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By James Bullock Jun 5, 2018 - 5:15 PM print

Welcome to another edition of The ROHbot Report – the only article you need for all the Ring of Honor news you have to know. ROH held it’s final TV prior to “Best in the World” while gearing up for its return to Texas. Lets find out what we’ll see in the next coming weeks.

NYC Excellence TV Taping Results; June 2nd, 2018; New York, NY
- Kenny King defeated Jonathan Gresham
- Josh Woods defeated Facade
- Sumie Sakai & Stella Grey defeated Gabby Ortiz & Riley Sheppard
- No Disqualification, No Count-out: Bully Ray defeated Cheeseburger
- Kelly Klein defeated Jenny Rose
- Kenny King, Eli Isom & Chuckie T. defeated SoCal Uncensored to win a Six-Man Tag Team Gauntlet match to become number one contenders
- Afa Jr. defeated J-Rocc
- Matt Taven defeated Ultimo Guerrero
- Cody defeated Titan
- Jay Lethal defeated Chuckie T
- The Hung Bucks defeated Punishment Martinez & The Briscoes

You know the routine – I’m not going to judge too harshly about what happened during the TV taping without actually seeing the product these tapings were done for. With that being stated, this is the first TV taping in ROH history held inside the Hammerstein Ballroom and it appears to be a mixture of pre & post-“Best in the World” action featuring new contenders being crowned and one-off matches such as Kenny King overcoming Jonathan Gresham, Jay Lethal overcoming Chuckie T., and the reportedly thriller of a main event. Actually, a majority of the bouts were said to be absolutely phenomenal including the No Disqualification match between Bully Ray and Cheeseburger that had the fans almost molten in response thanks to moments such as Colt Cabana helping Cheeseburger pull off the Wazzup. The originally scheduled Dalton Castle vs. Ultimo Guerrero didn’t occur more than likely due to the ROH World champion’s injured status; leading to Matt Taven and Guerrero bringing their CMLL rivalry to ROH. Unfortunately not everything went through smoothly during this taping as Alex Shelley got his teeth jacked up yet again in a Tag Team Gauntlet match; resulting in his team being forced out of the number one contender match and the very interesting trio featuring former TV champion King, Chuckie T. & relative ROH newcomer Eli Isom actually winning the whole thing. It seems like this will be essential viewing for the next coming weeks when these shows begin to air.

The main event has been signed for State of the Art: San Antonio and it will see Bullet Club’s Young Bucks, Adam Page & Marty Scurll take on four of the most violent wrestlers in the world: ROH World Tag Team champions The Briscoes and the former three-time IWGP Heavyweight Tag Team champions Killer Elite Squad!

This huge match is definitely all about making a massive statement before a championship opportunity. While The Briscoes and Killer Elite Squad have been on opposing sides in the past, the fact is their attitudes couldn’t be more similar with both duos loving to win viciously and through sheer dominance. The Young Bucks want to become not only the ROH World Tag Team champions yet again, but also want to win their first IWGP Heavyweight Tag Team title – a championship The KES most certainly wants to add back to their collection and could earn a shot for if The Bucks are successful in their quest. Adam Page has found great success both by himself and by the side of The Young Bucks; not to mention teaming with Cody – the same can be stated about perennial ROH World title contender Marty Scurll. This is the type of match where The Bullet Club will have to be smart by hitting hard & fast to overcome the power & ferocity of their opponents. Both teams are capable of doing anything to win; meaning this bout could get wilder than wild – a match perfect for this setting.

With Sumie Sakai and Tenille Dashwood looking to avenge their tag team loss to Kelly Klein, the duo issued a challenge to “The Gatekeeper” to find a partner for State of the Art: San Antonio. Knowing international star Thunder Rosa had been signed to compete, Kelly quickly acted and the ROH Board of Directors has signed this Women of Honor tag team bout: Sakai & Dashwood vs. Klein & Rosa

At “Honor United: Edinburgh”, Kelly Klein got a measure of revenge against the woman who prevented her from becoming the first Women of Honor champion in tag team competition. But Klein didn’t pin Sumie Sakai in that bout; adding a pin fall loss to the record of Tenille Dashwood instead. Once again Sakai & Dashwood will team up against “The Gatekeeper” and a ROH-debuting partner in hopes of establishing themselves as the premiere competitors in the division by ensuring Klein doesn’t go two for two against them in tag team action. By Klein’s side will be a tag team specialist who has been making waves mostly in STARDOM where she has successfully defended tag team gold alongside Holidead. This is actually a big chance for Thunder Rosa as a victory here could propel her to title contention status. The Edinburgh Women of Honor tag bout was a strong outing and this should be no different.

At State of the Art: San Antonio, Jonathan Gresham takes on yet another former ROH World champion, Cody!

“The Octopus” will enter San Antonio with a boatload of confidence not simply because of his talents & abilities that has made him something of an international success; picking up impressive wins around the globe including his overcoming Jay Lethal at “Masters of the Craft”. Now Gresham will be put to the test yet again when taking on another former ROH World champion – a man who plans to become the two-time ROH World titleholder in two weeks following this event. Cody has proven he can be a master grappler, but isn’t afraid of taking any shortcut necessary to win. Gresham, as someone who prides himself as a Pure wrestler, might have to dip into his bag of tricks if he wants to ensure victory against “The American Nightmare”. It’ll be interesting to see how this match goes as Cody might want to go hold-for-hold with Gresham; creating a match unlike anything seen in Cody’s ROH tenure thus far. Gresham, though not the favorite to win, might pull off a big upset and establish himself as a future title contender if Cody can complete his goal of ending Dalton Castle’s reign when ROH returns to Baltimore.

In San Antonio it will be SoCal Uncensored starting their road back toward the ROH World Six-Man Tag Team Championship when they take on CMLL stars Atlantis, Guerrero Maya Jr. & Stuka Jr.!

The former World Six-Man Tag Team champions of the world won’t be in their beloved Southern California, but will have to be on the top of their respective games for this one as representatives of CMLL. First there’s the returning Stuka Jr. – the master of the Hammerlock DDT is a former CMLL Arena Coliseo Tag Team and Mexican Nation Trios champion, as well as a winner of the Reyes del Aire tournament in 2014. Though he impressed in his first & only ROH match thus far, Stuka Jr. returns with a 0-1 record. On the opposite end of the spectrum are the debuting Atlantis and Guerrero Maya Jr. Atlantis comes in with thirty-five years of experience; going 18-0 in Mask vs. Mask/Hair matches including a bout with Ultimo Guerrero. Atlantis is also a former CMLL World Heavyweight champion where he reign lasted almost two years. While Atlantis has succeeded in both singles and tag team action alongside various partners including Guerrero Maya Jr. Maya Jr., a practitioner of the back-to-belly piledriver known as “Sacrificio Maya”, has become nothing short of a tag team specialist during his thirteen years as an active competitor. This has all the makings of being a highly entertaining bout full of stereotypical lucha action where there’s a good chance Team CMLL could pull off a big victory.

The first of three championship bouts has been signed for State of the Art: Dallas and it is for the Ring of Honor World Television Championship if one of the five potential challengers – Cheeseburger, Punishment Martinez, Jonathan Gresham, Scorpio Sky or Adam Page – pins the champion in this Instant Reward Proving Ground match!

Silas Young will have his hands full as seen in the past as a multi-man Proving Ground match rarely favors the champion. Stepping into the ring in hopes of making history will be five men who have all challenged for ROH gold in the past, but came up short; be it in singles competition or tag team action. There are several stories coming into this one as well in regards to the connections between the competitors involved including Young pinning Martinez to win his first TV title at “Final Battle” last year, Scorpio Sky ending Adam Page’s Six-Man Tag title reign, “Hangman’s” recent issues with Punishment that has led to several brawls, and Cheeseburger most recently failing against the champion. Jonathan Gresham is definitely the dark horse as no one is really gunning for him and could leave themselves open for a flash pinning predicament by the master of a Pure wrestling style. Cheeseburger, interestingly enough, has found success in these types of matches before by actually winning a Six-Man Mayhem Proving Ground match last year. Though it seems like a given someone will earn a TV title shot before the end of the night, there’s a good chance Young will shut down all potential challengers as he’s pulled out some big wins at unexpected times; especially when everyone is gunning for him and he has to dip into his bag of tricks including low blows & beer bottles to attain the victory.

Two of the hardest-hitting and dominant teams of the 2010s meet in a dream tag team match as The Briscoes defend their ROH World Tag Team Championship against Killer Elite Squad leave at State of the Art: Dallas!

One night after teaming, two of the nastiest, angriest duos will do battle for the first time for all the marbles in ROH’s two-on-two division. Since heading to New Japan alongside Minoru Suzuki, The Killer Elite Squad have been running through the competition; racking up three IWGP Heavyweight Tag Team title victories. With this match, The KES have a chance of becoming the fourth team in wrestling history to win both the ROH World & IWGP Heavyweight Tag Team titles – The Briscoes are the second duo. Since winning the gold back, The Briscoes have been nothing short of dominant and seemingly unbeatable. But since winning the championship they haven’t faced a tandem like Davey Boy Smith Jr. & Lance Archer. If there’s a chance for a shocking title change during ROH’s return to Texas this may not be that bout, but it will certainly be crazy as these two brawling brutes will attempt to maim the other if need be for all the marbles.

The ROH World Six-Man Tag Team champions The Kingdom take on the all-star trio from CMLL of the legendary Atlantis, the returning Stuka Jr., and the debuting Guerrero Maya Jr. with the gold on the line!

En route to becoming the first ROH World Six-Man Tag Team champions, The Kingdom found themselves fighting some of the best CMLL had to offer. That tradition continued when Matt Taven’s rivalry with Ultimo Guerrero turned into championship opportunity that Taven took advantage of by becoming a World’s Welterweight champion. Now Taven & his New England brethren have a chance to continue the momentum by taking on a trio of CMLL representatives who have great experience in tag team action. Atlantis & Maya Jr. have three Six-Man title wins on their resumes as a trio; proving they have a chemistry that can end in them becoming champions. This match should be nothing short of exhilarating in front of a red-hot crowd hoping Team CMLL can pull a Kingdom and end a Six-Man title reign in unexpected means.

Tenille Dashwood looks to continue her winning streak in singles action, but must do so against a fellow international star making her singles debut, Thunder Rosa!

Thunder Rosa, a vicious luchador who made he way to Japan and became not only a part of the Oedo Tai faction in STARDOM, but also one-half of the Twisted Sisterz with Holidead. The last time Dashwood was in singles competition in ROH it was during “Honor United” in London where she defeated Kelly Klein. Dashwood, like her opponent, has international acclaim and wants to become a champion. Both women look to parlay a victory here into a Women of Honor title opportunity and that chance could occur following a memorable encounter no matter the winner.

Best in the World airs live Friday, June 29 and it will feature a main event for the World title when Dalton Castle defends against former ROH World champion Cody and rival Marty Scurll in a must-see Triple Threat match!

2016’s “Reach for the Sky” tour was historic for ROH for a variety of reasons including the ROH in-ring debut of Marty Scurll. Standing across the ring from “The Villain” was none other than one of ROH’s most charismatic grapplers of all time in Dalton Castle. Though Scurll was tested on that night, it wasn’t enough for Castle to pull out the victory and spoil what would become a groundbreaking weekend for Scurll as he’d parlay the win into a Television Championship reign only two nights later. Though it seemed inevitable their paths would cross again sooner than later, but later occurred before sooner thanks to the events of “War of the Worlds” in May where the TV title scene was shaken up by Kushida defeating Scurll for the title only two nights after Castle won a Four Corner Survival on pay-per-view in a match that featured the future TV champ. Three months after “The Villain” failed to retain the TV title, Kushida defended his championship in a match that also included Scurll, Castle and Hiromu Takahashi. While “The Peacock” and Scurll physically interacted during the show, it wasn’t until the next night in Edinburgh when things got personal as Castle answering Cody open challenge for a future World title shot drew not only the champ’s ire, but the entire The Bullet Club’s – leading to an attack on Castle that put Dalton out of action for the past two months.
The “Peacock” returned with his focus being on dethroning Cody as the ROH World champion. In hopes of stopping Castle’s intent before it could even begin, Scurll stepped up and attempted to put Dalton down. The night was not Scurll’s, putting their budding rivalry at 1-1. So it only made sense that when Castle did become the ROH World champion, Marty Scurll took his chance to campaign for a title shot – an opportunity at a championship that he never fought for during his entire time in ROH thus far. Scurll had his chance at “Supercard of Honor XII”, coming up short. Cody, on the other hand, had lost his focus on regaining the World title as The Bullet Club began to implode; causing problems between “The American Nightmare” and Kenny Omega that trickled down and affected Cody’s relationships with various members of the faction including Scurll shortly after “The Villain” pulled off the statistically impossible and pinned Castle to win the “Defy or Deny” match at “Masters of the Craft” to earn a future title shot. Though he had a championship rematch in his figurative back pocket, Cody took pride in the idea of proving his superiority over Castle in non-title competition. Cody accomplished his goal of defeating Castle before the inevitable big one during a big tag team elimination match; giving both Cody and Scurll validation in their respective claims that they are next in line for the gold.
Instead of taking them down one-by-one like he did before winning the World title, Castle looks to kill two birds with one stone. But there’s a huge variable coming into this match compared to Castle’s previous defenses: injuries aplenty. Dalton is suffering from multiple injuries that have not only hampered his abilities, but also put him out of action. While The Bullet Club members aren’t on the best of terms, the fact remains they can pick Castle apart if they want before deciding who is the best between the two. “Best in the World” was monumental for Cody last year as he won the ROH World title at that event. Scurll has been on nothing short of a roll in both ROH and New Japan. Castle has fought through his pain to snatch victory from the jaws of defeat. There’s a chance Castle could walk out still the World champion, but there’s a better guarantee that a new World champion will be crowned in Baltimore.

In Baltimore at Best in the World The Briscoes and Young Bucks meet again for the gold!

They are considered one of, if not the best tag teams in the world; garnering one of the most prestigious contracts in ROH history since the company’s formation – The Young Bucks. But during their rise to the top of wrestling’s international tag team scene, Matt & Nick Jackson have struggled against the baddest team to ever step foot in a ROH ring, The Briscoes. Over the past eight years these two teams have tangled in Ring of Honor, usually resulting in Dem Boys having their hands raised in victory. But that perception of the better team between them changed at “Final Battle 2016” where Matt & Nick Jackson super kicked Mark & Jay Briscoe into oblivion to retain the ROH World Tag Team title. The Briscoes moved on to challenge and win the Six-Man gold before returning to a old way of thinking that resulted in them destroying Bully Ray & Tommy Dreamer and winning their record-breaking ninth ROH World Tag Team title reign. It didn’t take long after The Briscoes regained the gold that The Bucks came after them; resulting in a barbaric match on ROH TV that saw The Bucks win via disqualification after being assaulted with chairs. The Briscoes’ actions didn’t hinder The Bucks’ mentality in wanting to beat The Briscoes for the title; sending a message to Jay & Mark in Doncaster when the future challengers won a Four Corner Survival match that featured the champions. Knowing how far The Briscoes will go to retain their title, the Bucks will most likely come in ready for war unlike anything seen from them in ROH; but not an environment unfamiliar to The Bullet Club members. The Briscoes have dominated the competition since winning their title back, but that streak could definitely end here in another fantastic match from these two duos.

Now lets find out what happened this week on ROH TV.

Last week: After Sumie Sakai successfully defended her Women of Honor Championship, The Kingdom and SoCal Uncensored fought to a disqualification for the World Six-Man gold.

ROH TV Episode 350
Chicago, IL

Cody came to the ring to cut a promo stating his intentions of running for Senate in 2018, becoming the NWA World’s Heavyweight champion, and, most importantly, regaining the ROH World title. But to become the ROH champ, Cody will have to go through his, "Bullet Club subordinate." This very demeaning statement by “The American Nightmare" brought out the incredibly popular "Villain". The reception for Scurll was insane with Marty having to wait for the people to settle down so he could let Cody know that “The Villain” knows the fear Cody has regarding fighting Scurll. Marty promised to show his "leader" just how good he is while promising to go through Cody if need be to win his first ROH World title. Scurll actually offered the handshake as a gentleman. Cody was a little apprehensive, but decided nothing was wrong about shaking hands with his friend. Cody was wrong as Scurll grabbed Cody’s available fingers in hopes of dislocating them. Scurll stopped short of performing the disgusting action; showing he’s ready to play some mind games.

ROH World TV champion Silas Young was in the promo area to let his upcoming challenger Austin Aries know that he's bringing his A-game with the intent of hearing from “A-Double" that the champ is "The Greatest Real Man That Ever Lived”.

Tenille Dashwood vs. Karen Q
There was an actual following of the Code of Honor before the initial collar & elbow tie up. Frustrating Karen by telling her it’s all about Tenille after using a trip to stop the top wristlock, Dashwood was able to keep Q on her heels until Karen exited the ring to avoid Taste of Tenille. Q’s haven on the floor turned into a neck breaker that almost ended her night. Dashwood took too much time playing to the crowd, getting tripped on the apron as the show entered a commercial break.
Q was still in control when the show returned as she cornered Dashwood for the handspring elbow-mafia kick combo topped by an exploder suplex to gain a two count. It was the lower back of Dashwood that became the focus as Karen shoulder rammed her in the corner and kicked Tenille like a football. Blocking a Boston crab, Dashwood attempted a comeback that was stopped short by a simple clubbing forearm to her back. Avoiding the rushing Q, Dashwood shoved Karen into the ropes in position for the tarantula. Tenille couldn't follow up fast enough, running into a sidewalk slam. The fans were supportive of Dashwood as Karen repeatedly whipped Tenille into the turnbuckles. Q’s offense got a little predictable, allowing Tenille to make a comeback rooted in clotheslines & hair mares with Taste of Tenille capping off her attacks; but she couldn’t end this one in a pin fall. Dashwood's next attack was stopped by a sweep into the Boston crab. The crowd tried to encourage Dashwood; fueling her as she crawled to the ropes. Pulling Dashwood to the ring’s middle, Karen had the Boston crab in mind again. When Q bent down to hook the legs, Dashwood pushed the top of her head and rolled her up for the three count.
After the match, Q snapped and attacked the ring with a chair.

There have been some massive problems between Punishment Martinez and Adam Page as of late where Martinez put Page through a table to take out his anger for losing to Bullet Club member Cody, “Hangman” costing Martinez the IWGP Intercontinental title, and Page laying Punishment out with a series of chair shots across three events. These two will fight at “Best in the World”. Also signed for the event is a Tag Team title rematch between defending champions The Briscoes and The Young Bucks.

ROH World Television Championship: Silas Young defends against Austin Aries
The first two-time ROH World champion came out with all of his championships including the Impact World title – something never seen in ROH history (the closest thing was the NWA title being seen on ROH programming when the company was still NWA-TNA). For some reason, the champ didn’t take off his shirt before the initial tie up. When they ended up in the ropes, Young did remove the shirt in hopes of throwing it in his challenger’s face. Austin Aries easily caught the object, throwing it to the side before tripping and almost cinching in that Last Chancery. Silas Young scurried underneath the bottom rope; mocking Aries for coming up short. The pace quickened when they locked up again; resulting in not only a pin attempt exchange, but also the champion slapping his opposition. Aries refused to be angered, sticking to grappling, arm drags & showing Young why you can’t head scissor “A-Double” by easily freeing himself and landing a dropkick that sent Young to the floor. The champion reentered, getting the taste slapped out his mouth to begin a fistfight that ended with Aries utilizing the snap mare to put Silas in position for a flying back elbow. When Young tried to leave the ring again, Aries caught him by his chest hair; running him across the apron for turnbuckles smashes until Young collapsed to the floor. The champ was in prime position for that heat-seeking lowpe when “The Last Real Man” elbowed the flying Aries to stop his attack prior to the commercial break.
Whipping Aries against the barricades was the way Young welcomed everyone back to the show. Slingshot double stomp connected for Silas when the action returned inside. The challenger found himself having to elbow his way out of a rear chin lock, only to run into the Last Real Combo just after commentators Colt Cabana & Ian Riccaboni noted Aries was once the benchmark in wrestling for guys like Silas according to Young himself. Maneuvering himself around the ring, Aries sent the champ to the floor while freeing himself from a cobra clutch. Young couldn’t prevent the heat-seeking lowpe, or the missile dropkick that followed in the ring. The fans were solidly behind Aries as he went for that IED dropkick. Young big booted Aries out of midair to position him for Misery. Austin blocked the finisher not once, but three times while nearing the ropes. The ended up on the apron where Aries hit a Death Valley driver on the ring’s edge before the final commercial break.
The episode returned with Aries gaining a two count after rolling the champion back into the ring. IED dropkick attempt from Aries propelled him into the Peegee Waja Plunge … to give Silas a near fall as Aries got his foot on the bottom rope!
The fans were digging this one as Young exited the ring to retrieve the TV title belt. The referee saw this, taking the belt and actually causing Young to be swept into the Last Chancery during their struggle. Young made it to the ropes with his boot, resulting in Austin grabbing one of his title belts. Like Young, Aries almost lost this match due to the referee taking the illegal object. Another fistfight broke out; ending with Aries accidentally kicking the referee when he stopped another Misery attempt. IED dropkick connected for Aries finally, giving him the chance to go for his 450 splash. Beer City Bruiser ran out, only for BCB to be knocked out by Kenny King. King grabbed the TV title belt from Young; knocking him out. Aries crawled atop Silas just as the referee came to … to pick up the pin fall! New champion!
Senior referee Todd Sinclair came out to tell the referee what happened. Instead of letting the original referee’s ruling stand, Sinclair convinced his fellow ref to reverse the decision. Aries was disqualified and the fans were furious as Young took the belt and scurried out of the ring. King tried to explain himself, but Aries was focused on getting revenge by kicking the referee in the groin. The commentators declared Aries may never be seen in ROH again. King handed Austin all of his belts, only to get kicked in the groin as well! Brain buster-Last Chancery combo to King was Aries’ parting actions.

Overall: Once again the hot Chicago crowd really added to another strong episode that ended disappointingly. While it’s not shocking ROH rent the route of Aries being disqualified, that’s two weeks in a row a main event concluded with controversy. The match itself was really good and ROH did an admirable job of establishing why Aries may never be back (though there have been wrestlers who attacked referees and were back the next week – recent example, Shane Taylor). It’s also great the Women of Honor are getting a good amount of TV time from a match quality perspective, but the division still needs to grow its characters and establish some rivalries & feuds beyond people chasing the title. The opening promo was great as Scurll got one-up on Cody – something that is rarely seen nowadays. This was a real strong episode that would’ve been a bit better if the main event ending was a little more satisfying.

David Mercury & Danny Vincent vs. The Dawgs

Bryan Danielson vs. Naomichi Marufuji

And there you have it. Show that love, or like, for The ROHbot Report and Honor Nation on its Facebook page. Also, if haven’t already, make sure you listen to the latest FREE “Honor Nation” as I talk about wrestling booking having little long-term thought nowadays and more (http://www.wewantinsanity.com/am2/publish/free_audio/25_Mins_Honor_Nation_Booking_Without_Thought.shtml). And don’t forget to send those questions in for the next “Honor Nation either through the comments section below, on Facebook (The ROHbot Report and Honor Nation on its Facebook page), on Twitter (@fasjab), or by e-mailing me at Bullock@wewantinsanity.com.
Here’s to a great week for you and yours; and as always, thanks for reading.

Till Then.

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