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The ROHbot Report: Final Battle Taping Results, War of the Worlds Toronto, And More

By James Bullock Dec 24, 2017 - 4:04 PM print

(ROHbot Report Note: For the tenth year in a row, the coveted Honor Sprockets will be up for grabs in The ROHbot Report Year End Awards one week from today. The categories include Breakout Star of the Year, Feud of the Year, Event of the Year, Match of the Year, Biggest Story of the Year, Tag Team of the Year, and, of course, Wrestler of the Year. Feel free to share your thoughts and who & what should take the awards.)

Welcome to another edition of The ROHbot Report – the only article you need for all the Ring of Honor news you have to know. It was the biggest weekend of the year for ROH as it produced not only the “Final Battle 2017” pay-per-view, but also a TV taping that saw the immediate fallout from the big event. Lets find out what went down when Ring of Honor returned to the infamous Arena for the final action of 2017 for ROH (as well as a full review of ROH’s inter-promotional tour took them to Toronto earlier this year).

“Philadelphia Excellence” TV Taping Results; December 16th, 2017; Philadelphia, PA
- Future of Honor Match: Tough Guy Inc. (Brutal Bob Evans & Tim Hughes) beat Ryan Nova & An Unidentified Partner
-Women of Honor: “Bonesaw” Jessie Brooks beat Gabby Ortiz
- ROH World Television Championship: Silas Young beat Simon Grimm to retain
- The Briscoes beat Ryan Nova & An Unidentified Partner
- Marty Scurll beat Flip Gordon
-Women of Honor: Brandi Rhodes beat Stella Grey
-Jay Lethal beat Will Ospreay
- Kenny King beat Brian Milonas
- Dalton Castle and The Boys beat The Kingdom
- Mandy Leon & Deonna Purrazzo beat Jenny Rose & Sumie Sakai
- ROH World Tag Team Championship: The Motor City Machine Guns beat The Dawgs
- Jonathan Gresham beat Josh Woods
- Punishment Martinez beat An Unidentified Opponent
- Coast 2 Coast (Shaheem Ali & LSG) beat War Machine
- The Young Bucks beat Best Friends and Dragon Lee & Titan in a Triple Threat match
- SoCal Uncensored (The Addiction & Scorpio Sky) beat The Bullet Club (Cody, Adam Page & Marty Scurll)

You know the routine – I’m not going to judge too harshly about what happened during the TV taping without actually seeing the product these tapings were done for. With that being stated, Ring of Honor finished its action for 2017 with the fallout from “Final Battle” including the teasing of Dalton Castle’s first title challenger. After opening the taping with a promo, the new World champ was attacked by Punishment Martinez (after being confronted by Jay Lethal, mind you). This is incredibly surprising since there was little to no interaction between former champ Cody and Castle as expected and Martinez, who came up short against Silas Young in the TV title match at “Final Battle” in somewhat controversial fashion as his body to a certain extent beat Martinez more than Young did. It’ll be very interesting to see how this plays out as a new World champion being crowned sooner than later could actually be a reality in the very near future. Also in regards to potential new champions happening, The Addiction & Scorpio Sky have already found the winning formula when it comes to The Bullet Club. Though the match did feature one-third of the ROH World Six-Man Tag Team title, Bullet Club Rules weren’t utilized and this new trio of The Addiction & Sky simply earned some pride & knowledge they can become the next Six-Man Tag champs.
New TV champ Silas Young has a new insurance policy to hopefully keep his title around his waist as former Top Prospect Brian Milonas has been approved by “Milwaukee’s Worst” of being a real man worthy of being their long-searched for third man in their quest to become Six-Man champs. It’ll be interesting to see how Kenny King handles the big number disadvantage in his quest to regain the TV title. There were definitely some surprising match results from this taping directly following “Final Battle” as both The Kingdom and War Machine – who won big at “Final Battle” with Matt Taven besting Will Ospreay and War Machine overcoming The Addiction respectively – lost here including the latter being the recipients of Coast to Coast’s first big match win while ensuring their team doesn’t split up any time soon. There was a pair of must-see matches according to those in attendance (Scurll-Gordon and Lethal-Ospreay. ROH is really shaking things up with this past weekend of action and this TV taping, just like “Final Battle”, seems to mean 2018 for the company will be a wild one.

“War of the Worlds: Toronto” Review; May 7th, 2017; Toronto, ON

The Rebellion (Caprice Coleman & Rhett Titus) vs. The Motor City Machine Guns
No waiting around for this one as dey was a clubberin’ at da sound of da bell, Tony! The Machine Guns actually took the fight to the floor after performing stereo planchas as the crowd roared in approval. But fighting on the floor ended in the favor of The Rebellion when Titus clotheslined Alex Shelley against the barricades before Caprice utilized that 619 dropkick around the ring post on Chris Sabin. As Rebellion member Shane Taylor came to ringside, Titus popped Shelley on the jaw with a right hand to set up Coleman’s hilo. Avoiding a springboard dropkick, Shelley caused Coleman to hit his own partner before tagging out. Sabin was going kick crazy by hitting not only Titus, but also Taylor from the apron prior to diving through the ropes on both opponents. Isolating Coleman, The Machine Guns signaled for a big double team, but Titus tripped Sabin while Caprice countered whatever Shelley had in mind with his version of the Mindtrip. Sabin couldn’t stop the Hart Attack leg lariat, but did stop what seemed to be a sure three count. Shelley reentered, helping his partner dropkick Titus before setting up Skull & Bones. With the referee caught between the ropes & Coleman, the official never saw Taylor trip Shelley off the top rope. With Alex out of the fray, Coleman was able to utilize the frankensteiner into Titus’ Big Dawg Splash for a big victory.
Shane Taylor entered the ring to call out his opponent for the evening, Hirooki Goto.

Hirooki Goto vs. Shane Taylor
Stern headlock by Goto was broken when Taylor lifted him off the mat and placed Hirooki on the top rope. Goto was not intimated as Shane demanded they fight. Showing incredible agility, Taylor hit the ropes and came off with great speed to set up a flying forearm smash. Knocking Goto to the floor, Taylor was able to whip his opposition against the barricades. Showing that fighting spirit was Goto when he physically retaliated with forearms when the action returned inside to set up the Saito suplex. The big man blocked the suplex, but not a big clothesline. Spinning heel kick in the corner-Saito suplex combo ended into a two count for Hirooki. Taylor responded with a clothesline of his own, but didn’t go for a pin. Meeting the ring’s middle, both men were throwing clotheslines until Taylor almost turned Goto inside out. Taylor was on fire following a big splash off the middle top topped by several hip attacks … that ended in a near fall!
Goto got desperate with the GTR attempt, but was knocked back. Instead of sticking close to his opponent, Taylor climbed the ropes yet again. Goto caught him this time, executing the Ushigoroshi before landing a PK. GTR connected for Goto, ending in a three count.

CHAOS (Gedo & Roppongi Vice) vs. Dalton Castle & The Boys
Rocky Romero volunteered to kick this one off with Dalton Castle, but didn’t do too well. Instead of going for another round with Castle, Romero tagged out to Beretta. Putting a little fear in Beretta with his hip action, Castle gave Trent a pink belly before utilizing the peacock pose on an entering Gedo. When Gedo appeared to be about to pose, he opted to just punch Castle. The Boys ran in, actually setting up some offense from Castle topped by “The Peacock” posing yet again. The Boys went to stop CHAOS from leaving, but got assaulted instead. Castle found himself fighting all three men after CHAOS easily disposed of The Boys on the floor. Bringing in The Boys, Rocky clotheslined both of his opponents before stacking them atop each other for a little Beretta face washing. Boy 2 got spiked on his head courtesy of a Gedo DDT. Castle saw his chance, distracting Gedo for a little twin magic action. Luring Gedo into a roll up, Boy 1 was able to use his illegal pin to propel himself into the awaiting arms of Castle. A double team dropkick-kneeling super kick combo from the trio quickly halted “The Peacock’s” onslaught, but Castle refused to stay down. Blocking Beretta’s tornado DDT, Castle started unleashing suplex after suplex on all three opponents until The Boys somersaulted atop Roppongi Vice. With Gedo alone & stunned in the ring, Castle was able to execute the Bang-a-Rang to pin the veteran for his team.

World Six-Man Tag Team champion Bully Ray vs. Damien Martinez vs. Hangman Page
Bully Ray wanted to follow the Code of Honor, but his opponents were having none of it. Page tried to do the old Pearl Harbor job on Ray, but paid for it as well as Martinez as both men got avalanche splashed by the champion. Teaming up, Martinez & Page press slammed Ray as Bully tried to climb the ropes for something big. Martinez was the first to drop the partnership by turning an Irish whip splash into a back elbow on Page. Them fighting allowed Ray to recover and eventually clothesline both men. Martinez recovered, kicking Ray in the back of his head in preparing for the springboard senton. Page caught Punishment out of midair with a power slam, but the big man recovered quickly and slammed Page out of the ring. Martinez went to chokeslam Page off the apron when Hangman countered with his patented shooting star shoulder tackle off the apron. Slamming Martinez in the ring, Ray asked for Page to help him execute the Wazzup. Page actually agreed and, with a smile on his face, seemed to be ready to get tables afterwards. When Bully turned around, Page super kicked him so it was down to Hangman and Martinez again. The big man couldn’t stop that slingshot somersault lariat, but did prevent a three count in Page’s favor. Ray reentered, feeling the testicular claw from Page when Hangman stopped some flip, flop & fly action. Martinez’s groin was still in tact to allow him to choke slam both opponents. Martinez telegraphed the roundhouse kick on Ray, allowing the champ to duck and cause Punishment to hit Page. Bully grabbed Martinez, pitching him to the floor before executing the Bully Bomb on Page to pick up the three count.

Cody vs. Will Ospreay
Instead of following the Code of Honor, Cody gave his opponent a playful slap across the jaw. Locking up in the ring’s middle, Cody slapped Ospreay again when Will tried to kip his way out of the wristlock. After flipping off a Bullet Club fan, Cody initiated a shoulder block exchange. Ospreay retaliated, mocking Cody’s faction before dropkicking his opponent to the floor. No dive by Will as he performed the superhero pose while Cody looked on in shock. Trying to set up a Pearl Harbor job didn’t pan out for Cody as he got popped in the mouth instead. “The Aerial Assassin” was having fun twisting up Cody courtesy of an abdominal stretch as he threatened some thumb to the bum action. Stopping a springboard maneuver by shoving Ospreay, it was time for some mudhole stomping action courtesy of “The American Nightmare”. Ospreay found himself being simply punched, kneed and twisted thanks to maneuvers such as the bow & arrow. The fans were mixed in support of both men as Cody kept the momentum in his favor. Between the abuse, Cody tried to attack the announcers until Colt Cabana – who was commentating – stood up for himself. Losing his focus cost Cody as Ospreay came off the ropes with not only a spinning heel kick, but also a dropkick in both the corner & the middle of the ring. “The Aerial Assassin” missed the Robinson Special, but not a modified belly-to-belly into his standing shooting star press-corkscrew moonsault combo … that gave him a two count!
Once again the springboard maneuvering hindered Ospreay as Cody shoved him to the floor before flipping off the crowd after feigning a dive to ringside. Showing incredible strength, Cody executed a delayed superplex, but could get a three count off the maneuver. The Pit Stop Kick was topped by Cody’s ode to Bob Holly with the Alabama Slam, but couldn’t pin Will. Ospreay seemed to be out on his feet until Cody started playing around. Ospreay surprised Cody, countering the super kick with an enzuguri. Cody kept his base, power slamming Will on the rebound to gain another two count. Cody slid out of the ring with the intent of baseball sliding Ospreay, but felt the Sasuke Special instead. For the first time in this one, Will landed a springboard attack with the Robinson Special to follow. It appeared Cody was on the verge of defeat when he countered the OsCutter with Beautiful Disaster. There was nothing Ospreay could do to stop Cross Rhodes or the three count that followed.

The Kingdom (Matt Taven & Vinny Marseglia) vs. Los Ingobernables de Japon (Tetsuya Naito & BUSHI)
Taking the microphone, Matt Taven had to remind everyone that the Toronto Raptors failed just like their opponents will tonight and Christopher Daniels in Dearborn when he challenges for the ROH World title. The entire promo was hampered by the crowd chanting, “Delete!”, “Boring!” & “Shut the f*** up!” Ring announcer Bobby Cruise royally messed up Naito’s entrance by forgetting his last name and was forced to repeat it by the man himself not once, but twice. Nothing honorable about The Kingdom as they jumped Naito at the bell, but BUSHI was there to help his partner and dive on their opponents. BUSHI wanted his partner to follow suit, but Naito wanted to chill out. Taven broke free of BUSHI’s grip, attacking Naito once again to set up an isolation period by The Kingdom. BUSHI had to break up what seemed to be a sure pin off the double team slam-flying elbow drop. The Kingdom was in their double team mode, landing several combinations between simple punches & kicks. The fans were not pleased with The Kingdom’s dominance. Flipping out of a suplex attempt, Naito spiked Vinny Marseglia with the tornado DDT before tagging out.
BUSHI had the dropkicks coming with great force including a double missile dropkick on both opponents. Marseglia saved his partner from a pin off the three-handled family credenza, but couldn’t help his partner execute their Proton Pack as Naito reentered. Tetsuya was not having a good night, taking an enzuguri almost immediately before the caperana from Taven helped him down for two seconds. Power bomb attempt failed for Taven as he lost his grip, resulting in Naito kicking him. Things were really breaking down as Taven landed his version of Beautiful Disaster prior to tell Marseglia to climb. BUSHI stopped Vinny’s ascent, using the green mist to blind Marseglia. With the referee reprimanding BUSHI, Naito kicked a blinded Vinny between the goalposts to execute Destino for the pin fall victory.

The Briscoes vs. Los Ingobernables de Japon (EVIL & Sanada) vs. Silas Young & Beer City Bruiser
Silas Young decided to tag himself in at the expense of EVIL, but it almost cost him as Mark Briscoe outwrestled him before feigning some Redneck Kung Fu. Unwisely, Mark believed Young wanted to follow the Code of Honor and got kicked for his trouble. This resulted in their respective partners tagging in where Jay Briscoe did a great job rocking Beer City Bruiser. EVIL tagged himself, only to feel the double team prowess of The Briscoes. BCB tagged himself in courtesy of a running EVIL, utilizing the wheelbarrow suplex off an illegal kick from Young. The Milwaukee natives isolated Mark Briscoe, slamming & clawing at “The Sussex County Chicken”. The hip attack-cannonball combo almost drove Mark through the turnbuckles. Another double team attack in the corner cost Young & Bruiser as Mark flipped & rolled his way to Jay so he could show off those Delaware jabs & uppercuts. SANADA entered the ring, dropkicking Jay on the top of his head when EVIL tripped the running former ROH World champion. Folded up, Jay was stuck in prime position for the insulting dropkick aimed at Briscoe’s backside. Jay paid EVIL back, catching him running with that Death Valley driver. Mark reentered as Young did the same; giving him a taste of some Redneck Kung Fu. EVIL somehow kicked out of Mark’s pin attempt off the fisherman’s buster. Thankfully for EVIL, Young & BCB stopped Froggy Bow and inadvertently allowed LIJ to double team Mark in position for Bruiser’s frog splash. Things were starting to really break down as SANADA broke up BCB’s pin. The action spilled to the floor where Bruiser almost wiped out everyone with his somersault plancha. The Briscoes followed BCB’s lead, putting EVIL in position for Mark’s Cactus Elbow. In the ring, Jay unleashed that Time Bomb neck breaker on BCB to lay him out for Mark’s Froggy Bow and the three count in Dem Boys’ favor.

Jay Lethal vs. Kushida
The fans were actually more supportive of the former ROH World champion than the king of New Japan’s Jr. Heavyweight division. The early going was a technical marvel mixing speeding and positioning to result in a stalemate. The pace quickened with Jay executing that hip toss-dropkick combo on a man who too uses the combination. Ironically enough, coming off the ropes was Lethal into the same pair of maneuvers – the hip toss followed by a dropkick. Going after the heavily taped left arm of Lethal didn’t pan out too well for Kushida as he was kicked to the floor. Lethal, failing the first time in executing his patented tope, succeeded after utilizing the springboard dropkick. Lethal was looking for the count-out victory, but Kushida made it into the ring right before the twenty count. Lethal was channeling the spirit of Roderick Strong with a series of backbreakers. Refusing to be stuck in a bow & arrow, Kushida found himself being struck repeatedly instead of feeling a submission. Kushida tried to fire back with chops, but took a belly to back suplex for his trouble. Lethal was constantly going for pins after maneuvers aimed at abusing his opponent’s back including the aforementioned backbreaker. Whipping Kushida into the ropes cost Lethal as he felt an enzuguri on the rebound. Lethal met a rope-climbing Kushida on the middle rope, but was yanked to the mat courtesy of a hammerlock slam.
Rolling to the floor, Lethal found his arm being kicked over & over again. Bring the action back into the ring, Kushida’s attempt at the Hoverboard Lock resulted in him feeling a super kick. Kushida kept his base, catching Jay with the cross arm bar while sidestepping Lethal Injection. Lethal quickly freed himself by standing up, sweeping “The Timesplitter into the figure four leg lock. Thankfully for Kushida, he was close enough to the ropes to break the hold. Once again it was Kushida coming off the ropes that allowed him to almost turn the tides before he got driven into the match thanks to a blue thunder bomb. Lethal climbed the ropes, looking for Hail to the King when Kushida caught him in midair with the cross arm bar again. Lethal powered both himself and Kushida off the mat, turnbuckle power bombing him. Kushida jumped forward in desperation, getting caught with an ace crusher … that gave Lethal a two count!
The former ROH World champion motioned for Kushida to rise for the end. Kushida was aware of what was to come, executing Lethal Injection on the master to transition Jay into the Hoverboard Lock. Lethal rocked & rolled his way to freedom, but he couldn’t avoid the tornado DDT into Back to the Future for a somewhat shocking victory with Lethal challenging for the World title in less than a week.

The Addiction & Hiroshi Tanahashi vs. The Bullet Club (Kenny Omega & The Young Bucks)
It was the ROH World champion getting slapped in the back of his head by an illegal Nick Jackson to set up the cowardly attack from Matt Jackson. The fans enjoyed seeing Daniels get thumbed in the eyes, but not the World champion doing the same to both Young Bucks. It wasn’t until Tanahashi thumbed their opponents in the eyes as well did the fans respond positively to this three-man dream team. Frankie Kazarian became the legal man, not letting Nick’s crotch chops upset him as they wrestled to the stalemate. “The Ace” wanted in and he wanted Kenny Omega. “The Cleaner”, with water bottle in hand, took a quick sip before spitting in Tanahashi’s face. Come to find out this was a set up as The Bullet Club’s Elite tried to triple team Tanahashi. Hiroshi was prepared, knocking The Bucks out of the ring and making Omega pay for mocking his air guitar abilities. The Bucks returned, knocking all three of their opponents out of the ring so Nick could dive on them following a Matt dropkick through the ropes. The Addiction & Tanahashi were not having any Rise of the Terminator action, but couldn’t stop a trio of super kicks when the action returned to the ring. The Elite were reigning supreme, sending their opponents to the floor again. This time it was The Bullet Club giving a showing of Rise of the Terminator to a big ovation.
Kazarian found himself on the wrong part of town as The Elite gave the fans what they wanted to see in regards to Kazarian getting his face slammed against boots. When it came to four illegal boots, Kazarian was able to stop what they had in mind before he tried to knock his popular opponents to the floor. Nick super kicked Kazarian, only for “The Heavy Metal Rebel” to get caught by Omega & Matt to propel him into a series of super kicks from Nick that left him out on the floor. Once he regained his senses, Kazarian wanted to make a deal with his opponents. Matt wasn’t having it, but the discussion allowed Frankie to recover, Daniels to trip Matt, and Tanahashi to tag in so he could abdominal stretch Matt. Tanahashi was not only using Matt’s body as a guitar, he started back raking, crotch chopping, and led the charge for a triple team that ended with “The Ace” somersault splashing Matt. Like Kazarian moments ago, Matt was stuck on the wrong part of town as all three competitors were assaulting him. Daniels got a little too cocky, leaving himself open for sliced bread.
Matt finally got the tag to his fired up brother as he was kicking and face busting everyone in his path. Daniels refused to join the #SuperKickParty, blue thunder bombing Nick on his way to a tag to Tanahashi. Omega became the legal man, dropkicking Hiroshi after Matt Jackson kicked “The Ace” on the jaw. Showing incredible strength, Omega performed a Dr. Wiley Bomb on Tanahashi that could’ve ended this one if not for Daniels. Everyone was looking for that big maneuver, culminating with Daniels utilizing Angel’s Wings on Matt. Before Daniels could go for the pin, Omega connected with V-Trigger. Dey got up a clubberin’, resulting in “The Cleaner” using that snapdragon suplex on not only the World champ, but also Daniels’ partners. “The General was out of his feet, prone to a trio of super kicks … that gave Omega a near fall thanks to the interference of Kazarian!
Tanahashi ran into the ring, Slingblade clotheslining Omega for Daniels’ uranage. High Fly Flow-Best Moonsault ever combo from Daniels & Tanahashi to Omega … didn’t end in a pin thanks to Matt Jackson pulling the referee out of the ring. Before order could be restored, a frustrated Daniels used the Arabian press to take out Matt, who pulled the referee into the collision. Bodies started flying with the referee unable to do anything to restore order. With Tanahashi stuck in Matt’s clutches, The Young Bucks performed a super Indytaker on the floor to take out “The Ace”. Kazarian was the only man on his team left standing until Matt spiked him with that springboard DDT on the apron. A woozy Daniels was being battered as another referee entered the ring. Unfortunately the second ref didn’t last too long as he was accidentally super kicked when The Bucks aimed for Daniels, but the champ moved shortly after Omega failed to kick out “The General” with his own title belt. Omega found himself alone with Daniels in possession of the World title belt. Cody ran out, yanking the belt from Daniels and lure him into the Indytaker. As Cody helped the original referee regain consciousness, Omega executed his One Winged Angel to pin the ROH World champion.

Is It Worth Your Money: The first of what would be four nights of action including a pay-per-view and a TV taping turned out to be a strong showing mostly thanks to the last two matches. Even though the main event looks like it would be the best match of the show, notching from the event compared to the semi-main event where Jay Lethal and Kushida tore the house down. Cody and Will Ospreay also had a good bout where a clash of styles actually worked. The rest of the show was strong, but ultimately forgettable with a lot of matches going shorter than expected or the right guy didn’t win (such as Bully Ray winning a match featuring Adam Page and Punishment Martinez). It’s a fun show, but not a necessity to see unless you need to witness ever ROH appearance of Kenny Omega and/or witnessing two of the best wrestlers from their respective companies living up to the hype when stepping into the ring with each other.
ROH “War of the Worlds: Toronto” is a Completionist’s Purchase.

Rain vs. Sumie Sakai

Samoa Joe vs. Ebetaro vs. Jack Evans vs. Delirious

The Dawgs vs. Chandler Hopkins & Ky-ote

And there you have it. Show that love, or like, for The ROHbot Report and Honor Nation on its Facebook page. Also, if haven’t already, make sure you listen to the latest FREE “Honor Nation” as I talk about “Final Battle 2017” and more (http://www.wewantinsanity.com/am2/publish/free_audio/31_Mins_Honor_Nation_A_Victimized_South_Park.shtml). And don’t forget to send those questions in for the next “Honor Nation either through the comments section below, on Facebook (The ROHbot Report and Honor Nation on its Facebook page), on Twitter (@fasjab), or by e-mailing me at Bullock@wewantinsanity.com.
Here’s to a great week for you and yours; and as always, thanks for reading.

Till Then.

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