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By James Bullock Jul 23, 2017 - 11:38 AM print

Welcome to another edition of The ROHbot Report – the only article you need for all the Ring of Honor news you have to know. ROH is gearing up for a historic weekend in the UK, but first must deliver some TV quality wrestling. Lets find out what will go down right outside “The Queen City”.

“Queen City Excellence” TV Taping Preview; July 29th, 2017; Concord, NC

ROH World Tag Team Championship: The Young Bucks defend against Motor City Machine Guns
When the “14th Anniversary” pay-per-view concluded, the landscape of ROH’s Tag Team division had changed dramatically. In Las Vegas, Alex Shelley and Chris Sabin reunited to reform the Motor City Machine Guns. Less than a month later, the innovators of Jr. Heavyweight tag team wrestling took on a pair of men who took the style to brave new heights in the form of The Young Bucks. Their first encounter in ROH proved to be excellent and, quite possibly, the best match they’ve ever had together. With both teams focused on gaining ROH gold, The Bucks and Machine Guns were intertwined throughout 2016; leading to a historic Ladder War where Nick & Matt Jackson became two-time ROH World Tag Team champions at the expense of The Addiction and Shelley & Sabin. Since that night the tandems’ paths have rarely crossed, let alone allowed them to do battle in two on two action again; but not from a lack of trying as the Machine Guns formed Search & Destroy with the sole reason of being able to handle The Bullet Club’s growing numbers. After finishing their problems with The Rebellion and defeating War Machine in a fantastic match, Sabin & Shelley have the chance to accomplish what they couldn’t a year ago by finally becoming the ROH World Tag Team champions. As noted earlier, the two teams had an excellent match over a year ago, and this should be no different; title change or not. If not for the fact ROH’s next pay-per-view is further in time than the TV taping, one would believe this would’ve been shown on PPV. Thankfully ROH has a TV product to give wrestling fans an understanding why Ring of Honor has the moniker of “Best Wrestling on the Planet”.

ROH World Television Championship: Kushida defends against Kenny King
2017 has proven to be a roller coaster year for Kenny King. After failing to become one-third of the first Six-Man Tag Team champions, King alongside his Rebellion brethren spent the first half of this year doing battle with the Motor City Machine Gun led Search & Destroy faction that resulted in The Rebellion actually overwhelming the group and putting them in a position where the roster could only stand to have one left standing. The question of whether or not The Rebellion or S & D would live to fight for as long as they wanted was answered at “Best in the World ‘17” during an exciting eight-man tag bout that saw Search & Destroy’s Jonathan Gresham win for his team and forced The Rebellion to disband. Between all of this, King’s search for love was aired for the world to see as he impressed on the latest season of “The Bachelor” (including a mud wrestling showcase where King manhandled grown men like children). Rather than let himself be mentally & emotionally shaken, King accepted his current situation and turned it into a chance to reestablish himself as a singles star in ROH by winning a Four Corner Survival match to become the number one contender to the World Television title.
Before The Rebellion came to an end, Kushida shocked the wrestling world by accomplishing a long-standing dream of his after his place on the New Japan Jr. Heavyweight rankings were put into question as he continued to suffer loses on grand stages. That all changed starting at the ROH-New Japan “War of the Worlds” tour that saw Kushida become the new Television champion. Since then Kushida has not only retained the title, but also regained the IWGP Jr. Heavyweight title and won the 2017 Best of Super Juniors tournament. Now this first-time clash featuring two innovative, premier athletes will happen in a match that shouldn’t just be great, but could also make for another historic moment this year involving the TV title.

The Bullet Club (ROH World champion Cody, Hangman Page & Marty Scurll) vs. The Briscoes & Bully Ray
Watching the “Being the Elite” Youtube videos one would get the perception The Bullet Club’s poster boys of The Young Bucks, Kenny Omega, Hangman Page, Marty Scurll & Cody are just a bunch of fun-loving, harmless ribbers just looking to have a good time in the wacky world of pro wrestling. But in the ring it’s a completely different story as a level of ruthlessness rarely seen nowadays in pro wrestling is on display every time they step into a ring – something that really started over a year ago when Page joined the faction. The past couple of months have been mostly exceptional and groundbreaking as Omega became the first IWGP United States champion, The Young Bucks regained both the ROH World and IWGP Jr. Heavyweight Tag Team titles, Marty Scurll made a great first impression in New Japan during the Best of Super Juniors, and, most importantly on the ROH landscape, Cody won the ROH World Championship during ROH’s second biggest event on its calendar. While The Bullet Club has been running wild for years in various forms, the trio of Bully Ray & The Briscoes have only been on the same side of the ring since March of this year. Only two nights into their time as a unit, The Briscoes & Ray became the Six-Man Tag Team champions. Their reign most recently came to an end not necessarily from a lack of talent, but due to Jay Briscoes’ obsession with getting revenge against The Boys. With Bully Ray insisting Jay get refocused and Mark stop blaming his brother for their championship loss, the trio has a chance to get back in the title picture while The Bullet Club looks to make this a victory that could translate into the group getting closer to another championship entering their clutches. This match will produce some first-time meetings including Scurll grappling ROH originals and Cody finally colliding with a legend from the generation before “The American Nightmare’s” heyday – giving it a must-see feel before the bell even sounds. .

No Disqualification: Jay Lethal vs. Beer City Bruiser
The former ROH World champion and the only man to simultaneously hold both the World and Television titles at the same time in Jay Lethal is gunning for that second World title reign that has eluded him for the past eight months. The goal for Lethal has practically consumed him outside of his confrontations with Cody that culminated at ROH’s “Supercard of Honor XI” until “ROH Unauthorized”. On that night, Lethal found himself standing across the ring from hometown boy Silas Young. In something of an upset, Young defeated the self-proclaimed “Franchise of ROH”. Unfortunately for Young, in his mind he wasn’t receiving the same type of positive treatment from ROH management as Lethal even though he had a very recent win over Lethal.
The problems between Lethal and Young escalated quickly, appearing to culminate at “Best in the World ‘17” where Jay avenged his loss to Young. But then things took a major turn when the Milwaukee contingent attacked Lethal afterwards with Beer City Bruiser’s beer keg before Bruiser used his frog splash off the top rope to drive Lethal through a table. Now Lethal is coming for revenge with no rules to hold him back like those hindering him from taking things too far during their past encounters. This is actually the third time these two have done battle in ROH in 2017 where Lethal has reigned supreme. With Young most likely being around to see if he can interfere (or at least distract) and Lethal potentially still hurt from the attack in Lowell, BCB will have the obvious advantage coming into this bout; but Lethal has overcome the odds time & time again including at “Best in the World” when Bruiser was there to back Young. They had a match that many agreed was the best of the night at “Masters of the Craft”, and that could happen again in Concord no matter the winner.

War Machine vs. Jonathan Gresham & Jay White
War Machine has been on a roll in 2017 thus far. After defeating TenCozy to become the new IWGP Heavyweight Tag Team Championship at “Sakura Genesis”, Hanson & Ray Rowe returned to their home promotion in an effort to reassert themselves as the company’s top team by regaining the ROH World Tag Team Championship. While it didn’t pan out for War Machine as planned, Hanson & Rowe did pick up a big pay-per-view at the expense of Search & Destroy. On that night in New York it was the pairing of Jonathan Gresham & Chris Sabin and the environment featured three teams instead of two like this match. That doesn’t mean War Machine is at any disadvantage because there will be one less team to wear down their opponents as they’ve proven in both ROH and most recent in New Japan when they regained the IWGP Heavyweight Tag Team title after dropping them to the Guerrillas of Destiny during the “G1 Special” in Long Beach, CA. But one thing White & Gresham has that might prove to be the difference between them winning or losing is the fact recently on ROH TV their mentors the Motor City Machine Guns defeated War Machine clean as a whistle. War Machine might have the size, but with proper strategy, a ton of heart, and the tenacity their opponents have become known for this could be the night a pair of Davids slay some Goliaths for the world to see.

The Best Friends vs. Coast 2 Coast
With Roppongi Vice apparently coming to an end and Chuck Taylor able to be on the same side of a ring with his genuine best friend, it seems like not better time than ever for The Best Friends to reunite once again. Taylor & Beretta made a splash in ROH immediately, besting The Young Bucks in a six-man tag team match before inserting themselves into the Tag Team title match at “Best in the World”. Though The Best Friends came up short, they were able to prove yet again that they can do something no one imagined just this time a few months ago by winning the ROH World Tag Team title. The Best Friends’ journey toward the gold restarts in Concord, but instead of fighting established title contenders it’ll be Taylor & Beretta in the ring with two men continuously looking to take that next step by picking up that first big win, Coast 2 Coast. The former Top Prospects in Shaheem Ali & Leon St. Giovanni have spent the last few months wowing ROH crowds as a tag team – a tandem also based around out-of-the-ring friendship. Like their opponents, Coast 2 Coast has given the current ROH World Tag Team titleholders a run for their money and almost became the champs on ROH TV. This should be an exhilarating encounter that will most likely see The Best Friends reestablish themselves as top contenders, but don’t be surprised if an upset sees the highly talented Coast 2 Coast pull out the victory.

Flip Gordon vs. Punishment Martinez
After signing with ROH, Flip Gordon’s stock has skyrocketed while he slowly, but surely is rising up the ranks by taking on some of the best ROH has to offer including former and current Tag Team champions. While Gordon has gained a certain level of fanfare from signing with ROH, Punishment Martinez made his own fanfare in ROH while competing in the Top Prospect Tournament a year ago. Since then, Martinez has laid bodies at his feet in victory or defeat – men like Jay White and ROH legend BJ Whitmer. This is a tale as old as recorded history itself: the modern day David vs. Goliath struggle featuring a high flyer who checks in a foot shorter than his opponent. But unlike the typical Goliaths of wrestling, Martinez is just as agile as men much smaller than him and could prove to be the difference between victory & defeat for the big man in a match that should be really entertaining no matter the winner.

Kelly Klein vs. Deonna Purrazzo
The globetrotter herself Deonna Purrazzo made her return to ROH and the Women of Honor division during one of the biggest shows in ROH history to take on someone who hasn’t been bested since debuting in Kelly Klein. “The Gatekeeper” nickname has been given to Klein for good reason as the master of the guillotine choke – “The End of the Match” – has been plowing through opponent after opponent in the division except for Purrazzo. Though they’ve meet up in tag team competition elsewhere, their clash in Lakeland was their first one-on-one battle. Controversy surrounded the outcome as Klein ensured the referee never saw her tapping out in the Fujiwara arm bar; giving her the chance to retaliate and keep her undefeated streak intact. Purrazzo didn’t take the loss in stride, actually giving Klein her first loss via count-out by distracting Kelly in a match featuring Deonna’s training partner Karen Q. With this getting a lot more personal than their previous encounters, the grappling game might take a backseat to them slugging it out in a match that will really establish one or the other as the true top talent in the division.

In London at York Hall on August 18th, a first-time ever, ten-man clash has been signed pitting two of the most popular groups this century against one another: Los Ingobernables De Japon (Tetsuya Naito, Hiromu Takahashi, BUSHI, EVIL & SANADA) vs. The Bullet Club (Cody, The Young Bucks, Marty Scurll & Adam Page)

They are two of most prominent factions in not only New Japan, but also the entire world as both groups have accomplished so much in a relatively short period of time. This match will feature men who have held the IWGP Heavyweight, IWGP Jr. Heavyweight, IWGP Heavyweight Tag Team, IWGP Jr. Heavyweight Tag Team, NEVER Openweight Six-Man championships in New Japan, as well as the ROH World, World Tag Team, and World Television titles. Add that to the fact there have been multiple non-title clashes featuring variations of each contingent. Ring of Honor’s website made a very interesting note in regards to this match as of its announcement Los Ingobernables has gone 8-3 in ten-man tag team bouts since the Best of Super Juniors finale this year. LIJ also set the stage for ROH’s most recent Six-Man Tag Team title change when BUSHI’s dreaded mist blinded Jay Briscoe and left him prone to a pin. While it seems Los Ingobernables is primed for a victory here, one can never count out The Bullet Club when the numbers could work in their advantage. With the blistering-fast offense of The Young Bucks, Scurll’s penchant for breaking the rules, Adam Page’s enjoyment when it comes to dishing out brutality, and Cody’s experience dating back to the womb, this could be the night “The Biz Cliz” figures out what many others haven’t when it comes to fighting LIJ. Add that to the fact this match will be a precursor to a big match the next night as Cody and SANADA will be looking to send a message against each other in a bout that should be a Match of the Year candidate.

The Six-Man Tag Team Championship will be defended against the masked trio of Mistico, Delirious and Jushin Thunder Liger in London!

When The Boys won the ROH World Six-Man Tag Team Championship alongside Dalton Castle at “Best in the World” it was considered one of the biggest upsets in ROH history for good reason. Castle & The Boys, as talented as they are, couldn’t pull it together as a unit in the ring until that lone night in Lowell where Jay Briscoe’s obsession cost his team the title. But it will be a completely different scenario for the champs coming into London as they won’t only be in the driver’s seat for the first time as champions, but also taking on men who aren’t blinded by revenge. This international trio of masked gentlemen include a legendary luchador, a former World title contender, and, arguably, the greatest junior heavyweight to ever lace up a pair of boots. When it comes to Liger, his isn’t unfamiliar with Castle as the two have split wins in ROH; not to mention their tag team encounters. Though this is a serious matter thanks to it being for a championship, expect things to get a little silly as seen time & time again Liger, Delirious, The Boys & Castle are all in the ring together.

On Night 1 of the tour, the World Television Championship will be on the line as Titan challenges whomever the champion!

Originally Atlantis was supposed to be a part of the tour, but unfortunately injuries are the name of the game in the pro wrestling business and with ROH’s first “War of the Worlds” tour in the UK alongside New Japan, CMLL & Revolution Pro, Ring of Honor management worked alongside CMLL to replace Atlantis. In the veteran’s place will be Titan – a grappler of ten years who has won multiple championships including the Mexican National Welterweight title and competed in various tournaments including the Best of Super Juniors in 2013. His opponents over the years are a who’s who of top names in various promotions including Finn Balor, Jushin Liger, and Psicosis. A master of Titanics (a handspring back flip into a victory roll), Titan is going to make this tour even more exciting than it looked to be initially with his first match potentially ending with him as the new World Television champion.

For ROH fans in the United States and Canada, the Liverpool stop of the War of the Worlds UK Tour will be available LIVE on ROHWrestling.com and the Fite.TV app! The event goes live at 1:00 PM EST and the card will feature championship bouts and first-time international battles including the ROH World champion Cody defending against SANADA!

With the announcement of ROH’s return to Liverpool getting the iPPV treatment it was a given the ROH World Championship would be defended at the big event. In January of this year, Cody pledged his allegiance to The Bullet Club. “The American Nightmare” used his newfound alliance with some of the best wrestling has to offer to become one of the most talked about wrestlers in the world prior to gaining the ROH World Championship. But before Cody made his New Japan debut and joined The Bullet Club, SANADA came to the company with an entirely different attitude compared to the humble fan favorite seen in Impact Wrestling. SANADA immediately showed his allegiance to Los Ingobernables by helping Tetsuya Naito win the IWGP Heavyweight Championship. From that moment on SANADA put New Japan on notice by winning big matches and titles including the NEVEW Openweight Six-Man Tag title and defeating Hiroshi Tanahashi during the G1 Tournament respectively. SANADA also impressed during the “War of the Worlds” tour in May by helping his faction win against The Briscoes, Bully Ray & Dalton Castle during an episode of ROH TV. One thing both opponents greatly have in common is the fact they will go to any lengths to win including breaking the rules and slowing down a match to the point their opponent’s frustration gets the better of them. With unexpected title changes becoming something of the norm since last year’s “Reach For the Sky” tour, SANADA pulling off the biggest win of his career thus far wouldn’t be too shocking considering the level of competition he’s bested that even the champ himself hasn’t in either ROH or New Japan. But there’s a first time for everything and for Cody this first-time encounter could present him the chance prove his superiority over a rival faction member who many believe will be a major player in New Japan’s very near future.

In front of a worldwide audience on August 19th, The Young Bucks will battle two longtime foes that have been ensnared in a war with Bullet Club while looking to capture their third ROH World Tag Team title!

The problems between The Bullet Club and The Addiction has escalated over the last few months due to a variety of reasons mostly centered around the ROH World Championship – from Kazarian tricking the faction to help his best friend win the World title to Cody dethroning Daniels a few months later. But this rivalry turned feud between duos started almost a year ago when The Young Bucks decided they were ready to regain the ROH World Tag Team champions. Their first encounter for the gold saw The Addiction barely walk away in a thrilling match that eventually set the stage for one of the most barbaric Ladder matches in wrestling history at “All-Star Extravaganza VII” where The Addiction, The Bucks, and the Motor City Machine Guns bloodied & battered each other to an extreme degree. On that night, The Young Bucks became two-time ROH World Tag Team champs. With Daniels and Kazarian spending more time as singles competitors than as a tandem during 2017, The Bucks have been able to rule the division. But their interactions have been numerous since the “15th Anniversary” in non-title or six-man situations where they’ve split victories. With the title variable in place, The Addiction coming in looking for more than just a third reign, and the lights on bright, there’s a good chance new World Tag Team champions could be crowned in Liverpool. But The Young Bucks know how to overcome when everything seems to be going against them in the ring as seen during Ladder War VI and even against The Addiction themselves.

Live on iPPV the World Television title will be on the line in a Four Corner Survival match when Kushida defends against Hiromu Takahashi, Dalton Castle and Marty Scurll!

Kushida was a crossroads in his career during the “War of the Worlds” tour in May. Following his losing the IWGP Jr. Heavyweight title to Hiromu Takahashi, the former Kamaitachi had embarrassed him including a shockingly fast victory in April. Kushida needed redemption – he needed championship glory. In Philadelphia for the tour’s finale, Kushida stood across the ring from the ROH World Television champion Marty Scurll. On that night, Kushida accomplished his first of many grand successes to come in the first half of 2017 by becoming the new ROH World Television champion. Kushida retained his title in a rematch between Scurll at “Best in the World”. The event before Kushida’s title victory, Dalton Castle took on the “Time Splitter” in a Four Corner Survival match that ended with “The Peacock” victorious. This could prove to be a huge advantage for Castle as he’s not only familiar with multi-man matches, but also winning them. Then there’s Takahashi – a man who is coming into this event looking to shake up an entire division at Kushida’s expense just like his did when 2017 began. Like most FCS bouts, this one should be high octane and could easily feature a title change due to it’s very nature of having a pin fall or submission not involving the champion witnessing a title change. This has all the makings of being the best match of all three shows, if not a Match of the Year candidate.

Signed for Edinburgh on August 20th is a first-time clash: The Bullet Club’s Cody & Marty Scurll vs. The Addiction!

Everything truly changed at ROH’s “15th Anniversary” pay-per-view as Frankie Kazarian – who pretended to join The Bullet Club – cost then-member Adam Cole the ROH World Championship while Christopher Daniels achieved a dream many believed would never come true. But Daniels’ reign was nothing short of rocky as the fans that once supported him were jumping on board with the group that looked to make sure he and Kazarian never wrestled again. At the forefront of The Bullet Club’s attempt at regaining the ROH World Championship was none other than Cody. While Kazarian was fighting off the onslaught of Hangman Page, Daniels was doing everything in his power to stop Cody from accomplishing his goal. Eventually “The General” couldn’t hold off Cody any longer as “The American Nightmare” bested Daniels at “Best in the World” to become the new ROH World champion. Cody topped that accomplishment by besting Daniels in a Two Out of Three Falls title rematch that effectively sent his rival over the edge and turned him against the crowd now jeering his every move. For the first time since joining The Bullet Club, Marty Scurll will step into the ring alongside Cody to take on the former two-time ROH World Tag Team champions. A win for The Addiction could not only get them the revenge they’ve been seeking for quite some time, but also put them back in the title hunt for belts taken from them by The Young Bucks in Ladder War VI. Usually for events like these the men & women of Honor let loose a little bit; not taking everything so seriously and enjoying the unique experience no matter who wins or loses – that won’t be the case in what can only be described as a grudge match.

In Edinburgh the Six-Man Tag Team title will be on the line when Dalton Castle & The Boys looks to overcome The Bullet Club’s Adam Page & The Young Bucks!

When ROH announced the World Six-Man Tag Team Championship, The Bullet Club decided they needed more gold in their possession. Unfortunately for the faction, they, like Dalton Castle & The Boys, they came up short really early in the inaugural tournament. Though they moved on, winning the Six-Man Tag gold was always a mission for The Bullet Club. Ironically enough, everything just fell into place without Castle & The Boys really trying to become champions as a miscommunication caused The Briscoes & Bully Ray to offer “The Peacock” and his Boys a title opportunity with the purpose of Jay Briscoe getting his hands on The Boys for getting him sprayed with BUSHI’s blinding mist that resulted in the former World champion being pinned on ROH TV. Though they’ve retained the gold thus far, The Boys & Castle haven’t been tested as champions in the same way as their predecessors until this tour. Depending on what happens in London, this might actually be an entirely different match as Liger, Delirious & Mistico could be entering as the champions. This could be a weekend full of title changes if something truly unexpected happens in the UK.

This October, Ring of Honor and New Japan Pro Wrestling team up again to bring the best wrestlers from around the globe to compete in the United States. If the past is any indication, you can bet that these will be some of the greatest bouts in wrestling history and you will not want to miss the chance to be there live! Three events in three days – October 12th in Buffalo, NY, October 13th in Pittsburgh, PA, and October 14th in Columbus, OH – the tour brings the combined stars of ROH and NJPW to these cities for the first time.

This is highly surprising news considering this will occur less than two months after the most recent collaboration between ROH and New Japan. But unlike those events and the ones in May, this seems to solely be for live event/house show purposes – giving towns not privileged to see international talents like the returning Kushida, Killer Elite Squad, Hiromu Takahashi, and a man making his United States wrestling debut in Yoshi Hashi. This should be a very fun trio of shows where first-time matches are the norm.

Cam Zagami & Josh Briggs vs. Brutal Bob & Tim Hughes

Stacy Shadows vs. Kelly Klein

Sumie Sakai & Kris Wolf vs. Deonna Purrazzo & Mandy Leon

Samoa Joe vs. Tyler Black

CM Punk vs. Jimmy Rave vs. Christopher Daniels vs. Frankie Kazarian

Bryan Danielson vs. Jushin Liger


And there you have it. Show that love, or like, for The ROHbot Report and Honor Nation on its Facebook page. And don’t forget to send those questions in for the next “Honor Nation either through the comments section below, on Facebook, on Twitter (@fasjab), or by e-mailing me at Bullock@wewantinsanity.com.
Here’s to a great week for you and yours; and as always, thanks for reading.

Till Then.

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