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The ROHbot Report: Best in the World '17 Review, UK Tour Liverpool, And More

By James Bullock Jun 25, 2017 - 10:24 AM print

Welcome to another edition of The ROHbot Report – the only article you need for all the Ring of Honor news you have to know. ROH is in the middle of its second biggest weekend of the year. Lets find out what went go down at “Best in the World ‘17”.

“Best in the World ‘17” Results; June 23rd, 2017; Lowell, MA
- El Terrible & Ultimo Guerrero defeated The Kingdom
- Strap Match: Frankie Kazarian defeated Adam Page
- Losing Faction Must Disband: Search & Destroy (Alex Shelley, Chris Sabin, Jonathan Gresham & Jay White) defeated The Rebellion (Kenny King, Rhett Titus, Caprice Coleman and Shane Taylor)
- Jay Lethal defeated Silas Young
- ROH World Six-Man Tag Team Championship: Dalton Castle & The Boys defeated The Briscoes & Bully Ray to become the new champions
- ROH World Television Championship: Kushida defeated Marty Scurll to retain
- ROH World Tag Team Championship: The Young Bucks defeated War Machine and The Best Friends in a Tornado Tag match to retain
- ROH World Championship: Cody defeated Christopher Daniels to become the new champion

The show kicked off with the battle between ROH stars and Team CMLL where lucha rules were in effect as the competitors could enter without tags as long as their partner were out of the ring. The initial lucha-infused action boiled down to them brawling and flying around the ring. The Kingdom, who had controlled the match’s pace during its latter half thanks to an isolation of El Terrible, found themselves unable to stop the tenacity of Ultimo Guerrero as he gave Taven the reverse superplex that Terrible used to yank the former TV champion out of the ring following the impact while Guerrero rolled up Vinny Marseglia for the three count in a fine opener that had the fans eating out of the palms of their hands thanks to the high flying action.
Rather than being joined at the wrists, both Frankie Kazarian and Hangman Page entered this Strap match with separate leather straps hanging from their arms that allowed them to easily whip the other without the limitations of spacing. It didn’t take long before the leather met hide and blood started dripping from the back of Kazarian especially after “The Heavy Metal Rebel” was whipped by a strap featuring thumbtacks. Powering through the pain, the former Tag Team champion found himself having to surviving a whipping to give out one before tossing Hangman onto the unpadded floor. With Page easily prone to his own greatest weapon, Kazarian hung Hangman for the submission victory to conclude an incredibly brutal match that outdid their “War of the Worlds: New York” match. The only real disappointment about the bout is the continued mishandling of Page. Hangman’s last big win in a ROH ring was over Adam Cole. There’s no way someone can truly get over with 50/50 booking.
The second tag team bout of the evening had actual storyline implications as an eight-man tag featuring The Rebellion and Search & Destroy saw another wild encounter where Gresham gained the advantage for his team in a match where the losing faction would have to break up. It wasn’t until Kenny King unleashed that speedy spine buster did put Gresham on the canvas. The Rebellion isolated “The Octopus” until a moment of miscommunication saw Rhett Titus hit Caprice Coleman. Tagging out, Gresham gave a fired-up Jay White the chance to showcase that explosive offense he’s become known for the for the past year in ROH. It wasn’t until the numbers game got the better of White and it seemed like everything was going downhill for S & D when they regrouped and caught every opponent in a various submission. Titus, being the legal man, tapped out to the Octopus Stretch; ending The Rebellion. The celebration was cut short by Punishment Martinez attacking Jay Whit to continue their ongoing feud. This was an exhilarating contest as expected and the best of the show thus far. It’ll be incredibly interesting to see where not only the former Rebellion members go, but also S & D as they haven’t set the world on fire as a faction simply due to the fact they’ve been so focused on fighting The Rebellion.
Not to be outdone by the stupendous action seen in the match prior, Jay Lethal and Silas Young had their anticipated rematch from two months prior where Young pulled off a clean victory. Jay Lethal’s opening onslaught was mostly focused on stopping any potential interference from the Beer City Bruiser. Missing an elbow drop off the barricades, things didn’t continue in Lethal’s favor as expected when he seemed to have this one in the bag early. Though Lethal had several comeback moments, Young would cut him off with attacks such as the gut-buster. It wasn’t until Young decided to go for Misery did he lose control of the bout as Lethal not only escaped, but also landed a super kick-tope combo that put Young on the floor. Jay’s penchant for those trio of topes proved to almost be his undoing as he flew into a chair swung by Silas instead of Lethal connecting. Young started upping the ante and wanted to break Lethal in half with Bruiser’s beer keg when the referee tried to stop him. This distraction left Young open to a surprise cradle from Lethal that ended in Jay attaining the pin fall victory. Infuriated with the result, Young & Bruiser attacked Lethal after the bell to conclude everything in the most brutal manner as Jay not only felt Misery, but also a frog splash through the table on the floor courtesy of BCB. While it wasn’t as good as their previous encounter, Lethal and Young have incredible chemistry. Hopefully Young will eventually pick up a big win on PPV in the near future.
The first title match of the evening was next and instead of just being some random Six-Man Tag title match as seen last time ROH hosted a PPV, this bout actually had some story coming into it as Jay Briscoe lost an eight-man tag bout on ROH TV recently because of The Boys and he was infuriated with the idea of losing because of something out of his control. It was up to Mark Briscoe & Bully Ray to keep Jay in line as he continuously went out of his way to ignore the opposition in front of him (Castle) and focused on going after The Boys. With Bully & Mark in the ring, there was definitely a sense of levity including moments like Ray dancing his way into the peacock pose. But Jay kept things serious as death any time he had the chance to showcase his patented offense aimed at Castle as “The Peacock” protected The Boys from the inevitable as best he could. Jay’s obsession with The Boys soon got the better of him and, unfortunately for Mark, his team as Castle took advantage of Bully trying to stop Jay from chasing The Boys around ringside by rolling up “The Sussex County Chicken” to pin Mark Briscoe and become one-third of the new ROH World Six-Man Tag Team champions. While not the most exhilarating bout of the evening, let alone the most awe-inspiring ending, but it made sense in the overall narrative as Jay’s need for vindication cost his team the only thing that really mattered. The big question is how long Castle & The Boys will last as champions as they haven’t been presented in the strongest of lights over the past year. It’s obvious a rematch will happen in the near future, but will Jay Briscoe learn his lesson?
As seen on ROH TV a couple of weeks ago, Kushida defeated Marty Scurll to become the new ROH World Television champion shortly before his regaining the IWGP Jr. Heavyweight title. Scurll, who too competed in this year’s Best of Super Juniors tournament, found a new level of ruthlessness during his tour of Japan that translated in this rematch where Kushida was fighting from beneath early unlike their ROH TV encounter where Kushida was step for step with the then-champion throughout. Similar to Lethal in his match earlier, “The Villain” spent a majority of the match shutting down comebacks and retaliating in impressive fashion until he believed he had his opponent primed for the end. In the case of Scurll, the end was meant to be him submitting Kushida in the Chicken Wing, but the champ had other things in mind as he tried to counter with his Hoverboard Lock after finding the ropes. Climbing to the top, Kushida stopped whatever Scurll had in mind by executing a super Back to the Future/God’s Last Gift before executing another regular version to retain his title in an impressive contest that outdid their previous encounter by leaps & bounds while establishing Kushida as more than just a one & done champion as many expected when he won the title last month. Hopefully this means we’ll get a lot more Kushida in ROH this summer while Scurll transitions into something grander.
After getting a showcase of some Women of Honor action that happened earlier in the night, The Best Friends of Chuck Taylor & Berretta arrived to remind everyone they have a pin fall victory over The Young Bucks and wanted to be added to the Tag title match. Both champions and original challengers agreed to give the fans an impromptu Tornado Tag match that quite possibly outdid anything The Young Bucks and War Machine could’ve done in the originally scheduled match as moments like Taylor diving on his opponents from the ramp and Hanson taking a German superplex by Berretta couldn’t happen otherwise. The Bucks were not to be outdone in the division they’ve helped enthuse over the past year by inviting their opponents to the #SuperKickParty that eventually spelled doom for their opponents as they waited for War Machine to obliterate The Best Friends, use Ray Rowe & Hanson’s positioning to double Indytaker Berretta & Taylor before unleashing a bevy of super kicks that knocked out War Machine and allowed The Young Bucks to pin their opponents for another successful defense in what could be argued as the best match of the evening that was wall-to-wall action that a recap can’t do justice.
It was time for the most anticipated match of the evening as Christopher Daniels looked to defend his title against Cody again. Cody looked to outclass “The General” early on, but found himself getting his lip busted open and his mental state rattled as he continuously left the ring to avoid big maneuvers including Daniels’ early attempt at Angel’s Wings. It wasn’t until Daniels decided to follow his challenger to the floor did he lose the momentum as Cody sent him colliding with the barricades. Cody kept his cool, wearing out Daniels with varied offense from both the ropes and on the canvas while laying in insults to his opponent, ROH Ambassador Cary Silkin, and the fans. Things started getting dishonorable when Marty Scurll arrived to add a chair into this match. While Kazarian beat Scurll to the back, Cody used the chair to DDT Daniels upon. Though the attack didn’t end the match, it did weaken Daniels to the point even big attacks like the blue thunder bomb to the floor through a table didn’t allow Daniels to immediately follow up (or even get up first). The World champion’s attempts at submitting Cody in the Koji clutch didn’t pan out due to his weakness; allowing Cody to counter with Cross Rhodes that gave the challenger a near fall. The fans were finally moving as Cody avoided another match-ending roll up that populated this event to execute a second Cross Rhodes … to pin Daniels and become the new ROH World champion! The Bullet Club celebrated with the new champion to conclude not only a very good main event, but also a great event.
While it didn’t feature a classic match like the one seen the last time ROH was in Lowell for a pay-per-view, “Best in the World ‘17” was a very enjoyable show. Every match got a good amount of time and featured a strong second half featuring two of the show’s best matches. While some of the match endings (the reliance on roll ups/cradles) are up for debate, and the lack of heat for the main event until the last five minutes or so was disappointing, the ROH roster can’t deliver anything short of entertaining when it’s simply about wrestling. Thanks to the historic nature of this show and card that was top to bottom good from a wrestling perspective, “Best in the World” gets a respectful recommendation for anyone who wants to watch a good variety of wrestling.

“Best in the World ‘17” TV Taping Preview; June 24th, 2017; Lowell, MA

The Briscoes & Bully Ray vs. The Bullet Club (The Young Bucks & Hangman Page)
When ROH announced there were would a Six-Man Tag Team Championship The Briscoes and The Bullet Club wanted the glory to their names. Unfortunately for both teams their plans didn’t pan out initially. While The Young Bucks went about securing their spot as the premier tag team in ROH, The Briscoes found an unexpected ally in their quest for another tag team title to add to their already impressive list of accomplishments in Bully Ray. Only two nights into their partnership, The Briscoes & Ray defeated The Kingdom & Silas Young to become the second Six-Man Tag Team champions in ROH history – beginning a reign that has seen them defeat the likes of Dalton Castle & War Machine, the CHAOS contingent of Hirooki Goto & Roppongi Vice, and even The Bullet Club’s Guerrillas of Destiny and, ironically enough, Hangman Page. But this will be a different trio of Bullet Club representatives including a tag team who have kept The Briscoes away from that record-breaking ninth ROH World Tag Team title reign. Expect this to be a wild match that could give the fans what they want in the end thanks to the former champions still fuming over their only loss thus far – a bout where the rules are thrown out of the window for a match that could change an entire division.

Matt Taven vs. Ultimo Guerrero
As noted by ROH when announcing this match, it was this time last year Matt Taven was still on the injured list thanks to a ACL & MCL tear that happened the year prior. Unlike most ROH stars coming from injury, Taven made his in-ring return in CMLL instead of Ring of Honor to great success. Ironically enough, Taven’s first three matches in CMLL were successful trios outings with two of those matches featuring himself teaming with the legendary Ultimo Guerrero. So it was only fitting that Taven and Guerrero crossed paths in ROH when both were involved in the inaugural World Six-Man Tag Team title tournament that saw not only Taven’s Kingdom become the company’s first champions, but also bested Team CMLL consisting of Guerrero en route to accomplish the feat. One night removed from “Best in the World” where another CMLL contingent featuring Guerrero will do battle with The Kingdom, Taven and the legendary Ultimo will fight in a singles contest that will be a battle of two generations – a rematch from their Two Out of Three Falls match for the NWA World Historic Middleweight title in March. What appeared to be a terrible mismatch of styles turned into a highly entertaining surprise in CMLL. This is where Taven could pick up a big singles win over a lucha legend and avenge his loss in Guerrero’s home promo, or Ultimo could pull off the big surprise where an international talent does one better than a ROH star in ROH.

War Machine vs. Motor City Machine Guns
2017 has been a wonderful year for War Machine thus far as the pair has dominated the heavyweight tag division of New Japan. Ray Rowe & Hanson have decimated tag teams in ROH. Most importantly, War Machine attained championship glory in 2017. The same can’t be stated about The Motor City Machine Guns. Rather than focus on finally becoming the ROH World Tag Team champions, Alex Shelley & Chris Sabin spent the rest of 2016 and 2017 thus far as mentors to the men they feel is the future of ROH. Now, for the first time, War Machine and Alex Shelley – one brutal force and one of the most innovative teams in wrestling history – will fight with the possibility of not only having a must-see bout, but also one that sets the stage for an even bigger moment in the tag team division as this two-on-two Davids vs. Goliaths battle could be turn into a way for either team to get back into the hunt for the ROH World Tag Team Championship.

Kelly Klein vs. Deonna Purrazzo vs. Karen Q
September 2015 witnessed the unexpected happen in the restoration of ROH’s Women of Honor division as an unknown entity supported by BJ Whitmer made her debut in quick fashion as she choked out her first ROH opponent. This growing force known as Kelly Klein spent the next year choking out opponent after opponent – demanding respect from competitors and detractors alike and Karen Q seemed to be no different. Having done exceptionally well in a ROH Dojo tryout, Q was put to the test immediately in her ROH tenure by stepping into the ring with Klein. But little did Karen know that she had something of a guardian angel watching over her that night. A week prior, Deonna Purrazzo made her ROH return after an extensive tour around the world. Purrazzo’s first match back proved to be rough for her as Klein not only used her End of the Match guillotine choke, she held onto the hold well after the submission victory. Taking exception to Klein’s actions, Purrazzo distracted Kelly in her match with Q that allowed Karen to add a wrinkle to Klein’s undefeated streak as she lost to Karen by count-out. Now Klein is out for revenge & looking to avenge all in one match against two women who she feels have wronged her. Though this is a Triple Threat match, it would be imperative for Q & Purrazzo to work together and work Klein out of the match to ensure one of the other would attain victory. But that’s easier said than done and a vengeful Klein could decimate one rising star and one of women’s wrestling’s brightest new stars in a fantastic bout.

Mandy Leon vs. Jenny Rose
When it comes to the latest iteration of the Women of Honor division, the early version of Mount Rushmore would consist of Kelly Klein, Deonna Purrazzo, Taeler Hendrix and, of course, Mandy Leon. Probably the most known ROH graduate since Rhett Titus and Cheeseburger, Leon has impressed against a variety of opponents in the division including a No Disqualification match where she fell short to Hendrix. But before Leon was one of the faces of a division she was being taught how to survive in the ring courtesy of Jenny Rose. Rose, someone who too has learned in the ROH Dojo, took Leon under her wing and even was a part of Mandy’s first professional match – an unsuccessful one for Leon thanks to the experience of Rose overcoming “The Exotic Goddess’” raw talents. Since that night these two have found themselves on both sides of the ring – as opponents and most recently as tag team partners. This continued rivalry won’t reach its zenith or anything like that here, but will continue a rivalry centuries old – the story of teacher vs. student where the student tries to prove she knows enough to finally overcome one of her mentors in the division she hopes to rule.

Sumie Sakai vs. Kris Wolf
Recently, ROH held its first all-woman tryout camp at the ROH Dojo that was also meant to give one wrestler the opportunity of a lifetime to wrestle for STARDOM – one of the premier women-only wrestling companies in the world that has produced women who people believe will not only be a part of WWE’s “Mae Young Classic” tournament, but also will get signed by the number one promotion in the world. Though she might not have the name of a Io Shirai or Kairi Hojo, Kris Wolf has made a huge splash in what has become her home promotion in a fast way after debuting only three years ago and being exposed to wrestling while living in Japan as a freelance photographer. Wolf is currently the STARDOM High Speed champion – a title based around the junior heavyweight style & build with Wolf focusing on strikes and blistering offense. Across the ring from Wolf will be a veteran Sumie Sakai has had something of a career resurgence since returning to ROH. Interestingly enough, Sakai has found a kinship during her time in STARDOM with Wolf as seen the night before as they successfully teamed in Kris’ ROH debut. This should be a phenomenal match and it’s wonderful this will air on ROH TV in the very near future.

The first-ever War of the Worlds: UK tour will occur from August 18th, 2017 – August 20th, 2017! With stronger-than-ever partnerships, stars from the top professional wrestling organizations in the world will do battle over the course of three nights! Officials from Ring of Honor, New Japan, CMLL, and Rev Pro have been meeting throughout the early parts of the summer creating &signing matches the fans want to see including the first match signed for Liverpool: Ultimo Guerrero & Rey Bucanero vs. Mistico & Atlantis!

The stars of CMLL will be apart of the “War of the Worlds: UK” tour including bona fide legends. On one of side of the ring will be two men who know each other well as partners and two men who were once grand rivals. Out of the four competitors only Ultimo Guerrero is familiar to the ROH audience & roster by having competed in tag team encounters in ROH and taken Matt Taven to the limit in CMLL. Alongside Guerrero for this match will be the ROH debuting Rey Bucanero – a man who has won the CMLL World Light Heavyweight title, but also the World Tag Team Championship four times with three of those reigns happening alongside Ultimo. On the opposite end of the spectrum will be their opponents – two respected fan favorites who have been in the ring dozens of times with their opponents in various environments. For Atlantis, he’s the man responsible for Ultimo Guerrero losing his mask in a Mask Versus Mask bout. Atlantis and Bucanero have also encountered each other several times when they were battling for tag team supremacy. Alongside Atlantis will stand one of lucha’s biggest stars by character alone as the second Mistico and the first Dragon Lee. Over the past two years Mistico has been trying to regain the CMLL World Welterweight Championship after having to vacate it due to a shattered leg. Though he hasn’t gained the same prominence of his past or even his past namesake by himself, Mistico has still gained championship glory by becoming the CMLL World Trios champion. This should be a very fun encounter rooted in the traditional lucha libre style without going overboard.

A rematch between two of ROH’s most popular stars will take place in Liverpool: Marty Scull vs. Dalton Castle!

Last year’s “Reach for the Sky” tour was historic for ROH for a variety of reasons including the ROH in-ring debut of Marty Scurll. Standing across the ring from “The Villain” was none other than one of ROH’s most charismatic grapplers of all time in Dalton Castle. Though Scurll was tested on that night, it wasn’t enough for Castle to pull out the victory and spoil what would become a groundbreaking weekend for Scurll as he’d parley the win into a Television Championship reign only two nights later. Though it seemed inevitable their paths would cross again sooner than later, it seems later occurred before sooner thanks to the events of “War of the Worlds” in May where the TV title scene was shaken up by Kushida defeating Scurll for the title only two nights after Castle won a Four Corner Survival on pay-per-view in a match that featured the future TV champ. A lot can change between now and August that could make this a title match or non-title affair; a match rooted in hatred or simply sport. They had a fantastic match last year and this one should be no different.

Best in the World Six-Man Fallout

Buddy Hanlon vs. Jay Savage

Women of Honor: Sumie Sakai & STARDOM


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Here’s to a great week for you and yours; and as always, thanks for reading.

Till Then.

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