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By James Bullock May 29, 2018 - 8:06 AM print

Welcome to another edition of The ROHbot Report – the only article you need for all the Ring of Honor news you have to know. ROH headed back to the UK for another series of events featuring the stars of New Japan joining the elite ROH talent. Let's find out what happened during ROH’s “Honor United” tour.

“Honor United: Edinburgh” Results; May 24th, 2018; Edinburgh, Scotland
– Shane Taylor defeated Scorpio Sky
– EVIL & SANADA defeated The Addiction
– Kelly Klein & Chardonnay defeated Tenille Dashwood & Sumie Sakai
– Punishment Martinez defeated Kenny King
– The Young Bucks defeated Nick Aldis & Mark Haskins
– The Boys defeated Yano & Delirious
– ROH World Television Championship: Silas Young defeated Joe Hendry to retain
– ROH World Six Man Championship: The Kingdom defeated Hiroshi Tanahashi, Jay Lethal & Dalton Castle to retain
– ROH World Tag Team Championship: The Briscoes defeated Cody & Adam Page to retain

ROH’s first night of its latest UK tour was consistently solid and really nothing else. Sticking to an action-first mentality there was very little storyline progression as each match was mostly a showcase of talents wrestling other talents and letting the fans enjoy it (if the lacking crowd audio was any indication, they weren’t really entertained for a majority of the show even though the obvious body language showed otherwise). Bouts such as the TV title bout, The Young Bucks’ success over the debuting Nick Aldis & returning Mark Haskins, Punishment Martinez overcoming Kenny King, and the main event really showed just how good average is in ROH. But the show wasn’t perfect from an action perspective as the Women of Honor tag bout felt like so many other WOH tag team matches and the six-man offering mostly thanks to the lack of mobility from the injured World champion. Then there was The Boys defeating Yano & Delirious in a match featuring more comedy than anything; meaning the match’s mileage will vary depending on a person’s opinion of comedy wrestling. This definitely felt the first night of a weekend of action similar to the days of old when it came to ROH live event offerings such as the company’s “Fifth Year Festival” or various “Wrestlemania” weekend shows; becoming a show that’s fun to watch, but not necessary viewing.

“Honor United: Doncaster” Results; May 26th, 2018; London, England
– Jay Lethal defeated Mark Briscoe
– Toru Yano defeated Shane Taylor
– Tenille Dashwood defeated Kelly Klein
– Jay Briscoe defeated Mark Haskins
– ROH World Television Championship (Four Corner Survival): Silas Young defeated SANADA, Hiroshi Tanahashi & Punishment Martinez to retain
– Bully Ray defeated The Boys
– Cody defeated Kenny King
– ROH World Championship: Dalton Castle defeated EVIL to retain
– ROH World Six Man Championship: The Kingdom defeated SoCal Uncensored and The Hung Bucks to retain

While the first night of this UK tour was pretty much solid action up & down the card, this show had varying peaks & valleys starting with the opening contest as Jay Lethal kept his winning streak alive against Mark Briscoe in a thriller of an opener with the fans into everything. Another Briscoe-Lethal rivalry (no matter if it’s Jay or Mark) would be so much fun. Ironically enough, Jay Briscoe was apart of another stellar match from this show as he and Mark Haskins arguably tore the house down with a bout that had people really into the idea of Briscoe falling to the UK star. Last but not least was the main event as The Kingdom retained their Six Man Tag Team title by bashing Daniels with Taven’s walking cane after a referee bump (sadly not the first & only ref bump of the show). There was also an interesting storyline advancement pertaining to “All In” as Nick Aldis confronted Cody after his win with a proposition that if Cody regains the ROH World title before their clash both the ROH World and NWA titles will be on the line – an offer Cody accepted. This event wasn’t without its lowlights as alluded to earlier; specifically the ROH World title match. Dalton Castle, obviously suffering from his injuries, seemed like he was only going at half-pace throughout his match. Bully Ray obliterated The Boys and Shane Taylor lost yet again in a match that didn’t reach the comedic heights of what was seen the night before for obvious reasons. Between the good & the bad were several solid matches including Dashwood vs. Klein, the TV title match and the aforementioned Cody vs. Kenny King – making this another show that isn’t a waste of time, but isn’t essential viewing.

“Honor United: Doncaster” Results; May 27th, 2018; Doncaster, England
– Toru Yano & Kenny King defeated The Addiction
– ROH World Television Championship: Silas Young vs. Douglas Williams to retain
– Shane Taylor, Punishment Martinez & Bully Ray defeated Dalton Castle & The Boys
– Jay Lethal defeated Matt Taven
– ROH Women of Honor Championship: Sumie Sakai defeated Chardonnay to retain
– Cody defeated Scorpio Sky
– Hiroshi Tanahashi defeated Adam Page
– Four Corner Survival: The Young Bucks defeated The Briscoes, The Kingdom, and EVIL & SANADA

ROH’s final night of this UK tour turned out to be the overall best with fantastic matches from top to bottom. Though the opening contest was still rooted in they typical Toru Yano comedy it proved to be done a lot better with multiple people to play off of like the fantastic former ROH World Tag Team champions. Silas Young couldn’t outwrestle Doug Williams in the end, having to resort to nefarious means to retain his title. Jay Lethal’s quest to defeat every person who had defeated him over the past year continued as he broke his recent losing streak when facing Matt Taven in another great match between the two. The first international Women of Honor Championship defense proved to be excellent with the underdog champion overcoming a very game Chardonnay – a wrestler who would make for a great addition to the division. Sumie Sakai might not have seemed like the ideal first WOH champion initially she has really been able to draw the fans into her title defenses.
Cody and Scorpio Sky had a fun match on ROH TV last year, but this one was world’s better – giving ROH a very easy rivalry for the future if they see fit. Though not the best Hiroshi Tanahashi or Adam Page match this year, both men gelled well and could easily have a better match at a bigger event. Then came the main event that was wall-to-wall action with every team getting a chance to shine before The Young Bucks won by spiking O’Ryan with the Meltzer Driver as they prepare to take on The Briscoes for the gold at “Best in the World” (a match announced before the main event). Really the only lowlight from the show was the six-man tag – a match that not only made little sense in regards to the team of Ray, Taylor & Martinez, but also suffered from a lack of the obviously injured Dalton Castle. But a show where only one out of definitely makes it something worthy of your time.

The Best Wrestling On The Planet returns to Manhattan Center’s Hammerstein Ballroom for a huge international television taping on June 2nd! Dalton Castle is signed to compete in New York at ROH’s international television taping against a CMLL legend with the ROH World Championship on the line when he defends against Ultimo Guerrero!

For fans of pro-wrestling (not just lucha fans) who have been doing everything from reading magazines, to scouring the Internet, to watching ROH this past year have read, seen, and most likely enjoyed the work of a man who has been wrestling for almost thirty years now. Ultimo’s list of accomplishments are grand including the CMLL World Heavyweight, World Light Heavyweight, World Tag Team, World Trios Championships and now the NWA World Historic Middleweight champion. In 2016, Guerrero made his ROH debut; ending up the semifinals of the World Six-Man Tag Team tournament before losing to the eventual winners in The Kingdom. Ultimo returned to great fanfare during “Best in the World” weekend as well as ROH’s “War of the Worlds: UK” tour where he avenged his loss to The Kingdom in the prior and had a magnificent lucha showcase in the latter. Guerrero continued his fan-pleasing ways earlier this year at “Manhattan Mayhem VII” where he unsuccessfully teamed with Jay Lethal against Dalton Castle & Volador Jr. The post-match antics is what really set the stage for this bout as Ultimo took the ROH World title belt, staring at the gold before handing it to the champion; giving off the impression that it will be his one day. That day could come during this ROH TV taping as the always-on Ultimo will be taking on an injured champion who has been struggling to compete as of late. The ROH World Championship has never changed hands on ROH TV, but that could change as one of the most unexpected title changes in ROH history might just become a reality in “The Big Apple”.

The ROH Board of Directors has signed a huge six-man tag team match befitting of the Big Apple by teaming up Martinez and the World Tag Team champions The Briscoes against their common enemies in Bullet Club, The Young Bucks & Adam Page!

The Hung Bucks have found themselves on the positive side of history; becoming the ROH World Six Man Tag Team champions amidst making wrestling history by being a part of the most profitable independent wrestling stable ever seen. Their talents both as a unit and by themselves have garnered them worldwide acclaim and caused fans to declare them both the present & the future of wrestling. But before the trio came together in ROH, there was no denying that the greatest display of tag team action came courtesy of The Briscoes. Jay & Mark Briscoe have become synonymous with ROH’s Tag Team divisions; even winning the Six Man Tag title between their record-making & record-breaking eighth & ninth World Tag Team title reigns. During that time trying to retain & regain titles, The Briscoes have run a foul of The Bullet Club; most recently on ROH TV by attacking The Bucks, Page & Cody with chairs before shutting down Page & Cody’s hopes of winning the Tag Team title from them in Edinburgh during the company’s “Honor United” tour. In the middle of all this chaos stands Punishment Martinez. “The Creeper of Violence” recently found himself on the wrong end of a pin fall at the hands of Cody; taking out his anger on Page later in the night to initiate a feud that has seen both men be put through tables and unable to complete scheduled matches. Now, for the first time, The Briscoes unit with a man who has proven he works better alone against a true untied front even in the midst of controversy surrounding their faction. This has all the makings of being an excellent match and a chance for The Hung Bucks to get back in the ROH title picture no matter what Tag Team Championship they’re looking to attain.

Chuckie T. will have his hands full in Chicago when he fights Jay Lethal for the world to see when this match airs on ROH TV!

Debuting in ROH as a part of his internationally known Best Friends tag team alongside Beretta, Chuckie T. appeared to solely be about tag team success in ROH. Then everything changed as Beretta went down with an injury and “The Kentucky Gentleman” had to decide whether or not he’d test the waters as a singles star. The decision to venture out on his own in ROH has actually paid off incredibly well for Chuckie as he’s been winning frequently against men considered lower on the totem pole such as Josh Woods and Jonathan Gresham. But Chuckie takes a big step up in competition here as he’ll be fighting the only man in ROH history to simultaneously hold both the ROH World & World TV titles at the same time. A Chuckie victory wouldn’t be surprising as T. is a former PWG World champion who has stepped up his game unlike anything anyone expected from the guy once solely known for comedy wrestling. Lethal, as always, is looking to get back in the ROH title picture and would love to earn an opportunity at the expense of Chuckie. This should be a really fun, honorable affair with a potential surprising victory for Chuckie.

Cody will find himself tested by one of the best in CMLL when he takes on Titan in New York!

After making a great first impression in ROH alongside his luchador brethren during last year’s “War of the Worlds: UK” tour, the eleven-year veteran Titan returns to New York once again. Titan is a grappler who has won multiple championships including the Mexican National Welterweight title and competed in various tournaments including the Best of Super Juniors in 2013. When it comes to his time in ROH, Titan knows about The Bullet Club as he teamed with Flip Gordon & Dragon Lee in hopes of becoming one-third of the Six Man Tag Team champions at “Final Battle” last year in the arguable Match of the Night. Now, for the first time, Titan gets a chance to shine as a singles star in ROH on American soil by taking on the former ROH World champion and a man looking to regain his championship. This could be a huge opportunity for Titan as he could no only defeat one of the biggest names in ROH, but also the future ROH World champion. Like Guerrero, Titan could set himself up for a future World title shot with a victory here. But Cody is a “by hook or by crook” type of wrestler; a rudo if there ever was one who will do anything in his power to win even if it’s by dishonorable means. Titan may not be able to overcome the dirty tactics of “The American Nightmare”, but he definitely has the talent to win against any competitor no matter the class. This could make for a wonderful clash of styles similar to Cody vs. Kushida from last year or be a somewhat forgettable encounter crutched by shenanigans & unnecessary moments like referee bumps.

Bully Ray but wants the rules waived for his next confrontation with Cheeseburger; and he’ll get his wish in New York when they do battle in a No Disqualification, No Count-out match!

“Supercard of Honor XII” proved to be a turning point in the career of Bully Ray. The ROH Enforcer Ray decided to join Cheeseburger in the ring some four months after the multi-time Tag Team champion left his boots in the ring to signify his retirement from active competition. But in New Orleans, Ray was put in a position where he had to give the fans what they paid for as Cheeseburger was scheduled to wrestle, but had no partner. Ray stepped up and aligned himself with Cheeseburger for one night only. It seemed everything was going well until Bully snapped and attacked the most famous ROH Dojo graduate. Ray, grabbing the microphone, explained how disappointed he was with this current generation of wrestling – a group of people he believes think they deserve to be on major cards & events even when things don’t go their way; individuals who would ask for help from veterans and take sole credit for their own success. Proclaiming himself as better than anyone in ROH & watching from behind the barricades because he’s a WWE Hall of Famer, Ray went on a rampage of attacking people obviously smaller & weaker than him while proclaiming himself as a vindicator. Cheeseburger saw the truth that Ray’s first name represents exactly who he is: a bully who needs to be shut down even by someone physically inferior to him. Since that night when Ray attacked Cheeseburger the two have done battle where Ray has lost due to count-outs and disqualifications, but left the master of the Shotei Palm Strike lying. This is Cheeseburger’s chance to stand up and actually knock out the biggest bully of them all with no rules hindering either man. But if their previous encounters are any indication of what can & will happen it’ll be another long night for Cheeseburger.

Sumie Sakai and Stella Grey team up to take on two up-and-coming stars in Gabby Ortiz & Riley Shepard at ROH’s NYC Excellence international television taping!

Sumie Sakai, after shocking the ROH world by becoming the first Women of Honor champion, was immediately tested by the division’s intended future as she stood across the ring for Stella Grey. Though adversaries on that night in Pittsburgh, the two fought honorably and the end result was a mentor overcoming her protégé. Instead of fighting each other with the intent of Grey overcoming the titleholder, Grey will be learning alongside the best to take on another pair of women looking to establish themselves as Women of Honor mainstays. Gabby Ortiz has been seen in Women of Honor action in the past including participating in the inaugural Women of Honor title tournament. But before that, Ortiz actually earned a ROH victory alongside Sumie Sakai during last year’s “War of the Worlds” tour. Riley Shepard too has been in an official ROH match exclusive to the company’s Youtube channel where she suffered a defeat in tag team action with Stella Grey. With all these connections, even for short periods of time, this could be anyone’s match; though the favorite has to be the master of Smash Mouth in the Women of Honor champion; though a victory for anyone other than her could set the stage for another title challenger for Sakai.

Kelly Klein has issued a challenge to the first challenger to the Women of Honor Championship for New York City to prove that she should have been the first wrestler to challenge for the title, Jenny Rose!

Recently on ROH TV, Jenny Rose had her chance to become the second Women of Honor champion only to come up short against Sumie Sakai in an excellent match. But before that, Kelly Klein was a part of arguably a big upset as Sakai handed “The Gatekeeper” her first official pin fall loss to fail in her first championship opportunity in ROH. Having been knocked down the rankings from those losses, Klein and Rose look to return to contender status at each other’s expense. Klein comes in the favorite to win not simply because of her stature, potential strength & submission advantage, but also because she has choked out Rose en route to victory in the past. But Rose, as seen in her title match with Sakai, has hit a new level in aggression & tenacity that could mean the difference between success & defeat here.

Now lets find out what happened this week on ROH TV.

Last week: The Bullet Club’s Cody, Adam Page & Marty Scurll defeated SoCal Uncensored before a miscommunication between Cody and Scurll ended with the prior getting knocked out.

ROH TV Episode 349
Chicago, IL

Jushin Liger & Cheeseburger vs. The Dawgs
As per the norm, The Dawgs cut a promo on the way to the ring by proclaiming they’ll drop Jushin Liger. What an ovation for Liger - a big pop for the living legend. It was Rhett Titus and Cheeseburger kicking this one off with Titus easily powering his opponent around. Cheeseburger used the momentum against Titus as he propelled off the ropes and almost rolled up Rhett. Titus responded with a stiff right hand before tagging out to Ferrara. Like his partner, Ferrara was knocked down by Cheeseburger’s rope-assisted body. The fans wanted Liger and that’s what they got as "Thunder" entered and dropped an elbow on the lower back of Will Ferrara when “Lil’ Willie” went for the drop down. With The Dawgs retreating, Liger and Cheeseburger decided to somersault atop both men as the show entered a commercial break.
The fans were going wild as Liger cinched in his patented surfboard on Ferrara as Titus was caught in the octopus by Cheeseburger. Just when it seemed Cheeseburger had this in order, Titus slapped Ferrara on the back of his head for a blind tag. Cheeseburger was caught off guard and splashed in the corner by Titus before Rhett catapulted his partner so Ferrara could clothesline Cheeseburger. Trying to fight his way out of the wrong part of town didn’t work well for Cheeseburger as he was caught by another blind tag and several splashes. But The Dawgs' constant attempts at double teams off blind tags cost them as Cheeseburger sent Titus into Ferrara before drilling Rhett with the reverse tornado DDT. Cheeseburger made it to Liger so Jushin could not only Liger Bomb Ferrara for a two count, but also team up with Cheeseburger to unleash double Shotei Palm Strikes to knock out both of The Dawgs for the three count.

There was a recap of Jenny Rose challenging Sumie Sakai for the Women of Honor Championship – a match that will happen after the commercial break.

The ROH World champion was in the promo area to throw out an idea: since Cody and Marty Scurll feel they are deserving of a ROH World title shot he’ll give it to them both at the same time at "Best in the World” in a Triple Threat match.

Women of Honor Championship: Sumie Sakai (c) vs. Jenny Rose
The champion wasn’t messing around, attacking Jenny Rose at the sound of the bell when her challenger went to slap her; double stomping a mudhole into Rose. Rose tried to leave the ring to avoid even more damage when Sumie Sakai came flying off the top rope with a cross body block to a big ovation as the show entered a commercial break.
Sakai was still flying, missile dropkicking Rose as the show returned. Sakai came off the ropes, running into a big sidewalk slam. The focus became Sakai’s back and Rose had a Boston crab in mind. Sakai refused to give up, fighting her way off the mat to execute not only strikes, but also a swinging fisherman’s buster. Sakai wanted to fly again when Rose rushed her with a shoulder ram. Sakai went sailing off the apron; landing by the barricades. Once again it was Sumie trying to fight from behind when Rose stopped her; this time courtesy of a drop toe hold against a chair by the barricades. The fans were reacting big time to every big maneuver as Rose prepared for something off the top. The flying clothesline connected for Rose, as did a fisherman's suplex. Rose's attempt at an electric chair didn’t work, but the clothesline did after she had to stop a victory roll. Rose was looking to fly again when Sakai got off the canvas and yanked her off the top with a frankensteiner … for a near fall!
Sakai had the fans behind her as she prepared for a running attack. Rose moved at the last second, utilizing a German suplex to set up the spear ... to gain a near fall as well!
Rose rushed the champ, taking a spinning back elbow for her trouble. Before Rose could recover she felt Smash Mouth and succumbed to a three count.

Recently, Cody and Marty Scurll have gained pin fall victories over the ROH World champ in various multi-man and tag team matches. Cody and Marty Scurll were in the promo area to talk about “Best in the World” at the end of June. According to Cody, the number one man deserving a World title shot will get his thanks to “The Villain”. But before Cody could really get his point across, Scurll kept interrupting him to put over the fact Marty plans on winning the World title.

SoCal Uncensored were in their locker room, lamenting over their recent Six Man Tag title loss and promised to win their championship back tonight.

ROH TV champion Silas Young was in the promo area, upset over the fact Austin Aries has just waltzed his way into a TV title match. “The Last Real Man” promised to show "The Greatest Man That Ever Lived" he's the biggest joke Young has ever witnessed.

ROH World Six Man Tag Team Championship: The Kingdom (c) vs. SoCal Uncensored
It was at ROH’s return to Lowell for the "War of the Worlds” tour where The Kingdom shocked the world by regaining the Six Man Tag Team from SoCal Uncensored. After getting some kisses from the fans, Matt Taven joined his brethren to do some clubbern’ around da ring, Tony! Christopher Daniels retrieved one of those balloons Vinny Marseglia brought to the ring, popping it on Vinny’s ear to a big ovation. Scorpio Sky entered the ring after he and TK O’Ryan illegally kicked their opponents in the back off respective Irish whips, leading to a double trip to Sky and O’Ryan courtesy of Taven and Kazarian. The confusion allowed for Frankie to corner O’Ryan on the wrong part of town. Double team kick-clothesline-double stomp from The Addiction allowed Sky to pick the bones of TK. Just when Scorpio Sky was on fire he ran into a triple team hotshot. Grabbing another one of those balloons, Vinny popped it on Sky's head to a, “This is awesome!" chant. Taven became the legal man, keeping Daniels and Kazarian off the apron as the show entered a commercial break.
A highlight reel of Kingdom offense was shown when the show returned as Scorpio Sky was left fighting by himself. Slugging it out with Marseglia, Sky was able to come off the ropes with a cross body block in mind. Vinny was thinking the same thing; causing a big collision. Sky had to fight off all three champions so he could tag out to Kazarian. “The Heavy Metal Rebel” was running wild, setting up a tope by Daniels to wipe out both Taven & O’Ryan on the floor. Marseglia was left feeling the slingshot DDT from Kazarian. Taven tried to intervene, but ended up taking a STO. Recovering quickly, Taven back dropped Daniels to the floor for a dive. Bodies were sailing off the ropes with O’Ryan taking a dropkick from Sky when he went to asai moonsault his opponents; taking a trust fall. Big plancha by Sky allowed Daniels to shove a hurt Taven into the ring with the attempt of bashing in his face with some knux. Taven grabbed his cane in retaliation, leading to Kazarian running in with a chair. Avoiding the chair shot was Taven, causing Kazarian to knock himself out thanks to a rebound moment behind the referee’s back. The referee saw Frankie being pinned with a chair by his head, stopping the match while declaring The Kingdom had been disqualified.

The cameras shot from a confused Kingdom to the commentators confirming it will be Castle defending his title against Scurll and Cody at “Best in the World”. Cody was in the backstage area and didn’t seem pleased.

Overall: This is an episode that perfectly depicted the old adage that a great crowd will make everything better. In front a hot Chicago crowd the opening match felt important and almost must-see even though it was Liger playing the hits and The Dawgs doing a lot of the heavy lifting. The Women of Honor bout was a lot better than expected with the women going all out, but the crowd investment put it over the top especially during the final minutes. And even with two villainous teams that struggle to garner the type of reaction you’d expect in any of their matches, the fans loved all the insanity including the balloon stuff. The main event’s ending left something to be desired, but it’s nice to see SCU not continuously losing clean. There was also the confirmation of the “Best in the World” main event, a little bit of build to next week’s TV title match, and the continued problems in The Bullet Club that helped make this episode an overall fun hour of wrestling that didn’t feel lacking in any area.

Throwback Thursday: Will Ospreay vs. Marty Scurll

Cheeseburger vs. Eli Isom

And there you have it. Show that love, or like, for The ROHbot Report and Honor Nation on its Facebook page. Also, if haven’t already, make sure you listen to the latest FREE “Honor Nation” as I talk about wrestling fans’ reasons for feeling like they dictate the product they watch and more (http://www.wewantinsanity.com/am2/publish/free_audio/33_Mins_Honor_Nation_Your_Art_Our_Property.shtml). And don’t forget to send those questions in for the next “Honor Nation either through the comments section below, on Facebook (The ROHbot Report and Honor Nation on its Facebook page), on Twitter (@fasjab), or by e-mailing me at Bullock@wewantinsanity.com.
Here’s to a great week for you and yours; and as always, thanks for reading.

Till Then.

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