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By James Bullock Apr 1, 2018 - 11:55 PM print

Welcome to another edition of The ROHbot Report – the only article you need for all the Ring of Honor news you have to know. It’s the biggest weekend of the year in all of wrestling and the men & women of ROH is looking to make it about “The Best Wrestling on the Planet” with an event for the ages in front of the largest crowd in ROH history.

“Supercard of Honor XII” Preview; April 7th, 2018; New Orleans, LA

Kenny Omega vs. Cody
There’s only room for one man atop the mountain – it doesn’t matter if it’s in regards to wrestling championships or, in this case, mega-factions that dictate the wrestling business like The Bullet Club. Since he was given the opportunity to join The Bullet Club, Cody has stood side-by-side with Kenny Omega in a disgruntled fashion. In truth, the spotlight has always shown brighter on the faction when Omega is involved than when Cody is the focus – leading to tension between the two considering just how many barriers he’s broken down since leaving WWE. Just when it seemed the hatchet had been buried following New Japan’s first tour of America problems arose again as the 2017 fall season came to an end and 2018 was slowly coming into fruition. It was at New Japan’s “New Beginning in Sapporo” even that saw “The Cleaner’s” reign as the company’s first United States champion came to an end due to the talents of Jay White. Following the match and an argument between Omega and his Bullet Club brethren after their recent problems over things like Kenny’s time on their “Being The Elite” Youtube show has been drastically reduced as of late, Cody laid Omega out with Cross Rhodes to unofficially stake his claim as the true leader of The Bullet Club.
This is pro wrestling and the only way a dispute should be settled in the ring; and that’s exactly what will happen in New Orleans when, for the first time, “The American Nightmare” will do battle with Kenny Omega. This match happens only two weeks following Omega & Kota Ibushi successfully teaming against The Young Bucks to prove they are one of the best tag teams in the world while Cody demeaned Matt & Nick Jackson for not doing their job of putting “The Cleaner” on the shelf prior to this huge event. Cody must meet his destiny and prove himself worthy of being the face of Bullet Club in front of the largest crowd in ROH history; but to do so he must defeat arguably the best wrestler in the world not wearing a championship belt in a match that will be very interesting from a result perspective. For Cody to lose in a ROH ring against someone who isn’t a full-time ROH competitor could be indicative that Omega is going to be a part of ROH a lot more in 2018.

ROH World Championship: Dalton Castle defends against Marty Scurll
2016’s “Reach for the Sky” tour was historic for ROH for a variety of reasons including the ROH in-ring debut of Marty Scurll. Standing across the ring from “The Villain” was none other than one of ROH’s most charismatic grapplers of all time in Dalton Castle. Though Scurll was tested on that night, it wasn’t enough for Castle to pull out the victory and spoil what would become a groundbreaking weekend for Scurll as he’d parlay the win into a Television Championship reign only two nights later. Though it seemed inevitable their paths would cross again sooner than later, but later occurred before sooner thanks to the events of “War of the Worlds” in May where the TV title scene was shaken up by Kushida defeating Scurll for the title only two nights after Castle won a Four Corner Survival on pay-per-view in a match that featured the future TV champ. Three months after “The Villain” failed to retain the TV title, Kushida defended his championship in a match that also included Scurll, Castle and Hiromu Takahashi. While “The Peacock” and Scurll physically interacted during the show, it wasn’t until the next night in Edinburgh when things got personal as Castle answering Cody open challenge for a future World title shot drew not only the champ’s ire, but the entire The Bullet Club’s – leading to an attack on Castle that put Dalton out of action for the past two months.
The “Peacock” returned with his focus being on dethroning Cody as the ROH World champion. In hopes of stopping Castle’s intent before it could even begin, Scurll stepped up and attempted to put Dalton down. The night was not Scurll’s, putting their budding rivalry at 1-1. So it only made sense that when Castle did become the ROH World champion, Marty Scurll took his chance to campaign for a title shot – an opportunity at a championship that he never fought for during his entire time in ROH thus far. Ignoring the loss prior to “Final Battle”, Scurll went about constantly reminding Castle that the first time they did battle it was “The Villain’s” hands raised in victory while trying to coerce would-be champions such as Punishment Martinez and Jay Lethal for the same title match. The inevitable third clash is now officially set and it’s the biggest match of them all for Castle and Scurll as the World title will be on the line. Both of their previous matches have been strong encounters, but the stakes weren’t as high; let alone the stage as grand. Many a ROH fan believes Marty Scurll is the next ROH World champion and that belief could become reality before the show’s end. But it would be a shame to see “The Peacock Era” end so soon. It’s really anyone’s match and could be the definitive showcase of a rivalry that fans will forever associate with this time in ROH history.

ROH World Television Championship (Last Man Standing): Kenny King defends against Silas Young
When Kenny King became the new ROH World Television champion at “Death Before Dishonor XV” he had a declaration in mind that would dictate the future of his reign if his first defense proved to be successful. By defeating Josh Woods on ROH TV, King found the confidence to proclaim that any time he was on a ROH card in singles competition his TV title would be on the line. King’s words gained the attention of several ROH competitors to the point Ring of Honor decided the champ would have a chance to test his mettle (and his luck) against three of them – Silas Young, Shane Taylor and Punishment Martinez at “Final Battle ‘17”. The night wasn’t an expected one for King as the defending champ saw his title reign come to a screeching halt like so much beer bottle on skull. Actually, that’s exactly why King’s TV title run ended when Young bashed one of Beer City Bruiser’s beer bottles over the titleholder’s head to knock him out behind the referee’s back to eliminate him from the match that would eventually end with “The Last Real Man” becoming the new ROH World Television champion. Since that night in New York, King has be constantly reminding Young both on the microphone and during physical confrontations that he’s coming for him and the TV title.
Unfortunately for Young, the numbers advantage didn’t prove to be an advantage at all for him as King defeated “The Last Real Man” to become a two-time TV champion. Their rematch at ROH’s “16th Anniversary” was controversial as well thanks to the referee being knocked for a loop prior to Young hitting Misery and getting the visual three count; only to lose minutes later when the referee had his wits about him. Infuriated, Young took out his aggression on the champ; causing a brawl around the arena in Las Vegas that led to ROH Enforcer giving Kenny King his wish: to defend his title against “The Last Real Man” in a Last Man Standing match. This stunning challenge actually puts the champ at a disadvantage as the challenger is undefeated in LMS matches in ROH thus far with his last victory occurring on pay-per-view against Jay Lethal. But King has already made history in his career and could do the same in front of ROH’s biggest crowd to date by breaking Young’s streak. If Silas does win he’ll become the fourth two-time ROH TV champion in history alongside King, Lethal & Roderick Strong while solidifying himself as the winner of this long-running feud that went simply from being about the TV title to both men wanting to hurt one another for the world to see in a bout that should be absolutely memorable for all the right reasons.

ROH World Tag Team Championship: The Briscoes defend against Hiroshi Tanahashi & Jay Lethal
Considered the franchises of their respective promotions, Jay Lethal and Hiroshi Tanahashi found themselves on opposing sides of the ring during the early days of ROH’s relationship with New Japan. But after Lethal lost the ROH World Championship and Tanahashi took a backseat for Kazuchika Okada to prove himself worthy of being the “Ace of New Japan” title, the two competitors found a kinship that allowed them to successfully tag in New Japan before testing the ROH Tag Team division waters during last year’s “War of the Worlds” tour. Though it just seemed like a random pairing, the truth is Tanahashi & Lethal’s alliance is based not on sheer chance, but on the mutual needs to be ROH champions. Tanahashi has gone on record to say that he would love to be a ROH champion. Jay Lethal, in all of his years as a ROH competitor both before & during the Sinclair Broadcast era, has never held a ROH World Tag Team title. On the opposite end of the spectrum are two men who are synonymous with ROH’s Tag Team Chamionshp. Setting an unbelievable record of nine World Tag Team title victories since 2003, The Briscoes have become the team to beat once again in ROH by defeating The Motor City Machine Guns at ROH’s “16th Anniversary” event. Though featuring a more vicious side to his personality & in-ring talents, Jay Briscoe comes into this one knowing that the last time he held ROH gold it was taken from him by Lethal. Tanahashi has actually done well against The Briscoes; defeating them at the “14th Anniversary” event with partner Michael Elgin in their sole encounter thus far. The Briscoes also know about failed first title defenses. Eleven years ago, Naruki Doi & SHINGO were able to end The Briscoe’s third reign less than two weeks after they won the title in Dem Boys’ first intended defense. During ROH’s biggest show ever history could easily be made with the first ROH-New Japan co-promoted Tag Team champions. No matter the outcome, expect this to be another fantastic bout to make a stacked show even more impressive.

ROH World Six-Man Tag Team Championship: SoCal Uncensored defend against The Young Bucks & Flip Gordon
“Welcome to Ring of Honor!” is a phrase that’s haunted Flip Gordon since his joined the ROH roster full-time courtesy of The Bullet Club. On various episodes of “Being The Elite”, Gordon’s good nature has been used against him as The Bullet Club have tricked, choked and, of course, super kicked him whenever it seemed like they were simply welcoming him to ROH or playing a “harmless rib.” For obvious reasons, Flip has taken exception to the actions of wrestling’s most powerful faction going today; looking to do whatever he can in his power to stand up for himself and put The Bullet Club members who have been hounding him for months in their places. Gordon planned to gather help from all corners of the wrestling community to help push back the growing influence The Bullet Club has on not only ROH, but the wrestling business & its wrestlers as a whole. Unfortunately for Gordon his plans didn’t pan out as he hoped; resulting in him not only losing a chance to become a Six-Man Tag Team champion, but also his men like Scorpio Sky turning on him. But time has a way of healing all wounds as seen during recent episodes of “Being The Elite” where Gordon has been offering his psychologist services to help The Young Bucks while hoping that maybe his actions will help him accomplish a goal: to be a part of the “All In” event Cody & The Young Bucks are financing in September. Though Gordon failed to secure his spot on the “All In” card by losing to Cody, Flip did accomplish something great: gaining the respect of The Young Bucks.
Only a night after SoCal Uncensored defeated The Hung Bucks to win the Six-Man Tag Team Championship, Gordon took on his old friend in Scorpio Sky. The match ended in controversy and to stop a three-on-one beating, The Young Bucks saved Gordon. ROH Enforcer Bully Ray saw six men surrounding him and decided to give the fans something they will never forget: a Ladder match between defending champions SoCal Uncensored and the new team of Flip Gordon & The Young Bucks. ROH Ladder matches are not only becoming synonymous with the likes of Matt & Nick Jackson and The Addiction, but also “Supercard of Honor” as last year’s event saw The Young Bucks regain the ROH World Tag Team Championship by defeating The Hardys. The Young Bucks prior title reign started at the expense of The Addiction a year prior when they won Ladder War VI. This will mark the first time in ROH history a Ladder match will consist of six men on two teams, but not the first time six men will be involved in a ROH Ladder match (the aforementioned Ladder War VI provided the latter). ROH Ladder matches have been crazy from the original iteration to the most recent. Considering the people involved, this one will be no different as one should expect nothing but insanity with the potential of a title change.

Kota Ibushi vs. Adam Page
Following wrestling’s biggest weekend of the year, Ring of Honor made a fantastic announcement that then-rising star Kota Ibushi would be making his ROH debut. Ibushi’s match with El Generico that night became a highlight for not only those in attendance, but also anyone who witnessed it on DVD. Unfortunately it would be the last time Ibushi appeared in a ROH ring. A lot has changed in those ten years as Kota became a globetrotting freelancer picking up championships wherever he went including in his current home of New Japan. In those ten years Ibushi also joined forces with another wrestler many believed could have the sport wrapped around their fingers, forming The Golden Lovers alongside Kenny Omega. Like so many tag teams, their time together was only temporary and after they went their separate ways so did their ideologies … until recently. With a schism occurring in The Bullet Club, members like Adam Page have chosen their side between Omega and Cody while Ibushi & “The Cleaner” have reunited. 2018 thus far has been a mixed bag for “The Hangman”. For every success like skyrocketing to top U.S. title contender status in New Japan, Page has suffered a setback like losing the ROH World Six-Man Tag Team Championship and failing to become the third IWGP United States champion. For Page, this match is more than about wins & losses; it’s about loyalty. For all the major, impressive matches already announced for this event there’s a great chance this is the bout that steals the show thanks to Ibushi’s obvious talents and Page reaching a new height in his abilities as of late.

Tomohiro Ishii takes on Punishment Martinez
ROH has already delivered on a promoting heavy-hitting matches being a part of “Supercard of Honor”; now they have the “Stone Pitbull” coming to New Orleans for his first ROH Stateside appearance in over a year. Ishii is not only one best representatives of New Japan, he’s also a former ROH Television champion who has defeated the likes of Roderick Strong in his short time competing in a ROH ring. A year ago Punishment Martinez was simply a man trying to establish himself as a member of the ROH roster. It was during the “Honor Rising” tour that something happened for Martinez that opened the eyes of many fans in regards to his ability. Ironically enough, Martinez’s failure to secure the NEVER Openweight championship during that tour happened because of Punishment being unable to overcome one of Ishii’s greatest opponents in Hirooki Goto. Since that star-making performance, Martinez has risen through the ranks of ROH while trying to establish himself as a force across the globe including Japan. Just like the Goto-Martinez match from last year this one should be as hard-hitting as they come with Martinez potentially picking up a big victory that could international implications.

Ring of Honor returns to Columbus, OH just one week after the record-breaking Supercard of Honor! And the two men that will be competing in the Ring of Honor World Championship match at Supercard will be in the main event of Masters of the Craft alongside two of the biggest, baddest ROH stars in a Defy or Deny match: Dalton Castle vs. Marty Scurll vs. Punishment Martinez vs. Beer City Bruiser!

The rules are simple: it’s an elimination match where the winning non-champion gets a future ROH World title shot or the final person to be defeated by the champion can’t challenge for the title while the titleholder is the champion. In 2011, then-ROH World champion Roderick Strong participated in the first “Defy or Deny” match where he had to fight back the challenge of three potential contenders. With the help of Michael Elgin, Roderick Strong won the first “Defy or Deny” match and walked out of the building with three less challengers to worry about in the future. “Mr. ROH” didn’t fare so well two years later when Roderick entered the second “Defy or Deny” bout in history as a potential challenger alongside Michael Elgin and Eddie Edwards; falling to then-titleholder Kevin Steen. 2014 saw the most recent “Defy or Deny” encounter with only three participants, but the result of the champion ending his night in victorious fashion being exactly the same. What seems like an impossible statistic – the champion winning 100% percent of the time – is the reality of this match’s history thus far. After four iterations, there’s a good chance that number could drop from 100 to 75% if Punishment Martinez, Beer City Bruiser, or the loser from “Supercard of Honor XII” can figure out the formula the likes of Eddie Edwards, Michael Elgin, Mark Briscoe or Jimmy Jacobs couldn’t solve. Thus far, “Defy or Deny” matches have been highlights of the three events they’ve been associated with including a TV taping; this should be no different no matter the outcome.

The feud between Cody and Matt Taven has reached its boiling point and, with bad blood boiling, the two will meet in a conflict-ending clash – a First Blood Match – in Columbus!

2017 proved to be a rough year for Matt Taven’s version of The Kingdom. After ending 2016 as Six-Man Tag Team champions, The Kingdom suffered an unexpected turn of events that led to them losing the title, TK O’Ryan being forced out of action due to a nasty leg injury, and Taven & Vinny Marseglia failing to get any traction as a duo. Claiming conspiracy by ROH management to hold him & his crew down, Taven has declared no more in 2018 as he has started an impressive winning streak that will prevent ROH from supposedly ignoring his & The Kingdom’s talents. Cody, on the other hand, found great success in 2017 to the point he’s taking credit for ROH’s record-breaking attendance records and PPV buy rates in the year. So what better way for Taven to definitively establish himself as one of the best ROH has to offer than by taking down the ROH Wrestler of the Year in 2017? Taven put Cody on notice in Philadelphia right after the latter failed to retain his ROH World Championship. Kicking Cody in the family jewels, Taven set the stage for their battle in Memphis where “The American Nightmare” avenged the disgraceful act by not only shattering Taven’s dreams, but also pinned him on ROH TV. But it was Taven who got the last laugh that night in “Music City” as he & The Kingdom attacked Cody after the match. Topping off another kick to Cody’s groin was Taven stealing the Ring of Honor ring and forcing an unconscious Cody’s lips to kiss the ring. Since that night The Kingdom dominated The Bullet Club any time Cody is in the ring as seen live on iPPV in “Honor Reigns Supreme”.
Cody entered ROH’s “16th Anniversary” completely focused and able to withstand the numbers game, being prepared for a low blow by wearing a steel protective cup, and executing Cross Rhodes to pin Taven and regain his Ring of Honor. Disrespected & reeling from a big loss on PPV, Taven is literally out for blood in Columbus. For the first time in ROH history, Cody and Taven will do battle in a match where the winner is declared only after his opponent is significantly bleeding. Though Cody has proven he can thrive in more hardcore environments, he’s also proven to be susceptible to cuts that have left him losing blood such as the night he won the ROH World Championship. Though the stage is not as grand as the one in Las Vegas, a win for the new CMLL Welterweight champion Taven here will definitely put him in ROH World title contention while he can claim the final victory in this war between Bullet Club and Kingdom members. They’ve had strong outings thus far, but with the rules being completely different than what was seen previously there’s a good chance this could be their best encounter as they won’t be hindered by the prototypical rules of pro wrestling to attain victory.

Jonathan Gresham, sensing he can beat one of the greatest champions Ring of Honor has ever seen, has asked ROH for a rematch with Jay Lethal – he will get his rematch at Masters of the Craft!

In 2004, Ring of Honor instituted its second singles title that would become a benchmark in the company’s history: the ROH Pure Championship. By 2005, still a relative wrestling rookie in Jay Lethal stepped up like very few did during that era and became a Pure titleholder that allowed his budding style to flourish in different ways due to the strict rules that made up each Pure title defense including each competitor having only three rope breaks and not using closed fists during the bout or risk disqualification. Fast forward over a decade later and long-time ROH fans have been nostalgic for the days of old where unexpected, yet highly anticipated matches over a secondary championship occurred and you find a man who is definitely made for a title division that was gone from ROH before he was even out of high school, Jonathan Gresham. “The Octopus” has spent the better part of his career traveling around the world, evolving his repertoire, and gaining the type of in-ring experience that has made him one of the best technicians going today. Unfortunately in a landscape flooded with experienced ROH stalwarts, Gresham has struggled to break through the pack as a singles competitor almost in the same way Lethal suffered from when he was confronted by Samoa Joe, Homicide, and Low Ki. Lethal eventually thrived against his biggest rivals and became the “Franchise of ROH” ready to test the potential next generation of hopefuls like Gresham.
While Gresham has scored some impressive victories during his ROH tenure thus far, those star-making matches, moments & wins hadn’t occurred until this year’s version of “Honor Reigns Supreme” where “The Octopus” had the opportunity to take on Lethal prior to the former World champion battling for the ROH World title on pay-per-view. Lethal-Gresham I stole the show that night and opened the eyes of thousands of fans who didn’t know just how much potential Gresham has when facing the best of the best. Unfortunately for everything good there has to be something bad; and bad in the case of Gresham was suffering a knee injury during the match that has put him on the shelf until now. Their first bout was an early ROH Match of the Year candidate that helped raise the stock of Gresham even in defeat. There’s a great chance “The Octopus” has not only learned from his mistakes that cost him in the previous match, but also could use his injury to his advantage by playing possum in an environment where victory by any means is a necessity. There’s a good chance that in another fantastic match Gresham could pull off the biggest victory of his ROH career for all those watching through HonorClub to see.

The Dawgs of Rhett Titus and Will Ferrara will be looking to take a bite out of Coast to Coast in their third encounter at Masters of the Craft!

When Will Ferrara turned on his tag team partner Cheeseburger it appeared he was on the road to singles success if he could start building up big wins against a variety of opponents. But it seemed Ferrara had other reasons as to why he needed to boot Cheeseburger – something that became completely clear when Rhett Titus helped him assault their fellow ROH Dojo graduate on ROH TV. From that moment Titus & Ferrara embraced their out-of-the-ring friendship and plans to turn it into a champion quality tandem. In reality, the reason for The Dawgs coming together is similar to why Coast to Coast are a unit. Two former Top Prospect competitors in Shaheem Ali & Leon St. Giovanni decided to let their friendship fuel a potentially successful tag team. For months Ali & LSG struggled to pick up that much-needed major victory; even coming up short against The Dawgs during ROH’s “Global Wars” tour. But things finally turned around for CTC as they took the opportunity of a lifetime and actually succeeded against former ROH World Tag Team champions War Machine on ROH TV. Since then LSG & Ali have discovered a new level of confidence that have allowed them to avenge that loss to The Dawgs in Atlanta. With their rivalry at 1-1, the rubber match in Columbus will decide what team is moving up the ranking’s ladder while the other drops significantly – a bout that will most likely reach the same level of quality as their previous encounters. One potential issue for CTC is Beer City Bruiser & Brian Milonas – a duo who attacked Ali & LSG after their victory over The Dawgs. The biggest tag team in ROH today may want to send a message during this event that ends Coast to Coast’s winning ways.

Adam Page Takes on Kota Ibushi

WOH Championship Tournament Round 2: Kelly Klein vs. Mandy Leon

WOH Championship Tournament Round 2: Sumie Sakai vs. Kagetsu

WOH Championship Tournament Round 2: Tenille Dashwood vs. Brandi Rhodes

Throwback Thursday: Adam Cole vs. Matt Taven vs. Matt Hardy

Shane Alden vs. Manny Lemons

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Here’s to a great week for you and yours; and as always, thanks for reading.

Till Then.

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