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The ROHbot Report: Honor Reigns Supreme Review, Emma Debuts, And More

By James Bullock Feb 11, 2018 - 9:06 AM print

Welcome to another edition of The ROHbot Report – the only article you need for all the Ring of Honor news you have to know. ROH is gearing up for a live event and TV taping-filled weekend that started with a stop in Concord for “Honor Reigns Supreme” – an event that aired live for free. Lets first find out what happened in “The Tar Heel State” before taking a look at “War of the Worlds: Dearborn” to tell you if it’s Worth Your Money.

Honor Reigns Supreme Results; February 9th, 2018; Concord, NC
– Punishment Martinez defeated Flip Gordon
– Kenny King defeated Shane Taylor
– Silas Young defeated Josh Woods
– Socal Uncensored defeated Dalton Castle & The Boys
– Tenille Dashwood & Mandy Leon defeated Kelly Klein & Stacy Shadows
– Jay Lethal defeated Jonathan Gresham
– The Kingdom defeated Bullet Club (Cody, Marty Scurll & Adam Page)
– The Young Bucks defeated Best Friends

Almost two days before the event was to occur, ROH announced it would air live on the ROH website, Fite TV app & Facebook Live for free so the world could see the greatness ROH has to offer both on TV & PPV and, of course, the ROH streaming service to come known as “HonorClub”. The men & women of ROH did a great job potentially enticing future customers as a majority of the show was very good with one match in particular reaching PPV-worthy status in Jay Lethal vs. Jonathan Gresham. The technical war between these two harkened back to the days of ROH’s “golden era” with Gresham looking to break Lethal’s arm and the former World champion countering by going after “The Octopus’” left leg; leading to a submission win for Lethal – who was rocking Randy Savage “Wrestlemania 3”-styled gear – courtesy of the figure four leg lock. This might not become a ROH Match of the Year candidate by the year’s end, but right now it’s one of, if not the best matches to happen in a ROH ring thus far in 2018. Not to be outdone was the opening contest as Flip Gordon’s David-like heart & blistering attack couldn’t overcome the ferocity of Punishment Martinez. Martinez vs. Gordon set a high benchmark early that wouldn’t be overcome until the aforementioned Lethal-Gresham match. And as great a match Lethal vs. Gresham was, an argument can be made that the main event stole the show as The Young Bucks and Best Friends had the type of match you’d expect them to have (a wild, highflying affair sandwiching some prototypical tag team wrestling). The most interesting aspect of the bout was Beretta & Chuckie T. embracing the real-life jerks they are during episodes of “Being The Elite” and their cockiness costing them in the end.

There were some memorable moments beyond the in-ring competition as Tenille Dashwood made her ROH debut to officially announce her involvement in the inaugural Women of Honor Championship tournament – leading to new ROH enforcer & matchmaker Bully Ray making a tag team bout later in the evening that saw Dashwood successfully team with Mandy Leon to overcome Stacy Shadows & Kelly Klein. The Kingdom also had a great night in one of the better matches of the show as Taven used the Ring of Honor ring he stole from Cody to knock him out behind the referee’s back to pin the former World champion. When it came to the current World champion Dalton Castle, he and his Boys ended up on the short-end of the stick as Scorpio Sky kicked Boy 2 into unconsciousness for a pin fall. Though Castle got revenge immediately after, it was somewhat strange seeing the World champ’s team lose during such a potential eye-opening event. Arguably the weakest match of the show was Silas Young vs. Josh Woods not because of the action, but because of the booking as Woods took a beer bottle to the head in an epic sight and it barely affected him for the remainder of the match. A beer bottle to the head was the reason Kenny King – who had a very strong match with Shane Taylor before this bout – lost the ROH World TV title, yet it didn’t even matter here. And where was Bully Ray to enforce the rules & send Bruiser to the back? On the opposite end of the spectrum was the post-intermission beating of Alex Shelley at the hands of The Briscoes when he tried to get revenge for what they did to Chris Sabin on ROH TV last week. What looked to simply be a Tag Team title match between The Machine Guns and The Briscoes now really has some heat.

From a production standpoint, ROH’s latest free iPPV was solid with a few flaws. The picture quality ranged from auto to 720p with very little buffering when presenting HD quality visuals. The stream itself was consistent and rarely stopped or hiccupped to the point a full refresh was needed. Technically, ROH had some problems early on with getting the right graphics onscreen or to play at all – something that has been a problem for them in the past – and getting those replays to work when they wanted them to was a hassle. And, most importantly, the lighting wasn’t up to broadcast standards especially compared to the last event ROH held in the building that aired on PPV & TV. While the latter can be chalked up to the fact this was originally meant to be nothing more than a live event, first impressions are everlasting. Thankfully the in-ring product was very good and delivered something worth watching for a variety of different potential viewers.

The tournament to crown the first-ever Women of Honor Champion begins on Ring of Honor Television the weekend of February 10th. Women of Honor and Stardom are thrilled to announce that two of the opening round of 16 matches will take place in Japan. On February 24, Osaka Sekaikan will host two first-round matches! In the first match, Women of Honor star Jenny Rose takes on Kagetsu! In the second match, two Stardom stars do battle as Mayu Iwatani looks to bring her pedigree and experience into her match with one of the most exciting competitors in the tournament, HZK!

For Women of Honor fans, the only name most will be familiar with when it comes to these two matches is Jenny Rose. For Stardom Wrestling fans, Jenny Rose is also a familiar face who has made Stardom her second (and even at times first) home while delivering the mixed bag of talents she’s known for in the ring including technical submissions and even some intense brawling. Across the ring from Rose will be the leader of Oedo Tai, Kagetsu. Considered one of the best all-around talents in women’s wrestling, Kagetsu is not only a master of high impact maneuvers like the super Michinoku driver, but also one of the toughest women on the Stardom roster having competed in Death Matches during her nearly decade-long career. Most impressively is the fact Kagetsu is a former Artist of Stardom champion (Stardom’s Six-Woman title) and one-half of the company’s tag team champions alongside Hana Kimura. There’s a very good chance Kagetsu could put out the Women of Honor veteran early and make her way to the United States to win the whole thing. If Rose does defeat Kagetsu it’ll shake up not only the tournament, but also the ranks of Stardom as this will be her official debut for the company (having worked for sister promotion Diana) while overcoming someone she hasn’t been able to defeat in the past.
The second bout features two women who have become mirror images of each other from two different times. Mayu Iwatani has becoming the ace of Stardom over the last few years; taking that title from Io Shirai. When doing any research on Stardom, more than likely you’ll see highlights of their brutal battles come up front & center – the foundation of what Stardom holds high as the epitome of women’s wrestling in this age. Iwatani, who will only be twenty-five years old when these matches occur, has held every Stardom championship and looks to reclaim the World of Stardom Championship taken from her by Toni Storm. Ironically enough, HZK is a running buddy of Io, leading to several confrontations in tag team competition where the young rookie has faced the fury of Iwatani. Many believe HZK is the next ace to rise in Stardom – being someone with youth, charisma & and talent that is becoming fine tuned through battles against some of the best Stardom has to offer including the aforementioned Shirai. Like Kagetsu, Iwatani is the heavy favorite coming into this one, but the chance of an upset occurring isn’t out of the question with it potentially changing the entire landscape of the tournament and a wrestling promotion in the process.

“War of the Worlds: Dearborn”; May 10th, 2017; Dearborn, MI

Bobby Fish vs. Dalton Castle w/ The Boys
Bobby Fish, a proponent of the Code of Honor, performed a split to add a little extra to the honorable handshake. The friendliness almost dissolved immediately when Fish threatened to kick The Boys. Castle kept things lighthearted when Fish apologized, giving “The Infamous” a raspberry that didn’t pleased the former TV champion as Fish responded by kicking his opponent out of the ring. Castle reentered, slamming Fish on his shoulder. Furious was Fish as he got a hold of Castle’s left leg to kick, dragon screw and snap mare it across the ring’s edge. Castle stopped the hilo attempt by his opponent, only to be swept into another ankle lock that was only halted by Dalton making it to the ropes. The ropes proved to be “The Peacock’s” best friend in stopping submissions and Castle actually turning the tides when he crotch Fish across the top turnbuckle for that running knee to the side of Bobby’s head. Strikes & suplexes proved to be jarring, but not match ending in favor of Castle. As a matter of fact, Fish rallied back and hit the exploder suplex to propel Castle into the turnbuckles. The fans were supportive of both men Fish tried to cinch in submissions while Castle countered with those dead-lift suplexes. Utilizing the clothesline to drop Fish across the apron cost Castle as “The Infamous” tripped him face first against the ring’s edge. Fish’s attack was now about knocking his opponent out; landing roundhouse kicks and shoulder rams against the barricades respectively. But Fish’s forward nature cost him as he pitched Castle into the ring for another running attack. This time Castle caught him with the Bang-a-Rang to pick up a quick three count.

The Rebellion (Rhett Titus, Caprice Coleman & Shane Taylor) vs. Search & Destroy (The Motor City Machine Guns & Jay White)
No waiting around for this one to get hot & heavy as The Rebellion attacked just as their opponents made it to the ring. It took all three members of S & D to dropkick Taylor to the floor where Sabin almost fell through the commentators’ table to put him down courtesy of a somersault plancha. Titus found himself in the wrong part of town, having himself tied up in the turnbuckles and given a wedgie by Shelley before having his bare butt dropkicked and Jay White taking him down with a cross body block off the top. White made a big mistake of letting Titus get near Caprice Coleman, missing the blind tag that resulted in White getting his head rattled by a leg lariat. White was in prime position for a massive leg drop from Taylor as Coleman slid through the ropes to utilize that 619 dropkick on the Machine Guns on the floor. Keeping White on the wrong part of town, The Rebellion unleashed a series of double team maneuvers. Getting predictable was The Rebellion as White back flipped out of a double team belly to back suplex that saw White make it to a fired up Sabin. Kicking and cross body blocks, Sabin downed everyone on the opposing side until Shelley & White to unleash a trio of planchas. The fans were really digging this one as Coleman got spiked with a trouble team face buster off the super kick from Sabin. White made a big mistake climbing the ropes as Coleman countered whatever he had in mind with the frankensteiner. Tagging out to Taylor, Coleman led the charge where White took a Coleman Sky Splitter, the Big Dawg Splash from Titus and a big splash by Taylor … that gave The Rebellion a near fall thanks to interference from the Machine Guns!
White got his partners to help him recover as they worked over their opponents until White could actually slam the big man. With the Machine Guns holding Coleman & Titus on the floor, White somersaulted off the top to wipe them out. It was Titus alone to feel Skull & Bones that allowed Shelley to pick up the pin fall for his team. .

Kushida vs. Silas Young
There was a “Real Men Section” in the front row gladly welcoming Silas while Young shook his head in utter disgust. There was a stern collar & elbow tie up to start this one and even Young breaking clean when they ended up on the ropes. Kushida wasn’t mentally fazed, sticking to his grappling in hopes of putting Silas on the backburner. Instead, Young used a hair grab to knee his opponent. Paying Young back, Kushida floated around his opponent to slap him on the back of his head before setting up the hip toss-dropkick combo. Using the referee as a shield, Young blocked an incoming attack to cheap shot the stunned New Japan star. Young smartly brought the fight to the floor so he could slam Kushida into the barricades. “The Last Real Man” initiated a strike exchange in the ring, resulting in Kushida getting his back raked. Pitching Kushida back to the apron, Young was able to hit that springboard clothesline to gain a two count. Muscling his way off the mat, Kushida kicked Young in position for a back rake of his own topped by the hip toss into a cross arm bar. “The Timesplitter” had to relinquish the hold to avoid being pressed against the mat for a pin. Rolling to the floor, Young needed a break that Kushida was not having. Using some slick maneuvering, Young kicked the middle rope into the ground of his opponent when Kushida tried to follow him into the ring. The Peegee Waja Plunge from Young didn’t connect, but the baseball haymaker did land for Kushida.
Blocking the handspring back elbow didn’t save Young as he got swept into the Hoverboard Lock. Young was reaching for anything that could help him free himself. Opting for a physical counter, Young was able to get Kushida up for the Peegee Waja Plunge … to gain a near fall!
Kushida went for the haymaker again when Young came off the ropes, only to take a knee to the jaw. Kushida couldn’t stop Misery or the three count that followed. Silas decided to take over commentator duties for the next match.

Jay Lethal & Hiroshi Tanahashi vs. War Machine
War Machine would not relinquish the Code of Honor handshake, so the first-time duo came up with an idea as Tanahashi dropped down to yank Ray Rowe into Hanson. Staggered, Hanson was prone to Lethal Injection! Hanson was still on his feet, but quickly taken down by Tanahashi’s Slingblade clothesline … that gave them a near fall!
The ROH-New Japan contingent started working over Hanson until Rowe ran in and got caught in Hiroshi’s abdominal stretch. It seemed the IWGP Tag Team champs were about to lose this one rather quickly until Lethal went for his patented tope. Catching Lethal in midair, War Machine slammed him on the floor before Rowe did the same with his own partner to crush Lethal. Isolating the former World champion, War Machine was dishing out knees aplenty. The fans rallied behind Lethal, but the power of their opposition was almost too much including a big knee from Rowe that almost resulted in a count-out victory. Using Rowe’s momentum against him, Lethal landed a rolling forearm topped by the Lethal Combination to finally make it to “The Ace”.
Rights & lefts were peppering Rowe while a dropkick put Hanson on the floor. The patented somersault senton connected for Tanahashi, but Hanson was there to save his partner from a sure pin. What Hanson couldn’t stop was the springboard cross body, nor Rowe inadvertently hitting his own partner. War Machine started showing no signs of pain as Hiroshi tried to punch both men off their feet. Tanahashi saw himself in a bad predicament that was made even worse by Hanson’s cartwheel clothesline to both opponents. With Lethal & Tanahashi stuck across the ring in respective corners, Hanson unleashed his never-ending series of clotheslines that were only stopped when Tanahashi kick him rather low. Both members of War Machine ended up taking Lethal topes until Hiroshi outdid them all with the somersault plancha off the top rope to the floor. Rowe was alone, taking a Slingblade-Hail to the King-High Fly Flow combination … that ended in a near fall thanks to Hanson!
All four men were hitting big maneuvers until Rowe blocked Lethal Injection by catching him in position for Fallout. Tanahashi saved his partner, only to be knocked to the floor and dove on by “War Beard”. In the ring, Lethal couldn’t stop the popup double team power slam that allowed Rowe to pin the former World champion.

ROH World Six-Man Tag Team Championship (No Disqualifications): The Briscoes & Bully Ray (c) vs. Los Ingobernables (SANADA, BUSHI & EVIL)
Bully Ray came in with a table overhead. Of course Ray grabbed the microphone to ask the fans what they’d like to see tonight. When the fans wanted extreme, Bully somehow made this a No Disqualification match. Not prepared in the least, the challengers were taken to the floor and battered. There was even a confrontation between EVIL and commentator Colt Cabana as EVIL took Colt’s chair. Reentering the ring, there was a chair fight between EVIL and Jay Briscoe that ended with EVIL utilizing a drop toe hold into an open chair. Mark came in to help his brother, but took a SANADA dropkick. Not showing much honor, Mark kicked the middle rope into SANADA’s ground before unleashing a somersault plancha off the apron to drive SANADA through the chair Jay sat him in while Ray abused BUSHI with chops. When the chops didn’t work for BUSHI, he simply clawed Bully in the eyes before his partner gave him the spread eagle treatment courtesy of the steel ring post. Ray tried to block the suplex of SANADA, but EVIL’s help allowed them to take Ray over. BUSHI reentered, stopping some flip, flop & fly action by dropkicking Ray’s legs from underneath him. Having to savate kick & clothesline his way to Mark Briscoe, Bully gained an unnecessary tag out.
Double teams were picking SANADA apart before EVIL felt the Mark-patented fisherman’s buster. BUSHI came flying off the top, dropkicking Mark to turn the tides in the challengers’ favors again. Jay Briscoe tagged in, lighting BUSHI up with jabs. The Time Bomb neck breaker connected for Jay, but BUSHI wasn’t out as his team helped him execute a lung blower that gave the masked man a two count. EVIL & SANADA wanted BUSHI to blind Jay with the mist, but he accidentally blinded his own men when Jay ducked. The fans wanted tables and the champs were happy to oblige after giving BUSHI the Wazzup. BUSHI couldn’t prevent the super bomb through a table or the three count following a Jay Briscoe lateral press.

Tetsuya Naito vs. Damien Martinez
Martinez became infuriated with his opponent refusing to lock up to the point Tetsuya was able to use it against the big man by spitting on him to lure him into a running attack that missed and sent Punishment to ringside. When Martinez reentered he unleashed that leaping stomp in the corner, but couldn’t keep a grip of the member of LIJ as he continuously left the ring until Punishment ran right into a capo kick. It seemed Naito was one step ahead of his opponent when Martinez caught a kick he used to power bomb Tetsuya across the ring’s edge. Spinning heel kick off the top followed for Martinez when the action returned inside. It was all Martinez until an attempted springboard maneuver resulted in him taking an intervened atomic drop followed by the basement dropkick. Naito was landing kick after kick aimed at Martinez’s left leg until he got caught in Punishment’s clutches for the Psycho Driver … that gave Martinez a near fall!
Naito recovered as Martinez climbed to the top rope, catching him with the frankensteiner that only resulted in a one count. Dey got up a clubberin’ with Martinez daring Naito to throw hands. Instead, Naito kicked and spat on him. Martinez retaliated with a lariat that was meant to set up a discus bicycle kick. Naito avoided the kick, executing the tornado DDT. Tetsuya had Destino in mind following a failed pin attempt, only to take a heaving falcon arrow-springboard senton splash combo … that ended in a near fall!
Martinez had the South of Heaven choke slam in mind when Naito countered with Destino … for a near fall!
Tetsuya demanded Martinez stand up when the big man flipped him off (similar to what happened when Punishment refused to follow the Code of Honor). Martinez’s show of disrespect was his last battle cry as he couldn’t stop another Destino or the three count.

ROH World Television Championship Proving Ground Instant Reward: Television champion Marty Scurll vs. Frankie Kazarian vs. Cheeseburger vs. Will Ferrara vs. Gedo vs. Beer City Bruiser vs. Vinny Marseglia
Before the bout, Vinny Marseglia came out to interject himself into this one. Kazarian had no qualms, helping clear the ring alongside the TV champ until Marseglia pulled him to the floor for a quick exchange between Ferrara and Gedo ending with Will being shoved to the floor. The champ reentered, finding Marseglia trying to scare Gedo with his Jason style hockey mask. Scurll countered by breaking Vinny’s mask by hitting it with his umbrellas. Things were settling down as Cheeseburger actually brought the fight to BCB. Ferrara joined his tag team partner, leading to a submission sequence featuring everyone but Bruiser and Vinny; so BCB just clobbered everyone. Following a BCB head scissor submission on Cheeseburger, everyone but Vinny joined in to create a head scissors centipede topped by Scurll turning everyone over into the longest Boston crab ever. Gedo loved the idea of working with Scurll; encouraging him to try and slam BCB. Bruiser’s weight was too much as he collapsed atop Scurll. Gedo helped his buddy recover, witnessing a tower of doom featuring Cheeseburger pulling everyone but the two villains off the top rope. To reward Cheeseburger, Scurll dislocated his fingers. But Scurll hurt the left hand, not the Shotei hand. Using the power of his chi, Vinny stopped the Shotei on him to start a sequence of moves topped off by Kazarian’s slingshot ace crusher on the champ. Kazarian seemed to be on the verge of winning it all when Cheeseburger knocked out BCB with the Shotei to earn himself an immediate TV title match.

ROH World Television Championship: Marty Scurll (c) vs. Cheeseburger
Scurll pulled a Pearl Harbor job on his latest challenger, pitching him into their former opponents. These impromptu lumberjacks helped Cheeseburger back into the ring for a cradle that almost ended this one. Cheeseburger got up with the Shotei in mind, but got his legs kicked out from underneath him. Countering the Chicken Wing, Cheeseburger went for the flying knee strike after Ferrara saved him from taking an umbrella to the head. Cheeseburger’s flying knee didn’t end with a connection in his favor, but Scurll utilizing the European uppercut did work. Cheeseburger couldn’t stop the Chicken Wing or the submission loss that followed.

ROH World Championship: Christopher Daniels (c) vs. Matt Taven w/Vinny Marseglia
Deep arm drag by the challenger at the start of this one set the early tempo in favor of Matt Taven. Avoidances and arm drags were the name of the game as Taven started warning Daniels of his impending downfall would be easier to swallow if he just lay down. Feigning a leapfrog, Daniels literally kicked Taven’s butt before sending him to the floor for a quick assault topped off by a plancha. The fans were solidly behind “The General” as he took Taven over the top rope with a clothesline. Blocking a chop at ringside, Vinny caused a distraction that allowed Taven to propel Daniels against the barricades over & over again. In a sickening piece of innovation, Taven utilized a side Russian leg sweet so Daniels’ back and head hit the steel ring post. The challenger’s attack was obviously centered on working over Daniels’ back.
As the commentators noted Taven’s previous knee injury, The Kingdom leader took off his knee brace to unleash a pair of backbreakers including a butterfly version. During Taven’s attack, Daniels’ nose started bleeding – something that wasn’t helped when Matt connected with a shining wizard. Rather than focus on the face of Daniels, Taven stuck to his game plan of attacking the champ’s torso. Getting a little too cocky, Taven got caught on the top rope and power slammed. Daniels was on fire, landing not only strikes, but also the STO. With the leg lariat knocking Taven to the floor, Daniels was able to execute the Arabian moonsault before blowing out a slush of blood from his nose. The blue thunder bomb didn’t give Daniels the three count he was looking for, but he believed the Best Moonsault Ever would. Taven didn’t let the champ find out as he got his knees up to block the move and send his legs into the chest and face of his opposition. Taven’s version of the blue thunder bomb only gave him a two count. Thinking he could finish this one off right here, Taven pulled out the Climax … to gain a near fall!
The challenger started making plays in Vinny’s direction – causing Marseglia to set up a table at ringside. Daniels blocked a power bomb through the table, jamming Taven in the turnbuckle with a modified Mindtrip. Daniels wanted to pull of a suplex through the table when Marseglia positioned himself directly behind the champ to ensure Daniels couldn’t fall backwards. This momentary distraction was enough for Daniels to let go of Taven and the challenger to knock his opponent off the apron with a springboard enzuguri. Daniels went sailing, crashing through the table!
Taven shouted at Marseglia to throw Daniels back in, but it didn’t end in a three count as the challenger hoped. Climbing the ropes, Taven had the frog splash in mind. And just like Taven himself, Daniels got the knees up to stop a frog splash. Kazarian ran out to prevent any more interference from Vinny as Taven missed a roundhouse kick. Inadvertently spinning into the uranage, Taven couldn’t prevent Daniels from hitting the Best Moonsault Ever. Holding down Taven as hard as he could, Daniels picked up the pin fall victory to retain his title.

The Bullet Club (The Young Bucks, Cody & Adam Page) vs. CHAOS (Hirooki Goto, Roppongi Vice & Will Ospreay)
Beretta volunteered himself to take on Matt Jackson after the two had a war of words. When Nick illegally slapped Beretta it allowed Matt to not only club him from behind, but also too sweet him in the eyes. Beretta recovered and responded with the knife-edge chop. Another illegal attack from Nick Jackson set off a brawl between The Bucks and Roppongi Vice. Rocky Romero & Beretta opted out of the ring to avoid the #SuperKickParty. Adam Page tagged himself in, calling out Hirooki Goto. Though Page landed the first strike it was Goto who knocked down his opponent first. Will Ospreay and Cody tagged in, leading to a quick low blow from Cody that was topped by Ospreay giving Cody some Shattered Dreams. The Bucks ran in, feeling a double hurricarana from Ospreay before “The Aerial Assassin” did his superhero pose. Cody responded by kicking Ospreay’s open head; leading to a sequence where everyone was looking to suplex their opponents. CHAOS won the battle of the suplex attempts with a quadruple team suplex. Countering a handspring attack, Cody utilized a reverse DDT on Ospreay before The Bullet Club unleashed dropkicks, enzuguris and an Alabama slam on an isolated Ospreay. Poor Ospreay found himself having a full invitation to the #SuperKickParty including a quadruple series that put Will in the front row. It seemed The Bullet Club had this one in order when they made the big mistake of letting Ospreay get his legs moving. Slipping & flipping, Ospreay made it to the Rocky for that never-ending series of clotheslines that put down every adversary. As if that wasn’t enough, Matt took a doomsday knee on the floor.
Dey was a clubberin’ around the ring until Matt ended up in the ring with Vice. It was all CHAOS as they dominated Matt on their part of the ring. When Nick tried to get involved, he got put in position alongside his brother to have his and Matt’s faces scraped by Beretta. Ducking a double team clothesline, Matt was able to spike Vice with Sliced Bread thanks to a little assist from Nick. Rolling to their respective corners, Beretta and Matt allowed Cody and Goto to slug it out legally. The Beautiful Disaster connected for Cody on Goto before Nick and Ospreay started performing mirror moves on all of their respective opponents. Nick and Ospreay found themselves in a brawl with Nick winning while throwing crotch chops. “The Aerial Assassin” give Nick what he wanted, biting down on the groin of his opponent as Matt ran in. Looking to save his partner from genital mutilation, Matt threw a super kick that did more damage as he hit his brother when Ospreay moved. The disturbing moment turned into a sequence of big maneuvers from everyone ending with a double handspring back kick by Ospreay on both Bucks. Cody was there to save Matt from a sure pin after Ospreay’s somersault splashes. Just when it seemed CHAOS had regained control, The Bucks pulled off some super kicks. It was a true #SuperKickParty and Ospreay & Romero were the last men standing to feel stereo Meltzer Drivers … that gave Nick a near fall thanks to Beretta’s interference!
The fans were going wild as Nick called for the end. Instead, Nick almost got killed with the Goto lariat. Double reverse hurricarana on The Bucks spiked them courtesy of Ospreay. Will came off the ropes, hitting a double OsCutter on both Matt and Nick to pin the latter for a big win.

Is It Worth Your Money: The second of what would be four nights of action including a pay-per-view and a TV taping turned out to be another strong showing mostly thanks to the last two matches – just like the night before. Unlike the show in Toronto, the main event stole the show with an exciting eight-man battle that had a surprising ending. The semi-main event suffered from a lack of crowd heat, but Taven and Daniels had a great amount of chemistry that allowed for them to turn out a strong showing and a great display for Taven in a top tier scenario. The only other match that really stood out was the War Machine-Tanahashi & Lethal bout thanks to Lethal’s great work all around. Everything else was solid, yet ultimately forgettable; making this another show worthy of seeing, but nothing you need to go out of your way to see immediately.
ROH “War of the Worlds: Dearborn” is a Completionist’s Purchase.

Coleman’s Pulpit with Jay Lethal

“The Problem is the People Forgot” – The Briscoes

Ashley Lane vs. Mschif vs. Lacey vs. Daizee Haze

The Briscoes vs. Future Shock

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The ROHbot Report: State of the Art Reviews, ROH International Cup, And More
Jun 19, 2018
The Challenge: Champs vs. Stars 3 - Episode 9
Jun 18, 2018
The ROHbot Report: San Antonio/Dallas Previews, Bullies Dominate, and More
Jun 12, 2018
The Challenge: Champs vs. Stars 3 - Episode 8
Jun 10, 2018
The ROHbot Report: Austin Aries Goes For The Gold, NY TV Results, And More
Jun 5, 2018
The Challenge: Champs vs. Stars 3 - Episode 7
Jun 1, 2018
The ROHbot Report: UK Tour Reviews, TV Recap, And More
May 29, 2018
The Challenge: Champs vs. Stars - Episode 6
May 25, 2018
The ROHbot Report: Honor United Previews, ROH TV Episode 348, And More
May 22, 2018
The Challenge: Champs vs. Stars 3 - Episode 5
May 19, 2018
The Challenge: Champs vs. Stars 3 - Episode 4
May 14, 2018
The ROHbot Report: War of the Worlds Reviews, Chicago TV Taping Preview, And More
May 13, 2018
The ROHbot Report: War of the Worlds, Bound By Honor: Lakeland, And More
May 5, 2018
TGIF: Hornswoggle Won The Rumble, Los Ingobernables de Jericho, and More
May 4, 2018
The Challenge: Champs vs. Stars 3 - Episode 3
May 4, 2018
The ROHbot Report: War of the Worlds Main Events Announced and More
Apr 29, 2018
The Challenge: Champs vs. Stars 3 - Episode 2
Apr 27, 2018
The Challenge: Champs vs. Stars 3 - Episode 1
Apr 24, 2018
The ROHbot Report: Pittsburgh TV, Masters of the Craft Review, And More
Apr 23, 2018
The Challenge: Vendettas - Reunion (Part 2)
Apr 20, 2018

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