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The Bad Girls Club Season 17 - Episode 1: Coastal Clash

By James Bullock Feb 16, 2017 - 9:55 PM print

In 2006, Oxygen networks allowed the creators of MTV’s “The Real World” take their “seven strangers picked to live in a house” idea and flip it by making those seven individuals women with attitudes looking to change themselves for the better. As the series changed locales and ladies, the idea behind the aptly titled “Bad Girls Club” changed as the ladies went from wanting to improve who they were to making themselves the top dog in each season. Fifteen seasons later and it’s time to hit social media to find the latest crop of Bad Girls.
Every week I’ll give you a recap of the episode, the highs and lows of what I watched, the b**** counter (since in the Bad Girls’ house “b****” is the word for anything female), who is my favorite BG (or Girls) of the week, who should be packing their bags, and some other games. It’s Bullock entering the Bad Girls Club – East Meets West, female dogs!

Original Cast From Left to Right: Francesca, Keyaira, Deshayla, Sayyora, Kiyanna, Susan & Seven
Episode 1 – Coastal Clash

After a quick showing of the impending and inevitable fight between two girls, we are taken back a week earlier in time and introduced to a twenty-two year old who believes she can turn any girl out in her hometown of the Norfolk (VA represent!) and beyond, Deshayla. A fashionista who had a rough childhood due to her mom getting sick and not having a father in her life, Deshayla hopes to find a more sensitive side of herself during this experience.

Then there’s the Brooklyn native Kiyanna. A fan of fighting & f***ing, Kiyanna, at twenty-three, loves bringing people together.

From Los Angeles is the first West Coast rep thus far in Sayyora, twenty-one. Sayyora, a true socialite is actually a pre-law student who gets in just as much fun as she does studying.

The twenty-six year old Compton resident in Keyaira wants to be an example of what doesn’t get represented in Compton. That’s not to say Keyaira didn’t have it rough, being forced into the foster system that has fostered her rapping style.

Keyaira and Sayyora interact and unlike previous first-time BGC interactions it doesn’t appear these two hit it off so well. Ironically enough, another West Coaster is heading down the street as Susan, at age twenty-one and hailing from Lynnwood, WA, talks about being unapologetic regarding her lifestyle including her apparent open marriage.

All the West Coast girls thus far meet up and have a little more fun as a threesome. But they aren’t the first ones to arrive at the house as Francesca from Torrington, CT at twenty-two is a hot-blooded rocker who used to be bullied but now hypes up music events.

.Eventually the West Coast trio arrive at the house and immediately fall for Francesca because she is popping bottles by herself. The other two East Coast girls join the party, only to discover one girl is still missing. Seven is a not-so-conservative girl from Port Washington, MD. The twenty-one year old is a Jill of all trades. She’s go shopping before riding a dirt bike around the town.

Come to find out, Seven is allowed chill on the roof until the other girls figure there’s an elevator waiting to take them up to meet Seven (which is actually her name). Deshayla not only finds Seven very attractive, she also helps the East Coast win some points thanks to this giant “BGC Bucket List” board sitting across from a scoreboard that’ll tally points to see what coast is truly the baddest. Getting rushed by Francesca, Deshayla lip locks blondie twice for six points. Apparently these are not one-off challenges – so you West Coast girls can get the kissing, too.

Susan reveals that she’s married, yet isn’t faithful and is essentially a gold digger living off sugar daddies. Sayyora tells some people around her about Susan’s personal escapades before all the girls head out for the first time to do some clubbing. During the partying, Susan gets a random dude’s number before they head home and a drunk Keyaira has the hardest time going down stairs.

The next day arrives and Susan’s extra-marital affairs are the focus of their conversation. Seven doesn’t take kindly to Sayyora continuously recounting her conversation with Susan about Susan’s marriage. When the girls go out to eat, Susan starts getting grilled about her marriage and the truth comes out that Susan’s husband comes from a Muslim background and he had to marry her to save face after they had sex. In truth, if Susan could get divorced today she would – using this experience to distance herself from an unhappy situation. With Susan being straight with her roommates about her activities, everyone starts looking at Sayyora in a different light for only telling half of the conversation.

After Seven showing off some of her long-boarding skills, Keyaira starts digging at Sayyora for putting food in the drawers in their room and not in the kitchen. Keyaira calms herself down through her writing raps before they head out for another night of clubbing. Between some twerking and make-out sessions, Sayyora gets the West Coast on the points board by getting money from a stranger and making out with a roommate. But the scoreboard is the last thing on these girls’ minds on the ride home as Susan’s marriage is brought up and Sayyora’s big mouth is revealed. Keyaira and Sayyora get the arguing as more and more people tell Susan that Sayyora told them everything. By the time they arrive at the house, Keyaira is pacing back & forth calling Sayyora a liar. Sayyora tries to run up on Keyaira in defense of her good name when she runs into a literal blocker in Kiyanna.

The East Coast girls pull Keyaira to the side in hopes of calming her down, but Keyaira has her sights set on breaking the believed weakest link in the house.

Episode High(s): The Truth is Out There. In a shocking turn of events it seems coastal alliances can’t overcome gossip as Sayyora proved when she started telling anyone who would listen about Susan’s life outside of the BGC house. With Sayyora’s actions came (and still comes) anticipation of an eventual clash that we got a taste of when she tried to run up on Keyaira, only to be knocked back by Kiyanna. It’ll be interesting to see if their differences will ever be settled or if this is the beginning of a long-running feud.

Episode Low(s): First Episode Happiness. This isn’t unusual for first episodes of reality shows where everyone is hugs and kisses; making the first fifteen or so minutes not that entertaining if you don’t enjoy watching girls brag about themselves; though there was a bit of twerking to break up the monotony.

Evictions: None

B**** Counter (songs with the word used in them not counted): 36 times

Fight Counter (opening preview and near-fights not counted): 0

Favorite BG of the Week: Susan. While her time thus far hasn’t put her in the best light, one has to commend Susan for being upfront with her life. If Sayyora didn’t go out of her way to repeat a conversation, Susan wouldn’t have had to explain herself in such a way that made her look like the worst person to step into the BGC thus far.

Pack Yo’ Bags: Sayyora. Gossip is just the name of the game sometimes, but usually when you try to drop “news” you don’t do it so blatantly. By talking a little too quickly, Sayyora’s put a big target on her back that could easily end with her being the first one gone this season.

Episode Summary in Five Words or Less: Loose lips sink ships

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