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By James Bullock Jun 12, 2018 - 8:18 AM print

Welcome to another edition of The ROHbot Report – the only article you need for all the Ring of Honor news you have to know. ROH is returning to Texas for its final events prior to “Best in the World”. Lets find out what type of action fans will witness live in person or on HonorClub.

State of the Art: San Antonio Preview; June 15th, 2018; San Antonio, TX

ROH World Tag Team champions The Briscoes & Killer Elite Squad vs. The Bullet Club (Young Bucks, Adam Page & Marty Scurll)
This huge match is definitely all about making a massive statement before a championship opportunity. While The Briscoes and Killer Elite Squad have been on opposing sides in the past, the fact is their attitudes couldn’t be more similar with both duos loving to win viciously and through sheer dominance. The Young Bucks want to become not only the ROH World Tag Team champions yet again, but also want to win their first IWGP Heavyweight Tag Team title – a championship The KES most certainly wants to add back to their collection and could earn a shot for if The Bucks are successful in their quest. Adam Page has found great success both by himself and by the side of The Young Bucks; not to mention teaming with Cody – the same can be stated about perennial ROH World title contender Marty Scurll. This is the type of match where The Bullet Club will have to be smart by hitting hard & fast to overcome the power & ferocity of their opponents. Both teams are capable of doing anything to win; meaning this bout could get wilder than wild – a match perfect for this setting.

Cody vs. Jonathan Gresham
“The Octopus” will enter San Antonio with a boatload of confidence not simply because of his talents & abilities that has made him something of an international success; picking up impressive wins around the globe including his overcoming Jay Lethal at “Masters of the Craft”. Now Gresham will be put to the test yet again when taking on another former ROH World champion – a man who plans to become the two-time ROH World titleholder in two weeks following this event. Cody has proven he can be a master grappler, but isn’t afraid of taking any shortcut necessary to win. Gresham, as someone who prides himself as a Pure wrestler, might have to dip into his bag of tricks if he wants to ensure victory against “The American Nightmare”. It’ll be interesting to see how this match goes as Cody might want to go hold-for-hold with Gresham; creating a match unlike anything seen in Cody’s ROH tenure thus far. Gresham, though not the favorite to win, might pull off a big upset and establish himself as a future title contender if Cody can complete his goal of ending Dalton Castle’s reign when ROH returns to Baltimore.

SoCal Uncensored vs. Atlantis, Guerrero Maya Jr. & Stuka Jr.
The former World Six-Man Tag Team champions of the world won’t be in their beloved Southern California, but will have to be on the top of their respective games for this one as representatives of CMLL. First there’s the returning Stuka Jr. – the master of the Hammerlock DDT is a former CMLL Arena Coliseo Tag Team and Mexican Nation Trios champion, as well as a winner of the Reyes del Aire tournament in 2014. Though he impressed in his first & only ROH match thus far, Stuka Jr. returns with a 0-1 record. On the opposite end of the spectrum are the debuting Atlantis and Guerrero Maya Jr. Atlantis comes in with thirty-five years of experience; going 18-0 in Mask vs. Mask/Hair matches including a bout with Ultimo Guerrero. Atlantis is also a former CMLL World Heavyweight champion where he reign lasted almost two years. While Atlantis has succeeded in both singles and tag team action alongside various partners including Guerrero Maya Jr. Maya Jr., a practitioner of the back-to-belly piledriver known as “Sacrificio Maya”, has become nothing short of a tag team specialist during his thirteen years as an active competitor. This has all the makings of being a highly entertaining bout full of stereotypical lucha action where there’s a good chance Team CMLL could pull off a big victory.

TK O’Ryan vs. Jay Lethal
ROH’s return to Edinburgh wasn’t a good one for Jay Lethal. The former ROH World & TV champion attempted to win his first Tag Team title in ROH, yet came up short thanks to the actions & abilities of TK O’Ryan. Earlier this year, Lethal announced his goal going forward is to win every match against individuals who have defeated him over the past year – TK has now become a part of that goal. While O’Ryan has found great success as one-third of The Kingdom, his record as a singles competitor in ROH isn’t the most stellar. This is a huge opportunity for O’Ryan to step up and prove himself as more than just a tag team specialist by defeating one of the best ROH has ever seen. While there’s a good chance Lethal will win here, people will most likely be talking about the talents of O’Ryan like never before; though with The Kingdom lurking & Lethal’s history with Matt Taven there’s always a chance that Lethal will still be searching for that win over “The Best Around”.

Sumie Sakai & Tenille Dashwood vs. Kelly Klein & Thunder Rosa
At “Honor United: Edinburgh”, Kelly Klein got a measure of revenge against the woman who prevented her from becoming the first Women of Honor champion in tag team competition. But Klein didn’t pin Sumie Sakai in that bout; adding a pin fall loss to the record of Tenille Dashwood instead. Once again Sakai & Dashwood will team up against “The Gatekeeper” and a ROH-debuting partner in hopes of establishing themselves as the premiere competitors in the division by ensuring Klein doesn’t go two for two against them in tag team action. By Klein’s side will be a tag team specialist who has been making waves mostly in STARDOM where she has successfully defended tag team gold alongside Holidead. This is actually a big chance for Thunder Rosa as a victory here could propel her to title contention status. The Edinburgh Women of Honor tag bout was a strong outing and this should be no different.

The Kingdom (Matt Taven & Vinny Marseglia) vs. The Boys
During the original “Purple Reign Tour” saw The Kingdom run through challengers left & right. Then everything changed during ROH’s “15th Anniversary” when Matt Taven, TK O’Ryan & Vinny Marseglia found themselves standing across the ring from Dalton Castle and his dedicated Boys with the plan of shocking the wrestling world by becoming the second ROH World Six-Man Tag Team champions. Unfortunately for Castle & The Boys they failed to attain victory. But even more unfortunate was what happened to TK O’Ryan as he broke his leg during the match and ended up shelved for a majority of 2017. Between O’Ryan’s injury & The Kingdom dropping their title a lot happened including Castle & The Boys becoming the Six-Man Tag Team champions and Dalton Castle reaching the top of ROH’s most prestigious mountain. The Kingdom have gone out of their way to prove a point at Castle & The Boys’ expenses since the year began, going 1-1 since 2018 began. But the most important fact is last year Matt Taven & Vinny Marseglia defeated The Boys on ROH TV. Since regaining the Six-Man gold, The Kingdom has been on nothing short of a roll that will most likely continue thanks to this match. But to attain victory The Kingdom will have to deal with a lot of chicanery & trickery that twins in wrestling are known for; and The Boys are no different.

Bully Ray, Shane Taylor & Punishment Martinez vs. Shane “Hurricane” Helms, Delirious & Cheeseburger
The once odd team of Bully Ray, Shane Taylor & Punishment Martinez actually found a kinship during ROH’s “Honor United” tour where the trio dismantled an injured Dalton Castle and The Boys. This time around, Ray joins forces with the two brutes to face an old rival from his days in WWE as well as someone who infuriates him in ROH. The problems with Bully and Cheeseburger have been well documented and allowed the Colt Cabana-dubbed bitter veteran a chance to abuse his much smaller foe – something that has infuriated Cheeseburger’s trainer Delirious. But before Ray was doing battle with Cheeseburger, Bully would fight a true superhero in the ROH-debuting Hurricane Helms. Hurricane and Bully have teamed, done battle in hardcore environments and even shared some laughs in the ring during a period of time when ROH was just in its formative years. This could be a wonderful showcase for Helms similar to Stevie Richards’ ROH appearances a couple of years ago where the youthful BWO leader showed he’s still got it. Cheeseburger has the chance to get a measure of revenge on Ray while Bully’s team might prove themselves worthy of being top contenders for the Six-Man title if they can continue their winning ways here.

State of the Art: Dallas Preview; June 16th, 2018; Dallas, TX

ROH World Television Championship Proving Ground Instant Reward Match: Silas Young vs. Cheeseburger vs. Punishment Martinez vs. Jonathan Gresham vs. Scorpio Sky vs. Adam Page
Silas Young will have his hands full as seen in the past as a multi-man Proving Ground match rarely favors the champion. Stepping into the ring in hopes of making history will be five men who have all challenged for ROH gold in the past, but came up short; be it in singles competition or tag team action. There are several stories coming into this one as well in regards to the connections between the competitors involved including Young pinning Martinez to win his first TV title at “Final Battle” last year, Scorpio Sky ending Adam Page’s Six-Man Tag title reign, “Hangman’s” recent issues with Punishment that has led to several brawls, and Cheeseburger most recently failing against the champion. Jonathan Gresham is definitely the dark horse as no one is really gunning for him and could leave themselves open for a flash pinning predicament by the master of a Pure wrestling style. Cheeseburger, interestingly enough, has found success in these types of matches before by actually winning a Six-Man Mayhem Proving Ground match last year. Though it seems like a given someone will earn a TV title shot before the end of the night, there’s a good chance Young will shut down all potential challengers as he’s pulled out some big wins at unexpected times; especially when everyone is gunning for him and he has to dip into his bag of tricks including low blows & beer bottles to attain the victory.

ROH World Tag Team Championship: The Briscoes defend against The Killer Elite Squad
One night after teaming, two of the nastiest, angriest duos will do battle for the first time for all the marbles in ROH’s two-on-two division. Since heading to New Japan alongside Minoru Suzuki, The Killer Elite Squad have been running through the competition; racking up three IWGP Heavyweight Tag Team title victories. With this match, The KES have a chance of becoming the fourth team in wrestling history to win both the ROH World & IWGP Heavyweight Tag Team titles – The Briscoes are the second duo. Since winning the gold back, The Briscoes have been nothing short of dominant and seemingly unbeatable. But since winning the championship they haven’t faced a tandem like Davey Boy Smith Jr. & Lance Archer. If there’s a chance for a shocking title change during ROH’s return to Texas this may not be that bout, but it will certainly be crazy as these two brawling brutes will attempt to maim the other if need be for all the marbles.

ROH World Six-Man Tag Team Championship: The Kingdom defend against Atlantis, Stuka Jr. & Guerrero Maya Jr.
En route to becoming the first ROH World Six-Man Tag Team champions, The Kingdom found themselves fighting some of the best CMLL had to offer. That tradition continued when Matt Taven’s rivalry with Ultimo Guerrero turned into championship opportunity that Taven took advantage of by becoming a World’s Welterweight champion. Now Taven & his New England brethren have a chance to continue the momentum by taking on a trio of CMLL representatives who have great experience in tag team action. Atlantis & Maya Jr. have three Six-Man title wins on their resumes as a trio; proving they have a chemistry that can end in them becoming champions. This match should be nothing short of exhilarating in front of a red-hot crowd hoping Team CMLL can pull a Kingdom and end a Six-Man title reign in unexpected means.

Jay Lethal vs. Marty Scurll vs. Flip Gordon
Only two weeks before his upcoming ROH World title opportunity, Marty Scurll enters Dallas with a big target on his back. After spending a majority of his early tenure in ROH antagonizing Flip Gordon, Scurll finds himself standing across the ring from someone who is aching for a ROH championship to become a part of his already impressive tenure. But no one in this bout has a better record of winning in big-match affairs in ROH than Jay Lethal. Marty Scurll knows all too well what Lethal is capable of; having lost to the “Franchise” at “Final Battle” last year. Lethal also has a win over Gordon that aired on ROH TV where Flip took the former champion to the limit before succumbing to Lethal Injection. One of the important variables coming into this one is the budding relationship between Gordon and Scurll. After spending a good amount of time tormenting Gordon before Flip and The Young Bucks buried the hatchet, “The Villain” has found a kinship with Gordon that has actually becoming a great part of “Being the Elite” as the two worked through the Best of Super Juniors Tournament. Considering the participants involved this has all the makings of being one of, if not the best match of the entire weekend.

Cody vs. Shane Taylor
A destructive service to the highest bidder is the claim to fame of Shane Taylor. The Cleveland native who made a name for himself in Texas has spent a majority of his time in ROH being a gun for anyone who has a fistful of cash and intentions to harm. During the early months of his reign as ROH champion, Cody would hire Taylor to protect him, the ring of honor that proudly adorns his hand, and his beautiful wife. But after a while The Bullet Club & Cody let Taylor’s actions go for granted as they stopped associating with the big man. Taylor didn’t take the actions personal, opting to help The Kingdom as the trio began bringing him some big bucks. Taylor aligned himself with The Kingdom any time they needed him; even going to war with The Bullet Club in New York in one of the wildest matches of the year thus far. Taylor is used to grand displays of violence; dishing some out against the likes of War Machine, the aforementioned Bullet Club and most recently Joey Daddiego on ROH TV. With Cody’s upcoming World title shot happening after this bout, Taylor could do more than simply establish himself as a potential top contender; he could be the difference between Cody winning & losing at “Best in the World” as Shane has gone out of his way to injure rather than win if need be in the past; something that could be detrimental to Cody’s chances of becoming a two-time ROH World champion.

The Young Bucks vs. The Boys
With Dalton Castle trying to prove himself as the best wrestler in the world, The Boys have found themselves discovering a new initiative to be important cogs in the ROH tag team division. So who better to start with in an attempt to conquer the division than The Young Bucks? Just two weeks before Nick & Matt Jackson get their next shot at the ROH World Tag Team title, The Boys will look to pull off the seemingly impossible and defeat a tandem many consider the best wrestling duo in the world today. These two teams also have history dating back to last year’s “War of the Worlds: UK” tour where The Bucks & Adam Page dethroned The Boys & Castle as the ROH World Six-Man Tag Team champions. This is a make or break moment for The Boys as they could not only establish themselves as top contenders to the Tag Team title, but also worthy of touring Japan without Castle. This might be based in more comedy than a usual Young Bucks bout, but shouldn’t be any less entertaining.

Tenille Dashwood vs. Thunder Rosa
Thunder Rosa, a vicious luchador who made he way to Japan and became not only a part of the Oedo Tai faction in STARDOM, but also one-half of the Twisted Sisterz with Holidead. The last time Dashwood was in singles competition in ROH it was during “Honor United” in London where she defeated Kelly Klein. Dashwood, like her opponent, has international acclaim and wants to become a champion. Both women look to parlay a victory here into a Women of Honor title opportunity and that chance could occur following a memorable encounter no matter the winner.

The Addiction vs. Shane “Hurricane” Helms & Delirious
“Stand back, there’s a Hurricane coming through!” was once a phrase that sent the wrestling world into a frenzy as the former WCW Cruiserweight became one of the most popular figures during the “Ruthless Aggression” era of WWE; sharing the ring with some of the biggest names to ever grace a wrestling ring. Though it’s been over a decade since his heyday, Hurricane has shown in companies like Impact that he’s still in great shape and ready to show a brand new fan base what he can still offer as an in-ring competitor. With the clock ticking, every loss The Addiction & SoCal Uncensored suffers pushes them back further during the title rankings; making it incredibly difficult for either Daniels or Kazarian to secure championship opportunities that could guarantee them ROH contracts come the year’s end. It’ll be interesting to see how well the new team gel against former Tag Team champions and whether or not this match will be rooted in comedy before a winning duo is declared.

Best in the World airs live Friday, June 29 and it will feature a title bout with international implications as The Kingdom defends against Los Ingobernables de Japon’s SANADA, BUSHI & EVIL!

The Kingdom entered last year’s “War of the Worlds” tour not at full strength due to an injury that put TK O’Ryan out of action. Matt Taven & Vinny Marseglia attempted to carry the load, but found themselves overwhelmed when entering the ring with a pair of men not only ungovernable, but also a well-oiled machine as a tag team in BUSHI & Tetsuya Naito. Over the next year things started looking up for The Kingdom as they rallied against ROH management while crying conspiracy until they entered Lowell for the beginning of this year’s “War of the Worlds” tour. In their hometown areas, The Kingdom defeated SoCal Uncensored to become the first two-time Six-Man Tag Team champions in ROH history. Now The Kingdom has a chance to avenge their loss from over a year ago in grand fashion. But just like last year, The Kingdom takes on a group of men who are just as united as they are as BUSHI, SANADA & EVIL have succeeded in trios action to the point they’ve dominated the NEVER Openweight Six-Man division and become the division’s longest reigning champions to date. This will be a wild match considering both teams have a tendency of breaking the rules in an effort to win while possessing indomitable skill that undoubtedly make this a highly memorable bout with or without a title change.

Two of ROH’s fastest-rising stars will compete at Best in the World in what should be a barbaric grudge match as Punishment Martinez takes on Adam Page!

“Hangman” Page took a somewhat similar path in comparison to Martinez’s by working his way up the ROH card as a top prospect before aligning himself with BJ Whitmer. A vicious streak was awakened in Page thanks to his time working alongside Whitmer; resulting in Page not only attacking his mentor, but also defeating him. While Page became a member of The Bullet Club as the faction’s enforcer, Martinez went from supernatural big man supported by Whitmer & Kevin Sullivan to an impressive physical specimen who is primed to become a future ROH World champion. Martinez has also been making waves in New Japan thanks to his performances both across the Pacific and against New Japan stars in a ROH ring. One night removed from Punishment Martinez failing to defeat Cody, ROH’s “Creeper of Violence” was scheduled to battle Page. Instead, Martinez attacked “Hangman” before the match could begin and choke slammed him through a table to cause a no contest. A chance for fans to see what was supposed to happen in Florida was also scheduled during ROH’s “War of the Worlds” tour. In Toronto Page intervened in Martinez’s IWGP United States title match, only for Martinez to give Page a taste of his own medicine when “Hangman” challenged for the TV title. It seemed they’d be able to work out their problems in Royal Oak, but Page took it upon himself to beat Martinez down with a chair to leave the arena not a winner officially, but definitely a victor in this battle.
Last summer season saw both Page and Martinez engage in barbaric feuds and matches including Strap matches and Las Vegas Street Fights – they obviously thrive in those environments without rules other than a winner being declared by pin fall, submission or knockout. This match will not only establish the superior between the two, but could also have title implications that may extend across the Pacific. To defeat someone like Page would be huge for Martinez in both promotions as Punishment would best a recent challenger to the IWGP United States title and a former ROH World Six-Man Tag Team champion. Though Page will have the same size disadvantage as Cody, expect Page to take the fight to the big man rather than hit & run as this hard-hitting encounter could go either way.

For the third time Jay Lethal and Kushida will do battle in an inter-promotional showcase at “Best in the World”!

2017 wasn’t the kindest to Kushida leading up to “War of the Worlds: Toronto”. The former multi-time IWGP Jr. Heavyweight champion failed to reclaim his status as the division’s premier star while still being involved in memorable matches against a variety of opponents including the former Kamaitachi. But in 2014, Kushida was on top of the world with the hope of becoming a dual champion in both his home promotion of New Japan and Ring of Honor after having one successful ROH match the year prior – giving him the belief that he could win ROH gold while being the IWGP Jr. Heavyweight champion. At the time, Jay Lethal was just beginning his second reign as Television champion and found himself standing across the ring from Kushida during the inaugural “War of the Worlds” show. The two nearly stole the show early, with Lethal squeaking out a victory in New York. Three years after their first in-ring encounter, Kushida and Lethal locked horns again in a match that arguably stole the show with Kushida pulling out the huge victory. Lethal has declared he wants to get his career on track by defeating everyone who beat him over the past year. Lethal has a grand chance coming off of a rough Best of Super Juniors tournament. They had a must-see match last year and this one should be no different with the chance of a ROH and even IWGP title contender being established in one victory.

Flip Gordon will be faced with the task of defending his generation at Best in the World when he fights Bully Ray!

“Supercard of Honor XII” proved to be a turning point in the career of Bully Ray. The ROH Enforcer Ray decided to join Cheeseburger in the ring some four months after the multi-time Tag Team champion left his boots in the ring to signify his retirement from active competition. But in New Orleans, Ray was put in a position where he had to give the fans what they paid for as Cheeseburger was scheduled to wrestle, but had no partner. Ray stepped up and aligned himself with Cheeseburger for one night only. It seemed everything was going well until Bully snapped and attacked the most famous ROH Dojo graduate. Ray, grabbing the microphone, explained how disappointed he was with this current generation of wrestling – a group of people he believes think they deserve to be on major cards & events even when things don’t go their way; individuals who would ask for help from veterans and take sole credit for their own success. Proclaiming himself as better than anyone in ROH & watching from behind the barricades because he’s a WWE Hall of Famer, Ray went on a rampage of attacking people obviously smaller & weaker than him while proclaiming himself as a vindicator. Men like Cheeseburger, Façade & Eli Isom felt Ray’s wrath, yet there was one man he named that Ray refused to confront after that faithful night in New Orleans: Flip Gordon.
Ironically, before Ray changed his tune in regards to wrestlers like Flip, Bully praised Gordon for being old school in nature; taking ribs & abuse from The Bullet Club in stride while standing up for himself without crying about an injustice being done to him. Now Gordon stands up again, but not in defense of his own pride, but the pride of an entire generation looking to leave their mark on wrestling just like Ray did over a decade ago by solidifying himself as one of the greatest tag team competitors in history as well as someone who could attain success on his own. This will be a huge opportunity for Gordon to prove himself as not only a bastion of hope for his generation against vindictive veterans, but also reestablish him as a title contender in singles action by defeating a bona fide legend. Bully is absolutely ruthless as seen on ROH TV where he used a personal story involving his deceased parents to lower Flip’s guard before kicking him in the groin; having no issues losing by disqualification or count-out if it means hurting his opposition as seen during his feud with Cheeseburger. Gordon will have to hit & move, keeping the pressure up if he wants to win. If Ray shuts down his offense quickly it could mean the end of Flip’s night and maybe the realizing to many that Bully is actually right about this generation of wrestlers.

Some of the best from ROH’s Women of Honor division and STARDOM will collide at Best in the World as Women of Honor champion Sumie Sakai leads Tenille Dashwood, Jenny Rose & Mayu Iwatani into battle against Kelly Klein & Oedo Tai’s Kagetsu, Hazuki & Hana Kimura!

Sumie Sakai had an arduous task en route to becoming the first Women of Honor champion as the tournament’s dark horse had to defeat two of STARDOM’s best before returning to stateside where international star Tenille Dashwood awaited. In arguably the most surprising result in the tournament, Sakai defeated Dashwood before overcoming Kelly Klein to pin “The Gatekeeper” for the first time in a ROH ring. Since then people have been wondering when Sakai’s past opponents will get their respective shots at the champ. Oedo Tai have been stewing for revenge against Sakai and Mayu Iwatani – the latter being responsible for Hazuki being eliminated from the WOH Championship tournament and a long-time rival of the faction while Sumie overcame Kagetsu & Hana. While Team Klein & Oedo Tai is bonded by revenge, their opposing team is bonded by potential; potential opportunities at capturing the Women of Honor title from their own teammate. Jenny Rose recently stepped up, challenged Sakai and came up short in dethroning the champ. Dashwood, though successfully teaming with Sumie as of late, is still gunning for that elusive title shot. And then there’s Mayu Iwatani, one of the best to ever step foot inside a STARDOM ring and someone who has add more gold to her list of accolades. Though they might be able to work together there’s a great chance Team Sakai could implode due to aspirations outside of tag team action in the first Women of Honor match on ROH PPV in years.

Now lets find out what happened this week on ROH TV.

Last week: Silas Young retained his ROH World Television title against a returning Austin Aries due to Kenny King's interference in an effort to stop Beer City Bruiser.

ROH TV Episode 351
Chicago, IL

Flip Gordon vs. Jonathan Gresham
Flip Gordon had a picture-in-picture promo to state the fans better hold on tight for what they’re about to witness. Jonathan Gresham proved his technical superiority in the early going as well as showing off some agility. Gordon responded with a back flip into the “you can’t see me” gesture to a mixed response. Tyler Black Flip is not. The pace quickened and Gordon flipped he way right into an elbow drop. Gresham was having fun working over the back of his opponent in preparation for the octopus stretch. “The Octopus” started unleashing some finger manipulation while twisting Gordon into the abdominal stretch. Showing incredible tenacity, Gordon freed himself before coming off the ropes. And once again it was Gordon walking into an elbow aimed at his lower back. Gresham decided he wanted to hit the ropes, only to be dropkicked to the floor and eventual dove on right before the commercial break.
The fans were clapping in support of both men as Gresham unleashed knife-edge chops on Gordon as the latter fell against the ropes. Firing up, Gordon responded in kind and led to dem a clubberin’ in da middle, Tony! Gordon threw the first kick, only to be caught in position for a tornado DDT. Blocking the attack, Gordon muscled Gresham into the falcon arrow to gain a two count. Gordon’s follow up attack was stopped by the enzuguri. Keeping his base, Gordon retaliated with a Pele kick. Stunned was Gresham; leaving him wide open for the Star Spangled Stunner and the three count.
Bully Ray rushed the ring with microphone in hand. Ray wasn’t here to fight; he wanted to let Gordon know that his parents dreamed of living in the state Flip was born & raised in: Montana. But they passed away before that dream could come true. After handing Gordon a picture of his parents, Ray explained his level of respect for Gordon for serving in the US Army. Ray wanted to bury hatchet, but it, of course one giant ploy to kick Gordon in the groin. With Gordon writhing in pain, Ray of course asked Flip, "Do you know who I am?” before calling Flip a young boy.

There were highlights from Austin Aries attacking Kenny King after the main event with the commentators alluding to the possibility of Aries returning to feud with King.

Deonna Purrazzo vs. Kelly Klein
A vignette aired before the match showing “The Virtuosa" defeating Kelly Klein during a live event that escalated this feud as Klein has been hell-bent since to constantly attack her rival. Deonna Purrazzo wasn’t waiting around; diving through the ropes while noticeably dressed in her street fight attire to tackle Kelly Klein. Purrazzo was going after the left arm of Klein, performing arm breakers to potentially set up the Fujiwara Arm Bar. Klein stopped the submission, only to be knocked to the floor again. Purrazzo’s running attack off the apron ended with her hitting the ring’s edge face first thanks to a simple trip from her opposition. “The Gatekeeper” showed incredible strength, walking around with Deonna before pulling off a fall away slam before the commercial break.
Klein was rocked by forearms as the show returned, leading to a big German suplex on Kelly. Klein blocked the second attempt, only to be rolled into a pair of release German suplexes that brought the crowd into this one. Blocking a vertical suplex, Klein actually rolled herself into a brain buster for a two count. When Kelly kicked out, Purrazzo cinched in the Fujiwara. Klein kicked her way to the ropes to save herself. Chop after chop from Purrazzo turned into haymakers before going for the Arm Bar again. Klein blocked the attack, sending “The Virtuosa” into the steel ring post. Klein looked to take advantage of the situation by utilizing a superplex. Purrazzo blocked the initial attack, but not the super fall away slam … that gave Klein a near fall!
Klein had Purrazzo on her shoulders for something when Deonna got free and shoved “The Gatekeeper” into the referee. The official recovered just as Purrazzo locked in the Fujiwara. Klein rolled through the submission to put Deonna in the End of the Match to make Deonna tap out before she passed out.

Jay Lethal was in the promo area to announce that he will be facing Kushida at “Best in the World”. After winning their first match and losing the second, Lethal is looking to win the rubber match.

Dalton Castle was in the promo area to say he’s gotten his wish to fight the best, promising to devour the competition in Cody and Marty Scurll at “Best in the World”.

ROH World Tag Team Championship: The Briscoes (c) vs. Roppongi 3K
Pearl Harbor job by The Briscoes only ended with Jay Briscoe getting sent to the floor while Mark Briscoe took a double team dropkick. Yoh went for an Irish whip, having to fight off both Briscoes while causing miscommunications until Jay just got sick of playing by the rules by knocking Sho off the apron before Mark almost landed a decapitating clothesline on Yoh prior to the commercial break.
Rear chin lock by Jay on Yoh was the sight as the show returned. Yoh tired to fight his way from the wrong part of town, dropkicking Mark out of midair. Before Yoh could tag out, Jay ran across the ring to knock Sho off the apron again. Yoh found himself getting choked on the ropes while taking the badmouth from both opponents. Spitting at Sho, Jay used his opponent’s anger to bring in Mark for an illegal double team mudhole stomping. Yoh countered a clothesline by Mark, landing a neck breaker that gave him the chance to tag out. Sho was a house of fire, kicking Jay off the apron before unleashing a spear on Mark. German suplexes aplenty from Sho on Mark resulted in a two count. The fans were behind the challengers as 3K called for the end. Jay saved his brother, giving Mark the chance to connect with a sick lariat on Sho leading into the final commercial break.
Delaware’s Edge didn’t end this one for Dem Boys as the fans chanted for the challengers. Blocking a superplex was Sho, but it didn’t work as Sho was dropped in position for the Froggy Bow … for a near fall!
No one could believe it as the crowd went wild. Grabbing Sho by the hair, The Briscoes prepared to pull off a super Delaware’s Edge. Yoh tagged in after yanking Jay off the ropes; setting up a modified Poetry in Motion. The Briscoes were at ringside and couldn’t prevent Roppongi's somersault planchas. Firing up the crowd for something big after 3K didn’t put away Mark, Sho was distracted by a thrown chair. Kicking the distracted Yoh low as the referee removed the chair was Jay as Mark knocked out Sho. Jay Driller to Yoh put his lights out to allow The Briscoes to retain their gold via pin fall.

Overall: While last week’s episode used a two-match approach while giving both a good amount of time, this week felt like a stronger offering with one more bout and more story advancements/reiteration. Gresham vs. Gordon felt like the beginning of a great series to come followed by an excellent confrontation between Gordon and Ray that moves the feud from Bully & Cheeseburger to Bully & Gordon just in time for “Best in the World”. Lethal had a chance to make his big announcement, Dalton is continuously adding intrigue to his next big defense, and Austin Aries may return sooner than later. The Women of Honor bout was really fun, though the ref bump was totally unnecessary in the end. And the main event happened in front of such a responsive crowd that were excited to see a title change with The Briscoes winning by hook & by crook. Just real good stuff this week as it progressed stories while delivering fantastic action.

Castle vs. Cody vs. Scurll - Fri June 29 at Best in the World

Cody Challenges For ROH World Title At Best In The World

Throwback Thursday: Athena vs. Barbi Hayden

Future of Honor: One Mean Team vs. Pale Riders

Coleman's Pulpit with Silas Young

Coleman's Pulpit with Punishment Martinez

And there you have it. Show that love, or like, for The ROHbot Report and Honor Nation on its Facebook page. Also, if haven’t already, make sure you listen to the latest FREE “Honor Nation” as I talk about Kenny Omega winning the IWGP Heavyweight title, CM Punk’s latest UFC fight and more (http://www.wewantinsanity.com/am2/publish/free_audio/32_Mins_Honor_Nation_Living_The_Dream.shtml). And don’t forget to send those questions in for the next “Honor Nation either through the comments section below, on Facebook (The ROHbot Report and Honor Nation on its Facebook page), on Twitter (@fasjab), or by e-mailing me at Bullock@wewantinsanity.com.
Here’s to a great week for you and yours; and as always, thanks for reading.

Till Then.

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