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The ROHbot Report: Global Wars Reviews, Philly Tapings, And More

By James Bullock Oct 21, 2017 - 6:05 PM print

Welcome to another edition of The ROHbot Report – the only article you need for all the Ring of Honor news you have to know without stepping in the ring. (Although you can step in the ring here) ROH has teamed up once again with New Japan for a huge four-night tour with the final leg – Chicago – airing on iPPV while the Columbus show aired live exclusively for Ringside Members (ROH’s paid subscription service) for free. Lets find out what went down during the “Global Wars” tour.

“Global Wars: Columbus” Results; October 14th, 2017; Columbus, OH

– The Addiction def. Search & Destroy (Jay White & Jonathan Gresham)

– Jay Lethal def. Hiromu Takahashi
– The Motor City Machine Guns def. Silas Young & Beer City Bruiser
– CHAOS def. Suzuki-gun
– Sumie Sakai def. Holidead
– Shane Taylor def. Josh Woods
– Kenny King & Colt Cabana def. The Bullet Club (Marty Scurll & Adam Page)
– ROH World Championship: Cody def. Kushida to retain
– ROH World Six-Man Championship: The Bullet Club (The Young Bucks & Kenny Omega) def. Flip Gordon & Best Friends

After declaring The Motor City Machine Guns were running from them and their plans to beat up any fan wearing a Young Bucks or Bullet Club shirt after the show, The Addiction took on Search & Destroy’s Jonathan Gresham & Jay White in what turned into a great opening contest with The Addiction not taking their less experienced opponents seriously that led to S & D dominating until Christopher Daniels distracted Gresham for the old Pearl Harbor job from Kazarian. The former World Tag team champions did a great job cutting off the ring until Gresham made the tag and things broke down to the point miscommunications and unexpected collisions including White being knocked out with Celebrity Rehab that allowed The Addiction to win this one and start the show in a strong manner. Taking things up a notch was the rematch that followed as former World champion Jay Lethal took on former IWGP Jr. Heavyweight champion Hiromu Takahashi. The Takahashi Lethal fought a year ago was nothing like the man he battled in Columbus as the former “Kamaitachi” pushed Lethal to the limit that saw both scoring several crowd-rising near falls including a cradle by Lethal to stop the Time Bomb. Only moments following the aforementioned two count did Lethal catch his opponent with a backpack stunner he converted into the Lethal Injection and the three count. Lethal went three for three during the tour thus far in matches that definitely left a positive mark on each event while reminding everyone that Lethal is one of the best going today as well.
A non-title tag team encounter followed The Motor City Machine Guns took on Silas Young & Beer City Bruiser in only their second encounter in ROH. Similar to their first, the champs did a great job early on, only to have their momentum halted by BCB’s illegal attack from behind that allowed the potential title challengers a chance to take control. It wasn’t until Alex Shelley tagged out did the champions turn the tables and put the momentum back on their side as Sabin was on fire with dropkicks & PKs. “Milwaukee’s Worst” wouldn’t be denied, but The Machine Guns proved to be too much in the end when they connected with Skull & Bones to pin Bruiser in another very good tag team bout. Six-Man tag action was next as Suzuki-gun’s Minoru Suzuki & The Killer Elite Squad did battle with the CHAOS contingent of IWGP Jr. Heavyweight champion Will Ospreay, Toru Yano & Yoshi-Hashi. Of course Suzuki-gun attacked before the bell and unintentionally (or maybe intentionally) set the stage for a big brawl that had some comedy mixed in as Yano was confused about the American style turnbuckles. Ospreay spent a majority of the time getting abused by his opponents, leading to him being desperate for a tag to the ready & able Hashi who, once he did become the legal man, went wild until he was almost caught with the Killer Bomb. Thankfully for Yoshi, Ospreay made the save and allowed Hashi to cradle Lance Archer for the win for his team in another very good bout to make this one of the most consistent shows of the tour.
For the second night in a row there was some Women of Honor action the card as the debuting Holidead of Stardom Wrestling fame took on veteran Sumie Sakai. Though Holidead had the youth advantage, Sakai’s experience proved to be the difference maker as she failed at cinching in a cradle, only to catch her opponent with another to win a solid encounter. In another rematch, Josh Woods took on Shane Taylor after defeating the big man on ROH TV recently. Taylor was very cautious about grappling with “The Goods”, opting for more a brawling style in hopes of dominating – a smart strategy it turned out to be as Woods, so adamant in either keeping or regaining control, would go outside to follow Shane and end up getting put on his back. But in the ring it was an entirely different story and Woods soon realized he could catch Taylor within the confines of the ropes – achieving that goal by turning a successful German suplex into the piledriver to pick up the three count to cap off a bout on par with their previous meeting.
With Mark Briscoe injured, Colt Cabana stepped up to replace him in a battle between Kenny King and The Bullet Club by siding with the ROH World TV champion. King & Cabana worked pretty well together much to the surprise to The Bullet Club members that forced them run an illegal play where King, off the Macho hotshot on Scurll, was knocked down by Page on the floor. But miscommunications became the name of the game for The Bullet Club as they started hitting each other accidentally and gave both Cabana and King the chance to rally back. Though Cabana took a finger dislocation it didn’t help The Bullet Club deter King as he stopped Page with the Royal Flush to gain another tag team victory over the same two men he bested in two-on-two action before he won the Television Championship. In a somewhat surprising turn of events, the ROH World Championship bout was up next as Cody defended his gold against Kushida in the latter’s first ROH World title match. Cody, infuriated over the fact Kushida was more popular than him, used the stalling method greatly associated with action from nearly half a century ago. The challenger soon pulled Cody out of his game plan of making this one a methodical encounter as he went for the left arm of his opponent. Cody started getting desperate, going for his biggest maneuvers that were countered at every step of the way until Kushida went for Back to the Future. Turning the finisher that was seen in ROH rings on a constant basis nearly a decade ago against Kushida, “The American Nightmare” reversed the set up to execute Cross Rhodes to retain his title in a really strong match and the type of title defense Cody needs more of against opponents who have more obvious charisma like Kushida than people who are more subtle and on the “cool heel” spectrum similar to the Sanada defense from “War of the Worlds: Liverpool”.
To close out the event was a Six-Man Tag Team title defense by The Bullet Club’s Young Bucks & Kenny Omega after they have instituted the Freebirds/Elite rule in regards to any member of the faction being able to defend the Tag Team title in their possession. Their opponents for the evening were a first-time trio of the Best Friends & Flip Gordon. Similar to their Pittsburgh match, The Bullet Club were playing all the hits to an appreciative crowd while Flip showed off his athleticism after taking ten boots in the corner. The Best Friends were a little more concerned with working together to win rather than working with Gordon in setting up the high flyer’s offense. Gordon recovered from many minutes of abuse, trying to turn the tides for his team by himself after the Best Friends were super kicked off the entrance stage through a pair of tables. Unfortunately for Gordon the ROH rookie found out what six stars feel like when he took the Meltzer One Winged Angel to give The Bullet Club another successful defense in the best match of the night. This show turned out to be a lot more consistent than Pittsburgh, but lacked the enthusiastic crowd throughout to add to the atmosphere. There were two exceptional matches and the rest being around the same range in quality. Not a must-see show, but definitely one that would be a nice addition to anyone’s DVD collection when a sale happens.

“Global Wars: Chicago” Results; October 15th, 2017; Chicago IL
– Silas Young & Beer City Bruiser def. Best Friends
– Marty Scurll def. Hiromu Takahashi
– The Addiction def. Kushida & Cheeseburger
– Bullet Club def. Search & Destroy
– The Dawgs def. One Mean Team
– Suzuki-gun def. Shane Taylor, Jay Lethal, Kenny King
– Colt Cabana def. Toru Yano
– Will Ospreay def. Flip Gordon
– IWGP United States Championship: Kenny Omega def. Yoshi-Hashi to retain

In a somewhat surprising twist, Cody kicked off the show not with a match, but a promo. Cody introduced a masked fan to take a picture with him for no other reason than being a gracious reparative of ROH. In reality, the masked fan was Dalton Castle who hadn’t been seen on TV since the last iPPV two months ago. This proved to be an excellent way to start the show as there was the surprise return of Castle that was well received, a quick fight, and enough left open for the possibility of a build toward “Final Battle”. Not to be outdone was the opening bout of the evening as the Best Friends took on Silas Young & Beer City Bruiser. It was a prototypical tag team affair done exceptionally well by four guys who really know how to deliver tag team bouts with the Best Friends dominating the early going, “Milwaukee’s Worst” turning the tides thanks to BCB illegally attacking Taylor, the Best Friends battling back, and the villainous duo scoring the win thanks to a shot to Chuckie T. with that infamous beer keg topped by Young’s Misery. The first twenty-plus minutes were definitely a good way to get the fans invested and it continued for the next half of the show as Marty Scurll bested Hiromu Takahashi in a match that saw the former “Kamaitachi” submit to the Chicken Wing – this was after an explosive series of counters that really had the fans going crazy for this near fifteen minute encounter.
Taking a step down in in-ring quality was the follow up match where Kushida failed to be a better partner for Cheeseburger than Jushin Liger when the pair lost to The Addiction in a spirited effort that proved to be a nice breather for the crowd following Scurll-Takahashi. The post-match stuff was probably more profound than the match itself as Bully Ray saved the losers from another beating at the hands of The Addiction, leading to Frankie Kazarian taking a choke slam through a table. Ray cut a promo similar to his other ones during this tour; teasing an in-ring retirement while celebrating with fans both young & old for a memorable tour alongside ROH. The Bullet Club-Search & Destroy rivalry continued in Chicago and delivered, arguably, the second-best match of the entire tour (the best is yet to come from this show) as both teams went all out in delivering something truly special. With the pro-Club fans in attendance, S & D did a great job embracing a more villainous role headed by Alex Shelley and, somewhat surprisingly, Jonathan Gresham. Unfortunately for Gresham he was the recipient of not only the #SuperKickParty and Adam Page’s Rite of Passage, but also the three count to give four of seven ROH World champions a big win over the faction that formed because of The Bullet Club’s dominance last year.
The post-intermission match between The Dawgs and One Mean Team came & went lead to Jay Briscoe attacking the losing duo before telling the world his brother Mark needs to get better soon so they can finally takeover the Tag Team division. In regards to Mark – the youngest Briscoe brother was meant to be a part of the six-man tag match against Suzuki-Gun, but the paid assassin Shane Taylor replaced him and did so in grand fashion. Unlike the eight-man tag, the six-man bout was built on brawling and several high impact collisions between people fans were excited to see come face-to-face for the first time in the form of Minoru Suzuki and Jay Lethal. With The Killer Elite Squad ridding the ring of Lethal & Kenny King, Taylor was left to be torn apart by all of his opponents. Taylor did a great job in a three-on-one situation, only to be caught with the Suzuki Sleeper topped off by that Gotch Style Piledriver that gave Suzuki-Gun the pin fall victory in the faction’s best outing during the entire tour. Taylor really had a breakout moment as he looked like a natural alongside such international & ROH stars. In a highly anticipated encounter not because of the potential fisticuffs, but the probable comedy to ensue, Colt Cabana and Toru Yano’s first clash in ROH definitely lived up to the humorous hype while being the perfect way to mix things up and give the fans a breather following such a wild match previously.
Then came, arguably, the best match of the tour as the new IWGP Jr. Heavyweight champion Will Ospreay took on Flip Gordon in a non-title match. This first-time battle delivered nothing short of highflying greatness as they took to the sky rather early and continued the momentum for the next fifteen minutes. The final stretch saw Gordon almost pin the champ off a 450 splash. Unfortunately for Gordon, his 4-Nifty didn’t connect and left himself open to the cyclone kick-OsCutter that ended with Ospreay having his hand raised in victory following a three count. Seriously, words can’t describe just how crazy this match was with Gordon having an early breakout moment in his ROH tenure while Ospreay reinforced why he’s the crème de la crème of Jr. Heavyweights in the world today. The evening’s finale featured IWGP United States champion Kenny Omega defending his title against Yoshi-Hashi. The early going was stereotypical of both men clashing with Omega starting start, somewhat succeeding before taking over until Hashi’s fiery comeback. Hashi, like Search & Destroy, embraced the fact he was being booed & reveled in his getting closer & closer to doing the seemingly impossible by ending the reign of Omega as New Japan’s first IWGP U.S. champion.
Then things went downhill as the referee got bumped, leading to a giant fracas between The Bullet Club and CHAOS until Ospreay took out everyone with a dive. The conclusion came soon after when Hashi couldn’t connect with the senton as he was taken down by a V-Trigger-One Winged Angel combination that allowed Omega to not only retain, but also celebrate with his Bullet Club brethren and even special guest photographer Jimmy Jacobs. Though no one believed Hashi had a chance of winning, everything leading up to the ref bump gravitated toward the impossible and made for a very fun encounter. Then the same song & dance began and it ended a very good match on a low note no different than the Jeff Jarrett reign of terror in TNA during 2004-06. Though the show ended with a good main even marred by the unwanted, it didn’t feel like a disappointing event overall thanks to several memorable bouts (Scurll-Takahashi, eight-man & six-man matches) including a ROH Match of the Year contender (Ospreay-Gordon). In actuality, this was the strongest of the three events that aired on ROH’s website and definitely warrants a viewing when it releases on VOD & DVD.

“Philadelphia Excellence” TV Taping Results; October 20th, 2017; Philadelphia, PA
- Future of Honor Match: Brian Milonas def. a Local Talent
- The Kingdom (TK O’Ryan & Vinny Marseglia) def. Coast To Coast and The Dawgs
- ROH World Championship: Cody def. Ryan Nova to retain.
- ROH World Tag Team Championship: The Motor City Machine Guns def. War Machine
- Four Corner Survival: Jenny Rose def. Sumie Sakai, “Bonesaw” Jessie Brookes and Nicki
- ROH World Television Championship Contender match: Punishment Martinez def. Josh Woods
- Kenny King vs. Mark Briscoe for the Television Championship never happened due to referee stoppage after Jay Briscoe threw in the towel for his brother
- ROH World Tag Team Championship Contender match: Best Friends def. The Addiction
- Dalton Castle def. Adam Page
- Karen Q def. Deonna Purrazzo
- Matt Taven def. Jay White
- ROH World Television Championship Contender match: Shane Taylor def. Cheeseburger
- ROH World Television Championship Contender match: Silas Young def. Jonathan Gresham
- Marty Scurll, The Young Bucks & Adam Page def. Flip Gordon, Coast To Coast & Scorpio Sky

You know the routine – I’m not going to judge too harshly about what happened during the TV taping without actually seeing the product these tapings were done for. With that being stated, Ring of Honor is on the road to “Final Battle” as a lot of what happened between the action set the stage for what will go down during ROH’s biggest show of the year. During the taping, Dalton Castle – who was reportedly without his usual pomp and Boys for the taping – confronted and attacked Cody after the World champ’s successful defense. Marty Scurll challenged Jay Lethal not to just a match, but to find that “killer instinct” that once made him a winner and World champion; with Lethal accepting the match for “Final Battle” with the intent of getting himself in the World title scene. In regards to title contenders, Kenny King and The Motor City Machine Guns – who bested War Machine in what was said to be the second best bout of the evening following the Eight-Man tag bout that closed the taping – have their dates set for “Final Battle” as Punishment Martinez, Shane Taylor, Silas Young and the Best Friends have all earned title opportunities for “Final Battle”. Add that to the fact The Kingdom are hunting both Tag Team titles this could mean a Six-Man title match could be announced in the very near future.
While fan reports of the action were very positive, nothing gained more praise than the segment featuring Bully Ray. Ray entered the arena he bled buckets inside of and risked life & limb for our entertainment to announce his retirement. The fans were very appreciative of Ray, but Jay Briscoe calling him out for retiring spoiled the moment. When Ray refused to physically retaliate, Briscoe attacked him; bringing out Tommy Dreamer and Ray’s girlfriend Velvet Sky to stop further damage. Even Mark Briscoe – sporting a cast on his injured arm after Jay prevented his match with Kenny King from not happening by throwing in the towel to save his brother from further injury – tried to stop his brother. Then Mark had a change of heart, kicking Dreamer in the groin, throwing Velvet to the floor, and helping his brother execute the 3D on Ray himself. For the first time since 2011, The Briscoes have become some of the most hated individuals in ROH. It reads like a fantastic segment and it’ll be interesting to see it and the rest of the tape action plays out on the TV screen.

The anticipation for Ring of Honor’s inaugural Soaring Eagle Cup on October 28th continues to build with the announcement of two star-studded first-round matches that exemplify the prestige of the eight-man, one-night tournament. The first round will see Dalton Castle take on Flip Gordon!

Following ROH’s “War of the Worlds: UK” tour, the career of Dalton Castle was at a crossroads. “The Pro Wrestling Peacock” found himself on the bad side of The Bullet Club that saw him & The Boys lose the ROH World Six-Man Tag Team title to The Hung Bucks of Matt & Nick Jackson and Adam Page. The title change happened only one night after Castle confronted ROH World champion Cody in an attempt to answer the champ’s open challenge similar to SANADA before him and Cheeseburger after the former Six-Man titleholder. Cody didn’t take Castle confronting him lighting, attacking Dalton and putting him out of action with a back injury. And in a perfect turn of events for Castle, Dalton was able to make his return at Cody’s expense that saw a masked Castle attack the World champ after unveiling himself.
But Castle isn’t the only man involved in this match that has drawn the ire of The Bullet Club. Since his ROH debut, The Bullet Club have hazed Flip Gordon. But these “harmless” ribs left Gordon hurt & unconscious (even Juventud Guerrera got in on the #SuperKickParty held in Gordon’s honor). But this is and isn’t about their mutual problems with The Bullet Club. This first-time encounter could produce a phenomenal match that gets Castle back in the winning ways that made him a Six-Man champion and one of the most popular wrestlers in ROH history, or the chance for Gordon to pull off the upset thanks to the 4Nifty. Depending how the first round turns out there’s actually a chance either man could use this victory as a way to take on Cody later in night as he too is a part of the tournament. It’s hard not to get excited about the potential of this tournament thus far thanks to the participants and matches announced thus far.

Mark Briscoe in Philly

The Briscoes vs. Kazuchika Okada & Shinsuke Nakamura

Deonna Purrazzo vs. Sumie Sakai

And there you have it. Show that love, or like, for The ROHbot Report and Honor Nation on its Facebook page. Also, if haven’t already, make sure you listen to the latest FREE “Honor Nation” as I talk about wrestling’s biggest draw today and more (http://www.wewantinsanity.com/am2/publish/free_audio/33_Mins_Honor_Nation_Wrestling_s_Biggest_Draw.shtml). And don’t forget to send those questions in for the next “Honor Nation either through the comments section below, on Facebook (The ROHbot Report and Honor Nation on its Facebook page), on Twitter (@fasjab), or by e-mailing me at Bullock@wewantinsanity.com.
Here’s to a great week for you and yours; and as always, thanks for reading.

Till Then.

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