crown and becoming the winner of a good chuck of change.


All three girls dash up the hill to their first puzzle, which is similar to a rubix cube unfolded and straightened as the girls have to lift and turn boxes so one single color is represented with each box. Sadly for Mehgan, she admittedly over-thinks the situation, giving Tiana and Sarah the chance to run for phase two of this final challenge. The next puzzle features the girls having to lift these “Tetris”-like blocks to create a staircase.


Like today’s previous challenges, Sarah is able to figure out the puzzle first, leaving Tiana and Mehgan to scramble in an attempt to avoid elimination. The third puzzle (which has to be revealed by four ropes) Sarah and eventually the rest of the girls have to figure out features pink and purple blocks being moved from one side to the other. But they couldn’t backtrack or double move a block; only single pace moves can occur or you’ll have to start all over again. Sarah proves just how tricky the puzzle can be, having to reset after her first two tries. Mehgan gains some leeway by copying Sarah’s puzzle, bringing this contest to an even race.


To the shock of everyone, Tiana is the first one to finish. It’s down to Sarah and Mehgan. Who will join Tiana in the final stretch?


Though the “Smash & Grab” portion of this competition seems simple, the tiles that might be a necessity to smash are numerous. Tiana, looking for the numbers “7-7-1-3“ finds herself neck and neck with Sarah - who seemingly hits a lucky streak of finding her numbered tokens almost immediately. Then it happens.


Tiana makes a break for her lockbox.


In her first challenge victory, Tiana has won the biggest prize of them all.


Episode High(s): Feel-Good story. Though Tiana did Raquel dirty by voting her out of the competition (everyone knows Rocky was only voting off Mehgan), the New York native was still a sentimental favorite. Not angry and unruly like her time in the “Bad Girls Club” house, Tiana spent her time talking about making a better life for her brothers while consistently coming up short during challenges. When the chips seemed completely down, Tiana finally pulled off the big one.

Episode Low(s): Rocky getting eliminated. No one worked as hard to make it as far as she did than Raquel. Without Rocky on their team, there’s no chance Sarah or Tiana would’ve made it to the finale. Raquel deserved to be in the final three, but manipulative minds and fear cost her a chance to achieve her season-old destiny.

Battle Challenge Winner: Sarah (1-4)

All-Star Battle Winner: Tiana

Eliminations: Danni (Episode 1); Andrea (Episode 2); Paula (Episode 2); Amy (Episode 3); Stephanie (Episode 4); Alicia (Episode 5); Camilla (Episode 6); Janelle (Episode 6); Elease (Episode 7); Valentina (Episode 8); Nancy (Episode 9); Shelly (Episode 9); Rocky (Episode 10); Mehgan (Episode 10); Sarah (Episode 10)

B**** Counter (songs with the word used are not counted): 5 times

Fight Counter (next episode preview fights and near-fights not counted): 0

Most Embarrassing Athletic Display: Mehgan. Mehgan convinced Sarah to keep her around by reiterating how poorly the once favorite to win had done throughout the season. And Mehgan lived up to her word as she flopped and scrambled through all of the final challenges; finding herself in last place time and time again until it was all over. Rocky proved fate took her away from a potential season one victory. Mehgan proved she would’ve done poorly no matter if she was eliminated at the season’s beginning (like during season one) or the end.

All-Star of the Week: Sarah. The eventual runner-up showcased mental aptitude very few give her credit for having. Puzzles proved to be Sarah’s forte, giving her a lead over her competition throughout most of this final challenge. Like Tiana, Sarah finally found a groove during the last hour and showed how she was true competition. 

Episode Summary in Five Words or Less: Do you believe in miracles?


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