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By James Bullock Jul 17, 2018 - 6:19 PM print

Welcome to another edition of The ROHbot Report – the only article you need for all the Ring of Honor news you have to know. ROH has an impressive summer season ahead of it continuing with a return to “The Music City”. Lets find out what we’ll see in Nashville and after.

Honor For All Preview; July 20th, 2018; Nashville, TN

ROH World Championship: Jay Lethal defends against Silas Young
It had been over two years since these two men shared a ring in singles competition before ROH’s “Reloaded Tour” in 2016. Then, “The Last Real Man” was just getting his footing in ROH after failing to overcome some of the best ROH had to offer including Mark Briscoe. Jay Lethal, on the other hand, was attempting to return to the mountaintop he once occupied as the ROH Television champion. From their previous encounter that saw Lethal overcome Young, “The Greatest 1st Generation Wrestler” went on to become not only a two-time ROH World Television champion, but also the ROH World champion a year-plus after he bested “The Last Real Man”. Then came this year’s conclusion of the “Reloaded Tour”. The two men fought not once, but twice in one night. Their first encounter was a singles bout that saw the same result from their previous match where Lethal walked away as the victor. Though Jay won the battle that night, the spoils of war went to Silas Young as they both men were involved in the Honor Rumble match. They kicked off the match and wrestled throughout until they were the last two men standing. And in a somewhat shocking twist, Young eliminated the former World champion to earn himself a future ROH World title opportunity. Only two weeks after their clash during the “Tour”, Lethal and Young did battle yet again with “The Last Real Man” being unable to avenge his singles loss while Lethal continued to his quest toward regaining the championship he lost at “Death Before Dishonor XIV”.
It would take another six months before these two men found themselves standing across the ring from one another. During this encounter, Young had the home field advantage and took advantage of the situation to pick up a clean win over “The Franchise of ROH”. Young’s victory gave Silas the belief that he was deserving of more from ROH, but it was ROH management going to Lethal with opportunities presented such as sponsorship commercials. Attacking Lethal to make his point that Jay was less of a man deserving fewer opportunities in comparison to him, Young put a target on his back that Lethal looked to hit literally. Coming close to accomplishing his goal early was Lethal on ROH TV, but Beer City Bruiser took the figurative bullet before a tag match alongside Young against Lethal & Bobby Fish (another man who Silas angered over the last couple of months) turned out successful for them. It seemed Lethal would finally get his revenge at “Best in the World”, but things went south for the former World champion after he pinned Silas. Furious, “Milwaukee’s Worst” attacked Lethal post-match and put him on the shelf by brutalizing Jay with Bruiser’s beer keg before BCB put Lethal through a table courtesy of his frog splash. For over a month, Lethal didn’t make a ROH appearance as he tried to recover and earn accolades elsewhere – plotting his revenge in the process.
Young seemed to be ready for everything Lethal had to offer, besting him in their rematch during ROH’s debut in Edinburgh for the finale of the company’s first “War of the Worlds: UK” tour. But Lethal wasn’t overcome by one loss; taking out his anger on the other man who was responsible for putting him in the hospital: Beer City Bruiser. Using Bruiser’s own beer keg against him, Lethal apparently crushed BCB’s leg with the item normally used to provide joy and good times. The message was clear: only one man could stand tall to finish this feud. At “Death Before Dishonor XV”, “The Last Real Man” proved his superiority one last time in his patented match: a Last Man Standing bout.
Then the unexpected happened. Following Silas Young’s second TV title loss, Jay Lethal defeated Dalton Castle to become the new ROH World champion and the fourth man in history to hold the title two times. Similar to Roderick Strong before him, Young could establish himself as Lethal’s greatest threat to his title early in his reign. For those who remember, it was Strong who ended Lethal’s TV title reign while he was the World champion in 2015 after proving he does have his number in one way, shape or form. Considering the controversy surrounding Lethal as of this time, there’s a chance ROH may pull off another title switch to avoid something that may hurt the company’s image going forward.

ROH World Television Championship: Punishment Martinez defends against Scorpio Sky
The ROH World Television champion will enter this bout in a prime position for defeat even though he’s on a winning streak. Punishment Martinez lived up to his name at “Best in the World”, retaining his title in a sick Street Fight against Adam Page that most likely shortened the careers of both men. Though a good amount of time will have passed between the PPV encounter and this bout, the fact remains champions in ROH suffer greatly to retain their titles and inevitably become shells of themselves similar to Dalton Castle prior to his World title loss and Nigel McGuinness before him. Though Scorpio Sky has primarily found success as a tag team competitor in ROH, Sky has proven he can beat the best the world has to offer. In his ROH debut, Sky almost defeated Cody to become the new ROH World champion. Before that impressive outing, the future member of SCU picked up titles in every promotion he’s been a part off including Pro Wrestling Guerrilla, Empire Wrestling Federation & Championship Wrestling From Hollywood. Most likely Sky will use a hit & run approach in hopes of winning his first singles title in ROH, as well as, potentially, the numbers advantage he’ll have if The Addiction decide they want to get involved. Martinez’s first ROH title reign is off to a great start and should continue here, but shocking title changes have become something of the norm in ROH this year; so never count out a changing of the guard.

NWA World’s Heavyweight Championship: Nick Aldis defends against Flip Gordon
Over his time in ROH, Flip Gordon has found himself trying to complete several goals; yet came up short. Gordon has struggled to overcome The Bullet Club before gaining the respect of the faction (specifically The Young Bucks). Gordon’s attempt at winning a ROH title saw him impress, but didn’t end with him attaining a championship. But for a majority of 2018, Gordon has one thing in mind: get booked for “All In”. After failing to defeat Cody to earn a spot on the card, Gordon finds himself with another chance to make it onto the biggest independent wrestling card in decades. Ironically enough, if Gordon can shock the wrestling world by winning the NWA World’s Heavyweight Championship he’ll find himself on the “All In” card standing across the ring from the man who has denied him time & time again from being on the event, Cody. This will mark Aldis’ first singles match in ROH thus far and could be the worst night of his career similar to the days of Adam Pearce defending the NWA title resulted in him losing to Brent Albright almost ten years ago. This may be a very interesting clash of styles with Gordon finding his way onto the “All In” card or, more than likely, will see Aldis earn his first ROH victory while crushing a man’s dream.

Proving Ground Match: Women of Honor champion Sumie Sakai vs. Karen Q
Sumie Sakai had an arduous task en route to becoming the first Women of Honor champion as the tournament’s dark horse had to defeat two of STARDOM’s best before returning to stateside where international star Tenille Dashwood awaited. In arguably the most surprising result in the tournament, Sakai defeated Dashwood before overcoming Kelly Klein to pin “The Gatekeeper” for the first time in a ROH ring. Since then people have been wondering when Sakai’s past opponents will get their respective shots at the champ including Karen Q. Before Sakai and Karen clashed last year, Q’s first official WOH match saw her defeat Klein by count-out. Q’s winning ways against Klein in multi-person matches allowed Karen to establish herself as a potential title contender whenever a championship was instituted – a belief that became a fact thanks to Q actually defeating the future WOH champion in their first encounter last summer. Sakai has the chance to avenge that loss and continue to establish herself as one of the greatest women’s wrestlers in the world right now. While a surprising title victory isn’t out of the question, Sakai will likely shut down another potential contender in a bout that will most likely be a sprint that leaves the people chanting just how incredible the action was that they witnessed.

The Briscoes vs. The Young Bucks vs. The Addiction
They are considered one of, if not the best tag teams in the world; garnering one of the most prestigious contracts in ROH history since the company’s formation – The Young Bucks. But during their rise to the top of wrestling’s international tag team scene, Matt & Nick Jackson have struggled against the baddest team to ever step foot in a ROH ring, The Briscoes. Over the past eight years these two teams have tangled in Ring of Honor, usually resulting in Dem Boys having their hands raised in victory. But that perception of the better team between them changed at “Final Battle 2016” where Matt & Nick Jackson super kicked Mark & Jay Briscoe into oblivion to retain the ROH World Tag Team title. The Briscoes moved on to challenge and win the Six-Man gold before returning to a old way of thinking that resulted in them destroying Bully Ray & Tommy Dreamer and winning their record-breaking ninth ROH World Tag Team title reign.
Between this all, The Addiction of Frankie Kazarian & Christopher Daniels found a fellow SoCal soldier in Scorpio Sky; taking their anger out on The Hung Bucks in hopes of securing a spot on the roster past 2018 as ROH COO Joe Koff has made his intentions known that following “Final Battle” Daniels & Kazarian will no longer be a part of the roster. Unfortunately for SCU, their reign as Six-Man Tag Team champions ended in surprising fashion and left them wondering what to do next. During SCU’s journey to ensure they still have jobs in ROH, they made a shocking stance after finding themselves in recurring roles in The Bucks’ “Being the Elite” series. At “Best in the World ‘18”, SCU made the save by chasing The Briscoes out of the ring when Jay & Mark attacked their defeated opponents – SCU’s rivals The Young Bucks. While it’s hard to figure out SCU’s intentions, one thing is for sure: The Briscoes have two of the top teams in ROH gunning for them at the same time. If The Bucks or The Addiction can attain a victory here there’s no way they don’t shoot up the rankings to top contender status. This could be a classic encounter if given enough time and the crowd is hot for this match like almost every Young Bucks match.

Matt Taven vs. Marty Scurll
After spending the past two months proving himself worthy of top contender status for the only ROH title he hasn’t won – the ROH World Championship – Matt Taven earned a championship outside of the company while becoming the first two-time ROH Six-Man champion. When the opportunity arose for Taven to finally become the ROH World titleholder there was a moment when he gained a visual victory, but no referee was there to count Taven to victory; bringing forth the belief that, yes, there still is a #KingdomConspiracy keeping him away from the ROH World title. On the opposite end of the spectrum is Marty Scurll. During Taven’s time pleading for a shot, Scurll talked his way into a title opportunity for ROH’s most attended event in history up to this point and his first traditional pay-per-view main event at “Best in the World ‘18”. Like Taven, Scurll walks into this bout with the need to win so he can finally get his next ROH World title shot in a one-on-one match that could mean the difference between a win and a loss due to not having to watch one’s back for other contenders coming after him during the action. Both men are known for using the dirtiest tactics possible to win; be it Taven’s walking cane or Scurll’s umbrella. Both men have great history with the current World titleholder and a victory here could easily earn the winner a title shot in the very near future. The most interesting aspect may not just be the action’s quality, but also how many instruments of destruction or distraction will be involved in this one.

Cody vs. TK O’Ryan
Another first-time bout will occur in Nashville featuring members of The Kingdom and Bullet Club colliding. On one side of the ring will be the former ROH World champion and a man who drew the ire of Matt Taven to the point the two fought in the first First Blood match in ROH history, Cody. On the other side of the squared circle is one-third of the first two-time ROH World Six-Man Tag Team champions and the self-proclaimed “Best Round”, TK O’Ryan. Similar to Scorpio Sky, O’Ryan has found great success as a tag team competitor, but has struggled to pick up win after win in singles competition – something Cody has no problems with when the bell rings. Cody wants to get back in title contention even if it means maybe entering a different championship division. For TK, this is a huge opportunity where he could pick up the biggest win of his ROH career without it resulting in a new champion. The biggest question is how wild this match will get considering how quickly Burnard the Business Bear will get involved on Cody’s behalf, or O’Ryan will start swinging that baseball bat. This might be something of a comedy encounter with the ridiculousness reaching certain heights featuring weapons, interference, low blows and maybe even a referee bump before a winner is declared (more than likely “The American Nightmare”).

Kenny King vs. Jonathan Gresham vs. Shane Taylor vs. Chris Sabin
Four of the top would-be contenders to the ROH World Television Championship features one man who has actually held the title, another who is looking to win his first ROH singles title after reigning supreme in this company’s tag team division, an individual looking to bring Pure wrestling back to a ROH championship, and a very dangerous gun-for-hire who understands a championship in his possession will mean bigger checks to help take care of his family. Kenny King has very recent wins over Shane Taylor and Jonathan Gresham, though it was in a Four Corner Survival match where his first TV title reign ended. The aforementioned Gresham and Taylor, though impressive, have failed to pick up those much-needed wins to move up the ranks. Chris Sabin, a tag team specialist, has proven himself as a single competitor yet again while having a masterful showing in this year’s Best of Super Juniors tournament in New Japan. As with most multi-person matches, FCS matches are less about talent and more about timing as the perfect opportunity for victory can come out of nowhere – a fact that benefits the likes of Taylor thanks to his One Hitter Quitter and Gresham’s flash pinning combinations. While an upset such as Taylor or Gresham would be shocking, the most likely result of the former ROH champions picking up a big victory en route of taking on Punishment Martinez in the future is more than likely; featuring some great action between the bells.

Bully Ray vs. Chuckie T.
“Supercard of Honor XII” proved to be a turning point in the career of Bully Ray. The ROH Enforcer Ray decided to join Cheeseburger in the ring some four months after the multi-time Tag Team champion left his boots in the ring to signify his retirement from active competition. But in New Orleans, Ray was put in a position where he had to give the fans what they paid for as Cheeseburger was scheduled to wrestle, but had no partner. Ray stepped up and aligned himself with Cheeseburger for one night only. It seemed everything was going well until Bully snapped and attacked the most famous ROH Dojo graduate. Ray, grabbing the microphone, explained how disappointed he was with this current generation of wrestling – a group of people he believes think they deserve to be on major cards & events even when things don’t go their way; individuals who would ask for help from veterans and take sole credit for their own success. Proclaiming himself as better than anyone in ROH & watching from behind the barricades because he’s a WWE Hall of Famer, Ray went on a rampage of attacking people obviously smaller & weaker than him while proclaiming himself as a vindicator. Men like Cheeseburger, Flip Gordon, Façade & Eli Isom felt Ray’s wrath; and fellow wrestling veterans have taken notice. But unlike Ray, these veterans like Colt Cabana and now Chuckie T. are stepping up to shut down the grizzled, bitter wrestling legend. Chuckie has made 2018 an impressive one thus far with victories over the likes of competitors up and down the card including current World champion Jay Lethal. This could be another big win for Chuckie that means more than just another victory as he, like his contemporaries before him, are fighting against a generation looking to stop the future of this business.

On an upcoming episode of Ring of Honor Television, four of the top contenders for the Women of Honor Championship did battle and international star Madison Rayne emerged victorious! In Atlanta on July 21st Madison gets her shot at the WOH title and Sumie Sakai!

2018 has been nothing short of a career-defining year for Sumie Sakai. After twenty-plus years in the business, Sakai hit the pinnacle of her career thus far by becoming the first Women of Honor champion. Since that night in New Orleans Sakai has successfully defended her title against rising stars and stalwarts alike; leading to a big Four Corner Survival bout where a quartet of potential contenders clashed for a shot at Sumie’s title that concluded with Madison Rayne’s hand raised in victory. Madison Rayne isn’t someone unfamiliar with championship glory. Not only has Rayne found success as a tag team competitor by becoming one-half of the first SHIMMER Tag Team champions, but also has an Impact Knockouts title reign to her name. If Rayne attains victory here she’ll become the first woman to win a title in Impact Wrestling and ROH – something only a few elite male wrestlers such as Jay Lethal, Samoa Joe, Jerry Lynn, Homicide, Austin Aries & AJ Styles have accomplished. It’ll be interesting to see if Rayne can slow down the usual fury of Sakai that sees almost every match of hers begin in a quick manner with it rarely letting up no matter how far along the bout goes. If Rayne can shut down Sakai’s offense early the likelihood of a second Women of Honor champion being crowned isn’t out of the question.

The Young Bucks will team up with their co-holder of the NEVER Openweight Six-Men Tag Team Championship Marty Scurll to take on ROH World Tag Team champions The Briscoes and the ROH World Television champion Punishment Martinez in Edinburgh during Honor ReUnited!

The talents of The Young Bucks and Marty Scurll both as a unit and by themselves have garnered them worldwide acclaim and caused fans to declare them both the present & the future of wrestling. But before Nick & Matt Jackson arrived and Marty Scurll found himself as a member of Bullet Club, there was no denying that the greatest display of tag team action came courtesy of The Briscoes. Jay & Mark Briscoe have become synonymous with ROH’s Tag Team divisions; even winning the Six Man Tag title between their record-making & record-breaking eighth & ninth World Tag Team title reigns. During that time trying to retain & regain titles, The Briscoes have run a foul of The Bullet Club; most recently at “Best in the World” where Dem Boys didn’t just find satisfaction in successfully defending their title against The Bucks by attacking them after the match until The Addiction made the save. In the middle of all this chaos stands Punishment Martinez. “The Creeper of Violence” shocked the ROH world by winning the TV title prior to “BitW” before he successfully defended the championship against Bullet Club member Adam Page in a brutal bout. Prior to Martinez’s title victory and The Briscoes retaining, The Hung Bucks proved themselves the superior trio against the future opponents of the Jackson brothers & “The Villain” during ROH’s most recent trip to the Hammerstein Ballroom. Though it doesn’t feature the same people, this match has all the makings of being just as wild & entertaining as the aforementioned match in New York. But there’s a very good chance the outcome will be totally different with three ROH champions walking away with the victory.

The first match for the inaugural International Cup has been signed and it pits the two highest of flyers in the tournament against one another in the opening round in Edinburgh: Kip Sabian vs. Flip Gordon!

Flip Gordon needs no introduction to recent ROH fans as he’s challenged champions, stole shows, and become one of the most popular members on the roster while attempting to secure a spot on card for “All In”. “Superbad” Kip Sabian is truly a star on the rise, having made waves in IPW by winning both the Z-Force title and the HOPE Championship. Sabian’s style is built on explosiveness with his trademark maneuvers being similar to what propelled the likes of Brian Kendrick to the top in ROH during the company’s formative years including the Sliced Bread. Sabian also may be the only man in wrestling history to review himself on a wrestling directory website. It’ll be interesting to see if he breaks the rating system if he wins this entire tourney starting with a man many believe will be a ROH champion sooner than later.

The inaugural International Cup feature a pair of incredible matches in the opening round in Edinburgh: Joe Hendry vs. Adam Page & Christopher Daniels vs. Jimmy Havoc!

ROH returned to the UK in 2016 with Joe Hendry making his ROH debut. The most famous wrestler to come out of Edinburgh, Hendry has found himself winning titles and fans around the globe; earning the nickname of “The Local Hero” and while becoming one of the most popular figures in the UK when it comes to independent wrestling at one time. Hendry also knows how to overcome the best his country has to offer including the likes of Pete Dunne and former ROH World Television champions Will Ospreay and Marty Scurll. Hendry came close to becoming the new TV champion earlier this year; so this is another opportunity for him to earn a future ROH title shot that could pan out with him becoming the second European ROH World champion, but only if he can overcome one of the company’s fastest rising stars. Adam Page, thanks to his membership in The Bullet Club, has seen his stock rise tremendously and allowed him title opportunities in ROH and New Japan. This could be another breakout moment for Page as he works his way toward his first ROH World title opportunity.
The first name announced for this inaugural ROH International Cup was none other than the debuting Jimmy Havoc. Over a decade ago a guy like Havoc wouldn’t have gotten the same type of recognition by the ROH faithful like he is now for his talents mostly due to his involvement in matches ranging on the side of sadism including winning the CZW Tournament of Death two years ago. But Havoc isn’t just some garbage wrestler who can’t go hold for hold with the best as he’s earned clean victories through talent alone against the Alestair Blacks and Matt Riddles of the world while attaining championships including the Progress Championship. Havoc is as dangerous a competitor as they come and it’ll be interesting to see how far he makes it in the tournament overall especially when his first match in the tourney is against a grand slam ROH champion and founding father who is considered one of the best of his generation. This is a great chance for Daniels to get back into the World title picture and maybe find a way to save his job before the year’s end.

The Briscoes will meet Jody Fleisch and Jonny Storm in Doncaster on August 18th!

In 2002 when ROH was looking to crown its first champion the company flew in some of the best the world had to offer at the time including Jody Fleisch and Jonny Storm. On that hot summer night in the Murphy Rec Center, Fleisch and Storm did battle with one another; featuring Jonny failing to advance in the title tournament before Fleisch lost to “Spanky” Brian Kendrick in the second round. While Storm continued gaining traction across the pond, Fleisch used every opportunity to return to ROH; becoming a member of the Special K faction and challenging for the ROH World Tag Team title. The one time the ROH World Tag Team Championship was on the line in a match that involved The Briscoes and Special K didn’t involve Fleisch, but that doesn’t mean Jody and even his partner are unfamiliar with the brothers who were around to witness Fleisch & Storm’s early days in ROH as theses two teams collided during an inter-promotional event in the UK following a ROH tour where Dem Boys reigned supreme. Fleisch & Storm grew as a tandem from that loss and turned into one of the most impressive duos to grace rings around the world. While the title isn’t on the line for this bout, the chance of The Briscoes coming up short and giving their opponents a gateway to the States for a golden opportunity isn’t out of the realm of possibilities. Storm & Fleisch will have to hit hard & fast if they want to overcome the fury that has allowed The Briscoes to dominate the ROH Tag Team division for all of 2018 thus far.

The Young Bucks conclude the Honor ReUnited Tour against Jody Fleisch & Jonny Storm in a first-time match-up in London!

While The Young Bucks have become the unofficial faces of modern-day tag team wrestling they aren’t the only ones who can proclaim tag team greatness in this era. But due to their isolation to specific areas of the world, Jody Fleisch & Jonny Storm haven’t gotten the level of respect deserving of two men who have won titles, had incredible matches, and helped solidify promotions a places people want to work. Finding a kinship as a duo in 2006, Fleisch & Storm became the first 1PW Tag Team champions, won the ACW Tag Team title, and are the current WSW Tag Team titleholders for over a year. Storm and Fleisch will bring their honed talents to a ROH ring yet again with the hope of succeeding where they didn’t in 2002 by potentially becoming number one contenders to the ROH World Tag Team Championship, and there’s no better team to defeat than The Young Bucks to accomplish that goal.

Women of Honor action will be seen during the Honor ReUnited Tour as Viper & Kay Lee Ray make their ROH debuts in Edinburgh, while Chardonnay returns to Edinburgh & Doncaster!

While some may know her as “Piper Niven” thanks to her impressive showing in the inaugural Mae Young Classic, the fact is no matter the name Viper goes by she is one of the best women’s wrestlers in the entire world. The Scotland representative has proven herself to be an athlete similar to Vader, Bam Bam Bigelow & Jerry Blackwell – wrestlers whose appearances hid incredible agility matching a high level of toughness & power. Viper’s perfect mixture of power & speed have allowed her to reach champion status in various promotions including STARDOM where she became the third SWA champion – a title made to promote the growing influence STARDOM has on the rest of the wrestling world; being defended in companies outside of STARDOM on a regular basis. If this is more than a one-off tour for Viper, ROH may have its next Women of Honor champion just ready to take over the scene.
“The Hardcore Daredevil” has finally made it to ROH. Another Mae Young Classic competitor, Kay Lee Ray made a splash on the North American indie scene in companies like SHIMMER & its sister promotion SHINE. Though Ray is smaller in size when it comes to girth or muscle mass, as her nickname suggests KLR is as tough as they come while being a practitioner of a high flying style very few can pull off properly – such as her finishing Swanton Bomb. Though she hasn’t found championship level success in the United States, Ray has won various titles in companies like Insane Championship Wrestling and Defiant Wrestling. Like Viper, hopefully this is more than just a one-off appearance that allows ROH fans to witness another pillar of great women’s wrestling going today.
The Robbie Brookside trainee has been honing her craft around the UK and even touring with STARDOM and challenging for the company’s Tag Team title is none other than Chardonnay. Debuting in ROH during the recent “Honor United” tour, Chardonnay impressed, yet couldn’t pull off the shocking upset by winning the Women of Honor title in her first singles match in ROH. Though she may not have the global recognition of her contemporaries announced for this tour thus far thanks to the appearances in the Mae Young Classic, Chardonnay has proven she is on the cusp of greatness with the potential of her finally moving ahead of her peers thanks to a pair of wins across two nights.

The ROH Dojo is proud to announce its affiliation with four of the top, internationally recognized wrestling schools in the world. The World Famous Monster Factory, Team 3D Academy, Maryland Championship Wrestling, and the Power Factory will provide a pipeline of talent and well over 150 years combined in professional wrestling among their trainers and lineages.

This is pretty big news considering ROH having its own school. This alliance is very reminiscent to WWF/E’s teaming with Ultimate Pro Wrestling and Ohio Valley Wrestling in the early 2000s. With ROH having a busier schedule than ever before and key trainers unable to consistently be around, this is a great way for ROH to scout new talent, allow hopeful others places to train while still being in the ROH network without having to wait for tryouts or seminars, and potentially give way to former students of these schools a gateway to ROH that was unexpected just a few months ago.

ROH and NJPW are proud to announce that on April 6th, 2019, the companies will join forces to present the ultimate wrestling event, “G1 Supercard,” to fans from around the world, LIVE from Madison Square Garden in New York City!

In February 2002 when Ring of Honor held its inaugural event in the Murphy Rec Center in Philadelphia few, if anyone believed the company would reach such heights as it has right now. Yet here we potentially are with SBG and ROH management planning for what could be the biggest success or the biggest disappointment in the company’s history. Long-time ROH fans will remember ROH’s attempt at figuratively boxing above its weight in 2007 by holding a show in the Cow Palace in hopes of expanding the company’s foothold into the west coast. It proved to be an utter moment of humiliation as the company couldn’t halfway fill the building known for famous WCW pay-per-views alongside a giant wrestling convention. But a lot has changed since that time in San Francisco for ROH and the possibility of the company growing to this point of being able to hold an event in wrestling’s most famous arena is now a reality. ROH will have to stack the card – something that will most likely be an easy thing to accomplish considering New Japan is officially partnering with ROH to make history for two companies in one night – and put together some storylines that will make people emotionally invested similar to the “Best in the World ‘15” main event. It’s great for both ROH and New Japan will test the waters of pulling off the unexpected by selling out MSG during the biggest weekend of the year in wrestling.

Now lets find out what happened this week on ROH TV.

Last week: After Bully Ray destroyed Cheeseburger, Cody defeated CMLL’s Titan in the main event.

ROH TV Episode 356
New York, NY

The Kingdom seemed to be incredibly excited about the crowning of new Six-Man Tag Team title contenders tonight. Vinny Marseglia shut down the enthusiasm by reminding his buddies that they’ll forever be champions together. Matt Taven reminded his partner that no matter the challengers they would prove that they can overcome any conspiracy because, “I’m Matt Taven and this is my Kingdom”.

Kelly Klein vs. Jenny Rose
Kelly Klein was not pleased about this match, mouthing off to Jenny Rose before the bell until she went for a cheap shot. Rose blocked the intended strike, yanking Klein into several failed pinning combinations. Using her mouth guard as a distraction piece by pitching it to the referee, Klein was able to slam Rose to the mat by her hair before putting the boots to her opposition heading the commercial break.
Back elbows from Rose allowed her to make it to her feet, but only temporarily when Klein downed Jenny with a clothesline. The clothesline became a go-to strike for Kelly to stop anytime Rose attempted to make a comeback; topped by a big boot to set up something that involved Rose being placed on her shoulders. Fighting through the situation, Rose executed a Code Breaker. Klein was stumbling, prone to several splashes in the corner before being tossed into a German suplex-spear combination. Reversing a front face lock, Klein kneed Rose into the End of the Match; choking Jenny out for the referee’s stoppage victory.

The Dawgs, who have been trying to find a partner for the gauntlet, approached Cody with a proposition: a bone … actually a loan. Cody reminded The Dawgs he doesn’t have any money after financing “All In”. Rhett Titus & Will Ferrara thought about asking Marty Scurll for the money; upsetting Cody as he proclaimed Scurll is in worst shape than him financially. Reaching behind himself, Cody pulled out an envelope of cash; just tossing it to The Dawgs as he stormed off – The Dawgs swam in the money.

#1 Contender Six-Man Tag Team Championship Gauntlet Match: Search & Destroy (Alex Shelley, Jonathan Gresham & LSG) vs. The Dawgs & Shane Taylor
Apparently The Dawgs completed their goal from a few weeks ago by hiring Shane Taylor. With Shaheem Ali on the injured list, LSG has becoming an honorary member of Search & Destroy for this evening apparently. It was LSG starting off this one with Shane Taylor, almost kicking the big man off his feet early until Taylor pulled off a big boot of his own. Rhett Titus tagged in, losing the momentum Taylor gained by walking into a dropkick before Jonathan Gresham came in and showed off his agility by utilizing a hurricarana-dropkick combo. Will Ferrara wanted to test his luck, grabbing the wrong man’s wrist and getting kicked for his trouble. Alex Shelley became the legal man, paying tribute to the “Macho Man”. Unbeknownst to Shelley, Ferrara getting slapped by Titus in a fit of anger was actually a tag; allowing Titus to come in and use his partner as a projectile to send Ferrara into Shelley before the big man reentered to land a pair of sick knee strikes that forced Gresham to run in for the save prior to the commercial break.
Taylor was now working over Gresham with big splashes as Shelley crawled around the ring. Alex was unable to stop a Dawgs double team, but did avoid the Big Dawg Splash. Gresham ran in yet again, helping his partner DDT Taylor while pulling off the complete shot on Titus. LSG tagged in, becoming the figurative house of fire by diving on everyone in his path. Ferrara tried to unleash a ripcord attack on LSG when Giovanni yanked him into the cradle for the first elimination in this Gauntlet.

#1 Contender Six-Man Tag Team Championship Gauntlet Match: Search & Destroy (Alex Shelley, Jonathan Gresham & LSG) vs. Silas Young, Brian Milonas & Beer City Bruiser
Silas Young ran out, pitching Shelley against the barricades incredibly hard. While Gresham wiped out Young and LSG dropkicked Beer City Bruiser before he could enter the ring, Brian Milonas positioned himself by the ring. LSG jumped over the top, getting caught by Milonas and slammed against the ring’s edge. LSG felt a BCB-Milonas double team where Bruiser dropkicked Giovanni while Milonas held him in a sidewalk slam position. Shelley was the next on the big men’s list for attack, only for Alex to move and cause BCB to missile dropkick his own partner. Ace crusher from Young put down Shelley, but Gresham was still ready to go; leading to a waist lock reversal sequence between the two until BCB grabbed Gresham and held him in position for an attack by “The Last Real Man”. Stumbling, Gresham walked right into the running cross body block from Milonas that made the fans groan in fear of “The Octopus” becoming a flattened fly heading into the commercial break.
Matt Taven, who has been spending his time at the commentators’ table mocking Bruiser for his lack of teeth, asked if BCB biting someone was illegal since it was mostly gums. Gresham used another waist lock exchange with Young to make it to LSG for the tag. Springboard & running attacks were the calling cards of Giovanni until he showed his strength by pulling off an elevated DDT on Young. LSG was fighting off all the competition, avoiding Milonas big splashes, sneak attacks from Young and almost a pinning combination when Bruiser yanked him off mat for a Milonas leg drop. Shelley reentered, stopping a sure pin before feeling the Last Real Combo. Everyone was hitting their big maneuvers with the sequence ending courtesy of Shelley knocking Bruiser off the top before S & D teamed up to power bomb Milonas off the ropes before he could superplex LSG. Milonas couldn’t move in time to avoid the 450 splash or the three count that followed.

#1 Contender Six-Man Tag Team Championship Gauntlet Match: Search & Destroy (Alex Shelley, Jonathan Gresham & LSG) vs. SoCal Uncensored
Once again it was S & D’s opponents rushing the ring to attack them. Smartly, SCU isolated LSG prior to another commercial break.
Alex Shelley was noticeably hurt when the match returned; clutching his face as LSG was still on the wrong part of town. Frankensteiner worked for Scorpio Sky against LSG; setting the stage for Celebrity Rehab on Giovanni to end his run with a pin.

#1 Contender Six-Man Tag Team Championship Gauntlet Match: SoCal Uncensored vs. Kenny King, Chuckie T. & Eli Isom
Everyone at the announcers’ table but Ian Riccaboni was laughing at the fact Eli Isom was chosen to be the third man on a team featuring actual stars. Instead of crazy action starting this one off like what had became the norm for this match, Chuckie T. & Christopher Daniels tried to grapple until it devolved into Daniels failing to out-strike Chuckie. Scorpio Sky ran in, proclaiming he’ll break T. in half. Instead, Chuckie was knocked into a double team elbow drop from Chuckie and Kenny King that featured the non-Best Friends struggling on a handshake before the elbow drop. Frankie Kazarian didn’t do much better than, getting slammed by King in position for T.’s slow senton splash before the final commercial break.
Eli Isom was now in the ring, missing a dropkick on the running Kazarian when Daniels held the latter as he went to bounce off the ropes. Isom was on the wrong part of town, getting splashed & leg dropped as the fans tried to rally Eli to his feet. Isom heard the fans, fighting his way to his feet before hitting the ropes. Both Daniels and Isom were thinking clotheslines, causing a double down. King and Sky tagged in, leading to Scorpio taking the chin checker and an illegal Kazarian feeling a spine buster. Chuckie ran in, helping King clothesline Sky & Kazarian to the point they felt confident enough to hug. Daniels stopped the hug, bringing in Isom to start a train of running forearms by this new trio on their opponents so they could all hug. Daniels recovered as T. and King dove on Sky and Kazarian on the floor. Kicking Isom, Daniels had Angel’s Wings in mind when Eli powered “The General” into a bridging pin off the back body drop for the shocking three count!
SCU couldn’t believe what just happened; TK O’Ryan was laughing like a madman because SCU lost again, and Colt Cabana was still attempting to figure out how to spell Isom’s name as the winning trio celebrated.

Overall: Though this was the first six-man Gauntlet match in ROH history, the structure of this match was so similar to previous ROH Gauntlet matches in the past right down the final two teams – one fan favorite teams runs through two or three opponents, gets eliminated by the villainous team that loses to the final participant that’s usually a fan favorite as well. Thankfully the structure allowed for some breakout moments for LSG and even Eli Isom on a smaller scale instead of just the usual suspects being presented as viable contenders. The crowd – which was hyped for the entire taping – added so much excitement to the overall series that it came across as the most exciting Gauntlet match in ROH history. Before the Gauntlet series there was a solid Women of Honor match that could’ve come across a little better on TV with a pair of picture-in-picture promos from the competitors would’ve helped flesh out their intentions. Good stuff for the action-oriented wrestling fan, but those looking for any type of story advancements or the like will be sorely disappointed.


Cody addresses Flip Gordon's NWA Title challenge in Nashville

Taven vs. Scurll at Honor For All in Nashville

Throwback Thursday: Tracy Brooks vs. Lacey vs. Allison Danger vs. Daizee Haze

And there you have it. Show that love, or like, for The ROHbot Report and Honor Nation on its Facebook page. Also, if haven’t already, make sure you listen to the latest FREE “Honor Nation” as I talk about Hulk Hogan being reinstated into the WWE Hall of Fame and more (http://www.wewantinsanity.com/am2/publish/free_audio/32_Mins_Honor_Nation_Forgiving_Hogan.shtml). And don’t forget to send those questions in for the next “Honor Nation either through the comments section below, on Facebook (The ROHbot Report and Honor Nation on its Facebook page), on Twitter (@fasjab), or by e-mailing me at Bullock@wewantinsanity.com.
Here’s to a great week for you and yours; and as always, thanks for reading.

Till Then.

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