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The ROHbot Report: Madison Rayne Returns, Simon Gotch Debuts, And More

By James Bullock Nov 12, 2017 - 8:47 AM print

Welcome to another edition of The ROHbot Report – the only article you need for all the Ring of Honor news you have to know without stepping in the ring. Ring of Honor returns to Florida for a big TV taping that will get everyone ready for “Final Battle”. Lets find out what they have planned thus far for not only the taping, but also “Survival of the Fittest” and the company’s biggest event of the year!

Sunshine State Excellence TV Taping Preview; November 12th, 2017; Lakeland, FL

The Bullet Club (Kenny Omega & The Young Bucks) vs. Rocky Romero, Beretta & Chuckie T.
It’s a war that seems old as time itself, yet never gets any less amazing – the problems between The Bullet Club and CHAOS. Over the last few years variations of each faction have done battle against each other to produce incredible encounters and, most importantly, title changes as the former Roppongi Vice traded the IWGP Jr. Heavyweight Tag Team title with The Young Bucks on a consistent basis over the last two years. But since their last clash in Long Beach this past summer where The Young Bucks retained their title, Rocky Romero let Beretta branch out on his own. And even prior to that career-turning moment was the first appearance of Chuckie T. in ROH where he teamed with Vice in a successful pairing that would give way to the Best Friends challenging for ROH Tag gold. The reformed Roppongi Vice-Best Friends combo could actually become a golden trio if this match follows the pattern of what occurred during the “Global Wars” tour where The Bullet Club instituted the Freebirds rule to make any six-man match they were involved in a title match. Ironically enough it was during the aforementioned tour where the Best Friends teamed with Flip Gordon in one of the best bouts of the entire tour to almost dethrone the champions. Excellence will be an understatement when it comes to this one and, thankfully, it will be televised.

Jay Lethal vs. Matt Taven
In 2014, Jay Lethal aligned himself with Truth Martini en route to become a two-time ROH World Television champion shortly after Martini dropped Matt Taven from The House of Truth. The year prior was a breakout time for the New England native as Taven won not only the Top Prospect Tournament, but also became the only man to win the Television Championship off his TPT victory. After a year of cheap wins and partying, Taven lost it all and Lethal, thanks to the same man who assisted Taven during that entire time, helped Lethal pick up the pieces while Martini constantly mocked his former client. Taven took exception to not only Martini’s actions, but also Lethal’s as the then-champ did everything in his power to keep Matt away from the title he held for a majority of 2013. When “Field of Honor ‘14” concluded, Taven walked away from the rivalry defeated and focused on tag team competition while Lethal grew into the face of ROH by winning the ROH World Championship and having great matches with a variety of opponents. Though far removed from their rivalry over title gold, Taven hadn’t let the fire of revenge die out and let it fuel him during the “Soaring Eagle Cup” where he pulled off one of the most shocking victories of his ROH career thus far by pinning Lethal to advance into the finals of the tournament. Taven’s win in Mt. Pleasant was a huge moment of validation for him that not only was he so much better than he was three years ago, but also has the ability to take that next step to main event status. Lethal needs to get back in his winning ways if he wants to not let his era slip and men like Taven take the moniker of ROH’s “franchise.”

Flip Gordon vs. Adam Page
“Welcome to Ring of Honor!” is a phrase that’s haunted Flip Gordon since his joined the ROH roster full-time courtesy of The Bullet Club. On various episodes of “Being The Elite”, Gordon’s good nature has been used against him as The Bullet Club have tricked, choked and, of course, super kicked him whenever it seemed like they were simply welcoming him to ROH or playing a “harmless rib.” For obvious reasons, Flip has taken exception to the actions of wrestling’s most powerful faction going today; looking to do whatever he can in his power to stand up for himself and put The Bullet Club members who have been hounding him for months in their places. Yet, Gordon has come up short even though he’s been a part of some incredibly entertaining matches including the main event of “Global Wars: Columbus” where he teamed with the Best Friends; coming up short in dethroning the defending Six-Man Tag Team champions Young Bucks & Kenny Omega by utilizing the old Freebirds Rule while dubbing it, “The Bullet Club Rule,” where any three members can defend the ROH World Six-Man Tag Team Championship at any given time. But it was Adam Page that initially won the gold alongside The Young Bucks and looks to prove his superiority in singles action against the master of the 4Nifty splash. But what if Gordon pulls off what would definitely be considered an upset? It’s hard to be believe Flip won’t propel himself into title contention be it singles or tag team. For Page, a win here wouldn’t mean half as much compared to a victory for Gordon, but would further iterate that Flip isn’t powerful enough to stand up for himself against The Bullet Club.

The Addiction vs. Coast to Coast
“Best in the World ‘17” proved to be a turning point in the ROH careers of Christopher Daniels & Frankie Kazarian. Late in Lowell that night, Daniels entered an arena that should’ve cheered one of the founding father of Honor. Instead, the then-World champion was booed relentlessly en route to losing the ROH World Championship. Since that night, The Addiction have declared war on anything ROH loves; be it The Bullet Club or talent just getting their ROH careers started like Leon St. Giovanni & Shaheem Ali, Coast to Coast. Over the last few months, the former Top Prospect Tournament competitors have found a bond in the ring that matches their friendship outside of the ring where they’ve gelled as a unit & impressed every time they’ve been seen in a ring together. Unfortunately for CtC, their win-loss record doesn’t have the stellar praise of their in-ring performances; resulting in them being typecast as a low-tier duo with champion-level potential. This is a huge opportunity for LSG & Ali as a win here would propel them near the top of the Tag Team title rankings thanks to a victory over the former two-time ROH World Tag Team champions. The Addiction are too gunning for gold, but not in the name of honor as more gold equals more power to take away what ROH fans enjoy seeing – some of the best wrestlers on the planet trying to attain championship glory in impressive fashion; and this should be one impressive match to state the least.

The pro wrestling and entertainment worlds are buzzing about the news that actor and pro wrestling enthusiast Stephen Amell will be “invading” Ring of Honor’s Survival of the Fittest event in San Antonio on November 17th.

This is huge news as the “Arrow” star has not only interacted with current ROH World champion Cody on TV, but also wrestled against the former “Stardust” in a fantastic showing during “SummerSlam” that saw Amell do what many in ROH have hoped to do since Cody debuted in ROH last year by defeating the future World champion. There’s a chance Amell could be anything from a second to The Bullet Club to a special guest enforcer. No matter what, his appearance should get more eyes on the ROH product in a good way.

The Best Wrestling on the Planet returns to the Alamo City on Friday, November 17th for Night One of Survival of the Fittest! The main event for San Antonio has been signed and it is a first-time dream tag team match: The Bullet Club’s Cody & Kenny Omega vs. The Addiction!

Everything truly changed at ROH’s “15th Anniversary” pay-per-view as Frankie Kazarian – who pretended to join The Bullet Club – cost then-member Adam Cole the ROH World Championship while Christopher Daniels achieved a dream many believed would never come true. But Daniels’ reign was nothing short of rocky as the fans that once supported him were jumping on board with the group that looked to make sure he and Kazarian never wrestled again. At the forefront of The Bullet Club’s attempt at regaining the ROH World Championship was none other than Cody. While Kazarian was fighting off the onslaught of Hangman Page, Daniels was doing everything in his power to stop Cody from accomplishing his goal. Eventually “The General” couldn’t hold off Cody any longer as “The American Nightmare” bested Daniels at “Best in the World” to become the new ROH World champion. Cody topped that accomplishment by besting Daniels in a Two Out of Three Falls title rematch that effectively sent his rival over the edge and turned him against the crowd now jeering his every move. Not long after that moment, The Addiction turned on the fans that jeered him as Kenny Omega and Cody buried the hatchet when it comes to who really runs The Bullet Club. This will mark the first time Omega will step into a ROH ring alongside Cody in two-on-two tag team action to take on the former two-time ROH World Tag Team champions. A win for The Addiction could not only get them the revenge they’ve been seeking for quite some time, but also satisfy their urge to make the more-than-likely pro-Bullet Club fans upset that their favorites lost. This bout has all the makings of being a mixture of everything that makes ROH great with dynamic characters, wrestling, and the potential for a shocking conclusion if The Addiction can pull off the Best Meltzer Ever.

Almost one year after they became the inaugural ROH World Six-Man Tag Team champions, The Kingdom finds themselves embroiled in a rivalry with Search & Destroy that’ll continue in San Antonio when the trio takes on The Motor City Machine Guns & Jonathan Gresham!

History was made at “Death Before Dishonor XV” and vindication was had when The Motor City Machine Guns finally won the ROH World Tag Team Championship. The men who reinvented junior heavyweight tag team wrestling for a new millennium tried to turn every chance in ROH into championship glory, but came up short until that summer’s night in Vegas. But challengers are lined up and knocking at the door, literally. With a baseball bat and axe respectively, TK O’Ryan & Vinny Marseglia have turned their initial intentions to regain the ROH World Six-Man Tag Team title into a brand new goal: become the new ROH World Tag Team champions. Making their intentions known early in The Machine Guns’ reign, The Kingdom cheated their way to victory over Alex Shelley, Chris Sabin & Jonathan Gresham in a six-man encounter one night after Shelley & Sabin became champions – a match that aired on ROH TV. Unfortunately for The Kingdom, their winning ways didn’t continue when the gold was on the line as they took on the champs and The Young Bucks in a Triple Threat match during “Global Wars: Pittsburgh” that saw Matt Jackson take the fall and The Machine Guns retain. Not being gifted a two-on-two title shot, The Kingdom cried, “Conspiracy!” In their humble opinions, the first-ever ROH Six-Man Tag Team champions have been treated unfairly since TK’s return from injury even though they are champion-level talent. The Kingdom as a full unit has the chance to prove their claims as being deserving of more in ROH true with another win over the ROH Tag Team champions & one of the brightest stars rising up the ranks. Their match on ROH TV was incredibly good, but somewhat marred by the dishonorable ending – hopefully the latter won’t be the case this time around while the quality set before Taven rolled up Gresham following a cane shot to his opponent’s back will be what everyone in attendance experiences.

The first match of the 2017 Survival of the Fittest tournament has been finalized: Jay Lethal vs. Punishment Martinez!

The 2012 “Survival of the Fittest” winner is back on his grind to become the next ROH World champion. In 2012, Lethal was still trying to find himself as a worthy contender to the ROH World Championship. In 2017, Punishment Martinez finds himself in a similar position with several failed opportunities to not only become a top contender, but also win ROH gold when given the chance such as earlier this year when he was involved in a Triple Threat match against Christopher Daniels and Jay White with the World title on the line. But that doesn’t mean Martinez isn’t dangerous or is a loser. The big man showed last year he’s very comfortable in tournament environments. Martinez has also shown just how capable he is against top tier talent in both ROH and New Japan over the past year; almost defeating the likes of Hirooki Goto and Tetsuya Naito between various wins over men such as Frankie Kazarian. This match could provide the biggest upset of the tournament on name recognition, but not when comparing physical advantages that definitely puts Martinez in the position as a favorite to win this contest. Lethal has bested men bigger than him in the past; and it will take a lot of heart & fortitude for him to win this modern-day David vs. Goliath clash that could steal the show.

It’ll be another first-time battle in the opening round of Survival of the Fittest when Josh Woods takes on Silas Young!

2017 has been a great year for the respective careers of Silas Young and Josh Woods. When it comes to the latter, Woods with his relative inexperience as a pro wrestler used MMA skills to make it through three matches and win the 2017 Top Prospect Tournament. From there “The Goods” took Jay Briscoe to the limit, bested the returning QT Marshall, and even made Shane Taylor tap out. Silas Young, after many years of being a ROH star on the cusp of greatness, finally saw his potential turn into promise as he picked a feud with Jay Lethal that culminated in “The Last Real Man” defeating Lethal in a Last Man Standing Match at “Death Before Dishonor XV”. While Young hasn’t immediately turned that huge victory into championship glory (similar to Woods who failed to defeat Kenny King to win the ROH TV title – a shot he earned by winning the TPT), but this could easily be the beginning of his rise to glory where he finally wins a title in ROH. This will be an interesting mix of styles as Young is rooted in old school wrestling while Woods is the definition of a “hybrid” grappler. Both men have proven they can thrive in tournament situations (Young being a winner of last year’s Tag Wars tourney) and it might simply come down to experience and proficiency that determines a winner here.

The ring better be reinforced for this Survival of the Fittest qualifier when Shane Taylor and Beer City Bruiser go head-to-head!

It’ll be the irresistible force meeting the immovable object in San Antonio as two ROH Super Heavyweights collide for the chance to advance in their mutual first “SotF” appearances. Both men have primarily been tag team competitors during their respective tenures in ROH, but have found minor success as singles stars with Shane Taylor being a gun for hire that has hurt several competitors while Beer City Bruiser has worked alongside Silas Young to pull off one of the most memorable thrashing of a main event talent when he put Jay Lethal on the shelf with a frog splash off the top rope through a table on the floor. There’s a good chance these two uncanny agile big men will surprise everyone in attendance with maneuver unexpected of them to match the hard-hitting forearms & slams. Though they are big & durable as they come, the beating they could and most likely will unleash on each other could hinder the winner’s ability of making it far in the finals. For fans of hoss battles this is the match thus far announced that will satisfy that craving for big man violence.

The rematch one year in the making happens in San Antonio when Dalton Castle fights Marty Scurll!

Last year’s “Reach for the Sky” tour was historic for ROH for a variety of reasons including the ROH in-ring debut of Marty Scurll. Standing across the ring from “The Villain” was none other than one of ROH’s most charismatic grapplers of all time in Dalton Castle. Though Scurll was tested on that night, it wasn’t enough for Castle to pull out the victory and spoil what would become a groundbreaking weekend for Scurll as he’d parley the win into a Television Championship reign only two nights later. Though it seemed inevitable their paths would cross again sooner than later, but later occurred before sooner thanks to the events of “War of the Worlds” in May where the TV title scene was shaken up by Kushida defeating Scurll for the title only two nights after Castle won a Four Corner Survival on pay-per-view in a match that featured the future TV champ. Three months after “The Villain” failed to retain the TV title, Kushida defended his championship in a match that also included Scurll, Castle and Hiromu Takahashi. While “The Peacock” and Scurll physically interacted during the show, it wasn’t until the next night in Edinburgh when things got personal as Castle answering Cody open challenge for a future World title shot drew not only the champ’s ire, but the entire The Bullet Club – leading to an attack in Castle that put Dalton out of action for the past two months. Now Castle is hunting for not only revenge, but also that title shot Cody refuses to give him heading into “Final Battle”. They had a fantastic match a year ago when it was simply a showcase. It’s hard to imagine this encounter won’t be better thanks to added intensity & hostility. If Castle wins he’ll be one step closer to officially getting a match with Cody while Scurll attempts to be something of an enforcer to keep Dalton far away from singles title glory.

In San Antonio, Flip Gordon has recruited a high-flyer that perfectly compliments his style to take on one of the best teams in the world when The Young Bucks take on Flip Gordon & Scorpio Sky!

Recently on ROH TV, the Honorable rookie known as Flip Gordon put The Bullet Club on notice: He’s sick & tired of being abused by the faction’s “harmless ribs” that usually resulted in Gordon being successfully invited to the #SuperKickParty. Gordon has plans to gather help from all corners of the wrestling community to help push back the growing influence The Bullet Club has on not only ROH, but the wrestling business & its wrestlers as a whole. Also seen on ROH TV was veteran Scorpio Sky be robbed of becoming the ROH World champion when Cody raked him in the eyes to lock in that American Deathlock for a submission victory. Sky, impressing both ROH officials and fans, is getting more opportunities to showcase his talent on a grander scale while potentially gaining a measure of revenge by teaming with Gordon in an attempt to do the impossible and defeat two-thirds of the ROH World Six-Man Tag Team champions and, arguably the best tag team going today in any company. The Young Bucks have some big chips on their shoulders considering at “Global Wars: Columbus” they defeated Gordon to retain their Six-Man title. Could this be a running theme for Gordon where he comes up short against his bullies, or will he be able to change reality to favor him and his new partner? This should be a wild, highflying affair unlike anything else seen during the night.

CMLL stars Esfinge & Rey Cometa make their ROH debuts in San Antonio on November 17th and they will find out if The Dawgs bark is louder than their bite!

The friendship of Will Ferrara & Rhett Titus is an odd one built on the mantra of “guys being guys”. As seen on ROH TV, both Titus and Ferrara crave the spotlight and having the claim to be the one responsible for carrying their team to victory even if it means the two get into some mid-match arguments when things don’t go as planned. The same probably won’t be stated about the debuting CMLL stars Esfinge & Rey Cometa – the prior having found great success as one-half of a duo in CMLL. One very interesting note coming into this one is the fact The Dawgs has a win over the current IWGP Jr. Heavyweight Tag Team champions formerly known as “The Tempura Boyz”, Roppongi 3K. The Dawgs believe they can not only gain a title opportunity if they can defeat international stars, but also tour New Japan – giving this match much higher stakes than what it would appear on paper. This should be a very fun opener or post-intermission match that could set the stag for something bigger in ROH or New Japan.

ROH World Television champion Kenny King was a recent guest of Caprice Coleman’s Pulpit. On The Pulpit, King promised to defend the World TV title whenever he was able to at every live event! Sensing an opportunity, “The Heavy Metal Rebel” Frankie Kazarian has taken up King on his willingness to defend the title and King has obliged. The ROH World Television Championship will be on the line in Dallas when Kenny King defends against Frankie Kazarian!

Over the last two months The Addiction have spent their time trying to annoy wrestlers & fans alike more than competing with the intention of winning matches. The former two-time ROH World Tag Team champions have also spent a majority of 2017 chasing singles success while backing each other both physically and vocally. Someone else who has found success by himself in 2017 after his faction The Rebellion was forced to break up and King, rather than linger, shot for the stars by going for ROH gold; becoming the ROH World Television champion in the process by besting Kushida in a great match. Like Kenny King prior to “Death Before Dishonor XV”, Frankie Kazarian has only been a champion in ROH as a tag team competitor and not on his own even though he’s had the opportunity to change that fact several times (most recently on ROH TV when he challenged for the ROH World Championship). Kazarian and King aren’t strangers to each other as they’ve done battle in tag team competition in past where the then-All Night Express picked up a big win on ROH TV. Obviously there are some huge differences between singles and tag team answer and if King isn’t careful the numbers game that will most likely come into effect thanks to Christopher Daniels could see the crowning of a new ROH World TV champion if he isn’t prepared for the worst while wrestling like the best.

Two CMLL stars make their ROH and U.S. debuts in San Antonio! But in Dallas, they will team up for the very first time and could be traveling with much heavier suitcases when Esfinge & Rey Cometa challenge The Motor City Machine Guns for the ROH World Tag Team Championship!

Similar to last year’s tournament, the stars of CMLL will be involved in the “Survival of the Fittest” and could be working double duty depending on how far they make it. This will mark the first time either have competed in ROH and the United States in general. Rey Cometa is a former CMLL Mexican National Welterweight champion and the master of the running double corkscrew plancha known as “Cometa Especial” that could prove to be his key to victory in the most unexpected of fashions. Coming alongside Cometa for this match is a man ten years his younger in the ring, but still chock full of experience in Esfinge. The third-generation grappler has found success as a tag champion alongside El Gallo and winning the 2016 Torneo Gran Alternativa with Volador Jr. as his partner. While his partner for this evening likes to finish opponents with a high-impact maneuver, Esfringe has submission skills to his name including his match-ending Nudo Egipico (an inverted Indian deathlock turned into a bridging pin). It’ll be interesting to see if these two can live up to the high expectations set & met by Ultimo Guerrero, Titan, and Dragon Lee before them in ROH while potentially becoming the first Mexican ROH World Tag Team champions.

Two of the most popular stars in Ring of Honor team for the very first time to take on one of the best teams in the world in a tag team dream match: The Young Bucks vs. Dalton Castle & Jay Lethal!

Dalton Castle & Jay Lethal are on very similar journeys as they are gunning for the ROH World champion. But these one-night tag team partners might also be on a collision course depending on what happens at “Final Battle”. But before ROH returns to New York it’ll see Lethal and Castle collide with two men who are Bullet Club through & through – a faction that has been a thorn in the respective sides of “The Peacock” and “The Franchise of ROH”. Two-thirds of ROH’s Six-Man Tag Team champions have been on a roll, but still want more after losing the ROH World Tag Team title to The Motor City Machine Guns. Even though Lethal & Castle aren’t usual partners, they have the talent that, if it comes together properly, can challenge the best of the best in tag team wrestling; and that theory will surely be tested in Dallas. The most interesting aspect of this match has to be how each man will feel coming into this one considering all four will be in some strenuous matches the night before and will also compete twenty-four hours later. This could easily be the main event of this event not just because of the star-power, but also the potential of this one being a definitive showcase of what is ROH action.

Madison Rayne makes her return to ROH on November 19th in Oklahoma when she does battle with Women of Honor standout Deonna Purrazzo!

Following the lead of former ROH competitor and SHINE Wrestling champion Rain, former TNA/Impact Wrestling Knockout champion Madison Rayne spent the early part of her career learning on the job thanks to her being forced into the ring with the likes of Sara Del Ray, Daizee Haze and Lacey. While the then “Ashley Lane” didn’t make a splash in the original Women of Honor division, her connections with SHIMMER allowed her star to rise in quick fashion as she became one-half of the first SHIMMER Tag Team champions. The title win changed Lane’s career as she was figuratively thrown onto the radar and picked up by TNA Wrestling and eventually became one of the Knockout division’s biggest vocal points. Now Rayne returns to the place where a new generation of talent has taken over the division she wanted to call home all those years ago with the intent of proving she’s still got it against one of the faces of Women of Honor, Deonna Purrazzo. “The Globetrotter” has proven what hard work & dedication can produce as she’s become one of the most talked about women wrestlers for the last year and would be a shoe-in to win the Women of Honor Championship if one is ever instituted. Though Purrazzo has been nothing short of impressive in her career thus far, Rayne has the experience and, most importantly, talent to defeat any woman in her path. It’ll be a hard road for Purrazzo if she plans on spoiling Madison’s return in an area that gave her the star-power to become who she is today.

Ring of Honor’s seminal event, Final Battle, emanates from the Hammerstein Ballroom on Friday December 15th at 9 PM EST! And with great excitement, Ring of Honor is excited to announce that the main event has been agreed upon in principle, with the official contract signing to take place on November 12th, 2017 at the international television taping in Lakeland, FL: Cody defends the ROH World Championship against Dalton Castle!

“Final Battle 2016” was meant to be a crowning achievement for Ring of Honor for various reasons: ROH’s return to the Hammerstein Ballroom for a sell-out crowd to witness, the highly-anticipated finale of a long-standing feud over the ROH World Championship, the surprise challenge by Matt Hardy to “The Bucks of Youth”, and the ROH debut of Cody (Rhodes). “The Grandson of a Plumber”, having spent some time as a fan favorite on the independent scene, entered the Hammerstein Ballroom to a lauded welcome; but little did anyone know that Cody was a wolf in sheep’s clothing. Kicking Jay Lethal in the groin to set up Cross Rhodes. Cody showed his true colors by proving he’ll win by any means necessary even if it means being dishonorable. Cody embracing his true self in the ring allowed him grand opportunities including a spot in The Bullet Club and, most importantly, the chance to win the ROH World Championship at “Best in the World ‘17”. Following ROH’s “War of the Worlds: UK” tour, the career of Dalton Castle was at a crossroads.
“The Pro Wrestling Peacock” found himself on the bad side of The Bullet Club that saw him & The Boys lose the ROH World Six-Man Tag Team title to The Hung Bucks of Matt & Nick Jackson and Adam Page. The title change happened only one night after Castle confronted ROH World champion Cody in an attempt to answer the champ’s open challenge similar to SANADA before him and Cheeseburger after the former Six-Man titleholder. Cody didn’t take Castle confronting him lighting, attacking Dalton and putting him out of action with a back injury. And in a perfect turn of events for Castle, Dalton was able to make his return at Cody’s expense that saw a masked Castle attack the World champ after unveiling himself. Castle upped the ante in Philadelphia during a ROH TV taping to formally challenge the champ while “The American Nightmare” disrespected his wannabe challenger. Castle took Cody’s words and used them to fuel his fury that resulted in Castle standing tall with the World title belt in hand. ROH officials have heard the people and now have delivered on what they want: Cody vs. Castle for all the marbles at “Final Battle”. While a lot can change in a month, if everything comes to be as hoped this could see one of the most anticipated matches of the year in ROH to deliver something special in a big way.

Daniels vs. Cody at Soaring Eagle Cup

Deonna Purrazzo vs. Karen Q

Manny Lemons vs. Shane Alden vs. Shaheem Ali

Kevin Steen vs. El Generico

Samoa Joe vs. Christopher Daniels vs. Jay Lethal vs. BJ Whitmer

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The ROHbot Report: Bully-Burger Steal the Show, NWA Title in ROH, And More
Jul 10, 2018
Anime Verdict: Street Fighter 2 The Animated Movie
Jul 8, 2018
The ROHbot Report: Best in the World Review, Fairfax TV Tapings, And More
Jul 3, 2018
The Challenge: Champs vs. Stars 3 - Finale & Reunion
Jun 28, 2018
The ROHbot Report: Best in the World '18, TV Classic Main Event, And More
Jun 27, 2018
TGIF: Cass'd Away, DIY Does It Again, and More
Jun 22, 2018
The ROHbot Report: State of the Art Reviews, ROH International Cup, And More
Jun 19, 2018
The Challenge: Champs vs. Stars 3 - Episode 9
Jun 18, 2018
The ROHbot Report: San Antonio/Dallas Previews, Bullies Dominate, and More
Jun 12, 2018
The Challenge: Champs vs. Stars 3 - Episode 8
Jun 10, 2018
The ROHbot Report: Austin Aries Goes For The Gold, NY TV Results, And More
Jun 5, 2018
The Challenge: Champs vs. Stars 3 - Episode 7
Jun 1, 2018
The ROHbot Report: UK Tour Reviews, TV Recap, And More
May 29, 2018
The Challenge: Champs vs. Stars - Episode 6
May 25, 2018
The ROHbot Report: Honor United Previews, ROH TV Episode 348, And More
May 22, 2018
The Challenge: Champs vs. Stars 3 - Episode 5
May 19, 2018
The Challenge: Champs vs. Stars 3 - Episode 4
May 14, 2018

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